Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1965 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 8, 1965
Page 6
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(lews) ABVAN66 MONDAY, P6B. 8, t$65 Bear Facts At meeting B/ ANITA NURR6 On Thursday, Jan. 26, a "G" Club meeting was lield. —GHS— Five busses of students made the trip to Carroll, Ktiempcr, for the finals of the diocesan tourna* ments. Garrigan met the Kuemper Knights and came back with second place Irooliy. D^soitn th» bad weather, the crowd was full of spirit. —GHS— On Friday, Feb. 5. G«rr!aan played Granville Spalding. hpr*. and on Saturday. Feb. 6. the Bears met Carroll, Kucmner. again on our own court. Both were .very excWns games. —GHS— A skit w»s put on hy the own club on Friday; Jan. 29, in which various members of thn of>n club portravfid the olayers for Kuemper and Garrigan. A gam« was played which ended by Carroll conceding the same. ' A short .talk was given by Coach McCall and imoromotu speeches were given by one student from each class. —GHS— A pep cluh meotinq was held last week under the supervision of Mrs. Molacek. Mitchell, Mary Beth ttamiffbh^ *±t • a*.«„»«._ , DKUSSIOOS Ruth Hodgson left by tfilti ^^ ffoltt Pefry Feb. 4 to Visit a Oil month in California. She .will visit the Ernest Polhetrtuse* to I- *»*,A ; o»»AlL^-l Artesia and also at the home of IS DlOmOffifl an aunt, Mrs. C. 0. Pattoti, Stin- r Wiliir *^* i nyvale. Small groups of four to six uS n n y a r e U™WkJ?* cow^wiM-beirtMtliif inhwftw 1 ft"«f.V>£TC^^ The Iowa tests of basic skills Financing Public Services during have been given in Burt school February and early March re in grades 3 to 9. 'ports Galen DeValois, cpanty ex- 1 Junior Girl Scouts met at the tension Town hall Thursday after school. The nroioct now is art badges. This discussion series is a part . The main bulletin board it again decorated with several selections of "Peanuts." It also shows the artist and something t abput him. These comics are aniusing^s well as educational. (Sigh!) ' " --•_ —GHS—. Those students who had their pictures taken over or who were sick when the pictures were taken the first time, received their pictures on Tuesday, Feb. £ t —GHS— The students enioyed a free day on Monday, Feb. 1. as a re;Sult of the tournaments at Carroll on Sundav. — GHS— This years "Graduation Sweethearts" were voted on by the Seniors on Tuesday, Feb. 2. The 'girls chosen will aopear on KQTV, Fort Dodge television. This year, Garrigan 's graduation sweethearts are Susan Bode and Joan Campbell. — GHS— Sophomore English classes are studying Shakespeare. At present, "The Merchant of Venice" •is the object of their study. — GHS— The debate team scored two wins at a recent meet of the •state's best debate teams. Con- •gratulations. — GHS— A parents club meeting was •held on Wednesday, Feb. 3. Among the things discussed were: The testing system, and REPRESENTING ALGONA at a meeting January 28 to form a discussion group on financing public services were Galen DcValois, Donald Mitchell, Burt. Perry Collins, and Bob Deal. The projcrt is being sponsored by the county extension service and the university nt Ames. Special kits' for discussion groups in Algona can be secured from these men. nine Chafee. Pat Hildman. Donna Larson.- Jayne Larson^, Diane Person, Patricia, Sheirbpn;, 9th grade, Linda Becker, . Deborah Kohlhaas. Sandra' Ortnian. Scott Scheer, Deborah Stenzel: ;10th grade, Jovce Baumeard, Norma Harms, Diane Hoopus. Linda Meyer, Diann Miller.' Clint, Patterson; llth gradft. Merwvh Cunningham Jr.. Vicki Koestler, Robert Lovstad, Dunne Peter; 12th grade. Robert Melville, Patricia Zwiefel. "B" average or better for first semester • ar« 7th grade, Connie ShHrbon. Jill Smith. Barbara Hamilton: flth Ptade, Jan^t Becker, Jeanine Chafee, Pat Hildman. Donna L*rson, Jayne Larson, Patricia Sheirbon; 9th prade, Linda Becker. Deborah Kohlhaas. Sandra Ortman. Srott Scheer, Deborah Stenzel; lOtji grade, Jovce Banmgard, Diane Honpus, Linda Meyer, Dt'ann Miller, Clint Patterson: 11th grade, Nancy Becker. Merwvn Cunningham Jr., Linda Fair-; banks, Vicki Koestler, Robert Lovstad; 12th wadfl. Richard Gebkeri, Robert Melville, Patricia Zwiefel. SERVE BANQUET Burt Band Mothers served 300 at the dinner Feb. 3 at the school for the Federal Land Bank Assoc. Speaker Rowe representing Sunray DX, and Bridget Quinn, who won second in the speech contest at Grain Dealers convention, were on the. program. Bill, .Watson,,fiirmshed organ music. Each guest reCeiv-'' ed a gift and there were 20 door prizes. A committee of the Band club will meet Feb. 9 with Bob Hunt of Cedar Rapids to make a decision on new band;uniforms. the cost of education following high school. There was also a question box. Coffee and lunch were served at the close of the meeting. . Poppy poster contest to be held at Burt •urt — The Legion and Auxiliary met Feb. 2 in the Legion hall. Hostesses were Leona Lacy and Dorine Pettis. Vice president Elva Boettcher had charge of the Auxiliary meeting, which voted $3 to the heart fund. There will be a countv Auxiliary meeting Feb. 9 at Whittemore! at the Legion hall. The sewing meeting will be Feb. 10 at Mrs. Mary Nelson's. Plans were made, to sponsor a Poppy Poster con-, test with 3 prizes, $5, $3 and $2. A gift and card was sent to Wilma Fairbanks who is ill. A talk What is Americanism, was given by Beth Miller, and a talk on Costa Rica by Luella McWhorter. Members are asked to s»ve their Golden Mike ballots in National News to be sent in before May 1. Serving 6:30 dinner for Lions club are Frances Smith, Myrtle Zwiefel, Mary Nelson, and Gladys Hawcott. Past Matrons club will nteet, of tne educational program of at 7:30 n.m. Feb. 11. Hostesses Ames university and the Kossuth are Ethel Drommel. Lulu Haw- Extension Service. Discussion cott. Gladys Hawcott. Roll call, leaders are furnished a kit in- first vear in school. Kntertafh- ment is bv Ruth Alice totterSdn. Mary Georgia Hanson, Mabelline Lovstarl. The Ray McWhorters left Fri- eluding four fact sheets, one for each week, giving information and to encourage discussion. Among those having supplies are Ray Cunningham, Burt; Rob- day for a vacation in Texas, Cal- ert Boleneus, Wesley; H. E. Ra- ifornia. and Hawaii . ,. 'chut, Burt; Donald Mitchell, W.S.C.S. met Feb. 3 at the Burt; Stan Gardner, Algona; Methodist church. Mrs. Viola Darrel Dreyer, Fenton; Ervin Dunn and Mrs. Agnes Tabor, Borchardt, Fenton; Leonard El- both of West Bend were speak- bert, Whittemore; Robert Borers. Mrs. Tabor talked on camp- mann,. Bode; Perry M. Collins, us ministry and Mrs. Dunn, is Algeria; Earle Hanselman, Lu- literature secretary of Spencer Verne! Mrs; Walter Campney, Burt; Sweh Larson, Buffalo district of the North Iowa Conference. The W.S.G.S, yoted;,to Center:.- Mrs. Frank Becker, -T - — • --— ,,.~. . .. — .w..^ - iV y | \_,\;m,^j.. c iTKi'o* . i. i all IV iJWJiVd } Five three life membership ;pins | Burt; Fratjk iBecker, Burt; Mrs; this venr. The Dav of Praver will be held at Burt March S.'Dr. ,W. C. Tavlor. Rust Collese, spoke at Good Hone Methodist church after a pot luck fellowship supper Feb. 7, Ed Arend, Alfeona; Mr. and Mrs; Hilbert Bierstedt, Whittemore; Rdbert Deal, Algona; Karl Kill- sholm, . Algona: Art Person, Burt; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Patterson.'^Burt;, Mrs. Albert John- The Richard Furstfe, attending son; Cor with; Raymond Kohl- college in Cedar Falls, soeht'the Habe- HONOR ROLL Students on "A" honor roll for second nine weeks of school are 7th grade, Marilyn Cherland and Ruth Long; 8th grade. Kathleen Patterson; 10th grade, Nancy Ackerman; llth grade, Jane Baf- slou, Nancy Becker, Douelas Black and 12th grade, Jean Mescher. "A" honor roll for 1st semester, 7th grade. Marilyn Cherland, Ruth Long, Gayle Wermers; 8th grade, Diane Person, Howard Batt Jr and Kathleen Patterson; 10th grade, Nancy Ackerman; llth grade, Jane Barslou, Duane Peter, Douglas Black; 12th grade, Jean Mescher. "B" average or better for second nine weeks are 7th grade, Connie Sheirbon, Jill Smith, Gayle Wermers; 8th grade, Howard Batt Jr., Janet Becker, Jea- semester break at Fred ger's. Feb. 7 all Bov Scouts and Cuh Scouts were honored at all churches.' '•"..''.' •'••'•;'•'-;- i Feb. 10 at Burt Presbyterian church the film, Walk the Wbrldi with Dignity, ' will b> shoyta * showing the wdrk the church is doing in Southeastern United Stnt.es on race relations. ' V. The J. L. Millers visited Ker sister, the Owen Hopkins, Fredricksburg. A shoWfer was held haas, Irvingtort; Wm. Tokheim, for Judy Hookins who will marry Duane Lensing Feb. 13., M. Papenfuhs ' '' ' of" the WED 47 YEARS The 47th wedding Mike Arends was observed Thursday at Paul Arend's. HONOR WORKERS . Mrs. Donald Mitchell had a coffee Friday for the workers on the Heart Fund drive. The workers are Virginia Fries, Ethel Dremmel, Beverly Koepke, The,c- la Christensen, tillie. Fredrick,-: son, Lefie McMullen, Betty Koestler, Janice Reiihers, EJva Boettcher, Ivy Woltz,' Benitrf Case Machinery "SMOKER" "JOIN YOUR NEIGHBORS — GET THE LATEST PRODUCT NEWS" Thursday, February 11 8 P.M. AT TAYLOR MrlEMENT 00. - ALflONA -YOU'RE INVITED TOPICS; • New Case "600" and "900" Combines and what they will do for yon • Please come — New films and lots of discussion $10.00 CASH POOR PRIZE DRAWING — YOU'U BE HOME EARLY Taylor Implement Co. , IOWA Swea City — Miss Mary Papen- fuhs was honored Sunday at! a bridal shower at the Immaniiel Lutheran church in Swea City.' Mary will be married later this month, she is the daughter of the Herb Papenfuhs. Mrs. Alyiri.Richardson Sr. was mistress of ceremonies for the program, she also. gave a reading, Mrs; Claude Johnspn gaye a "Recipe for a' Happy,Husband". Mrs. Ralph Walker led two games, devotions, were given by Mrs; Lawrence Hantelman. !• ' Mrs. Bertha Cordes of Rolfe, poured; ^guestsVwfere'-registered by'.'Mrs. Larry Gram, ; < 5> ' .'•••''' v l . ' - • .-;".' 50- YEAR CERTIFICATE — Richard DeWaay was presented, a 50-year .meinberslup certificate in the Rising Sun Masonic Lodge No: 496 by, his son, Har> old, Worshipful Master at Prim- Swea City; and Gerald Pedersen, Ledyard. New members into group •.— New members were inducted;-into, the National Honor Society, .chapter at the school pyin hierei".Tuesday, Feb. 2nd. The seven charter members had i charge of the ceremony. I The chapter has made plans to show a series of movies concerning the careers to high i school seniors. The first one, entitled "Should I Go To College", was shown last week. At a recent meeting, officers were elected. They included Stan Tjaden, president; Linda Clayton, vice; Earl Cushman, secretary; 1 and Richard Winkleman, treasurer. They began their duties the first meeting of 1965. ;'DIES AT 97 — One of Rock Rapids oldest citizens, Mrs N. .H. May ; 97, died there Jan. 18: Take PROVO taK-jts when you-want temporary relief I'troni minor, aches and v < MUSCULAR ,' ••$• • ? ACHES-PAINS pains and body stiffness : of ten associated-with Arthritis, Rheumatism, Bursitis, Lumbago, Backache and Painful Muscular aches.. Lose these discomforts or your money back. At all drug counters. Hbnsbruch Drug • Algona r^^^^i?mi^ REAL ESTATE • SALES & APPRAISEMENTS • ADVrGEftMANACrEMENT . "•• •'• . • (Farm A . CHOOSE A LOCAL MEMBER OF THE KOSSUTH COUNTY REAL ESTATE BOARD. They ore licensed for Real Estate Transactions and will han- die your Real Estate problems to your complete satisfaction as they arc experienced and capable. The following licensed Real Estate Brokers ond Salesmen are members of the Kossuth County Real Estate Board ond, at such, coooerate to your benefit on alt Real Estate matters, Those members "keep up" with current markets and regularly moot fo study and discutt •>•! Estate problems in order to better serve you, So, if you are SILLING or BUYING REAL ESTATE, looking for Management, need on Appraisal, or iutt ..eking advice, CONTACT A MEMBER LISTI D BE LOW: LIST QF MiMliRS; ALGONA— A. F. Agena Nels Anderson Alten K. Buchanan Oliver S. Carlson*** Pill Conn Karl G. Ewoldt Jjm H. Geelaji Joel M. Herbst Theodore S. Herbst Kyle Kteith C. R. LaBarre Leon H. Laird Jerry if. L«wjs Murray J. Mowers A. J. Ricklefs ?m\ M. Seeley A- Seeley LU VERNE Emmett Knary Roljert Hamilton L E. Wortman* * President A. J. Berens A. W, Kennedy Kenneth J. Mulligtn Maurice Wolfe iURT— H. E. Hichut FiNTON- IJoyd M. Berkland** Gerajd H. Vojgt kOMI HOCK-. Kenneth W. Jackson SWIA CITY- A. J. Bilsborowgh Virgil W. Blomster U W. Pinisan Harold Flseher Gilford p. Smith TITONKA Gordon **Vice President ••1 FARM SALE A» I h/w« wld my farm emf will t;uit farming, I will Mil the foMowinq thse.'ibed item* *r»t firm f«e«f«d t mil* *t»u»h and 1 mile west af Wdrfen, fa,; or'6 wiles esst sttd mito south of f if«nk* a* ,,, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17 Lmeb On Gram!* Sale Stalls 12:30 1969 Ford '881' Tractor S« lee tO-Speed, Wide Front, Power Steering, 2,200 actual hours. 1949 Ford 8N Tractor w/Horn Leader, Manure » Snow Bucket. • Massey Harris Clipper Combine w/ windrower spreader A PTO AC-'Field Chopper w/Corn Hay Hood Ford 7 Ft. Tractor Mounted Mower W/ windrower Ford 2-rnw Cultivator Oliv-r 3-btnv Plow. 1M4-16 AC Bfower w/40 ft* nice 2-row Mounted Corn Planter IHC Trjet*" 1 Spreader x 8'ft. IHC Rinrf-r, »«*d »or windrowing F«r-l '"» Ft. Mownt«d Disc 4.5iee. Harrow w/Foldino Eyener 3-'«r. Kover Field Cultivator * 9 WKir-ol Imniomnnt Trailer 7 — 4 Wheel Trailer w/Steel Box 5.»«r. Ko'—r Field Cultivator • 7 »»'hi«(«| T r? iUr , .... 4 Wheel Trailer w/Barae Box & Hoist BUILDINGS-FEED ETC. 1 Pro«H«r House Pxl6; 2 Breeder Houses 17x14; T Brooder Ho-.«* 12x18; I Brooder Metis* 10x12; 1 20»3? Building with wood floor (comes *n»rt in sections); I T2xV8 Hoo Hou«e; ? A T»n» Hoq Ho«*ef; 1 T0x20 <«-n Porch; 2 F-*d Bunks 14 ft.; 1 SO gal. Hen fountain (like new): 2 hoo> watorors; 1 Prid* Of F»rm Round Hot* Feeder:. 1 ^hc»o B«nk for hay ind on»J»: CMcken F.<*eH«r«, Fountains and nests; 3 Gas Broo- H-»r Stoves. , 400 Bales Straw Annroxim»f-»lv 25 ton Corn Silaoe 25 Bu. Certified Winter Rye Seed 4 • row Wind Power Rotary Hoe 40 Ft. Kelly Ryan Elevator 4 . see. Galloway Harrow w/Folding Evener John Deere Tractor Spreader For Parts IHC Bndejate Seeder Bale Rar.k — Hay Loader - Side Rake 100 Gal. Gas Barrel w/hose; 50 Gal. Oil Barrel; Slat Cribbing A Wire; Hay Forks A Shovels; other articles too numerous to mention. LIVESTOCK 25 Ewes Lambing Now 14 Bred Gilts Vac. for Cholera and Ery., Bangs terted. To start farrowing last of February. 100 Pallets 8 x 28 Trailer House w/2 6x8 Entrees, Complete with Electric Range, Refrigerator, Bathroom Fixtures.. HOUSEHOLD GOODS Dining Room Table and Buffet; Piano; 2 Pedssals; Table Lamps; Oak Chairs; 2 Arm Chairs; Platform Rocker; Chroma Kitchen Set,.4 Chairs; Wringer Washing Machine; Refrigerator; 30" Coronndo Electric Range (like, new); Coal A Wood Cook Stove; Work Table; 3 Steel Beds with Springs; Hollywood Bed and Dresner with Mirror; Small Dresser with Mirror; E (dredge Treadle Sewing Machine; Marlin .22 cat. Automatic Rifle; 9x12 Carpet with foam rubber back; Fruit jars and Small Items. Conrad Limberg, owner DeVRlES BROS., Auctioneers FIRST STATE BANK, Woden, Clerk FARM AUCTION As I have sold my form, I will sell my personal property on the farm located from Burt, 3 miles north and 1 oast; from Bancroft, 4 miles south and 1 oast; from Titonka, 8 miles west on blacktop. Friday, February 12th SALE STARTS AT 12:30 P.M. FARM MACHINERY (Goodcondition) 1943 John Dooro B Tractor; good rubber, starter «V lights, John; Dooro hoot housor. ' '.:' 1936 John Dooro B Tractor, stool roar wheels, rubber in front with mechanical lift. Thoso tractors oro in good condition. 2-row John Dooro Cultivator. 2 John Dooro 2-bottom 12-in. plows. 2 John Dooro 11 ft. discs, con bo made into a tandem disc. 4-section John Dooro lever drag. John Dooro Manure SprOador. M.D. 2-row Troctor Planter with fortil- liier attachments, f2 ft. Kovar Spring Tooth. M.D. Endgato Seeder, • ft. M.D. binder, windrowor with can. vos, M.D. Side Delivery Rake, John Dooro 2-row Planter with tractor hitch. Woods Bros, single row Corn Picker in food condition. Woods Bros, singlo row Corn Picker for ports. M ft, Now Idea Ibveter en stool trucks. 91 ft. Sondwich Iterator. Now Idea drive-on Woftn Hoist, Overhead Wagon Hoist. Hoy Roko. Plow Idoo Hoy Loodor. f ft, Kovar Sf)rinf Tooth. 2 4-whool form trailers with straight fetvos, ono ton gtoa) •• now, 1 Modol T trailer, 550*17 tiros. Modol T trailer 39*3'/i and ft in, tires, 2-whool trailor. Manure Spreader used for food. Good stool wheel wagon with bale rock. 2 stool wheel wagons. Ideal hog fountain. 2x1 ft. round stool stock tonk. 2x2x6 ft. brand now stool stock tonk. Wood ond cob tonk heater. John Dooro IVa H.P. gas engine. Good binder canvos for 8 ft. M.D. bin* 10x20 canvas, nearly now, 8x12 convos. M.D. 4-S cream separator. Jerry sickle mower, • Circle saw. 2 food bunks. o> Sulky Plow. Slot oiid wire cribbing. Stool roofing and tin. * 10-ft. Creosote posts. Creosote fence posts and I ft. corner posts, I roll now 36 in, woven wire. Seme barbed wire, now ond used. 4 bundles ctdor shingles, UN of good used lumber, 2x4, 2x6, and 2x12 ft, Somo now 4x4 ond 4x6 — 10 ft. II 1*13 — 14 ft,, now, Welding iron, * Good Iff chain, I foncors, 2 ttorogo batteries, battery cHorgor, I ffrftl, barrels with faucet*. Cemont hog troughs, wood hog troughs, forks, shovels, took and other mtsctl- Unoous artklos. Coppof Clad wood «nd coal heator. White ontmol cook *tove. Largo mahogany dining room table. tfetQ Living Houfo, notr now, good good eonditipn. Complete with storm windows and screens. »» Theodore Jacobson £^*! «S 4 I H< ? f * r9 ** f *V r ****** U »*M l»»«»rf f»r, NOJ responsible for tccidonts, AIII «S 4 I H< OUINN ft LEEK, Avftitnttrf Not responsible for »,„«„», IUIT SAVINGS ASTcKE

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