The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 11, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1895
Page 8
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would attention ^ k aye lettty of tllillgs left W make them. Would call your particularly to odd pieces in- — Fine Chinas. Such as ... Gups and Saucers, Chocolate and Tea-pots, Salad and Fruit Bowls, Etc., etc. All perfect in every respect. These are really the choice ware and designs of last year, and we, owing to the hard times, made the mistake of buying more of fine goods than was needed— result: we sold off the cheaper goods, but kept these. No dealer anywhere would sell the same quality of ware at our present prices. As we only want to close them out, they are marked for Less Tlian They Cost in New York City. An inspection is invited. The Grange Store. But Some nice Crockery, Lamps, and Glassware that you will like, at the BAMS, ABSTRACTS, LAUDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. .Ambrose A. Call, President. I). H.IIutcliins, AVm. K Vlce-I'r'es. Ferguson, Cashier. ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $5O,OOO, Gaiittot Chaftg e the Bay Losing Speculatieti* A Webst « city Se&satiefi ifi Wfccfc f we sSo. ehfldrefc's Oftdefwe&f mtsa to see theft, at the ENSLAVE DtO'f H1N& Algoha at thfc MirthSstJta United Workmen Are t*fo§jserifig— Various Local interests. District Court opened oil Monday, with Judge Quarton oti the bench. The grand, juty was impaniieled and the case of Laidley Sros. >a, M. Stevens Was tried the first day. This case came up on a writ of error from justice court, and the point in dispute Was a new one in this county, involv* ing the right of an officer serving an original notice to change the day re* turnable. The officer changed the latter date and the justice gave a verdict by default, which Judge Quarton set aside after argument by Swotting for Stephens and Barslou and Raymond for the plaintiff. Only the costs were involved, as Stephens had paid the amount sued for. Judge Thomas presided yesterday, Judge Quarton having to go to Spencer. F. M.Ely is the reporter. *** The REPUBLICAN was well at the time that Algona did Former Algona RfesidSnts Figure. A surprising story is this, told by a Webster City special appear ing in the Ees Moifaes Begister of yesterday morning; Merchants in this city hare been missing goods fot some time past. Today a search warrant was issued, and at the residence of Mrs. liose Shadie, a large quantity of goods weie fottfid that had been stolen froffi C* H< Deff's dfyjoods store, it is alleged, by Mrs. Shadle and Mrs. E* Hs Piumley. The search warrant was issued aitef the clerks Claimed to have seen the ladies secreting godds and taking them from the store. The warrants were issued before 'Squire Kuowles* Tonight officers have warrants for search* ing several other residences, and it is expected they will round up as dan* gerous a gang of shoplifters as ever operated in this section. 0.1). Smith, Ass't.Oash. on ham] to loan at. reasonable rates to purtles who furnish Urst-clftss security Directors—J). H. llutchius, S, A, Ferguson, I'lilllp J)orweiler, IF, H. Vesper, Ambrooe A, Call, K. II. Spencer, Win. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL—S5O.OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. D.Clarke, 1'res., (J. 0. Chubb, Vice J'rus., Thos. U.-Lantry. Cashier (leo L (ialbraith, Frutl M. Millet', Myron Sehenck, Thos. F.Oooke. Iowa. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults, Interest PaUl for Time Boposlfs, W. H. President, Chriscliilles, Vice Presides L. tewls JJ, Smith, Cashior satisfied the wise thing in not dancing to the shoe factory music, but we were not looking for a vindication so soon as this. Here is what the Webster City Tribune says of the factory secured by that town at a great expense: "Algona don't take hold of the shoe factory. If it was proposed to establish it there on the same plan it was put up here, Algona's head is level in giving it the go-by. We contributed $160 for a lot to aid the enterprise here and it isn't worth paying taxes on. And many others can say the same. We are not able to see any good results from the shoe factory. # # # The more or less Ancient Order of United Workmen elected officers Tuesday evening of last week, and as usual elected a man who happened to not be present as outside guard. The officers for the coming term are as follows: Will Laclendorf master workman, Jas. Platt foreman, Dr. Sheetz overseer, Will Lacy recorder, Eugene Tellier financier, Geo. W. Platt~ receiver, Guy Grove, guide, ISTels Larson inside guard, James Cowan outside guard. This lodge is in a very prosperous condition. Its membership exceeds 100 and is steadily, increasing. It has a three-years' lease of the Odd Fellows hall as its meeting place and is thus very pleasantly housed. Its meetings are.interesting and are largely attended. This is one of the best things to join that has come along, and the fact, is being found out. There are a good many young farmers who have come in during the past year and have found the institution much to their liking. Each member's life is insured for $2, 000. # # * For the past few years we have had an arrangement with the N. Y. Tribune whereby the weekly edition of that paper and the REPUBLICAN could be supplied for $1.85. We have been obliged to cancel the contract with the Tribune people, who were willing to continue it only on condition that they be allowed to dictate what the two papers should be offered for, and the figure named was unreasonable. The Tribune proposes that besides giving it $50 worth of advertising during the year, we offer their paper to our subscribers for less than it costs us. We draw the line on such a bargain, and hereafter anyone who would like to read that excellent paper can get it through the REPUBLICAN office for..,85 cents. *** Algona is not only represented at the •MimiesotaTJniversity in football games, big jumping feats and cane rushes, but in literary lines takes a high place, Geo, Horton was put on the "Gopher" board at the annual election of editors of that university publication, There was a great fight aD the election and President Northrup was finally called in to settle a serious' dispute between the fraternities and the "Barbs," or barbarians, to which latter class young Horton adhered. There were two elections and Horton was named by both, so he has a good title. He is a hard student and is making a very creditable record, A complaint comes to the REPUBLICAN that no public watering place is provided in Algona for the accommodation of: farmers, who are bothered to get water for their teams. This is an unfortunate oversight on the part of the city fathers, Webster City, we are told, maintains five watering troughs, Eagle Grove has several, and Bancroft does not allow the farmers' horses to go dry through any failure on her part. Once'the pipes are laid and the troughs provided, their supply from our water works will involve no considerable expense. A town has its individuality as well as every business man has, and a town which fails to do the right thing suffers the consequences, just as any individual does, in u dwindling trade. JAKE COOMBS, The Baltimore American asks, "Ate actresses born or schooled?" and in answer to its question says: There afe many examples of both, and it is a question which will never probably be settled. Among the striking examples of the former are Jane Coombs and .Mary Anderson. Both began their careers before the footlights as stars. Both were crude in their early efforts, but possessed that genius or magnetism which carries an audience with them and has enabled them to hold their positions in the very front rank of the artists of the world. Miss Combs' success in London <it the Haymarket theater was phenomenal, also at Wallack's theater, New York, and her recent tour through Australia added to her already great reputation. Among the striking examples of the latter are Clara Morris and Fanny Davenport, who have both reached the topmost round of the theatrical ladder. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Our books are thoroughly complete, ftotie but experienced abstracted has evet written a "word In theto. Our work is done by competent persons, and Is guaranteed. Good work will cost you no more than poof. Bring your work to us and you may be sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. &3TREAL ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AKD WiLD HAY Opera House Block. & RICE Algeria* lovfA, Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. MUST HEAR FROM BRO. MAYNE. Courier: A corn husking contest between crack corn buskers is one of the excitements 'of Greene county. Records of 100 bushels a day are frequently made, but thus far Bruce Lykins, a young man, holds the belt, having husked 117 bushels in the field in eight hours and thirty minutes. He husked his first load of .52 .bushels in about three hours and a quarter. As a champion corn 'husker the Courier will back Editor Mayne, of Emmetsburg, for any amount that those Greene county fellows want to name. WELL DIRECTED COMPLIMENTS. Beacon: In writing of Dolliver, in connection with his recent marriage, George E. Roberts pays high tribute to his education, his oratory arid his statesmanship, and then adds: "Better than all this, and more creditable than anything recounted in this record of distinction, is the fact that he is a clean and pure man, an upright, high- minded, Christian gentlemen." This statement is exceedingly creditable to the oorigressman, and equally so to the editor who forms this estimate of worth and character in public life. PERSONAL MENTION. Gilli OP /FEMALE By ibis simple home treatment thousands of afflicted women orb restored to health every year. It corrects menstrual irregularities I from which nearly nil women siif- | fen 1 . Ask your dniffS'ist for McEI/- BEE'S \VKVE OF CAUDCI. • CLINTON, IOWA. Chattanooga Medicine Co.: I have been a great sufferer from female troubles for six years, and spent much money for treatment with llttlo benefit. Two bottles of McBlree' s Wine of Oardui used lately has done me more good than it all. Mrs. M. J. WALLACE &•• Ay TOW A. " ' UAFi'i'Alv $30,000. Incorporate.! ui«Utr Keueral la.vs of lowu. Deposits rwuelved. money loaned, foreign ami domestic exchange'joiifjliuiud sold. OolleciUms made promptly and a general banking busl- •aess transacted. Passaka tickets to or from the old countries sold at owest rates. Directors-W. H. fiife'liam. John (i. Smith. J. ».. .(ones, T. OhriscUllles,, M'wls H. Smith 'W. ?Vaelswori,h, " The Normal is steadily increasing its roll of students, There are now upwards of (50 on the roll. AN *^ ; ^^^ . MULLIOA& QHNSTEDT, Props. Wo do. repairing of nil kinds. Iron and brass eastings and holler work done u« *hort uotice. VlOWERS AND HINDERS OF AM^viNPS REPAIRED. We sire * •*•"> to stay- Shop east of,|lwthej:;ford House. 0- <U Somebody wrote to an edito r and ed how he would M break an ox." The editor replied as follows: "If only one ox, a good way would be to hoist him by me&ns of «, chain attached to ins tail to the top of u pole forty feet from the ground. Then hoist him by i\ rope tied to the liornsi to anollier pole, '.fhen descend on his back a five-ton pile drive}-, sjna if Wmt don't break him let him stcut a povmtry newspaper apt! tr'ust people fop subscriptions. One of the t\\'9 will " Itf E. W. Goodner was last week called to Larned, Kansas, by news of the serious illness of his father, Wm. M. Goodner, who is 82 years old. Besides the infirmities of age, Mr. Goodner is troubled with a throat difficulty occasioned by public speaking in a recent compaign when he was a candidate for a state office. The venerable man was a minister for the greater part of his life. He has two sons, one of whom is our townsman and the other is Ivan W. Goodner, who is clerk of the supreme court of South Dakota', while a daughter resides in her father's neighborhood. Ambrose Perry and wife, of Swan Lake, are spending a few weeks with their daughter, Mrs. E. V. Swetting. They will go tp Los Angeles, California, in a few weeks to visit Mrs. Perry's brother, who is 93 years of age, and will go on to Washington state at the end of the rainy season to visit their children. Mr. and Mrs. Perry have some thought of making Algooa their permanent home, which we hope they may do, Mr, Perry is frank to say that he likes Algona better than any other town he ever struck. Mrs. Rev. Southwell, came from Correctionville last Friday morning and the face of the new Metkodist minister now wears the happiest expression of anyone in the city. Mrs, Southwell will be warmly welcomed by the- Methodist people and the citizens of Algona generally. • 0. S. Blanchard, of Elmore, was visiting his sister, Mrs. A. D.Barr, of Union township, over Sunday. Mrs. Banhas been suffering for some time with cancer and is understood to be quite low at the present time. Mr. Blauchard's little gjrl came down with him. Col. T, F, Cooke goes to Des Moines to attend Gov. Drake's inauguration next month. A meeting of officers of the 1. N. G. will be held there at the same time, at which Col, Cooke will read a paper on small avms practice, v Gardner Cowles could not leave for Atlanta and Washington when he intended, owing to Mr, Goodner's trip to Kansas, Jle left Monday night, expecting to bo absent about two weeks, • Mr, and Mrs, W, J, Easterly, of Cazenoviu, Minn., ave visiting Mrs, Easterly's parents, Dr. and. Mrs, Me- Cormack, Mr. Easterly is station agent at Cazenovia. Mrs, L. B. Mann and daughter Viola left for Pomona, California, Thursday, They will spend the winter with Dr, and Mrs. B- G. Forbush. The Midland gives a good portrait of Dr- Shore, in connection with the Mew Hospital of Davenport. Ho js a mjembei' of the board. II, •&. karason and two. sop, George. and Ernest, o| Hartley, gpent ' Ins parents, Mr.- a.ji4 Jfo COUNTY AND NEIGrHBOKHOOD, The Ledyard Leader speaks feelingly of the death of "Cal." Wilson, which ocur- red at that place December 2, in his thirty-sixth year. The Loader says that at one time It was thought he would recover, and his death'was a surprise'and cast a gloom over the community. He was an active business man and had established a reputation I6r impartial dealing.'' The funeral was on Tuesday, and was conducted by the Odd Fellows lodge of Buffalo Center, the sermon being by Rev. Filkins. The remains were taken to Webster City for {burial. Mr. Wilson left a wife and adopted daughter. The friends of Col. G. W. Eddy, of Wesley, and they are many in this county,will be glad to hear this encouraging report from the Reporter: "Yesterday we called on our old friend, Col. G. W. Eddy, and though his bed lie had theold- tlme smile and gave us a hearty band- shake. Ho Is making a heroic struggle for health and its possible he is bound to regain it. His many friends hope for the best." Some of our outside cotemporarles are making skeptical comment upon the crop reports from Kossuth county, but when a man actually harvests 80 bushels of corn to the acre what is a conscientious newspaper to do but just announce the fact and take the consequence. The Wesley Reporter gives that as tho yield of M, Corey's field, which he has finished husking. No estimating about it. It would be amusing to see a congressman running for clerk of the house, especially to see Col, Henderson of Iowa after the position, as tho Burt Monitor had It. Col. Henderson would be willing to take the chairmanship of the committee on ways and means, and there are other Hendersons who could be satisfied with smaller places, The Emmetsburg Democrat says that last Saturday the Palo Alto County Bank did a $73,000 business, the greatest of- any day in tho history of the institution, This Is certainly a remarkable showing for a bank in a place like Emmetsburg^ the Democrat thinks. TJ\o Emmetsburg and Spencer football clubs played at the latter place a week ago Saturday, and Spencer won on a score of 14 to o, Another game at Emmetsburg on last Saturday was played to a different tune, SO to 0 In Erametsburg's favor. The Emmet County Republican has this significant Item; Theft., C,R,. & N, pay rolJ has reached !W5,OQO to Siq.pOO a month at this point the past few mouths, This, is about §3,000 inoro than over before, That means something; llobart had a case of burglary lastweel?, somebody breaking Into Cook Wros, stove and carrying off gopds by the wagon load, tho value of the goods taken being seveva.1, hyuflfod'dollars. Win, Pelt?, who used to, farm it «oav Algona, but who hailed jfroro Bancroft later, has gpnoiQ Maukato, they say, a,ud'< ' -'fQravory LOST ! A child's white Angora fur collar or cape, between the Baptist church andi my house'. Finder please leave at lumber office. F. S. NORTON. The best cough cure is Shiloh's Cure, neglected cough is dangerous. Stop it once with Shiloh's Cure. 2 A at - Go to Patterson & Son for your holiday goods. Their line is complete. I was nervous, tired, irritable and cross*. Karl's Clover Root Tea has made me well and happy.—Mrs. E. B.. Worden. 2 Buy. a $1 worth of goods and get a chance on the carving set at Stephenson & Stacy's. Don't miss the masquerade dance at Clarke's hall Christmas night. Everyone will be made welcome. Try our sorghum/— HUDSON.' •.••'. You can save money Stephenson & Stacy's. by dealing at "My baby had croup and was saved Shiloh's Cure," writes Mrs. J. B. " of Huntsville, Ala. by Martin For a fair deal on hardware- go to Stephenson .& Stacy's. CHEAP EXOUESIONS TO THE SOUTH On November 27 and December 11, 1895, The North' Western tane will sell excursion tickets at very low rates to a large number of points in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Indian Territory ,'- Oklahoma, Texas apd Arizona. For tickets and full information, apply to .Agents Chicago North- Western Railway. _^_- — n»^^ Pills do not cure cons fclpation, They on* ly aggravate, Karl's Clover Root Tea gives perfect regularity of the bowels, «»>-< - a ' Salt fish of all HUDSON, < kinds,— -LANGDQN; p<?n't Tokjaofo.SRit pr. Smoke Your ' : MT§ Away, y Is the-truthful, startling title of a book about No- r J?QTBac, the harmless," guaran-* teed tobacco h,atili cure .that braees up ni» cotinlzed nerves, eliminates the nicotine -Utj! poison, makes weak men gain strength/' 1 ^ W vigor and manhood, YourqnnopbysJpw^* or financial risk, as No-To4iac js.sojd- by.," F, W. BINGLEY under a >' guara/ntee. to euro or money refunded, Book free., Address, Sterling Remedy Co., Now York' or Chicago, TTfarrT >->.) ' Son, Iiaraps visjfe Patterson Fay R.ee4 is t&apWn jn in, the \R Uw very business, The shpriff Jft , says . iu g,aai'oh of A »WLWteft»« ^ J.3ULK& "JlT 'J'SV-A'^iW''^ J'f , '^m 'JUMlfr."OUT;/ROH^Jt < P'i/ "wflAl W^H iOTM? ' i, Fit ... ; %&*f V; :*'niNi 'A A,- »%;* •*ri K*fl • trft

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