The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1895
Page 3
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WASHINGTON, Dec. 2.—The first-week f/f the Fifty-fourth congress promises hothing at either end of the Capitol in Hie way of actual legislation. The time before the Christmas holidays is usually- devoted to preliminary matters and the Work of the session does hot begin until after tho recess. The new congress will probably not be ail exception to this rule. The senate proceedings may be enlivened by an attempt at reorganization but in the house nothing can be done until the committees are appointed. Speaker Reed says that the committees will not be announced this week 1895 December, 1895 £u. T 8 15 22 20 Mo. p 9 18 23 30 Tu. 3 10 17 24 31 We. 4 11 18 25 Tli. 5 12 19 2G Fr. 6 13 20 27 Sa. 7 14 21 28 HARRY HAYWARD'S SUSPENSION THOMAS B. ItEED. f Speaker of tho house.] perhaps, a, single exception—tho committee on rules. This committee formulates the rules which are to govern the house dxiring its session and it ifi customary for tho speaker to name it during tho first week in order that it can immediately begin its labors. While it is believed that the rules of tho Fifty-first congress over which Mr. Reed presided will be reported for the guidance of the present house, it is understood that a fow changes will be made as a result of the experience which are to still further Improve tho House Machinery and the facilitation of public business. Mr. Kerr, clerk of the last house, called the house to order. After the roll call the election of the officers nominated by the Republican caucus occurred, and as soon as Mr. Reed was formally installed as speaker the drawing of seats, which is known as the congressional ' 'raffle,'' followed. This was a somewhat tedious but amusing affair and occupied the remainder of the afternoon. The reading of the president's message will con- stune Tuesday, and at its conclusion the house will probably adjourn until Thursday, and on convening Thursday adjourn immediately until Monday. These adjournments will continue probably until the committees are announced. This is the programme, but the unexpected might occur, as it so often does in the house, if some aspiring member should introduce a sensational resolution and ask for its immediate consideration, I'rogramme in the Senate. It is not probable that the first week of congress will witness much serious effort at legislative work in the senate. The message will be read on Tuesday and the brief sessions of Wednesday and Thursday will be devoted largely to the introduction of bills of which there will be several hundred. Following precedents, the senate will on Thursday until the following Monday. One or two brief executive sessions for the ref erence of nominations are also among the probabilities for the week. If the the Republicans decide upon an effort to reorganize as is now generally conceded the Democrats will follow a conference at which they probably will decide upon a course of action. It now appears probable that all three parties will place candidates for president pro tern in the field and in that event tho week will be enlivened somewhat by ft triangular contest for this and the other offices of the senate, APPROPRIATIONS THAT ARE NEEDED Believed It Will O cur on Friday, Dn- comber 13. ST. PAUL, Nov. 30.—The Daily Globe says: Harry T. Hay ward will doubtless be executed on Friday, Dec. 18—one Week from next Friday. Governor Olough has not yet named the day of the hanging, but the conditions justify the conclusion that upon the day named Will occur tho terrible sequ 1 to tho most sensational and atrocious murder in the history of the Northwest. County Attorney Frank M. Kyo i't known to favor the 18th. That fact has been no special secret for pome days. The governor has expressed a desire to consult with the county prosecutor before finally determining in regard to this matter. Mr. Nyo will on Monday next visit his excellency, and immediately nf lor that conference tho governor will issue tho order designating :ho date of tho hanging. There has .icon \\ f,-]''^!' fooling that while the gov- .- Y.T.rVt v.o>- uro to have any great h < "i i :.i;i.' '. ~>: oso before the execution, > ! •'•n'ii.ud rric be rushed. On tho other juiad, doofj not seem to be anything about the case which would suggest that the prisoner be given A liongor toase ol Ufa than, perhaps, a couple or three, weeks at tho outside. If the condemned man had been hopeful all along that the supreme court would grant him a second trial, and had not prepared himself mentally for the final event, then there might be some reason for deferring the hanging three or four weeks so that he might get in a proper state of mind. But Hay ward has for mouths calculated there was nothing but death for himself and he has become quite thoroughly resigned to his fate long ago. In fact, he was rather averse to his fathei spending the money that was necessary to make the appeal to the supremo court. He did not ficeni to look forward to tho upper court decision with any interest whatever. When it came he neither showed nor expressed tho slightest disappointment. He has given it out very emphatically that he does not care to go down in history as a "scaffold repentant" and will not embrace the Christian or any religion. So there is nothing in the idea of giving the doomed man reasonable time in •which to prepare himself. To Have tho Execution Deferred until after tho holiday season would doubtless strike a great many people as being an unnecessary delay. Nothing would be accomplished by such a postponement. On the other hand, it would simply be an extension of a period of painful and trying delay. The sheriff and those of his deputies who have had to do with this famous prisoner are anxious that this responsibility cease. Hay ward himself is almost in a state of indifference as to when the hanging occurs. He .said a few days ago that some persons expressed the opinion that he would have another 80 or 40 days to live, but he did not believe that. He said it was very likely to come before the holidays, and he seemed, to have his mind on Friday, Dec. 20.- He said he was "thoroughly contented,'' He was fully prepared for the last ordeal. Under Water Over Four Minutes. DETROIT, Mich., Dec. S.—Professor Enoh, an aquatio performer at Wonderland theater, accomplished the feat of staying under water 4 ruins, 8 sees., which' he claims breaks all previous records, LATEST MAEKET BEPORTS, > Minneapolis Grain. MINNEAPOLIS, Dec, 1, 1895. WHEAT—November closed at 51% December, 51%c; May, 56}£@56%c. On Track—No, 1 hard, 58%c; No. 1 Northern, No. 3 Northern, 5l%o. 60ME VERY SERIOUS tHEFTS. ;i(i-ly Discovered in <1to Varloii4 t>o-> ,t Wash ngton. Nov. SO.— Thf whnlo- fiale investigation throughout (he esec- nth o department•? a^ to the .stamp lhoCt-9 reported in these dispatcher ha^s resulted in an ending even worse, .than were first discovered in the treasury, Another element has crept into the situation, and it is learned that tho photograph fiends, too, have boi:n at work among the files. This vandalism, so far as is yet known, seems to have been practiced principally on the interior department. In the investigation by the secret service men it has been discovered that the Signntures ot Mnny Great Men, long since dead, and especially presidents of the United States, wero affixed to papers in the other office. Some of these were accordingly examined, with the result that a series of autographs has been found to be missing from them. Abraham Lincoln's autograph has been ^specially sought after. These papers are stowed away in files, and it is hard* ly once a year that any of them are needed, so that discoA'ery of mutilation in the ordinary course of oiiice routine was improbable. Tho papers have in many instances bcenrcndr-rod practically valueless, and this mutilation ,i<i a Gorions matter. OOlM 6* A Atlanta, 6-a., September 18 to 31, 1895, The '•Hirclulf printed below is licn^ivi- ptiiilo l,o tlio bpst and nioat !i!)!c lout- ID Atlanta from tho. north drift nortinvot. Cnicngo, Indianapolis. Cincinnati. LouNvillc. St. Louis, Torre and Evansvillc. Ti'.hico dny c'oaflic-i nnd fullman i'!2 i.-rus iiif iittuclicil Id nil trains shown Im\- rate-" liavo boon Inaflf to Ailaiiia.ii.nd rr-ltmi. via t,l IR Nashville, Chattanooga & St.. Louis railway. All trains run solid between Nashvillfi and Atlanta. c.xc(>i)t, train in last column. The train in third eohniin, which IaaVo-3 Cincinnati al-i:30p. m., runs solid to Atlanta* This is tho ron to of the famous. "t)lxle flyor' through "all tlio year round'' slcrp- ing car lini; botwoon Nashville, Tcnii.. and Jacksonville, Fla. ABOUT A COI'EN DEAD. - P K ~ ~i - 2!sVl *«!- ^ j_ C /: r. -•• ^. "'" • " c £ £ **:?« ^-c- __/•---, — r~ :: 2, '••'•- 526 &-* "* ss° Ji M- 1 - c — n ?? C. » ^ • — t~ — • • •* ' £ ~ : '?'5 ^ re £ £~ :" ~r — •^ X CJ : . : • • • 3 S . 2.Q. ' ?• c: • ass rJ d e3 71 — i^ c-it- — Frightful I>isin!,f.'r in 7;!V7 Vorlt ?.Iino CAH.HEL, IT. Y., Nov. 00. — An acci- d<iiit i-csultbig inthe loss of r.', or J4 HYPS occnrred at tho Tilly Footer mines a liitlo after !3 p. 311. Foreman Murtha wars descen'din;? into tlio pit (o t.iko Iho time of vhe gangs ot labovpra numbering about Sij men who were working at the bottom, when a vast weight of earth and rock slid vfiih tho force of an avalanche from tho month of the pit to the bottom, a distance of 300 feet. Tho earth crashed over the men with tremendous force. Out of the gang of 11 only 5 came out alive, and 3 of the men employed in another gang wero taken out dead. THE GOLD 13 COMING IN. Effect of Curl Isle's Ivccont Order Kegun to Ho Felt. WASHINGTON, Nov. 80.—The treasury gold reserve has already begun to feel the effects of the recent order of tho department directing that express charges bo paid on all gold 'received at the sub-treasuries and also upon tho currency received "iu exchange therefor. The assistant treasurer at Philadelphia received §100,000 in gold and smaller amounts arrived from other sub-treasury cities. Several amounts wero turned into the treasury here, the largest being I $2,250. ..'•'•, '~*yK > !» f- I 1 For fiirthfii 1 informtition sitldi-ess F. Hill, northern !Ki,«;~oiig<'.r ;i<ront. K3 MarqiU'.Ue r.iiil(.!in-. Chicago, 111., R. C. Ci.nviinlin. wostprn pasKfngor agent. 405 IIy. Kxchsiiigo Uuilclin;;. SL Louis, Mo., or T). .T. Mull'Uhiy. oasli'rn ' ))assoiiger atroiit, ;"i;) W. stroot. Cincinnati, oiiio. „ \V. L. DANT.KY, G. P. & T. A.. Nnshvillo. Tonn. of the Secretary of the Treus- ijry as ITiirnlslietl to Congress, WASHINQTON, Deo, 3,— The secretary of t)ie treasury transmitted to congress the estimates of appropriations required for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1897, ag furnished 4 by thQ several executive departments, which aggregate $41$,' 001,073. • The appropriations fpr the present fiscal year amounted to $413,? 7g8,,a6.4, The estimates for the fiscal year 1$9? ape capitulated by titles as fpllows, cents omitted; Jjegjsla,tiv<? establishment, f8,0§0,681^ e^eoutiv^ pstablisjunent, $30, 103,43?; judicial establishment, $033, 980 i foreign intercourse, $1,649,058; naval estabjisjtv .meat, $37, 588., 857; Indian affairs, 18,700,458! pensipns, l41,384,57Qj pub.Ua , wrfe f38.,674 ( Q88i PPStal service, |5,. annual appropriations, '$m SW&* : U Li)..' A DUTY ON FLOUR PROPOSED. Salisbury Promises to Consider Such n, AND DRILLING. \W ii.ivi:- tiiiii'l'iliii-ry »t nil Mi/us I'oi-boi-lns or itiilliiiR- wells. '.Vittor frunniiiteecl-'or. no piiy. C.'.-rll on or adili'OJjs. CALL1ON BROS., Bancroft, la. Dulutli Grain, DULUTH, Dqo, 1, 1895. WHEAT— Cash NO, I hard, 50c; No, 1 Northern, 54o; No. 3 Northern, 52@ 51c; No, 3 spring, 49>$@44}£c; rejected, 6t, Paul Union Stoqk Tai-da, - SOUTH ST. PAUI,, Dec. 3, 1895. About steady, Range oJ prices — Market firm and active; good dejg^nd for everything, Not much bore. IJeftvy feeders WftntecJ. SHEEjp— Good, sheep a»d |aiub3 steady and aotjye', Repeipfe;' ' IJpgs, a.SQO; cattle, lOOj sheep, a,|OQ. ____ T? _' CHIOAQO, peo. i, >a»i 60 higher LONDON, Nov. 30.— The Marquis 'of Salisbury replying to a letter in- which tlia.'writer; points out that during, the past 10 years the country has 'spent £33,000,000 on imported wheat aud'flour and that tho import of flour instead of wheat had resulted in a loss of £18,000,000, promises to consider the writer's suggestion regarding the payment of a bounty to wheat growers and the admission of wheat free, while a duty is planned for imported flour. New Cliurcli in Aslics. GRAND FORKS, N. D., Dec. 2.— Sacred Heart Catholic church, East Grand Forks, costing ^$10, 000, dedicated two weeks ago, entirely free from debt, burned to the ground this morning. The flames started from a furnace, and were discovered while the edifice was filled with worshipers. Before the fire department was railed out the flames were beyond control. The building was insured fpr $(3,000 and will be rebuilt. ___ _ __ Train .Wrecker Caught, ST. Louis, Dec. 2. — A special to The Republic from Webster City, la., says: The man who wrecked the Northwestern passenger train between Ames and Storey City two weeks ago has been captured, He pulled the spikes from. the ties and allowed the train to go into the ditch. No one was badly hurt, but all the passengers ,wera shaken up. He is a tramp, and it, is presumed he had , been put off one ( of the Northwestern trains and pulle£ the spikes in revenge. New Jersey's Official Vote. TRENTON, N. J,, Nov. 80.— The state board of canvassers, recently appointed by Governor Worth, met at tho state house to go pver the figures of the recent gubernatorial vote and the official vote. The result of the board's work is as follows; Griggs (Rep, ), 102,900; Me. Gill (Dem,), 188,000; Wilbur (Pro,), 0.061; Ellis (Pop.), 1,091; Keim (kabor), 4.J.07. Griggs' plurality, 80,900, All ''Differences Compromised, R;on BJUD, Mo >( Nov. SO,"-AU dif, feyences Between, the miners qf the •Rich Hill\ Coal company and its op, errors * have beejj adjusted on a com« promise proposition, by which tUe oQifl-* pany Agrees. |o pay 60 cents per to» fpy all coal mjnedUn^ yejns 'of 3 ft. 9 in, }n tjjjpkn.ej33 and, 4 cents fpy that Wined, ,in, yejnjs pf -ft ' ' JS "Hi ^-, fi'iistiroi'Miy men 'to represent us in tho sitlo of our t'lioiCo Nhr.sury Stock. t-pcchiltie-5 conti'oJlod by u«. liisJiost Salary or commission ]«iid weekly, steady em- ployrnoni; tlib'yeiu- '.round, Outflt free; exclusive territory; experience not, necessary; biyimy arsured worJtursj special inducements!' to beH'iiincr.s. Write at onco for par- ti.cularsto Alien Nurses-y'Co., , ROCHESTER. N. Y. Want or t w o G O O I> MliN in each county to take orders for a Clio^e-o lino of NUKSKBY STOCK or SJBEO POrvYIOHS. Stock aricl seed guaranteed. Wo ei\n g-ive you Steady Employment with Good J'ay. It wlli cost yon nothing to g-Ivo I tii trl til S lute when writing- which you prefer to, sell, Address The Hawks Nursery Co., Milwaukee, Wis. i, jf i Sulai-y or Commission to ffood Men. Fast telling Iiiiiiortotl S}H!i'ial(ics. Stock Failing to Liye RBBlacefl Free, "\Ve boll only CTlgli Grade Stock and • true to Also Pure Seed Potato Stock pur Specially Leader. ( Di LUTCHFORD & CO,, KU«SJSRTa«3N, H001I138TBB, N. Y- Letters proinptly 'answered, ani* DEPARTURE of TRAI85 OHIOAOO, MILWAUB^B AND 8T, LOUAIv TRAIN BAST, 4 1 2 passenger, , ........... ,...,.,, ,10 ;32 a m' No. No, No, 70 fyelgjit carries pa v ssengers 94 f|-e|glit carries passengers. 4 passenger. Kp, Np, No, No. No, QQIN0 WBST, passenger .,,.,,,....,, ' (!;Mppi 8 iStt p m I j45 p P) » "*, 9:0g Ti fj-u 0 -Ut cun'iei passengers, lit o^jTie^ prssengera , 0 ;40 p m u ; Suicide, ^ WWhen -Qhje| srptji r»vi i.jun < i ;j! B uy c, ,.1-,;; -

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