The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1896 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1896
Page 3
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%J5&i**&£&b<~. J.A. .»..Jii ^SS^^^WK^^ Vf* •JW&ffcs 0 *,?*) SI^'SV ^-^V^t ^£i%s = /// rr for Christmas £. Stockton has ft Christmas love story, which boar a chare title,— "The Staying Power oi' Sir Rohaft." Its illustrations are quftiftt and exactly suitable. A thHllfnl Detect! vestofj' by C. E. Carry)!, entitled "The River Syndicate," perhaps eqaallfh'g Sherlock Holmes' best ftork. Illustrated. JoeiChandief Harris' characteristic talo of ft faithful slave— "The Colonel's Nigger-Dog." Other ChHstmas stories are "A White Bolt," by lienry Van Dyke, a boe.ticahdimaglnatltre tale of a picture (Illustrated); "Heroism of " anare ae a pcure ustrae); erosm o , by A- S. Pier (Illustrated); and "Hopper's Old Man," by 3R. v. Meyers. Sentimental Tommy ! By J* M» Barrio (. A., have road (and who has not?) "The Little Minister" and A Window in Thrums" can anticipate what Mr. Barrio's "Sohtimen- ital Tommy" will be. It is to be the chief serial In SCMBNEB'S for 1890, beginning in tho •Uatiuary numberi Two Years for $4,50, 8cttu«Tft»,s MAGAZI&E costs $3,00 a year, but new subscribers can •have all the numbers for isoS and a year's subscription for 1896 for $4.* MAGAZINE is going to be better next year than ever. It i is going to have new features. Its publishers are not satisfied with past success. It purposes to more thoroughly deserve the confidence • of the reading public. The History Serial— "Last Quarter Century in the United States"— Will be continued. Just now it is approaching a period of absorbing (interest to the present generation— the first administration of 'President Cleveland. SoBtflNEB's MAGAZINM ought to get careful consideration as a • Christmas gift. The 84.50 offer ought to get double consideration. CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, 1 63 Fifth Avenue, New York, "Gems of LWIlillOUS ( 3By Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage. 'GREATEST SELLING BOOK PUBLISHED. '.Talmage needs no Introduction to readers in any land. He is loved by tbe 'J§ ' ml ^ lotia 'whoso hearts be has touched by his sympathetic words aad stirring eer- 'S )monaa,nd writings, which have been published and scattered broadcast-over tho pj j 5 ^entire, world. In this volume there are tho best things from his foest«fforts, -and d» '9 thesemako a book of intense interestand greatest value. Many-write: 4< It is worth §* jt .its-weight in gold." There is not a dry page In it It Is a work which Is welcome <| ffli lilt every home, and it is worth many times Its price. f» @r = : ; ; ; •. ; _;«> \VHAX OUR TO W° Sive below a few samples of reports showing the great success of our Agents semng.thls great book. They show that there is a great demand lor this book, autitevevy family desires It: .Mn..rJjt8.-SNYDKR v N.Y., writes: "I send ;nnotlierroi'der for 80 books. Please forward at oiioe, «ri..wfth to deliver these, to keep up the cnnvMa.'.Yoit knowl have.sold within the last This Is pretty good for a . montb r7S books. start;" . HENKINSON.VO., writes: "I ; hnvei buc little trouble -In selling this new book .by TaJmage. 'Every mother wishes It. Give TOO the entire-county. I believe I can sell 400 .copies wlthta the next three months." •Mns. ANNA JOHNSON: "Enclosed flndcheck *>r K.books. : ^old these In less than 3 weeks." Our Agent In S. 0. writes : "Have -only canvassed not quite three days and taken .25 orders. The only trouble is scarcity of money. Everybody aays this lathe ibest Talmoge 'book on (he market." •—«" ft I t-J Co 0 03 0- C.) Ma. O. L. JOHNSON, N.Y., writes::. "My i6ut- 1 p) etcnmeon Saturday .of last week. I 'haveonl canvassed about one 'day, and -vlel ted '32 firm lies and took 27 orders, and this 3s ray nrst ex- ' perienceinoanvasslng." ( MB. O. M. Gny, of Mississippi, whites': -"Ynur Talmage book IB a beautiful work. I have lint I • the outfit three hours and have sold six Ijooka. , Wife; "iv,«*j^,V>o u A <3Vn> j....-.<..,wncBoi"iteceiv«ia •matinee, . £>.,$}!$ and have already orders ' Saturday njP^nvassed altogether not quite a „„„„ . „,, I believe I .can sell 150 In my territory.. '' U&jflffiJB»W* SaS Hf T, . N.Y.. writes: you check to pay for 87 copies of 'Gems fellfftous "Thought. 1 It Is a great book. V'v<:i l yone seeins'to want this Talmage book. t paf t r ,j;i;i;otteniup'Jn splendid style." qnviubscribers. I iave already.I ir« only can voased three .days. » MRS. O. B. NICE, Ind., writes: "L worked eight hours and taken 13 BnhacrJbnrs, Will send you an order for 60 booksin too tJian ten days'Mine." Miss J. A.VOI/TAIRE, St. Louis, Z£o., v.Tltes: ''In a, few days sold 17 books.'' REV. L. G, EVANS reports: "In lta:cc c'.r.vs 25 books." - n f To any one selling 200 copies in three months, "we v/m jrive \ $300 j or we will give an Kstey Organ, retail pi-toe §»'?0, J to any one who will sell 110.books in three months. An "vriio/vmiseU-80'Cpples In two months. Or we will give a GOIOJ WATCH to' unv — l -- wiU'seJl'OO copies In one month. This premium Is In addition tc i>5 ission, Cfomplete outfit, 85 cents, Freight paid, credit given. Y/iu. Wfl.also want more Agents for -,rt 9 alks to Children n'cutcst Selling Boob of the hind publ i sold. .Same,Terms and conditions as < 33 cents. W»ite Immediately. Mo Woodward Company, Baltimore? T,i '.U'cutcst Selling Boob of the hind published in ten years. Over «• tv,'«w3 sold. .Same,Terms and conditions as on """ -- C> i ,9t, 33 cents. Wtflte Immediately. W^Wj^W THE WAQAZJNES IN ONE." ft" P,' ^> REVIEW OF REVIEWS, as its nsrne implies,- gives 5n prm the best tbatappears in the other- gwl; m?^?ine§ all over r9 A , ^I f OO» ,, generally on. the same date that they \ With the recent e^raordljiary, r periodicals,, thgse careful ' p ; 'ft9f»;$bf§« ^piH-toi^if^grW it i._-j'^i_i l _<• AI.-I y f\\ £ i j_ ~. " AWNW^J. ,§0 IMiriffAil In Ifrflfc ¥i*y Mo6h §*fftl»* *hftft Aft.*- ftrettafti HMJi&A, MOB., tfan. fctoducect in metals about during the jhsat 1895, just ended, taking the talue of the silver at the coinage fated and estimating the last two months of the yea* on a pfo i-ata basis. The official report of the assayer tot this office will not be ready until soxne (time in Mafch, but it is believed that Ihe figures given, will not Vary mofe thaii a few thousand from the real ftmouiit. tfh6 ptoductiott of gold will be $4,100,' 000; of Silver, 4,600,000 ounces; of cop' pet, 212,000,000 pounds, and of lead, 24,000,000 pounds. The output of copper is estimated as being 65 per cent of the production of the United states. The receipts of bullion at the Helena assay office during 1895 Were 10 por cent greater than last year and 47)<s per Cent greater than during 1893. " EIGHT MEN MEET DEATH, two Vlotltt* of the St. touts Exploflofl Still Mlsiieg. St. Louts, Jan. 5.—Six men are dead and two are missing as the result of the terrible explosion of fireworks in the M. B. Grubbs commission building, 809 North Second street. The identi* fled dead are; Frank Niehaus. Patil fiattepner, Albert Ohemelir, Aloysius Sehnietz, Norman McArthur and Lewis Lay, U, S. Williams, 10 years old, and Charles Brickson, 28 years old, both employes of the Excelsior Wire and Iron Manufacturing company, are missing, and their bodies are, thought buried in the ruins. WILL APPEAL TO THE COUNTRY Said th« Canadian Parliament Will Die- solve Within a Week. OTTAWA, Ont., Jan. 5.—A rumor, Which is generally believed, is current that the government will dissolve parliament in an appeal to the country vrithin a week. It is said that announcement of this step •will be made to the committee on Tuesday. The cause of the dissolution is said to be a dissension in the Conservative ranks, a majority of the party desiring to Oust Premier Bowell and install Sir Charles Tupper, who recently came over from England to consult, as he gave out, with the government in the matter of fast Atlantic steamships. MORE TURKISH MASSACRES. 'Two Thousand Chrlntlnna Said to Have , Been Killed at Craah. -CONSTANTINOPLE, Jan. 6. —The recent massacre at Craah is stated to have been a terrible affair. The official dispatches admit that 900 Christians were killed, but according to private accounts ;aJbont 2.000 Christians were killed. No -further details of the massacre have been received. A massacre is said to have occurred .at Biredjik, an important town on the .Euphrates. The outrage is believed to have been (Committed by the Kurds and Hamidish 'Colony. The ambassadors have received •word *hat the bloodshed there was exceptionally serious. . ^ ^ Defenders'of Sil PATS;' i) ari7 6. —The ForTRidgeley. monument commission has encountered great difficulty in collecting the names of the defenders of the , fort 'during the siege of 1862 to be inscribed on the monument. Names hav« been collected through the most reliable sources available, but as the committee wants everything correct it invites suggestions of any kind that- may aid in the historical accuracy of the record. Charles E. Flandrau of St Paul is chairman of the commission. Passenger and Freight Collide, CINCINNATI, Jan. 6.—A Commercial Gazette special from Greenfield says the westbound passenger accommodation train on the Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern railway collided with a freight train going east and made a wreck of both engines. Baggagemaster Purdew was killed and five persons seriously injured. Aged Couple Asphyxiated. ST, PAUL, Jan. 0,—Mr. and Mrs. James Newman, aged about 65, residing at Wlydale, near this city, were asphyxiated by coal gas Saturday nigh b. 'The old'cpuple lived alone and their demise was not discovered for nearly 34 hours after the accident occurred, One .Thousand Out of Employment. MAHONEY CITY, Pa., Jan, 6,—' monster Park No. 3 colliery at' Trenton, owned and operated by Lenta, Lilly & Co,, was destroyed by fire during the night, Tne colliery was' valued 1 at about f iOQ.QQO and, gave employment to 1,000 men and bpys. Insurgents Burn Three Town*. YQBJJ, Jan. 0,r-A special to l^Qrld from, -Havana says: The «. -. -" «!' « m<i three/ tW»§ OB t£e, Western wbWrnnj from Havana to JPwaj- ,, BiO," f .;...-^ .:'„.„.,.{ ; ; , •*, Received Hennery ftB«J Stanley, , iEepepeivsdi»aui. MM^*^'®PwW?l-' <9! E! jjjHL JfcttBfliy, 1898 ^- I *-..^" ^~.*_., >. *,„... t/ _,_ s. . .~~*,.,^.,,,, Su. _ 12 6 20 Tu. 7 14 21 28 We. 1 16 29 Th. 2 9 10 23 BO Fri. 3 10 17 24 81 11 18 25 StJMMAat OF THE WEEK'S NEW* Tuesday, Deo. 81. The fit. W. Ladd company 1 , one o: the largest dry goods firms of Pfovi dence, B. 1., has assigned. The treasury lost $714,800 in gold by redemptions Monday, leaving the true amount of the reserve $68,183,861. A strong earthquake shock Was felt on Saturday at Oioiano, in Cacefta Italy. Several persons were killed anc a number were injured. Eastbound shipments from Chicago last week amounted to 75,881 tons against 90,6t7 for the preceding Week and 80,787 for the corresponding week last year. Officials at the Charleston navy yard have received a dispatch from Wash ington ordering the commandant to place the monitor Passaio in condition for immediate service. Wednesday, J»n. 1, The Gisholt Machine company of Madison, Wis., employing 125 men, has adopted the profit sharing plan. The eighth annual convention of th Western Commercial Travelers' association is in session at St. Louis. E. F. Emerson, aged 50, and who claimed to be a cousin of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the poet, was found dead in bed in a Chicago lodging house. The receipts of the St. Paul postoffice for the year 1895 were $413,040.9? while the total for the previous year Was only $368,674.89. .* The Watertown National bank, one of the leading banks of South Dakota, has decided to go into voluntary liquidation and is closing out its affairs and paying all creditors in full. Ex-Senator Spooner is in favor of special session of the Wisconsin legislature to reapportion the state into senate and assembly districts under the census of 1895. Thursday, Jan. 9. The Maryland legislature organized 'Vfednesday and the governor's message was read. C. A. Peterson, who killed Dr. Young of Buffalo, N. D., has been sent to the Jamestown asylum. Five men were badly burned, three of them probably fatally, by an explosion of gas in the Girard mine at Sha- inokin, Pa. The Omaha Temple of Labor was ingmeTTunderTiheauspices of the .cen tral labor union. While Mrs. Thomas B. Bebb of, Palmyra, O., was making a call her house was burned and her two baby boys ore- mated in the ruins. Cincinnati received a New Year's gift of 1» square miles of. territory, increasing the area from 24}£ square miles to 835^ and increasing the population to 859,000. Friday, Jan. 8. The Watertown (S. D.) national bank will go out of business. Witnesses in the Peralto-Reavis case will be prosecuted for perjury by the government. The sheriff of Ellsville, Miss., was held up and robbed of $8,000 belonging to the county. A Christian Citizen's League has been organised at Sioux Falls with many of the most prominent men actively identified with it. John Scott has been made controller of the Western division of the Northern Pacific,- thereby becoming controller of the entire system. Saturday, Jan, 4. E, H. Copp, one of the oldest jewelers at Madison, Wis,, has assigned. The New York legislature has con vened. •' Hamilton Fish was elected speaker, Chaplain Rutiedge of the Illinois Soldiers' home was dismissed on a'charge of neglect of duty. A str^p, of land in Franklin connty, Moi, sank, spdeep that trees which, stood ujpon it disappeared entirely, Emperor .William telegraphed Presi, dent Kruger congratulating him on the suppressipn'of the British ' ' amo»g reported SJQUS Iu4wi, Kills thp Enejn ' pare* 4MW *j$< mamm ''iil^^^lL^'j'''^'^f'N'^-v, -frj'7^*j?^^9www^5^'i i *^,^! i s^' i wg: r */^ \ „ , %{ •*"* ' ** J.ftOtt BlflSC ttt fireaV 1-dllB. -/ •, , . ,P» |lajrjgg», Jr, f< |S,W«e <W iW£WHtf*- ^»f?8||,;; /,.-,' ,-,;!^., x w<t, . - ; iSaay, did .875.000 aainafire.* W^Bnlt-V^?^? ^Pft?Sl^^.-JS?^r*2f|i",i- Swned^sbv ? thei 'Amerfoan ^p^'flpWpww A.^fl'i '%^%%'f —likftR — JSstff A!' ,Maiamj iwrd PfMtth. Us-Attoraey Oefleral Miljf.rwafe bofn and spent his early life in a small New Ifotk village. At the little schoolhouse where he first learned to read and play "hookey," siiya the Indianapolis Sentinel, there was a fellow pupil who, although about the same age as Mr. Millei 1 , was noted throughout the village tor' his pure cusseclness. That boy, according to Mr. Miller's statement,Would sit up of a-night to concoct some scheme to make the people of the town miserable. lie would shase tbe cows, stone the dogs and pips, put ropes across the path at night, set pirs on the seats at church and scare the wits out of all the old maids for a mile afound. Whenever any devilment was done it was laid at the door of this one boy, and usually correctly. At school he was a terror to all. Stubborn and defiant, there was no restraining 1 him, and the schoolmaster was in despair. One day he thought he would make a last effort to ireforin the boy by argu* inent, and he called him 'up to the desk. "Now, Tom," he began, "you are a bright fellow, but you are spoiling your future. Just think what yoti can make of yourself if you only behave yourself. Now, have you ever thought of whatsyou will do when you grow up to be a man?" The boy looked at him for •*. moment, and then, picking up a straw from the floor, he picked his teeth for a moment, as though in deep thought. "Yes," said he, "I Sowed I would drive a coach an' preach some." TALK AS YOU EAT. In Thl» Instance lour Topics Arc Choien ' for You. The latest fashionable fad is the conversation luncheon, which is not to be despised as an up-to-date mode of entertaining. Small tables are used, and at each 4«aest's plate besides the name card is placed the monu, with a topic of conversation written beside each course All conversation except that pertaining to the special subject is forbidden, and in many cases this restriction itself makes the luncheon a very jolly affair. At a recent conversation luncheon held at Newport the subjects chosen for conversation were as follows: With the iced bouillon the guests discussed the question: "Is the masculine idea of humor a sort of horse play?" The conversation with the fish treated entirely of "the new woman and the way in which ; she will clothe herself." The entree was eaten while bicycle tales were being told. With the salad was discussed the college-bred girl. Frozen fruits were eaten while the .conversation turned toward the weather, and the coffee was sipped during the intervals of a heated discussion for .and against woman suffrage.. BUMBLEBEE OPIUM FIENDS. Erratic Pennsylvania Insects That Dolight In Hitting tho Pipe. The argument that dumbbrutes shuu the beverages and drugs that man uses .-ajS-Q™«fcu23 u 2 an 6»<1 <yen-"aotr-^to2 <i''*\v&'t)er"'US' far as Bucks county bumblebees are concerned. Some of them have been led sadly astray and are addited to "hitting the pipe," so to speak. Bucks county's opium joint is located on Finnhook fanr, about a mile west of Doylestown, the trial grounds of a well-known Philadelphia seedhouse, says tho Philadelphia Ledger. In one portion of the farm are several large beds of poppy plants, It is here the bees get drunk. Tho poppies are not the poisonous Chinese variety from which opium is obtained, but tliey contain enough of the seductive juice to make a man dizzy after spending some hours in the patch. Quantities of bees can be scon lying about in the cup- shaped flowers. A recent visit to the farm was very interesting. Bees were to be seen in every stage from partial intoxication to death itself, the beautiful cups holding the dead bodies of many. When the gM comes i& ' look out. If she starts but itt vig^uuB, womanly health then it is ptettV safe to say she will be a healthy, beautiful woman. The beginning of womanhood : real crisis iu a woman's life. 1 J always something is wrong then ^« *«= distinctly feminine ofgans. Mayb£ it isn't very serious—no matter—the ti*** to stop disease is whett it starts* 'S will bring girls safely through the crisis* Taken at the fitst iadicatloll of weak* ness, it never fails. It fegulatea t2*& monthly periods with perfect pfecisraa* Its action is direct upon the feminine- organs that above all others, ought to be strong and well. Start the girl right. Don't exposeJaSr to the dangers and tortures of oraggxtqg- weakness, bearing down pains, nerrott*. prostration aud the debilitating drain* so common to women. McElree'ft Wine of Cardnl, is a home treatment. It does away entirely triS*. abhorrent "local examinations." Sold at SI .00 a Bottle by Dealer » WELL BORING AND DRILLING. We have machinery of all sizes for boring «r* drilling wells. Water guaranteed o» no pay. Call on or address, GALLION BROS., Bancroft, la~ SALESMEN WANTED, Pushing, trustworthy men to represent •» In the sale of our Choice Nursery Stdok. Specialties controlled by us. Highest Salary or commission paid weekly. Steady employment tho year round. Outfit free; exclusive territory; experience not necessary; big pay arsured workers; special Inducements to beginners. Write at once for D"afe- titulars to Allen Nursery ROCHESTER, N. Y. \' ;r s Counting- the Stars. The numbering of the heavenly bodies, whether planet, satellite oi' star of the smallest size, has been commenced}at the Paris, observatory by Miss Klurnpke, doctor of ^sciences and assistant astronomer, in view of the publication of an, international catalogue of the stars. ,The idea was formed at the astronomical congress in 1887, and already 189 photographs have been taken. Some only coptaw a dozen stars, th*3 being «, celestial desert; but others are crowded, even to the num* borpf 1,500. The average number is 885 stars per photograph, Altogether the catalogue is expected to contain about 3,OQO,OOQ stars, 4 census of t>he, heavenly bodies (has long been needed, Npw a woman domes forward a^d will count all of the stars, She w&l be some time at it, b«.t wheo th.e wprk' is <Jpne, wiU Wanted Salesmen _ MEN in each county to take orders "or a Choice line of NURSERY STOCK or SBE3O POTATOES. Stock and seed guaranteed. We want one or two . prefer to sell. Address The Hawks Nursery Co. AGENTS Salary or Commission to good Men. Fast Helling Imported Specialties. Stock Failing to Liye Replaces Free. We sell only High Grade Stock and true to Name. Also Pure Seed Potato Stock OUK.- Specialty Leader. Address fii ft LUTCHFORD & C1L NURSERYMEN, EOOH1SSTEE, N. Y Letters promptly answered. ARRIVAL an^ DEPARTURE of TRAM' CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST.: LOCAL TBAIN BAST. No. apaasenger.. io ; 22ai»i No. 4passenger , <-,e : MpJH No. 76 freight carries passengers ... 8;20pin No, 94 freight carries passengers.., 1 :45 p m • . No, i passenger ,., .......... M ....... 9:osam > No. 9 passenger .,..,,,, ...... , ...... 4!24pin i , No. 71 fru- 0 lrt carries passengers, , . .' q :40 p n> No. 93 ftefebt carries pj-ssengers.,,,41 ;5 Chicago & Northwestern B'yf' GOING NORTH AMD WEST. .' ' vHy'SlI Passenger Passenger. BAST, Passengers ajviye In OlUpago 7 a. ro» »m »'? a. m. Arrive in J)e 3 ^plnes 7 ;BQ and WW, pl^ m ' • ' - '- k WATER .,QB Artesian,we) j 8ns* 'ejttes m^A'm^MSM T.fttltiifVn TAiVTn.itnri*- -nrollt wrtWI*. /Lla-MiWWitfru

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