The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1896
Page 5
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-.A .8ty&&ifal Mtttiftl M ¥.Ii6fifigtdfi Metifefe P&tlot .MdhdMy Ladles tti6 Occaeioft With gets thejufte g— Patty S66a the Play. The plefisahtest and most successful Meeting of the county editorial association so fat tv as that held in Algona Monday evening in the parlor of the Thofiflgton. There were present \V. E« McMulleh and wife of the Wesley Kfcporter. V. S. Ellis and wife of the SWfea City Herald, W. IM,aidley of the Bancroft Register, Harvey Ingham afid R. B» Warren of the Upper Des Moittes, I. Mi Finnell and wife of the Courier, and M. Staff and wife and daughter Helen of the JaEPuBtiCBN; There was a talk on the editor's refer* ence library by Harvey inghain, a. pa* per on the subscription price of the country Weekly by Mr* McMUllen, and a general discussion of newspaper top^ ics participated in by all* It was de- aided to have the next meeting at Wesley, about the middle of June. At the close of the meeting. the i editors re* paired to the Call, where they occupied a box tendered by the management and witnessed the production of the play "Ingomar," by Miss Ida Van Cort* land and her fine company, All expressed themselves in strong terms of praise, and joined in the frequent rounds of Applause. The cdu&ty press us to be congratulated upon the promise of success for this organization, The most cheering angury of Metiday's meeting was the attendance of the ladies, Among the latter was the founder and the editor and manager of the Swea City Herald, a paper which is. already a demonstrated success, Mrs. Ellis is an enthusiastic worker in the ranks, and is sure to make money as well as reputation in the editorial field, There is every reason to anticipate a large meeting and a good time at Wesley. There are ten papers in Kossuth county at present, and so the newspaper interest as'quite a considerable one. It is capable of being greatly helped by these fraternal gatherings. *A> ; .WEEK'S ENGAGEMENT 1896 1896 Is Here and Finds -WITH- $12.50 Buys our All-Bilk-Lined Short Jackets, worth $18 to $2O. 150 CLOAKS 150 Plush Saques, Jackets, Misses Jackets, Chiidrens Jackets, Children's long Cloaks, Fur and Cloth .* rH The above lot will be sold from now on WITHOUT REGARD TO COST No one ought to miss this chance. Ja$. Taylor. loik Capes-at 8,75 Would be Cheap'at. $5* :n . f,*, Of the Van Cortland Company Opens Monday Night with .?' Ingomar."—A Splendid Company. , -The Ida Yan •CoEtland company played "Ingomar" Monday night to a good audience at Call's and sent everyone away delighted with the evening's entertainment. Miss Van Cortland in the part of "Parthenia" is not to be excelled and had plenty of opportunities for the use .of her wonderful voice and artistic acting. She is a great favorite in Algona. Mr. Butler, who had the part of "Ingomar," the Greek barbarian, is one of the best actors who has appeared at Call's since it was onencd. He has an impressive stage presence and a good voice and his work Monday night was vigorously applauded. The rest of the company are good and during the week they will give Algona some of the best standard • plays. Last night Was given "Forget Me Not'' ••and-tonight's bill is "John Fentonte Wife; Thursday, '".The New Magda- 1 lene'V Friday, "Queenna"; Saturday 'matinee, "A Shadowed Life," and Saturday nigtt "Pygmalion and Gala' tea."' With the well known reputation the company has and the popular prices, the house will undoubtedly be . packed the remainder of the week. The orchestra, composed of Mrs. -Maud Jones, Miss Kate Smith, Charley and Derward Walker, Andy Powell and GJen Brunson, are gMng good music and is proving a verj popular feature of the opera house. The prices for the matinee Saturday afternoon will be 10 and 20 cents. NOBLE IN JAIL. Young Alfred Noble Foiged a Check- Says He Was Drunk. LOCAL MENTIONS. Dairymen will be interested in G. S - ; McPhersbn's hand separator ad. " the Albert Noble, the young JEnglishman who was arrested at Iowa iFallson the charge of forgery, was taken sto Lu Verne by Constable Ford, of that • place, Noble is charged with uttering a false-cheek of $23 on a farmer .living neay LuVerae by the name of JSTash. -The check was cashed by a merchant of that place, but the forgery was not ».discovered until a few days ago when an attempt was made to locate .Noble. It was learned that he had bought a , tieke$ for Iowa Falls and the .offl'ceus here were advised to arrest and bold Eini. -When 'be was arrested he affirmed Sis innocence and .protested that there} was sowae. mistake, He a4mitted when? arrested that he bad, been on a carousal with ft gang -of threshers and it is thought that when under the influence , of UqW the .crime was committed, , -Ypttog,Noble- -had bis 'Preliminary > trial ^before £«u&ti<?e Simmons at Lui Yeme civ Tuesday at.iast peek* andl --- •---••• to ttoe grand Jury. He was L - A1 I.Jodged in jajl Key. E. P. McElroy preached at Baptist church Sunday morning. The sermon at the M. E. church Sunday evening will be to the young people. " The charity ball comes off next Monday evening. It is a great annual event. - t .'.".. It costs the county about $2,000 per year to pay the bills of her insane at Independence. The Rebecca' McKenzle concert company will appear here unndr Christian Endeavor auspices January 16. Postmaster Hinchon finds that ,the postoffice receipts for 1895-were some- what;jn excess of thos'e for-1894 The "contractors are s& work this week putting the steam heating plant in the basement'of the court house. Mrs. Harvey Ingham has been seriously ill during the past week but is now much better and out of danger. Most of the Algona students who spent their holiday vacation at home have yeturned to their respective classic halls. The annual meeting of the' Algona Library Association will be held in the Grand Army hall Friday evening beginning at 7:80 o'clock. Presley Sarchett was in town Tuesday, the first time since his siege of typhoid fever. His many friends were extending him a hearty greeting. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stranberg, who live in the Sponberg house, .are rejoicing in ttfe arrival of an eleven pound boy at their house on .Sunday evening. The city hall is receiving its finishing touches and first coat of paint. It is suggested that as soon as this struo ; ture is completed the council ought to establish fire limits. Spurbeck & Lambert are beginning the year with a lively trade m creamery outfits and suppUes, This , firm handles .the best machinery (made and its deals are the most liberal. It is understood that the local clergymen will unite in au effort to secure thKervicesos the evangelist Willmmsj who has been working With' Riarkpd success in paany neighbor towpfit <•• ,;.< The Tuesday dub met on New£eap eve and ^cussed the ^ropositw to wt the"telewr&to businessi wt» the Knds of tbfgovernment, a ^ipe,rence ( of opinion djvewped The cold wave swept'down wvreQ«the, the line across the.Mississsippi from' Minnesota. A telephone exchange-of 500 members has been organized in that city. Mr. Gearge is in Algona this week. . . . Subscribers who write to have the address of their paper changed should not forget to state the former' address. This saves the work of hunting through the lists and insures immediate attention to the request. The county supervisors were in session Monday and Tuesday and are yet at work. They will probably, finish their business to-day. The official proceedings will be found in the REPUBLICAN next week. ' The friends of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Conner gave them a pleasant surprise on New Years day,'it being the fifteenth anniversary of their marriage. A' fine supper was served and a pleasant evening enjoyed by all those who were present. ,' The school board met last week and elected Miss Alta Powers to fill the vacancy caused by Miss Clarke's resignation as teacher: Another meeting was held Monday, but aside from allowing bills no business was done. Dr. Charlton, of Clear Lake, was in town Friday in consultation with Dr. McCoy in Dr. Garfield's case. The latter is i-eported to be doing as well as could be expected,/considering that he is 76 years of age. ' A fcwjewell reception was tendered to Rev. and Mrs. Davidson last Tnurs- day evening at tine-residence of Lewis H. Smith. There was a large attendance and the occasion was a pleasant and successful one,'despite the severely cold weather prevailing. Stev. C. E. Sinclair and wife and child arrived here from Ohio last Thursday morning after a kard trip, one feature of which was a compulsory delay Of a 'day in Chicago. Their goods have arayed aiid soon the new pastor and family will be keeping house, ' B«v, Davidson's household goods were packed and shipped to Delavan, Wi»., the 'last of the , week, and now Rev. Sinclair has taken possession of the residence vacated and • is getting settled this week, Mr, Davidson and chilflteep are expected to leave for Del- List of advertised letters for week ending Jan. 4th: J. H. Adams, Mrs. Ji Craige, Daisy Crane, iFrank Davis, P. C. Dodge, D. J. Eden,.Mrs.Caroline Fisher, Mr. W. A. Godwin, Fred Hall, Mr. Haryctrend, Luther Hartinge, A. DV Heaves, A. H. Pike. Geo. Paddock, Emma Nelson, Charlie Miles, J. F. Me Coy, G. W. Maud, Mrs. C. A. Lamb, Tsidor Kramer, Forest Ingman, Maggie Hry an. Dr. Tribon has moved to the office fitted up for him in the Boston Block. His door is to the left of the stairway landing. Dr. Eist is neatly through the work of cnanging quarters, which are at the right of the landing. Mr: Joslyn's law office is to the right of Dr; Tribon. These offices are very fine, and tenants of the block are supplied jvith abundant light;,city andjsis- tertfwaterand-rjther-convenlences: ' The annual meeting of the Algona Deposit and Loan Association occurred yesterday afternoon. The report of Secretary F. M. Taylor told of a year of steadily increasing prosperity for the institution and growing popularity with 1 the people. All the directors, with the exception of Capt.Ecens, who resigned, were re-elected, and the directors were empowered to name his successor. The annual pew renting at the Congregational church was successfully begun Monday afternoon, a considerable number of new sittings being taken. The financial condition of the society is exceedingly good at present, and the prospects are bright for the future. Secretary D. S. Ford and Treasured James Patterson are the parties having the disposal of sittings in the church. herns, who has confined his attentions, it appears, to,ministers of that denomination. Behrens was suspected and traced to Albert Lea, where he was found under arrest for robbing the German Lutheran parsonage there. He was held to the grand jury there. In both places he was first suspected on account of the large amount of small change be possessed, taken in, it was suspected in collections. J. M. Cowan and Geo. Brooks have completed the Germania State, Bank building, and the Standard says of it: "The State Bank block is now complete and occuppied. If a mechanical Band ever did a good piece of work, it is on this building. An imitation of stone covers the outside which at a distance represents very distinctly, it Martin was the county.soperinteDdaga£- and Prof .Ely, of Cedau Rapids* CTB^ ducted a very successful institute **** fall. The view of the new town up in fine contrast, and in every>i the Democrat's souvenir is s* credit to the town, as it is to the cute?- prising publisher. .•>••;• THESE PREMIUMS IRE While They Last, and> Tbosae. Who Speak First with their- Money Get Them. e firand Ar«y.< ( boys" ace already planning f or theft #np. to St. .Paul to*wal euQ«wpment' i?ext fall. ' going t* toy hard to $x mat- that »e BO feat every Jn ', Th'e CQBKrega,tfoffl*l JpflW Jw*Wl .**V_,VY Jf.JJ. „_ jgpg, Qn ^jnday AmiePeugnet is home from Arm stroog, having -closed his business at The Armstrong Journal says: "Amie has a host of friends in Armstrong and the surrounding country who regret very much to have him leave. He is one of those men who will taake friends wherever he may go, and whose fair. <iealing, sense of justice'^*! honesty commands the respect of a'tywho do business with him." The REPUBLICAN has supplied itself with » new dictionary, the Encyclopedic, # work in four large volumes whj<$ Contains '180,000 words. This is a larger number than we expect ever to need, >bwt they come, cheap in small lots. We call attention to <4us acqujs* ition r at<tkiatiwe ey that should any mistake foe wade -in spelling «t will be underptqad that'the copy was'Changed be properly located. > '„ " - , bis fingeiw badly .torn and bruised on "-- j< - — Jte was engaged in " --'- aro«»4 JIB — «--*£, wwi-^vw viyuvtmj*^ Tj^-JL^V^^ViJ^^l^:*. 'eIegSnt~Iurniture"'adorns tfie inside which is up to the 'standard in every respect. Under the management of Cashier Fitz this institution has become famous doing a general banking business in all branches. Congratulations are extended to the firm." A union meeting of the Epworth League, the Baptist Young People's. Union and the Christian Endeavor Society was held at the M.. E. church Sunday nieht, and an interesting meeting was the result. Miss Van Epps read-a paper on "The Qld Year and Its Results," Frank Tellier followed with one on "The New Year and Its Opportunities," W. C. Danson delivered an address on "Young People's Work," and a Bible reading was conducted by J. A. Brownell. A fine solo was rendered by Miss Crete Goddard, and a male quartette composed of Dr. Eist, Arthur Tellier, E. H. Slagle and Alf. <Dhapin sang several pieces. As sthis is the season of the year when farmers select their usual reading matter, we have e-ideavored to make such arrangements with leading papers as will save our readers money. Among others we have arranged with Henry Wallace, of Des LaSxnr 1 f t , Vffi f yhfA ••$ <^%f Saving""Account Book ''for $r.s« Liberal Clubbing Offers. rMwz ^nn$WW> fl«sipp^\^ J «sliarf f*WWW**P'^L > J?|SaSSti T ;S1fh ! Tnll5tw "VTi-a f ipwMU^WtftteWHeajowfy'. mWt nsllvEarj's Qloyfijvesat^eA te* a'ftu&m "r > jt^tfcf^^Aanha^nA^nanvnnH dlanflliaS. ISOthx si. ^&< £t,u»^*^!,M Tbeeogwe eati force agamst tbe and Rodrtflk's flngaw wew torn off a».4 t-wtM WMUWJW&yn ^%^^ i ^%^%u^%'t^i' .^-J^WfM Bwmffwgi -.•-i.jawBni^ waje^game toxX'lxm fftb ^Ba^iwiBiab^d iB.4- 1 - 'TBU««ftKH*v*I m*M:> *"5.*fffW*i •»?» i "iti™^*a Vfl l SB pu8i-ali!*l«feAa|JI^ m^mv^mm^ m$ ^^ „ the well known agricultural editpr, tfor ten or twelve years the editor of 'the lo'wa Homestead, by which ( we can offer his new paper, WAL- LACBS' FARMER ANI> DAIRYMAN, (weekly)) in connection with the BB-- pupuccASsr both one year for $340 to new subscriber;* of the former, for $2.80 to old. Mr, Wallace has -long been recognized, as tbe .standard western aujUoricyian grass growing and''gener- al farming, The editors of tne horticultural, $»iry and swine departments are all tfoonoughly practical men who write from <experienee., In order t&at our read^ps may have an opportunity -to see for themselves ju^t what kind of a paper Mr,..W^Uace is publishing, *- autUortees m to say that aU W!IQ r their names »«$ addresses on a p't,,^. " to Wall»e«8' Farmer, Pea Moines, card to Wall»e«8' Farmer, Pea Moines, Iawftj"will ireoeJi'sre a few sample copies free o| charge. \ Be^^ for a sample; it's - GOOD WHILE THEY 1LAS1C The BEIPUBLICAN, like most enterprising county newspaDers» frequently offered premiums to sdS»~ scribers paying in advance, and limited extent it will do so this but only so long as our supply holds out. This premium especially valuable to farmers, the offer below is intended for benefit. It is the FARMER'S LABOR-SAVINO Accoiosar BOOK. The account book'is gotten- a view to the especial needs of and is a very desirable thing, to- in the house. It is of-legal- cap with stiff rnanilla covers, haa for miscellaneous memoranda has ruled monthly expense ac_. sheets, showing articles purchased articles sold during the yeau. It tains a great fund of information-* uable to the farmer and handy reference, including tables, estimates^/ computationsj blank forms, factw- ffcarr r-'if * sf ^ \« t ''"'/.« • u-J? i- i1v i? '^V/>! V 4? 'tv i >f >, ^i ; >,fe i$r builders, recipes, etc. _., book and no farmer can afford ,to. ^. without it for four times that. It.\«Hai be had by farmers who pay -i». vance for 1896. Anyone wishing' one of these books can do so at office. Baptist supper at M. B, Thursday from 5 to 8 p, m. 15 cents, A large attendance poo't Tobacco Sett or Smoke *the truthful, startling titte-of t» 4,hout No«To*Bi " ' ;eed

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