The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 18, 1895
Page 5
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f tj *," , , s, , , ^ - yft'j^¥^'^'f ? „- ?•»• •>#:•?*-Tjjyfr w? '•^T&flO»ii * JA '" 1 ' B* O /^ J rer Lent paid On Time Deposits AJ?EW PROPOSITION— I offer to those who have money lying idle, an opportunity to let that money earn you something until you wish to use it* Until further notice I will pay six t)er cent, interest on all time deposits, /**€ T3f*/*% / - **< urfLiv^* v-x. T -T a Money to Loan on 1st and 2nd Mortgages and Good Coltatterah Ana Unloads His Pack at— Holiday Goods -*ln Abundance, att«- gsBig ^>i 14-Gent Corn Prices. Do not mistake the glace,- STUDLEY'S PHARMACY. COWLES' BLOCK, ALGONA-, IOWA.. • The very latest styles in Neckwear for the holiday trade just received at the NEW ENGLAND CLOTHING STORE. Call Opera House. 0. H. BLOSSOM, Manager. The management take great pleasure In announcing an engagement with ffA^34 I** > ft > J4/ * * t- •< rt ' ' ' i / « 1 • AMERICA'S; GREA'TEST' ACTRESS, " • MISS JANE COOMBS; Who will appear on FRIDAY EVENING, DEO, 20, at Gall Opera 1 House in her wonderful creation of Lady Dedlock and Hor tense in Charles Dickens' masterpiece, BLEAK HOUSE, Supported by her superb company. The performance will begin with thejfam- ous Balcony Scene from Romeo and Juliet. Keserved*seats now on sale at DlNGLEY'S DRUG STOKE. Prices', §1.00, 75c, 50c, 35o. , , LOCAL MENTIONS. Jane Coombs will be at the Call Friday night. Attention is called to Geo. C. Call's , offer of 6 per cent, interest on time deposits, ' Mies Zoa Wartman has a music class at>Ledyard. She visits the town each Monday, v , > Caii,Busa'is on bis feet again after being }aid up a long while with a broken leg;./ ', Np,one will make any mistake in se .^ curing their seats early for "Bleak House," Friday night, •*'* •'' Rev. T. F, Bowen is tQ preach at Epjscppal church on Sunday next, ", morning and evening. - v , 'TJie, publjp, school closes for the bo'li* ' ^ Friday. The ' " are begin , beautiful with tpejr .. '.',. Tfis JJIrafi jr9ttonrtBftntol8 tended to by'Doctors McCoy and Garfield and is doing well. D. Hine was taken with flamatory rheumatism a week ago. He is much better at'this at this writing, but is still-quite iweak. _•*•' ' •> On.account of the death of Miss Nellie Walker the meeting of the Tuesday club, which was to have taken place last evening was postponed. Frank Chandler has had a limping gait for a few days, and investigation has located the cause in a sore toe which had undergone treatment necessitated by an ingrowing nail. Supt. Reed reports a very pleasant gathering of teachers at Bur t Saturday. Most of those present were from the country schools; There was no program, and the discussions were wholly informal. J. W. Tennantsent the antlers of the two deer slain by him in the Minnesota woods to Fairbault, Monday, for mounting, They are fine specimens and will be proud trophies of his skill as a marksman. Those little advertising notices that are handed in which assume that the editor's sentiments are very heartily on the right side, from the standpoint of the enterprise boomed, sometimes place him,at an embarrassing disadvantage. ,' H. A, Paine received a carload of bale wire last week and intends to sell wire to hay pressers after this by the wholesale and retail- It will be a great convenience to those who have had to send to Chicago for their wire heretofore. < • • The REPUBLICAN was in error last week in saying that Prof, Carroll had been in town visiting the schools, We ^bought the report to us was on good authority, The Profeusor will be here before the opening of the schools after the hpJidays, I Manager BJo'ssom Is performing a great public service in securing swch talent as W&Jker Whitesl^e and, Jans Coombs, Better a- few snob "leading actors in plays' of recognised perit ..,.-_ ..__ num jj er pf qjjeap variety Call for a ticket; and read the scheme s, have, '-"> 0HarajBtee(l pure, , Coombs the,next engage.' andean will te-Wft VanCwfr land, whp wilj beJMJJed f«F a.fujj-week "'- "- "->«rt}a,nd played '*---"a year Q.J? two ago sermon; at' the M, ehurpb, fee to the ;j}s StJQQK Of gg , swtbwell, "1; All siJk lined, 'Lp OaWn tt§M,i!Wpy, up daj tytejtt GBIP& jpv^i; <£$ ' ! \ ^, '-- *': ly -1 '*» f»_U a . T T* «!•%•' J l -___ni i _*_:M _ >, _. _ ' 9 <_ * • »itt4'' •!" r\4-V£i*ir» {RRs. m nflfuut.'nrtVimtfmPif It could not be announced, last week, whether or not Rev. C. E. Sinclair would accept the call of the Congregational church. He considerately waited to hear from his wife on the subject, and when she expressed a willingness to come west again he accepted the call. He hopes to have his family settled in Algona by New Years. Rev. O. A. Stevens last week resigned his pastorate of the Baptist church and preached his farewell sermon on Sunday last. He goes to Rochester, Minnesota, January first, and in the interval Will take a vacation. He gets an increase of salary and goes to a point of greater importance, Rochester being a city of some 6,000 population. Another change in the North-Western line schedule pub matters back to where they were a few weeks ago. The .passenger south leaves here under the present arrangement at 3:05 p. m. and meets the north-bound passenger at Irvington. The latter arrives here at 3:26. The afternoon south-bound freight is due here at 2:45. Other trains run as heretofore. Miss Ruth Purvis left for Omaha last Saturday to testify in a murder trial in which a woman is the defendant, and the victim was a doctor. It is said that the woman called, shortly before the hour when the murder was committed, at the house where Miss Purvis was visiting, and she went to the door and met her. She called to learn the way to the doctor's house. Nels Lorentzen has sold his Union township farm of 80 acres to Mrs. Brown, widow of the late August Brown, for $40 an acre. It is one of best eighties in the county and the price paid is none too high. Mr. Lorentzen has bought a farm of 135 acres, three miles northeast of Britt, paying $35 per acre,, and he goes there to take possession, Mr. L. is a good farmer, one of the thrifty ones who cannot so well be spared. IT WILL PAY YOU To Take a Look at Langdon & Hudson's Splendid Christmas Goods. You will find at this store some of the most beautiful things produced this year in the lines chosen for holiday purchases. Among these may be mentioned their piano lamps, banquet lamps, Haviland China articles, in great variety of patterns and tints, a line of very pretty glassware, water sets, out. glass, chamber sets, and innumerable cftojce articles. Here, too, will be found candies of the finest quality, fruits and nuts. ' * ' XJnjas goods at 4 Taylors, •i*. O CD fe , 60 s f v \V>' 3, «J 1H A CHICAGO HOSPITAL Miss Nelite Walker, of Algona, Dies in the Baptist Hospital, Chicago, Saturday Last—Result of a Surgical Opefation—Thfc Funeral Was Prom lief Algona Home Yesterday. The mews of the death of Miss Nell Walker, daughter of O. C. Walker, which came by wire from Chicago Sat^ urday evening, was a shock to the people of Algoha, as it was known to but few that she was ill. Miss Walker died in the Chicago Baptist Hospital, where she had been since Thursday last, and where she underwent an operation for the removal of a tumor, from the shock of which she did not recover! The remains reached here Monday morning, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Will F. Walker, with whom she had lived since going to the city in September, and by Rev. Walter M. Walker, of Elgin, 111., and Rev. Rome Walker, of Belvidere. The funeral was from the residence yesterday afternoon, Rev. A. O. Stevens and Revs. W. M. and Rome Walker,brothers of the deceased, officiating. The services were attended by a large gathering and were impressive and affecting. Nell Walker was born in Grafton. Vermont, Jan. 3, 1851. In 1854 she went with her parents to Wyoming, 111., and in 1878 cacio v.'-h them to A.1- gona. She was ;i school teacher for fifteen years. Her religious life was marked by earnestness and by that self sacrifice which was in all her relations the distinguishing trait of her character. She united with the Baptist church in Wyoming when but fifteen years of age, and was ever after faithful in her following of the Master. In her family relations she served with, a fidelity prompted by love which few have equalled,and it is a truth that what she did was not done for self but for others, who alone know' how brave was the heart and how heroic the spirit which made her life what it was. Her death is a great present sorrow to all who knew her, yet a sorrow lightened by joy in the memory of a life so nobly crowned with the best fruits of living. ALL READ THE REPUBLICAN, Do the People This is Meant For —A Few of Those Fine Premiums Are Left, And Those Who Speak First Will Get Them—Look at the Tag on Your Paper and Read these Club Kates. GOOD WHILE THEY LAST. The REPUBLICAN, like most other enterprising county newspapers, .has frequently offered premiums to subscribers paying in advance, and to a limited extent it will do so this year, but only so long as our present supply holds out. This premium is especially valuable to farmers, and the offer below is intended for their benefit. It is the FARMER'S LABOR-SAVING ACCOUNT BOOK. The account book is gotten up with a view to the especial needs of farmers and is a very desirable thing to have in the house. It is of legal cap size, with stiff manilla covers, has space for miscellaneous memoranda and has ruled monthly expense account sheets, showing articles purchased' and articles sold during the year. It contains a great fund of information valuable to the farmer and handy for reference, including tables, estimates, computations, blank forms, facts for builders, recipes, etc. It is a 25 cent book and no farmer can afford to be without it for four times that, It can be had by farmers who pay j« advance for 1896, Anyone wishing to pep one of these bopfcs ca,n do so, at'this office, , - . ' There are two reasons why the, PUBLICAN office 'uses a mailing • $ chine, Qn§ pf them ' ,- yr .,, '..'.'*-... , big lists fpr north and spptb ppints," ""-'-• i have-'to be JR , t«e' ppstpffipe u - 86 dftft't Wait, e&pffeially if One of these premiums. OPFfeftS. S.80 2.3i>' 2.30 2.3CF 2.85' 4.60 2.60 2.60 4.00 3.6** 4.CO- 2.SO-- 2.&^ 4.1' and State Register ..... " Inter Ocean ....... " N.Y. Tribune ..... " Pioneer Press ...... " Chicago Times ..... " New York World.. " New York Son.... " Homestead ........ 2.40" Orange Judd Farmer.. .............. " Harper's Weekly.. " II arper's Bazar. . . . " Harper's Magazine " Cosmopolitan... (.. " Mc'Clures Magaz'n " N. Y. Independent " Chautauquan...... " Review of Reviews " Decorah Posten... " The Midland ...... " Scientific American " Century... ........ , 5.1": " St. Nicholas ........ 4.10" Scribners ........ ,. 4.10 " Youth's Compan« ion ................. 3.40" " Week's Current..,. 2.6S Where tnofe than two papers are desired, the amount to be remitted to tills office for each paper is in every case found by deducting $l.6o from the combination price. _ MATTERS IN COURT. The story of the court proceedings \&< a short one this week. The case of Wood, Smith & Co. vs. Bradley & Hie- pulin was a suit on account for machinery purchased by defendants, and the latter claimed payment and secured a verdict. Mrs. C. II. Bowles vs. Henrietta Cat- Ion, was a suit on a note, and involved one of N. J. Skinner's deals. The plea 1 of no consideration was sustained and a verdict was rendered for the defendant. The case of Thos. A. Way et al vs. Geo. A. Frink, Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. intervenes, took the time of the court from Friday morning to yesterday noon. It was a liuit by the intei>~ yejers against a dozen or more attach-, - ing creditors, for the recovery of goods,-. or rather of their stipulated cash equiv* • alent,$1600, the goods having been sold ' by the receiver. This was a hard fought " case, and included a charge ot fraud against Frink in securing the goods, in- signing a property statement not justi-^ fled by his financial condition. Gea- E. Olarke appeared for Frink, Judge Cook and Sullivan & McMahou for the •> intervenors; and Cloud and Barney^Kelly for the attaching creditors, the great fight being between Frink and?, the interveners. The case went to the jury yesterday morning, when a verdict was rendered for the interveners, Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. Dr. Dunlap, the Ledyard druggist, and his clerk Herman Bleich, were in- • dieted under the nuisance provision and were bound over to the next term. The grand, jury adjourned Saturday. Young Maricle, who was accused of some crookedness with a note, was tried •• yesterday and cleared. McCoy, of Whittemore. was brought in yesterday by Deputy "Will Branson • and jailed last night in default of the fine and costs taxed against him. Be sure and see the Majestic Steel Bange before you buy a stove. At Stephenson & Stacy's. Wait for our semi-annual ribbon sale- commencing Monday, Dec. 9th, at Jno. Goeders. 10-11 That lOc table of canned goods is the .-, attraction at Walker Bros.—18tf "Hello There! •,Mt - j*,m *. uunuwwu wjm vywi»B)i jawspr, > ^« •Allright} V. , .. "r;.,,,'.,^..^^ •My wifels going to have all her-rela4*",f )|i ion heye fpr dijjper Xmas; wish;yp^, ft v|)g voujd send dowfl^ ; JI( ,i x . ' ;',/"-. i\-|Jl 1 ca.nTnrtleSoup, ' .''',' .,V'V; ; gp tion here fpr dinner Xmas; wish;yp^, ft would send dowfl^?, ;, ^ , f t v ' ;",, ; *.-. i ^ 1 can Tnrtle Spup,.' ,'''[, ;;;.'-V-, j-'ca.n"Log Cabin M^pie.Syrup,' J^.-@ papers t>y b,and,,-r We,»oi only mailer, ' CJpjiijgRjjIiW^lQxpan^p ^«^j|gSSSi^SP •[Dftilloat^i Ee»eay|*wmvw^ ^^JKHJJJ^A^^^S TTr^.^^fr'^^^fiff'' Tilnn.snnt, niirSfonrnrtfiawrifilSSraB

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