The Peninsula Times Tribune from Palo Alto, California on June 18, 1931 · 9
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The Peninsula Times Tribune from Palo Alto, California · 9

Palo Alto, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1931
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THURSDAY .EVENING, JUNE- U, 1931- 17-businkm SERVICES OFFERED Painter FiPEBHANQER and painter vranti work; ooa tract! taken at lowiat . Price. -1 da my own work. Batl-raatee tree. Satisfaction guaranteed. Phone F. i. "" FAINTEH, paperhanger, good work, vary reaeonabl W. B. Meyer 14T Foothill Bird, H. C. Pin Red 1M4-W. Tailoring BUXTB to meaaure 1UH upl Altering, repairing. Open 1 a.m. to I p-a. WIUll the TAILOR WLUnlverelty Ave. Ph. P. A. H4I Upholstering STANFORD Richter. Matti and renovated, fixture Ina tailed. draper! ourtaln Expert linoleum and carpet work. Phono P. A. Hill. U4 Ramona BL, P. A. MATTRESSES RENOVATED. One day earvieo. Work guaranteed. Eetlmataa given tree. Burn Mat-treae Co., Ill E. Santa Clara, San Joe Ph. P. A. 17U or R. C. 414. REDWOOD CITT Opkolatarlag ... Repairing; odd pieces to order. Mat-treeeee renov. Ph. R. C. 1411 -Tth and Fair Oake Are.: turn at tth. Vaenna Cleaner Repairing WERRT ELECTRIC SHOP ' AUTHORIZED HOOVER DEALER Factory Guaranteed Salee and Service FREE INSPECTION AT HOME AU makee of vacuum cleanen repaired oad rented. Phone A. 8141 Veterinarian PUo Alto Veterinary Hoeplta atlU at (IT Alma Street SLR.IL OLSSON-SEFFER EM. in Palo Alto II yr. Phono: Offleo lllll, Re 1M04 Erecting Now Fireproof Hoedtal Waehlng Repairing EXPERT waahor repairing. Ringer rolle and parte for ell make MILLER'S WASHER SERVICE WITH HULL BROS. Ml Main BL Ph. Redwood II Window Shades HAVE Shade work done by a Om W. Patty with it Furniture Co- 411 Bryant P. A. ML F. A. Phone GARDEN GOLD RUSH LONDON. -For moro than a month Arthur Grooawoll, veterinary surgeon, has boon digging up' his garden In -an effort to find gold. It an happened after clairvoyant and dlvlnora told him ho would find a lot (A gold under the earth of his garden. It has cost him more than $100 eo far to Ink a 80-foot shaft in hie backyard, mid he has not atrnck grid yet. WEALTHY CAT DIRS SAN GABRIEL The world'i richest cat, Mltxl, le dead, leaving behind her an estate of $150,000 and a largo hones her willed her by her late mistress, Dr. Maud F. Cain. The eat, U years rid, died from a very human disease of hardening of the arteries. On Mitel's death, Mias Otalla Kuechke, life-long friend of Dr. Cain, Inherited tha estate. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By BLOSSER -mm pat. err. . 'tasajuassnuB CHAPTER XUV Gaylord!" Tha name, ao Iran uttered it, rang out with a terror that ura a tha moat ganulna amotion Derry hod over hoard In har volca. At Gaylord'e ear naarad them Irana not only fearad him phyal-cally but oaw all chance of a reconciliation with him fading for-aver. Dairy eat quite etlll heal da har and If aha thought about him at all it waa to aaauma that ha waa ffoaen with fear. On tha contrary, tha young man at etlll bacauaa ha waa not afraid and bacauaa ha did not know what to do. Gaylord draw up alongeida them and Jammed tha ear1 brake with a force that sent him skidding Into tha bankad enow at tha aids of tha road. ' Before tha . car had coma to a atop ho had flung open tha door at hie aids and aprang out Derry did not wait for him. Suddenly ha found Inaction In the face of this wild man not at all to his liking. Ha too stepped out Into the road. Ha waa directly In front of Gaylord and In another lnatant they stood fact to So it's you!" Gaylord reaped. Tm going to knock you into the middle of next week." Yon and who else?" Derry retorted. Gaylord drew back his fist and then suddenly dropped It He looked paat Derry to Irene, than again to Derry. . Who's responsible for this? he asked curtly. Deny was tired of being thrust Into the role of a home-breaker and waa in no mood to listen to a repetition of Gaylord'e remarks on a former occasion. What about It?" ho challenged. Youre getting Irena baric. That ought to satisfy you. Gaylord'e gase snapped baric to Irene's blenched count nano. Bha could not look away and under her husband! scornful scrutiny she began to flush. Ha turned hack to Derry. '"You are mistaken," Gaylord said coolly. You may keep what you took. "Sorry I cant oblige yon," Derry aid wickedly. The young lady prafora a man with money." Gaylord allowed his surprise. ' "What do you mean?" he asked. "Doesnt she know?" I wee shout to tall her whan you earns along," Derry explained. Gaylord whirled to Irene.. "Is that true?" he demanded. la whet true?" the girl asked. Didnt you know Deny was In with tha people who struck oil this morning? Struck oil?" Irene repeated wu.feoTUts is FRECKLES.' IM AAWIY PROUD ID MEET DUm. X CAMS DOUAI MBRfi TO TO AMD MR FOR'lfeUR ACT OP HEROISM-- vaguely. Gaylord laughed. X see you didnt know, he said wlthsrlngfy. Your future husband le a budding millionaire." "Never mind that future husband business," Derry cut in. I wouldn't have her If " Why; you contemptible sneak! Gaylord cried and this time hie first shot forward to a glaring mark on tha side of Derry! blond head. You think you can get off Ilk that, do you?" Gaylord ragadL You're going to taka your medicine and 111 as that you get It too!" 'Why, damn you!" Derry, halfcry In with rags struck back, I'll eaa you both In hall before ril many bar. Coma on and fight," Gaylord urged although Derry waa fighting and fighting wall, too. Tv been waiting for a chance to knock you off the earth.- Coma on and taka It!" They tore at each other while Irene eat watching. But It was not tha spectacle of the two men fighting that filled har with horror. It waa the thought of har own position. Now she'd loat both Gaylord and Derry, and both of them were rich. All that remained to har waa Tommy. She wouldn't even have the money Gaylord had promised as a settlement and If ha wanted to Gaylord could disgrace her forever. , Hay be If ha gave Derry n good basting that would satisfy him and ha wouldnt want to bring his nama Into tha divorce. Bha searched her mind for some encouraging word to throw to Gaylord (how Derry was fighting!) to show that In a crisis it waa he ah thought of when eh hear! a sound down the road. This waa Indeed a crisis and It not of Gaylord that Irena thought It waa of herself! The nfearar the motorcycle officer appeared the greater grew her alarm. They all would bo arrested. Everyone would know shed been - in the park .with Derry. Gaylord wouldnt forgive her and the whole town would rock with scandal. 1 she could only get away eotne-where! Gaylord could protect her then and ha would went to do it for his own sake, Lena did not think all this out logically. There was no time for that The urge for aslf-prsserva-tlon was Instinctive and Instinctively rile followed it Just as the officer drew near enough to see what waa going on Irene started Derry's ear with a Market News rOULTEY AND GAME r.ak Pries ts B. r. Pries Retellere Live Uv Hen Leg., all lives 1440110 17014c I lbs over 110IJo !40Mc Under I Ibe ..... U014n MOe BROILERS Leghorn. 14-17 Ibe per doe llgMe MOUc II Ibe per doa and up lie M0ilc FRYERS CoL apt ROASTERS. Colored. 1-44 Ibe.... 14014 Over 14 Ibe .,... 150170 JI04M ROOSTERS old log. lOo Colored lie Ik TURKEYS Young per lb aoiriual nomine Y. T. (dreeeedi BOSS nomine! Y. H. (dreeeedi ..., nominal DUCKS Young .... nominal II Old U01lo UOll QEESB Young .... nominal nominal Old nominal seminal GUINEA FOWL Young; psr do.. seminal nominal Old. par doa. KOI $701 PIGEONS, all el tea ....r.-ILMOLM LN01.7I BgUABB, all elm lb M0Mo He jUABS. SUESTIC HA Udder r Ibe U0e 11014c I Ibe and over... 10c llo JACKRABBIT1 Per dee (dreeeed) 41.1001 . aaquea STRAWBERRIES .. M045o RASPBERRIES .. TleftlUl LOGANBERRIES .. 10070a BLACKBERRIES .. 4O0SSO Fedaral-Btau Market News Service quotes Ban FYandaoo market prices as of yesterday) Butter 83 core, 25e par Ibi U core; 34c; 90 score, 31c. EGGS Eg Wholesale prices of retail grades; U. 8. Extra 104c U & Extra Medium U4e; Extra Small, lltta Quotations to retail trade bp Poultry Producers Association of Central California, effective today, ora oe follows i Nulald, in eartona 33c Large; in eases 31e Nulald, medium in eartona 19c Medium, In cases lie Small, in cases Uc Tide Sun Moon U. B. Coast and Geodetic Survey Tima of sunrise and euneet moon rleo and moon eat at Redwood City, also tlmoe and bright! of tldee at Redwood Creek. For Palo Alto Yacht Harbor add 11 minute Friday, June II Sun rises ..4:44 a.m. Sun sets ....... .7:11 p.m. Moon rlece .......v.. ,,.... .Sill e.m. Moon sets 10:11 p.m. Juno IS to Juno SI High Low High Low Belli Aelita pa nil D. in, II 0:44 1.1 1:141.4 1:41 7.0 7:11 LI II 1:11 1.4 0:041.14 4:11 7.1 1:41 LI 10 I:t4 1.1 0:140.0 1:11 7.4 10:11 LI 11 1:11 7.0 10:410.1 1:40 7.4 11:41 LI II 4:11 7.0 11:11 0.1 1:11 7.0 Low High Low High a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. n 0:11 1.1 1:11 M 11:11 l.l 7:11 1.1 14 1:01 1.0 7:10 0.1 1:11 1.1 1:00 LI M 1:04 4.1 0:11 l.l 1:01 1.1 :4i 1.7 NOTE! la tha above tahulattoa of (ho tides tha daUy tides an given In tha order of menelng with the early morning ad In the left bend column and the succeeding tldee aa they oocur, the fourth eoourlng the following morning. The eolurao of heights gives the elevation of each tide above or below tho level of Coaet Survey chert sounding Tho aumberu lm alwaye additive ts the chart depth unless preceded by aa asterisk () when the numbers are subtracted from the depth gives on the chart. (Signed) THOMAS J. NAMES, I Jerk which almost sent her over tha wheat The machine would have roared down tha road if the motor hadn't been so cold. The officer's attention was ecu-tsred on the man whose fight waa till raging fiercely regardless of his arrival. . . He had coma to atop them and not be too gentle about it either for ha waa in. n fighting mood himself. Fifteen minutes earlier he'd been cosily taking hot coffee in a corner gas station and hoping all driver would have aenae enough not to speed on a day whan tha roads ware like let. - Than Gaylord's ear had flashed peat at a peed that waa not only n direct violation of the traffic laws hut also of a cold and hungry officer's feeling When Gaylord discovered the officer In hie wake ha ppt on more speed and. If ever thera waa a mad man this officer could qualify. - Baagl Tha officer waa - in a now-bank. Ha wasnt hurt nor was hie motorcycle hut ha was angrier than ever and badly shaken up. It took him several minutes to get hlmeelf together, and then, taking for granted that the speeder had got away from him, he proceeded at a safer rate. He headed for the park on the lookout for nocking parties. Thare'd been other things In the officer's line of duty besides capturing neckers a few holdups and hijacking parties. When ha came upon trouble now he did not Jump to frivolous conclusions. Two men fighting in n park, one of them n truffle violator, and a girl parked In a oar could mean anything.. Ha went at the men In earneri. While his baric waa turned Irene go$. the motor of Derra car warmed up sufficiently to make n getaway. Bha triad It but tha officer whirled, yelling to her to top. Irene did not heed him and ha was determined enough .to act with purpose. Tha officer yelled gain, but Irene kept on going. Her attempt to eeeape was in Msalf an implication of wrongdoing. Tha oCflear could have gone after Iran and brought har. back LODGE NOTICES F. ft A. M. REDWOOD OR LODGE NO 1H Stated meeting, . first Thsndap at I odoek la Maeonlo Tempi -Oilman B. Herrin. W. H. Harry Pott. Baerataiy. Bar View Lodge 109, 1 0. 0. F. Od Fallows Hall Meats ovary Wednesday eve- 7:10, m Main at LB. Rush C. Beblmpf, Rush Noble Grand, blmpf, Res. Batty. Phone Redwood 1171-W. Visiting Odd Fellow Welooma. Captain H. J. ReiDy Camp N M . United Spanish War Veterans Meets at avis Auditorium, Rederood, Id end 4th Tuesday T. p. Allen, Commander, 114 Pom It-, Palo Alto; Wm. L Gadbony, AIL 141 Linooln A vs.. Redwood CltyiA. 8. Mayor, t L, 154 Broadway or 75 Kin It, Redwood City. Auxiliary . meets same eve-nines as Camp at Rad wood City, American Legion Redwood City Poet Na . UR American Lesion, meets In Memorial Hall, Btandiah. and War-ran fits, 3nd and 4th Mondays., Post Commander; J. Dm Banadattl, Adjutant Redwood City Promotion Association ' Every Tuesday, lam. Central School broadway and Webstar SL Vlaltora Always Welcome Pater MeasoUn, Pre. M4 Janksna, Ph. Red. 1041-M. Mr. Joha Harknea 144 Birch SL, Phone UL Rea Secy. Geers Cawthraa, Oar. Srir, 111 Vera SL N. S. G. W. REDWOOD PARLOR NO. M Meets ovary Thursday nLJm night In Foraetart HalL Stephan Kreiaa, Pro; A. B. Lt-gouri, Bee. Sec1.; A. P. Bahlberg, Financial Bae'y. Visitors welcome. Alan H. Nichols Post No. 69 Veterans of Foreign Wars of U. 8, Malta md and 4th Yosemlte HalL Native Boos' Bldg. Palo Alta trd Thursday. O. A Veterans Halt Redwood City. Earl C. Thome Commander M. R. Loataneeher, Adjutant Box SL Palo Alto Knights of Pythias El Camlae Lodge Na 147. Meat ovary Friday evening at Forsaler'a Hall I p. ra. T. J. Ball C. C., 151 Grand BL Phone Red. 1051. B. H. Mason, K. R. O. Mil Broadway Phone 1114 Redwood City Aerie No. 418 F.O.E. Meals every Frida; nlsht L d a HalL Harry Preston. Proa. C. k. MaN Baey. Redwood City Ladgt Na 1111 Loyal Order of Moose Meets every Wednesday evening at I P. M B Casino, Emerald Leka Charles H. Holt. DlaU-tor: Manfred Weinberg, secretary. Ill Madlena Ava Phono inl-j. la a minute or turn hut than aha might ha foolish enough to refuse to halt, thereby endangering hie Ufa aa waU aa har own. He'd had enough of that for one day. Besides he wasn't going to lone hie man a eeoond time. Bo ha yelled at Iran a third time, warning he.- that he'd fire, and a till aha did not atop. Of course ha did not fire to Injure her hut riie wee hurt Juet the The bullet tore Into a rear wheel, ending the ear careening aeroee the' road. The open door, swinging wildly, brought up against a telephone pole and tha ear earn to a stop. Gaylord and Derry, who' had paid no attention to tha officer until he fired, stopped fighting abruptly aa the guue report brought them to consciousness of what waa going on. They started running toward tha ear aa It did over tha slippery road in peril of toppling over and they reached it Just aa Irena loat oonsclouineas. Tha man who had fought over her, both battered and gory, Ufted her tenderly from tho motor ear and got har into Gaylord's roadster. It mads Derry sick to look at har and so It was Gaylord who answered tha officers question Nevertheless it waa Derry who held Irene in hie arms while Gaylord drove them to Oakdale end to the hospital. He held her but he did not look at her. Bom of her clothing; which the officer dug from her suitcase, pillowed Irena's head and Derry aaw to it that her face waa covered aa closely aa it could ha without mothering her. Hospital attendants took her from him when they Arrived there and put har on a atratdiar, carrying her away. LODGE NOTICES Palo-Alto Lodge Na Ml F.&A.M. n V Tuesday, June 1L 1:00 P. It Rmyrraternal visit to Buriln-TOmF gam Lodge, Maeonlo Tera-w pi, Burlingame, Calif. Palo Alto Lodge will eonfar Third Degraa lx. . Master. A. N. Umphray Beeratary. Menlo Park Lodge Na III A Highway. evenings F. ft A. M. Friday) June II, I P. M. Big Minstrel Show, given by tha Temple Aaa'n, In tha Grammar School, on Uta Admission M cants. A fins entertainment le promised. T. Bryan HunneU, Master. Joseph Vevark Secretary. Li 0. 0. Fa Uv Oak Lodge, Na 171, owe la every Thursday nigh! at Mason Is Tem ple at I oelociL Vlaltora welooma - T. Wilson. Noble arena Phone Los Altos 114-M. Yank C. Nickerson, Rec. goofy. Phono P. A. 4(11 KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS ry V y Maaonla Templa Phona Redwood 1124 Palo Alto Lodge Na ML Meet ovary Thursday evening. Brown R. P. 0. L No. 1471 o No. 147L masts every Thursday evening at oafoekElkf Bldg. ner el Rich. Howard It. Cobh E-. R. W. T. Davl Sao'y. University end REBEKAH5 Palo Alto Rabekah Lodge, Na III. meets second and fourth Wednaya Maaonla Han. Thelma KoMHL N. G lie Laland Ava . Ph. P. A. ltd Lola Brno Bea-Sagy. P. A. 4MI. M. W of A. 0 Mensanlta Camp Na I7U, meet every Tuesday evening la Native Song HalL A. O. Reynold ConnuL W. Borland, Clark. Ill University Av Fremont Post No. 52 American Lesion Meat every Friday noon At luncheon. Wlleone Confectaurant, University Ava at High Street. Oscar Green, Commander, Ralph Evans, Adjutant Palo Alto Post No. 375 American Legion Meets every Friday night tl Community House I oclock. C. P. BERRY, Commander. IRVING NELSON. Adjutant SCI0TS, Palo Aho Pyramid No. 1 Meetings lad and 4th Wednesday. Niaoal Tempi O. v. Bonin Tope rail. W. D. Smith. 1111 Harter. Scribe. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Pak) Alto Connell Na M77, meats tad and 4th Wednesdays each month 1:11 In Parish Hall, 741 Waverloy. u T. DIEBELS. Grand KnlshL B. BLOOMFIELD; Recording Secretary. Veterans of Foreign Ware of U. B. Alan H. Nichols Post No. 6! Most fnd end 4th Thereday. Yoaamlto iKalL NaUve Bong Bldg. Pels Alta I Ird Thursday, 0. 1 Veterans Halt Redwood Pity. Earl C Thome Commander M, R. Longaneckar. Adjutant 1 Box U, Pain Alto ilVE PUNNED BY DRYS B JOHN F. CHESTER ' WASHINGTON, June IS (JV The aero hour for the biggest sustained offensive In prohibition history against leaders of the Illicit liquor industry was set for July U today by federal officials. Exactly 15 days before that date, Prohibition Director Woodcock said, a corps of 350 new dry egente will ' he concentrated in a doxen cities spread from coast to coast for an intensive two-wee ka training course. Added to tha present fores of more than 1,500 to make it tha biggest and beat trained federal dry army in history, ho said, they will bo instructed specifically to concentrate on the large ecale commercial violators and tha higher-ups of tha liquor gangs, leaving tha speakeasy and am all-time bootlegger principally to local enforcement. Woodcock acknowledged that for tha paat two or three month! hie offleo had been bending every effort" toward the date when these new men, selected from among thousands of applicants, could be thrown Into the Arid. . HER A MIG SHOT BERLIN, Heinrich Baton, recant ly elected mayor of thin city, ia real "big ehoL" Heinrich in 7 feet 1 inch tall in his atocklnga, and ia said to b the talleet mu in public office in Europe. He wue president W tha Free State of Danxlg at one tlma - - "Do you think she will die?" be naked Gaylord. You might wait and find out,1 Gaylord told him, but I think you'd better fade out of tha jdo-ture, Meade." Derry nodded. Bo only Gaylord and Tommy ware left in Irene' Ufa .(To Bo Continued) OUT -OUR WAY: . BUT, MoTMER, IteS i6 OmE. op tub Best Place-. TO eat ' im n&wu I WOU OOViT GET OOT EMOuGK mctmer . TO VfEEP UP OJitM JvAE TImES. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SIDE GLANCES Plctne,- paw, letg go now. ice Chevalier. TOWN WITH TWO GIBES LONDON. One village in England, Baulking, with n population of about 300, hie only tiro girl of marrying age. and all tha youth! have to Journey miles into the next largest towns to do their GET Me OUT OF tteaE.l SAto! VfOU'V-L EXPECT ME To SMOVE CiGARtTS, mext - Asio then get GET UP AMO OANCE VSJfTH A GANGSTER tave ME oot .of TMl'E . AT ONCE By George Claik You know Id rather see Maw courting. Tho opinion In regard . to this lack of glria le that tt IB in tha village's favor. Tho young men explain that if there were more glrle'they would cause trouble and that they would rather go miles to do their courting than invite troubl By WILLIAMS - ; - V r f'sJ ' O v - By MARTIN

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