The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 4, 1953
Page 3
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f*GE TWKLVE ^jJl^>-J*.*AVi_ii"V 4, If 1*0 Little Excitement in. West Over Big Three Meeting By JAMES MARUMV WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower and Premier Laniel of France have granted the heart's desire of the grand old man of the West, Sir Winston Churchill: a meeting with them in Bermuda, due to start today. But there is no world excitement about it, because (his is only a Big Three conference and not a Big Four conference with Russia's Premier Malenkov. Without Malenkov the Big Three can't agree on peace. The most they can do is talk about a way to find it, if the Russians are ever agreeable, and meanwhile try to strengthen their defenses. By the end of the Bermuda meeting Eisenhower, Churchill and Lnn- iel may announced their willingness to have a Big Four foreign ministers conference in Berlin, perhaps in January. Russia has agreed to such a meeting. If that conference turned out all right, maybe later Malenkov would . be invited to get together with Eisenhower, Churchill and the French Premir. New Pill Promises Better Care For Stomach Ulcers Medics Told Paint Maker Is New Man President* By ALTON L, BLAKKSLE E At 1 Science Reporter ST. LOUIS '/Pi — A six ply pill described as a now and promising treatment for stomach ulcers in exhibit shown today to the American Modicnl Assn. It combines four different anti- acids to counteract, excess stomach acids causing or worsening the ulcers. The fifth element is nn oat- That's stretching optimism pret- , cxtrnct which blnds the ftcid . • ty far. The mood in Washington now seems to be one of skepticism about any great progress coming out of the ministers' meeting. Why hold it at all, then? "Some pretty good reasons can be offered. For one thing, the West doesn't want to appear—in the eyes of its own people and allies and the rest of the world—to be turning its back on even such a remote chance for peace as might emerge at Berlin. French Elections ff If Berlin did pave tne road for progress toward peace with Russia, fine. But if Molotov stalled. It would strengthen the Elsenhow- er administration's contention the Russians talk peace but won't prove it by deeds- And there's a further consideration. This country and Britain have been anxious to have France Join ft single European army which .would also include West Germany, Italy, Belgium. The Netherlands and Luxembourg. And any kind of rearmed Germany is what most of the French don't want. The French hold national elections this month. Laniel can't promise the French Parliament will approve joining the single European army. In the, first place, he may be out of office after the election. And In the second place., the French certainly won't vote on joining that army until after the election. And, finally, the French seem to keep hoping tha t somehow, someway, the cold war with Russia can be relaxed or ended, thus eliminating any need for such a single European army. But if there is a meeting with Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov End it demonstrates to the French that in the foreseeable future there is no hope of understanding with Russia, then maybe they would _ into the one army with Germany. NEW YORK tffi — A minister's son, who developed a broken-down paint factory into a flourishing enterprise, is the new president of the National Assn. of Manufacturers — the first Pacific Coast man to head the organization. Harold C. McClellan, president of the Old Colony Paint & Chemical Co.. Los Angeles, was elected last night at the 58th annual Congress of American Industry. He succeeds Charles R. Sligh Jr.. president of the Sligh Furniture Com-lcium carbonate, aluminum hydrox- fighters together and releases them slowly for about two hours. The sixth ingredient is a gummy material which forms n protective coating over the lining of the stomach or tne duoricnim. the first part of (lie intestine. These new pills, not yet on the market, have relieved pain within a few days in most of more Uian 250 patients treated so far, according to the exhibit. Loyola Doctors The exhibit is staged by Doctors Leo L. Hardt and Frederick Steig- mann, Stritch School of Medicine of Loyola University and Cook County Graduate School of Medicine, and Clarence A. Maaske and Robert Grover of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver. The pills are known to have helped the healing-over of ulcers in the stomach, Dr. Hardt said. And X-rays of many patients show no ulcer scars in the duodenum, area which can't be seen by the ga.stroscope. a tube which takes pictures within the stomach. The pills combine four anti-acids commonly used for ulcers—cal- panies. Grand Rapids, Mich., who becomes chairman of the Board of Directors of the association. McClellan bought a run-down paint factory, employing four workers. In 1927 for $10.000. He built up the business from a $900-a-month gross to a company now totaling annual sales of between two million and three million dollars. The plant now employs 150 persons. Self-Service Booze Room PORTALES. N. M. ffl — The j Portnles Daily News carried nn article about a new type self-serve bootleg joint in this dry Eastern New Mexico city. The otherwise empty house had- n well stocked 1 refrigerator, a price list on the wMl { and a slot, in a closet door for ] donations. j Police closed up the plnce. They charged the house owner with pos- ! session of liquor for sale In viola- i tion of the local option law. tde, magnesium triplicate and magnesium carbonate. Used separately, some of these produce undesirable effects, such as constipation or diarrhea. Dr. Hardt said. But the combination so far shows no bad effects. Patients take about 24 pills a day. usually before and after meals, and before bedtime. Treatment usually is continued for nt least ;\ year, with fewer pills In the second six months. SENIORS HONORED — When Shawnee High School students elected a Miss Shawnee. they came up with a pair of winners tied for the title Other winners in the Who's Who contest follows: Most popular girl; Virginia Scarbrough; Mast popular boy; Joe Boweiv. best, all-round girl, Joyce Miller; best all-round boy. Dick Wil- best dressed girl, Nancy Eu- bank.s; best dressed boy, Jack Jenkins; Cutest yirl, Janice Shannon; litest boy, Harvey Seymour; Prettiest girl, Betty Bagwell, Most, Handsom boy, Tommy Brewer; Most athletic girl, Joyce Miller Most Athlet- ,c boy, Tommy Brewer; Most Studious girl, Joyce Bennett; Most Studious hoy, Joe Bowen; Most, Polite •1, Evelyn Mitsick; Most poiitfi boy, Joe Jenkins. so they decided to keep both of them. Flanking Joe Bowen, Mr. Shawnee, are Bett Bagwell (left) and Joyce Miller. ' Harvard Won't Let Lil' Ole' New York Suffer CAMBRIDGE. Mass. ^—Editors of the Harvard University Crimson prepared to send "a few thousand" copies of their undergraduate daily newspaper'to New York today to help fill the striker-caused news ' void there. ! Crimson Managing Editor George [S. Abrams said: I "The thought of a great city like Mr. and Miss 9th grade, Janice • New york without a newspaper Shannon, Roy Collomp; | can cai ,se only unrest among those Mr. and Miss 10th grade. Joe interested in the intellectual well- Jenkins, Dorothy O'Bvein. Mr. and Miss IHh grade, :olliip, Pauline Caviness. Mr. and Miss 12th grade; Bowen, Joyre Miller. \ being ot Bobby 1 Crimson, United States. The in its small way, could not sit by and see such a situation continue to exist." Crimson President Michael Mac- Coby ot Mount Vermon, N. Y. ( said Egyptians Charge British CAIRO. Egypt WJ—Police sources say British military authorities at Fayid in the Suez Canal zone have confiscated $700,000 worth of goods in Egyptian shops there because traders refuse to sell to the British army. Eskimo Annual Since 1861, Eskimos of southwestern Greenland have been publishing an annual in their own language, edited, printed, and written exclusively by Eskimos, according to the Encyclopedia Brit- today's edition will feature Associated Press news and. "analyses of world and national news by Harvard professors and newspapermen attending Harvard under Nieman Fellowships." Tariff Versus Subsidy Issue Receives Study WASHINGTON l/fl — The Mid- Century Conference on Resources for the , Future today pondered whether high tariffs or peacetime subsidies would be the best way to foster production of strategic war materials. The subsidy proposal, as an alternative to suggested tariff protection for the lead and zinc Industry, came from Charles P. Taft, brother of the late Sen. Robert A. Taft (E-Ohio). In a prepared statement, Taft told the conference, which is closing today: "Any tariff is government intervention not quite in harmony with the position of the supporters of the free enterprise system. It is a concealed subsidy, which no doubt is why it is preferred." Andrew Fletcher, president of the St. Joseph Lead Co., last night called for a tariff, adjustable to the rise and fall of foreign lead and zinc prices, to protect domestic mines from low cost foreign competition. Taft argued such a tariff "would produce immediate reprisals, and justifiably — it is one more piece of Santa's sleigh can travel The whole world in a night, Yow own feet art mortal— Shop now and do it right. economic warfare on Canada, our best friend and ally." But Fletcher contenued: "The major portion of our lead and zinc mining industry will ha shut down unless some constructive action is taken. "We must not jettison the safety of our nation, and possibly even of the free world, by shutting down our mines." Taft said the government should subsidize mining exploration and operation of "truly marginal higher cost mines." Taft is president of the privately formed committee lor a national trade policy. Read Courier News Classified Ads. 100% TOP QUALITY and The Lowest Price for Kentucky Straight Bourbon fa Arkansas i 6 years Old 86 HEAVEN HILL* OnlilltfJ ar.d Sotlltd in Old Kenfuciy by HEAVEN HILL DISTILLERIES INC.,. Compare Htse Prices! AT AU GOOD STORES IN ARKANSAS . BAR05IOWH, KENTUCKY MEAD'S Sudden Nausea During Play TULSA. Okln. W — A dozen persons watching a high school play, "You Can't Kiss Caroline," developed the same symptoms — sudden nausea. Although none was in serious condition, the piny was postponed until tonight. A stomach virus was blamed. JJJ MAIN SHUT Help Yourself to Health! His Favorite Gifts i'$ Exclusive Selections HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, ARKANSAS Health and happiness arc always in season—and there't no better place to give them a boost than Hot Spring*! Here, in the nation's only U. S. Government controlled health resort, the season ii always right! A staff of expert attendants is maintained in the Majestic Hotel bath department. Under their skillful treatment, you'll feel glowing health and contentment replace aches, tension »nd worries. CHRISTMAS DAZE - Lovely film star Julia Adams oifers a delightful reminder that there are all too few days left until Christmas With time running out, she reminds everyone to get their shopping done before it's too late. MAJESTIC -NOTICE- The announcement marie recently by Rev. T. \V. Thompson that he had been appointed to succeed the late W. F. Cobb as agent for the National Burial Association of West Memphis, Arkansas, is a misrepresentation of WIP farts. Also the one that appeared on Nov. 28, 1953, was without my permission. \V. F. Cobb Funeral Home has never had affiliations with that association and I wish to notify my friends that I will continue to operate this business and shall strive to rentier the same efficient servire in the future as in the past. W. F. COBB FUNERAL HOME Middy Slipover Every Sty. t Binding. U"de'O"", i Slip-Na Strong!* Ch«flftfl. ^ PLEETKAY Gives the Same Refreshing Sleep Some men like pajamas with notch collars. Others like the middy slipover and surplice styles. Bui all men like the sound, revitalizing sfcep that cornea from Pleetway's patented comfort features. So, to help every man sleep comfortably in his own fashion, Pleetway puts these features into pajamas of all three styles. We have a grand variety of patterns and colors. Sizes A, B, C and Di % PAJAMAS by PLEETWAY Sitrplicg Give Him A GIFT CERTIFICATE Call it a slack su», coH » a pajoma It's Pleetwoy's "Lazydoy" — just about ideal for robeless lounging or tor princely sleep- Ing. Basque-type pullover top of fine quality combed yarn, cut'M! and roomy. Fine quofiry broadcloth trousers, tailored ond pleated like slocks. Hostic waist Inserts, gripper side-lobs and fasteners and two trouser pockets. Trousers in solid colors, to harmonize with striped or plain fops. Gift boxed. Sizes A, B, C ond D. Colof Combination: Strip.rf lopi "ilk tin*, '«» *** ft "»«'•'* wM cwrtnming lop« wild »o»», aaroM •«( b»»» trounu.

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