The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1896
Page 1
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' '?""'-<•'%Va«"i j ' .4' *' * \ >•*• *•;",''' » x ~~r™ * " ." ' '. '' 4 ' ''4' - 8t" ,; * • * • >. * r ' "• • , r |,'Ab VOL xxv, ALGOKAi KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, We're to HOT AFTER THE SALOONS, The Sstherville Law and Ofdef League Seeks to Close That City's Mulct Saloons. TO THE BUILDING , OPPOSITE THE POSTocE, WE'LL BE THERE JAMUARO WHILE WE judge QUattbn Gtahts a temporary Itt* junction in Each Case—Probate Cases take Most of the Week. o-rvr-ncici \ m JSINESS, AT Where Shall We Buy Our Shoes Might?" AT BROINELL'S IN THE BOSTON BLOCK. Hard times will soon tie,over, Still this country has/its Grover; So have I, in my.revier, Shoes in countless numbers here.' Good shoes for the short and tall, Fine shoes for the large and small, Neat shoes for the little one, Nice shoes for the honeymoon. Mountains high, or bubbling low, Like waters flow bur shoes must go Before the days of winter's cold, At prices which astonish you; So low as no one ever knew. t We know-we have good shoes for,thee Come to our store yourself and see. There were in the neighborhood of forty Estherville citizens in Algeria; Friday, called here, to attend the bearing before Judge Quarton of an injunction suit against the keepers of the three mulct saloons of that place. The proceedings were brought at the in* stance of the Estherville Law and Order League, and County Attorney C, W.Crimm and Attorney-Dow conducted the case for the state s $we<&. -J. Penn,, of the firm of Sopery Alleri?& Penn As-" sistecl by Geo. E. Clarke, appeared for the saloon keepers. The evidence pre* sented was mostly in the form of affidavits, and as frequently happens m cases of this character, was decidedly conflicting. After giving the case a hearing extending ovet',thts greater part of Friday and Saturday, Judge Quarton granted a temporary injunction and fixed the hearing on the permanent: injunction at the January term of. the,, Emmet county court. y The people of Estherville are-just'- now in the throes of an itation and local feeling is embittered by it. The revival meetings -conduct?; ed there by Evangelist Williams had some agency in bringing matters to a' crisis and drawing the line on the saloon question. ;;.. Aside from the injunction .case, no business of public importance was transacted in Judge Quarton's court last week. The time was mainly given to probate settlements, all the equity cases being continued to the March term. The term was adjourned Saturday night. > ' do; we propose, by modifying certain provisions of the act of 1894, instantly to put at the disposal of the treasury nearly $40,000, 000, and then We propose by an authority of law Which ought always to exist in a country like this to permit the orderly, economical use of the public credit to maintain the reserves of the treasury and to provide against temporary deficiencies, in the revenue. Now, in order to do'that we liave to do a thing Which We have got quite accustomed to in these latter years. Ever since the democratic party has been in charge of the government 1 have been politically embafressed every now and then by the-'-great duty that has been laid upon me of "rising tobove party." (Laughter.) About once in three months there comes a demand to this house i'or the republican party to rise above its principles audits platform and do something to meet the exigencies of the public treasury. There is one thing that we all ought to be agreed upon, whatever else we are divided about, and tkab is that the treasury of the United States should no longer be left at the mercy of the organized avarice of the world, without money to pay, or power to borrow, or means for increasing the public revenue, and so, Mr. Speaker, closing this debate,! appeal to the patriotic sentiment tl:ut may still be supposed to reside in l,he diiiuocrjitic breast to come to the level U-. which the republican party has come in offering upon revenue principles a - measure to relieve the embarrassment and distress of the treasury of the United States. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard, v Tor dyspepsia and -liver have a printed guarantee on pr .ofShiloh's cure. Vitalizer. It complaint you every bottle never fails to 1 Brownell, The ShoelMan, f * * •» _ ^ , » * i * W- ^T^li^re^Dift ^ : ^fa^^*-£jj$fi*%&f '- ' t ii ;,;- Wife; Tuesday -The New Magda-l^^y-*-*-•* DOLLIVEIVS REVENUE BILL SPEECH. . , s (From thrf New York Tribune's report.) Mr.,£>olliver (Rep. Iowa) in closing the debate said: ;• There is much in what the gentler man from Georgia (Mr. Turner) said asfto the-hurry and anxiety with which! bill has,been prepared. He ought 1 , even in th.ejnid3t.of suctit "^~- ! IT a-'j-** ../••-—- lene'V^riday, ^Qn^na^^^a^L^W'' i and have already orders j*r r 'C/ *J ' RRpd alfnerftt:hpl* nnf; nnlfo n. I' .•>!< v ••*£ THE HISTORIC ROUTE. The Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railway, the model, railroad of the south in equippement, roadway and service; is also the greatest in historical interest, more than fifty famous •battlefields and five national cemeteries being located on the various lines of this system. This- is the preferred route to Atlanta for the Cotton States and International Exposition, open from Sept. 18, to Dec. 81, 1895, for which very low excursion rates have been made: Through sleeping car service from St. Louis to Atlanta via Evansville, Nashville and Chattanooga. This is the route of the famous "Dixie Flyer" through sleeping car line-which runs the-year around between Nash- Diamond Eeed Grinders, Horse Powers, Steam Eeed Cookers, Tank Heaters, Bob Sleighs, Cutters and Everything in Season at vassed altogether not quite a, l ' 'matinee, "A Saturday njr' tnn "• AVJ^ J/>viTTV,,CattaraguaCo., N.Y.. w . tn/St you. check to pay for 87 copies of' rjteligious'Thought.' It Is a great-' eeeinsito want tbisTalmat/ QI up'Jn splendid style.'' f >Pi ' bUMBB-Rl I have a few STORM S ASH - left and this ip a good time-to put the'm on. Gi-et my prices and you will sure- 8. .NORTON, Not Necessary • < can sell 'you 'a' nice new five-drawer, Sewing Ma- cjiine at 120, a still better one at $25, so it is not neq- essary to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never Know at ,what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may -not he able to get them. .It, also, is not necessary to tW»& about tjie freight, for sponsibility for'such a blunder 'date of the act of 1894 as that to which he has called the attention of the house. The act of 1894, for reasons • which the democratic party ought to appreciate, was not signed-by the president of the United States, and it appears upon the statutes at large without the signature of the president, with the annotation at the beginning of it that the date of it is August 27, 1894. (Applause.) If that is not the true date of the act of 1894, it only indicates that the state department is mixed up with the general incompetency that has marked the administration. Mr. Turner—It only shows that my friend did not thoroughly investigate the subject for himself. Mr. Dolliver—I understand that. If we cannot rely on the statute at large, printed by'a democratic secretary of state, where on God's footstool ought we to go for information unless to the secretary of the treasury? (Laughter.) Now the gentleman says that, notwithstanding all we have seen and know, we are-in the midst of a general revival of prosperity; that wages have increased in all parts of the country, and that all these blessings we owe to the tariff of 1894, I do not propose to enter into a controversy on the subject of protection. Everybody must judge that for himself, but I do say that my democratic friend from .Georgia, (Mr. Turner) ought to be-very careful about attributing any great amount of American prosperity to tbe operation of the HiUTszs'Marj 111,, or. B.C. lion? 'Timirrnr' i't' V&L*** ^TOite^ilding, Cmealov' !owarding Western 1 . Pas- Agent, Hallway Exchange orit „,„„*—,..• ^e American people can be persuaded ot-tbat ,uv will do more to popularize "perfidy and dis- bonoi" than anything ttort has. ever jned in this world, (Laughter,) friend asks tbe republican maj" why we dp npt bring in ^'general law, and be refers to the'.leader- sbip of this, house as wanting in cow* *:i but the (leadership'Os this house , always be'reji§4 on .not 'to. '»flght one tbat beatem $be aUv" wby» " 1 -- J -^Pip, tbata law cannot be fty**y»$Trw *"*f° »»=^^-"^3'-r ..aj-wf *t»* -rff^ enaat^d : pjJfew?jKfif8^,^ Y $ senger —„_-., — . Building. St. Louis, Missouri, .or W. L, Danley, G-.r P. • & T.'A., Nashville, Tenn. . 4tf Karl's Clover Boot Tea purifies the blood and gives a clear and beautiful complexion. ' 1 . FLORIDA AND SOUTHEAST. If you have any intention of going to the southeast this fall or winter, you should advise yourself of the best route from the North and West. This is the Louisville & Nashville Bailroad, which is running double* daily trains from St. Louis, Evansville, Louisville and Cincinnati through to Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Atlanta, Monfc- § ornery, Thomasville, Pensacola, Moile, Jacksonville and 'all Florida points.' Pullman Sleeping Car Service through. Specially low rates made to Atlanta during the continuance of the Cotton States Exposition, and tourists rates to all points in Florida and Gulf Coast resorts during the season. For particulars as to rates and through car service, write Geo. B, Homer, Div. Pass.^Agent, St. 'Louis, Mo,, J, K, Bid'gely, N. W. Pass- Agent, Chicago, 111,, Q, P. Atmore, Gen'l Pass. Agent, For Banquet Lamps visit Patterson &/Son, , OLD ENOUGH TO GO, Ledyard Leader: 'The Algona 'papers are trying to interest the Muwau- kee y company in the erection of a'new depot there, The present depot is 25 ye|rjj>'Qld and np doubt bas a pale, fee> bjelppk, ,WjtvJttemore Champion; ,The AJgO' na papers are, stirring up tbe idea oj .a new'Sepot on tbe Milwaukee, rpad m place pf tbe ancient stature which • * w - signed, by .tbat name, -ftp years, and i|> m&y havfi bsejj pbservjng peopl? • in your pocket. Prices always right. V'Hi M wajn ' X-.'vf -r^tf*"?*ii - o.i ""Jyy - -p T:i __.i , t . call and see me before pacing ^qur1p}rder. r It will x b'e mon«y WILFRID P, JONES, 1'*"$ -, Vtf$ '• ?":£'* $V«fr felflA Vv % rt' l *l> l *'* i <!? i""'.f3s ' "• CO .'«i$ "Vtli j ,>-hV, i ;i3p '-'lit <vg -r^l For the Next 30 Days WE WILL GIVE A DISCOUNT 0IP 10 PER CENT ON- ALL OUR IMMENSE i LINE 03? CROCKERY, GLASSWARE, , '; LAMP3, CHAMBER SETS, WATER ': SETS, ETC. ^ If in need of anything in.tbe abQYe pe, jw at once and tafce advantafle of tbjj grea| " a " tion, TRACTS WITH -, f •&I •V''.--<n-^.,V'. '. , fl •»•';• •^m ; 'B,Bitt«ll7iJ^iB«l?'JKl4:^,;' : S:ffl ?Mfe •£-,., ?$Slfe&&^ ^,/jk^MrMII^' 1

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