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Transcript-Telegram from Holyoke, Massachusetts • 14

Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

HOLYOKE DAILY TRANSCRIPT AND TELEGRAM FRIDAY AUGUST 24 1925 Vr FOURTEEN HOLYOKE BOY HOME OFFERED TO PAINT' HOUSE FALLS FROM LADDER KILLED WARD CHAIRMEN AND AIDES NAMED FOR REG1STRT10N FROM NAVY FOR VISIT THIRTY CARILLONS IN UNITED STATES peris In tho Cnrrahcan wore Ho rapocln to bo with Hoot when they go around Capo Horn this winter end has promised to sand aavy recruit Ing officer pictures sf various ports that hla ship will touchat Upon1 tho expiration or hla furls TaboesyosU ox pacts to rejoin hla ship at Now York then moat of th Snouting Float will sail for ChsrlooMva for larkot practice They Represent the Spread of Appreciation of Art Long Centred in Belgium Kt try thins ready for a eonro'rlrd drive for Bw voter by the rry 'si ration- rominlttre of tho vo'mlilnej I) £rtlc City comnilMro and the ftmith-Roblnaon Club nhU'h baa Juit tho varloua vanl chairmen aid aides to carry on tho work The IM-lowny appointment hate been at ttkated! Ward 1: Chairman Jamea Citrk: aide: rrerinet A Loiil Tauli cloct IV Mary Burn Precinct l' John O'Donnell Ward Chairman Noel Rapt late aide: rrerinet A Tctreauli rrecnlrt Jeremiah Hue- Arthur Brlsaetto 41 of West War ren received fatal Injuries In a fail trim a ladder whlla palating a house Waverly street Springfleld yu-torday! morning Ho was taken nfl-conscious to-tha SprlngfMld hospital acfl died shortly nftar Brlsootto had 'boon visiting Hr nqfi Mrs Wilfred Trahan and volnntaered ta pktat th houoo Ia climbing a ladder ho slipped ahd fall 18 (eet hU bead striking oa a cement walk A woman who saw tha maa fall noli- Sod a motorcyrie offtcor whs found Briaactta unoonsclous BrianotU leaves wifi and two sons ley Precinct Ntcrenc Wynn: Ward Chairman Joacyhlna I Drlacall aide Prarinrt A Cat her In Barnett and Mao Behlrch rrerinet Mlrhael Shea rrerinet Josephine I rrerlnrt Catherine Sheehan Catherine Kingsley Ward 4: Chairman' Aen McCar Ihy aide Precinct A Mary DrUeolL Precinct Therem Sullivan1 rrerlnrt John NUrh: Stanley ntyperh Pre-rlnet Helen Hurley: Ward I Chairman David Sullivan aldea Prerlnet A Hina BreeMhan Freclnr It Waller Hopmood Treclnet t' jms Dillon and Helen Sullivan Tro elnct lb Oren Blair Marydret Fox and Draldero Dellapenna W'ard Chairman Patrick Bremahan Jr aide: rrocinrt A Mary Branlyan Prerlnet Alfred Kournlrr Treejncl Kllnor Donofbue rrerlnrt Roac Nayle rrerlnrt' Catherine Trrry Ward Chairmen Alice Dibble aide: Prerlnrt A Denula Mahoney Preelnrt Mary Benson rrerinet Mary Walsh rreolnct Kellie Kelly rrerinet John Hafer Walter Charles Tabacsynsltl tiro-maa aocand class A Navy a mem-bar of th crow tho UrA A King Is enjoying a fourteen lenva nf absaaca with bis family who reside at Tl Maplo at reel Tabacayanskl ra-IlMrd at tha Navy reeruitlng station at 1ST Dwight streat November HIT and upon completion of hie two training period ho waa sent to th Destroyer fleet then was assigned to tho king The King In now making a cruise with reservists and ons-hnlf of her tegular crow were granted furloughs Since enlisting In th navy Tabacsyn-ski haa gained wen or pounds anA haa v'sl'fd moat of tho porta on tho Atlantic Coast last winter bln ship was with tho Scouting Float In Cuba id Panama and at that tlmo some of tho Superintendent of Robbins nt North Held haa announced th llet of teacher of tho publle schools Th high oehool principal Mrs Evelyn Lawley gradual of Trinity College and resident of Northampton la head of mathematics Miss Agnes A Moan of Mlddlobury College In teacher of Latin MU porothy Roger of Mount Holyoka Collets teacher of science MU Holtn Ballsy of MMdUbury Collage teacher of French Mr Faith A Taylor of Framingham Normal School teacher of domootle ncleneo public schools epsn tho ntw school year September 18 Georg Anthaa baker at Spring-Hold has failed for MtTI with m-nU of 91111 (ELTON GO lot 1L JliSfWWSSS MIIJIOV riSH riACKII IN GUM1KR MKM WASHINGTON Auy Ther haa been good flehlny In all part of Glacier National Tark thla year tho department of tho Interior announce! today In order to maintain tho aup ply of ynmc Sah the department haa planted-mllllona of small flah In tha current year A total of 117101 rainbow trout waro placed up to the flrat of August and in' addition 110001 rut throat and golden trout in iho hairhrry aro to bo dlatrlhuted thla month Jo arphlno and Orinell lake wllhln eaay reach of tho Many Clarion hotel on tho ahoro of Lako McDermott rrcelv-ed il 000 of tho rainbow Tha day limit of a catch la 10 ftrti tury haa dona mueh to revolutionise th carillou and holghltn It world wide Influence Thera a mechanical system operating tho heavy clap-per was Anally perfected Then too In (ho foundries of Croydon bell of tho requisite flna pitch wore being Dfnlded with unaurpnaoed raftsman-ship Nearly svery octavo of hells ordered her had to ho awaited until that final (eating In thin contra of tho bell-makers' art Improvements resulted In tho formation of carillon rlaaaea that swarmed before tho rein-lively few misters sad performers of (he Continent 1 Tha rarillon of Into yearn haa been ceremonially hoUt'd tha world over especially In lo rl district whara the songs from thn lower can float over tha surrounding rhiintry carrying the summons of tha city just an Its belfry beckons visually with InvIUtlou for thn tmveler la Chanda there la tha celebrated rarillon la tha Ottawa lienee and sn at 1 the Vnlverally of Toronto Tho present day supreme Inspiration for caution melody la found' In tho cathedral of tho late Card In a Merrier at Mallnra Ita carllloneur Drnyn la recognised a tha world's master before this typo of clavier It was ha who gave tho flrat roeltal on both tha Louvain and Albany carillon' Students flock to him speaking all languages He haa arranged and composed many works to drift down from hlrtpwer Ono of his former assistant and talented followers 'Is Kamle! Lefevere caril-loaeur at tho Rockefeller Memorial rarlc Avenue Baptist church i Tha seventeen raritloip here con-i eerie age given every week era: New York Rockefeller Msnori ol) Lefevere rarlllonneur Albany ntr Hall Halloa ear-lllonneur Mrs A jfcott associate carlllonneur- Morristown Frederick Roche carlllonneur Frlnccton Vnlverally Cleveland Tower (Clhan of Mpmorlnl) Coheseet (Bancroft Memorial) Lefevere carlllonneur Andover Phllllpa academy Pfatteicher carlllonneur Mercerahurg Pa Acadsmy (8wop Memorial)-Anto Breen Cerillonneur Phlladelptiln (Shelmrrdlno Momor-InM Manscrt carlllonneur Chicago St Chrysostom' church (Crane Memorial) BlmondA carlllonneur Mariemont (Emery MemorUl) Norwood City Hall (Walter Til ton gift) Springfield Trinity church (Horace A Moaca gifts) dedication Sept 'll Indianapolis Masonic Cathedral (Arthur Baxter) Rorhccter Minn Mayo Clinic Mountain Lake Florida (EdwarJ Bok gift) dedication December A Brass carlllonneur "nfleld Detroit Mich Birmingham- Ala and Cranbrook New York Times ROUND RUMP AND LOIN STEAKS IViiw3ScTli CROSS RIB BEST STEER BEEF 30 lb BONELESS ROAST BEEF 34c lW CHUCK ROAST BEEF 28clb REAL BARGAIN DAY SATURDAY Tha dedication on Iho Fourth of July of Die new 41-brll carillon In tho tower oftho of Louvain ra-tabllahed a memorial to thooo Ameri ran engineer- who did not return to their drafting room and labor lorle artrr tha World War Freaentod Iv II engineering nocletle of Iho Unltod Hiaiea the one for eaeh Btato to lnj oiit pcae and fellow ship with a remlnlncent undortone for warllmo aoerlflco and horotam id III unforgollen But there alao an artlatle nig-nine nr' In the unlvrrally tower again reaoundlng with Iho Balglan national hymn thn flrat tlmo alneo that day In 1114 when tha flames from tho library at 1 1 led Ita mobilizing lumnoni Belgium haa long been Iho fount hi the art pf -the carillon From Iho llth century lia churches and public building have aynt their aonga and warning to tha folk of tho low rounfrhm Wllhln the lout Imp decode othar land have been Imrrowlng her trail I lion rharm of bringing down mu ale from the rfoud thla country In PHrtlrular Tho iouviiln presentation waa ronarquenlly aouiethlngaleo of on appreciation for the 'Waging that ma'jr on day belong to thin people more than 'to any other For the population! cf" many American- now pauao In their activity to llyt'- Kach year more of our rouinmnltleo turn rye and tar akyward Individual and local government rontlnu to creole fund for hoUlIng ever more eto of hell Foreign nianter of tho carillon are being enticed -to expatriate thom-aelvr to end forth their hlatorle program over tho houietop of a eountry at bat availing Itaelf of a mu-aioal one1 Almost In a moment the rill on haa been Lm bedded In the at-moaphere of Ataerlca which' haa been proved to bo more congenial than illrn Cnrllkins Vnllcd Staten I I Three are now more than thirty narlllonaln thla counlry Before the preaent pentuVy'they were few that pilgrimage to hear what Hugo called their alarry were not uncommon Numerous others or now In course of on' at the Mayo Clinic In Rochester Minn: another above the Florida Bird flghetuary of Edward Bok Tho masonic cathedral at Indlanapol'i la to have' one an' well ns the Trinity Church Social Center at 8prlngfleld One was Installed In th" Albany Town Hall lost year and -several oftho nation's war memorials wilt entrust to the silvery throat of th cagtllon -The perpetuation pf ho memory pf fallen sons i 1 It 1 In passing through the flat areas of Brlgtum Holland and Northern Germany that these towers most frequently delight" the' traveler and inspire the citizen Scattered among their cities even' in an occasional leaser town are bells of tha flneot tone Here the rarillon 1 much a part of life of the people a thoir flags Folk1 songs floating downwerd 'for ernturics from these are regarded va haring cqllivated their Invincible devotion to the native land and general appreciation of muslc' England 'during the lost half cen PORK LOINS (small) '33e lb FRESH SHOULDERS 20c lb 4 SUGAR-CURED HAMS (anull 8 to 10 lbs) 32c lb SUGAR-CURED HAMS (medium size) 25c lb SUGAR CURED BACON STRIPS 28c lb SUGAR CURED SMOKED SHOULDERS 20c lb SMALL LEGS YOUNG LAMB 35c lb FOREQUARTERS LAMB 22c lb LAMB STEW 15c lb Porterhouse Sirloin and Short Steak S5o lb Whole Rouhd Steak 55e Cat from Corn Ped Cattle real Tender Boneless Rib Roast Beef 1 JS S' Edn Bone Roast Beef JJ Lem Pot Roart Beef prime Check Bout Beef nosh Lean Rib Beef Fresh Lean Stewing Beef JJC fresh Ground Hamburg Steak 18c id Genuine Spring Legs Lamb 32c lb Genuine Spring Loin Lamb Chops 40o lb Fancy Milk-fed Roasting Fowl 32c lb Strictly Fresh Skinned Pork Shoulder 20c lb Fresh Spare Ribs 1 Fresh Feet Fresh Sldimed Hams whole or half 25c lb Fresh Fork Liver and Kidney 12 V4c lb 1 Hative Milk-fed Veal 15o lb np Specials on Sugar Cured Scotch Ham whole or half 28e lb Sugar -Cured Bacon 22c lb Bud Salt Pork 10c lb rrtr Heavy Pat Salt Pork 10c lb Lean Salted Spare Ribs -10c lb Sugar-Cured Lean Rib Corned Beef -loo lb i Best Creamery Butter 40c lb Yellow Bautai" Com 15c doz Fancy Beets and Carrots 3 bunches 10c Round Stringless Butter Beans 3 qts 25c Solid ft Cabbage v2fi lb Also All Kind Fruita at Lowut Prices MUs the Sale' a FANCY LARGE CHICKENS K55e lb FANCY SMALL CHICKENS 50c lb FANCY LARGE FOWL' 40clb FANCY SMALL' FOWL' 30c lb STEWING FOWL 28c lb FRESH SPRING DUCKS 36c Ik 10 LBS SUGAR 85c PASSING OF PROMINENT BELLOW'S FALLS MERCHANT Joseph Fenton Cl well known Bellows Falls merchant and on outstanding cltixen In the community is dead Mr Fenton had been a merchant In Bellows Falls for 48 yean conducting the town' largest and best men's furnishing afore under the firm name of Fenton A Co Sixteen years ago the firm of Fenton Hennessey wan formed and since that time tha large furniture eotablishment which haa borne that name has grown and prospered He waa for several ytar the head air the Rockingham Hospital Association He was born at Braftleboro O' i 3 Packages corn flakes 25c 25 BARS TOILET SOAP $100 6 BOXES BIRDSEYE MATCHES -25c 14 ROLLS TOILET PAPER $100 Natibhal Cash Market: 203 High Street Holyoke Mass LOCAL (SelectedTLarge) 65c doz WESTERN FRESH EGGS X40c dozT -i WIFE SCHAKG BASEBALL PLAYER Mrs Walter Sc hang wife of the baseball catcher ha filed suit for dl-v'orco at Norristown- Pa charging cruelty and indignities Her husband ta now a member of the St Louis Americana Ho wo with th Athletics from 1111 to HIT Schnng was married to Mias Marie Aubry-at Philadelphia Oct 14 llli KELTOW' GO THE OLD XZLIA BU HASKZ1 354 DWIGHT ST BETW1ZN SACK AND MAIN SEXETS Competing for cash prises amount-ipg to MU a group or senior bull calvee entered In tha Eastern Ayrshire Bull Futurity will be judged September lO at the Eastern State Exposition Take the Labor Out of Your 'Labor-Day Trip LABOR MI a jy vi I' I Guarantee Before Such Iiow Prices GUM DIPPED 04 i This Once-a-YearOpportun ity Is Right Now! Every' Firestone Oldfield and Giurier Tire sold dur- ing tHis tale is given an un- limited guarantee -agaibat any or all defects good for the life of the tire! i 4 4 pi li- Firestone gum dipped tires are in a' class by themselves -They made andhold all world records for speed lafety economy and dura-1 hility iHE time will loon bo hero' to -v-v'- 1 i i Guaranteed for Life against any and all defects 'Y 's' -y 3'V 'V think about coal and heating plant and other thing! which are neceuary to insure health and com- fort during the long Winter monthi 1 offer you ii the genuine Estate Heat the original first-floor warm-air heating plant nationally-advertised nationally-known favored everywhere by people who want the bast Only the Heatrola has the IntensiTire Air Duet and other ex-oluaive features that Insure longer Hfe more heatt leu fneL Thii advertisement if to urge yon to do your thinlring 4efor Sep tember 1st and thereby make raiu of early delivery of a genuine Estate and a Vi-ton of coal free why you get these Spedal Prices We know this sale will move a tremendonavolume of -ao we eari foid to share our pronto with you( Ypu get tremendous we get new friends mid bigger sales Equip your car now for Labor if youve 4Vf tot a doubtful let it spoil your trip Come in While we offer these 'special prices and get guaranteed jdres at the prices shown hlow if i i ss i i -t i y- Quick Action Necessary The Free Coal offer Is good to September 1st A only Come lit soon or i telephone and invite us to call at your homi A remarkable offer you will agree Thousands tpok advantage of it last year many more thousands will do so this year exchanging old-fash-toned stove heat for luxurious warmth cleanliness and convenience COURIER OLDFIELD FIRESTONE i Airway S'' i hr- A OV95 80x8)6 82 8888 80x8)6 Bx 61m 840 81x0 ipaeaa 860 88x4 v' peyeiifiieeeaeeeaM the heater which we 'Y A V-i I'tY lilt 4ii TtS 39sl) El Mho hiimi t6i mesh s- itM 82x6 MiieijMtMi' 1818 82l4 Jf 'iia(fiaiteiMt 1688 88x8 a iU a ST18 44821 a 16h66 4Mti 11-18 88421 owe oh os' 1468 82826 eepqu 1888 86x8M -eer6 168 SOxS)6 Ki SIm ee 87 88x8)661 6o mtMMMii1 784 88x4 lt-84 $2x4 0 a qe 1814 88x8 mimmkmmm oo 8818 a 26x446 o-o 0 a 88 86x486 tjem 768 80x806 eiiiaeief 1668 80x828 1818 82x868 booeaobe-ofi eM Mle 1888 BALLOONS' hV OCTO FURNITURE CO (Dealer 322-324 STREET VW- PREW COAL CO Willimansett 0 29x140 88x440 8 888 I I 666 86x450 OOOOuVOUflOOUOO Balloou 1 $1x888 1411 86886 bovVa 1666 DISTRIBUTORS OF FREE COAL All Other Eizai PrioeiTroportlouately Low Mr -v- Garage division jn sutyolk and elm sts i TEL 74 TELl 3248 no.

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