The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1895
Page 7
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V f r * 'I* 1 * " "V * ** T **"'"* "'"'•' * V* 1 " ^3^ f ..•*a^.-!.a.i.t4',<sr,.-l. :.a*,. i » .E.a, gumimj. m.*. jerjiMf. «. ScHbner's for ChHstmai ft. Stockton has a Christmas love Story, which b< ar a characteristic UUP,—"The Staying 1'ower of Sir llohan." Iia Illustrations are quaint and exactly suitable. A thrilling Detective story by C. ID. Cflrryll, entitled "The River Syndicate," perhaps equalling Sherlock Holmes' host work. Illustrated. Joel Chandler Harris'characteristic tale of a faithful slave—"The Colonel's Nigger-Dog." Other Christmas stories are "A White, Holt." by Henry Van Dyke, a poetic and imaginative tale of a picture (illustrated); "Heroism nf Landers," by A. S. Pier (illustrated); and ''Hopper's Old Man," by R. C. V. Meyers. Sentimental Tommy 1 By J. M. Barrie. Those who have read (and who ha? not?) "The Little Minister" and "A Window in Thrums" can anticipate what Mr. llarrlo's "Sentimental Tommy" will be. It is to be the chief serial in ScmttxrcR's for ISM, beginning in tho January number. Two Years for $4.50. ScHiimisft,B MAGAZINK costs 83.00 a year, but new subscribers can have all the numbers for isiw and a year's subscription for ]89fi for SJ.- 50. SCninNKtt's MAGAZINE is going to bo bettor next year than over. It Is going to have new foatnrqs. Its publishers are not satisfied with past success. It purposes to more thoroughly deserve the confidence of the reading public. Tho History Serial—"LustQuarter Century in tho United States"— will be continued. Just now it is approaching a period of absorbing interest to tho present generation—the first admiif station of 'President Cleveland. ScmUNKii's MAOA/INK ought to get care.fnl consideration as a Christmas gift. Tho S4.nooffer ought to get double consideration. CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, 1 53 Fifth Avenue, New York, (I i I < > I ) { I i I i I (I I I i I "Gems of iousJThought." ] j 1\ Be Witt Talmage. GREATEST SELLING BOOK PUBLISHED. Talmage needs no introduction to readers In any land. He Is loved by the millions whoso hearts he has touched by his sympathetic words and stirring sermons and writings, which have been published and scattered broadcast over the entire world. In this volume there are the best things from his best efforts, and those mako ii book of Intense interest and greatest value. Many write: "It Is worth it.i weight in gold." There Is not a dry page in it. It is a work which is welcome in evoi'y homo, and It Is worth many time's its price. j , tfti-' :A •!V ^?£*: ?N'' •WE2AT OUR AGENTS HAVE TO SAY: We.g'.vo bolow a few samples of reports showing the great success of our Agents soiling this great book. They show that there is a great demand for this book, and every family desires it: Our Agent in S. C. writes: "Have only can' vassed not quite three days and taken 25 orders MR. JAS. SNYDKH, N.Y., writes: "I send another order for 30 books. Please forward at once, n« I \vinh to deliver these to keep up the canvass. You know I have sold within the last month 75 books. This Is pretty good for a start." Mn. FRANK N. HENKiNSON,Va., writes: "I have but little trouble In selling this new book by:Talmage, Every mother wishes It. Give me the entire county. I believe I can sell 400 copies within the next three months." Mns. A2n,'A JOHNSON : "Enclosed find check for 55 books. Sold these in less than 3 weeks." MB. A, G. KIMJV, Go., writes: "Your book is just received. Every one who sees It is delighted with It. Have taken this week 15 orders and worked only 2 days.'" • HEN av C. MCDONALD, Pa. .writes: "Received my outfit 10 days ago and have already orders for 47 books. Canvassed altogether not quite a week." J. E. TWITTY, Cattarogus Co., N.Y.. writes: "T send you check to pay for 87 copies of'Gems of Kellgious Thought. 1 It Is a great book. Everyone seems to want this Talmage book. It is gotten up in splendid style." The only trouble Is scarcity of money. Everybody says this is the best Talmage book on the market." MB. C. Ii. JOHNSON, N.Y., writes: "My outfit came on Saturday of last week. I have only canvassed about one day, and visited 32 families and took 27 orders, and this is my first experience in canvassing." MB.C.M. GUY, of Mississippi, writes ;'"YoUr Talmage book Is a beautiful work. I have had tho outfit tbree hours and have sold six books, I believe I can sell ISO In my territory." HENRY T. BDBDETT. Ind., writes: "Will send a big order soon. Find but little trouble in getting subscribers. I have already 83, and have only canvassed three days." MRS. C. E. NICE, Ind., writes: "I 5iave worked eight hours and taken 13 subscribers, Will send you an order for 50 books in less than ten days' time." Miss J, A.VOLTAIRE, St. Louis, Mo., writes: "In a few days sold 17 bobks." KEV. L. C. EVANS reports: "In three days 25 books." f To any one selling 200 copies in three months, we will give I $300 j or we will give an Bstey Organ, retail price $270, J to any one who will sell 110 books in three months. An \ excellent opportunity for a Church or Society to secure one / of these Organs. A $100 Bicycle, guaranteed to be equal l_ to any 8100 wheel in the market, will be given to any one who will sell 80 copies in two months. Or we will give a GOLD WATCH to any one who will sell 60 copies in one month. This premium is in addition to the regular commission. Complete outfit, 85 cents. Freight paid, credit given. Write immediately. We also want more Agents for 66 TaIks to Children dbout Jesus." 'l-iiO Greatest Selling Book of the kind published in",ten years. Over 150,000 copies sold. Same terms and conditions as on "Gems of Religious Thought." Outllt, 85 cents. Write Immediately. R. M. Woodward Company, Baltimore, pWWypWWPW "ALL, THE MAGAZINES IN ONE," OF Edited by ALBERT SHAW name implies, gives in readable form the best that appears 19 the other great magazines all over FOR $1,00, i generally on the same date that they m published,' 1 With the recent extraordinary ,inpr?a§a of prthy periodicals, these careful reviews, swmjpries,, and 'quotations, giving the gist of periPdieal literature, m sJpne worth $2,50, the subscription price, *-- - BAT * ^* from ' ^ m Apwtmeatei --- *• Ifl;«m! and C9ntrjbut§d features pf the RBYHW iqual in «t»rt> '" """ " Jli VC are themselves Tbe Pdftof's « Pwgreis' gi the World" |§ an iaviteble ?hrpnieie gt the Jwppenijp qf the thirty %§ Just pasi, with piPtwrg? 90 every page Qf thelinia wjjt'r women who haye made the hiitory of the mositlu 1 ^ the i • CHRISTMAS HIStORY OF tHE PRESIDING OF A JOYFUL SEASON. tts t»« tti Decoration of Grfeat Ahttqntty. Sprigs tfaeti tn Churches Supposed to Bring Good Ltick — Mistletoe of tlie — Why Itttlly fiei-rlea Are Holly belotigs to that evefgreeto flofa antedates the glacial period ifa this northern hemisphere. It is a plant •which possesses vigor euough to stand its ancestral habits, rather than conform io the deciduous customs of a newer generation which owes its prosperity to its time serving propensity. It is one of the genus ilex, some of Which, like members of the "ancient regime" of France, have adopted plebeian habits and have begun to shed their leaves an- tmally. No less than 160 species make tip the genus, and only a minority now inhabit what is at present called the tempe*ate zone. The majority are found in the tropical tegious of Asia and America, Europe possesses one sole, survivor of that inioceuo flora which resembled the forms now met with in Asiatic and South American forests. This is the well known European holly. The United States of America has at least ten representatives, six of which have conformed to the deciduous habits of recent times. Only one of these, however, concerns us now, and that one is called the American holly. The European holly is Ilex aquifolium; tho American holly is Ilex opaca. Doubtless it was the former of these which was invested with the right to preside over the decorations of the Christmas feast, but that honor has rightfully been transferred on this side of the Atlantic to the latter form, although the leaves of opaca are not so glossy, nor its berries so brilliantly scarlet, as those of its sister plant. The use of holly in Christmas decoration is of great antiquity, and probably is merely a continuation of the Roman customs^ of pre-Christmas times, for it was held by Rome in such esteem that wreaths of holly were used as symbols of congratulation at weddings. The ancient Teutons also hung up branches of evergreens—-of which holly was the commonest—in their houses, as places of shelter for the sylvan spirits during the cold weather. It was natural, therefore, that when Christians began to decorate home and church for their religious festivals they should use tho plants they had been accustomed to in other days. It was in this way doubtless that certain plants became associated with certain seasons. Holly and ivy apparently were accepted without reservation, and their use became universal, and now a celebration of Christmas without one or both of these would be an anomaly. Some plants do not seem to have been accepted with equal favor. There is the "baleful" mistletoe, provocative of the dangerous habit' of kissing, which the doctors are trying to break up by disclosing what terrible microbes are com- munisable in the operation. To quote the historian of Christmas at Bracebridge Hall: "On reaching the church porch we found the parson rebuking the gray headed sexton for having used mistletoe among the greens with which the church was decorated.: It was, he observed, an unholy plant, profane by having been used by the Druids in their mystic ceremonies, and though it might be innocently employed in the festive ornamenting of halls and kitchens, yet it had been deemed by the fathers of the church as unhallowed and totally unfit for sacred purposes. So tenacious"was he pn this point that the poor sexton was obliged to strip down a great part of the humble trophies of his taste before the parson would consent to enter upon the service of the day,'' So the mistletoe, sacred among the Druids, is rejected, but ivy, sacred to Bacchus, is accepted. Holly which has ,beeu used for the decoration of churches is highly valued in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, and a small piece with its scarlet berries is treasured because it is supposed to bring good luck for the ensuing year. In Rutland, another English county, they say it is unlucky to bring any holly at all into the house before Christmas eve. Some varieties of European holly are much more prickly thaii f others. The smpoth are called "she liolly" and the prickly <( he holly," According as one or other predominated in the decoration, say the wise in such matter, so the wife by Jinsband will rule the bouse during the year. A careful selection by the Irosband might be beneficial, but then again he might be circumvented as the mail was at the well of St, Keyne in Cornwall, The evergreen habit of the liolly has given, point to a Scotch, proverb which deflneg an"in-yeterate Jiay as one ''whp only tells Jees when the holiin is green," Ancl why are the berries red? Afc, thei-elky bangs a beautiful tale of adaptation." They are red {o entice the bMe, •djspejsjon and distribution attained, But WQ bftvQ paid our M sprjg o< bpjiy' 1 its ~ . "' ' ~" " will be non.9' the Jess, btojrase 'bay's brightened. «p tb^ knowledge gf *' ' '"" "' ' Pp§(,, WW»H$B that' ea» give 0&$fjiB$pi'wq*'wiui ws«t $o- ba f ji > _.J *<t • J i „_!.. .a i._Ji:i. a _11 ^mm^m^'-m^mm%w d toMlttM oyej 1 fihjut ^y^U'iu i'WtstmUeyste iS^SiiwSsifl^ o sell Mifcfiefcota tfrottft Stock, Seed Corn ahd Potatoes for iptifiR delivery. AD early start is half be battle. Three plans of work. Pay every week. Write for particulars. THic jmvjsi.t, Ntrliafcnir fco., Luke City, Minti. Oonnty Map Of The South, Free 1 . If yon aio, Interested in the Sonth and vbuld Ilia; to iiave a county map showing he principal counties in detail in the tate^of Kentucky. Tennessee, Alabama ind a poition of Mississippi and Florida, end your address to P. Sir! Jones, Pass. Agent. Rirmiiigham. Ala.* or C. P. At- nore. Orn'l Paw. Agent, Louisville, Ky. Phis map is made to fold up in conven- eht form, and contain letters written by ovcral northern people who have settled at different points on the Louisville & Nashville R. K. A Generous Offer-$200.00ln Gold Given, R. II. Woodward Company, Baltimore, d., lire mnking a very generous offer or "SOO.OO to anyone who will sell within ,hree months 200 copies of "Talks to Children about Jesus/' This is oneof the Host popular books of recentycare. Agents often sell from 10 to 15 copies a day. It contain* a great many beautiful illustra- ilbns, and is sold at a remarkably low H'icc. They give credit, and pay freight, ind send complete canvassing outfit for 35 3elits. It is just the book to bo sold for :he holidays. They also offer an Estey Organ, retail price £270, to anyone who will sell llo books in three months. It is an excellent opportunity for a church or •society to secure one. of those organs. A $1.00.00 bicycle to bo given for selling 80 copies in two months, or a gold watch for selling (10 copies in one month. This premium is in addition to the regular sommission. They have also published a icw book, "Gems of Religious Thought," ay Talmago, which is having a large sale. Same terms and premiums as ju "Talk) to Children about Jesus." Agents who do not got any of the premiums are given a liberal commission. They also make a pccialliy of other books and Bibles for Xmas holidays. Write them Immediately. MONEY! On Real Estate. HOXIE & BRUNSON. P. L. SLAGLE, Manulactuict of and dealer In Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. Christonsen's old stand, opposite Tcnnant House. TINNING AND- PLUMBING Shop in the Byson building, south of the Court House. ANDREW HANSON. live Poultry , Nov. 18th. C. H. BLOSSOM. needn't mean a hot kitchen. Wrought Steel keep their heat to themselves. They do their work quickly, thoroughly, economically and without roasting the cook. Double walls of Wrought Steel and Asbestos Lined. A Written Guarantee with every one. — r ~sp~ *T 1 I R BMii M. P. JlASOAfen. 6. F. PKKK. Haggard & t*eek, Succcssot'S to .TONES & SMITH. ABSTRACTS, REAL ESTATE, COLLECTIONS. AlGONA, - ... IOWA. A. D. Clarke & FAR M LOAD'S, Rear Alg-ona State Baftk. ALOO&*A, 1A. Geo, C. Call, REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For information In regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to him. State street. AiLGOSrA, IOAVA. QF.O. E. CLARKE. OHAS. A.COHENOtjn Clarke & Colieiiotir, ATTORNEYS AT LA W. j IOWA. Geo. K. Cloud, (Successor to W. B. Quaf ton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALOONA, IOAVA. Office over Kossuth County State Bunk. Sullivan & McMalioii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postofflce lilock. AlGONA, IOWA, E. V. Swettiiig-, A TTORNET AT LA W, Money to loan. ALGOXA, IOWA, Atlanta, Ga., Sepiembfir Id to 3l, 1895, The schedule printed below is a c'61nf*6- henslvf- gnido to the best and tnbst able route to Atlanta from the north northwest, Chicago, Indianapolis, nati, Louisville, St. Lonis, Terro llatitC, and Evansville. Palace day coaches nnd Pullman sleeping cars are attached to till trains showft In thlsscliednln. Extremely low rates have been made to Atlanta and return, \i& the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railway. All trains run solid between Nashville ftfld Atlanta, except train in last column. The train in third column, which loaves Gifi- cinnati at/4:30 p. in., runs solid to Atlanta. This is the route of the faiiious "Dixie flyer" through ''all the year round" sleep" ing car line between Nashville, Tenth, and Jacksonville, Fla. J. L. 13ONAB. 11. H. FKI.LOWS. Boiiar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will receive prompt attention. Rooms 8 and 9, Alg-onu State Bank Bl'dg. Branch office at Wesley. lowsi. A I,GONA, IOAVA. Daiisoii & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowlcs' now building-. AL.CONA, IOAVA. Ths American Protective Tariff Uagwe Is a n§|i$har organisation ^vocsting 11 Prptssjioo ,to Arnerjgan Uabpr ana lndy§tryf : $s ^plained by it? sonstitU!', tipn, as |f J!ow§! - ' ' H T.h9 sWas* pf>1ihJ9 Uagya ?h«U. N te.prot Sw J?y a.wriff on mmfa whish,« \meriOj&n 1 - J "- J —'*' ~— j " or ; ^n^ii^jpi»iMa p/.ippip^noiM, ^'^UH^Pl^l^^btri^w^f iti '' W'^^ft'-^, *•*'-''• ! j, '• 1 V'/'. - % :V 1 BIOOW .^^."r **•__".-J < !_' ' l!i!i._J .-J1.1. Welt iller, ATTORNEY AND COUNCILOR AT LAW. Collections made. All business promptly attended to. AVESLEY, IOAVA. S. S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohrisobilles* Store. AX.GQXA,'IA. L. K. Garfleld, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, State strpet. AL.GONA, IOAVA. M. J. Kenefick, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. AT.GOXA,- - - IOAVA. Dr. H. C. McCoy, 1M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, 'Alg-oua, loAva. Office witlvpr-: Garfleld, State street, Reslclph:6e..McG]'eg'o r street. Dr. L, A. Slieetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER. Preseriptiops filled, Deals in Paints, Oils, Books. Perfumei ies, Etc. Oor. State and Thorlngton. AI.GO «A, IA. • DENTIST. A. It, Bist, D, D. S,, T.ooal anaesthetic for deadening' pain in gums when extracting 1 teetb, ALGONA, IOAVA. 13, S, Glasiej*, D, D, S,, DENTAL ROOMS. Over the Alffona ptate Bank, Special attention given to savino tUe natural twth, The bes.t qf modern anaesthetics used to raftko operations as painjess as possible, , IOWA, , B, State street. i V. M,, CIAN Offloe ^est .u.,iij,miuam 1| i«i;ii- SBB sss as sss . e, ' -A •?, ~ ' c a 5 o G a •go o -?— < " 5,53 •: '> BBS a aa. ES2 ESS .SB • rf a BBS BBB Eg aa SEE 15228 • ISSS: ooo • O ^ * •*•*« S -w« -£> J£l A a C fcfcifc . ev o in '^'tf 3 ass fcc^> t) (j *— •*• CH » — 0! !» OBW E5E|sSH a aa Sec JJj .£'S~ *3 UH^ 52> ^§•5 i t» =! BBB •A ap. For.furthcr information address Eriard F. Hill, northern passenger agent. 338 Marquctte Building, Chicago, 111., R. C. Cowardin, western passenger agent. 405 11 y. Exchange Building, St. Louis, Mo., or D. J. Mullancy, eastern passenger agent, 59 W. Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. ; W. L. 1XVNI.KV, G. F. & T. A., Nashville, Tonn. AND DRILLING. \Vu have miwihiin'ry of all sixes for boring or; drilling wells. Water tfuaniuteed or no pay. Call on or address, GALL1ON BROS., Bancroft, la. SALESMEN WANTED. Pushing, trustworthy "ion to represent us in the sale of our Choice Nursery Stock. Specialties controlled by us. lUgliest Salary or commission paid weekly. Steady employment, the year round. Outfit free; exclusive territory; experience not necessary; big pay arsurcd workers;, special inducements to beginners. Write at once for particulars to Allen Nursery Co.,- ROCHESTER, N. Y. Wo want ouo or two o o » Wanted Salesmen MEN in each county 1o take orders for a Choice line of NUKSE11Y STOCK or SEED- POTATOES. Stock and seed guaranteed; We can give you Steady Employment with GoodJ'ay. It will cost you nothing to give it a trhi 1. State when writing which you prefer to sell. Address The Hawks Nursery Co., Milwaukee, Wis. Salary or Commission to good Men, I'ast Bolliiift- JiuporteA Stock Failing to UTG^ODW Free, YTe sell only High Grmle Stock and l ti-ue to Kame, ^ i Also Pure Seed Potato'Stock' our ' Specialty Leader,, D, LUfCHFORD & CB,, - ' Letters promptly answered, aitf DEPARTURE of CHICAGO, LOUAI, TRAIN »4ST,' No, 2 passenger., .,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,',,.,1Q;£ No, 4passengey,,„.,,,,.f.;,,,,,. , q ;Q No, 1 passenger ,,,,,.,,,,,;,,,,,_,.., v o ;0 NO, apassings?,,,',.',',,,..,.;,..,;.,,4j8tP No. 71 fv^o'ht ca'rrJes pftssengerg,,..', 0 -M p , Np, 93frM^Ut WlPS pi'fgengep,.,,,,!!* $&& . ,*-& ,.\^ ' j ,^r ,c4 '<< • ,*ci y# $& ; :•.--« -w . f!i\ *? i ,<$•*&• -.V^8 ,-,- _ «'rf*? .. A,^.vi \8HKlB '••v.i.'.i* *»fira.g« Passengejy.,,.,, r ,,|,, ( . ; ,,,, t »,ji, ^|Mt I^WUHIO ;Uy»T.sL SI I f x ™ T&F*<T e -**7 r J'*V"Qmr"> V*v pw™-> YT^ TFf ip ; -o' ^ :^w^^^^^ ^^l^w^S 4^M»«iJjaV »^tSwFStWw^*.'^ H^Bir , .5J7~F,5!j;<|"i' < »f5' A flW«* a 1 an 1 *fl n.-TM o'n l^» .1TW nlfn hVn ott

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