The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1895 · Page 11
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1895
Page 11
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"*--.v'^^—.. .— ;• ^''" : ';:••••••' ' , fMl Mi»Uttf^A*f •'-• \',<ff- /w*i>iMWiJA*if, I The Grocer, .WISHES YOU! A Merry Christmas ,' -t Happy New tear, S" 1 tl" HEADQUARTERS FOR Old Efljtlfttt eiUWtfi Hiftt Ha* Wot fift* A extern rrt onfe titee ptef altat in rcifj and still obeefysd IH wm of Ihe »6f t,li«*!i r dlSff icf6 of the oltl fcouW try, is tbat of fcladinf sii i'tnrnense log 6f Wo'ctf^sbtnetiffiei-f the twi of a gf eat ti-ee-^iiS tn8 ^ida chiiaiiey fcktfe. libis log is often called the Iftile log, and it Was on ChfistniiS ete that it Was put oii the'Wide hearth. Afouad it would gathel the entire faffiily, Sad its en- teahce was the decaeidti of £ great deal of ceremony Thele Was ttitisic and rejoicing, while the" biifc ' fetithoiteed to light it Was obliged to have clean hands. It Was always lighted With a btahd left ove* frpni the log of the previous year, which had been catefnlly presetted for the purpose. A poet eingsof it in this way : With the last yceife's brattd Light the faow block atid Fof good success in his spending On yotif psaltrtes fclay, Hiat fi^eet ittdk ftiay Come while the log is a-tendltig. , tfhe Yttlo log Was supposed to be a protection against evil spirits, aad it Was considered a bad often if the fire Went out before the evening Was over, The family and guests used to seat themselves in front of the brightly burning fire, and many a story and merry jest went round the happy group. — Selected. HOW TO WRAP THE PRESENTS. A tittle Caro In This Matter Adds Much to the Simplest Gift. Several spools of narrow colored ribbon, a package of smooth white tissue paper and a ball of gold cord are among the first essentials for the happy season now at hand to those who intend making more than two or three presents. Christmas gifts are different from birthday, souvenir and Wedding offerings. They are appreciated, as a rule, for the feeling existing toward the person who besto>vs them and are valued in proportion to the intensity of this feeling and the impression they make when first received. No gifts, no matter what their intrinsic value, make a more lasting or a more satisfactory first impression than those done up in a neat little shroud of white tissue paper tied with a bow of delicately tinted ribbon. Even a pair of galoches rolled up in a smooth, soft sheet of pearl white or cream white tissue paper, ,with its .ends held by dainty little knots of .gold cord, seem to possess a greater value,.both as to their vitality and money value, than if done up in a piece of common 'brown wrapping paper or even a cardboard box.—Selected. A Xiegend of tlie Mistletoe. A myth of the middle ages says that before the crucifixion of Christ the mistletoe was a forest tree; but, owing to its supplying the wood for the cross, it fell into disgrace and became a mere parasite as a? lasting memorial of-its ignominious use. ' If from folklore and myth we turn to philology i we,find another point of interest in this associate of the Christmas feast. Its name consists of two words, "mistle",and "toe." The former of these comes from "mist," an Anglo- Saxon root which had different meanings—mist, gloom, darkness, the meaning now used by the former in "mis- tie, " and in old Dutch glue or bird lime. In "toe" a final n is dropped, and the syllable represents the Anglo-Saxon "tan," a twig, so that the whole word is equivalent to bird lime twig and is so called from the viscid matter which surrounds the seed within the,berry. The Christmas Tree. After all has been said and done, Christmas is not Christmas without a Christmas tree. You rnay omit the holly, even the mistletoe, but the Christmas tree is as essential an attribute to a "real live" Yuletide as the turkey or plum pudding. In humble households the turkey is often missing. Of necessity it must give place to a more plebeian chicken, and the pudding to a "store" mince pie, or something of that kind,, Yet no one can demur, for how could any one dare to be hypercritical on Chr^stnifis 'day? But take away the tree," and every child in the'household wijl pronounce this feast of feasts a dismal, mejawlioly failure.-—Home Country, Three Kings of the The §tory of the magi, or "Tfcree Kings of the Bast," belongs, of course, to Ofawtmastide, and the adoration, of the wipe men formed a favorite scene IB early UngJisb mysteries, • In the Jeg» end the three .kjngp we '• palled Mel- ahpir, who'wns pid, 1 with gray baip and beaydrftfld ybp 'offere4"'gold tp the,.in* faBt'Sftyiows Jpepep, who was ycmijg, 5 jBB^l presented frankinoeope, -while Bal» (Of dark coraplesion, with da?k« ?ppugbt myprt, g^beet t%^ had ibe.;fp'rm, of cbUd 'beajin'g'^^ierpgs;^!; . . PQ1JU' his tQJ-S JBtg. gbi eye, to OILilZfe Finest wast df Chicago, such as Banquet Lamps, from $8 up to $20, Finest assortment of f&ncy Plates, in fact the largest line of Crockery ever brought to Algona. A fine line of Christmas Candies* I can supply the whole county I have such a big stock. I have a few hundred bbls» of Fancy Apples left. Every family should have a barrel for Christmas. If you will call and look my stock over, you will be convinced of what I say OOWLES' BLOCK. JAMES PATTERSON Bllont Travelers In England. Capt. .Ross, in "Sportiscrapiana," tells, in illustration of the reticence of tho gilt youth of England, how two brothers, traveling by coach from York to London, did not break; silence till .they potto Peterborough, though they really had something (as most people would think) to call for observation. There had been a ball at York, and the two young gentlemen had not been able to obtain separate apartments, but M had slept in the same room with three beds in it. "Do you know, Jack, what was in that third bed last night?" asks one of tho other, after that long interval of silence. "Yes, I.know," returned the other, indifferently, "it was a'corpse." After which silence set in again. , • Didn't Want to Buy'Fllcs. A country woman stopped' some few minutes in front of a store in Springfield, Mass., to gaze at a patent fly-trap in operation, which was pretty well filledy-^n^ after studying "the placard, two dollars, intently, moved on, after piping oui: ,"Tew dollars! I wouldn't give tew cents for all the flies in Springfield." , . «*"5, ***fi*'w. parr ,*Wfl»>' "WVY, "f*** .«*' Pi^jif^ a»| .fcw^w fey CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE SOUTH On November 27 and December 11, 1895, The North-Western Line willselJ excursion tickets at very low rates to a large number of points in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Texas and Arizona. Tor tickets and full information, apply to Agents Chicago North-Western Railway. ••• ••»--<O*' •* — FLORIDA AND SOUTHEAST. If yon have any intention, of going to the southeast tliisfall or,winter,you should advise yourself pi'the best route from the North and West. This is the Louisville $ Nashville Railroad, \yhich is running double daily trains from St. Louis, Evansville, Louisville and Cincinnati through to Nashville, Chattanooga. Birmingham, Atlanta, Mon> gomery, Thoraasville, Pensacola, Mobile, Jacksonville and all Florida points. Pullman'Sleeping Car Service through. Specially low rates made to Atlanta during the continuance of the Cotton States Exposition, and tourists rates to all, points in Florida and Gulf Coast resorjs during the season. For particulars as to nites and through car service, write Geo. B, Homer, Div, Pass, Agent, St. Louis, Mo., J. K, Ridgely, N, W. Pass. Agent, Chicago, 111.. 0. P.'Atwore, Gen'KPass. Agent>•»- •'—«-*-«• n— *-± Great KednpUpn }n Tline to CWJfprnla, Ouco more tjio Northwestern Line has reduced the t}pft'9 of its trans-continental trains, and the jourj;ey from Qhicago to California vj$'this popular route is The WWW Hand and Power Corn Shellers Diamond Feed Grinders, Horse Powers, Steam Feed Cookers, Tank Heaters, Bob Sleighs, Cutters and Everything in Season at The warn. made In the marvolously short time of 3 days, 'Palace' Pr&wing-Roojij Sleeping cars leave Chicago daily, an$ run pbroiigh to San Franclscp and Aos^ngejes,witfibut change, and §11 weals enroute are served jn dining car?,.Pally Tourist Sleeping car service la also maintained bv this line be* • and San Francisco and Los AflgeJra, «e»pJBtalz. «i« pool births jo nphpTstere3ll?oui1st Sleepers b§i»g furnished at ft cpsD of only 16,00 each i from Chicago to ' rates, rputes.^to,, wp\y to ticket agepts jsthe kuthf|ifartUng M9e of a bo'pk hout N9«Topap, the harmless, gw tobacgp t&jfH cure that braees up tc^ oeiSW^iJBinate tb§, plcp tJ, mke|;§ifeafc5'rten gain, stren vigor »o^Ba»Mi>4u_^ea vm noplm or flnanefa) i'feMi^ J?o»TQ>!la.p }8.spJ4 hy ' ilii'teMteraM§^ If you are interested in a Power Corn Shelter be sure call and see me before placing your order, ''It will be,,money,in your pocket, . Prices 'always right, WILFRID P, JONES, '' ( 5fe$ «; v -'• ^;-"' jr; 7' '.;V, 4 .*: • • ^' : '^ ; *'J' ^ r ^ x'>, *- • , Ml? ^fe^^l : "''•• • ,\' .^.t^T^^W^l^R^'V^/ " ^« W^P^ V>»«* jtrnjt iim "^'W* u>/%t';'Xll 1K~ J ! ;\ lf* HI £% 4, 4&» til ' "II'W ••

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