The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 25, 1895
Page 2
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W, Bicycle , t*« tt«*W* §t, u 0|)J«Spf !onimenel£l AEeOCXi YWFf? < SfeNDS A SPECIAL 9AQE tO CONGRESS. MES- ii the is th* mutt* * ftfcft fe^ on tft* Qn**tl6* 6f BonndftJ-y Ktftttet t/pholdti the thteii-in*. DeeJ. 17.— The fri-esi- debt's taessage to congress on the "Monroe doctrine" will doubtless be- tome one of the historic state papers centering around the f atnons fcrontui- ciamento of President Monroe. Accom- banj-ingthe message was Lord Salisbury' s reply to Secretary Olney'd note on the Veneznelan boundary dispute. Aftelf reciting the facts leading up to the final tef tiflal of Lord Salisbury to arbitrate the boundary question, the president says: Cout-80 to fnrsue IB Jflaln. The course to be pursued by this go?* eminent, in view of the present condition, does not appear to adinit of serious doubts. Mavin'g labored faithfully for many years to induce Great Britain to submit this dispute to impartial arbi« tration, and having now been finally apprised of her refusal to do so, nothing remains but to accept the situation, to recognize its plain requirements and deal with it accordingly. Great Britain's present proposition has never thus far been regarded as ad- missablo by Venezuela, though any adjustment of the boundary line which that country may deem for her advantage and may enter into df her own free will, cannot, of course, be objected to by the United States. Asks for a Commission. Assuming, however, that the attitude of Venezuela remains unchanged, the dispute has now reached such a stage as to make it incumbent on the United States to -take measures to determine with sufficient certainty for its justification, what is the the divisional line between the Republic of Venezuela and British Guiana. The inquiry to that end should, of course, be conducted carefully and judicially, and due weight should be given to all available evidence, records and facts in support of the claim of both parties. In order that such an examination should be prosecuted in a thorough and satisfactory manner, I suggest that the congress make an adequate appropriation for the expenses of a commission to be appointed by the executive who shall make the necessary investigation and report upon the matter with the least possible delay. When such a report is made and accepted, it will, in iny opinion, be the duty of the United States to resist by every means in its power, as a willful aggression upon its rights and interests,, the appropriation by Great Britain of any lands or the exercise of governmental jurisdiction over any territory which, after investigation, we have determined of right belongs to Venezuela; ITully Alive to the Consequences. In making these recommendations, I am fully alive to the responsibility incurred and keenly realize all the consequences that may follow. I am, nevertheless, firm in my conviction that while it is a grievous thing to contemplate the two great English speaking peoples of the world as being otherwise than friendly competitors in the onward march of civilization and strenuous and worthy rivals in all of the arts of peace, there is no calamity which a great nation can invite which equals that which follows a supine submission to wi'ong and injustice, and the consequent loss of national self respect and honor beneath which is shielded and defended a people's safety and greatness. _ THE HOUSE TAKES ACTION. Authorizes the President to Appoint a Commission. WASHINGTON, Dec. 20. — The day's session of the house did not last an hour, but it sufficed for the passage of a bill authorizing the president to appoint a commission to investigate the Venezuelan boundary and appropriating §100,000 for the expenses of the commission. The bill, which carries into effect the recommendations of the president's message, was prepared by Mr, Hitt (Rep,, Ills.), and met the approval of Speaker Reed. Although several Republican leaders expressed themselves in conversation as favoring the reference of the message to the committee on foreign affairs for a report, Mr. Boutelle of Maine was the only one who voiced the view on the floor. Speeches for the bill were made by Mr, Hitt and Mr. Crisp and attempted by other members who could not secure recognition. There was no vote against it and con- eiderable applause was given to the patriotic references in the speeches, THE SiNATE TAKfS ACTION. Home mil Va»i»lmp»»ly FMi«d WJfhout Dec, 33,— Tlw 8tovtes senate, without the formality of a roll call, b,8« passed the bill already adopted by the bou«e of representatives, empowering the president to appoint a oommisuion to determine the Venezuelft'BriUsb, Gujanft boundary. This action wa» the culmination of a debate adding A memorable page to congressional Wfrtery. It was » day of noble speeches bynptable men, The inject pf war between tbe United States a»4 amt Britain Wfts the i>re« yailiog thej»e wW0tt low<l expres8io» to truly patriotic sentiments, in stirring appeal f pj pjejwatios and defense, i» graphip prtrj-yajs. pj the boron of war, and, at times, in defiant warnings the people across tns water. dMous.sion the gatteries were by an eager pwwd, whose patriotic pulses fpund fr&ipeiU espwmons in , \vh,ich the presiding officer , w el of politicAl sentiment, and .yet, ia thy main, unifofm in titfting ffc® euppdft of the president's vigorotts as^eftioft 6f the Monrbe dofttrine and, if n>ed be, Any action essential to mtiihtairt the national dignity. Thefe Wefe stfonff eiptes- sions also, against the panic in American stocks and securities which it Was said the London commercial houses were seeking to bring about. Through^ out the debate there was an undefctir. fent of feeling that while the country would not shrink from Wat, if it Must come, yet that such & calamity was not imminent, shortly befdte 4 o'clock Mr. Morgan unexpectedly Withdrew the amendments to the bill, leaving it in its original form, f here was no demand for a roll call, As thb Sentiment of the Sehftte was clearly an unit and by a loud viva Voce vote the bill Was passed Without a dissenting tote. This completed the legislative enactment of the measure Which, With the signature of the presi' dent, has the full force and effect of a law. The passage of the bill was not, hoW* ever, the only exciting event of .the day, f«r at 4:80 o'clo6k the president's "tiles* sage urging the gravity of the financial situation and calling on congress not to adjourn for the holidays until relief was afforded, was presented to the senate. Its reading was followad With close attention, but the senators, absorbed With the stirring events of the debate, Were ready to adjourn without immediate consideration of the message. THE SENATORS ARE PATRIOTIC. Several Warlike Measures Make "their Appearance in the ITppt \r House. WASHINGTON, Dec. 20.—The senate shared the general sentiment of belligerency prevalent, and, from the outset of the session, the measures proposed breathed a spirit of patriotism and of preparation for any emergency that might arise concerning Venezuela. The first bill introduced was that of Mr. Chandler of New Hampshire, providing for an appropriation of $100,000,000 for a heavy increase in the national armament. This was quickly followed by a proposition authorizing the secretary of war to purchase a late device of heavy battery and for a report on the feasibility of equipping for service the old ship Constitution. Mr. Hill of New York added to the suggestions of de- s fense by asking immediate consideration of a bill making ex-Confederates eligible to service in the army and navy. No Dectsivci Action Taken. Aside from these steps inaugurating legislation the day passed without decisive action on the Venezuela question. The first investigation of the session was started by the passage of Mr. Call's long pending resolution for an inquiry into alleged corporate influences operating in the election of United States senators and representatives. As a further expression on the subject of British encroachments the senate agree'd to a resolution introduced by; Mr. Davis, calling on the president fofr information as to British or Canadian occupation, military or civil, of any part of the United States territory of Alaska. Throughout the day the senate galleries were crowded beyond their capacity, showing the keen public interest in anticipated developments on the British- Venezuelan question. For Coast and Frontier Defense. WASHINGTON, Dec. 20.—Mr. Grout of Vermont has introduced a bill for the appropriation of $100,000,000 for the defense of the seaboard and Canadian frontier. The bill proposes to raise the funds by 80-year 2 per cent coin bonds in small denominations, to be sold at the sub-treasuries and postoffices. Regarded as an Important Document. LIMA, Peru, Dec. 20.—President Cleveland's message on the British Guiana-Venezuelan boundary dispute is the subject of conversation among all those interested in political affairs and it is regarded as a most important diplomatic document, THOUGHT HE MAY BACK DOWN Statement From Salisbury on the Von* ezuoluu Question Promised. Soon. LONDON, Dec. 21.— Sir Michael Hicks- Beach, chancellor of the exchequer, made an address in Bristol which contained an important suggestion of the probable next step to be taken by the British government in the Venezuelan controversy, namely, the issuance of a statement by Lord Salisbury, which Sir Michael intimated, might put a new face on affairs. The chancellor warned his hearers against exaggerating the gravity of the Venezuelan trouble, Some persons, he went on, however, talk of the impossibility of war between the United States and Great Britain because of the ties of kinship between the two nations, Nothing was impossible, be asserted, whion bad already occurred, and i| kinsmen unfortunately diftered some* times* tbey becasae very bitter enemies, But there were reawurano*?, beiaid, in tbe fact tbftt be Aid not believe the peo, pie on either side of the Atlantic de* sired war, He thought that when tbe true §tfttement wnieb l<9rd Salisbury bad about prepared in dispatches was shortly pubUifeed the result would be happy, honorable and peaceful to botb sides. , _ Terrell »»4 0elfr)4ge Penfer, States Minister Terrell bas gone to Smyrna te eanfer witb Adwiral Self, ridge on fcojyd, jfe« United State,! flag, isWp Sa» Francisco regarding steps to be |f*ken in order te ensure tbe safety Q{ tbe American Turkey, " Well JfaeWB NSW YOBK, Peg. gi.*rA dispatch fo> The HeraJ4 f r.QW eo fi .stanjsno-p]e pays; fHi Uf lit MISSAtl $Ui§flo% is ill Somcttitnt fl** fceeft this fcrelefit freat fthd ttt* t« 'fe«t Bee, &d.«fhe flent'6 message 1 tddoflgfesd on the fifian* feial question, read in the senate jttst before adjournment, is as follows: In toy last animal message the evils of our present financial system were plainly pointed out and the causes and means of the depletion of government goldwfere eipiaiiied, It Was therein stated that after all the eff ofts that had been made by the executive be anah of the government to protect dur gold reserve by the issuance of bonds amounting to mote than $162,000,000, such reserve amottnted td bat littte more than $?9,ooo,66o, that about $16,« 000,000 had been withdrawn from the reserve daring the month previous to the date of the message, and quite large withdrawals for shipment in the imme' diate future were predicted. Tlie contingency then feared has reached us, and the withdrawal of gold since the communication referred to and others that appear inevitable threaten such a depletion in our government gold re* serve as brings us face to face with the necessity of further action for its protection. This condition is intensified by the presence in certain quarters of sudden and unusual apprehension and timidity in business 1 circles. We are in the midst of another season of perplexity, caused by our dangerous and fatuous financial operations. These may be expected To Recur With Certainty as long as there is no amendment in our financial system. If in this particular instance our predicament is at all influenced by a recent insistence upon the position we should occupy in our relation to certain questions concerning our foreign policy, this furnishes a signal and impressive warning that even the patriotic sentiment of our people is not an adequate substitute for a sound financial policy. ( i Of course there can bo no doubt in any thoughtful mind as to the complete solvency of our nation or can there be any just apprehension that the American people will be satisfied with less than an honest payment of our public obligations in the recognized money of the world. We should not overlook the fact, however, that aroused fear is unreasoning and must be taken into account, in all efforts to avert public loss and the sacrifice of our people's interests. The real and sensible cure for our recurring troubles can only be effected by a complete change in our financial scheme. Pending that the executive branch of the government will not relax its efforts nor abandon its determination to use every means within its reach to maintain before the world' American credit, nor will* there be any hesitation in exhibiting its confidence in the resources of our country and the constant patriotism of our people. Recommends Prompt Action. In ^view, however, of the peculiar situation now confronting us, I' have ventured to herein express the earnest hope that the congress, in default of the inauguration of a better system, of finance, will not take a recess from its labors before it has by legislative enactment or declaration done something, not only to remind those apprehensive among our people that the resources of this goA'erninent and a scrupulous regard for honest dealing, afford a sure guarantee of unquestioned safety and soundness, but to reassure the .world that with these factors and the patriotism of our citizens the ability and determination of oui 1 nation to meet in any circumstances every obligation it incurs do not admit of question. I ask at the hands, of congress such prompt aid as it alone has the power to give, to prevent, in a time of fear and apprehension, any sacrifice of the people's interests and the public funds, or the impairment of our public credit in an effort by executive action to relieva the dangers of the present contingency. GRQVER CLEVELAND. THE COMMITTEES NAMED, Speaker Reecl Announces the tlst to the Pause. WASHINGTON, Deo. 91,--The house listened to the announcement of the committees appointed by Speaker Reed ann then adjourned to Monday, Chair» man Dingley of the ways and means committee at once called a meeting for organization, He did not know what would be done as to the president's financial message. QAMPQS MUST HURRY UP. Instructed to Wak* 9«ip«rftt« Effort* t« Pflfeat Infurjpntf a* Once, KSY WSBT, Fla,, Dec, 88—Advices from Havw»» ftfge $hat CJ»nj|»of«^Jll niake desperate efforts immediately to break the power of the mlurgents., He has determined to force the fighting be. cause of uygfit orders from. J$a3rid, The paWftet baa interned Campos that unless deceive victories ape WO.R over the j»9urgeut8 Jmnjedifttely, it impossible for gpajn to procure to maintain be.r army OB the island, The miBiet«r of finance has said that the Spanish treasury ie empty and the insurgents have made SUQh tjjftt it is }jnpQ.ssjb}e to float a oew iu any ^WQ JlBHJjf r»U9» s.y Farmers,'.- ient&ftie pC cjosoa ft sucQessful we.etiug nt uo9,u. At 8 p. & ttje ii»iujgrtttJoH cou.YWtiou, waa CuUftd to Qr4er., Jjj«, fftciliti^ ftffPj-*Je,d tQ iftU for fewe of ewft I*.' , , ftrti** ttM tStfri t» <bf fcif« ftnittftiat ttim&i _ ^ , Ueo. Sl.-The *fifettne publishes the substance of thecofife* eion of fi&rfy ftaywftfd, dictated t6 the steao'^raphef in jail ju«t before th« eiecution. fhere' id considefable doubt expressed Us to the trttthftiifless of the Story previous to the fntifdSf of Misa Ging. Mowevet, when it dame to telling the fttoryef Iheef-iflie fot whidh he was txemtted, there is reason to believe that he confined himself tolerably strictly lo the truth. , ite claims teMw murdered a Chiha- man in San frahcisco With whom he had quarreled over cards; also anad» vehturesg at Pasadena, Cat, for the purpose of securing $600 she had. He also claimed to have shot a man in self defense at El JPasd del Itorte. the story of the murder ef Miss Qing was told in detail) or rather the plan* wing of the murder, and May Ward's story tallies very Well with the theory of the state at the trial.; She was killed for the insurance* dn her life. As to the murder itself the story of Slixt will have to be taken, he says, THE SfEAMPIPE EXPLODED, Fatal Accident oil Board the American Uot>v St. Paul, NEW YoftK, Dec. 20. "Five men Were killed and six injured by the explosion of a steam pipe on the American Line steamship St. Paul, while the Vessel lay at her dock at the foot of Fulton street, North river.. At the time of the accident, shortly after 7 a. m., there were 80 men of the crew in the fire room and 10 in the engine room. The main steam pipe, which is three feet in diameter, runs from the engine to the fire room. It was this pipe which exploded. The main stop- valve blew out. The accident is believed to have been due to a flaw in the pipe. The hospital authorities subsequently reported the death of Robert Wilson and Adolph Folker. This brought the total number of deaths to seven. ANOTHER BAD MINE EXPLOSION Twenty Killed In a Fire Damp Accident in Tennesiee. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Dec. 20.—In an explosion of fire damp in the mines of the Dayton Coal and Iron company at Dayton, Tenn., 20 men are supposed to have perished. The bodies of five miners have been taken out. Four Persons Were Suffocated. PHILADELPHIA, Dec.21.—Four persons were suffocated by a fire at the home of Andrew Johnson, 21 Farkham street, in the southeastern section of the city. The family consisted of Johnson, his wife and two children. .. • DEBS LEAVES THE FIREMEN. A. U. U. Leader No Longer a Member i of tile Brotherhood. TEBBE HAUTE, Ind., Dec.. 21.— At a meeting of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen in this city; Eugene V. Debs, for many years its grand, secretary, was present and madb a speech, wit^drawiijg";JroijQ.':*the'- brotherhood. There is niuoh ! hostility [expressed in the organs of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and the American Railway union toward each other, and Mr. Debs' withdrawal from the former organization has not been unlocked for. ERASTUS WYMAN GOES FREE. Court of Appeals Sets Aside the Verdict Against Him. ALBANY, N. Y., Dec. 21.—The court of appeals has handed down a decision in the case of Erastus Wiman, charged by the R. G. Dun company with forgery, sustaining the opinion of the general term of the supreme court and reversing the judgment of conviction and sentence of five and a half years. Mr. Wiman is now a free man. LATEST MARKET EEPOETS, Milwaukee Grain. MILWAUKEE, Deo. 31,1895. FLOUR— Dull. WHEAT— No. 3 spring, 55%c; No. 1 Northern 58}<c; May, 5T^c. COEi,i>T— No. 3, 25c. OATS— No. 3 white, 18}<c; No, 3 white, Minneapolis tiraln. MINNEAPOLIS, Deo, 31, 1695. WHEAT— December closed at 61c; May 53#c. On Track— No. 1 hard, 5»}<o; No. 1 Northern, 5lc; No, 2 Northern, 50c. _ ^ Duluth Grain. DCLUTH, Des. '31, 1893, WHEAT-Caoh No, 1 hard, 62J^o; No, l Northern, fcl^e; No. 3 Northern, &K@ No, 8 $pri»g, 48^@40^0) rejepced, St. rum Union St°ok Y SUI PT. PAVI,. Deo, lower, following Eastern decline, .Yard? cleared parly, Range of prices, fO9@>3.$} CATTLE— Market steady; Fair demand for fancy grade* prices; light utppkerstyeftdy; heavy feeers dull 6«8KP™-Goo(i sbeep »a4 tomb* uteady ABcHiVgood demand- "Market steady ,an<} active, • ,...1 >••«•« '••• *• ™ '* Receipts? Sp|f», 1,600; cst^e, JT5j ealrss 10: sheep. 80ft Tsrdi, 4i»U ftwd fcf JOe lower thai* yesterday's a Mw r«»ge% at f3,40@3,W {of mixed; f3,*Q@l.4& for tar a,W for heavy; ' '-'",•'' • ' -'- "^ ,\ Vl J'J', i"t\j"<» ' V '_ ''.'<,• '. % > ' vtV'l.' 'Jt-iA STEAM and GASOLINE Pot-table ENGINES ttymt think of Dttyftig ftti ettglHe of ftfiy ske - kind send fot ofll- CATALOOUS No. 80, eon- 01-k talnlnp illustrations and prices otevei-y kind of Stnall engines up to 20 hftrse "psivef , at bottom fitlceSj or Ll8* Kdf. 29 for yacht engines, boilers and boat machinery. Either sent free, I9f Oaiial Street * » ' Ohloftgo, tns#>MS*vAMte* iu iNMiiaa »ti FLOWER BULBS FREE, 1 9 Choice AVlntei- Blooming Bulbs 1 0 - 1 " as follows! . 16 i Dutch Hyacinth, very fragrant, 3 Tulips, assorted, various colors, « Narcissus, white & yellow, fragrant. ;i Crocus, assorted colors, a SclllH Slberlcn, blun, HTIP ABPRD Poi' only 20 cents, stamps UUtt UJPJfM, or silver, and the names of 0 of your friends who buy bulbs or seeds, we will mail at once the 12 splendid Winter Blooming Bulbs to any address post paid and our new Illustrated catalogue for 1806 when ready. W. W. BARNARD & CO., Successors to Seedmen, Hiram Stbley & Oo. CHICAGO, SALESMEN Energetic, In every township, to represent us In the sale Of "John Sherman's Recollections of Forty Years In the House, Senate and Cabinet"; the most remarkable history of the times ane the greatest work on finance ever published ; sale equals "Grant's Memoirs" ; intelligent agents cannot fail to reap a harvest. Apply at once. National Publishing Co., 1 SO East Adams St. Chicago, III. JAVA and MOCHA COFFEE: Finest Can Coffee on tie Market. Blue Label. A combination of the finest Aden Mocha and Fancy Mark Java. Packed in I and 2-pound air-tight cans, thereby retaining all of the aroma and freshness lost In bulk coffee exposed to the elements. Returnable if not satisfactory. Never sold in bulk or in paper, foil or pasteboard packages. LANGDON & HUDSON, Sole Distributors, FOR OUR | Fall Catalogue 'J-ii"® ^i,|.. ; n.i& -th§ finest we have yet published— 1CX) pages, pro,fuse}^ ; "iliustn^d.* l lt will tell you ¥ all about the new Fall and Winter Hate, Furnishing Goods, Shoes and W • * . '• j«h« « i , < '/?', •^ and will : ^,, i ^ ^^|^ ^^j *;vfHE^HUBl ; : ( '*l ,

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