The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1966
Page 2
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2-Algono (l«.) Upper Dm Mainw Tfranrfoy, .•by Evelyn The birthday card from Roy Waterhouse came too late tor mention last week go I will say "Thank you* sow. I note you have moved, bat 1 suppose Gardena is close to L. A. There are so many •Vfjli, how the years fly! Francis X. Butfiman is dead. Ke was a favorite if my aunt, Mrs. Francis Cady of Spencer, and she never missed a Aow he was in. I fell for Wallace Reid and was lever moved by Francis X. Evijn Valentino didn't come op to Wallace Reid. Dad liked Beverly Sayne, Bushman's second wife, iind mother lilted Bryant Wastibum. Dad Uked Beverly's brown eyes, "Like mother's" he used to say, meaning MY mother, and mother Uked Bryant* s curly hair. For the past few y»ar,3 my interest in movies has wane<i Because I can't at- vjid like I 'ised to when motiier was living, and the "youngsters' of today, while talented of course, are too young to appeal to me. I enjoyed my visit Sunday from Julia Cady and her daughter Jean and husband Murray Lawson and the little Lawsons, Mark and Julia. They were so good for such little youngsters. Murray was intrigued with this building. He loves old, big houses and I sent him up to see the sfifiond floor. Ke would enjoy seeing the Schoby house across the street, the former Ferguson home. * * * Mary Ostwinkle and her friend Mary Rink of Ayrshire were here die other day. How fast the young folk grow up. Mary will be a senior this year. Another caller I had whom I have known many years was Mrs. Dexter Stein, nee Jane Moe, Sioux City, She and her daughters, ' Patricia and Gloria, we** visiting her mother Mrs. Frances Moe who was with her. Tom and Richard Moe are her brothers and I knew her father Ralph so well. I always called him our little old Ford car's "Father" as he always took care of its needs. * * << Agatha Hanson knows well the old saw "aticks oat like a sore thumb* for *e really 'nag one. 3he got it by alamming the car •loor on it and now is wearing a pia«tic prote<£>r and faces the removal of the nail. Well, I've had toe nails removed, 90 I know the miser/ she will face. The only advantage I have is that there is one leas toe nail to be cut, as Doc Cretzmeyer removed the nail bed. A card from Gienn N'audain of Rock Hill, 3.C. says "We have another hot lay. I enjoy your Tidbits and I am ^Ual you like your new home. 'Well, Glenn, It isn't so new. I will celebrate my eighth year of being here August 30, I do like it, as I have frequently mentioned) We visited Charleston again. I visited the Huguenot church and looked at the plaque in it, too. One of my ancestors, Ellas Naudaln arrived in 1696." Another belated birthday card was from Hattle Burlingame, a <iute one as always. I enjoy her sense of humor. I was glad to have a long letter from Kay Parks (Mrs. R. G. "Pete") Iowa City, and it confirms my hopes that she is VERY much alive, busy and that everything is fine with the family. I was also glad to hear from Mrs. George Baluff, former Al- gonan now living at Mason City. Her letter reads - "I did not forget your birthday but we have Just returned from a fabulous vacation in Alaska. We drove to Seattle and flew Alaska airlines to Nom e - George, Pattl, Bob, George's mother , who is 30, and I. Dick is working at the Mason City Tile and Marble company so could not go with us. He and two of his friends did have a good vacation at Sh«* • bandowan, Ontario. George's brother and family are living In Nome so this was a good way to see Alaska and also visit them. We enjoyed the Eskimos very much. They're a happy lot in spite of the poverty. We also panned for gold and came away with a few flakes. Pat was a little luckier - she got a small nugget. Prices In Nome make you stagger - W f a loaf Sor br^ad, $1.09 tor a dozen <«g»s, 34C for a ib. if potatoes, and jiions, $3.10 for minced ham. $J.39 for butter, 58C a head tor cabh^e, T"C for lettuce. The only that aasn't changed in price from the "lower 49" 'they refer to the rest if the Sates as that) is the postage stamp. We have been ?one from Aigana for two /ears, out ih what the Upper Des Moines means to us. Keep on writing that column. I hope this finds you in the "Pink" and that you have many, many, more birthdays. 1 ' Thank you, Marian. It was so nice hearing fr-;m von and your trip sounds wonderful. I icne-v your friends would .ike to /mo--v about you, hence the letter mote. 3ut prices I Wow: Karen Seller, Algona, Weds West Bend Man EARL STOTT R«publle«n C«r«llrf«>« For KOSSUTH COUNTY SUPERVISOR THIRD DISTRICT Ymir Votft anrt Support Will Be Appreciated Primary Election, September fl, IMfl VOTE FOR CHARLES PLATHE DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE FOR Supervisor 1»t DISTRICT — KO83UTH COUNTY WhitterYior-e—Cr««£O—Garfiald—Lu Verne Riv«rdal«—trvmgton—Snerrrun Township* • PRIMARY ELECTION, TUESDAY, SEPT. 6, 19«« Your vote and jupport will b« ipprecnud. X VOTE FOR WILLIAM L. RODE KOSSUTH COUNTY SUPERVISOR THIRD DISTRICT Your Vote tad Support Will Be Appreciated Primary Election. September 8. 1M« Bernadine ,Uien 'Mrs. James/ left Aug. 3, for Upland Calif, and returned Aug. 13. 3ie had a message 'rt/m her son Jack that he has accepted a teaching ;ob at North Hampton, about 50 miles from London, England, ind would be leaving soon. He left California Aug. 21 and 'vtii land in England Sept. 23 -in ,vhat might be termed "a slow rx/at to China'', but the slowness is due to the nund-iiy;ut way he is taking -sort of in around the work! trip. He has :iad ;t .n his mind for some time and fiijured he might as veil ;et it out of his system and then settle -lown in contentment. Ke vill probably be in England fcr seme time, depending how well he likes his teaching job there, the country and many aspects. While in California, Bernadine was house guejrt of her nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Don Cock, and Jack was alao staying there as he had given up his apartment and sold all his furniture, also his car. The Cocks live at Upland and Don teaches in the Pomona college. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle rue<linj;er and tour sons have returned from San Dles^o, Calif, where they visited with the Alien Riedingers. Twenty years ajjo, Mrs. Riedin- sjer lived with a Mr. and Mrs. Kieruifl at Gscecla where she taught school. The sen Herbert was just a little fellow and the family moved to California. It waa while Herbert and my cousin Meivin Henderson' s daughter Gayle were attending Stanford University that the young couple met, married and are now living in Pomona. Mrs. Riedinger met Geneva Kierulff and had not seen her in 20 years until this trip to California. Herbert's father died just a day after my cousin Meivin. His wife Irene is in very poor health and her sister-in-law Geneva is with her. Herbert drives down to see her frequently but lias been in Hawaii with the Guard, a must, but he plans to resign as soon as this stretch is over. By this time he Is probably back home. Isn't life interesting, meeting people cue hasn't see for years? Meivin always said Herbert must be a fine fellow because he came from IOWA! He met with family approval from the first and I am expecting an Interesting announcement in mid-November. * * * Guy Giddings m brought his relatives Mr. and Mrs. Nybakken, Tlsta, Calif., in to see me Aug. 23. With them were their children, Vaughan, Kim, Joy and Gay. Mrs. Nybakken and the girls sang a few songs for me, very good harmonizing, especially interesting because die girls are so young. I said, "Keep It up. Some day before long you might be on TV or in some line of entertainment." * * * Vacations are wonderful, but when the weather doesn't cooperate and one finds ones self in dangerous situations, the hearth at home would look mighty good. Such was the case of the Robert Darbyshires who took the north shore drive near Duluth, Minn. when a deluge came, the road could not be seen four feet away, and it was at the time the cyclone hit in Wisconsin. They got In a wrong lane because of the obscurity of the road, but a truck saved them by getting them where they belonged, and all at once the rain ceased, the clouds lifted, and they continued on their way to beautiful Lake City. Mrs. Derbyshire Is sure the ordeal put some gray in her hair. The rest of the trip up around Lake Superior was most enjoyable and they reached home with no further annoying events. + * * Bless Kittle Phillips! She has just brought me the latest Perry Mason story by Erie Stanley Gardner - "The Case of the Worried Waitress.' And Jean Potts "The Footsteps on the Stair" sounds good too. Yes, I am a confirmed "who-douit-er". An advertising executive Kar^n Ann Seiler,. laughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Seller, Aigana, and the late Martin Seller, became the bride of Larry Fogarty, sen of Mrs. Loretta Fagarty, •Vest Send, and the late Joe Fogarty, in a dculjle ring ceremony, Aug. 20, at St. Benedict Catholic church witb Fatter Nicholas Ruba officiating. Altar boys were Ronnie Platne and Mike Balk, cousin of the brade. Mrs. Bob Eischen was organist, the adult choir sang and Jan Ara- lorler waa soloist. The bride, siven in marriage by her brother, David Seller, wore a peau de soie |own wifii a fitted bodice, sweetheart neck- Lne and the traditional button and loop back closing. The long lillypoint sleeves were accented with chantilace ruffles above the elbow. The controlled floor- length skirt swept to back fullness and the detachable chapel length train had matching lace ruffles held by a large fabric bow. The elbow length silk illusion veil was held in place by a forward: headpiece of lace and pearls, highlighted with aurora borealis. She wore a cultured pearl aeck- lace, gift from the groom and carried a cor sage of yellow roses centered with a white oronid. Jane Rowe, cousin of the bride, was maid of honor, and Liz Fogarty, sister of the ; was bridesmaid. Bill Fogarty, brother af the groom, was best man, Paul Seiler was groomsman, Karl Hamson and Kenden Thilges, Sower girls, and Kraig Thiiges was ring bearar. The bride's personal attendant was Renetta Hamson. Ushers were Duane Seiler and Danny Fogarty. Dinner and reception were held at the V. F. W. hall with 250 xuests present. Jackie Hamson and Janet Fogarty were at the ?tiest book, Henetta Samson and Edna Fogarty cut the cake, Gertrude Wedel and Darlene Tiilges pourad coffee and Mar/ West and Mary Ellen Fogarty poured punch. Gift carriers were Barb Fogarty and Shelly Wedei. Dining room hostesses were Donna Trastin and Dorothy M^nfog, Gifts were opened by JoAan Kiemm, Sheryl Weydert and ffpiia Preuschel. Table waitresses were Joan and Carol Grihaus, T inrta Seiler, Doris Montag, Pam Batt, Doreen Thilges, Doris and Mary Jane Taphorn. After a two week honeymoon in eastern states, the couple will be at home near West Bend where the groom is engaged in farming. The bride is presently employed at Weidenhoff. noticed that his daughter, returning from Sunday school clutched a pamphlet. "What*s that you have there?' he asked. "Gh", she replied, "Just an ad about heaven.'' Enrollment At Ledyard Is 20 More Than 1965 LEDYARD - With the opening of school Monday, the Ledyard Community School was short one memter of the high school faculty. The industrial arts teacher is yet to be hired. The music teacher, Warren Swift of Sherburn, Minn., was hired Friday. He will be here Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday. Mathematics teacher for the month of Septem^r will be Terry Henderson of Albert Lea. Mr. Henderson will be teaching at the new college in Albert Lea when that begins classes in October. WHY DOES IOWA NEED A NEW GOVERNOR? Enrollment in elementary grades is 200, which Is and increase of 20 over last year. High school enrollment is about 31 which is the same as last year. Last spring there were 17 graduates. There are 21 boys and girls in this year's kindergarten class. - o - Mr. and Mrs. James Doocy 3f Bruwnsdsifi, Minn. Tisited 3t the pvsntsl Tim Doocy bone Friday. Mrs. Loo JtnikenneJer, Mrs. Bar Es&e and Mrs. Lena Warner vere coffee guests of Mrs. Ceui^y Thompson Tuesday. In the errraiing, Mrs. Eatle and Mrs. Thompson visted Mrs. Loa Nitz io LakuisL. Mrs. J. F. SoBivaD and Jer«- miaft visited at the Tom WMt- corab borne at Grand Rapids, Mino. tean Tuesday until Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Hoger Schwab of jtasfln and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hagsi of Browosdale, Minn, visited wiffi Tim Doocy at the hospital last today. Tim TOS dismissed Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Semietii T&omp- sm. Ka&y and Jeffrey of Smut Grr spent Sanday-sim iris mother Mrs. Geoife Thompsan. Engelb&rt LoE5mamnrasaneof 30 -»-fic took part in the checker tournament played at the State Fair in Des Moines Monday and Tuesday, Ha woo fourth place. Pat krsbsbach and his sister, Mrs. Richard Kahler of Britt, left Saturday for Colorado Springs. Mrs. Kahler will join her husband, Pvt. Richard Kahler, who is stationed at Fort Carson. Dianne Waterhouse retoraed home A-ig. 20 £rnm Oxford, Wise, whers she was assistant water safety director at a Girl Scout camp for the summer. Dianne win return to Iowa State University as a sophomore student Sept, 5. Wednesday night, eight Boy Scsuts enjoyed a cook out at the acme of Rev. and Mrs. Victor Vriesen. Mrs. Aubrey Waterhouse and Dianne were in Mason City where they visited a cousin of Mrs. Waterhouse, the Paul KLemmes, Thursday. The annual Harvest Festival gpr| dinner at Sacred Heart Catholic church will be held Sept. 11. This year the ladies of the church will be serving a roast beef dinner. The serving will be from 3:30 to 7:30. There will also be a country store and entertainment on the grounds. Mrs. GLayds Loucks was winner of the free tickets given by the Ledyard Lumber Co. to the Twins - Yankee ballgame at Met stadium Sept. 3. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Herzog of Baxter visited Mrs. Louise Herzog and Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Waterhouse and Mr. and! Mrs. Harold Herzog Sunday. They were enroute home from a two week trip to the Pacific northwest. Mr. and Mrs. William Stubbe and girls visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Barnes. Cynthia Klinksiek returned to her home after spending aweek with mem. The Stubbes were Sunday dinner guests at the Howard KHnksieft- home. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Simonsmeier are hi Washington, D. C. attending the National American Legion and Auxiliary convention. Mrs. Simonsmeier is the Eighth District president and he was elected to go as a delegate from the district. Bob Beck says: "Rural Iowa is becoming a land of emp(y store fronts. That's a neid/ess shame. We can do better than that in Iowa." BECK CAM DO BETTER Vote for Bob Beck - Republican Candidate for Governor Beck-for-Qoiernor Committst. Jim BromwtH, Churmin VOTE FOR RAY BAADE DEMOCRAT For County Supervisor Third District Kossuth County • WORLD WAR II VETERAN • EMPLOYED BY KOSSUTH COUNTY WITH 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE TIME HAS NOT PERMITTED TO CONTACT EACH OF YOU INDIVIDUALLY, BUT YOUR VOTE WILL BE APPRECIATED IN THE SEPT. 6 PRIMARY ELECTION. ideal for bales, filage, and grain . . . PLUS real capacity! with the new Stan- Compare the value . . . Compare See for yourself why the new Sffan-Houf 240 and 280 farm Wagons offer you real all purpose . . . all season usefulness I STOP IN TODAY JOE BRADLEYEQUIPMENT ALGONA Those who know Know ; MINNEAPOLIS MOTOR HOTEL ( For Convenience. I For Friendliness .. 1 like Atmosphere ., ~-—•" .. For Luxury Accommodations . .^. . For Budget Rates ... For Resort. 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