The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1895 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1895
Page 4
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'^ilft.^lr.'iV' ^ ""'S'.T'^'^'Sl ,J.':&*,?-1' ; #,}•• ' M BY MILTON STARR. bhe Year, in Advance Six Months Months 75 4 ° iMetferetiee amounting to afi inence, and it was but natural that, such ware the construction of an existing law, there should be a lively rustle to secure its prompt repeal. As it is, the law is only what it should be. PROF, CARROLUS?HE MAN. 27/75 As much interest, has been felt in the attitude of tlie house of representatives in regard to measures of financial relief as in tlmt of Cleveland. The house being overwhelmingly republican, and tliB white house lease of the democracy not having expired, there is a dead lock, politically, in the government. Wliatever the republicat house may do is liable to be vetoed il it passes the ^mullet of the nearly ev enly balanced somite, by a, democratic president, whose stubbornness and disposition to dictate to congress have been exnnipWieil on numerous occasions. Oh the other hand, it is not supposed that any recommendation from Cleveland will bo worth more than paper it is written on. It has been a foregone conclusion that no sweeping financial measure could be enacted under these circumstances, and the sole ilwl DSt He Will be Principal of the Algona Public Schools After the Holiday Vacation. HAVfi MOVED INTO A Man of Thorough Education, an Efficient Organizer and Instructor—The Unanimous Choice of the Board. question Inis been whether the republicans would come to the relief of the admistraUon to the extent of increasing HB revenues. The speech of Mr. Reed in accepting the speakership nomination of the republican caucus is'now before the country, and to the KisruuLicAN it seems as though it must have a more reasoning effect than anything that Cleveland has offered in his message. Mr. Heed, while realizing that "there are times when rest is as health-giving as exercise,'' yet recognizes that the finances of the gov- There was a meeting of the Algona school board, Saturday night, at which business of the first importance was transacted, in the choice of a principal or super-indent of the city schools. The regular meeting would have been held Monday evening, but to accommodate Judge Quarton. who was to gotollum- boldt to attend court Monday, the meeting was held Saturday evening as stated. The question of a successor to 1 rot. Gilchriat had been discussed from time to time, and a general understanding had been arrived at that Prof. A. B. Carroll, of Salina, Kansas, should be given preference. At this meeting formal action was taken, and Prof. Carroll was elected by the unanimous vote of the board. Prof. Carroll is well known to many teachers of Kossuth, as he has attended three of their county institutes. He was one of the instructors in an institute conducted by Prof. Eldridge, and was the conductor of the two succeeding institutes, one of which was under Where they will be happy to receive their friends and patrons and show them the best and most complete stock oi eminent are in an awful condition, and gives timely assurance that the house will "make every sacrifice, except of principle, to rescue our county from its temporary disaster." At the same time it is altogether unlikely that the republican congress is going to take any democratic diagnosis great success as a very thorough and of the case it undertakes to treat. There is a radical difference between the republicans and democrats in regard to the cause of the financial situation, and of course that must signify a difference of opinion as strongly and clearly marked in regard to any proposed cure. The republicans attribute the ills from which the treasury suffers to insufficient revenues in the main, and consistently with this belief they will probably make some few changes in tariff schedules, rather than give the president the chance to sign a bill f 01 the retirement of the greenback currency. The country got along very well with the greenbacks so long as the republicans made the tariffs, and in the meantime immense sums of interest money were saved by their use. In short, the house, being clothed with the right to initiate taxation, will exercise that right. If any body ever organized anywhere in the world was justified in expressing the opinions of its party through its acts, the republican home of representatives, after three emphatic votes of confidence in its party in three successive years, is entitled to do so. The promise of re- J. 1 1 f^ •*• • * u V » w . . — 7- Supt. Wilkinson and one under Supt. Irleed. lie was a conductor, being energetic. Since he was in Algona in that capacity ho was at the head of the public schools at Shenandoah for five years, and subsequently he went to Salina, Kansas, where he served as superintendent for two years. He was given the unanimous vote of the Salina board, to remain, but owing to ill health he decided not to take up school work this year. He'is now all right again, however, and being strongly disposed to return to were able to secure Iowa, the board him for Algona. THIS STOCK IS LARGE AND NEW-NO OLD GOODS, AND PURCHASERS HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO SELECT FROM THE BEST THERE IS IN THE MARKET. lief is given by Mr. words when he says: Reed in fitting 'That we shall be Prof. Carroll has the very highest credentials from State SuperintendentSab- in of Iowa, and from State Superintendent John E. Kirk of Missouri, while all the school boards where he has worked give him strong and unanimous commendation. Prof. Carroll is in the neighborhood ot forty-five years of age and has a family. The work that Prof. Gilchrist has done in the school has given the highest satisfaction, but as he could not accept permanent employment, it was deemed best, considering the opportunity offered to secure an entirely satisfactory successor at this time, to act at once. BILLS WERE ALLOWED. The Algona City Council Holds a Meeting Saturday Night. ALGONA, IOWA, Nov. 30, 1895-The council met in regular session, Mayor CAME TO SEE- WH1TESIDE. Some Who Were in the Great Audience — Emmetsburg, Burt, Wesley, Bancroft Well Represented. ready at all times to furnish adequate revenues to the government no man can doubt. What Speaker Heed says in regard to our foreign relations is spoken with a wisdom which would honor the first as much as it does the second place of power in the nation. He says: This is the great nation of this hem- UUUlll"ll iJ-iv/u *** ^ v n -T 11 i Haggard in the chair and all members P1 Minutes of last regular meeting read and approved. It was moved and seconded that the following bills audited by the finance committee be allowed and warrants drawn for the same: With One Accord, Those Who Came Praised the Great Tragedian-Good Words for the Orchestra. Nothing that has ever been given in Call's Opera House was' more highly appreciated than the Tragedy pt ( Ham- five to Algona to hear Walker Whiteside in Hamlet. It was a splendid delegation and the people of Algona were highly pleased with it. Eveiy one of them were highly pleased with their trip, and felt that the play more than amply repaid them for the time and money spent. Then, too, such a delightful"trip home in the early morn' ine hours in a passenger coach behind a long freight train. The train was verv accommodating and stopped a half hour at Hobart to allow every one an opportunity to view the architectural beauty of that city by moonlight. Another stop was made at Whittempre for resreshments and at 3 o'clock the train arrived in Emmetsburg to the intense satisfaction of the whole delega- IMPULSE OF THE MOMENT. Such Was Mr. Wilson's Act of Self-Destruction--It Was Not Premeditated. The Last Rites Performed on Friday Afternoon—He Was One of the Leaders in Town and County. Emmetsbur o- Democrat gives T.iitdltuv-Dmin-G-orclon Co, supplies.... O Brown, labor.... •• Chicago Firo Hose Co, supplies. AV E Naudain, drayage and ireurht, interfere with other nations we shall maintain our position here with nrm- ness and self-respect and at the same time with careful consideration ot facts and that conservatism of action which shall leave no bad question to trouble our future. In this I trust the whole government in all its branches will be in accord with each other ana with the people. i 75 12 20 1 75 3 05 ays 1 35 W Kj iSaumuu, UI-U.JIIKU «.<.« "-••»"-• ••• ... „. A M & G M Johnson, blacksmltbing.... 13 |a B II Olson, labor.... * < ° i, street work &> w> „ m »t- ighting lumps Jo 00 A H. Naudahi, coal ... • •" ™ AV II Horan. salary and cash. 41 3d A P Hall, feeding prisoners l 50 \ValkcrUros., oil ™ °u J1J Willey. salary •*{ !/ F S Norton, lumber.. 1J JJ John Paul Lumber Co, lumber 13 81) Fred Sapaltag, buryuif? dead dog & Theo Ohrisemlles, lumber. ->9 48 Ayes, Vesper, Wadssvorth, Ferguson, Pettibone, Magnusson, Henderson, Nicoulin and Sayers; noes, none. Car,'was moved and seconded, That of South Minnesota Street until the next regular recae ( e mme bv Walker Whiteside. The best test the iol i owiuK u s t of people ot that who IGu UY tV ivl"**3«- '' *-» * w ^ w--*• — — i uuw J.WAA'-' »» *"r> -•* — *• nf <*Pntiment is the expression of those cam8 to Algona to see otsentim cn t (rom ^ mstiino0i wltoWLto-jK.ftfc^ who came here rail, and who paid dearly in time,money and strength for the privilege of being present. Here are some ot the ex- and wife, W. Beebe ancTwTfe" A. T, Hortori and wife, T. O'Gonnorand wife, T. P. McCue and wife, Wm_. Ferguson and wite.^Mrs, M, ing some outside towns: and Messrs. Mueller, Schirmer, . Koch, Burt Monitor: Walker Whiteside as pofct Scott O rmsby, M. 0. Oner, L. The REPUBLICAN was just going to press, last week, when the death of Mr. Wilson occurred, and was so unable to ascertain any particulars. It is now settled beyond any question that the act of self-destruction was not premeditated. Mr. Wilson had planned to go to Emmetsburg on the 9 o'clock morning passenger, and had already made plans for the day's business. He had been troubled, however, with a whirling sensation in his head, well as a weakness of his legs, prob- Burt onor o , . . Hamlet is certainly a success. T^ H. Mayne, John Soott, J. W.MoGwtU. - 1 an barb the '°Moved and seconded, That tVecoun* I cil adjourn. Carried. 1 J CHAS. A. COHENOUB, , City Clerk. UNITED WORKMEN ALL RIGHT ^ _ There has been some misunderstand-1 be laid over ing in regard to the recent decision of """" "' ^ the Iowa supreme court in which the 1 01 ,|{ n ° l nce'pro"hTbu;ing the use 6f aoplication of the insurance laws of wire O f fences along the streets the state to fraternal insurance r~~ ' —-- A1 — «- 1 H ' n R51 ™ panies was defined. It was given out I J^^Vwferi^d"bTck to the ordinance by the daily papers that this decision committee f or amendment and altera- would seriously, if not disastrously, | t j on , affect these orders, or societies, including the United Workmen, in which several hundred members of the order in this county are interested. In fact, the only thing required by the law .as now construed which has not been always done is the making of a report to the auditor of state annually, presumably for statistical purposes, There are some fraternal insurance orders _ which are affected in a different way, For dyspepsia and liver complaint you nS^thoseliaving a reserve fund. U^a^n^araotee on This fund, where one exists, is to be| cul . 0 . guarded in the same manner as is done with those in regular stock companies,; j baye unlimited money to loan on. by the deposit of securities with the jong or short time, Hairnet la uaiti* llj v " "" i „ \n , JJAHJ"^, «""•• ~ opera! house was packed-as never be- Wonder if Algona fore, every seat being taken, and tne OBOUKBTBA i-ii-wst deleeation from any outside I _ . -.^ pofft went ttoin Burt, To the student of Shakespear and his ot character Whiteside did not disap- pofnt He has the ability, energywd, force of a leading actor could do as well? ORCHESTRA COMPLIMENTED Emmetsburg Bepprter: One of the vB»'w*-B *vw r ~...•"*•• -• features of the Hamlet enter- at A i g0 na Tuesday. evening PERSONAL MENTION. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Doxsee entertained a family party on Thanksgiving. There were present from abroad Mr. Doxsee's father, A. Ii., and Miss Gwendolen Doxsee, of Eolfe, and • J. W- Doxsee, editor of the Monticello Express, and wife. Geo. C. Call arrived from Washing- tdu the first of the week. S. C. Spear will be home in a few days, and Mrs. Spear and Mrs. Call will conclude their visit in Maine and return home before the holidays. Gardner Cowles-leaves for Washington this evening, probably, on a business trip, to be absent several weeks. He expects to visit the Atlanta Exposition before returning, Mrs. Geo. B. Cloud and sister, Miss- White, went to Missouri Valley last week to visit friends, and Mr. Cloud has been at Nevada, attending to legal business this week. J, C, Stevens, of DesMoines, sp^nt Thanksgiving with his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dormoy, Mr. Stevens , _ and no ac tor t e exceUen t music furnished by orcbest ra, which was composed of oiou Th0 orouestra oould - «-. (tip \i Cil tVM ** f»\j«* A *-" vyw "r *-*•»- #•*•*•* *"<c3 7 JT • . bably a symptom of his failing condition, and it is not unlikely that as he went to his safe that morning he may have been overcome by weakness and sank down possibly with no power to rise. The sight of the pistol, lying IP his safe where it had lain for twenty years, may have offered the suggestion to end a life which had become a burden, and action followed on the instant. He was very cheerful .in the morning at the table, and. his mind «*><& $ e «M 6 "nd Mrs M J. ker brothers are members ot it gemaiks ^enage g ^ Wesley Reporter: bers o i Ihe music lena- 1 d SByeral p j ece8 O f m usio concluded T\ • T _ T ____ • __ *TT» __ - TT "O *O i^4-l f\t\ service, "Bev"H. B."Butler address at the grave 35 200 samples ingrain carpets. Cost us i'to 40o, each. Take your pick tor t the Grange Store. • ^^^^^\^K^^m^^^, . ,„,. •«. ««!4»k s s z&$'&^s0&^s^ysT&ir& Mae ¥«K B ». .Ww. -'VVUKjHb, MissGeiv b,er, Mrs, C. E. Jones, who piestded so ^ th t ^ w{ [ 0 hftd j5 nown ^e Mrs, J. PSlvjOKe, bUaB«.*ujb,a*iw ... . wll jj e her sister, Miss , 1ftnonsfirl 1ihfi i onffea t and most intim. \ JLL4 ttU) f-****^"" •*-rr-r~~r -^ ' > tie Paine, J."H. Gortner, Lincoln Mrs. D. Paine, Mr. and Mrs. O, ably at the piano, . Spiith, played first violin. -»-•<»•"» iy is in the employ of the Star Engraving Company, of PesMoines. Mrs, Colby, of Clear Lake, came to Algona last Wednesday on learning of the death of J. J, Wilson, and remained with the family until after the funeral, She returned home Friday night, . Miss Dodd spent Thanksgiving with a cousin in St. Paul, Mrs. Mahler r whose husband is of the great dry goods bouse of Meld & Mahler. Mr. and Mrs, S. A, Ferguson, of Ma." lone, N. YM are spending a few weeka^ with their son, W, K. Ferguson, of th,e First National Bank, Miss May Johnsgn, of Algona., is, visiting this week with her friends, tfle. Misses Barker in this city—EstbJr- ville Vindicator, "*•{*. Mrs. H, Putsch and daughter Myr.$e, arrived home from an extended YJWth- witb friends in Minnesota. a -*—"— WANTED, i Mrs. H. H. Hudson, residence Elm street, in north part of town. on 9-10 it every bottle never fails to i. tlMU, I ty»rU*wn) J-^.M.,-™-^ • t I^Olj OUVH.fH WV ^*www#-wf «Tf * , , TT ^T.,r P, Me' r*" r ?"~'~i—iZi- in hnik will be remembered as one of the mpsp W' 9 ' Vi 1 "w*"?' Peters" M.*" j7'Wftlsh, . Oysters, standard and select in bulk,, qcce88fpl PH ^ qe ^fl3en and pQlitieia.n Sv P Rnd Mrs Geo S! Marble Mr, and At City Bakery. ^ , n tue ea rty history of to^yn and Qcm* SpeaiD s K*"««'V»v »*• n *,,,n,. Q MissftH Mrs, Thomas, of Humboldt, been a guest o|Mr, wd Mrs, jhas returned JQ h^r liome i Qall is home from men§e prop of rice., Hagg to doge up area) estate iiudjtor. This involves no hardslup as regards the companies, and affects the members only by giving tUem a feeling of greater security. TUe first repoit was to tue effect tlurt all the fraternal orders insuring their members would •have to reorganize and provide reserve W. f uudti vvouia Karl's Clover Boot Tea is a sure cure for Headache and nervous diseases. Nothing relieves so quickly. _ JW BLOOD JERSEY Bull for sale, A very fine animal, two Years apd three months old. quire QfCJ. Box ?*0, Algona, Ia.-tll Vinton, Lutie Wallace, Mae pm6tt7lSaThompso»i, Etta John- Jou, WWa StenBon, Ida Swansea, Mae Icully, kessvs. Holloway wafl I ts, 0. 4»derao» aud wite, 8S: w > Mwmes C. of iqg omo e o'ovev the postom^Womi, la. D9tt't Your Is the truthful, startling title of a hook £hniit No-To'Bac, tho harmless, guara'i^ teod tobacco haMt ouvo that braces up nu ShSU4o\>l^^^^^^^ Three stow cases; One frwit case; Ope. but 1 W case-, One egflee $\ Hoaltji ftftd s^e,tbrQatb serar ' OatwTh anmj| ^aW ? (iTwhBFi*iR^,ft Tf~

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