The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 1, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1896
Page 2
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Itiooil I'oison for'which tlie 'i)r Jac'Uson's Knulisli Safety Tablets is a sure prc- veutatlve, am', is a satv '(-ierm Killer, 'rendering contagion hardly im-«ibli'. honee Its value. If neglected such troubles result fatally. Mailed anywhere sealed, .-51 ; 'six hoxes fur sb. Medical advice free. JAOJv.sO's' MKJMCJAL ro , Chi- cajio, 111.. or our agent, F. \V. UINOLKY. Secretary Carlisle DiscuKses the Situation and Criticises Congress. WASHINGTON, Dec. U8. — Secretary Carlisle made the following statement to the Associated Press iii response to the following question: "What, iu your opinion, will be the effect upon the financial situation of tliD tariff bill passed by the house of representatives?' ' "I had," said Mr. Carlisle, "supposed that very few could now be found who believe that our financial difficulties were caused by a deficiency in the ordinary revenues of the government, or that they can bo relieved by increasing taxes upon the commodities consumed by the people. These difficulties are the necessary result of our financial legislation, and they cannot be removed, even temporarily, by tariff laws nor by any other measures which do not directly enable the government to procure the means necessary for the maintenance of gold payments. ' ' But Ouo Permanent Remedy, "Do you think then that the bond bill now before the house Mill furnish any relief to the treasury?" "I am satisfied that there is but one permanent remedy for our financial embarrassments, and that is legislation providing for the retirement and cancellation. of the legal tender notes, but, recognizing the fact that such a measure would require time for its consideration and for'its complete execution, if adopted,- I had hoped that congress wotild immediately take the 'necessary steps to assist the government in its efforts to procure and. maintain such a gold reserve as may ,be required to remove the distrust and apprehension. which have tl^o Present Si reported by the committee o« ways and nieajis falls very far short of ths requirements pf the situation, and jts passage will not beneficially affect the situation -with which wo now have to deal. Our difficulties were produced and bare been, prplpnged. and aggra. vate£ by the fear that,' Bqtwithstetudjug ftlltne efforts of $,e 'a4wiuist;ration, we may - ultimately- be anabie tP prp, gol4 for tb,e pwpose pf redeeming jiotes, ancl consequently be fproed a silver bajj&ify f^ $}& f e§y o%nn,o,fc be removed BftW} -fonje aojtjp» jis pleaj-Jy j»4ioftting ij Dec. 87.- has responded to the appeal of the president by passing a tariff bill, the operation of which is limited td two and a half years, and Which id designed to raise $40,000,000 for the relief of the treasury, the vote was on paf ty iifies, With two exceptions. The Repttblicsans all voted for the bill except Hartmah of Montana, who did not vote, and the Democrats and Populists against it save NeWlands (Pop., NeV.) Who Voted in favor of the measure. The special order under which the bill was brought to a vote, after three and a half hours of debate, was ironclad in its character and compelled the members to adopt or reject it without opportunity of offering amendments of any kind. Debate Was Lacking in Spirit. Although there was the brilliant setting that usually accompanies a field day in the house, the debate lacked much of the spirit and vim Avhich generally characterizes a partisan battle in the lower branch of congress. Even the preliminary skirmish over the adoption of the rule which ordinarily precipitates the fiercest wrangling, passed off quietly. The debate itself was participated iii by the leaders of both sides. The Republicans contended that the first necessity c ° the treasury was revenue to supply the continued deficiency. Every speaker denied that the proposed measure was a Republican protection bill. It was, they claimed, au emergency revenue bill on protective lines, ft was significaut that several, notably Mr. Dalzell, Mr. Payne, Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Grosvenor, predicted the passage of a Genuine Protective Measure as soon as the Republicans regained control of the White House. The Democrats took the position that' there was no lack of revenue in the treasury and that the passage of a bill to increase taxation would in nowise help the situation nor furnish the relief desired by the president and secretary of the treasury. All who took part in the debate acquitted themselves well. Mr. Dingley and Mr. Dolliver of the Republicans, and Mr. Crisp and Mr. Turner of the Democrats, carried off the honors. ' The bill just passed repeals the present tariff law until Aug. 1, 1898. It restores 60 per cent of the McKinley rates on wool and woollens, lumber and carpets and Slakes a Horizontal Increase of the present , rates in all other schedules, except sugar, of 16 per cent. "When the bill was put upon its passage, it was passed 205 to 81. The vote was taken by ayes and nays. There was no demonstration of any kind at the announcement of the vote. Mr. Cannon, the delegate from Utah, asked for immediate consideration of a joint resolution directing the secretary of the Territory of Utah to turn over to the governor of Utah, upon the issuance of the executive proclamation admitting that territory as a state, all the United States property in the hands of the secretary. The resolution was" adopted and the house adjoixrned. THERE IS BUT ONE SURE CURE maun or ffig tMS mm MAR6HING TOWARb •ftftftf&tdl GrWtlyliiiidieii ftt Ili6 ft*** »m df the f niflff tftli. ttAVASA, U«s. S58i^.fflfth6f details hate feached here !fom Matanzasof the rapid advance of the insurgent «iay r Utimberiftf abotit 19,^ ffifin, upon Havana, after forcing its Way through the pfrovifcde of Santa, Olafa and into the province of Mutanzas in spite of General Martinez de Oanipoa &bd about 80,000 tfoops at hifl disfjOBftl itt the territory tf Atefsed attd ifttttded. The reported important battle between the Spaniards nnder .Cambos and the insurgents at Coliseo plantation, id miles from Cardenas, does not appear to have been a very severe engagement. A £>a? of Autlety In fiavAha, OhMstmas day wote away in Hatana With continued anxiety in all circles, f he news 6f the morning of the continued advance of the insurgent forces was confirmed by details coming in through the day, and was embellished by flying tumors of the close approach of Gomez and his army, The military authorities themselves ore much at fault as to whefe the enemy will be met. They continued throughout the day to express an uttef disbelief that an attack could be contemplated on Havana itself, and their confidence did much to strengthen that of the other residents of the city. Much is still made by the authorities of the engagement at the Coliseo plantation, which they insist was a signal victory over the forces of Gomez. After this check they assert the insurgents will not dare to advance on Havana. General Campos nt Havana. Upon his arrival here during the evening General Campos made known his belief that General Gomez has designed his movement, which has thus far proved so signally successful, merely as a raid into the heart of his enemy's country as near to Havana as it was possible for him to go, intending then to fight his way back. General Campos believes the whole aim of the incursion was the destruction of property, and he asserts that they have already initiated a retreat. He states that he has already foreseen this purpose, and he asserts that he has taken effective measures to prevent their return to Santa Clara. They will be compelled to fight at Matanzas, he says, or to surrender. He does not believe they can effect a retreat without destruction. Expresses Confidence In Spaniards. The captain general was accorded an enthusiastic reception upon his arrival here by the city authorities and by a committee representative of all the political parties. So fat as can be learned he expresses unabated confidence in the success of the Spaniards and believes that the hour of the destruction of the insurgent forces is at hand. It is not thought probable that it is the intention of the insurgents to engage in a pitched battle, and much anxiety is felt to know whether they have actually initiated a retreat and whether the elusive strategy they have hitherto employed will serve to open a way for them in either direction they choose to go. The president has sighed the eitlekh fefolntion. At Kossen, Tex., fife destroyed eeten brick bttsihesl feuildittgd With* ifotfcl bi itfirms. Loss, $t6,o00. Dan Quinn, a politician, shot and killed Mafioe Thurmati heat London, &y., in self defense, he says. It. 8. Dufrafa, who tatirdewd the town marshal of Tyndall, g. 13., last July, has been sentenced to life ihlgfifl' onfuent. Frank toohertjr, a prominent school teachef, was shot and killed at KeW Hope, £jr M by Mri, J« W. Nail?, whom he attempted do assault. John L. Sullivan is to. become a permanent resident of Chicago. A Milwaukee bfewliig Company has offefed to put him in charge of a cafe and Sully has accepted. •Tuesday, Deo. £4< A Christian Citizenship league has been organized at Huron, S. B, i*our men, who attempted to capture seven Mexican robbers at Morence, Ariz., Were killed. The statement of the condition of the treasury shows available cash balance, $176,426,499; gold reserve, $69,008,04ri. The Osage river in Missouri is so high that Bagnell and Tusoumbia, in Miller county, were flooded, and residents fled for their lives. Eastbound shipments from Chicago last week amounted to 90,577 tons, against 88,996 for the preceding week and 89,8,87 for the corresponding week last year. The solicitor general has entered a motion to advance the case of Francis A. Coffin, convicted of aiding in the wrecking of the Indianapolis National bank, which comes to the supreme court on application for a writ of error. Ikafc Se«f&t«rf tJte'e? lifts sent a pfitaie telegram to Sftiisbnit asstitihg him that (He passage of the comffiieeseii bill was Hot id be eotistftied M & hestile a£t. f he Bailt :ts nothing incredible c# ettfprisinf ia tack an fifibottnoemeiii OH tin) dob* It&fy, it Woflld be highly kefiof abk in M*. Oifiey," The DM? News ea^a fftrtltes «»Ottf Vienna eoffespondent has reason to be- liete that Lord Salisbury is negotiating With France and Holland as owners of Affiefiean.eolonies to ; join ift a pfotest against President Cleveland's action* Which has been condemned fey. Spate, We should be Inclined to doubt the Wisdom of any Enrobean alliance to meet demands Which hate not been supported by cool and sobee oplfiiofl itt America. " • FOR A QUADRUPLE ALLIANCE, KILLED HIS NEW SON-IN-LAW. A Sensational Lovo Affair at Des Molnos Ends in Murder. DBS MOINES, Dec. 25.— The Scott- Dawson case is at an end. Clara Dawson is the daughter of S. R. Dawson of this place. Walter Scott is the young, man who has figured in some very sensational and romantic events in connection with Miss Clara Dawson, with whom he has been in love for a long time. His sentiments were reciprocated by the young lady and they wished to get married. The stern father, however, in the person of S. R. Dawson, was opposed to the match and at one time went so far as to incarcerate the young lady in an asylum, for the insane at Mount Pleasant in order to remove her from the path of young Scott, who followed her persistently, faithfully and determinedly to the bitter end. This end occurred during the day. In the afternoon Walter Scott and Clara Dawson were married by Justice Silvani. After the ceremony Mr. Scott, accompanied by Police Officer Duvallo, went to the residence of the bride's parents to get Borne clothes belonging to her, Mr, Dawson refused to give up. the clothes. Scott and Officer Duvalle then turned to go, when the latter, glancing behind, saw that Mr. Dawson was following them. At that moment Mr. Dawson drew forth a concealed revolver and fired .four shots at Scott, Three took effect. Scott is dead and Dawson under arrest. TROLLEY STRIKE ENQS. Philadelphia Street Car Cprojmny and Its Employes Compromise. PHILADELPHIA, Deo, !J5.— The great trolley strike is ended, This js final, John Wanamaker is the man who brought about the settlement, succeeding where all others failed, He was aided in tUe work by members of the Christian league. The basis of settle* ment was a compromise, with concessions from both sides. THE TWO NEW BATTLESHIPS. Secretary Herbert Awards « (Contract to the Kewport News Comply. Peg, 37.— has fprmaUy awarded, to Newport Jfews Ship JjuiWing company of Virginia the confer act for buildipg both of the new battleships, for one of which the Union, Iron WprfesofSan Francisco, was a competitor- ' The cost of the veqseis wj|l be f3,g#Q,QQO apiece, 1$ gafe' |« 'Wash., Rep, ' 9. — The; j?Y}8 \YJU arriye at j n a few hjjujg in tsw of tug Miwola, Sim wm fpwd at behind p^ite» Cape yiaMeyy. She was a?gj pipfeed »p by the Miowerg, p4 ^wgti 4ays, by her, when the AVednesday, .Deo. 28. John Eussell Hind, the astronomer, is dead. The heavy rains have caused great damage in the Osage and Moreau river valleys in Missouri. Heavy gales prevail over the coast of Great Britain and a number of wrecks are reported. Bozeman, Mon., has two new ordinances. One prohibits gambling on and after Feb. 1, 1896, and the other is a curfew ordinance. The covered bridge over the Soioto river at Ohillicothe, O., was burned evidently by an incendiary. It was 6*00 feet long and the loss is about $76,000. Burglars attempted to rob the Bank of Big Lake, Minni They used dynamite, but did not succeed in getting into.the treasure box. The cashier is minus an overcoat. The treasury officials have been advised of the withdrawal for export of $1,200,000 in gold bars from the sub- treasury at New York. This leaves the' true amount of gold reserve $66, 766', 295. Thursday, Dee. 80. Mrs. Hannah E; Lovett died at Nashua, N.H., aged 106. Thirteen hundred poor families were furnished Christmas dinners at Minneapolis Wednesday. At Jackson, Miss., Charles S. Young shot and killed his uncle, Professor Lawrence Saunders, mistaking Him for a burglar, . The attitude of the great majority of the Mexican papers, including even those in opposition to the government, is favorable td the United States in its maintenance of the Monroe doctrine, Mr, Alexander Shaw, chairman of the finance committee of -the Baltimore and Ohio Railway company, positively denies the newly revived statement that a receivership for the road is contemplated, It is stated on reliable authority that China intends to recall Admiral Lang and give him absolute control of her navy. The Japanese Gazette takes this evidence that China is preparing for another fight with Japan, Friday, Deo, 87. Counterfeiting has been carried o by Kentucky convicts. The residence of Thomas F. Oakes in New York, was robbed, Harry Hay ward's body has been taken to Chicago for cremation.. Secretary Olney is said io have sent a conciliatory telegram to Lord Salisbury, President Cleveland and Secretary Lament want General Miles to tallz less about war, Two men were burned £o death in a fire at Ashland, Wis., and another will die of his injury, The two'and-a-half-year tariff bill designed to raise. $40,000,000 revenue passed the house by almost a strict party vote, The second, reply of the Manitoba cab* inet to the Dpmio» government on the separ&te school question is made public, a.»4 is a firm though tempepate paper, England, 1-ranoe, Spain and Holland Unite to Protect Fotseaslong. LONDON, Dec. 2?.—The Vienna correspondent of The Daily Hews sayd that Spain has already notified the British government of its opposition to President Cleveland, and that it is believed that the four states, Great Britain, France, Spain and Holland, will form a quadruple alliance to protect their American possessions against the United States. Lord Londesborough has Written to The Times enclosing a telegram received from Liberty lodge of Masons at Waverly, Mass, which he takes as representing all the American Free Masons, expressing a fraternal sentiment towards England. A MESSAGE OF PEACE. STEAM and GASOLINE ENGINES eMotae teachers will hod their - ajj convention at Topefea, The rise ,of the Hli»Qis river Efennepin oan^'s. epbankjnents, ' Lasso's, tp property j» tfce Offtge river valley are estimated a^ IJ.QQQ^QQ,' 'Mjm'y farmers English Free Masons Disturbed Over the 111 Foaling. NEW YORK, Deo. 28.—The World publishes the following cablegram from the Lincolnshire Free Masons: "Spalding, Dec. 27—Spalding (Lincolnshire) Free Masons wish peace and good will to United States brethren.'' This is indicative of a general movement on the part of the Masons of England to prevent ill feeling from arising between Great Britain and America over the Venezuelan controversy. The World also published a similar expression of sentiment cabled by the Free Masons' club of Manchester, Eng v ...,. : AMERICA AND RUSSIA. Venezuela's Kx-Fresldent Bays They Will ; Act Together. ^LONDON, Deo. 28.—A Vienna dispatch to The Standard says: , The Neue Freie Presselh^s *an, interview with General Guzman Blanco! ex-president of .Venezuela,'in which he said' that h'e believed Russia and the United States had agreed on common a'ction against England, whose ulterior object was to become master of the Orinoco, the Amazon and the La Plata streams. '.'If England drives the matter to the extreme," says General Blanco, "war 'Pdrtabte and MafiHe. 11 you .think of b«i>iiig of kfiid send fof.auf *OA« tnln n« illusti-atlotis and brlcesnir eVerv klhH nf stn&ll engines up to 20 horse P6t"e£ a? bottoni pfices, or List fro. ZB foi- yaelt entities, boilers mid boat uiaeliinei-y. Bltfiei- sentlreef 197 Oanal Street w, FLOWER BULBS FREE. 1 0 Choloe Wntef Itlooininir Utilbs 1 O iij iisfulloWH : L6 Hynointl), very frncrant, 8 Tui)j)H, uskorted, various colors, 3 Nar<!i«Kits, WMIO & yellow, invcraiit 3 Cror.ii*, nssorted r.oloi's. 3 .Sc.lllu Siborlcii, blue, OUROFFRR For , ollj ' 20 , <!enls ' stamps vyu vi i mi, or S | lvei . ( , U1(1 the mi | neg O f c of your rrlcudo who buy ljuilis or seeds, we wfl mini at onop the 12 splendid Winter HloomitiK Itulhs to any address post paid and ournew illuorratetl catalocue for isoo when ready. W. W. NARNARI) & CO., .Successors to Sccdinen, Hiram Slbley & Co, CHICAGO, SALESMEN Energetic, in pvery township, to represent ns in the Male of "John Sherman's llecollec- tioiis of Party-Yeura in the. House, Senate and Cabinet"; the most remarkable history of the times ane the greatest work on finance ever published ; sale equals "Grant's Memoirs" : InttllldeiiL agents cannot fail to reap a harvest. Apply at once. ' ••'•••-. National Publishing 1 "Co., 1 3O East Adams St. Chicago, III JAVA and MOCHA; between England evitable." and America is in- PHELPS AND LINCOLN. Places on the Venezuelan Commission Ofl'ered Es-Ministers to England. NEW YORK, Dec. 28.— A special to The World from Washington says: The president has tendered places on the Venezuelan high commission to Edward J. Phelps of Vermont, ex-minister to England, and Robert T. Lincoln of Illinois, ex-minister to England. Their acceptances have not been received and the third place on the high commission will not be filled until Mr. Phelps and Mr. Lincoln accept. Skaters Ureak Through. MILWAUKEE, Dec. 28.— Mabel Harri. son, aged 20, and Lallie .Baptist, aged 18, were drowned while skating on Sturgeon bay. LATEST MARKET REPORTS. Milwaukee Grain. MILAYATJKEB, Dec. 28 1893. FLOUR— Very dull. WHEAT— No. a spring, £62; No. 1 Northern 57c; ' May, 68%o. ' CORN-NO, s, 200. OATS-No. S white, ^J^ }i No, 3 white, 1895. Grain, Deo, 88, WHEAT— December closed at- 51 %o; May 08%c. On Track—No. 1 b^rd, 58c; No. 1 Northern, 51 %c; No, 8 Northerp, • WHEAT 1 Northern, 48% Ci No. Qa juth Grain, DUI.UTO, Decs, 88, 1893. ji No.. 1 hard, 63^0! No. o; No, ' COFFEE. Finest Can Coffee on the Market.' S r ^V - r . , i J3 tlNSLOW Blue Label. A combluiition of the flncst Aden Mocha and Fancy Al (irk Java. Packed in t and 2-pound air-tight cans, thereby retaining all of the aroma and freshness lopt in bulk coffee exposed to the elements. Keturnable if not satisfactory, Never sol rlin bulk or in paper, foil or-paste"board peckages, LANGDON & HUDSON, Sole Distributors, Stf 3?wi ynjon Stock V»r«l3, SOUTH ST. PAUL, Deo, 88, HOGS-*Maritef 5p higher thw yesterday quality f«4r, - Ra,n^' p| prices, 8,85, * QATTLE!-. Mapjs'et sjrongand tbepe was ft'gQp^ 4§«W«d &$% very d-, pric^ t a/Q strQiigej,' '

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