The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 25, 1895
Page 3
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^ * .--- . ji-,^.^., ^.....TL..!,.,. .. .-4 J ,i» J t.!kLL-l;j.,»^.lir--^. -i Scribner's for Christmas e quftlht ahd exactly suitable. l 9J a L^2 6M ^ B -* ti ?!) r b l£',®- SW* nituM "Tho ntvcf * perhaps equalling Sherlock Holmes' best Work. Iliustfa.-. cteflsllc taje of a falthfiil siave-"Tho a<> ° ' A Whlto Bolt." by tieni-y Van Dyke, a Sentimental Tommy I By J, M, BarHe, h ftX? "Ad fahd who has not?) "Tho Little Minuter" and , in Thrums" dan anticipate what Mi', liarrle's "Seiitltneh* tai iommy" will be. ^ 16 ' S ° Httl ln SCWI ' < •" tho Two Years for $4.50- rr/r . t J MAGAZINE costs 83.00 a year, but iinw subvertbet's can have all the numbers for 1895 and a year's subscription for 1890 for St.- f)U. ScitifiNffitt's MAGAZINE Is going to bo better next year than fivnr. II, is going to have new features. Its publishers aro not satUlied with past success. It purposes to rnoro thoroughly dusorvo tho confidence or tne reading public. Tho History Serial—"Last Quarter Century in the United State-*"— will be co n tn n (-el. Just now it Is approaching a period of absorbing interest to the present generation—the first udiriln'siration of .Pivsij- Gil t ' 'lovm n ntl. ' ri K ought to get careful consideration as a Christmas gift. Tho W.B0 0 f!or ought to get double consideration. CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, 1 53 Fifth Avenue, New York, A. ffi6tr«*ftd feUitd *f AA4fftettfi t,t Drat. CoN^A»fiS6fLa, t)eo. 20.— ba telegrajihift message f rota States Minist«f fettell, tol^iooaHe? at Ma* istM MtegHtytod thAt i all safe and guarded by troops. A letter dated free. £ hai b«ea ceited here from ati AineHcan at d«fifti«ft, Citin h of tke kottm of . The Writer «&?* that the ed thf otigh the str«et8 aad liifo me hooses, etabbing, clubbing and kill* lag eteff At aiMlftji withiii ^aoh, fltd ffiiMlatt, hbWitet, Was »ot biftn by continues, the tint, the All afid women were literally hacked to pieces, and 1,000 persons were killed oa the afternoon <rf Not. 80. The ifliflsioflaif also says that the Turkish soldiera confessed that the gov erittnent gate them pertnigslon to pill* age, The boya of the AiaeHdan school are all safe, the letter concludes, and 19 fttpfitites are beiag sheltered In the mid« Biott btHldiagj bitt the safety of the missionaries depends upon the presence of the troops who are guarding them. "Gems of | ReligiousJThought." By Rey,,T. PeWitt Xalmage. GREATEST SELLING BOOK PUBLISHED. Talmage needs no Introduction to readers In any land. He Is loved by the millions whose hearts he has touched by his sympathetic words and stirring sermons and writings, which have been published and scattered broadcast over tho entire world. In this volume there are the best things from his best efforts, and these make a book of Intense Interest and greatest value. Many write: "It Is worth Its weight iu gold." There Is not a dry page In It. It is a work which Is welcome in every home, and It Is worth many times its price. WHAT OUR AGENTS HAVE} XO SAYl ^S sa ^J )les 1 f re ^l rt ? showing the great success of our Agents 6 8h °w that there Is a great demand for this Sook, r once, as I wish to deliver these to keep up the canvass, , You know I have sold within the Just month 75 books. This is pretty good for a MB. PBANK N. HKNKINBON.VJI.. writes: ••! have but little trouble In gelling this new book by Talmage. Every mother wishes It, Give , ? e $ e £ >unty - •• I-beliere. I can sell 400 copies within tho next three months." "Enclosed find check . ror 65 :s. Bold theae'in leas than 3 weeks. .-;— «• J- ^ijHYi/daiV'writes: "Your book f ff'.rac&ved. . Eveiy one who sees it is delighted with it. Have taken this week 15 orders and worked only 2 days." ,- HBNBY o. MoDoNAj.Di Pa. .writes: "Heceived my outfit 10 days ago and have already orders J R° oks> Canvassed altogether not quite a EVGGiEt .'. • -. . ..,•,''. ..T. E.TWITTY, CattaragusCo., N.Y.. writes: "I send you check to pay for 87 copies of 'Gems of Kellglous Thought.' It is a great book. Everyone seenas to want this Talmage book. It Is gotten up in splendid style." market. a Ma. C. Ii. JOHNSON, N. Y. , writes : "My outfit came on Saturday of last week. I have only canvassed about one day, and visited 32 families and took 27 orders, and this is my first experience In canvassing." * , _-MB. <X M. Gpy, of Mississippi, writes ; "Your Talmage book Is a beautiful work. ;'I have had u wo. ; ave a the pntflt three hours and have sold six books. I believe I can sell 150 in my territory." ' HBNBY T. BUBDETT. Ind., writes: "Will send a big order soon. Find but littletronble in getting subscribers. I have already 83, and have only canvassed three' days." MBS. O. E. NICE, Ind., writes: "I have worked eight hours and taken 13 subscribers, Will send you an order for 50 books in less than ten days' time." Miss J. A-VOLTAIBK, St. Louis, Mo., writes: '•In a few days sold 17 books." REV. Lj C. EVANB reports: "In three days To any one selling 200 copies in three months, we will give «300} or we Will give an Bstey Organ, retail price «»70. to any one who will sell 110 books in three months? An excellent opportunity for a Church or Society to secure one of these Organs. A 9100 Bicycle, guaranteed to be equal ??enS?on^m?™}™ °^™^ j Terms ill i who will sell 80 copies in two i | "Talks to Children about Jesus." ue Greatest Selling Boole of the kind published in ten years. Over opies sola. Same terms and conditions as on "Gems of Relieious T lulflt, 85 cents. Write immediately. j.vD»ie^«"o •>•• R. H, Woodward Company, Baltimore, ££££&&££?£ ^ "ALL, THE MAGAZINES IN ONE," Edited by ALBERT SHAW T HE REVIEW OF ; REVIEWS, a? it? ' name implies, gives, in readable form the<be$t that appears jn the other , generally pn the $ awe^t^ tlwt they r$ punished, f With, the 1 recent, extraordinary grease of wpjrthy perjQ$eal§,^these careful' 'reviews,..___ 7 , .,. „. -,.,J the lit of SI nnacniwoi'Btvw»aca»u*iiMin»ij<i»«ifc *. *? : "T • •* » *•-1 * •-»"* T* »*jf T»MV % \ m |^ $tofi _ WQrth ^tJ^subwrlpaQji.;^,^ „ v ;;; ^';,* r ; a'j.and' cnntrihnted "features"* r>?' thA^RpviPut %nfpir * . .. "'-^—- ~r — .--^ry^'T ,, -rr *m»»w. JR - V f.wg t 1%lQr If? *t*V 1! W|»» ' «* ran toralwfete ftowwto ditto. topatifigs' %-WWftKAw, JwtjjMt; With pictures-on, every'pageljQf the men and itofa»&«i-£Sii&. ]lri}» thflfflB' t,~-J7^,*^-]^f^W5 a*.L**'''j. oi_>Jtf A "i)i?!lf'f * *o Investigate President Adams. MADISON, Wis., Dec. 22.—General ITalrchiid, chairman of the board of visitors of the university, appointed as a committee to investigate the charges made by Oscar E. Peterson, superintendent of schools of Winaebago county against President C. K. Adams of the university, R. H. Halsey, chairman, Oshkosh; Horace Ruble, Milwaukee; Mrs. Mary Walmsley, EauOluire; B. K. Miller, Milwaukee, and Professor G, W. Beck, Platteville. The Double Hanging Postponed. HELENA, Mon., Dec.22.—The hanging in this city, for which invitations had been issued by Sheriff Jurgens, has been declared off. William Biggerstaff's case was taken to the supreme court and the governor respited Bill Gay until Jan. 22. Even if both men should be hanged in the course of time, it is not probable that they will both be executed on the same day. Was Bidden by Raider Morgan. VERSAILLES, Ky., Deo. 22. -Morgan, the oldest equine survivor of the Civil War, died here, aged about 87 years. He was ridden by General John H. Morgan, the famous Confederate raider, who left him hero in 1862. His owner, James W. Smith, cashier of the Harris- Seller Banking company, utilized him as a family horse until a few months ago. _, Organized to Defeat Prohibition. Sioux CITY, la., Deo. 20.—A strong branch organization of the Liberal League of Iowa has been formed in Sioux City, every saloonkeeper in the city and many prominent men in other lines of business having joined. The object is to .take the liquor question from partisan politics and to present it in its business aspect to the voters of the state. The members hope for the defeat of the prohibition amendment at the next session of the legislature. ' Agents or Pot toffioe Robbers. DENVBB, Colo., Dec. 21.—The post- office authorities have arrested in this city Abraham M. Bernstein and wife, who are believed to be agents of the gang that robbed the Springfield (His.) and other pestomces. They, were selling stamps in this city and several hundred dollars worth were found sewed in the woman's clothing. The authorities are looking for a son of this couple and other members of the gang at Omaha. Gold on the Mountains. DEAD WOOD, S. D., Deo. 20.—Another rich strike has been made at Terry's Peak at an elevation of 11,000 feet, the highest point at which ore has been found in the Black Hills. Messrs, Garvey and MoShane, who have been working the property Iqiown as the Hamilton Franklin ground, recently struck a body of ore which assays from $900 to $1,100 per ton. Notified to Quit Buying Grain. PHOBIA, Ills., Dec, 2].— P, H, Lowther of this city says: An Englishman who is in the city and who has been buying grain for a firm iu his country, states that he has received a cablegram notifying him not to make any more purchases at present, because there is danger of England closing her ports to American products, Duchess of York has to & Son. Judge Thomas 1». Ifngent, the Pop- ttlist leader in Tex&8, id deld. Alexander Collie, th€ "Blockade King," one* worth millions, was bttried in New York by friends. The Illinois state grange opposed the proposed Withdrawal of gteonbftoks and favored the remonetizfttioh of silver. Cardinal Paul MelehMn ii dead. He was a German by birth, w*t born in 1818, and wan created a cardinal in 1886. George W, MoGammon, Adams Bi- ptess agent at Fatmersbui-fl, Ibd., has ^faulted, taking with him |8,600of the company's money, August ft, dilbftft, ^hfi mtu-defed Alice sterling, a 18-yeaf-dld Hotbtiry, Mass., girl, last spring, hag been sentenced to be hanged on f e'b. 21, 1806. tue*d*r, Deft. it. M. B. Litohen, ex-member of congress from the Second West Virginia district, is dead. At Phiiadejtohia John B. Itobinsoa shot and fatally wotmded May IJokert, aged 24, his alleged wife, and then committed suicide. • Major John Sdott Payne, retired officer of the regular arniy and member of the board of pension appeals, died at Washington Monday. The Pacific Cable company, with a capital of $2,000,000, has been incorporated at Trenton, N. J. J. J. Hill of St. Ptuil is atnoiig the incorporators. Eastbound shipments from Chicago last veek amounted to 88,990 tons again"! 72,G7a for the preceding week -and 40,430 for tho corresponding week of last yc;iv. Joseph Hanlou, who drove a stage between Townsend and White Sulphur Springs, Mon., was thrown from his sent and his neck broken. His team was running away. Wednesday, Deo. 18, Fire at Richmond, Mo., destroyed property worth $100,000. Sixteen thousand tailors are involved in a strike in New York, caused by contractors violating their agreement. Mrs. John Gelina, wife of a West St. Paul saloonkeeper, is out $1,400 as a result of the smooth work of a couple of confidence men. <Dick Moore of St. Paul and Paddy Purtell of Kansas City have been matched to fight to a finish Jan. 14 in private for $1,000 a side. Qaeifla Indians in Wisconsin allege that white farmers, whose farms border their reservation, have stolen four miles of their lands, and the interior department at Washington has been asked to eject the farmers. The new Y. M. a A. building at Janesyille, Wis., one of the finest in the state, was dedicated Monday. The building is of solid brick, three stories, with slate roof and galvanized iron trimmings. It cost |23,000, and is dedicated free of debt. Thursday, Deo. 10. There are as yet no indications of a settlement of the Philadelphia street railway strike. Captain Isaac Bassett, assistant doorr keeper of the senate, is dead. He was an employe of the senate 64 years. Charles E. Mayer has resigned the presidency of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad company, which position he has filled for the past seven years. Renssaiaer Tripp, a farmer living three miles south of Cortland, N". Y., shot and killed his neighbor, George Galpin, and then killed himself. Indians at the Green Bay. (Wis.) reserve have .been paid their annuity. There are 1,911 members in the tribe and they received 52 cents per capita. The 6-story brick building, 105, 107, 109 and 111 Woodier street, New Y.0rk, was practically glutted by fire Wednesday, and the damage to the structure and its contents is estimated at $250,000. To sell Xltnhrtotft #fo«-n ~ ul Stock, Seed 'Com and Potato'cs'fo spring df-livery. An early start is ha) the battle. Thf< j *» pl;»ts of xvork. Pay w«?k. H'rjte for pnrtifi ' fttis .JrrH-M.t, Sliftaunt r Lake City, Ooantjr Maf) Of f he fiotith, free, •if yon are interested in the South and would like to have a.coiihtjr map showing tho principal counties in detail in the states of Kentucky. Tennessee, Alabama and a portion of Mississippi and Florida send your address to P. Sid Jones. Pass Agent^Birmingham, Ala., or C. P. At- njore, Gen'l Pass. Agent. Louisville, Ky This map Is made to fold fi|» In convenient form, and contain letters written bv several northern people Who havo sc.ttlcc at dufef-ent points on the Loulsvi lo <S Nashville R. R. A Oenefens Ofief-$200 t OO In Gold Given R. 11. Woodward Company, Baltimore, Md., ace making a vety generous offer of *200.oo to anyone who will sell within three months 200 copies of "Talks to Children about Jesus," This is oheof the most popular books of recent yeafe. Agents often sell from 10 to 15 Cobles a day. It contains a great many beautiful illustfa' tiqns, and is sold at a remarkably low price. They give credit, and pay freight, and send complete canvassing outfit for 35 cents. It is just the book to be sold foi the holidays. They also offer an Estey °';S a "\,'' cta " PJ'Ice 9270, to anyone who will sell 110 books in three, months. It is an excellent opportunity for a church or society to secure OIK! of these organs. A $100.00 bicycle to bf given for selling SO comes In two months, or n, gold watch for .selling 00 copies in one month. This premium is In addition to the regular commission. They him; also published a new book, "Uems of Religious Thought." by falmago, which is having a large sale. Same terms and premiums a* >n "TulkUo Children about, Jesus." Agents who do not get any of the premiums aro given a liberal commission. They alcn make a speciality of other books and Ulblos for Xmas holidays. Write them immediately. On Real Estate. HOXIE & BRUNSON. P. L. SLAG-LE, Maniifactuier of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. Ohristensen'sold stand, opposite Tennant House. TINNING AND -PLUMBING Shop in the Byson building, south of the Court House. Atlaftt*, Oft,, Sepiembw It io 31, 1886; the ^chetlule |<rihted ts&totfr ts hcnsivc jtnide to th^ best ftnd able foiitfe to Atlftntft from the nottlt nofthtvcst, tJlilcagO, iRdlanftpoIlg, natf, Loiifsvlife, St. Louis, Teff6 ahd Evanstllle. .Palace day coaches and ^ttllinftn siee|r Ing cai-s ftf-c attached to all tfaffiS Iti this schedule. Estrefiiely low Pftl«a IbaVfe beeft Atlanta and rettifh, tlft the Chattahoogft & St. Lotjis I'aiiw&Jr. All ti-alns fun solid between ffftfthtilta and Atlanta* e*cept tfafn in /a^f, caifitoti. The train tit tblrd dOlurtin, wbUSli leftves Cttt* climfttt at 4:30 p. tth, fttnssoitd tdAtlaht*. This is the route of the faffidtfs "ftixJa fl jrer" through "all the yeaf fotlhd^ sleeping caf lino between Nashville, tfenn., and Jacksonville, tfl « f> BBS BSS Aits BBS agg BS c c c GOB O.ILC. .' t/1 . :"o a 6%z ic XT' « 3 £ o.2.« *" rQ [3 5,5,3 ass BBS A A A §as ess TJS3 Has sag ftr! rf •SB '•HA BBS 0.2,3. BBS 2A& pdw'|^5S ?55 O-*-»« u-at* ill ! a o >i-W 3.3. Sag Oitifiiinatl Louisville. Nashville.. SB AA ESS cago. ro Ha nsvill aZ> OHW BSS is?^ SSS as. **& 5E8 SSS St. oui Evansvi Nashvil a •:$ '>?, For further information address Briard . Hill, northern passenger agent, 323 Marquette Building, Chicago, 111., R. C. iowardin, western passenger agent, 405 Ry. Exchange Building, St. Louis, Mo., >r D. J. Mulluney, eastern passenger .gent, 59 W. Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. W. L.PANLEV, G. P. & T. A., Nashville, TCDD. ANDREW HANSON. Live Poultry Monday, Nov. 18th. -C. a, BLOSSOM. Turks Were Defeated. , Deo. 17.— The situation in the island 'of Crete is serious, In the attack on 1 Tuesday last by a strong Turkish force up.on the positions occupied by the Qhrisfciaiis aft Vryse, 84 Turks were killed ' and 86 were wovmde4. The s. had five killed 'and' eight ^ J , At ^AlioamTO,' the 1 ; O» •T 1 ,T*^' ,7 '"^Tm?"" -36""* P»~r?r? sr * i «^!f*' l ,i5¥'"'f?|f'S* «tof^mjp||^M4i^^st^ 3.iavDlllito;8UDDreaa Bnoh=i,nraoHp.fiH: "«?XjVy.'jpr'i p-'i-'p'-'' -"- j«r •f^'T%v'^^'*^~?T-5t*--"*ri««,y-?3t-riifTSJ";* t-ijV' -*„• /f 5, 5»THf'f^f^WS«,*ff.'"«,',- W ' -. ff JMkjBtmE^ srJajt-ij^^r, ^M^&H.?^ ?w^f4w. w .t^MflfJd^ M9dkgWMI7«'Wfi 18* y^4fl te ; %*'w»vpsrtj»-tf'Jil* *-* 1 " sr *— i .;^pa' Aped ^Gftfcl' A? — "'l^MWSV Pec, 90, A North Carolina mine explosion killed 40 men. There is talk of Ambassador Bayard being recalled. The Russo-Chinese secret treaty is an acknowledged fact, Erastus Wiman, accused of forgery, has been liberated by the New York court of Appeals, The American and Canadian commissioners on the Alaskan boundary will prQfeftpJy agree upon a jpint report. Correspondence laid before congress shows $jat Minister Terrell has done everything possible for the protection of American subjects, in Turkey, • Georgf jgnyder pf Vermilttpn, & ' $,, was arre$eij by the pnitefl States mar-, shall, ohjtrjfefl with seeing Uquor with* out a government license, • ,>Young, q uee n/ of No Fear Of a Failure If you are cooking on one of the Peninsular Wrought Steel So evepjy is their heat regulated and sg simple their mechanism, that ft; Js easy foi to cook a delicious meaJ» Burn any fqej, Poubte walls of wrought steel and asbestos lined^ t everlasting, A Written Guarantee with WEL BOBING AND PRILLING. W ° 1h , a ,T, e "laclilnery of all sizes forborlngr or arilling wells. Water guaranteed or no pay. Call on or address, CALLION BROS., Bancroft, la. SALESMEN MTED. Piishlng-i'-trnstworthy. inch to rebregeiit«ua in the sale of our .Choioe Nursery Stock. SpecJalties controlled by ns. , Highest Sal- • ary or commission paid weekly. Steady employment the year round. Outfit free; exclusive territory; experience not necessary; big pay arsured workers; special inducements to beginners. Write at once for particulars to Allen Nursery Co., , ROCHESTER. N. Y. i < Wanted Salesmen . We want one or •t w o MEN in each county to take orders for a Choice line of NUBSEBY STOCK or SEED POIATOES, Stock and seed ffiiaranteed. We can give you Steady Employment with Good Pay. It will cost you nothing to give it a trial State when writing which you prefer to sell. Address The Hawks Nursery Co., Milwaukee, Wis. AGENTS vSaliu-y or Commission to good Men, Fust Bellinj? Iwpuvtetl Specialties, Stock Failing to Liye Replaced Free, We'sell only High Grade Stoclt and' true to Name, Also Pure Seed Potato Stock OHF ' ' Specialty Uader, Aaaress R, D, LDTCHFQRD & C0 M * ; ;' BOCHB8TBB, Letters promptly tmswered, —- '' mini MILWAIJEfBJS iN£> 8?, No, , Np, 4 passe No, 70

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