The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1895
Page 5
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•<1? ? l*- ^ .]> 3 Holiday Goods mm sanam An Enterprising Cedar Rapids Spinster Plans to Take It For Her Own Use. Abundance* 14-Cent Corn Prices. Do not mistake the place,- She Could Wear Pants in an Emergency, But Her Game was Too Thin to Succeed—To Jail She Goes. STUDLEY'S 'PHARMACY. COWLES' BLOCK, ALGONA; IOWA.. For Kindling, at tmiB.i.»j"^'T* i-. • — county during his brief residence, Eugene C. Stahl. The paper is published at Juneau City and is. an interesting paper. Juneau, according to the schedule of the Pacific Steamship Com__ »,,.,,;«^.iii 4-ltn "Mown ifi fnill* 2iio. children's underwear for 20c. Don t miss to sec them, tit the NEW ENGLAND CLOTHING STORE. pany appearing in the News, is days' ride from Tacoma and seven days from San Francisco. It is well fixed for ice at this season. There wsis a pleasant interchange of courteses between the Relief Corps and the Grand Army post last week. At the Grand Army meeting Wednesday evening the ladies gave the veterans a surprise visit and served coffee and doughtnuts, and Friday morning when the Corps met, the Grand Army returned the compliment and treated to cake and other delicacies, including a liberal supply of Mr. Howe's justly popular ice cream Jas. Orr had to work all day Thanksgiving on the inside of the Chrischilles new store building in order to complete one of the finest jobs of inside painting to be seen in Algona. Mr. Orr has woikcd for eleven years in Algona and no one has ever complained ot his work. He has just finished up a bran new pump wagon for the Wigwam which is painted a bright vermilion, -. .. , i i ». -»«•_- Oi»i» " ' The case of Gottlieb Schuerle, the young German for whom a sum of money lias been waiting in Algona since last summer, and whom Theo dore Chrischilles has made unavailing efforts to locate, has been given a nev\ turn by the attempt of a Cedar Rapid woman to gain possession of his wealth The woman has been promptly caugh at what she no doubt, figured was i very shrewd game and is now in cus tody at Cedar llapids, and her case i being investigated by Postoffice Inspec tor Stewart of Chicago. What put this woman on the trac of Gottlieb's money was the nor Id sic counts of the young man s waitin wealth which appeared m all the stat papers and in some of the local paper at the time of the settlement ot b father's estate on the hitter's death i Germany. These reports put the sum at $10,000, but in fact.his share> wasles Look Ahead 1 OJSf'T wait till the last moment and expect your order to be sent out by return express Everyone will be rushed and they may be out of j ust what you want. If you have any special designs you want made up, or any fancy engraving, see to it at once. We will show you the finest and most complete line of ft v& *-, ' Holiday Goods- till n-'lv.uuu, utiu AH J.K*VV '•**-• - --- than $1,000, and the UBPUIU.ICAN ) too the pains to interview Mr. Chrischilles at the time and ascertain and publish that fact. The amount was in truth only about $800. Had the woman Stamy, of Cedar Rapids, been aware of the inconsiderable proportions ot Gottlieb's patrimony she might not have yielded to the temptation to commit a crime to secure it. But there is no doubt that is what she has done. She evidently saw the sensational accounts at the time and meditated long she should manage the business. It is, of course, possible that, in the muantiine she may have fallen in with Schuerle. That of course is wholly improbable, as if he had known of the money awaiting his reappearance here ho would have come for it. 1 here can be hardly a doubt that Miss btamy worked the case up with only the start LOCAL MENTIONS. .Sheriff Samson went to Des Moines on official business Monday. Prof. Lilly and family are now located in rooms at the Normal. A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Robinson the first of the week. Geo. C. Call is placing his elegant sycamore office furniture in place this week. Rev. C. E. Sinclair, of DeWitt, Iowa, will occupy the Congregational pulpit next Sunday. Clarence Hays was the teacher who AVOJI Prof. Lilly's prize by the solution of a hard problem. Jane Coombs, the famous actress, will appear at the Call in Dickens' "Bleak House" Dec. 21st. The city council held a meeting Saturday night, but aside from auditing bills no business was done. Prof. Carroll will enter upon the discharge of his duties with the opening of the winter term, after the holidays. Col. Spencer conducted a lively delinquent tax sale Monday. A number of descriptions had to go over to an 1 sale. ,ine is running a meat mar- Id L. M. B. Smith building, south"oTthe court house. See his ad. elsewhere in this paper. The union Thanksgiving services at C. L. Lund sold one hundred and fifty ton of timothy hay which he has in his huge hay barn to II. A. Paine last week. Timothy hay was a poor crop in most of the eastern states this year, and is now worth $14 a ton in Chicago. The total cost of criminal prosecutions for the year in this county as re- poited by Clerk Grose to the secretary of State, was $1,996.40 exclusive of the so busy installing new phones that they have been unable to put their lines in the best shape, and so they ask for lenient judgment and forbearance on the part of their customers. It was inevitable that wires would be crossed, but all will probably be righted this week. In the meantime no charge is made on the city circuit, and none will be until everything is in order. Last night there were only two numbers vacant on the switch board. It was supposed that the proud bird of freedom shot by Geo. Blackford had been accorded the usual fate of dead things, but it was rescued from it the thoughtfulness of Shoernan Showman Brownell, and on his sug- Germany." u it "Algona State Bank, The letter was some three salary of the county attorney. In Pocahontas county the criminal expenses were $3,055.20. It was written in English, and Chrischilles knowing that Schuerle could not write English, was at once aware that a fraud was intended. A second letter, addressed as before, anc dated Nov.-7, informed the guardian of Schuerle's cash that very libera terms of settlement would be accepted was after this second letter was re ived that a registered letter was sen to Cedar Rapids addressed to Gottlie Schuerle and accompanied by a specia . « . -r-» j .int-i-ti* T-Tirmnrin f.nP QI1U VV JJ-lCVli. JJA w »» *-iv**i M.M-™ « .- t^j gestion was sent to a Wisconsin caxid- ** • . i i_ . A. t i-«nn* rt-P TM"»a aarrlo OUUUeilo tiuu ttu^vija^*.«-"«— 4 -^ — -*. request from Postmaster Hinchon tha ,?:"• _».*.„ v,~ fviiTT iriont-.ifipfl. The res Rev. Southwell of the M. E. church. A little child of August Studer's, at Wesley, fell into a pot of hot water Report comes from Des Moines that theW. W. Wheeler family are again in trouble on account of another visitation of diphtheria, Miss Winnifred being down with it. Dr. Shore is treating the case and Genevieve is at his home. The Herald tells how J. J. Ryan has been putting substantial improvements on his farm three miles southwest of Ledyard in the shape of an addition to his house, which the Leader says is now one of the most substantial farm dwellings in that neighborhood. There is to be a Kossuth county teachers' convention at Burt on Saturday after next, December 14th. There is to be no sec program. The teachers will have things in their own hands and can take their own course. Supt. Reed fixed upon Burt at the request of the teachers of the neighborhood. There was some expectation, that President Gates, of Iowa College,would be secured to preach at the Congregational church on Sunday last, but that expectation was disappointed, and so Mr. E. P. McElroy was invited, late Wesley, fell into a pot of obo ^ 1wa -f^. r Saturday afternoon, to preach, which l»^* ? n .^^S?/ ^S,Lrt to he did, delivering two fine sermons. ermist that he knew of. The eagle was'very handsomely mounted and has been received back, and it is to be seen in Mr. Brownell's window. What will eventually be done with it is not learned, but the suggestion is made that it be given a place in the reading room. That is the proper place. Prof. Webster delivered the third lecture of his historical course on Monday evening, discussing "Jeffersonian Democracy" in a manner to interest all and to stir up some of the democrats to resent the criticism of the putative father of their party. The Proi- essor delivers the fourth and last lecture of his course tonight, his subject covering Jacksonian democracy as it dealt with nullification. It is to regretted that the course was not pro vided for in a business-like manner and a better patronage secured for what is certainly a high class course or lectures. The telegraph office is to be moved soon from the postoffice to the Algona State Bank building and Miss Eva Lantry is to return home from Sheldon and take charge of the office as soon as the transfer is made. The office will occupy the center front room over the ever shown in Algona. Kemeinber these goods are ALL NEW and of ^i=_Tlie Latest Designs. * We quote you a few prices from our immense line of Sterling Silver Novelties-. Embroidery i?cissoiK, Glove Buttoner, Bonbon Spoon, Olive Spoon, Olive Forks, Stamp Box, Bag Tag, Emery Ball, Knives, Letter Opener, Hat Mark, Match Box, Umbrella Tags, Key Ring Tags, Key Rings, Book Marks, Paper Cutter, Bicycle Markers, Pen Wipers, Salad Fork, Pickle Fork, Cold Meat Fork, Tea Strainers, Celery Dips, Napkin Rings, Sugar Tongs, Game Counters, Curling Irons, Manicure Sets, Berry Forks, Berry Spoons, Crochet Hooks, Pocket Combs, Fan Holders, Key Chains; Yell Clasps, Muff Straps, Salt Spoons, Picture Frames, Trilby Hearts, Trilby Stick Pins, Hat Pins, Trilby Feet. Trilby Lockets, Belt Buckles, Bang Combs, Side Combs, Bracelets, Fob Chains, Pen Holders, Hair Ornaments, Souvenir Spoons, Santa Glaus Spoons, Book Markers, And a great many other Fancy Goods. The above goods range from 25c to $3, and are all Sterling Silver. Keep this list and look outfor our list next week, and we will help you find some nice presents for a little money. .DIGLEY & PUGH. SjfO j .. $fo Ife UlnU WtJon. uuu. »> tvo M""-.J „„.-_-— , McCoy was sent for and ministered to 'it- Special meetings of the Congregational church and society are called loi next Monday' afternoon, at 3 o'clock, at which all members are urged to be present. Alex Fraser, of Riverdale township, had the misfortune to sustain a fall Thanksgiving day and had a large gash cut in the side of his head. ™- ^" Q - fick dressed the wound, The West Union Literary Society opens for the winter tomorrow evening. We hope to give ouv readers some ot the interesting doings of this always live society during the season. Rev, W. E. Davidson is expected home from Illinois in a short time and it is understood that he will occupy the Congregational pulpit two Sundays before the close of his pastorate, January flrst. ' ' ., Harvey Ingbam has, made a notable eonS button to the attractions of the reading; worn in the shape of ft wlleo- . tion of well framed traits of litewy ' m.e.n of the world, T ; ing 1'apidly covered^ • "les&.Herbsthavesi ...., into the Boston Bloefc by Patterson & Son have been busy for sveral days moving into the store jom vacated by Chrischilles & Herbst, the latter having taken possession of bank, the one formerly occupied by Mr. Matson. The new quarters will be quite satisfactory. It is not known just when the office will be moved, as it will depend upon the men who are to do the work. The people of Algona tUO ArtUtDX 4-I.WYAM& WM**W+* £,«,-««,-.-£-— the Chrischilles front of the Boston Block, one door west. Patterson & Son will have ampler quarters and will be very comfortably located in their new store. The Grover-Owen wedding Wednes| day night at the bridge's home, was attended by 100 guests, some of .whom were from a distance. The affair was the most pleasant. The wedded cou- pie will begin housekeeping IP the groom's new residence, erected on a quarter section of fine land given turn by bis father, and just across the road from the latter's, place, . August Troutb has moved ttfthe Joslyn farm, a few miles north of Swea. Citv Mr. Trouth has worked Mr. Jos- iyn's farm near here for five years, and when Mr, Jwyn sold it be promised to buy another farm for his tenant ?A ,so well was be pleased with him. Mi% Joslyn aiways feeeps Ms word, and so MF, Trough has woyed quite a distance • the new place, joe Cordingly has added tq'nia long and strong list pf improvement;^ »• new upwrjght steam engine ag d |Wilw 3' 1A._ iv,rY,,.,.,,TT nnA Tlnilm' Wnvlrs nr , fully identified. The res is told by the Cedar Kapid of Sunday morning, as fo The authorities are just at thepresen time confronted by one of the queere CRStiS GYCr kllOWD ill CSUtlV JadiplClS i are totally at a loss to know what make of the action of Elizabeth Stamy, who, dressed as a man, called at the postoffice Friday night and tried to secure a registered letter addressed to The e Republican yesterday morning in its account of Miss Stamy's peculiar action, was not entirely right. The registered letter was received in the Cedar Rapids postoffice Thursday night. It was from the Algona State bank, and was addressed to Gottlieb the lame'mail there was a 'letter from the postmaster at Algona to Postmaster Charles, asking him to be sure the the right person got the letter, make Sm identify himself, so as to be able to place him if necessary. Friday Postmaster Charles sent a sealed notice directed to Gottlieb Schuerle, 513 Second street, West, which was delivered by carrier. Friday night Miss Stamy. dressed in pants, coat, overcoat and slouch hat, called at the postoffice with the notice, which had been taken from the envelope, and called tor the letter. The clerk at the window was not satisfied all was right and called Postmaster Charles, who after questioning the woman, told her she would have to Dp-to-Date Jewelers,-- -^ ^^^^^^^ she had that she confederates. had for the It is unlikely reason that a to do tiie worn;. -j-utjycupiD <jj. ^»K«»" W0 man, toia uor tmo """*" «»•«•»' and the patrons of the office will be brin -i r some one to identify her before glad of Miss Lantry's return, tne i et ter would be turned over. Acting The sale of Poland China stock hogs though offended she K rabbed the not- last Saturday at the Thorington barn ice up and said she would e,tuin, soon was fairly well attended. Forty-three w ith some one to identity hei, Butni purebred Poland China spring pigs stea d, she lost no time in going home smart villain would know that the game could not be successfully worked. There was not, in fact, a cent of money in the registered letter she was so anxious to get hold of, and persons familiar with the manner of settling such matters would have known better than to have attempted the imposition. Strange to say, Mr. Chrischilles has not so far received a single clue by which Schuerle could be located. He is known to have been in Burt in June, and later he was heard from in Minnesota. He has always been a wanderer, but at the same time he was expecting the money, and so his long absence and silence give ground for the apprehension that he may be dead. Neapolitan Pistacho and crushed al mond ice cream bricks at City Bakery Reading Room cafetaire Friday, Dec. 6. Supper at 5:30 to 3. European plan. Benefit of A. L. A. 400 boxes Ice Wool at 12*c. a box, at Goeders'. 10 " n Come to "the cafetaira at the reading room, Friday, Dec. 6, and bring a list of the new books you wish bought foi the liberary, FLORIDA AND SOUTHEAST. , , If you have any intention of going to the southeast this fall or winter, you,, should advise yourself of the best route;;; from the North and West. This is the\ Louisville & Nashville Railroad, which is running double daily trains frorn St. Louis, Evansville, Louisville and Cincinnati through to Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Atlanta, Montgomery, Thomasville, Pensacola, Mobile, Jacksonville and all Florida points. Pullman Sleeping Car Service through. Specisilly low rates made to Ulanta during the continuance QJ. the Cotton States Exposition, and tourists •ates to all points in Florida and Gulf ' Coast resorts during the season. For particulars as to rates and through car service, write Geo. B. Homer, Div. Pass. Agent, St. Louis, Mo., J. K., Ridgely, N. W. Pass, Agent, Chicago, 111.. C. P. Atmore, Gen'l Pass. Agent., TAFT & GO'S POLAND-CHINA SALE Don't forget Taf t & Go's public sale of Poland Chinas at Humbpldt, Iowa, Tuesday, Dec. 10,1895, notice of which appeared in our last issue. pure oan se a, . were sold at prices ranging from $6 to an d changing her clothes, nd O toi !&,• m R'Srwffirwsr^w « i *e^iT>s " -n^nirta "R.iji.'mTRT/TnAl'iT. »MK$ Says. 'the 1 Bm.mets.bwrg the oomjng winter, t|ie promjsea to become big nowa maple, aye the the and Boiler Works V4. (*u £/nv*-w *-~*~&~*~n **•-" T- $21 75. The stock came from the stock farm of L, Brodsky of Plover, Iowa, and are registered. They will be a valuable addition to Kossuth county's fine hogs. M, Tbilges, of Riverdale, eot the highest priced one and 1 ,others * inased by such leading f avm- j. Rice,D, H. Hutchins, R.P »o, Ed, Johnson, Robt. Pink, Will Starks, M. Seefeldt and others. "D. A. Haggard had charge or the sale ana Mr. Brodsky was well satisfied with prices, ''' • it seems that Mr, Samuels, WHO was connected 'with the Algona'Normal for a few weeks, is going .to 6pen » business college at Spencer in a* short time. It is understood here that Mr. Suels bargained for an interest in ourNormal and was to have assumed 'the business management bnt was un able to show down w th tbo mgne- «™ - '" —-jwonhis. wlatwna are both fow horse power,-AH. ,.. &ti foa floe one, Mr, Cqrdinglv lip HV •* R ^— in- new rendering vafe m and the eq.wippenjen$ at when Postmas"ter"charTes and Officer Long called there about half an hour afterward she had completed the change and bidden all traces of having been out in men's clothes. The notice sent by Mr, Charles was recovered after much parleying, the woman finally tBg it out from under the carpet where she had secreted it, • Yesterday morning when taken UP- f ova Postmaster Charles sn , e admlt •> that a letter, had previously come to hep home for, Gottlieb Scbuerle and that she opened it, but that it 1 was wilttenVGeWn and as she co^dn't refc it she had burned it. She said^be baa written to the Algona ovate pank in regard to it, She then stated that shf!as%o, poor she could not grt she Was so ' poov PUB <-uwf<4 H«V ^w enough to eat and that when, the no^ ioeSme there was? a registered ietter ;,f jsr2rv,A«>f-.nfflnpi for Mr SchuvlP sne Apples, apples by James Patterson's, the barrel a Mens', womans' and childrens' shoes and overshoes cheap during December, at Goeders. 10 ' 1;L Constipation causqs over half the ills of women. Karl's Clover Root Tea is a pleasant cure for Constipation, WE make a specialty,of collections. Cloud & Haggard, Wait for our semi-annual ribbon sal£ commencing Monday, 'Pec. 9tb, at Jno, Goeders. ' l°' u Clothing, overcoats, underwear, caps gloves and mitts at a discount, at ^ - JP'ii Eleven 'Jewel Watches $3.50. No Waterbury. Talk with Bowyer. ; Try Old Manse maple syrup at Lang- r don & Hudson's. •' - J/'x Ontario canned goods—the finest^n 1 , town, at the Opera House Grocery, ' < \ t Karl's Clover Eoot Tea purifies ,tb$ blood and gives a cleav and beautiiu) com 1 .!; plexion, _ ";£ Prices is what will talk for- the thirty days at Patterson & Son. . A guarantee with every box Wheat Phosphate at Walker Bros,, Try our Teas and fc Hudson's, Consumption, and all Throat and e4 l?y Shllob'S Cure. the MerpMw . Samuels is in Spen n this week, in the intet usiness qoUege, >anfl says flvi to Alswa t X ' • so u*™ ^Vnd"geTthiTetW by .„ ,»„* SQhuvle, was too great, jmujweatfewpteait with the result S SSs«°? e t m a.« PaaMasiorcWtes JewnlnB she' was prer W^ffitfSfc*^'?'* •*^S8Bas u waj|,. 1 • home 'lYas seaj'ehe4, bwt no ..JJWftWB* »WK e l j %V8gWypwns;ilw '--TllYWi p"""""' nc "witiPf. WEEK, •The December term of '.the ,,, AT ,^ court op?ns next Monday, Judge tor, Wwesfiing' There is a lull apckeg with 205 eases, The following is Ibe Jos, JMwi fit Try ouv Club House catsup at, don ^ Hudson's.. ' l 'See those nice era Bfouse ~ Oriole Hpuse nh-s ti B-'jfT^kCSiQ,

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