The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1895
Page 2
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m OFFER A REHIEDY WHIOH E§ SAFETY TO LBFE MINNESOTA' ATTORNEY GENERAL GETS INTO THE PEARSALL CASE. the Case Sitnfoorn, tho Appeal by ROBS COriFiNEMENt AND OF ItS PAIN. RISK. "Jilv wife nst'ii I \iobol I IPS. was easily sinu quickly relieved; is now Sent bv tMHt $1.00 per 10(11. mailed fror- CM) Sn; SOLD 3 ,T. S Aloiiiois. HJM low, N. C.. in ill. on icccipt of in ice. no->. "TO MOTUlMuS' CO.. A'MiANTi, tU. n)I,ATOM T AiM V'-, (-1 F ."I '''V'jf'^?f\i '<''"' :tf] Gi'Bv»>\lM.'i FRrV-: \ III in i Jo V Tl'f 1 lo:i; v.,C l . i :\. iavc unlimited (il-sllOl't t.HR' ii!oiic> to loan on 15. \V. riAtiOAun. QUICKLY.—'® THOROUGHLY, FOREVER CURED. G ENGLISH QUICK Wo Declined to Do So When XVJM on Trial Before but No-w Appems on Consent of All IMrticS. FT. P VUT,, Nov. -:o —Attorney General Ph Id* hns intorvoned on behnlf of tho (shite in the appeal of the injunction mil of Thorn,is W. rcnrsnll against the Groat Northern K.iilway company. Tins iUho cn«- in which Mr. Pearsnll, n, sti ekholder in the Grout Northern, applied to tho United States court for an injunction to prevent that company from comolidT,! Liu; with tho Northern Pacific. When the hearing ctimo uy before Judge Sanborn, General Childa WPS Liven an opportunity to intervene on behalf of the ntnle, but ho declined to do so The case was decided by .futlr-o Sanborn in f aver of the company. General Childs then, on behalf of the Rtato, l)^an u, action of a- similar na. turn in the district court, and a fev davs aj,*o JutlRO Kelly granted tho in iunction asked for, his decision temi directly contradictory of that of JuclRi Sanboin. Mr. Penrsall has taken ai appeal from tho decision o£ Judge ban- Iforn to the supremo court of the United f-U'm-. and by consent of all parties to the record, General Childs has beon allowed to intervene. 1J> han accordingly prepared si brief, a copy of which wa:i'furnished to the Tnvioufi l':tvHcs Interested. In hn brief General Childs rcw-ws tho t-ct of tho lofjishituio granting the original <-luu-t or on thu term* of which the co-, ip mv c^ums tho rifht to _ oonsoh- d.ile, liv . J ' ' n w v, •> tlv> var.ou-.sui 1 - co.i(«"S",'w.^ t 'keu a i ij. if the IOKIS- lature hid over intended to crant it. Ilo then KU" on to tiiRUO that it has uhvarsbeen the policy of tho si ate to prevent such consolidations as tho ono contemplated, quoting from the laws of IbM and 1881 to bear out this view, and also from decisions of tho supreme court to show that actual consolidation was what -was aimed at in this case. He Tiroes that the permission to con- Boliclato granted by the charter refers to lines lying in the same general direction, but not competing, the acquisition of which might merely act as an extension of the lines of the defendant. General Childs next argues as to the right of the legislature to amend the charter of tho company so as to take away this right, if it had ever been intended to permit it to consolidate with parallel or competing_lines._ DISRUPTION OF CANADA. Friend _._ n Cnndirtftte. NEW YOBK, Nov. 29.—A local paper Bays: It is announced by B. C. Benedict, a trusted and intimate friend of President Cleveland, that ho will not under nny circumstances accept another term of the presidency. Mr. Benedict has so long enjoyed tho confidence of Mr. Cleveland, and is so close in his relations with him that this statement has a semi-official complexion. Mr. Benedict said: "I am certain Mr. Cleveland would decline another nomination if it were offerc d him. I am positive that ho does not want to servo a third term. I om cnually positive that he could not be persuaded, under any eiicumsiauces, to accept the nomination if it should bo tendered to him.' Intends to Kalio a Worltl Tour. "I have heard him say that he intended to make a tour of the world, at the expiration of his second term. That he wauled to see moro of the world than he had seen, and that he had his traveling companion already picked out; at least that ho had asked-a personal friend of his to accompany him on the tour." In making this statement for publication Mr. Benedict has HO far departed from his previous reticence with regard to Mv. Cleveland'a •affairs that it has special significance. The exhibition of the NaMQnal Lite Stock association in Madison Square Garden began Monday. The cabinet of the prefect and enb- prefect of Peru has resigned. The successors have not yet been indicated. Sheriff Holmberg has decided to make no further preparations to hang Hayward till tho governor fixes the date. Superior and St. Louis bays aro frozen clear across. Vessels aro obliged to have tucs break tho ico in order to move about. Eastbound shipments irom Chicago last week amounted to 54,500 tons, against 76,449 for tho preceding week niid 47,850 tons for tho corresponding week of last year. Arthur Arnould, the French litterateur and formerly a member of the commune, is dead'. He was born April 7, 188S5. He was the author of a number of works, including one entitled "Tho French Revolution." Portable and Marine. M. P. iTAOGAftlD. ' <J. Itaggai'd & Pefck* Successors to JONES & SnuTrt. ABSTRACTS, REAL ESTATE, COLLECTIONS. - - - - IOWA. Ifwilhlnkot buy mi; sin (•nRlnpnf niiy sl/e 01 Umcfetidlorom CA rAi-oouM No so. POII- talnlntt illusriations and pneosot cvciy kind , ol .small engines up to 20 hoi IP imwpr, at bottom prices OI-MSTNO 2jft>i uipht pnjilnes.Doiieis iincl boat maclilnci y. KHhei --ent free. A. B* Clarke & Co., FARM LOANS. Rear Alg-ona SI ale Ban k. A T.G O3S" A , tA. Oco. 0. Call, REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, For informalUm in rofrard lo liinds in NoTthwcslorn Town, \vrlto lo lilm. Stale -troot. AJ.OONA, IOTVA. ",! i! ( OUT OF 6REftTEHGlJSHRQIEDY SEES A~LACK" OF HARMONY. 30TSDAY soon know mind iincl noJii't'""Drjii'ii.•Tiiiid losses ended, every obstacle tO llJtppy MHUIK.'l nil. •• • ,. :.„,. M% C rpstn]'o(l' llC U n'eal't'Ctiul such troubles result f a V. M''ilU,xl nu-viee free,. Milled every- wht-ro sealed for SI. Sx boxes for &••>. .IAOK- SON KnI VA.LOO. dhioiuro. III., or our a- g°nt. FRANK W. j)IS(iMiY,Al B iniii.Iown. •ire tlie most Powerful, S:iie, Prompt and 1& uMo of this Kind in tho """'Uet. 1 .e ..r- li/livil 'mil only "eiiillno AVomun s .salvation. fsr'your'dru^sf ,f be ^oji't keop the,,. Write, direst to us add \ve will send if. CHILLI, upon receipt of price,-91, sealed by paid Medical advice tre.H..) A 1CAL CO., ChlCftgo. 1'HAMv \V. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS.! PFORSAUE e>v AUL. ORUGGISTS I JACKSON MEDICAL CO. CIHGA60 ILL! \ £: 26O 5O. CLARK 5T IMPERIAL B'tD'G. S uN.B. Don't take any substitute 5 S with the same name but different j g spelling on which yourclrugeisT o to makes twice as much u> BE.WARE Of IMITATIONS Frank W. Dingley. will do if used as a wash according to directions' prevent transmission of blood diseases. Skin diseases, acute, and chronic u cers sine - ure, assure o£ tlie hands and teet, lic/.f in a. let- fpp S'ili illn*uirtcit"iisiiit JiiuMiiiiinon 01 inu pia,u~ tier, bisease's of tlio bones, joints and muscles, as le ^s^^r;^u,a i ?,^ = ^disease are traceable ^^^^ venr->t v ve Tinc.'Ts'a'saYe'Gerin Killer, rendering ^ tagon'hardly possible, "f"^,.^ valne. f neglected such troubles result fatally. ,f ll }V e i • nvwliere sealed, Si; six boxes for $5. Medical dvicelllef JAOKllON MBPIOAL iiO., Chicago, 111., or our agent,F. W,DINGLli\. MANUFACTURERS Movement in Winnipeg in Favor of Secession Froui tlio li-oiiorotion. CHICAGO, Nov. 29.—A special from Winnipeg, Man., says: Exciting events are impending in Canada. Witmn a month, parliament awill bo Bummoned to pass a remedial order directing tlie Manitoba government to restore to the Roman Catholics their parochial schools. Then will come the climax to a long, bitter warfare—a climax that May Disrupt tlie Confederation of Canadian provinces. To all entreat- es for a compromise to avoid trouble, it s said, Premier Greenway turns a deaf ear and it is evident that if the domm- 011 authorities restore Roman Catholic schools in this country, they can only do so by force. In Winnipeg there is said to be a growing movement in favor of secession from the dominion, which in reality means the starting of a crown colony entirely indepeudant of Ottawa authority, but it is certain that Premier Greenway and those back of him will bitterly resist to the utmost the restoration of Roman Catholic schools. Tho premier does not qualify his assertions in this regard. IS |N GOOD CONDITION. Secretary turnout Says the Army Was Never in Hotter Shape. WASHINGTON, Nov. 30.—The operations of the war department of the United States are fully set forth in the annual of Secretary Lament. The reports of the officers in command of the several geographical departments show that the year has been tranquil and undisturbed by Indian outbreaks, domestic violence or troubles on the border. Steady arl general effort to improve the service has brought the troops everywhere to a highly satisfactory condition as to discipline, efficiency in military exercises and soldierly, patriotic spirit. The army is better fed, clothed and housed than ever before, and the policy zealously pursued of promoting the personal comfort of the officers and men has resulted in a devotion to the service which is everywhere apparent, It can be said with confidence that never in its history has tfae present oon« dition of the avmy been surpassed. A PROCLAMATION BY GOMEZ. The Insurgent Leader prpjnulBfttes Some Severe Orders. TA.WPA. Ha., Pe°' 3.—Spanish papers arriving here say that General Gowess has issued the following proclamation: First—After Deo, 1 small detach, ments of our army will proceed to de- yail all trains by dynamite, Second-Country people whose res> dences are located o» main roads wiU move their jjoiwes Mote some 80 yams, Third'-Any one advising the Span, lards of our whereabouts will be dealt witii as an enemy, _ " kU wire fences must fee by the owners, otherwise tfcey be put, JPj|tJij<*-A,ny pne endeavoring t9 sell fee products of fete Potation in any city or towg. wiU feg ft u »g- " If Tho SulUii Known to Uollcve the I'OTV- cv» Arcs Jfot Acting i:i Concert. .-.L^s-TtxoPLTO, via Sofia, Bulgaria, Eoc, .__it has not yet boon conclusively developed here what is to bo the effect on tho disordered state of the empire of tho relinquHlimeut 1 'r> <''"-ilj% at of tl'C pulp' ' ' ' tOlJl- iroduw I'ddii i 'ii '1 l oil ^ i i a 1 11 - i cigiicr- in tho domain i ui. U'o '.i'lta:i. The ordering back to Salomon bay of the British gunboat Dryad, which had been ordered up the Dardanelles at tha request of tho British ambassador, Sir Philip Currie, in anticipation of tho promised granting of the firmans by the &ultan for warships to pais through, is officially explained on tho ground that the proposed action would do moro harm than good by inflaming the fanaticism of the Turks against foreigners 011 account of the supposed affront to tho sultan by what would, in affect, have amounted to a naval dem- oristration against Constantinople. The effect of the abandonment of its purpose by Great Britain on the situation in Turkey is awaited with anxiety and groat interest. The question of guard- ships seems At a Standstill For the Present, though the threat of Sir Phillip Currie to renew his purpose unless foreigners should be exempt from outrage is still open. Undoubtedly one effect of the ordering back of the Dryad to Salonica is that the belief in the often alleged concert in the powers in their .attitude towards Turkey is waning. The sultan is known to have been skeptical as to this concert for some time past, and, it is said, has based his long continued opposition to Great Britain's demands upon a belief that no such concert existed or that it could not endure for any length of time. This belief cannot but iave been in part confirmed by Great Britain's withdrawal of her demand after it had been so strenuously pressed to the very verge of a crisis. Whether Groat Britain is influenced hy the alleged danger to foreigners from fanatical Turks which would ensue upon the proposed demonstration, or whether she has learned to doubt the approval of her action which might be accorded by the other powers, is^ therefore a question asked on all sides. Wednesday, Nov. 37. Many passengers were killed in a railroad wreck caused by Cuban insurgents. Tho marriage of Harold McCorniick and Miss Edith Rockfeller occurred in New York. A sound money resolution wa<3 introduced in tho trans-Mississippi commercial congress. Cooper Bros.' foundry aud machine shops in Cortlaud, N. Y., wero totally destroyed by fire. Loss, ,$50,000. B. P. Ripley, third vice president, of tho Milwaukee, has been chosen pros idcnt of tho reorganized Atchison. A discharged workman blew up a factory at Palma, Island of Majorca, cainocl tho lo s of acvonty lives. Telegraph wires wore prostrated and railroad traffic ijjirnilined by a suov, storm in Eastern, Southern and Central Western states. A fast freight on the Illinois Centra struck a box car at Lamar Station, Mo. which had been blown from, tho siding and was completely wrecked. Engineo J. C. Woolsey and a negro tramp wer were instantly killed. 97 Claim! Street OHAS, P. WILLAED & 00,, Chicago, !» B. Ct.AltlvB, CHAS. A.COHENOtJtt Clarke & Colionoiir, ATTORNEYS AT LA W. AWSONA, JOWA. FLOWER BULBS FREE. Choice Winter Hloouiitip. 1?ull>s mm AOTflB UUUUDHM. Ol t Dutch n>!U-i!Uli,\t'l\ ;; Tulips, iissnucd, ^ .moits ( olms, ': ^itH'lsMis. \\iuick Vf'How. II.IK! :; Crocus, iissorloci colors. I? 8('ill» Silnvi'ici). blue, l r oi only "O (fiil't, 01 *>il\ (M. sili'l I'll' liilllics ol (i VillD IHI\ IllllllS DI RCOlli. W(' v'il'l'iii.' once the U suli-iulul Wintc-v liloonnii" I'.ulbs In ;ui\ UK'it'ss l'"y ptii'l iiud'our now illustrated imtiilojiitt; for 180D when vt'iuly W. W. IJA.U.NAIU) & RllCCUBSors to StMu1ll i",7Vr. t r<n itii'tun Slbley & Go. CHICAGO, (Sticcosaor to W. ». Quartan) ATTORNEY ANJJ COUNSELOR AT LAW. AI.GONA, IOWA. over Kossuth County Stutc CO., Sullivan & McM'alion, ATTORNEYS AT L \W, Postomco Jlloch. ALQONA, JOWA. B. V. Swetting', ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. • ALGONA, IOWA. DETHRONING THE SULTAN. Powers Will Demand His Person When They Step In. BOSTON, Nov. 30.—The following reliable letter from an American resident of Constantinople was received here: "The most pressing question, next to that of the safety of the people who survive, is the provision of aid for the families of those who have been slaughtered. Aid must come on a great scale or thousands will die. The powers will have control in some way before the money conies in, so that relief work on a large scale will be possible. The position here is critical in the extreme. The sultan is fighting for his life, and is not yet convinced that he is going to be punished for his crimes, When the powers are ready to move on him, he may order any wild act pf revenge in the way of general massacre in order to go out in a cloud of smoke and glory. The powers are acting in the greatest secrecy, that he may not have time to do this. When the fleets are ready to come in they will put themselves in communication with *• i _ J1 J A.~U n •» «3 4-1-1 rv on VMAll A Qtl f\T Thursday, Nov. S3. Work has begun on the now electri railway at Oshkosh, Wis. "General" Kelley promises another industrial army demonstration. There is talk of having congress create a department of gymnastics in the army. There are still 20,000,000 acres of land oneii to settlement in Minnesota and the Dakotas. A desperate attempt to break jail by three prisoners was frustrated by the sheriff at Platte City, Mo. A would be train wrecker was riddled with bullets and hanged by a mob near Oaks, Marshall county, Ky. Earnings of Southwestern lines show a decrease in consequence of the small cotton crop in Texes. The trial of Dr. and Mrs. Hearne for the murder of Amos J. Stillwell has been set for Dec. 9. William Barrett, the now notorious burglar, passed as a jeweler with Boston refineries for twelve years. Friday, Nov. 39. The street rail way at Sheboygan.Wis., has been opened for traffic. The Phi Kappa Psi chapter house at Beloit, Wis., was damaged by fire to the extent of $1,000. William Katka, living near Menomonee, Wis., chopped up his wife with an ax. His 14-year-old son captured him with a Winchester. A contribution of $5,000 has been made by Hon. Calvin S. Brice to Science hall of Hanover college, in Jefferson county. It is reported that all questions now pending between Argentina and Chili have been settled and that the two countries will sign an agreement to re strict their armaments. Knevgetic, in ovory township, to represent "3 in the Millo Of "John SliormiiM'8 KocoJJoc- tioiis of Forty Tears in tho House, Senate and Cuh'inet''; the most remarkable history ol the times ano Ihe Ki'oatpst work oil fliiance over published.; sale equals ;'ttmnt.'s Momohs ; IntfclllReiu agents cannot fail to reap n harvest. Apply at once. National Publishing Co., ISO East Adams St. Chicago, 111 .T. I.. BONAK. "• K. FEIJLOWS. Boiiav & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. (lollcetlons will receive prompt aUontlou. " Koonis 8 mid 0, Algoim State Bank Bl'dg. Uruncli oilleo at , T/ -,«xrt rr»\vA Wesley, lowp,. JXGONA, IOWA. JAVA and MOCHA "COFFEE. Finest Can Coffee on the Market. Dansoii & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Oowles' now building-. AI-GONA, IOWA. Welt Miller, ATTORNEY AND COUNCILOR AT LAW. Collections made, All business promptly attended to. WESLKY, - IOWA. S. S. Sessions, . _^ 4 . 1' V' ATTORNEY AT LAW. : Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections ol all kinds. Over Chrlschillos' Store. AtGONA, IA. a.asKi^sss*. 4 *' Blue Label. A combination of the finest Aden Mocha and Fancv.Mark Java, racked in 1 and 2-pound ai? tight cans, thereby retiUning all of the aro- na and freshness lost in bulk ooffeo exposed to lie elements. Keturnable if notsatisfactoiy, Sf ever sol din bulk orin paper, toil or paste- hoard peckages. LANGDON & HUDSON, Sole Distributors. the i' V 1 L. K. Garfleld, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, State street. AT.GONA, IOWA. M. J. Keneflck, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. AUGONA, - - IOWA. PU-V VilOlliSOlV VO A** *-'WfA****fc*-****'v*v»«*-. ..T-'-T i ^. v *f..? the porte and demand the surrender of y 0 rk the sultan's person, and I think that the Ge] Saturday, Nov. SO. Senor Cyrillo Machado has been pointed Portuguese minister to United States, John J, Overton, Who says that he is 98 years old, was convicted of forgery at Fort Smith, Ark. Senor Mayorga is said to have been selected as Nioaraguaii minister to Washington, vice Guzman. The Cherokee Indian council repealed the law giving Cherokee citizenship to whites who marry Cherokee maidens. Mrs. David DeLong fainted and fell into a fire at Sumner, Ills., and was so badly burned that she died in an hour, The contest over the youngest • congressman between New York and MISI souri has been settled in favor of New Dr. H. C. McCoy, M. D., ' PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. Office with Dr, Garfield, Stute stveot. Residence, McGregor street. Dr, L. A. Sheets, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled, Deals in Pain BooUs, Pert iimerios, Etc. Ocr. State ftndThorlngton. Oils, AI.G DENTIST, D, D, A. Jj Local anuesthetio for deadeninff pain gums when extracting 1 teeth; ( AI<GONA, IOWA, 13, S. Glasiois J>. P» ^»? DENTAL ROOMS. Over the Aigona State Bank, v , t v HW"»™ - persojii T^T-T - '"'---— -••.,, v porte will dethrone him. But it will be an anxious time until this is accomplished. _ ARE UABUe TO UOSE MECQA. The Holy City tn Pangev °f Capture toy Rebels, BONBON, Deo. 8.--A letter from Aden, Arabia, dated Nov. go, gives details of the Arabian revolt against fee sotta* ift Yenien, tbe coffee growing distrwti ol Southwestern AraMa- The irnportanpe of fee outbreak lies in its proriwtty tP Th# loss to tfee sultan of the Holy 01*7 ywW . genoethe vrjuob have fee General Flagler, chief of ordnance, in his annual report recommends better arms for the 'national guard of the states. _ Snetlalattention c/iuw to wvlng ee the finest we have The best of modern anfle§t^^e^los used tQ^f .IS" make opevatlpns as painless as p^ssibie, i-^^i^ ._„„„. ,r~,,r. I '' " '' /e**^V,M,»" J/i!f" ffO Monday, , . . . Murderer Willis Ring, a W fe convict, escaped from jail at Gateeyille, Tes- A wreck of ooai barges neap Pitts' burg caused fee log? of 850,999 of fuel. • Missionary boards have appealed. tQ fee Red. Cross society fop aid for the ' Jordan diedhrt bow, lg of

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