The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 11, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1895
Page 7
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' . <*••-, f.^.^. _ /•' s, ,}/*"", '-V?,v.'. v *-i ^^jjg^$^'^^feSto** BfcOKMfflfift Mi Cold weather is a part of this country and is just as sure as death and taxes, and when it cornea with a. hump n^JjJ Sffij Votl'll ratfe atid tear because you didn't buy some STORM WINDOWS and tmttlietn on while thw weather was pleas- Ztti MOBALi Buy Right NOW, and buy from f? G MORTON, F * °* lMV/lii^i^» WAYS OJ 1 BUSINESS. tHE MERCHANT WHO CORRECtS ONLY ONE KIND OF MlStAKE. A Severe OtlticUm of tho Ways of Shopkeepers and Cashiers— Tho Steamboat Cleric Who Said, "We S ever Rectify Mistakes Hcte." STOCK- FURNISHED QUICK. 9 0 BEFORE THE LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-J, A. Freeh, Prop, SALESMAN To sell Minnesota groftn Nursery Stock, Seed Corn and Potatoes for spring delivery. An early start is half the battle. Three plans of,work. Pay eVel'y week. Write for particulars. THE .TTC1VKLT. JftfKSKKY CO., Lake City, Minn. •THE ffOiJjOWmO OOSll'ANircS POH CONSIDfcHATION! Company. Cash Capital. Assets Aotnr, • tfcii-tfaprf' ..... $4.000,000.00 $10.847,816.36 A-Gina, iiiuiiora. "*)""» rt ^ ..>.—'-. Phoehk. Hartford« ^ 2,000,000.00 * * J? -i •* »••••••• 1 / I/V\ /Mill f U\ f^oti tl HP n to, I !N Y* • t i t * .»»»..*•»••«»•••*••«••*•»**••••'•• -i-»'''/vj4ij'jij«*-«j Fire Association, Phila. Hanover, N, Y. • Northwestern National, Milwaukee , , Bockford, Rockford State, Dos Moincs •• LIFE. MASSACHUSETTS BENEFIT LIFE Insurance in force, 830.000; Policy holdoi's, $1,100,000 paid in death losses. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co... 1,000,000.00 500,000.00 200,000.00 200,000.00 107,000.00 Cash .surplus?, 5,588,058.00 6,754,903.00 5,101,055.00 8,345,353.00 1,862,697.00 1,021,527.00 463,214.00 SI 0,150,000, Wo boliovo this is as good a and wo solicit your patronage. Assets, $43,977,586.08 statement as can bo made by any agency in the land GREATEST SELLING .Talmago noedo no introduction to readers In any land. He Is loved by tho millions whoso hearts he has touched by his sympathetic words and stirring sermons n.hcl vfi-l.Mngs, which have been published aud scattered broadcast over the entire world. In this volume there are the best things from his best efforts, aud UiOKoninkoa boolconntouse interest and greatest value. Many write: "It is worth ••Us'veUfht in gold." There la not a dry page in it. It is a work which is welcome in, ovory home, and it is worth many times its price. , . t& TO Vi'o Rivo bolow n few samples of reports showing the great success of our Agents selling .this great book. They snow that." there is a great demand for this book, and every family desires it: MJ;. JAO. SNYDIMI, N.V., writes: "I send another, order for 30 books. Please forward nt once, nn I wish to deliver these to keep up the canyons. You know I Imvo sold within the last mpnth 78 books. This Is pretty good for o start." ~: >«r . MB. FEANK N. HKNiaNBON'/Vft., writes: "I have but llttlo trouble in Relllns this new book by Tftlinage.' 3Svory mother wishes It. Give mo the -entire county. I believe I can sell 400 copies wlthiii: the next three months." Mns. ANNA JOHNSON: "Enclosed find check for 55 books. Sold these in less than 3 weeks." Mn. A. G. BIUSY, Ga., writes: "Your book •Is just received. Every one who sees It is delighted with it. Have taken this week 15 orders and worked only 2 days." ' ' HENHV C. MCDONALD, Pa. .writes: "Kecelved my outfit 10 dovs ago and have already orders for 47 books. Canvassed altogether not quite a week." .T. E, TWITTY, Cattavagus Co., N.Y.. writes: "I send you cheek to pay for87 copies of 'Gems of Iteliglous Thought.' It is a great book. Everyone seems to want this Taliuago book. It Is gotten up In splendid style." Our Agent in S. C. writes: "Have only canvassed not quite three days and taken 25 orders. Tho only trouble is scarcity of money. Everybody says this is tho best Talmage book on the market." ; "-.•''" ' . Mn. C. L.•• JOHNSON, N.Y., writes: "My outfit came on Saturday of lust week. I have only canvassed about one day, and visited 82 families and took 27 orders, and this is my first ox-1 periencB In canvassing." ; : | MB. 0. M. GUY, of Mississippi, writes; "Your • Talmage bookis a beautiful work. I have li.od the outfit three hours and have sold six books. I believe I can sell 150 in my territory." HENRY T. BCBDETT, Ind., writes; "Will send a big order soon. Find but little trouble in getting subscribers. I have already S3, and have only canvassed three days." Mns. C. E.-NiCE, Ind., writes': "I have worked eight hours and taken 13 subscribers, Will send you an order for 60 books in loss than ten days'time." Miss J. A.VoiiTAinE, St. Louis, aio., writes: "In a few days sold 17 books." REV. L. O. EVANS reports: "In thrco days 25 books." ( i ( I I I I { I I I < I ' r To any one selling 200 copies in three months, wo will Rive I $200 $ or we will give an Estcy Organ, retail price $'ffiQ, ) to any one who will sell 110 books in three months. An \ excellent opportunity for a Church or Society to secure one J of these Organs. A 55100 Bicycle, guaranteed to bo equal L to any 8100 wheel in the market, will be given to any one who will sell 80 copies in two months. Or we will give a GOI.,15 WATCH to any one who will sell 00 copies in one month. This premium is in addition to the regular commission. Complete outfit, 35 cents. Freight paid, credit given, write immediately. We also want more Agents for "Talks to Children «ibout Jesus," 'iue Greatest Selling Book of the kind published in ten-years. Over 150,000 coiiies sold. Same Terms and conditions as on "Gems of Religious Thought." 'Outfit 85 cents, Write immediately. . H. Woodwarel Company, •'ALL, THB MAGAZINES IN ONE," Edited by AH3ERT SHAW VWS 4ft %: T HE R^V1EW OF REVIEWS, as its implies, gives in ? readable form the best 1 that appears in the other great magazines $.11 qyer ihg wprjld, gen«rglly on" the same, date that they are published. With the recent, extraordinary increase pf -worthy periodicals, 1 these careful reviews, spiracles, an( j 'giving the wprth the ' > fern -t ti a-'i^'prpgrf^-Qf the Workl'Ms > ^j|;tl^t!4rt/^ays jvst past,- i^fiffil, %tf f . feK',; iTo one perceives tho 'Wisdom, and indeed the necessity, of accurate bookkeeping iliofe fully than your munbla servant, who can't keep books to save her life and Who finds herself approaching dementia every time she endeavors to balanco a cash account. But why in all bookkeeping systems, from banks to the smallest retail shop, is it invariably the •customer who gets cheated if anybody? Tell ton, ye winged winds, which o'er my pathway roll! It is useless to contradict and say that it isn't. Tho one exception in a thousand years does not count against the millions of oppos- 1 ing instances. I have lately read the pathetio account by some recluse, who never: goea shopping, of the bloodthirsty monsters who take* more change than is due them and stalk out, leaving no address behind them, little recking tho sufferings of the poorly paid employee who has to make good the deficit out of his or her own pocket. Fudge 1 No such mistakes occur, or, if they do, they aro rarer than fresh vegetables on a country table. In all largo establishments there is a hawk headed Horus at tho "desk" waiting to pounce on a mistake in tho customer's favor of 1 cent, and rnany's tho time ovciy ouo of us can testify tho little slips have been returned to bo corrected of mistakes to our credit, while we fumed. Thank goodness, there are instances in which tho sharpshooters have wounded themselves. Once I was on a "sound 1 ' boat going from Now York to Fall River, and tho man at the desk gave me a $5 bill too much iu change when paying after supper. There was something of a crowd, but that mistake would havo made itself evident to mo in a mob. I dashed back and said, "You've made a- mistake iu my change." "Can't help that," Raid the lordly clerk. '' We never rectify mistakes here.'' "Oh, you don't?" retorted the head of the party. "Well, it will cost you something this timo, for you havo given us $5 too much. But if you never rectify mistakes yon aro tho loser for once.'' It is foolish to dwell on tho sequel, and I havo forgotten it. I only remeni- ber that tho young man, palo and agitated, danced in supplication around tho unmoved figxiro of the stern admouisher for some minutea. I suppose ho got his money, and I daro say there was no law upholding ouo in keeping it, but I hope, at this distance of timo, lie didn't. One day, not long ago, I was at a furnishing "shop in State street, Chicago, buying a tio. The price was $1.60, and I presented the man with a $2 bill. He swung over the little birdcage on a telegraph lino and it came swiftly back with a CO cent piece. . Seeing another tie for that price, I handed back the change and was fibout to leave, when a voice came from the elevated desk at the other end: "Hi! This half dollar is counterfeit!" Although it was a ' public. place and I am a retiring lady, I burst wildly forth into a clarion shout of joy. It is so seldom a modest customer has the chance of beholding a natural enemy caught with his own quicklime. The mortification of the salesman eeryiug me was something to see. It did me good for a whole day. Sending a counterfeit half dollar cheerfully and with promptitude in change and repudiating it 'on its return tho next minute 1 It was a sharp game aud a little too sharp. Everybody who shops much knows that it is next to impossible to get a "returned" article credited, or, indeed, for. If j r ou take two rugs on ap- County Map Of The South, Free, If yon are interested in the South and would liko to have a county map showing the pritKMinil counties in detail in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and a portion of Mississippi and Florida, send your address to P. Sid Jones. Pass. Agent. r.irmnigltnm, Ala., or C. P. At- ifiore. (roii'l Pass. Agent, Louisville, Ky. This map is made to fold up in convenient form, and contain letters written by several northern people who have settled at different points on the Louisville & Nashville K. R. M. r. HAOOAfiT). G. F. PEEK. Haggard & l j feek$ Successors to JONES & SMITH. ABSTRACTS, HEAL ESTA1E, COLLECTIONS. AlGONA, - - - - IOWA. A Generous Offer-$200.00In Gold Given, 11. II. Woodward Company, Baltimore, Md.. ure making a very generous offer of ?200.(X)to anyone who will sell within three months 200 copies of "Talks to Children about Jesus/' This is one of the most popular books of rccontycare. Agents often sell from 10 to 15 couies a day. It contains a great many beautiful illustrations, ami is Fold at a remarkably low price. They give credit, and pay freight, tilid sr*n(l complete canvassing outfit for 35 cents. It is .1 list the book to be sold for the liolklay;-. They also offer an Estey Organ, retail price $270, to anyone who will still 110 books in three months. It is an oxet'llout opportunity for a church or society to secure one of these organ's. A S100.00 bicycle lo bn given for selling 80 copies in two months, or a gold watcli for selling 00 copies in one month. This premium Is in addition to the regular commission. They have also published a new book, "Gems of Religions Thought," by Talmago, which is having a largo sale. Same, terms and premiums as jn "Talk* to Children about Jesus." Agents who do not got any (.t't.ho premiums are given a liberal commission. They also make a speciality of ol her books and Bibles for Xmas ho'liiluy.-,. Write them immediately. On Real Estate. HOXIE & BRUNSON. P. L. SLAGLE, Almuifucluici of and deal or In Harness and Harness Goods Al.GOiS'A. IOWA. Ohristenscn'soUl «tand, opposite Tcnnnn Oousu. : Shop in tho Byson oi! the Court House. building, soutl A. 13. Clarke & Co,, FARM LOANS, Rear Algona Stato Bank. AtiGOXA, IA. Geo, C, HEAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For Information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to him. State street. AtGOttA, IOWA, OKO. E. CIjAIlKK, Clarke CTTAS. A.COHKNOiJR & Coheiiotti', ATTORNEYS AT LAW, A£GONA, IOWA. Gco. R. Cloud, (Successor to W. K. Qnarton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALGONA, IOWA. O/Hce over Kossuth County State Bank. Sullivan & McMalioii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, PostolHce Block. AI,GONA, IOWA OMoa ttfAftB filfOSfftOtft to Atlanta, Ga., Sejrtefflbef 1 31, 1865, The schedule printed below is hensivp guide to thebest and ffldst .ible route to Atlanta from the north ftrttt northwest, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cinch!* nati, Louisville, St. Louis, Terre tlaute, and Evansville. t Palace day coaches and Pullman sleep* Ing cars are attached to all trains showfi in this schedule. Extremely low rates have been made to Atlanta and return, via the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railway. All trains run solid between Nashville and Atlanta, except, train in last column. The train in third column, which leaves Cin* cinnati at4:30 p. in., runs solid to Atlanta. This is the route of the famous "Dixie flyer" through "all the year round" sleep" ing car lino between Nashville, f 01111,4 and Jacksonville, Fla. E. V. Swotting, A TTORNK7 A T LA W, Money to loan. A LGONA, IOWA. .1. L. I10XAH. Bonar II. H. FELLOWS. & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will receive prompt attention. .Rooms 8 and !), Alg'oim Suite Bank Bl'dg. Uriiuch ofUco at Wesley, Iowa. A I.GONA, IOWA. Oici rt crj Ml- BSE t^SS BSS SBc •g oeu- §5^ c c c P: C C o o o a. Cud. ess as 3 883 sag ;3 • s o- ass ss s • y • 0 O -^»™ bo? > is *>T: .2.25 • f h>! £ S 3 DCJC) - a o JijJ sas s?.a Ml- — saa 3 D.O. H S S aa &D, aes aSS 38§ aaa a u OBW St. Loiii Evansv Nashvtl ' to 8i — s a Danson & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Ofiiuo In Gardner Cowles' new building'. ALGONA, IOWA. Welt Miller ANDREW HANSON. proval-—I mention rugs because yoxi ca'u't very 'well return thorn by hand— and state clearly ami plainly and over and over tho price of tho one you have kept and tho ouo you wish returned, yov arc inoro likely than not to flud bo'4> ou your bill tho nest mouth, and yo\> (iro Hkoly to find tho rug day after day Jittering your hull unless you tele- pb.«>no twjco a day aud eud by flouncing yourself in (\ vage and demanding uistimt removal. Of course if it is IOHK you aro charged with it, any- w*j Tho other jiight, when it was very Ijni toino friends of a lady in moderate pjrpnmstwces dining with her suggested *• drive in the park, Ono of the men telephoned for n laudau, and at tho end of tho drivo paid f QJ- 1 **< Tho nest week tlie bill gaino in—to tho lady.' Now of cqwuw this was an, apoideut, But why dQHxi't tho other accident eyer happen? Wbv should thousands of bills come in to u? puid twioe, while by PQ oversight or ud inauwgemeut does, a bill ovey get |oi'g?Uei4orovwlool?e4? Mopey getting, grwi»S' 'SJ-'eedy generation -of shop- ke^p^i's! Business is bijsinessj if you, Ul^e, )mj business neecj not-bo a out' U»ro^t, liloQ^w'ety gysteni pf demand-. Mig wlijtjLis'not due, wed, it? Mn'^t it be iu this way tljat men grow no}i? }$ j§,t»eoav(se only one kindnO^ juis- t^keg peon'), 1 tb^t ono J8 -justiffe^ jn $4nk/ |ng < Jhap 0»lv , one,, k.JH4. *~ "-' NOT, IStli, -C, H, BLOSSOM, You will find it an easy matter to keep ATTORNEY AND COUNCILOR AT LAW. Collections made. All huslnuss promptly intended- WESLEY, to. For further Information address Briard P. Hill, northern passenger agent, 328 Marquctto Builcling, Chicago, 111., ll. C. Cowardin, wcstoni passenger agent. 405 Ry. Exchange Building, St. Louis, Mo., or D. J. Mullanoy, eastern passenger agent, r>0 W. Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. W. L. DANLKY., G. P. & T. A., Nashville, Tcnn. V y* '1 *: •:$ jfi fk V* .•M! J IOWA. . . S.. S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Chrlschllles' Store. AtGONA, IA. . ' L. R.-Garfleld, M. D'., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, State street. AZ.GONA, IOAVA. J.'Reuefick, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. AT.GONA, - - IOWA. AND DRILLING. We mauliincrv of all sizes for boring or drilling iwells. Water gjiaranteod or no p:iy. Call on or address, GALLION' BROS., Bancroft, la. ^i trustworthy nion to represent us in the salo of our (Jlipico Nursery Stock. Specialties controlled by us. Uig'liest Salary or commission paid weekly. Steady em-~' ployrneut the year round. Outfit free; exclusive territory; experience not necessary; big pay arsured workers; special inducements to beginners. Write at oneo for particulars to i Allen Nursery Co., ROCHESTER, N'. Y. Wanted Salesmen Dr. H. C. McCoy, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Alg-ona, Iowa. Office with Dr, Garfleld, State street. Residence McGregor street. Dr. L, A. Sheetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled, Deals iu Paints, Oils, Books, Perfumeries, Etc. Oor, State and Thorlugton. AfcGO Of A, IA, always at t&6 right temperature Tftey are Quick Bakers Superior Cookers Powerful Heaters. A ^ryitteii guarantee witfo one. :-.' baa to QttJy. looks' ' The 'oj,; ' P.T, DENTIST. A, Li. Bist, B. ». S,, T,ocul anuesithotlo i'ov deadening pain in gums -when extracting tooth. AI.GONA. IOWA. IS, S, GMislev, P, R, S,, DENTAL ROOMS. Over the Algxmci State, Bank. \Vo want one or t . w o GO O» MEN in each county to take orders for a Choice line of NUUSKBY STOCK or SEED POTATOES, Stock and seed guaranteed. Wo can g'ivo you Steady Biuitloyiiieiit with Goodl'ay. It will cost you nothing-to gl^o it n trial. Slate when writing- which you prefer to sell. Address The Hawks Nursery Co., Milwaukee, Wis. Salwrj or Commission to good Fust belling Imported Specialties. ; StocK Failing to Li?e Reslaced Free,, We sell only High Grail o Stock Hurt >• true to Name, Also Pure Seed Potato Stock pur, Specialty Loader- / > ' \' Address E( D, LDTCHFORD SCO,, ' Special attention given to savlnu thv natural ' teeth, Ue bo^t of modern anaestliotles uacd to make pporsvtions as painless us possible, AI-GONA, tQAVA. ;an Protective Tariff is a,|y|tiwl organisation "Projiffijipn to American U §5 explained by its Wp&9, j^vsjy ki"^ P, V, M,, icQownJpdatiojis. Qffloe wogt ,qf 4iwn'u Wvei'y Sttiblp. , io w*r BOCHBSTBE, N. Letters promptly answered, _ , DEPARTURE of OHIO AGO, W1LWAUKE3? AND !3T ( , LOUAJj 2 passenger;, ...,...,,.,,.,...,,40 ;22 _ ,, 76 freight purries pa?f)fingers ' *, 8 s20 p 3So, 91 freight; carries passeiigorg,., \ ;45 p No, No. No, No," No, No, 71 fi-(;»p'Ut carries passengers,, 93 f ro'.giit cables pn»en$9ii? . , Passenger, y&s, '<Wl ^ iQI

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