The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1896
Page 2
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1%RS*i'9*S"9**v*vv*'*' Ttioiisands SUFFER tJNl OLD REGULATOR, ACTS AS A SPECIFIC '8| Arousing to KealMcfion all tier Organs.} It causes health to bloom, and} 1» joy to reign throughout the frame. < -•K Never Paiisto^Reoulate .*,' "My wife has been tinder treatment of lead ;ing; (fcttlciaiM tbr*.years., ^ou^e^.j REGtUTOB C0<* Atlanta, G». j Sold by druggist* at $l.(H)t>«bottl6. SAttSBTIftt WARNED MUSt NOt UNDEREStlMAtE PUBLIC FEELING IN AMERICA. i*e An*totti Fo* Arbitration and tight fror It If tfeceasafry— Mistaken in Viewing <Ae Message at a Folltlcai Scheme—Opinion of tlie London Chronicle'* Correspondent. LONDON, Jan. 4.—The special com* •aissiotter of the London Daily Chronicle, who is now in Washington, sends the following important dispatch: HAVE OfcLt HAVANA feftftfilftrdi ttate lost t!6nf*6l 6* the an66 of ftftba. HAVANA, Jan. 6.—Havana has efjent 6 day of nervousness and anxiety afid has been in hourly apprehension of an attack by the insurgent atmy ot a part of it. Saturday the bands commanded by Nunez and Bermudez were seen at Managua, a Village not more than 12 miles from Havana. Many hundreds of non-combatant inhabitants -of the island have come to Havana to await khe passing of the storm. Still more have sent their wives and families here as a safe refuge. This class of the pop. I am now at length able to speak i ulation is in a state of utter conetef na- WE ARE MANUFACTURERS — OF — Desks and all kinds of Office Purniture. FOR CIRCULAR. We want your Business. The Hamilton Mfg. Co. TWO RIVERS, WIS. MONEY. "I have unlimited money to loan on "tone; or short time. * B. W. HAGGARD. THOROUGHLY, FOREVER CURED. OUT OF M 'SREAT ENGLISH REMEDY "U'finaty days by a new perfected scientific method that cannot fail unless the case is beyond human «id You feel improved the first day ; feel a benefit every day ; soon know »fiiiu'self a king among men in body, mind and iaoarc. .©rains and losses ended, every obsta- .-.ale'to iliappy married life removed. Nerve K«i«e-w41l. energy, brainpower, wlieu failing ;«wfcTp.storert . If neglfcted such troubles result <£atally. Medical advice free. Mailed every- wUere, senled for SI. Six boxes for $5. JACK«ON ME1HCA.L OO. Ohicatto, 111., or our a- Hjent.'FKANK VV. DINGLEY, Algona, Iowa. att-e the most J'oivorfuJ, Safe, Prompt find atelial>le.of this kind in the market. The tr- «iginal and-only genuine Woman's Salvation. Ask -yuav druggist it he don't keep them. 'Write flii«et to us add we will send it direct "upon receipt of price, $1, sealed by mail prepaid Meefical advice free. JACKSON MED•ECAL CO., Chicago. FllANK AY. DINGLEY. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS}' =i , 5 nEADACnEULURCO POHIOC&NTS LI—— lOnEAOArHES CUPED f OP 2.1 LENTS it—— £ FOR SALE BV AUU DRUGGISTS OR O I JACKSON MEDICAL CO. CHICABO ILL!? '<& 26O 50. CLARK ST^ IMPERIAL. B'LD'G. £ rwW.B. Don't take any substitute j! *« with Jhe same name but different H H spelling o.n which your druggist 5 •a* makes twice as much •••«•• • $ BEWARE OF IMITATIONS Frank W. Dingley. with donfidence of opinion in the highest American quarters. The only condition on which the men whom I spe- ci'ally desired to see Would speak has been my personal pledge not even by a hint to betray their namei, therefore I can only give you my word that 1 am not • exaggerating my authorities. President Cleveland's message to eon« gross has done several things good and evil, tfirst, it has destroyed every chance of saving the Armenians. Second, it has given a strong impetus to* wards closer ties between Great Britain and her colonies. Third, it has enormously emphasized the line of cleavage always existing, but discreetly ignored, between East and West in the United States. The West today regards the East as Practically » European Annex, and Now York bankers as allies of the "money sharks" of Europe. Fourth, it has rendered certain the creation of a great American navy which the next generation will be almost irresistibly tempted to use for aggression. Fifth, and most important, it has, unless foolish words or u aforcseoa events bar its natural consequence, paved the way for better future relations, because Americans having experience of the consequence will cease their ignorant denunciations, and the Englishmen will learn to eihow much greater respect to American national opinion, knowing that force is behind it, and will, therefore, refrain from provoking it by utterances and acts of veiled contempt. Finally, the message has rendered possible the avoidance of a far vaster danger, namely, the question of the Nicaragua canal. America Will Fight for Abltratlon. "I can affirm positively that the American government is above everything anxious for arbitration. Whatever may be its actual result, the intention of President Cleveland's message was amicable. The close entourage of the president scouts the idea that it was not a message of peace. But behind it has sprang up a national sentiment which it would be utter madness on the part of the English people to disse- gard or underestimate. The Monroe doctrine is not worth discussing. All the learned pamphlets, the professors' opinions and the newspaper discussions of it are laborlost. • The fact is, that if > v-»v<a^ueT&"ttpsa »at_ccLix><»—inikMti _:tlie. four corners of the Monroe doctrine, then the new doctrine—the Oliiey doctrine—covers it, and American opinion overwhelmingly favors its general principles. Moreover, America demands arbitration as a sacred right, and for this she will fight if needful. Message Not a Political Move. "I am astounded at the depth and character of American feeling on this question. Men, experienced, staid, elderly, conservative, many holding judicial positions of great responsibility, frankly declare their uncompromising support of this American doctrine. And- while it is clear that President Cleveland was. too clever and too devoted to his own party not to see that his message would deal a knockout blow to the two groups of his political enemies, Republicans and free silver men, still, no greater mistake would be possible than for England to regard the message as a mere party maneuver. If this latter view gains acceptance the consequences of the mistake may be awful. When I reflect on the possibility of this and kuow what I know of American opinion, I am profoundly depressed. Arbitration is demanded by every consideration dearest to civilized mankind." TO MX BOtlSDAKIES NAM6§ fHl UN COMMISSION tion and dismay and spreads an infed- tiotis spirit of panic through all othef circles. The authorities no longet make the slightest concealment of the serious View they take of the situation and there are some Who do not hesitate to rail at the Spanish generals and the troops and make bitter criticisms of them, Failed to Stop Gomee. The Stmnish authorities have maintained a'cordon of military forces ftin- ning from Havana to the town of Bata- bano, on the south coasts since the invasion of Matanssas province by the insurgents, beyond which they hoped to prevent the advance of the destroying columns of their enemies. This cordon has proven no more effective than was the line laid to keep the rebels out of Santa Clara province. The line was broken by the forces under Gomez and the main body of the insurgents, has passed into the province of Pinar del Rio and are now overrunning that province with fire and sword. The passage was effected near Batabano at Pozo Reclondo, ancl Gomez burned the village of Gabriel on tho way and partially destroyed the town of Guira Helena and of Alquizar. The work of destruction in Havana province has been as complete as was that in Matanzas and the sugar lands of Pinar del Rio are fast being put into the same desolate condition. In effect the whole island of Cuba outside of the city of Havana is now In the Hands of the Enemy. They have not annihilated the Spanish forces, nor have they routed the whole army in any single pitched battle, yet the situation is completely in their hands, and so completely have they outgeneraled the Spanish that, to all appearances, Campos' army might as well be in Spain for any check it puts upon the movements of Maximo Gomez's army. The latter's progress has been accompanied with continual accessions to his forces by volunteers and he has captured enough horses, rifles and artillery to add immensely to the effective strength of his men. There is little doubt really felt here that he will get as much or more sympathy in Pinar del Rio than he did in Santa Clara and Matanzas, and the general fear here is now that, after sweeping over Pinar del Rio, he,,w^. cocao upon IInv»na,.froni tlio west, 06- operating in an attack with the forces of the insurgents which have been east of Havana for several days past. NEWS FROM THE TRANSVAAL. do if used MS a \vnsli according to directions : prevent transmission of blood diseases. afeiu (1i*»-!is«8, acute anil ci.ronic ulcers, Mriot- wte, Insure (it tli" hands mid ioet, Row 1 ma. Tot* ter, Sail Uli>-um!iti.<!ii. iniUimation of tlie lllad- rtar. Pisi'iises til'tlio iiones, joints and musc.les, •Kvpliiletio insanity, Si'.u>vy. Seiol'ula in many '15arms, The above and a hundred other forms •wfdiseiise are triicettble diroi'ily or Indirectly to •Syphilitic liioml t'olsou for which the Pr, .Jackson's Eimllsli Safety Tablets is a sure pro- "U«tU'iit!ve, auc; is a saf> Germ Killer, rendering •-contagion hardly possible, hence its value, at ciegU'oteU swell troubles result fatally. Mailed anywhere settled, SI: six boxes for $5. Medical advice free. JAOJ^ON MEDICAL v'O., Cni- ligo, ill., or our agent, V. VV, NORTHWESTERN TEACHERS. State Meetings Held In Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota. ST. PAUL, Jan. 4.—The State teachers' association adjourned after the election of the officers reported by the nominating committee. They were; For president, Superintendent Barr, St. Cloud i recording secretary, Miss Ashley; treasurer, George Soherer, Mankato. A reception was held at the Commercial club late in the afternoon, DBS Mouses, la,., Jan, 4,—-The state teachers' association emoted the follow* ing officers before adjourning; President, William Wilcos of Pes Moines; vice president, H, W, Bawyer, Council Bluffs; treasurer, G. W. Sampson, Cedar Falls. GBANP FPBKS, N, P., Jan, 4.--The North Dakota Sducationai association js in session here, there being a large number present, Mayor Anderson delivered the address of welcome, and Miss Bates responded. Neither BJU Nor Whitney PQUGBKSPPSII?, N.Y., Jan. 0, —Chair- ma» BjnoJrtey of the state Pemqcratio committee states that Senator Hill has not thought of permuting his name to be used in the pre&dentia} 'candidacy, and that Mr, WMtW will soon, effectively remove WwseW from considera- as a can(U4atf. Official Dispatches Regarding the-late Unpleasantness. LONDON, Jan. 6.—The colonial office received a dispatch from Johannesburg at 4 o'clock a, m., saying that all is quiet there now. An official dispatch received at the colonial office from Sir Hercules Robinson, governor of Cape Colony, says: "DeWett (Sir Jacob Dewett) the British agent at Pretoria, wires: 'Everything is quiet and no further serious disturbances will occur. A deputation from the Johannesburg reform committee came over, giving guarantees to keep the peace and maintain order. I waited upon President Krueger and informed him of the guarantees. He gave me the assurance that pending your arrival, if the Johannesburg people keep quiet and commit no hostile acts, or in any way break the laws of the country, Johannesburg will not be molested or surrounded by the burgher forces. The deputation was highly grateful for this assurance and pledged the committee to preserve peace and order. Great Moderation and Forbearance, •'I take this opportunity of testifying in the strongest manner to the great moderation and fprbearanoe of the government of the Transvaal under exceptionally trying circumstances. Their attitude toward .myself was everything I could wish. "The prisoners have just arrived, The casualties on their side are said to be severe, and on the side of the burgh* era very slight," Another dispatch from Sir Robinson to Mr. Chamberlain reads, "Dewett wires that Jameson's wounded number over 30. They are all at Krugersdorp and attended by doctors, Their names and the details of their wounds cannpt be given, The number of killed is estimated at 70; but no reliable information is obtainable. The bodies are still being picked up on the battlefield and buried. "The Cape TQW» papers state that Dr. Jameson, Sir Qhajies Willoughty and Captain White, a brother of - • are lodged in Pretoria jail POSITION PF Justice g*e*er Mead* the tlftl, With Alfreft White, Cottdefrt and Ollhiati. Composition of the ttod? Will Mefet the Appffttat of the Public. WASfitNdfo*r» Jafi. 3.—The Ittli Venezuelan commissian, as announced by jpresidetit Cleveland, is aa follows: Pavid J. Bf ewer of Kansas, justice of the United States supreme court; Rich* afd H. Alvfiy of Maryland, chief justice of the court of appeals of the Bistrict of Colombia; Andrew P. White of NeW York, Frederick R. OoHdett of New York and Paniel 0. Gilmatt of Mary* land. The commission is regarded here as an eminently satisfaetol-y otte, whose opinions and concluaidtis will ( be received by the American publics With A that confidence which the standing of the members of the commission in the public eye inspires. Brette* and Alvey Are Jurists, Justice Brewer is a Republican in politics and about 68 years of age. He is a graduate of Yale and has spent considerable time in the practice of his profession in Kansas, where he filled a number of judicial offices, In 1884 he was appointed circuit court judge of the iftiited States for the Eighth district and was appointed associate justice of the supreme court in Pecember, 1889, by President Harrison. Richard H. Alvey is a Pemqcrat in politics and a man of marked legal ability. It was the great reputation he gained aa judge in the Maryland courts which led President Cleveland in the absence of political influence on Judge Alvey's part to appoint him to the position of chief justice of tho court of appeals of the Pistrict of. Columbia. He is about 60 years of age. White and Coudert Well Known. Andrew P. White is a Republican in politics. He is one of the best known men of letters in this country and perhaps in the world, is an author and historian and has been the president of Cornell university. Mr. White was appointed minister to Russia by President Harrison, and this position he held through Harrison's administration and for a year or more during Mr. Cleveland's administration. Frederick R. Coudert is a Pemocrat and is one of the best known members of the bar in New York. Mr. Coudert was one of the counsel for the United States on the Bering sea commission, and in that capacity made one of the most eloquent and effective speeches delivered in behalf of the American contentions. An Authority on International taw. The last named member of the cpm- mission, Paniel 0. Gilman, president of Johns Hopkins university, is well known as an authority oh international law. He was at one time president of the University of California and was later called to take up the work' of the organization of the university of which he is now at the head. One of his principal acquisitions is the mastery of the science of physical geography, he having studied in Germany under a prominent instructor and in this country under Goyot. Mr. Gilman has never figured prominently in politics. At the White House it is stated that he has no politics, but his proclivities are understood to be Republican. The two great parties, it will be seen, are equally represented on the commission, with the fifth member having no outspoken politics. Duties of the Commission. All of the above named persons will accept the places to which they have been appointed, and are expected to assemble in Washington as soon as practicable with a view to their entering upon their work. The appointments are made in compliance with a resolution of congress passed at the request of President Cleveland, and the work of the commissioners will be to examine and collect evidence with a view to determining the true divisional line between Venezuela and British Guiana, The conclusions reached by the commission will be reported to the president for his information in connection with any further representations and com. munications that may be made by this government to Great Britain in connection with the boundary line dispute between the latter country an-d Venezuela, l,»nate*» #e*6ie the) Day t» tut ttilcttf* llttlt of fclnftnie*. WASfilSafdS, Jan. 4.~*-Tlie fceftate healtt ft fltiffini debate dtttiflg the day, the bond jetton b-eing the tjierne. M*. Sherman's speech, whicfa had beeft anticipated With ffiuch interest fof Borne time, initiated the financial dia* evasion. The tetefan senator was in good voice aitd his speech was closely folldwed. This, howetef, was met-elv a prelude to an unexpected financial Controversy, vigo?6u9 and personalia character, Mr. Elkins of West Vli?' gi&la sought to secure an immediate vote on his resolution directing that all bond issues be advertised and the bonds offered to the public, Mr. Hill attempted to have the resolution re* ferred to committee, but on a roll call the vote was overwhelming in favor of proceeding With the question, Only 6ii Negative Votes were cast, namely, Chilton, Gaffery, Hill, Mitchell (WisO, Murphy and Brice. Mr, Hill spoke vigorously against the resolution. He asserted that Mr. Sherman, when secretary of the treasury, 'had made bond contracts with New York syndicates similar to the one now assailed, This brought on a sharp personal debate, in which Mr, Hill, £Mr. Sherman, Mr. Hoar, Mr. Teller and others participated. At 6:80 the senate agreed to adjourn, although the motion carried by a bare majority of one. Puring the day Mr. Morrill, from tHe finance committee, reported that the tariff and bond bills Would be ready on Tuesday, to which day the senate adjourned. STEAM and GASOLINE ENGINES Portable and Marine. If you think of buying art ftngltie of any also of kind send for out' CAtAtoaufi N6. SO, cofi- talninu Illustrations find prides of every kind of small engines up to 20 horse power, at bottom t>rices t or LIST xo. 29 for yacht engines, boilers and boat machinery, Either sent free. OHIO, WILL ABB AGO;,. 197 Canal Street '..,••'.» • Ohlfiago, THE PEOPLE ALLOWED TO BID. Government to Issue a Popular toan Amounting to $100,000,000. WASHINGTON, Jan. 0.—Speculation concerning the amount and character of the new bond issue was set at rest when Secretary Carlisle made public a circular on the subject. The loan will be a "popular" one and the circular gives notice that the government will sell $100,000,000 80-year 4 per cent coupon or registered bonds dated Feb. 1, 1896, for which purchasers will be required, to pay in gold coin or gold certificates. This is tho first is&ue by the present administration of such a large amount of bonds at one time. The circular also contains an intimation of a possible further issue of bonds should the issue or sale of an additional or different form of bond for the maintenance of tho Gold Reserve be authorized by law before Feb. 5. The fact that the bonds will be issued in sums of $50 and multiples thereof and be payable ^n installments is a feature it is believed will make them regarded with popular favor. THE ELEVATION OF SATOLLI. FLOWER BULBS FREE. -I 0 Choice Winter IJioomhig I'.nlljs 1.O 1 u 'tis follows : 1-" 1 Dntcli Hytio.intli, very fragrant, 8 Tulips, assorted, various colors,, 3 Nai-clsstiB. wina & yello"', t rag rant. 'A Crocus, Assorted iir'.ora. 8'uc, flTIB AHHUB For only 30 o«nf?, stamps UUft UrrCin, or silver, and tho names of 0 of your friends who buy bulbs or seeds, we will mail at once the 12 splendid Winter Blooming Bulbs to any address post paid and our new illustrated catalogue for 1890 when ready. W. W.'BARNARD & CO;,, Successors to Soetlinon, Hiram Sibley & Oo. CHICAGO,.. Ceremony of Conferring, the Beretta Takes Place at Baltimore. ,. BALTIMOKE, Jan. 6.—"the second step in the elaborate ceremony of Francis Satolli, archbishop and' apostolic delegate to States to the rank of cardinal, prin' theichurch, took place in the venerable cathedral here. The ceremony consisted of conferring the beretta, which is the cap -worn by priests on ordinary occasions and differing only in the case of cardinals in that it is red. The preceding steps have been the conferring of the zuchette, or red skull cap, and the administering of the oath. The remaining step is the conferring of the red hat, which must be done in Rome by the pope himself within six months from Nov. 80, the day upon which Satolli' s appointment was made. THE COMBINE REORGANIZED. SALESMEN, Energetic, in every township, to represent us in the sale ot "Jolm Sherman's Kecolleo- Uo«8 of Forty years In the House, Senate- anil Cabinet"; tlie most remarkable history.of; tho times ane the greatest work on finance-ever published; sale equals "lirant'S-Memolrs" ;. intelligent agents cannot fail to reap a harvest. Apply at once. National Publishing; Co.,. 1 3O East Adams St. Chicago,. Ill JAVA and MOCHA V I ft ^ COFFEE. Northwestern Millers Patch Up Their Differences. MILWAUKEE, Jan. 4.—The Northwestern millers trust, or combine, whioh went to pieces about three weeks ago, as a result of the withdrawal of Faist, Erause & Co,, on the ground of alleged disregard of the agreement by some members, has been patched up again, and will, run under new arrangements, The combine will establish and enforce all prices of flour, will regulate the daily output of each mill in the agreement and will handle the business for all as one great concern. Blue Labt A combipation of the finest .. Fancy Mark Java. Packed in air-tight cans, thereby retainiup. in a and freshness lopt in bulk cofl the elements. Heturnable if not! Never sold in bulk or in paper, board peckases. LANGDON & HUDSON, Sole Distributors, LATEST MABKET EEPOETS, Commission Conferred With Olney, WASHINGTON, Ja», 6,— The members of the Yeneauelan commission, Mr. White alone being absent, were at the gtate department and had a» important conference with Secretary Olney. After the conference with Mr, Olney, the commissioners met together and elected Justice Brewer president, The oath was administered fltod the com. mission, after designating a committee to secure quarters, adjourned till ne^t Saturday, WANTS THE MATTER SETTUiP, Gilbert jj as T&lfei* a H«n«» 1» Minneapolis MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 4, 1806, WSEAT—January close, 55>$e; May, 6t5j^c. Ontraok— No. lhard, fiOKc;No.l No'rthern, 55>^o; No. 8 Northern, Pulutli PujjUTH, Jw. 4, 1899, WBEAT-Cash No. 1 hard, 50cj N 0 , 1 Northern, 64c; No. 3 Northern, §l%@ 51o;No, 8 spring,, »0@4(?j; rejepfced « ' Be WIU P»rv»so» Wedding Bb«w my Be • 0HIOAQ9, Jan, g.wrA special from jn, djauapolis says;. Tfce announcement that e$«?resid,enj; JJayrisou will leave for Ngw Yorfc ibis week lifts anew the rujsnprs, regarding Wft ppartef) approaching wptoge to Mrs- Mary »iec$ pf Wl deo«M04 wile. now generally helieye a* tbs "stay, the fast that Or., 3m- of -the Northern j»ftoiflQ reaejvergbip, Gilbert of the United States »ir court h^ issued a pule nisi calling •upon tfee 3P,amer 8 ' company, St, ?a«l Union StocH Vards, §QUT|i gT, ?ATll/, Jan, 4, HOGS— gtrong to §o higher. ' Range of prices on &u gr^dWi $8«&Q@8,&5, CATTJ^JJ'-Strong, 6opd demand for all fci»d,B of butpfaer stuff »nd noj Offered-' SRSJEP—Gppd demand, Repeiptei HQgs, tWQj Qftttje, 6Q; §0; calves, 10. Jan. receiyed fcepe a.t tbt 0eym&» and Mtiis $Q ebow United, Stftteg p|roujj el

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