The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 1, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1896
Page 5
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You Can't Anything with your eyes shut. If they are shut, often them and look at the fine display of Lamps, Crockery and Glassware, LANODON & HUDSON. New Year's Greeting: To our friends and patrons who by their liberal patronage during the year 1805 have made our hearts glad, we return our most sinpere thanks. May the joys of this Holiday season continue wltn you until 1897. Truly Yours. DU&DALL & do. LOCAL MENTIONS, It is time to swear off. Judge Quarton has been holding court a couple of days this week. Geo. C. Call puts his ad in a new form, but it is there all the same. John Switzer is just finishing up a nice barn on bis new place in Plum Creek. Dingley & Pugh have distributed some very handsome calendars for the new year. Farmers should bear in mind the meeting of the County Agricultural society on the llth. Rev. C. E. Sinclair opens his pastorate of the Congregational church Sunday morning next. Mrs. Hugh Smith is recovering from a long and serious sickness. Dr. Kenefick attended her. • Prof. Frank Slagle is in Des Moines attending a meeting of the State Teacher's Association. The annual pew renting at the Congregational church comes Monday afternoon and evening. .The masquerade dance at Clarke's hall Christmas night was largely attended and was a "swell" affair. Mrs. N. A. Kuhn has bought ground and will build herself a residence at the north end of Thorington street. The REPUBLICAN begins the publication of a new story by Conan Doyle today. It will be concluded next week. • , Wesley has had her attorneys, Welt Miller'and Mr. Fellows, at the county ,-, seat this week attending to business in 1 district court. Popular prices will be the rule for the Van Cortland engagament at the Call next week. Seats will be 25, 35 and 50 cents. The farmers must not'forget about the annual meeting of the Agricultural Society next week Saturday. It is highly important. The State Bank barber shop has in. augurated the check system for the convenience of Saturday evening customers. It is proving very popular. A. J. Sprague, of Wesley, was in town yesterday. He reports that Mr. Eddy's condition is' improved. The latter has had a long and very serious illness. Dr. Studley has our thanks for one of the most novel 1896 calendars that has so far reached the REPUBLICAN office. It has a thermometer attachment. 'Edwin Cook and family moved down '. from Burt the first of the week and are - now settled in their home, formerly ' the D, S, Miller residence in south Al• 'gona- Tbe Algona merchants enjoyed a 'Splendid Christmas wide. It was natural tbat tbeysbould,of course, They .' .bad the goods, and tben they advertis- . ed them, ' Miss Cornie* Jnghara received a large 1 number of her youngjady friends yesterday afternoon, TJeljcate refresh- me,nts were served, Tbe favors' were carnations, ,« Rev, and Mrs, Davidson w.ere sur» priced, Qbristmas evening, by a visit ,, from the Christian Endeavor «ociety wbp brougbt witb-tbero several band ', 'some, present!. '' \, , , '\, Now anybody wbp wai»t» a bell tpw< er shpujd. consult tbe Algpn^g^yautb' orities", who' bave one ou' tbeir: ; „. , tp dispose pj, Tb,® 9§U #WB. iRtp - tpwer pf tbe sew city bail;, /,:/* ' ~ Presbyterian meet-ings^ - , t r' '.attended by -large • a.udances, ^'v eouvt bowse WMlww sejpghs &£, able apd, poptttw.,V ; *,',' ] •» ate go cheap hQW^tUati,4t hi*J weather this January will be disappointed, Among the numerous elegant presents that adorned the Methodist Christmas Palace was a first class student's lamp for the pastor, Eev. Southwell, and a marbleized-iron clock for superintendent M. F. Bandall, Eev. Wm. T. Jackson, Rector of the Emmetsburg Episcopal church, officiated in that capacity in the St. Thomas church, Algona, last Sunday. Dr. Jackson is a graduate of Yale theological school .and is a man of generous culture. Bro. Ingham of the Upper DesMoines is to be congratulated on the birth of a son, the event occurring Sunday morn- ins, and the mother smcl child doing well. Harvey is bearing up as well aa could be expected under the strain of thq customary jocular remark Harvey says the new baby is the best he ever knew. It don't cry a bit. It is probably experiencing the difficulty met by other people of getting a word in edgeways when Harvey is around, but the REPUBLICAN predicts that it will not be long in finding its voice. Prudence lodge No. 105, A. F. & A. M., held its annual election last Thursday evening, when the following named were chosen as officers for the Masonic year 1896: F. II. Vesper, \y. M.; M. F. Randall, S. W.; W. J. Studley, J. W.; W.'K. Ferguson, Treas.; F. M. Taylor, Sec'y. Letters are advertised for Miss Lena Anderson, A. Blain, E. A.Butler,Mrs. Anna Fentum, Charlie Falke, llichard Halley/Mrs. Tom HaWckef, J. S. Hig- rabotham, Forest I. 'Ingman,- \Vm. Leper. Elizabeth McCallie, Martin Moran, Ed. Hurry, Phil. Roberts, Mrs. E. L. Shipper A guessing contest on a jar of beans which had been under way for a long time at Stephenson & Stacy's was brought to an end Christmas day. The closest guess was by Lawerenee Koran, who came wjthiu three of the actual number, which was 2,669, while his guess was 2,666. The Woman's Relief Corps elected officers as follows, Thursday evening: President, Mrs. Harriet Staey^ Senioi Vice, Mrs. Lydia C. Dodge; Junior Vice, Mrs. Ella Tennant; Treas., Mrs C. T. Dodd; Chaplain, Mrs. Hannah Tellier; Conductor, Mrs. Mary Mason; CJuard, Mrs. Hattie Reed. Ida Van Cortland comes to Algona from Des Moines. Sunday morning's Register announced her for the Grand Opera House for a week's engagement, beginning Monday night. It owght to be very satisfactory for Algona to be a'ble to secure companies wbieh draw erowds in the large cities., A reception will be tendered tomorrow evening, a,t the residence of Lewis H, Smith, to Rev. W, E. Davidson and wife,' and Rev. G, E. Sinclair and wife. It will be a farewell' to the retiring pastor and ft welcome to the new.', All members <?£ tbe church congregation are invited to be present without special invitation,' Mr. Browneli moved bis stock of shoes into'his fine pew quarters iij tbe Boston Block Monday, The work be- gaq early and wae pushed with Mr, Br0wnej}'$ accustomed , vigor, Tbe new quarters-are nope too larger We. have never before bfd so large pwi w$U selected a 8'toc,k of febe. best goods jp tbe Une <jf shoes, &»4 boots, ( - Tbe parkets are rofoerably Jow,, tbig .week,' U takes ag pounds of good oats JQ 'pente., A/busbel. «| W ,' and a bipbel of bar* ' wbfat id th-e <I mm. h'ate kefi tetsefved ifi 4l|6fta announcing the matriafte of Clarke Riee, the oldest sdfi of ex-.Tfeasaref 1 Rice, who has been in California afcout eight years. The lady is Miss Maty Helsbn, of Redwood City^ and the fipar^ fiageoccttrred jfred. 14. Clatke's Kossuth county f fiends extend coftgratu* lations and hope he includes a visit 'at Algona in his We dding trip. A praiseworthy project now on foot is the erection by the state of a historical building, for the reception of historical and art treasures. Petitions in Its behalf, addressed to the legislature, have been placed in the bands of Harvey Ingham, Mrs. Florence Cowles and Mrs* Kate Starr for circulation in Algona. Everybody should promptly sign. The county supervisors will hold their first meeting for the new year next week, beginning Monday, The unusual thing of having the board exactly the same in membership two years in succession happens this time, The members are C, C. Chubb of Ores* co, H, 0. Hollenbeck of Wesley, B, F. Smith of Germ'ania, L. Barton of Lu Verne, and Win. Burton of Springfield, A Webster City new woman has begun making preparations for the new year by publishing notices in the local papers warning all parties not to trust her husband on her account, as he has left her bed and board without due provocation. If the lady would state what the provocation was it would be easy enough to judge whether it was due cause or not. At the regular monthly, meeting of the Gr. A. R. post Wednesday night, the following officers were chosen for 1896: Commander, J. R. Laird; Senior Vice, P. L. Slagle; Junior Vice, C. N. Brace; Officer of the Day, Eugene Tellier; Officer of the Guard, Geo. Turner; Quartermaster, John Reed; Surgeon, H. C. McCoy; Chaplain, G.H. Lamson. The installation will occur at the next meeting. It is necessary in times of national crisis like the preceut that the bird of freedom should bo properly "soared." The poet Campbell performs that service this week in a poem of nine stanzas in the REPUBLICAN. It was our idea that there ought to be at least ten stanzas on account of the extraordinary occassion, but Mr. Campbell has condensed admirably, so that the pressure of patriotic defiance to the square inch is unusual. A very 'interesting entertainment has been provided to come off at the M. E. church Friday night. It is a lecture l*y Rev. E. S. Pilling, on "A Modern Hospital." This gentleman tells how the sick and suffering are cared for in Asbury Hosoital, Minneapolis, illustrating his lecture with beautifully colored pictures thrown upon the screen by thestereopticon. Admission will be free. A free-will offering will be received from any who wish to give. The dances Christmas night an<3 Monday night at the Court House were both spendid affairs and largely attended. The music for both parties was furnished by Algona organizations/the Military Band Christmas night and the Sterzbach-Cady orchestra Monday evening. It is a ridiculous idea having foreien orchestras furnish music for dances when we have a musical organization 1 like the Sterzbach-Cady orchestra, which ranks ahead of anything of its kind in the state. A telephone message from Britt yesterday afternoon stated that John Decker, of Cor with, committed suicide by taking Paris green and died about one o'clock yesterday afterno9n in great agony. Mr. Decker arose in the night and took the fatal dose. The cause of the rash act is not known, but the unfortunate man sustained the loss of his little girl recently, and it is surmised that if he was aware what he was taking he must have become temporarily insane on that account. E. N. Weaver has just completed a rolling book case for the county auditor's vault with a capacity for 104 record books. It is about twelve feet long and nearly ten feet high, and it took 420 rollers to fit it out. The rollers were turned by Hamilton Bros. The very nicest adjustment was necessary to hold so many loose pieces, but Mr. Weaver is equal to the best work, This is his second case, the first being placed in the clerk's vault. He will make another for the recorder to complete •his contract, It seems that tbe findings of a majority oil a pension examining board are accepted as conclusive by the departments A short time ago Wm, Bossing- haja-was before tbe Algona - board for examination after a suspension of his pension, and when the examination was bad but two members of tbe board were present, There was some question what would be 'done in the, premises, but Mr, Bossiagba^m has already 'been notified tbftt tbe quarterly' payment wjll be resumed., , Q, 4, Potter was 'the, fortunate onan 'W wio 1) ipgley & J?«gb's gold watch, offered for tbe closest guess. ; Qn t tbe 'Dumber <?f people to vjsjt their store tbe day before Obristnaas, My- Potter guejse.4 J777 and Jacqb SeJsoo said it ,' ^fhg agt«a}' number b»J| way between^ and til" VA ItryrW »",T?'' ***•* ^ ^avrttt, r-'-T - T • -* •»• • r- • • T -•• --1 i ••-» . *• - Mne, bu,6 itcjakej more %R a Bound fojfejp na.Uey S® ffl&fee gp^J.WMftQtp, - l mu~ „„„„,.! .v* n />tito» nf jjjjgi '^PSgUtU* £e. ( w>s '•MX, l «bance took' „ bis $ega'8t time tteiffs 6fr<i 5froWon r th6 part'of We l&ttet, Tfte Staple have two chlldrefc, Mfs. Mary BTatignaM, wife of 0. s;* 1 atid- ChafrM? and nine grandchildren, Frank Slagle, Who has been visiting old friends in Algona the past week, Says he saw Prof. Shippey, formerly the head of the Algona schools, in Strawberry Point a short time ago. 3hippey is married again and is living in Chicago, and is now on the road for a book house. He claims he made $30,000 in Oklahoma recently. In reference to his political labors he says he wade only one speech for tbe populist ^arty last fall, but he is going to give his whole time to the stump in the coming presidential campaign. He is ifi position, according to bis own story, to tell how the rich are growing sud- aeflly richer and the poor unexpectedly poorer, from his own happy experience. The crowded house which greeted those who took part at the last meeting of the Social Union was an indication of the great popularity of the club. Tbe program for the evening was an especially fine one, a paper on the Monroe Doctrine, a truly American paper, being read by Rev. Stevens, atid one upon Browning's Pippa's Passes being given by Miss Louise McCoy. Music was rendered by Dr, -Hist, Geo. Horton, Miss Stella Johnson and Misses Maud Cowan, Maggie Haggard and Maggie Hunt. Will Galbraith gave an exceptionally well delivered selection from James Whitcomb Riley Altogether it was an entertainment not to be missed, and one which the public seemed fully to appreciate. Rev. W, E. Davidson delivered his closing sermon as pastor of the Congregational church Sunday morning. The church was packed, and the sermon was one worthy of the wide hearing it received, being an able treatment of Christianity as the gospel of hope for the world. Nothing could have been more flitting to such an occasion. Very few words personal to himself were spoken. This Closes a seven-years' pastorate, and Mr. Davidson now goes to Delavan, Wisconsin, to accept the pastorate of the Congregational church. He has fully recovered his health and weighs more than ever before. Rev. E. P. McElroy very fittingly occupied a place in the pulpit Sunday morning. The West Union literary society was organized last Thursday evening, and to-morrow evening there will be a program 'given. The officers elected are Wm. Bourne, president, and Arthur King, secretary. This society has been one of the most successful ever organized in the county, and with so many interesting questions up for settlement this winter there ought to be an increasing interest in its weekly meetings. Nothing ever was got up capable of greater benefit to a country neighborhood than a debating and literary society,with a free pitch-in for everybody. The REPUBLICAN has given very full reports of the meetings of the West Union literary so far, and hopes to some way "get onto" its proceedings this winter. There is some inquiry in regard to the expense of. life insurance in the Ancient Order of United Workman, and so many men in this county belong to .this institution the general interesi in the order is sufficiently widespread to ,vrarrant an a'nswer to tlie question here, 'Every man who joins this order gets a beneficiary certificate calling for the payment of $2,000 to his heirs on his death, and the assessments on each man for 1895 amounted to just$16. The lodge dues have amounted to $6 more, and so the total for the $2,000 certificate has been .$22 per year. This i very cheap insurance. There is no reason why every young farmer anc business man in the county need not belong to this order J. F. Lacy & Son received a telegram from Chicago, Tuesday afternoon of last week, saying that Frank Bamsey had been hurt at a junction near that place. Bamsey had been sent in charge of a stock train by the Lacy's, and the telegram was taken to mean that he was in'a, condition to require help. His brother Russell and A- L, Bo wen left for the city Wednesday, but on reaching there they found that the object oi their search had been there, and spent a night with the Houghs, and then gone to visit friends at the old residence }n Illinois. Who sent the fake telegram has not been learned, though the railroad and telegraph officials made every effort to find out. It was an expensive piece of fun, if that is tbe right name for it. The marriage of Mr. Fred Bartlett and 'Miss Gertrude Clarke, which occurs 'tomorrow at high nopn at St. Thonias' Episcopal church, will undoubtedly be tbe greatest function in Algona society this winter, Tbe cere- mony'wjll be tbat known'as tbe "ring ceremony," which is very beautiful and impressive, and will be performed by Rev, $JoDonaJd, of Qtnaha. Mr. Bart' lett arrived from bis Dallas home yesterday, and the bridal couple will leave for Texas the same afternoon as tbe marriage, Some of the guests from abroad/who are already bere are Missef Helgoland Mary Clarke, pf Cedar Rap ids; Mjgsas MattJe Robiqapn, Edns — " ' and Stella Johnson Mjn- , , Tbe member e? YWw wnety 8L w ,bPja wejre taja-'il w*m eyercm&JWhqiMn^B m mtmwwmm&ym. h « 'larlina-nr.i.l-.nnTirirmm'ftirut-.irmiil S nmir neapqlis.'FJorepce Straw, Wells, Minn,* GevtffOTliaw, Ipswich, S, P/ • ' ' ' Hutebispn and' Wife arrive^ Jennings/ ko«isiapa> ' n stmas, 'Q?hev came earli* (STT^ir^ «»,,j|-_;w - -p r"* 1 ^ rilp-Tf+**¥¥"* * " * ~Jr ""^TfT ^JF"FT* e.r tftptbey bad .intended, - owing to 4-», Q u ™,ii, n i ^f iup ( jj w tcbj§on's guoces 1 ndefjs of tbe Call'plan' i\ aiW Mrs.,ifBteb,J§on.' were. Ws wish foil all i'Vf.* ,New Year And cordially invite yoti all to come and see tie in our new store in the Bostdn Block, where We are now all ready for business. BROWNELL & ALLRED, The Shoe Men, ALGOtf A, IOWA. ^"^*^^!*^^^*^^^*^ 1 ^*^^*^^ F. S. NORTON, LUMBBR! I have a few STORM SASH left and this is a good time to put them on, Get my prices and you will surely buy, IF. S. NORTON. PERSONAL MENTION. Bert Matthews was over from Spencer Christinas to eat turkey with the family of his brother Elmer. He gave a reception on opening his drug store which was attended by about 800 people and was pronounced by the Spencer papers to be the "swellest" affair of the kind ever given in the city. "The Editor" has this: "J. A. Freeh, who presides over the Bancroft end of the Algona REPUBLICAN, and Miss Rena Sorensen are among the happy. Let this remind bachelors in the ranks of the relief from woe." Wesley Lamson, of the Algona Republican force, is in the city visiting his brother, H. L. Lamson, of the Prairie Queen mills. He kindly assisted the News over its rush today.— Hartley News. Peter J. 0. Walker went to Mason City last evening to spend New Years with family friends there. He went down with Mr. Samuel Pedelty, of that place, who had been visiting him. Dode Wilkins and wife, son of Perry Wilkins, of Minneapolis, are visiting friends and relatives in this city. He has not been in Algona for about six years. Misses Emma and May Henderson, Algpna's popular dress-makers, spent Christmas with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. .Robt. Henderson, of Riverdale township. T. A. Potter, of Britt, and Z. S. Barrett, of Wesley, telephone magnates of the first magnitude, were attending to business in Algona Monday. • Rev. Bing, pastor of , the' Swedish Lutheran church at Britt, and Peter Skow, of Wesley, were calling on Algona friends Friday. < Mrs. Ed. Williams, who had been in Algona several months caring for her mother, Mrs. Waterhouse, returned to Ipswich last Friday. Prof. A. A. Sifert has been spending the holidays at home in Algona. He returned to Buffalo Center this morning- Latest letters from Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Jones locate them at Lake Worth, on the Florida coast, where they are enjoying very warm weather. Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Turner are receiving a visit from the former's brother, Geo, Turner, of Jonesboro, Minn,, and son. Mr, and Mrs. E. G. Bowyer are enjoying a visit from Misses Aileen Marquette and Florence Burnam of Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Huntington, who have been.visicing Mrs. L. M. B. Smith, returned to their home in Minnesota yesterday. Mrs. Lee, and son Oscar, of Whittemore, are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Lamson. Editor R./B. Warren and wife spent their Christmas with relatives and friends in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Mrs, Carra. Davenport went with her mother to Eldora/ to spend Christmas, She is already at home again, C, 0. Chubb and Dr, McQoy went to Bancroft last Friday and inspected the G. i, R, post at that plage, ' S. A, Thompson is home for the win* ter after a season's" work for a Grinnejl carriage and buggy company, ' ' Q, B, Matspn was up fyom Missouri, .to greet bJ8, mjany'. here yyith, a "Merry Christmas-" .Claude and 'Myrtle. Nicpuljn tained a ,large party' 'of toon- young. frjeuds J&st flight, - > , Hai'jy Wilson and wife and two ebU-' ,di'6ri spent Christmas at hjs Ql^ home, • ' DEATH OF MRS, BARR. Mrs. A. D. Ban Dies Saturday Night- Daughter of thelateM. D. Blanchard. Mrs. Helen E. Burr, wife of Andrew D. Barr, whose illness has been fre- • quently noted in these columns, 'died at her home in Union township Saturday night. Her ailuent was cancer, the first sign of which came upwards- of a yesir ago. The deceased waa a, daughter ot the late M. D. Blanchard, for four years treasurer of this county,, and was esteemed arid loved for her many virtues and graces of character. The funeral was from the residence! yesterday, the burial being in the Agona cemetery. Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Barr was bonv Dec. 2Q, 1860, married to Andrew D. Barr Oct. 24, 1883, and died at her home 2i miles north of Algona Dec. 28, 1805, at-ir.10 p. m. Had she lived less than an hour longer she would have been 35 years old. She was the eldest daughter of the late M. D. and G-arfel- ia Blanchard. She leaves a husband and three children, Mabel aged 11, Edith 8, and Johnnie aged 5, and three brothers, C. S. Blanchard of Elmore, A. Di Blanchard of Burt and Ed. of Algona, to mourn her loss. On Jan. 28,1895, she had a cancer removed—' just eleven months later to a day she- died. She has never been able to be< around about home duties since the-' operation. She will be missed by homej friends, neighbors, in fact by every one. She was an exemplary woman, generous to a fault, and always the- first in attendance upon a sick neighbor or friend. ; As organist of the Sua-U , day school, in fact every where she will" be missed. Mr. Barf has the sympathy of everyone. She was willing and waiting to go to that land from which none return and considered death a happy release. She was laid to rest in the beautiful cemetery at Algona on the 31st, having committed her little ones to the care of Him who "heareth tha young ravens when they cry." CITY BUSINESS. Rolla, rmCK-rfttS ^^^SS The Council Met Saturday Night to- Close Up the Business of 1895, ALGONA, Dec. 28.— The city metia- regular session, Mayor Haggard in the chair. Members present, Wadsworth,> ' Vesper, Pettibone, Magnusson, Hect- derson and Nicoulin; absent, Fergu-" son and Sayers. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. •- • It was moved and seconded that, the^ following bills audited and approved,; by the finance committee, be allowed ' and warrants drawn for the same; ' / ' ' , . , .,.,..„ , T. H, Conner, plans tor ofty hal}." ;..,'., 6 A. H. Allen, meals fpr, prisoners*, ,- ........ Mullioa& Ohpstedt, A Albert Anderson, labor.,., ..,,.,. .... 8flurbeok&Lambert, oheok valve,,., W, H.'Blohardson, Insp ratQre^p ... „ •f'i Wm. Miller, Ugh ting city lamps ...}.',,,,8J5'OD' Haggard & Peek, abstract 'for city lot'., ' 3 SOt J. B, Willey, salary ........ , ....... , ...... 4000 A. Y. McDonald & Morrison We, OQ,.,\-'4 4(t- Algona tore Co., flghUqg flrp.,.,. ..... .-,, J7 OOv" B, J.Gitaore, supplies, ..... 7 ...... ,,...,. >865-: A, B. Worster, meals for prisoners .,.,..„ ,1- 40 , ' " ' '* Ohrisohllles & flprbsD/ supplies.,,,,,,. Algona COURIER, Ayes, Vesper, Wad5wprtb,' ; . PQt^31 bone, .MaRnusson,' Hen4ersQn^'aad;§* NicowUn? npj^none^ Q$m$3, Y>' nW 'Jt was wpyed ftod^eQonded tbaf'the^l? s ip.payroeftti.fiw tfje Of the oity JjaJl tQ.the j 19 B H?b'amR,iiEti:aBa at^^ ^ e§> ™ "'^PP*' ," £y3WMWJ 't#£W «.-.-. i .MBtfoiwwn,^ J|§eaer|otofl! NicouJin-, opes, nqna, <l|UT $IdNp It. i was > movta * s.od m%$ * -^ h ^ -

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