The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1895
Page 8
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1 . ** d v ' % - ' - ** ' ie Holiday Gl, Softietin fat the New If. The!? foftlahd tdWhship frtttat* tflif8 tff> Big Silo—Aft ingenious Automatic Wiftd Mill Gearing. W E have plenty of things left which would make them. Would call yotit attention particularly to odd pieces in y--ni « Fine Such, as ... Gups and Saucers, Chocolate and Tea-pots, Salad and Fruit Bowls, Etc., etc. All perfect in every respect. These are really the choice ware and designs of last year, and we, owing to the hard times, made the mistake of buying more ofjine goods than was needed—resalt: we sold off the cheaper goods, but kept these. No dealer anywhere would sell the same quality of ware at our present prices. As we only want to close them out, they are marked for Less Than They Cost in New York City. An inspection is invited. The Grange Store. Not the Largest, Not the Costliest Civic Officers*teleei. SMGHfS OF ftTHLA.8. Vei-a todge, fto. 291, R. of P., held their election of officers last week Monday evening. The officers elected f,fe: p. o.—Wilbur #. t&tdley, V. C.—John B. Johnston, jPrelate—Sfcm Mayne, it, of E. and S.—Chas. J. Pettlbotie, M. at A.^A. StittdstfOtn, M. of W.—Chas. J< Pettiboiiej M. of F.—M, A. TUfftefi M.ofEx.-G. W. smith. The installation will take pl&Ce oh Jan'- uaf y 6,1890. woMASr's SEtifil 1 COSPS, The Bancroft Woman's Jtelief Corps had their election of officers last Saturday afternoon and selected the following of* fleersi President—Mrs. Carrie Carr, Sr. Vice President—Mrs. Harriet J. Tallman. Jr. Vice President—Mrs. Eliza Ostrander. Chaplain—Mrs. Abigal Brayton. Conductor—Mrs. Effie Berry man. Treasurer—Mrs. Mary Wood. Guard—Mrs. Josephine Green. ODD FELLOWS. At the semi-annual election of officers of Bancroft Lodge, No. 644, I. O. 0. F., the following were elected: N. G.—P. G. Pottlbone. V. G.—A. N. Leonard. Rec. and Per. Sec.—Alfred Leonard. Treasurer—A. N. Leonard. SONS OF VETERANS. At the election of officers of John Relb- hoff Camp, Sons of Veterans, the following were elected: Captain—William E. Stahl. First Lieut.—L. A. Barslou. Second Lieut.—Leonard Sheldon. Camp Council—J. R. .Byers, L. A. Barslou and Orvel Ostrander. Delegate—D. C. Hewitt. Alternate—L. A. Barslou. The installation will take place at the first Jan u ary meeting. MODEHN WOODMEN OF AMEBICA. Last Thursday evening was held the election of officers of Greenwood Camp, No. 3241, M. W. of America and the new officers chosen are: Venerable Consul—Robt. H. Foulston. Worthy Advlsei—R. C. McClellan. Banker—Geo. F. Hohn. Clerk—James V. Coleman. Watchman—H. W. Phelps. Camp Physician—Dr. G. A. Walters. Escort—A. L. Hunt. Their installation will take place on the first meeting in January. Local Points. Some nice Crockery, Lamps, and G-lassware that yon will like, at the Opera House Grocery, BANKS, ABSTRACTS, LANDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. Ambrose A. Call, President. D. H. Hutching, Vice-Pres. Wm. K. Ferguson, Cisliier. C. D. Smith; Ass't. Cash. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK. ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $5O,OOO, Money on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who furnish first-class security 'Directors—D. H. Untchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, JT, H, Vesper, Ambrose A, Call, B. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL—$5O,OOO.OO. Iowa. .OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS,*^ A. D. Clarke, Pres., C. 0. Chubb, Vice Pros., Thos. U. Lantry. Oasliier, Geo. L Galbniitli, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schenck, TUos. P.Oooke, GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Yauits, Interest Paid (or Time Deposits, W. li, lug'liam, President. W. Wadsworth, Harnet Theo. CImscliiHes, l^ewls H. Smith, . Vice President. Qasaier State Bank. CAPITAL $5O,OOO, ALGONA IOWA We do repa 1 uotice, stay. Foundry and Machine MULUGA& QHNSTEDT* ffijMa -dblxj^ »-TWT •*•«" -r* *"" "i'"i " ''\' j orders promptly attended House. The program of the Literary Society held at the residence of John A. WJnkel last Wednesday evening was as follows: >. Music—Pearly Dew Drops, Josie Winkel. Paper—Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, J. A. Freeh. ... Music—Duet, Misses Etta Johnson and Mattie Winkel. Discussion of Paper—Led by E. G. Vine and B. F. Hoyt. Music—Black Hawk waltz, Josie Winkel. Critic's Report—J. R. Byers. Music—Solo, Janet's Choice, Lutie Wallace. Died, Maud Irene Bruer, on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 1895, at Bancroft, Iowa, of membranous croup, after an illness of 4 or 5 days. The funeral was from the residence Thursday afternoon, conducted by W. F. Laidley. The many friends of the little one and her parents mourn the loss of the bright baby girl. Mr. Randall and family, of Morris, 111., are out here to spend the winter with Mr. R's son-in-law, Wm. Conklin, who lives on the Lochtu place. The sacrament of the Lord's supper will be administered at the M. E. church the tirst Sunday in January, F. J. Fowler, of Portland, has one of the finest silo's to be found In Iowa. He has 45 tons of ensilage therein and it Js not near full yet, , J. H. Grover, of Portland, has an automatic arrangement, connected by wires about 35 rods long, which enables a wind mill to pump water from two wells at the same time, although the wells are about 40 rods apart. It works like a charm. Chas. R, Morehouse was unanimously elected superintendent of the Baptist Sunday school, Mike Bolmler's two year old child died of membranous croijp', Geo, W, Sweet and wife visited their sou, B, F. Haydou, and family of Burt township, John Sweeney has sold his land and goes to Minneapolis in the near future, He has relatives who now Jive at the latter place, v C, H. Wunn, of Harrison township, was in town for the first time in five weeks last week Saturday. Nearly the whole family have been down with Scarlet feyer and they have had a very serious time, but are now recovering somewhat, F, P, Etsenhart writes from Burlington that ha Is learning the profession of piano tuner, He is getting along finely. He brotbW in the same business who from |7d to f?oo a month at it. ^jPbe M B cUnvsb wa s closed on Sunday last pn account of diphtheria. There are BQ rvew coses and the Qjd ones are $U rocftverfla. PrPaijlhas been ap* officer by tbe city council. p M Bj,rsjou. and Samuel Ma;pe, ja>' tende4 iCQu>t a,* Alspnj during the WAefe, t»f" tif hef death ifa Chie&go 4 reCSnifJv gfeeftaS ft te&chef in' the Bftncfttft public" sch'tfols fot fotir of flfre years' In the eftfrty hlstofy of the toWn ftfid many bf he* f5*m0f friends ftnd Scholars afe now retailing hef beftntiful character. Geofge Olson visited his tincle South o! Algona, l&st week. John fetefson afad Wife, southeast of the city, Will spend the holidays with friends at Red Wing, Minn. S tf Cleveland, the Seneca blacksmith) has bought a brati new toavls gasoline en* gine. similar to J15 Russell's. H H Kraniefj 5f toyersville, Iowa, will hereafter clerk for A SUndstfoim We wish him success. t) F Tollman left last Monday for Jefi* hings, Louisiana, where he will join o. E, "Hafk" Austin on a shooting lexpedition. He will Visit C13 Lake and fatally while there. Mr Lake Was Bancroft's pioneer groceryman ahd formerly held forth at the State Bank Corner. T.he telephone proves a very quick and handy way to communicate news from Bancroft to the EftftiflticASr offceatAl« gona. The REPtifiLicAS office has a 'phone. G J C Stahl will soon have his feed m 11 in running order In the old Tamblyn barn. Subscribe for the RmPtiBtiCAN with J A Freeh. He has some fine premiums to show new subscribers'who pay cash in advance. BUBT. BUBT, Dec. 17.—A large congregation assembled at the Presbyterian church last week Sunday night to enjoy the program arranged by the ladies of the Foreign and Home Missionary society. A pleasant program by the children was followed by add» esses by Mrs. Rev.Willlams,of Bancroft, and Rev, Mr. Greenshield, pastor of the church. Special mention might be made of Miss Minerva Allen, who has several times shown exceptional talent in elocution, Miss Ethel Marble, who was dressed to represent a Hindoo girl, and little Beth Smith, Bertha Their and Madge Watkins. Much credit is due all who took part for the fine manner in which they spoke. Miss Foster and Huby Wright should bo given much praise as well as the two concert pieces by five young misses, and "The Light of the World is Jesus," by small boys and girls, While the collection was being taken the audience were entertained by a duet by Misses Paine and Richards. The solo by Miss Marie McDonald was much appreciated, and the large audience quietly dispersed, feeling it was good to have been there. Christmas'programs are being arranged at the three churches, and Santa Glaus is expected to be present in full force. Mr. Henry Schelart who has been here most of the fall, returns to his school at Mount Vernon this week. Mr. Barber is making some improvements on his farm north of Burt. Dr. Peters went to St. Joe again Saturday, where his brother John is very low with consumption. Mr. Will Easterly and family have been visiting at Mr, Cork's. Miss Fannie Richards commenced her school in the Warner district this week. Vet McChesney is teaching on Sections. The sun shone on two brides Sunday, Mr and Mrs Larson at the Methodist church and Mr and Mrs Ames at the Presbyterian. May the sun shine as brightly as Sunday all their lives, with just clouds enough to form a glorious back-ground, is the wish of their many friends. The Presbyterian church are arranging a program for Christmas in the form of a cantata, "Santa Glaus and Uncle Sam," It is to be given in Marble's hall. Rev Southwell^ of Algona, preached in Burt Sunday, In the Methodist church; and held communion service. It was a masterly sermon and held the undivided attention of the audience until its cjose. Father Bailey was present and assisted in the communion service, Mrs, Wilcox is .very sick, but her husband seems to be improving, Two brothers of Mr WUcox have been assisting in the care of the sick the past week, Mr and Mrs Callahan had a grand opening at the Gem restaurant Saturday forenoon, afternoon and evening. Over 100 sacks of candy, pop corn and peanuts were distributed to the children between two and four o'clock. The ladies and young people were feasted upon fruit in the afternoon and eyenlng, and gentlemen in the morning. Mr Callahan Is a rustler In.other work besides school work. The teachers' convention was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended, and the discussions were interesting, Mr, Reed Is a true lover of school work, and is at his best in these friendly social Conventions, No teacher should ever be absent. "They cannot afford it," and besides it does not argue well for their interest in their chosen work, It was certainly a poor showing that where there were so many teachers in and around Burt, so few were present, Let Burt have another conven tfftftS • '". fifes' om THI MGH*Niffcf Airfi ToftNAcD sBAaotr Qpnm AH kinds of thsufanco sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-], A, Freeh, Prop, IMS OFFEBS *tfj> frdttOlWffC* Cfd*lPA*ttffiS *>«* fcONSlbfe&AfclON! Company. ' Cash Capital. Assets Aetna, Hartford., , *4,ttto,o£io.«i iio ( 84?,8ieJ8 Phd6ni^Har.tfO|d., ,....,..,.» ..... ,,,. 8000000.00 6688,058.TJ»- Continental, ft. Y..... u *.., 1,C«0 «X).CK5 6 7&4,0a8.pD Fife Association, Phila 500,000.00 5191 CSS.ffi HfthOVef, N. Y. ,..*., <.».....,.« 1,000000.00 2246383.05 NofthweStef h National, MllwMkee * ,».... 500000.00 1882 8B7.«J Rpckfofd, Rockfofd i..................,..**..,i 200,000.00, . iml&SfW State, Des Molnes......i.ii.i........i...)..i.i...... i; ..,i 200,000.00 ' 465,214.00 Mm MASSACH?SfiTTS BfiNiFM? Um .., InstirMce in force, 139.000; P6lierhbldo?s> ii;iOO,000* Cash surplus, *ia,iSo,006, paid In death losses. - ^ ; LlF^ AKD AceHp?TY i Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co......... i. A 1 . , » ! ».... i t ^ , V , <,, Assets, fe^BW^ge.OB jWe believe this Is as goocl a statement as can be made by any agency In the iabd and we solicit your patronage. . .:..., Following are the names of the pupils attending the Buffalo Fork school, who were neither absent nor tardy during the month ending December 13: Eddie Rike, Louey Riko, Addie Allen, Carl Allen. tion (u the near future, and let one and all make an effort to be there. " !1 - ; Mr. John Kerr left Saturday nipht for bis old homo in Brooklyn, N, Y., wh,icb he had not visited in twenty years, ' Miss Mattie Warner, »n4 Miss Whitney were the guests "of Mrs, Sunday, WESLEY. WEBLSY, Dec. 16.—We take the liberty to clip the following from the Wesley Re* porter and heartily concur in the conclusion that its editor reaches: Old Dave Abbie made Wesley one of his periodical visits last Monday and tried his little game of begging his board from our unsuspecting restuarant man, A. S. White, and also at the Sherman house. Why a man in his circumstances should beg is one of the mysterious of life. To look at him with his ragged clothes and tattered shoes he appears the picture of distress, but It's all f 'put on." We are told he owns a farm and town property in Wlnnebago and Webster counties and also a good 160 acres near Blue Earth, Minnesota. As a rule mankind are apt to take the other extreme, appear rich when they are not worth a dollar. The pension department has notified E. Sanford that his pension has been increased $3 per month, to date from fune 5, 1893. Mr. Sanford was a good soldier and is a worthy citizen, and he undoubtedly deserves all the government gives him. Fred A. Corey has the distinction of having sold more sowing machines in Iowa during the past year than any other local agent. Fred is a hustler. A. E. Toffewire, McPherson's new butcher, has moved his family from Mason City to this place and is occupying the house recently vacated by H. L. Vespe. 1 . Z. A. Tryon has moved into the house recently vacated by Will Demett. A good many of our citizens have been in Algona this week telling Judge Thomas and a jury what they know and don't know about the Geo. A. Frink cases. Attorneys Welt Miller and 'H. H. Fellows have been attending district court part of this week. F. M. Butts has returned to his home'in Chicago after spending a few 'days visiting with his son, Guy, bf this place. Mrs. Ed. Lloyd is quite sick., • Geo. B. Hall is serving on the grand jury this term of court. Rodney Hill, of Britt, was in town last Monday. Ole Peterson made a business trip to Mason City last week. . • J. E. Miller, of Buffalo Center, was in Wesley the latter part ,o.f last week on business. Ole Peterson is enjoying a visit from his brother Ben, of Minnesota. , Our merchants are preparing for a big holiday trade. Z. S. Barret advertises three 160. acre farms for rent. Freeman Ash, formerly of , this place, but now a guard at the Anamosa state prison, was Injured in the Thanksgiving riot on the head with a vinegar bottle in the hand of a convict by the name,of, .Ryan. ' Rev. Johnson, pastor of the Seventh Day Advent church at Mason City, preached one evening last week at the Swedish church, < .'.-..-, ,,. , Most of Obed's court was in session one day last week discussing the proper mode of baptism, also what constituted a true Christian life. We-would suggest however that less preaching and'more practicing is a stepping'stone, ' > < The I. 0. O. F. have elected the following officers for tbe next term; W, T, Presne)!, N. G,,; Guy M. Butts, V. G.; John Longbottom, R, S,;, John.S, Gallagher, P. S;; Jas, Louise, T,; and H. Price, H. James Corey was down as a. trial jurors but Judge Thomas excused 1 ' him on account of his'f ajnily affairs, What promised to be quite a law suit, before Obed, was settled out of court, last Saturday. A. S, WbUe4,s, dpjng a good business for tbe time bXhas'^eon. rjmning his,,i'e,stuar.7 ant- '..'*' -''•<','•, • L We are sorry to note tha;t there is quite an amount of intoxicating liquors bejns OOtWflf.HOWS&'; Freeman Ash, of Wesley, one of the guards at the Anamosa penitentiary, was knocked down and rendered insensible by a blow from a convict named Ryan, re* cently. The blow was delivered in the dining room, and was the signal for a regular riot, in which knives, forks and plates filled the air, and 'which Was quelled only when the convicts were covered by Winchesters. Word received at Wesley from Mr, Ash is to, the effect that he Is how all right. The assault was wholly unexpected, but probably the trouble began brewing when a guard brought a lot of boxing gloves to the prison. The Burt Monitor says that Julius D Ames, who was married to Miss Hattle Schry ver Thursday evening, Is an Industrious and harcMyorking young man and has "an elghtyTacre start in life" upon the outskirts of Burt, upon which'he has added a comfortable addition to the house upon it. ..',. '':,.''""'"'''.'.. . If all of us were handsome, which only some of us are, wo could follow A. H. Dorweiler's example and get out a calander for the now year with our photq in place of the. regulation recumbent,figure. The Swea City Herald hopes for the extension of the Burlington road from Armstrong to Estherville in the spring. With eight flowing wells within her city limits, Germania ought to be satisfied with that distinction and let some other town win notoriety on the strength of the flowing bowl. If always well filled advertising columns indicate prosperous business and a prosperous people, Kossuth county must be admitted to be doing very well, for every one of her ten papers is crowded with ads these days. ' The Whittemore Champion says that S. L. Scott's team ran awayreceritly, and in the fracas toqk thejear axle out^ofef^ Oliver's* wagon. % ' - ' <"' This singular story is told by the same paper: "A. H. Bixby, who lost five cows for some unknown cause about two weeks ago, kept his cattle in the yard about a week and then turned them out again- into the stalks, and on the, five more of them died in the same manner as the first ones. Mr. Bixby says he cannot account for it, for his neighbor's cattle are running in their fields and are doing all right. Such .cases as this should be investigated by a veterinary surgeon." NEIGHBOKHOOD GOSSIP. Evangelist Williams is conducting revival meetings at Estherville, filling the opera-house .every night. . The Vindicator says: '''He.preaches<theigospel4n its power and simplicity. He preacbes against sin in every form. He insists l( that a religious life means that people mus/tqult their, meanness, and that integrity ,qf character must accompany a religious - profession. Hjs lecturejip men last Sunday at 3:30 j m,,caUp~d'ou,t the largest audience of men ever, knowi} Jin E^ttyQrvjJJle. Thus far abput one hundred'have beqii converted as the result of the meetings. - , t ' ,.i The Journal gives a ver# interesting ,w,rite-,up Qf. '-'Armstrong's Growth" in its Jft?,t issue, and enumerates building provements.fpr thA present,,year which foot up to raore^an., W.QQO, Armstrong will not be three years old t\(l the 34tb" Qf' this mon$j. - It has made a wonderful* development. The.t6wn }s located just one mile'we^t of the west lino of ( '^ossutbr in 1 Emmetcountyj and,,,the Joprnal -justly, says that these two counties comprise one of the most wonderful, richest and mpst res.ou.rc.eful bodies of land 1$ v tbe wes'tepp states, The (EjunjQtsbm'g Y* course, so popular-and: in •OiT m Alley fe\v 4 n0> "f tl Ct /i \ \ Cfen, Sherman, ( ja engaged in holding ther/n Iowa, gently and from tlvarp went The West Bend Journal' aa> be§8$lid,y -,. _......, . ...„*.. ; ,_ of lds^na provip ' ' s \vjute}' drawn is Kassutft disposed Qf In and around Wesley Consumption, T^'rippe, Pneumonia,' and all Throat and Lung troubles arecur« ed by fehllob's Qure, t Fogg, , Ree, je^Mtss JJffle been sick, fpr the past few days, Smith, spent Saturday with her Mrs, Ma«d Jones, of Wesley, Falk is very low with, , ol la »W& vicinity ihj> ppt few cpug J40IBY TQ'WAS OH telphers' weetie? at new

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