The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1895
Page 7
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TEMPERANCE NOTES. fHE tlME TO STOP. It Is fcefoto the fntrt*lputlng top fo'dCheS the Ijips. "Mamma, may I have a piece of pie "No, Panny. /ought not to be eating this." ITatitty looked wistfully at her moth- Sf as she saw her lift nnother piece to her mdtith, and then sisked pleadingly: "0 mamma, just a little piece?" ' "No, Fanny: it is wrong- for ms to be eating this. You can not have nny." Fanny leaned back in her chair, f here were tears iti her eyes, and a puzzled expression of countenance was observed. She could not understand-why her mother ate what she knew to be injurious and denied it to her daughter, xvho thought it very enjoyable. Well, it appeared to me. very incon- Bistcut, yet we know the same inconsistency is being carried on every day. Parents sometimes have intoxicants upon the table, yet tell the children they are not good for thc-in. "It is a Billy habit," they say. "My boy, do -.lot begin, it. .We smoke, we driuk.but it is not good for you /" In the first case the mother said very plainly to her daughter: "I lack character! I have no will-power!" Yet Bhe expected the young and undeveloped girl to do what, she proved was impossible for her to do. Could the little daughter respect her? I think not. The parent who says by example, if not by v.-onls, "I do a weak thing; you must,"not, do it," places himself in a po- titirn Ii, 1 ^ ' ' '"O'l at by his child. 1 \i ' '' iiow when to stop; in • ' i "i not (flit e sure and that Is 'before the glass touches th* lips.-fcmily fl. Stryker, in National Temperance Advocate. A PERPLEXING PROBLEM. HUSHED IN A KtOf CALL New York Police jfteservea Create a Wild Commotion. • . ., homo \c. i , >, in ;• curtain city, there lived a brilliant man who "knew when to stop." He was relined, talented, intellectual; at the head of an educational department; the compiler of a well-known music book that was used in nearly all the schools of the city. He was beloved and respected by' his assistant teachers and his pupils, and an insinuation on the part of any person relating to his character or reputation was sure to arouse deep indignation. A rumor was ailoat. "Can it be true?" I asked. "No," was the reply, "it is not true! It is circulated by a man who is his enemy and who desires to work him out of his position." "Is he a strictly temperance man?" ^ I asked. "Weil, I can't say that he is. He may take a glass occasionally, but lie knows token to stop ! He does not take enough to hurt him." Two IMma-iH of Alcoholism in 1'fntu-A-Con- n'.clprril b.f Chambtr Of tX-tmticH. Something very like ft temperance address v> as made in the French c-hnm- ber of deputies the other day by M. Lannelongue in discusi-ing piopo'fd reforms in the tax M strong drinks. M. Ijanuelongiie argued against an increase of tax, though he cited in support of his argument the saino class of facts that have been urged in favor of high license and the suppression of the drink Iraltic. He asserts that there are two phases in the history of alcoholism in France, One anterior to 1M5, the other MIK-O that date. Before 1355, the annual consumption of fruit brandio;; was twelve times as great as the consumption of brandies made from materials other than fruits. Alcoholism, previous to 1885, was very rare in France. There were occasional deaths in a few hours from this cause, and there were cases of delirium tremens, but ordinarily the alcoholism of that period left few permanent' traces upon its victims. Drunkenness was frequent, but i-t was a temporary drunkenness, and there were some that believed it to be good and useful. Then came the period after isr>5, when wine alcohol failed and alcohol frt»m grains began to be used t tenstvely. The quantity drunk per head in France more than trebled in a few years, and at the same time crimes and suicides greatly increased in number. AVith the use of the industrial alcohols came a sort of permanent drunkenness, and imperious nve I to which the individual was not alwa;\ able to < ffer successful resistant^. -In the presence o£ disease men olior _ sistance, but ' the characteristic' ol the new alcoholism i that • it renders men incapable of insistence to infection. The man of forty is compared to the man of sixty in thisj regard, and even an old man without organic disease offers more resistance in the face of a malady, because his tissues are not altered as are those of the man that has fallen victim to the now alcoholism. It is not the rich classes who are in this pitiable state, M. Lannelongue said, but the poor, who, ill-nourished and lodged in sunless rooms, add alcoholism to their miseries. These are the persons that pay the tax on alco- Qalct Mdffcot Scene Transformed Into & Bedlam Verging on ft Ulot—Trouble Cnnaocl by n Norvous and Frljjht* toncit Sanitary SALESMAN WANTED, To sell Minnesota crown .Nursery Stock, Seerl Corn and Potatoes for Spring delivery. An early start is half the battle. Three plans of work. Pay every week. Write for particulars. JKTVIiX! JttmSERY CO., Lake City, Minn. GRIAT SALE -OF- ••White Swan Hudson's. Flour" at LanRilon J)r. Roberts, sanitary superintendent of the health department of New York city, got panic-stricken the other day and turned in an alarm to the board of police foimui°Monors Unit vti'f-ed big' excitement for awhile. The excited superintendent by telephone suddenly demanded an interview with President Eooscvelt. Then he said he wanted fifty policemen at oiiee at Hester and Division streets. There n i-jot in the market there, he said, and he requested that the reserves bo sent immediately. Mr. Jioosevelt Kent Roundsman Tier- ncy downstairs on a run and messages were flashed out from Acting Chief Conlin's desk ordering the reserves of the Bovcnth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth precincts to the place of danger. In five minutes they arrived on a dead run, hot and clutching 1 their clubs they ran from every point of the compass. Their warlike array burst upon a scene of placid industry and contentment. In the crowded market that extends all along Hester street 1,000 peddlers were carrying on a thriving trade. Not a word of warning had prepared them for the sudden interruption of policemen. The patrolmen on the post stared in nmur/.emeiit and hastened up to inquire what was the matter. Not an ill word had been spoken on thy street all morn- in;r. Never was there a more peaceful holiday market. The arrest of half a hundred butchers for selling live fowls had passed ofl! without a ripple of excitement and the prisoners had been taken to the Essex Market police court and there their cases disposed of. The east end of Division street was a solid mass of bluecoats and the peddlers in the market were beginning to move uneasily when suddenly, with clangor of alarm bells, the patrol wagon from the Elclridge street station tore down Hester street from the opposite direction. It was jammed with policemen, others hanging on behind and still others following after. At the sight pushcart men and huck- For a fine drink try our Drainoml col'i'ne and May Bud Tea, at Langdon & Imlson's. —IN— For crockery afc wholesale prices. Call at Patterson & Son. r ew figs and iif-c! (Uocery. dates at the Opera Flaiinuls for less than prices at the Grange Store. i'ree wool Chase & ISanborn's famous Boston CoflVes and Seal Brand Tea for sale on- 1> by Walker Bros.—ISti' Southern Minnesota, THE NEW YORK. A Religious, Literary ait(1 Family prqicr. jiiiialional 'inMaepd and Impartial p-ipr-r for clri-jrirnnri. "-liolrtM. foactiorsi l) U <.jpi.«., nir-u nntl familiP-i. It dlscvt'S- ^ c , c%t .-..y fipif of the day— ri-'ljrl- i ti <! cnl"?;<, I i> ililital. lit ( i ny. oci;il. iirtlstii' :ui'l -(•it i/.f'.'. It fon(iH>u1- Thf-> <-oll tiiul ami !'i-t- on 10t) (Children's closiks at a bargain Jolin i i anoint 1 ' at Everytliins good to eat at the Opera House Grocery. County Map Of The South, Free. Ii' you interested In the South and \\ould liUo to havo a county map showing the iiiincipal countip< in detail in llu 1 Mtiti^ of Kentucky, T(Miiios-.ce. Alabama and a portion oi MKbi-sippi and Floiida, wnd \unr addresa to P. Ski .lono-. A;;i nt, HirniiiiRhiiiii, Ala., or ('.''• moif, (icn'l Pas-. Agent. Louies ill'\ Ivy Thi- map is made to [old up m COIIMMI- icnt Idiin, and contain Irttoi-- \\rlttcn liv M>si-i!il uoiUicrn poopliMvho limt 1 dtlid :il dilb ir'iit point-, on the Loiii-Ml JNa luillc 11. U. In the I'ci tile MMiii- -ota Vull i ich pinhii' l.uiiU ai n dm in i' vi'i > piotlncthe. Tin >< -ola K well '< ttii'il ami \w- '-i i hoii "- nmlchnu'lie". Tli^e 1 nut an c.iled niMvTun Iov\ v ('OT.M-.-S . neai ton. Minn . a blight new tov i c-1.1--locition lot .ill KiniN ol bii-Mn" I!lne .lo'i'l h<iygio\ s MI 'ihiiinl iiici Ihc npian 1 piaine, in.'Kin-? it n Ii"' 1 "'<"' coiintiv. We!ii(««« Hii"; tin 1 i'cli<i!ci">i u on \ery ca-\ 1eim^ at pi ice lunn 1..'U 10 -I 1 ';) pel acie. (Mi' lifili c <- ] i and <> v>r <•< n' inteic-t. lift pcrli el :ind no p.ivmcnl tin- •-econ I vai v,o M .M- to mat e M cd id p.uiiu'iit i op, u i'l pav f'oi the l.uid. \ v t liatc lound trip lare 10 pmchuM'i- aci es 0 \ ur the Noi thw e-1 ei n Ij'ne. 50,000 Acres of Fine Selected Lauds At $1O to S? 1 3 Per Acre. !(,() UlOirn IMPROVED l''AUM!- for ".ile on e,i^ lei in- at "-I I to ^17 per au within ',' > 1o 5 mile- ol' I!. U. to>Mi^. ill-' M-\ei;il •-"cli'Mi l.irm :rul 1.! s-i clion-_ ol land. We al-o !i!i\e <-ome linelv nn- iio\ed Uim- neai 1'. II. Mation-. at fion ! > pec acie on t t- V teim . , HOLLOW AY, Agt. BANCROFT, IOWA. • 1 iiicli 1'ic niM-l \vi 1!( 1 1 I II! o iot It ptniil writers ii' i .!! I jtirili A i,, i). i ,,,,.,( i- i i iii-" % (it'll .si 1 ' 'I' \\,,n I'M \ !H> i< a ' \ j, ;],, i ( ]l ' 1 lt n UM! in f in • A]) '!)' ' ii/i '••ii V> ll I il.l I' .1 J"."' . n >ju r for i'. :(U' by 1 i \-\\vr nt - t f1 ho 1 i • H ini'J" Ml" Cli ll '1 ". I II! V fill one- De. n.i'.i rl Mlv fitu .1 IM mi n. il'u "' if mi'il 'I'' 1 "I Ixnli 'V - il.itil- f"i Hi' I 1 ". I'' ll'l' i» OUM' i'ncl . t 11(1-0 lll- .lll'l ie- ol - U' l''', -''!:')«! .< '.II (!<>!! <>,' i <u kcr^i HOHS T< (!•!• PlitlllS, IMPO' • l "i -in in lliiil it i^ piei> i' d l<> ii 1'iii^i/m*', pill.II-'it'll i" land. J'-iiii' (' !">'! (» i tii. n"li'eii(in limn piibli Ii jiosttin tv i- 'ipi n 'H'l r 1 iM'l i T MDI.V J. i .l">n ( i or iiiiiu I1IL 10(1111-. .I'l I tui'ii mini. c ID I 4 s > llb- ' , li' I JIJ'C SO, 'i ur, ill pul'S OI* i Minn i v, Kns- i i ales. . '1 hi , •1. !!(.' H-t Ol l'. o'n iiirl'\ iiln i'-- or nil, t" vill I) • ' ivi ii by p.ip- iul- ie- for nn<i i>n>t <i ('St / / I'U , i i oo, i if n! Jc(' nttc G. F )0 t V/I "TRIALTRIV" cue Monlb 25c. THE INDEPENDENT I 1 . O. A ticnsrom 0^,— ir 00.03Iu GoldGivm. i!. II. Wooth.iUd ( onipany. M(\., vreinaking a \i ry geneions oiler ol t- '(,o.()0to anyone «ho \\ill s-ell Vvithin llnec months '.'00 copies of "Talks to C'liildren about Jesus,/' This is onooi tin 1 most popular hookb of leeentyeare. Agents olU'ii sell from 10 to 15 conies a day. It contains a great many beatitilnl illustrations, and is sold at a remarkably low r > hi tin -OCH t.V \> ll !j- ll.l t at, De. I 1 ; and !>', on M, iil , 1 i..)'!! 1 -" II Tiie-iKiy, Tl'ie heiulii'nTirl.nrs'w ill h • at, the- Kii'u- \\ood lioti'l. \\ IK ie reduced nile lia'.e been An uniiMisilly lull atKMidanee is hoped In' 1 , no' only lor member, but or all illleie tdl in the tulva -icemenl ofholtU'lll- luie. Pioffiaiiis \\ill be t."iit to all applicants by the societun. See pafco Horticultural Report • 1 IbU") for Ii winter leiii Lin" is no'v ;;](>,illy icdueitl u" cits sells to Csili- holic drinks. It has been estimated t f . ters took to their heels, sure they were that French workingmen expend annually 1.200,000,000 francs upon alco- holic'drinks, and that English workingmen expend even more. M. J-'an- nelongue quoted "a French statistician as putting down alcoholism as the chief factor in pauperism. To tax alcoholic drimts at a higher rate, M. Lannelongue argued, would be to malce still greater inroads into what the French workingman should devote to the needs of his family. TEMPERANCE COMMANDMENTS price. They give credit, and pay freight, ,, ni .i premiums oll'erofl lor wint iind «cnd complete 1 canvassing outfit for^rjoi'^^Hts and llowers. rents. It id lust tho book to be sold tor M. E. HIXKT.ICI. 1'rp t, IS 1 ho holidays'. They also offer an Estey J. Jj. Hem), Sec y, Amos, J' ; > ol to lib- exhibit in x t icV els J't UK: lu.uilUi :ind lornia. Plom . Me\ieo, AikiiL'-i!'), Lounuami, sippi. (le.orciu. \(uUi Oarolin;i. South Caioliiiii, Tcime.sncc and Alabama. L- tickets find inll intormation apply o agents Cliicago te Northwest* ry Ivy- 7-10 tho holidays. They . Organ, retail price, 6270, to anyone, who will sell 110 books in three months. It is an excellent opportunity for a church or society to secure one of these organs. A s?l00.00 bicycle to he. given for selling 80 copies in two months, or a gold watch foi selling 00 copies in one month. This Marcus, la. la. $300 GIVliN V< BOOK SEO..TNG- A XALMAUK. In another part pf our notice an Woodward Co., paper yon will of tho R. II. Md. They HE STAGGERED ALONG. Well, ,lie resigned his position, and it was s'aid that his enemy had hunted him down. Perhaps it may have been so. Ine fact that he took an occasional glass was sufficient cause for slander. Had ,he avoided the appearance of evil, the 'enemy could not have harmed him. We all felt sorry that he had given him cause, and hoped that the injured man "knew when to stop," Years passed away. It was a lovely summer afternoon, when I stood at the station of a railroad in a country village, My attention was suddenly attracted by the shouting of some rude boys. I turned and saw coming down the slope of a hill a prematurely old man. Ue tottered as lie walked. His clothes hung upon him in the most 1 slovenly manner- He was in his shirt sleeves, and he staggered along, while the boys enjoyed the sport. One Of the village people said to me: "That is Mr. « . He has been drinking again! What a pity! He is such a fine musician, and once was at the head of a school, He goes into the parlor of the hotel and gives such floe music, and often become so enthused, 'when he is under the influence of j lUmor, that he has to be .competed to leave" the piano- .H« is ft ^H man, It is so sad to see him ridiculed , by those boys!'' Mas! it w&s the teac> ep that I knew pf years ' b.efoVe. He might well hare said: "They that are younger than I have me i» derision, whose fathers I svonld h aY e di&d.a,iRed. ; to hare set with the dogs olH^---'-"' In your chUdhP9d. did you. to fun Aown a steep hill? Whw.y<w were well op *» e way wnW y«W BQt! QB..«»yWW8B> ywfc™-, — 4ttfll j _ _._ ; "TliouShnlts" of n Kusslan Total Ab-- Ktlncnco Society. The temperance society of Odessa, Russia, has published*in its Listok the following 1 ten commandments: 1. Thou shalt try to lead a sober life. 2. Thou shalt not treat the fellows with spirituous drinks.' 3. Thou shalt not rent any part of thy house, thy store or thy shop as a place for the sale of spirituous drinks. 4. Thou shalt not trade in spirituous drinks. 5. Thou shalt not engage in the manufacture of intoxicating liquors and wines of any kind. 0. Thou shalt preach against drunkenness. 7. Thou shalt persuade all thy friends and acquaintances to join the temperance society, 8. Thou shalt never repeat or circulate an opinion in favor of the drinking of intoxicating beverages. 9, Thou shalt do all that is in thy power to prevent others drinking intoxicating beverages. 10, Thou bhalt watch the doings of those who trade in spirituous drinks and promptly report to the authorities and of the actions by which they criminate themselves before the law, —Templar. to be arrested between the two advancing columns. Instantly there was a jam and wild uproar. Thousands following the patrol wagon ran in from every side street, and Hester street became in a moment impassable. The patrol wagon was caught in the jam. The driver swore, the horses reared, women shrieked and ran to their children and the men gathered in knots and cursed the police loudly. There was every promise and prospect of a riot in the market that a moment before was so peaceful, when the patrol wagon found a gap in the crowd and slipped through. The crowd gave way and the police pushed forward toward Division street, where they joined the reserves from three other precincts standing about asking each other what was the matter. The crowd following caught the ru- rnor of a riot and took in the situation. It scattered, jeering, and the market resumed its peaceful aspect. The reserves went home in ill humor. To the anxious inquiries of Acting Chief Conlin over the wire as to the riot the answer was retxrrned that it was a hoax. Then President Roosevelt got mad and gave Superintendent Eoberts a verbal dressing down. The latter pave the lame excuse that he feared trouble in arresting the Hebrew dealers in live fowls. The sale of live chickens in New York city is prohibited under the sanitary code. Though he had ffty sanitary policemen in the market he did not think them enough. The chances are Dr. Roberts will have to stand trial for his poor judgment. ., making a mist generousCoffer of^OO ad Children about Jesus." Agents who do hug a great! _ not get any of the premiums arc given a ho to 15 copies a day. u T ., n , a bcral commission. They also make a They also advertise their booK Id, us iality of other books and Bibles for to Children about Jesus." This hook has holidays Write them immediately, been out several copies have been ovc. ASK vimr physician, your druegist and most popular y^r'^iendyout Shiloh's Cure for Con- lished They give, 1, sumption. They will recommend it. Patterson <£ Son want your They are paying Uc. per dozen. 11S1H--U •' -I- Li.\J 1 gjiiv>*tv-*"~~-- - , tins also, and their agents are making handsome profits in selling both ot thes eggs, books. Write them at once. UKNCn MOT l j eiman- lUx'ral <>«iiimlHsion. Pay weeklv.) Special .ulvantuscs tolu-isiuneis, Stouk compluto \\itli liiM-ii'llmg speciuHies. Addrc&s K. . . Stouk compluto \\itli liiM-ii'llmg speciu IVeauniamccwliattcemlvrrtiw. Addrc&s, G1-.KN.BKOS., Niisi-rjiurn, Itooliohtor. Y. (This house isrehiibie.) ii-i One Cent a Copy. The twice a week edition of the Sioux City Journal, issued on Tuesday and Friday of each week, containing the very latest telegraphic news and complete market reports fresh from the wires at time of going to press, will be sent to any address at the following cash in advance rates: ^ m One year * ™ Six mouths j™ Three months •& . , Sample Copies, free. Address, Perkins Bros. Co., Publishers, Sioux City, Iowa. On Real Estate. HOX1E & ^BRUNSON. P. L. SLAG-LE, Maimfactuvor of and dealov In Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. • Ohristonson's old stand, opposite Teinmnt- House. . ,Ss.rf.,1 OIT.r.nadooj1^,1,1,,S3««ff 1 SSJ?ISf I fflK '' 1 "^SSiSSSSwfcJKS^a?— riii«D«j » TIMING .PLUMBING You^paWyteacUer.friend parents or your^^^^^^ , it 5m last a life ^^^^^/^^^^^c 55KT .nve^atlon. fiSfidS «f'^^ SSnSJ^^Ml: Thenew"auaeSlrolyuVio. tlie .time 3 Vournaator. teacuer, rrienu, imicin.0, UL j^^-. "—•"•--— -ii v,,,:i n ^aa nr nrolesslonai man, uutuwu-i •"•v • I'^r 1 Shop in the Byson of the Court House. building, south various branclics of knowledge. scholars as etc,, •', {*% 't y ANDREW HANSON. TUo \V«y to t}ie Poorhowse, John Reeve, the comedian, was ones aceo&ted in the Kensington road, by au elderly female with a small bottle of gin in her hand. "Pray, sir, I beg your pardon, is this the way to the uoorhoufee?" Jolm gave her a look o! clerical dignity, and pointing to the bottle, gravely said: "No, ma'aw but that is. "^-Charleston Messenger. FAQTS ANP FINPINGS, screen in the saloon door that tl\e devil can sometimes ,fee ashamed of himself, -rRam's Uprn- q?>yp^TT T PNR tewperanoe associations have osew fopme§ in India during \yinter, with an enroilment pew roetftters r < dovU-flffbta fl&rd JQP the sftleou knows that while » w ean stay Uesouod tho Thrush from Passy. A thrush hopped about the grassplot in the rear oi! the city hall in New York the other morning 1 , when a hungry-looking cat darted out of some neighboring shrubbery, cleared the surrpunding wire fence in, a, bound, and, dashing across the green sward, seized the bjrcl and began tp make off with it, George Reilly, who is employed in the city law department, vaulted over the railing and forced the cat to give up its prey, 15e carried the bird away with him, PI She psort the Pol. A new use for a dpU has been ered by an ingenipns kpndon thief. A woraan who was, arre<#e4 foy stealing from O^P P! the large dpygpo4e shops was fpunfl to h»YP hee» carrying what everybody supposed tq be a hahy, POT what in reaUty,tw»e4 m\to he a huge dpU with a wax f aee a»& hollow leathern bq4y, It was the tbfof H QU^PW to AFTERS* Monday, Nov. 18th, C, H, BLOSSOM, r.'. Tbe American Protective Tariff if-^ national prganiwtion ad tQ Am§tic&» i pf this by sstariffnUnporti, » w^ironunoiafion and varlQUi 8iaftn*9C8i - .il* '. tlfesaSMfflf » P* •» »«»

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