The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 25, 1895
Page 5
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E»iSfiS You Can't Anything with your eyes shut. Jf they ate shut, open them and look at the fine display of *. " * . -* * J Lamps, Crockery and Glass we. LANODON & HUDSON. . toto, , , Mt. Will iafid Sold, Miss Stella pet ; ^V ally present. " The city hall is nearing completion. The building is enclosed arid thetoftef is about done. The upper floor was being laid Monday. The council cTiafnbfcr will be iti tbe front, and will be 18x20 feet in size. The space to the rear, except what is taken up by the tower, will be at the service of the fife boys in storing their, uniforms and acontrements. The tower rises from tbe rear of the building. Only the upper story will be finished at present, and the-whole expense will not much 'exceed 81,000. Word was received here last Week of the convalescence of little Genevieve heeler, daughter of W. W. wheeler, ,h'o'suffered from a run of diphtheria. Dr. Shore was the physician in the case and the'girl's parents give him credit for 'the happy'• result. The Doctor Made" use-,of 'anti-toxine, the newly discovered'Specific for diphtheria, and it performed its work admirably. He is understood not to have the utmost faith in this treatment in severe cases, however. A Merry Christmas.- NEW ENGLAND CLOTHING STORE. LOCAL MENTIONS. Attention is called to Geo. C. Call's new ad. The city council meet in regular monthly session Saturday evening. The Tuesday club meets with Miss Butherford New Year's eve. H. A. Paine has been laid up for a few days with grippe. The school children are enjoying their vacation this week. Seats for the VanCortland engagement at Call's are 25, 35 and 50 cents. It is an interesting program.that is vannounced for the Social Union Friday night. J. E. Stacy has been supplying a big demand for evergreens for Christmas trees. The fireman's dance comes New Years eve. It promises to, be a successful affair. The music for the fireman's dance, New Year's eve, is to be furnished by the Algona Military Band. The weather which has prevailed for the past few weeks is remarkably fine, even for Iowa. Landlord McMurray has been suffering with pleurisy for the past werk. He was up Monday. J. J. Wilkinson and family moved to DesMoines last week, where they will remain permanently. •', The child of A. L. Peterson had a serious attack of membraneous croup last •, week, but it is now out of'danger. ,' <"' The annual meeting' of the'stock- holders-of the Algona 'Deposit &Loan Association occurs on January 7th, 1896. The Irvington gas well has given out, or rather water has been struck at a few feet below where the gas vein was tapped, and Mr. Green is better satisfied. Invitations were sent out last week for the wedding of Miss Gertie Clarke and Fred Bartlett, Esq., whicb is to come off at the Episcopal church January 2. The statement of the First National Bank, which is published in this issue of the BEPITBLICAN, shows a healthy condition of one of the solid institutions of the utate. Mrs, Fitch, mother of Mrs. B. M. Gardner of Plum Creek, died at her daughter's home last week at the age •of 84. The remains were taken for interment to Fort Dodge. That there have been heavy rains or • big thaws north of us as well as south and east is evidenced by the high waiter in the river, The water was run- ,ning over the dam Monday. .The'annual meeting of the Congre- 'gatibnal church will occur one week ' from Monday afternoon, Jan, 6, at 8 o'clock- The pew renting will be the same afternoon,and evening. -We do not know how true the report ,' is that Mr. Kabn, who was here from 'Elkader for a few months, has lost $15,, poo on the Chicago Boardof Trade,but 1 . if not) it was some other }amb. That is • '- ia-grjpait place to lose money, •'£»rt Mpnitor;' We are pleased in be- inote the .much 'improved W, Biancbard, She „„.,.„„ stronger for sorae- l BOW does s,onae worJ? ajwut e and ip not a stranger in ,Burt, C, l i ;pftlley^ae..bad_a',very. ~-"- : ~ e In a letter to the ItePUBLtcAN renewing for 1896,, P. J. Christetiseu writes from Vacaville, California, that Dr. Barr is located only thirty miles from there at Napa. Mr. Christensen and family are well and prosperous. Mr. Norton is right in saying that this is a good time to put on storm Windows. We have been enjoying our usual December weather, and soon we shall have Our usual January change. See his ad. Bev. E. P. McElroy again responded with his accustomed generosity, to a late call and filled the Congregational pulpit Sunday morning, treating the timely Christmas theme in a sermon truly eloquent. Bev. W. E. Davidson is to fill the pulpit next Sunday for the last time as pastor. Bev. C. E. Sinclair, pastor-elect of the Congregational church, left for Ohio Wednesday night to visit his wii'e and her people. He is expected here to preach on Sunday, January 5, and his wife and child will return with him. He will occupy the Hine residence, which will be vacated by Bev. Davidson's family early next month. ' 1 One of Algona's most critical audiences was out Friday night to the Jane Coombs' entertainment at Gall's-, and went home well pleased. Miss Coombs reminds one of Janauscheck, and. appears to better advantage in the part of Hortense. Her support was good and fulfilled conceptions .of Dickon's characters to the life. O. W- McMurrayi at the Thorington House, has the men'at work putting in a steam heating'plant which is'war- ranted to'maintain a temperature of, 70 degrees with the outside theremom- eter showing 30 below., The plant is being put in by the same company that will supply the heating outfit for the Court House, and the work on the installation of the latter is expected to be begun to-morrow. The linemen were at work Monday and yesterday shifting the wires and the telegraph outfit to the new headquarters in the second story of the Algona State Bank building. Miss Eva Lantry is here and will have charge of the new office. The office, as stated several weeks ago in these columns, will be that formerly occupied by C. B. Matson. ; Dr. Garfleld was thrown from' .his buggy Wednesday afternoon and received severe injuries. One shoulder was dislocated, he was cut on the face and received numerous bruises. His case was looked after by H. C. Me Coy, The accident occurred on the.road opposite the old Hohn place, in Plum Creek township, and the horse he was driving was the same one that turned tbe carriage over for Mr. Garfield and Miss Simpson. A very good telephone story is told on editor Baily of the Britt Tribune;, He wanted to talk with Hamilton Bros, the other day, and when he was connected by "Central" he glanced >at the Algona card, and noticing --that Hamilton Bros, were down as NO. 44 be opened up and rang the bell forty- four times. 'Business was suspended at this end,of the line for fully half .an, -hour,--and when Bailey quit .ringing, Geo. Hamilton was in a condition bor* dering pn, brain fever. ,- Thursday raorningJRecorder Will/ Lapy,of the. United Workman lodge, received an'order for $8,000, from the: grand lodge, for. tbe benefit of tbe wid,* ow of Ausust Brown t who, died abou.P two mS agQ,/ndVbo was a mem, t>er of the order/ Tbe^grapo 409ge io, en titled'to credit for- promptness in we ffaftt lid/;''. <.. - • ^ ••,;, " !•'> ;«$»«. #$t~ ~ W In this nlHirber of the is begun a hew story from the pen of Capt. Charles King, the popular war story writer, the title of which is "Signal Butte." It is a story of army life in the west and Indian adventure, related in that simple style which is frequently the highest art. Capt. King's stories are always favorites, and this isoue-of his best.' The BEFUISUCAN will publish stories by the foremost writers of fiction, including A. Conan Doyle, Frank B. Stockton and A. F. Quiller Couch for starters. Gardner Cowles arrived home from Washington the first of the week and reported a pleasant trip, though obliged to go overmuch ground in a short time. He says there was considerable war excitement in Washington for one clay, but it subsided quickly. The opinion there seemed to be that in the event of warnvej should easily acquire Canada, while England would inflict great damage upon the seaboard cities. Mr. Cowles reports that Mr. Dolliver was delighted with his assignment to the ways and means committee, which was the one thing he wanted. The"Normal is having a vacation this week, but will open up Monday next, when an increased attendance is hoped for. Will Beed has been employed as teacher of penmanship, in which he is a adept. Prof. Lilly will himself have charge of the book-keeping as he has for the past few weeks, and will more than sustain the interest in that useful branch' 9f study. Miss Waters has been suffering from neuralgic attacks, but is improving and will be at her post Monday. The prospects for the'institution are flattering. - ' •' • Says the Delevan, Wisconsin, Be- publicah of Dec. 12: At a meeting called Thursday evening at the Congregational 'church to consider the niat- ter of Calling a pastor; a unanimous call was extended to Bev. Wm. E. Davidson. 'Bev. W.-E. Davidson has been for several years past located in Alsona, Iowa, where his family are stiH residing. He has appeared before the Congregational 'people on two occasions and' is an able ' and earnest speaker. Very interesting exercises were had in all the rooms at the public school Friday, afternoon, and in some of them presentations were made to the teachers. Prof. Gilchrist was the recipient of a half dozen volumes ,of scientific works, for which he warmly 'thanked the pupils in a speech replete with wise counsel. In several of the rooms Christmas trees were provided, and some had Santa Glaus as the presiding genius Jof tbe occasion. In all of the rooms there was some manner of celebration, and the children went home happy- In the primary rooms there was an elaborate spread of dainties. There were many visitors present, and the building was much crowded. Ida Van Cortland, who last season established herself as a . firm favorite With the theatre goers of Aigona, will commence a week's engagement at the Opera House on Monday, Jan. 6. Miss VanCortland, who occupies a very high station umongAmerican actresses, comes to us supported by • a superior company, and in every point is prepared to give a series .of dramatic productions worthy of tbe attention and patro'nage of the most critical. Tbe plays are of the very best in tbe language and are now for the first time being presented at reasonable prices by a star and company in .every way adequate to produce this class or dramas. Matinees Saturday afternoon, On Monday night will be presented that charming Greek play "Ingomar," the Barbarian. , Prof, Lilly last week found, out that tbe young men who have been working up some-kind of a school at Spencer have been trying to induce, Algona Normal students, to,go over there by offering them free, transportation, bo far tbe offer has proved no temptation to any student oMbe Normal, and fw • • •' there is »o object OOUUUL uu» UUJLU.L.& and fii this 6&fte the fittner is of that dfatrositiop of mind Commonly dfcSc'rifred by the leefcl editor ftS "irate." The case was very thoroughly discussed in the Clerk's office in all its details, and with a view to legal complications possible to ensue in case of any possible move on the patt of the young people to thwart the evident purpose of the law, and the conclusion arrived at was that the young lady would have to be seen, to the end that her influence might be brought to bear upon the mind of the immature youth. MowARb-wtiiTMAfsf WEDDING. Mr. Walter B. Howard and Miss Ethel Whitman were married Wednesday afternoon last, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. 'Howard. The wedding was unpretentious, and only relatives and immediate ffiends were 1 present.. The ceremony was perform^ edbyBev. W. E. Adams, of New Hartford, assisted by Bev. A. O. Stevens of this place. • Among the guests from abroad were Jas. Adams of Des Moines, Mrs. L. Howard of Lu Verne, and Eugene Wood of Clarion. The couple left in the evening for a brief Wedding trip, at the close of which it is expected that they will begin housekeeping in Cedar Bapids. The young people are highly esteemed in Algona, and many good wishes follow them. The bride is the daughter of W. M. Whitman, who was unable to reach here in time to witness the ceremony. The •k I? K-t M Hand and Power Corn Shelters DR. KENEFICK'S FAtHER. The Ackley Globe says in the course of a lengthy obituary notice of the Dr. Kenefick: Patrick Kenefiek was born in Queenstown, county Cork, Ireland in 1828, and emigrated to America when twelve years of age, settling at Quebec, Canada. From there he removed to Bipou, Wisconsin, and from there to Ackley, where he resided for twenty-seven years. About two years ago he removed with his wife to Belmond, Iowa, to be near their children Who were in business in that city. About seven years ago he suffered a stroke of paralysis from which he never fully recovered. A year ago his good wife died and Mr. Kenefick had been in failing health ever since until .the final summons came for him to ]oin her in their everlasting home above. Mr. Kenefick was one of the oldest settlers of Ackley, locating here in an early day and by dint of hard work and an unlimited amount of energy and endurance, had accutnmulated considerable wealth which he spent with a generous hand. A whole-souled genial man, and a friend never appealed to him in vain. He'leaves six children. PERSONAL MENTION; Chester Call is. home from Evanston. Miss Ada Smith is home from her •Minnesota school. J udge Hicks; of Minneapolis, is the guest of Capt. Dodge. Bert Patterson is here from Blairsburg to spend'Christmas." Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Chrischilles left for Chicago .a few days since, Mrs. Jessie Huntington is visiting her mother, Mrs. L. M. B.-Smith. 'Archie Hutchison and family are expected back here in a few weeks. ' Misses Elma and Carribel Bamsey are home from Cornell College for their vacation. J."W. Sullivan and wife are at the old Sullivan home, in Johnson county, for a Christmas visit. Mrs. Bert Peck left for Hampton, Iowa, Friday night, to spend a couple of weeks with old friends. Mrs. Broadgate,of Chicago, and Mrs. Cory, of eastern Iowa, were visiting Mrs. Winnie Sterzbach last week. Will Galbraith is home for the holidays and will favor the Social Union with a declamation Friday night. W. M. Whitman arrived here Friday from Illinois, where he had been on mail route business for Call & Cowles. Mrs. Lou Quinlan came down from Minneapolis, Saturday,with her brother Claude Nicoulin, for a holiday visit at home, Mrs. S. C. Spear and Mrs. Geo. C. Call arrived home from the east Monday morning. They visited in Portland and Boston. W.i>, Hinchon and W. E. Kain are homo from Dubuque, where they were attending school.- They are home for the holiday vacation. Miss Katie Goeders came home, Saturday night, from Notre Dame, Indiana, where she has been at school, bbe returns after the vacation. M. E, Schleicher is here from Iowa City, where he has been in attendance upon the law department of the 'State University. Mr. Schleicher graduates nexfrjune, Kiev's Walter M. and Rome Walker left 0n Thursday last for their respective homes in Illinois.Mr, and Mrs. W, F. Walker remained with their parents several dayp longer* Frank Tellier came home from Iowa College. Saturday night to spend his — ----- in Algona. Frank is. Algo* • at. present at Diamond Peed Grinders, Horse Powers, Steam Feed Cookers, Tank Heaters, Bob Sleighs, Cutters and Everything in Season at If yon are interested in a Power Corn Sheller be sure and call and see me before placing your order. It will be money irryour pocket. * Prices always right. WILFRID P, JONES, The Wigwam. ALGONA, IOWA. 4 ' • jHa^flfllMiBHiM^BBByWBiKB F. S. NORTON, LUMBER! I have a few STORM! SASH left and this is a good time to put them on. Get my prices and you will surely buy. F.?S. NORTON. m p^the west. shifts, in attempting to dodge the real issue of the times, which was slavery. Clay and Webster were both back numbers, and both became senile old demagogues during the last decade of their career. If neither had been a presidential aspirant many of the disgraceful events of ante-bellum history would not have come to pass. Clay became a demagogue and Webster a political hypocrite before they retired from office. That's what killed the Whig party, though it bad some sound and patriotic tenets. A FRIEND'S TRIBUTE. Emmetsburg Beporter: Miss Nellie Walker, of Algona, died at a hospital in Chicago, whither she had gone for medical treatment, last Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock. Miss Walker was an exemplary woman in every respect, and to know her was to admire apd love her for her noble qualities of mind and eouU Always bright and cheerful, herself, she scattered sunshine and joy to all with whom she came m contact along life'9 pathway, She was willing at all times to sacrifice any comfort or pleasure of her ow» to enhance the comfort of others, and throughout her whole Ufe she ppofce only words of kindness and love for all around her, Her life was an ideal one and the peo« pie around her were given a living example of the nobleness and beauty of • •* • • - - Si - She she bad Uv* firmly inJbe pwsevof Xmas goods at Taylors. Call for a ticket and read the scheme Walker Bros. have. Ask for "Old Fashioned Buckwheat" at Walker Bros. Guaranteed pure. The sermon at the M. E. church next Sunday forenoon will be to the children. ' All silk lined jackets, finest goods, 1 ,.,,, sold this season for $12.50, at Taylor's. f • W-< ' ,1,*!*: I have two second-hand oak heaters ! . 5 -^l for sale, cheap. C, M. DOXSEE, Har4- l«T ware, ' ' - -"-!-',', tonww.r --•vwjwi The same "Old Log Cabin __,. Syrup" that you liked so well last 'f, v ^ •-• son is again at Walker Bros. Call' for, ^ sample bottle. ' J,,, f ;:';>|| For a fair deal on hardware go ^p^l Stephenson & Stacy's. ,, -, ; ;^fe FLORIDA AND SOUTHEAST. 1 > ! f|" ; If you have any intention of' going.'| j to the southeast this fall or winteryycw,;,.; should advise yourself of the best r9u.t«.* ! from,the ,NQyth and West,.; .This w-J 11 Louisville & Nashville Railroad; w£* Louis, JJvansviUe, LouisyUle „_.- , cipnatt through to JJ^rinnWw' .^MM^S nooga;, BirmjngbamrAttan^v^flW gowtar, Tiw»w^i:^pft»JareSws PiJ,e>. ife" ° nnV o an «o • v A p$»M MfftlTi fe^B ANO PAW AWQ f£ iSBanaJpurnaU yo,» »0& .«* •|5nj!to!wM£n-

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