The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 25, 1966 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 25, 1966
Page 13
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By Drew Pftarton WASHINGTON - Inflation is rapidly shaping up as a critical issue In the November elections. It is clear enough that the rising cost of living, and price and wage boosts generally, demand that something be done to keep our dollar from losing even more of Its purchasing power. But because any legislative proposals to keep things under control could be politically disastrous, it appears certain the White House will continue on a hit - or - miss, play -it - by - ear course until the new Congress is elected, And by then it may be too late. The airlines strike has proved to be the administration's greatest economic disaster. In the first place, the President first favored, then backtracked on legislation to control this strike and others that seriously cripple a major Industry. Such legislation would have been a potent weapon x against inflationary labor demands - but would have cost even more labor votes than already have been lost. By permitting a settlement grossly beyond the productivity guidelines, the administration scuttled them beyond recovery. After its abject surrender to the airline machinists, the administration could not hope to roll back price increases that violated the guidelines and in the case of the latest steel increase, made no real effort to do so. And now - at this late date in the Congressional session - it cannot hope to use its last bludgeon against inflation, a iax. increase this year, either as a threat or act to put the damper on inflation. And anyway, asking Congress to consider a iax. Increase at this time would be suggesting a game of Russian roulette. When the unpopularity of the Viet Nam war was the overriding issue for this election year, it was estimated the Democrats might lose as many as 50 House seats to the Republicans. The wave of racial riots and looting then appeared as another major issue; now growing inflation is a third. Unless something good happens to change the picture, the Republican gains could go even higher. - o - -REGAN DUCKING DEBATE Ronald Reagan, right-wing Republican candidate for governor of California, has been going through all sorts of toe-dancing since he first proposed a face- to-face debate with Gov. Pat Brown, Democrat. When Reagan challenged Gov. Brown to a debate, Brown accepted within an' hour. But there has been no debate. This is largely because Reagan has been trying to add conditions so that he can debate on his own X VOTE FOR E. J. "JIGGS" KOLLASCH DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY SUPERVISOR FIRST DISTRICT '• Lifelong Resident of Kossuth County. • World War II Veteran. • 15 Years in Business for Myself. Your support and vote in the Primary Election September 6 will be appreciated. (65 & 67) terms. He has specified that no newspapermen should be present, as in the case of the Kennedy-Nixon debates, to ask embarrassing Questions. However, Gov. Brown wants to follow the Nixon- Kennedy formula, with a panel of newspapermen to ask questions of both candidates. He is not going to let Reagan simply make a speech instead of engaging in an actual debate. - o - -RUSSIAN DELINQUENTS - The Russians seem to be having almost as much trouble with juvenile delinquents as we do. Teenage crime has become so flagrant that a new Soviet police ministry has been formed to cope with It. This is how the Russians are handling their young hoodlums: Youths can now be jailed for 10 to 15 days simply for "Insulting behavior." The police have the power to impose the punishment on the spot without bothering to take the offender to court. Anyone picked up in the streets in a state of intoxication must pay a 10-ruble fine. If the delinquent is less than 17 years old, the fine will be collected from Ms parents. For more serious crimes, parents can be fined larger sums. Delinquents picked up for bad behavior can be assigned to clean streets and do other physical chores, without pay. Youths carrying knives, brass knuckles or guns can be imprisoned for three to seven years. - o - - LESSON OF THE BEATLES- The furor over the observation of a mem ber of the Beatles that they were more popular than Jesus has died down somewhat — and though this columnist doesn't dig their music and has trouble with his grandsons over ' going to the barber because of their hairstyles, the cynical comment of John Lennon had a great deal of merit to it. Jesus preached peace. So- called Christian nations pay little heed, as we among others have proved by fighting wars around the globe. Jesus preached tolerance, understanding, brotherly love. In our country we are witnessing mobs of white and Negroes spewing hatred. Jesus ; said v the meek shall inherit- -|6f vesffth.'. ^ >u's are meek or humble, in business, in society, in community living, we compete to our utmost, stepping hard on anyone who gets in our way or threatens to block our selfish aims for self- gratification. Most of us are engaged in a cutthroat race to dress better, drive faster, live better than our neighbors. We may profess to love Jesus, but few of us follow his teachings. So while publicity-seeking disc jockeys may screech at John Lennon's statement, the fact remains that it wouldn't have hurt so much if it hadn't been so true. 'THE T6N COMMANDMENTS" OPENING SUNDAY ALGONA THEATRE SAFETY 0 YOUR SAVINGS § Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Account* Fully Insured to $10,000 Save From The 15th — Earn From The 1st SINCE 1917 —ALGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C. WESLEY By Mrs. Viola Studer Thursday, August 25, 1966 Algono (la.) UpfXf Dti Md!M*-S MIGHTY MOMENTS are captured upon the screen in Cecil B. DeMille's Technicolor production of "The Ten Commandment*," in which Charlton Heston portrays Moses. Opening Sunday at the Algona Theatre in a "command performance"—the first since its original all-record-breaking run—the Paramount Picture is considered the greatest film achievement of all time. Not only is it the recapturing of the most dramatic part of history, it is an outstanding accomplishment in terms of celluloid technicolor and style. Mr, and Mrs. Jim Ryan and four children of Marengo, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cavanaugh and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Cavanaugh and baby of Denver, Colo., and the Dan Cavanaughs of Davenport were recent callers at the Frlmml home. Dr. C. S. Hem stead, assistant to the president of Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, filled the pulpit at the Methodist church Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Nova Henderson of Ida Grove spent the Aug. 14 weekend in the Otto Henderson home. The men are brothers. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Henderson met Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schawl of Alexander, Va. at Spencer Thursday evening for a dinner party. The Schawls are former lowans, VOTE FOR JOHN WELHOUSEN TiTONKA, IOWA DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR SUPERVISOR, 3rd. DISTRICT KOSSUTH COUNTY PRIMARY ELECTION, SEPTEMBER 6, 1966 YOUR VOTE WILL BE APPRECIATED. Favorite Newspaper* THURSDAY FRIDAY • SATURDAY AUGUST 35 - 26 • 17 'BORN FREE" ISN'T A LION STORY WITH PEOPLE - IT'S A PEOPLE STORY ABOUT A LION ALGONA The real answer to the Beatles is clear enough — to practice what Jesus preached and thus make him more popular than the Beatles. - o - - INTERNATIONAL GRAPEVINE President Johnson, during his recent Texas visit with Gen. Win. Westmoreland, cautioned him against taking any steps that would provoke the Red Chinese into pouring troops into Viet Nam. The President warned that the latest intelligence estimate is that the Chinese will definitely intervene if U. S. ground troops cross the demilitarized zone into North Viet Nam. . . . Pakistani officials have told Western dip- . lomats with astonishing frankness that Red China is urging them to stir up the Kashmir crisis with India again this fall .... The Thai government is stepping up its campaign to stop the infiltration of communist guerrillas before they turn Thailand into another South Viet Nam. American military specialists are pouring into Thailand at the rate of 50 a day, and the number of Thai recruits sent to the United States for our famous "Green Beret" anti-guerrilla training has been tripled .... Israel has taken a more sympathetic attitude toward U. S. involvement in Viet Nam since President Shazar returned from Washington, Shazar, reporting privately to his cabinet, said President Johnson had convinced him that North Viet Nam's infiltration of South Viet Nam is no different than the Arab "liberation movement" against Israel, -o- - MERRY-GO-ROUND The stories that the White House furnished all the bouquets for Luci Johnson's wedding are not true. Two commercial florists, George Geralis and Albert King, were called in to help with the floral-arrangements.... President Johnson has told visitors that the Republicans can try to make a campaign issue out of the Viet Nam war if they wish. But the men who are fighting and dying for their country in the jungles are entitled to the support of the people back home .... Federal agents are investigating a pronography ring which has been shipping obscene pictures, movies and literature across state lines. Algona Gets Pedestrian Safety Award Algona's excellent record of no pedestrain deaths for the past 17 years received recognition Thursday with the presentation of the American Automobile Association Pedestrian Safety Award. The award, citing the city on its report in the evaluation of pedestrian records and program, was presented to Chief of Police, Al Boekelman by Wilson R. Morrison, safety consultant for the Motor Club of Iowa. The marked reduction that has taken place in pedestrian fatalities over the years is the brightest spot in the entire traffic accident picture. Pedestrian fatalities in 1965 totaled 8,800, a reduction of 43% from the high point of 15,500 reached in 1937. Since 1937 when the pedestrian program was launched, motor vehicle registration increased 206% (29.7 to 91.0 million); population grew 51% (128 to 193 million); and motor vehicle travel jumped 225% (271 to 880 billion miles of travel). The National Board of Judges selected Algona for citation from 63 cities in Iowa eligible for competition. The Motor Club of Iowa paid special tribute to the police department and school officials for their cooperation with the local program. The first legislative body in America assembled at Jamestown, Va., in 1619. movie clock i a. g B g u a a .OAPJL8JJ1JJU1JUE THURSDAY and FRIDAY "Born Free" ~ 7:00 - 9:07. SATURDAY - "Born Free" 1:30-7:00-9:07. SUNDAY thru WEDNESDAY "The Ten Commandments" 2:00-8:00 p. m. STARLITE The Book That Enthralled 50 Million Readers Is Now "A Film Of Charm And Power!" -LOOK Magazine SUNDAY MONDAY - TUESDAY AUGUST 28 • 29 • 30 THEY'LL SHOW YOU HOW THE WEST WAS/ , JOHN S1URCES , THE HALLELUJAH TRAIL OONfllO PLMCE BRIAH KfllH IARTIK kNDAU COLUMBIA PICTURES - CARL FOREMAN m«Mcffil-BILL nilk GEOFFREY KEEN • Bwd on Ifce iilrrmlioml b«l vllrr bj JOY AtlAXSOS • WrilUi for Ue Kreta bj HERALD L.C. COPLEY Xmie Conpowd ud Conditln! kj JOHX BARRY • bodifrf bj SAM JAM * PAUL RADIN • M *, JAMES 1ULL SECOND FEATURE BRING THE LITTLE WOMAN... MAYBE SHE'LL DIE LAUGHING! JACKIEMMON WRNAUSI HOW 10 IURDER YOUR WIFE Mi AN OPK.V JUMWIJGHIMMIMTUS CO-I'HOWITIO.Y • IMAYJSIOJi' COLUMBIACOUl ALGONA —THBATRE— LIMITED ENGAGEMENT - 4 DAYS ONLY SUN. - MON. . TUES. - WED.. AUGUST 21-29-30-31 PARAMOUNT PICTURES is PROUDTO ANNOUNCE THE RETURN OF THE GREATEST MOTION PICTURE OF ALLIIME! WEDNESDAY THURS. - FRI. - SAT. AUGUST 24 • 25 - 26 - 27 STARUTE DRIVFIN, There* tfippihj-tiip Gyrations To The Beat. spread out their beach towels.. ^^ p/*:. GREAT NEW •ONQ HITS I t 5 tf'l I* to Out to tvncn IM HU fcuftlti tt»t » Ocort V LZfWr, >** jMirtn V ItUJWlKUMU.*. iiuiruu HUM wn wniuciai™~UHaia{i "THUNDER IN DIXIE" Commandments ^ TECHNICOLOR* W VJhat a story it (ells/ What majesty it encompaw*/ What louet it uiwtiltl What drama it un/oldsl INTACT! UNCUT! AT POPUUR PUKES! CEClLB.DtMlllE'S™, JHETEN COMMANDMENTS HESTON BRYNNER MM UWB( "** MIU M a IBM. HI HIM 1OB «UJ !„-.-.•. BAXTER ROBINSON OE CARLO PMRWWwwmwimffl**** >. ........ *..-.» UA£*Ykf»* SHOW TIMES - 2 SHOWINGS SUNDAY 2 & 8 P.M. WEEKDAY MATINEE - 2 P.M. NIGHTS ~ 9 P.M. ADMISSIONS SUNDAY - ADULTS • $1.25 WEEKDAY MATINEE ADULTS • $1.00 NIGHTS • $1.25 CHILDREN ANYTIME - 50c

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