The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 25, 1895
Page 8
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£? JuuiDlu I i have plenty of things left which Would make them* Would call your attention particularly to odd pieces in—— Fine Chinas. Such as , . * Gups and Saucers, Chocolate and Tea-pots,, Salad and Fruit Bowls, Etc,, etc, All perfect in every respect. These are really the choice ware and designs of last year, and we, owing to the hard times, made the mistake of buying more of fine goods than was needed—resalt: we sold off the cheaper goods, but kept these. No dealer anywhere would sell the same quality of ware at our present prices. As we only want to close them out, they are marked for Less Than They Cost in New York City. An inspection is invited. The Grange Store. BAMS, ABSTRACTS, LANDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS., Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutcluns, Wm. K. Ferguson, C. D. Smith, Presideut. Vice-Pres. Cashier. Ass't. Cash; THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $6O,OOO. Honey on hand to loau at reasonable rates to parties who furnish first-class security ' Directors—D. H. Uutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, P. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, B. H. Spencer, "Win. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL—S5O.OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. D. Clarke, Pres., 0. C. Chubb. Vice Pres., Thos. H. Lantry. Cashier, Geo. L Galbraith, , . ', Fred M, Miller, , Myron Schenck, Thos.F.Cooke. Algona, lowu. GENERAL BANKINGr Private Safety Deposit Vaults. * Interest Paid for Time Deposits. , W. H. lugham, Tlieo. Chrischilles, Lewis H. Smith, President. Vice President. Cashier Kossuth County State Bank. ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporated under general laws ot Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange Sought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. •'•'-' Directors—W, U, fngham, John G. Smith. J. B, Jones, T. Ohrischllles, Lewis H, Smith, J. W, Wadsworth.-Barnet Devine. Pays 6 Per On Money Left for Three Months or Over, Money always on hand to Loan on First Mortgages, Second Mortgages an(3 good Collateral. Notes purchased. ALGONA, IOWA Now Is the time to snbsctffcre iof tto§fefc<- See J, A. frreefa. dMb rates Inter Ocean and State Reglstef 'and Ifi6 fcfem'lunis besides. W. C. Nelson and 0. HaftSofihave gone lo Cedaf fails for a two weeks visit with eltittves and friends through thr holidays. A birthday party was given Eltoer xel- oto last Thursday evening^ It belnp tho JdCaslon of his 10th birthday. / large number of friends and neighbors . were tresent and enjoyed a Splendid good time. Christmas will be appropriately observed h the Catholic and Methodist churches. There will be a large Christmas troo Ifi he Presbyterian church of Seneda, , fid, Belknap, of Portland, has Import- id a car load of cattle from ^uyotte ,ounty. This Is the place to bring them or plenty of feed is to be had. The Bancroft creamery will not take any dust from any creamery in Kossuth ounty as they paid fl.oo for milk during he past month. This is the average dee. • A literary society has been organized in he center school house In Seneca town" hip, and is said to be a great success. C. F. Eshelbarger wore a very large and uminous smile last Monday morning and upon investigation the cause thereof was ound to be a ten pound boy that had safely arrived at his place on Sunday evening ast. All are doing well. J. W. Shaw, of Seneca, goes to Illinois n a visit during tho holiday week. The literary society hero will have no more meetings until Jan. 8th., at which imethey will meet in Prof. Byers' rooms n Dr. Culler's old office. Tho subject will bo "Edison," and B. F. Hay will have the paper. Begin tho now year right by insuring our property in a reliable company with J. A. Freeh. One of the finest display windows over seen in Bancroft was the one in Westen- laver Bros.' store. The supreme court of Iowa has just decided again that policy holders of mutual companies are liable for all debts' of ""'the company in case the company fails. Sev- ral hundred policy holders are out on the Waterloo Mutual deal. Experience is a dear school. School has closed for the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. PONT TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly' complete, None but experienced abstractors has oyer written a word in them. Our work is done by competent persons; and is' guaranteed Good work will cost you no more than poor, Bring your work tp'us and you may he sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. . •"'" T5STATE FOANS, FAEMS AND HAY& RIOE Abstracis of title Real Estate, Loans, : and Foundry and Machine MUUUQA & QMN§TEDT> We 4o repairing of all fcinds,,Jrgn and, te£8.Mjk9tjn{ ^ tto.tipe. JV[Cwg$S^work done MJ We ar is iWRn ~ * ™ -»• -w T n"T ^"^^5" R ic*-"^'^^*-r r iF' ^ * t ',***«» t ;j $^#£ TV-fVi.; ' -> .'"'-f •:-'*• ,'•*•''**• ' .- • v ' f? V.f'•;. , v s r < ,,- , ^','^^-.'-. U'-';*^. '' ; ^"- v ".v *, ' , -A V'-V v •' ilf '" -'V 1 ^ 'A. i',Vrj.j=,_, A .,.,''>•&!' *.,,,', '.'.,.«,.,* J , s^ >s,< i,^'../* n, ',,..1v Christmas e*ei-6lses will be held at the Baptist fchttffeh ofa Christmas 6te. have deviated Ifott the nary, ahd ih place of the tfee will use the listorie Old oaken bucket. AH excellent has beeh prepared, and judging foin present ifidicatiohs staiidlhg 111 b% above paf. Ded. 24.^-Nathati Studof, of vorihllliohj Dale,, is visiting his' parents, Mr, find Mfs. August Studor, the Methodists expect td efedt & Si,600 hutch ih Sestott next spfitig, Saturday evehihg a basket social wli eld at the hotel, the proceeds going to iiiy school books for some children who are Unable to obtain them, A good time was enjoyed by all. About llo were real" zed, Miss Mary Kopesky's basket irought the highest price. Mrs. Williamson and Miss fiagef are jetting up a Christmas entertainment to ake place Tuesday evening at the Masen school house. A large tree la being ecorated and everything done to give the hlldren a good time. Andrew Greln left Monday for Rock" ord, 111., where he intends to locate, Martin Rahm was struck on the head y a corn sheller last week and badly cut. )r. Keneflck was sent for and he is gott* ng along nicely, FORK, Dec. 33.— The Lad* 18 Aid Society will meet with Mrs. Fox Saturday, of this week. Mr. Faulk is improving. , There was a good-sized congregation at Grover's school house Sunday evening. ?here will be services at the same place n two weeks In the evening, also at the ame school house next Sunday at 11 a. m. Mrs. Blrdsalls Is visiting at G. Dl Stones. She starts for IHInois today, where they wlll'live in the future. , Maud and Carrie Manley are at home or the holidays. , Lu Smith, Myrtle Fox and Charles Fos-, er will have a vacation this week) There is a ;:umor of a wedding In this leighborhood this week. . G. D. Stone has a new corn sheller and vill upioday. . There will be a Christmas tree In the chool house for the school Tuesday af- ernoon. We have an Encyclopedia Brittaunica or sale so cheap that the first person vlio looks it up will surely buy it. , J. A. FBECH. WESLEY. Thoa. Presnell departed Monday morn- ug for Ohio, where he will spend the hoi- days visiting relatives and old acquaintances. Ed. Kunz has one of tho finest display n his store windows. L. A. Corey also makes a fine showing. School closed Fiidav for the holiday acatioii. The new-school house Is nearly finished and it is a credit to our town. ' J. B. Stott will load a car at this place nd ship most of his farming implements vith him when he moves to Missouri, vhich will be some time in January or Tebruary. The blacksmithing firm of Gillispe & Co. lave dissolved partnership. Mr. Gillisple vill continue In the business alone at the old. stand. 'Miss Mollle. Johnson was at Algona Saturday. Bert Gallaghar has purchased a half interest in a merry-go-round. Ho says he /raded his best girl'for It and it must be so as Bert owns the machine and the other fellow has married the girl. The Frlnk store was opened Saturday and the stock .is being disposed of. Z. S. Barrett will soon swing to the Breeze one of the finest signs to bo seen in town. What might havo been quite a "scrap" was happily avoided one day recently. E. H. Clark spent Friday and Friday night in town. He expected to go home on the four o'clock but visited too long and missed the train. Kunz Bros, will give a Christmas ball in their hall. •' SWEA. CITY, SWEA CITV, Dec, 23,—The customary social was held it the customary place on Friday, night. Guy Streater will spend Christmas at Armstrong. Our tow mill starts this week, barring accidents, J, A.-Berry, representing John Blau' '& Sons, wholesale grocers, Burlington la., was in town Tuesday, jyjr. Peter Bis, of Cantiy, Minn., is at the Anderson HOUS& Mrs, Pr, Saunders' piano arrived the paternal PottawattiMnie Co, roof last week, MJssGraooGfeejjs^ndOeo, Jones do* parted Friday far Jowa, FallSt Miss Matfrie jjoro, accompanied by he? sister,.Mrs, Yyill Jwlnf,:left on, Monday for the former's hom,e '^ Bagley, la, Mrs Evving returns after the holidays. Several of our yoijng slupers attended ft private dance at Theodore Mlehe'sTh«r8 day evening, A ple&sant time was re. ported. Mr. j^ee Carsen, aod Miss were roa.rrle.4 ftt Silvw take last They will live Ju tbfijrbouae now in Jllcnmoud's addition, north- ijlss Mabel JobRSQU, who is ut ...,, over a day wJ*h place vvhjle returning tP,Ba»P r 9fHo.spejji mm that BUFFALO FORK. HARBISON. HARBISON, Dec. 2.0.—Corn hulking will oon be something of the past, It being one with'the exception of a few acres in his vicinity. Mr. Christy is building a neat house and iarn on the northeast quarter of section 1. • '"•''.... ' '' '•:''• ;'',''' Nels Jensen has moved his boarding place to Buffalo Center, we understand. We are listening for the merry sound -of Veddingbells. ; ,';.. ; . • ' Mr. L. Mayer, of Bart, was the guest 'of Frank Slyter on Tuesday last;he left Burt n Friday for a itwo month's visit with riends relatives in Mazon, Illinois. The Hartzel school house has been mov- d a mile south of its former place. Lodyard seems quite lively now days. everybody is preparing for Christmas and business is quite brisk. '•-•" ".••. Pillsdo not cure constipation. They on- y aggravate. Karl's Clover Root Tea gives perfect regularity of the bowels. 2 25 po unds of raisins DON & HUDSON. for $1.—LANG- Diseased blood, constipation, and kidney, liver and bowel troubles are cured by Karl's Clover Koot Tea. . 3 Consumption can bo cured by the use of Shiloh's Cure. This great Cough Cure is the only known remedy for that terrible disease." .•. , . , .2 33on't iniss the masquerade dance at Uai-ke's hall'.Chnstnias night.' Every' one will be made welcome. ~j?ar anything in the crockery line call on Patterson & Son, , , Buy a $1 worth of goods and get a, ^nce on the carving set at Stephen-* son & Stacy's. Go to Patterson & Son for your "holiday goods. Their line is complete. For Banquet Lamps & Son, visit Patterson m X lfiSFt^lftl,IWt;drlM^_. RtfWtff the "OftftHtf dBMI/» fttaflr? &f the flo'wlfg weiM fa t&is afe'dfyihg up., Some ftafte ctftsed entirely and others at*> weakening. S*oa GItt Mcrftld:, Mf9S Stadalt Went to Algona TuwdayaftetnooHtdb^ifi attendance at a wedding fit that place/, She win hot return until after the hoiidayft. Mrs-Ranks will take her place in the sdhbol room the fiettamdet of the week. „ Wesley Reporter: Mts, J. S. Gallagher left yesterday taofnlng for Arena, wiar.* Ihdnswertoatelegfam ahnouneing her tttfthei-'a death. Mrs.,. McCUlchln left Wednesday inofnlng. In their hefeavfi* ment, these ladies Jiave the sympathy of tt large circle of friends, Ibid: The case of Carson, Plfie, Scott <fc Cd. vs G. A, Frlnk to l-e.sovefjrficrds-was declded-ln faVof of the plaintiff, and the stock Is now^being. iftvoleeid by Charley Walker and Fred Munch, of Algoha, and Mtv Erwin of Brltt, and will be disposed of in a job lot, Burt Monitor: Rev. Southwell of Al* gona, delivered two excellent sermons at the M. E. church last Sunday. , Whittemore Champion: Hugh Smith has been In town of late looking up the prospects for starting another newspaper, but fie has not arrived at any conclusion la the matter as yet, •'•':'• Monitor: Ernest Schwettert returned to his home at Colesburg last Saturday. Henry Schweltert expects to return next Week, and after the holidays Will return to his studies at Cornell, The boys have Shipped back several cars of corn and oats, hauling to Algona and shipping on the Milwaukee. Leader: J. D, Newcomer and" A. N, Drake are putting up a dwelling and barn on their farm 4 miles west of town. The building will cost about $1,000. Germanla Standard: Miss Irene Fitz Was hurt badly Monday, At the time she was returning home from her school, she was thrown from the vehicle and head and shoulders badly hurt. She was unconscious for some time. Ledyard Leader: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Welmur expect to leave Friday of this Week on a visit to the Atlanta exposition to be absent about six weeks. While south they will visit the magnolia and orange groves of Florida., Bon voyage. LuVerne News: There will be quite a change in business all around the first of January. Last week R. W. Hanna traded his farm to Henry Kllndt for his residence property .and his stock of general merchandise, and he then traded the stock of goods to M. B. Luchsinger for his interest in the firm of Luchsinger & Harrison. ,By this change Mr. Knndt goes out of business altogether, Mr. Luchsinger goes into business alone and Mr. Hanna will go In with Mr. Harrison. We wish them all success as such enterprising men deserve. , . ...... Whittemore Champion: Married at the Lutheran church Lotts Creek, Dec. llth, Mr. Will Dreyer of Fenton and Miss Minnie Dan, of .Lotts Creek. Emma Dau, sister of the'bride,' and Frank Shellln, of Lotts Creek, Tena Welsbrod and John Newel, of Fenton, were attendants. After the ceremony, all returned to the home of the bride's father where some 35 Invited families were assembled and a royal feast was spread. The happy pair were the recipients of a large number of presents both useful and ornamental. All en- oyed the merry dance till morning. The )nde will be welcomed to Fenton where she will make her future home. May long life and happiness attend them. Germanla Standard: The I. 0. 0. F. lodge, organized last Friday evening in this place. It was an occasion that'Ger- manla never before witnessed of its kind. Ton different lodges were represented, namely Britt, Wesley, Algona, Burt, Bancroft, Swea City ,'Bufralo Center, Thompson, Forest City and Lake Mills, listing a The g a fol- huniber of 136 visiting brethren, lowing officers were installed: W. T.Ha)l,'N,G. E. O. Fitz, V. G. L.T. Clement, R.S. P. H. Spaugler, Pi S. J.Morck, J.G. G. Walbum. O. G. Fred Wheeler, Treasurer. The ladles gave a wholesome good supper and at 5 o'clock in the morning the visitors departed for their different homes feeling that the goat had done good service. Ledyard Leader: Northern Kossuth offers rare advantages to the man of moderate wealth. Perhaps in no county in the old Hawkeye state can the opening be found where industry is so sure of .sueh a toward as can be found here at the present time. But this will not always be so. A new country is the place for an energ- etic'man to make a place for himself, irrespective of his occupation, Land is cheaper than it ever will be again, business openings a'waty the coming of the new man, and the future is full of rich promises. There is oppression In an overcrowded community. And, too, while the air isn't particularly laden with the perfume of flowers, It Is an elixir to the breath and hue to the palid cheek. The to-morrow of northern Kossuth glitters with pearls based upon present realizations. It is the place for men with young hope In their hearts and the halo of energy all about them, but unfit for drones, We still want your trade at the Opera House Grocery. A few things you want are left-' at the Opera House Grocery, ' • ' Headquarters for canned goods are still at the Opera House Grocery, Are you made miserable by Indigestion. Constipation, Dizziness, LosS of Appetite, Yellow Skin? Shlloh's Vjtalizer Is a pos- Jtlye cure, • , 8 Ppn't TQt?accj^8Dlj or Smote REPORT OP TUB CONDITION OF THE First National Bank, OP ALGONA, IOWA, At tl>e close of business, Deo. 19, isos. RESOURCES. '"?; * 'i ot tun ffitt ftafbi 18 »* Wllllfltii ¥, of e'dM&tlofi, public fals fifth port for the ftrihool ycAf efa t 1805. tt the first of ^hlch 16 dewt«d ¥h«Ag ebdW that fn the ye&f. t« ^vholfe huinter oi pupil* 6n' ifi 66hod1fi ftfld e6lleg«s, {ju and private, in the Waited Staieft 15 t 083 t eso ( 6f ife,6. ^ef cetii ai the tire popyl&timi, This w&a an o^ef the preceding year of 870.6&?, aad the totgl would be increased td lMd&4* 660 ii pupils in attetidttfape Upott speeial ednoatlotiftl n^endfee werd iflbliided, The enrollment of pupils la the public echoola for thd year ntiinbered 13»8iO,« 71§, nil increase of 1M per cent, over the preceding year, while the average attendance increased 3,45 per cent. The details of attendance Show that children In the United States leave school for about two-fifths of the year to en- g&ge itt labor or from other motives. There were employed ifc that year 128,086 male teachers and 200,934 females. There has been a decrease In the number of male teachers since 1880, and the number of female teachers has increased 70 per cent, in that period. The number of schoolhousea in 1893 was 235,426, valued with their contents and appurtenances at $308,'435,03&. The school revenue for that year was $168,000,000; the total expenditures were $163,000,000. Of this amount $104,000,000 was paid for teachers' wages; $31,000,000 for the construction of schoolhouses and $28,000,000 for fuel, supplies, etc. In' the last twenty years the values of school properties in the United States and the common school expenditures have more than doubled. < There were 451 universities and colleges for men and for both sexes; of these 310 were co-educational, an increase of 3 per dent, in two , years. The total number of instmct« ors was 10,247, and of pupils 140,053, Colleges for women alone numbered- 143, with 2,114 teachers and 22,049 students. , As a result of professional education in the year, ; there were graduated 4,011 medical students, 2,882 dental students, 3,394 pharmacists. 6,776 law students and 7,836 theological students. Tho amount v appropriated by states for support of normal schools that year was $1,452,914, and for buildings $816,820. . Is the truthful, startling title, of ft about No'To.Bac, the harmless,* -gB te'ed tobacco habit cure that braces upnj cQtJniz,e<| perves,' elimina Loans and discounts..,.,..,. pvej'drafts, scoured anA unsecured.,, ,,,,,.,,, .,,,... U. g.bonds to secure civcu' 'JatioH..,,.,. ,.,.,*..,.,,,,, Premiums on U, 8.. Bonds. $118,888,7, „ WHEELED HIS WAY. Old Man Friday Rolled His Wheelbarrow from Chicago to Atlanta.' That; good old man Friday, of wheelbarrow fame, is apparently haying, quite, a pleasant 'stay in* Atlanta/ sincp^, his arrival the early part of the week,'•' i Friday is a veteran roller of the 1 wheelbarrow, and 'since the early days of hid life has found pleasure and fascination in this particular avocation of Kfe. He has traveled many,';mtles between the handles pf the b^rrpysy and, though he has encountered many hardships and dangers and has reached a good old age, he still proposes to follow-hia strange profession and continue his work for the remainder of his days. Friday left Chicago seyeral weeks ago and with him he pushed,his old harrow the entire distance to Atlanta. Inhia barrow he qarried a coffee po|,tea kettlp and other Jdtchen f urmituret in which he cooked his meal»vhen fortune was against him and hexiould I not ob'tairi anything already cooked.' When he reached the city he woe followed by a large crowd of boys,;wljo poked' fun'af the strange old man. ( , This ne say's was the case almost everywhere he stopped, and be bos now become acewsfomed to the greetings from the youngsters, f '' ' and xtures, lroro Nat'i BauHs (not serve A Rente). .. ./,-, '- THE ROBBEflS. - . How a California Woimu Protested' the / {joUool.'ypachera' Pay, ' /. ' • , j The T women of California arp, always doin^r 'something out of the ordinary,' One, day lately' Mrs, Catherine' Jilpwm, janitress of a pubUc'^school in,the BTiburbs of San Francisco, went to. .^he- city to cash the, pay orders $f th^teachA ers with whom she.Wfts employed,.,' Th.e money, $759, shV p]a her corset. Then she'made die, whic ftos long been fearfu} of an ,^ robbery' - , »\ Wh'o^ at a lonely spot ft&qut 8QP yafd^ from the schoplbp^se gjj whp Jng o| resiBta»9e«r ,0»e'of, vigor and manhoopv You, ,run n ., . or flnanciaj risk, as No'To,j3tip Is sQjfl F, W, PJJTOMSY ^ under a ^"arani ewe or mono;

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