The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1895
Page 8
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THE BBPU15JJlUaiS> OF THE mm, ..frfr^-'-'MtA.^-*^' .^...V,.JM!rfHa.- plaee thett ItrtafS taflfte. *hafcfesgi>teg • .Si. ^ 3S&..,! -^'•Sga JLUGIO fT III LTO C* .ft.UC1tUIXOQl.TBUQ ,f»»*O»««- at the M. E. ehoffth »e*t Tlinrsd ay at 10 In the great rush to see the monkey^ now ofc exhibition at the CASS tapfl HogsE, High, beloved son of M* and Mrs. High Ptioe, lost his life. There was great coftf tisicm fceptole tttm< Wed over each other to get s^ie^of thg ba£ gains in shoes offeredby BBOWNELL & AL- LttED. They are not ancient Gtoods fit for the Museum, but Goods of to-day, Just arriving, just opened, and plenty of them. See -for FOOTWEAR. ANDi Just the time you will want them and we will give you some good bargains in them, as we are Closing Them Out. .LANGDON We will sell goods for the NEXT THIRTY DAYS it priJes never before heard of. All our larga line of Srockery; Glassware, Lamps and Chamber Sets will be sold at almost cost. Now is your time to get a nice lot of dishes. Our canned goods • GALL AND GET OUR PRICE8. JPATTEBSON & SON, BAMS, ABSTRACTS, LANDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS, Ambrose A. Call, President. D. H. Hutchins, Wm. E. Ferguson, Vice-l'r'es. Cashier. C. D. Smith, Ass't. Cash. Miss Caroline Wesley begins het school in the C. H. Wunn district, north of town, next Monday, By the way, Mr. Wnnn's people have been having & very severe time of it with sickness and in a very busy timo, too. Don't fail to attehd the steretjptic6n eh 4 tertainttieht by the Michigan Good Temp* lar Band at the Baptist chut eh Oil Satur* dayi Sunday, Monday atid Tuesday next. It is a fine entertainment. On Monday last, at tho residence of the bride's sister, weie married George L. Havens, of Eagle Grove, and formerly of this place, and Miss Henry Johnson, of this place, The groom was formerly a tinner in Campbell's hardware store and is well known and very popular here. The bride is the widow of Mr. Henry Johnson, one of Bancroft's former popular merchants, and she has a host of warm friends through a long and pleasant acquaintance. The RfiPuflfclCAS col-res* pohdent extends congratulations to the worthy couple. Progressive Lodge A. F. and A. M. holds its December regular meeting tonight, Quito a number of tho Bancroft friends and relatives of tho bride and groom will attend the Grover-Owon wedding in Plum Creek township tonight. Wo wish the newly married couple much joy. Peter Govern is putting up a new residence near tho Union slough. Our former auctioneer, M. L. Carr, has blossomed out as a Counsellor at Law at Amsterdam, Mo., according to printed stationery received from him by the writer here. Prof. J. R. Byors, G. T. Mudeldng and Mark Peterson have rented Dr. Cutler's former office for living rooms, and it will make a good place for them. Rev. Southwell, tho M-. E. pastor at Al- •gona, was in Bancroft last Monday. W. S. Str.hl is buying poultry at Fur- steuberg's wigwam for Sid Blossom. Dr. Walters was over from Buffalo Center and spent tho Sunday. Wm. Ditx and family will.move to Minnesota the latter part of this week to engage in business there. Olaf Pearson, tho Swea City merchant, was in Bancroft on business yesterday. If you want insurance of any kind in a reliable state or eastern company see J. A. Freeh. Life insurance a' specialty. The Knights of Pythias will give a grand Thanksgiving ball in Jefferson's Hall on Thanksgiving night. It will be an invitation ball and we predict that it will be a success. There will be Union Thanksgiving services at the Baptist church on Thanksgiving morning, and Rev. Cook, of the M. E. church, will deliver the sermon. ... Be sure and attend the free, ejutertain- mont at tho Baptist church on gaturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesdayevpningsof this and next week. George Schledu is putting up a new house on the old E. F. Clarke place at Greenwood under the shadow of tho Three Big Elms which are a landmark in this part of the county. Rumor says that George is going to—well, wo guess we hadn't better tell on George just yet. H. W. Ogle and. family are occupying tho former J. G. Edward's residence together with E. E. Gray and family. ' A great many farmers in these parts are not through husking and the cold weather is making them wish they were. , o'clock a. tn. Evetybod? is invited come. Kunz Bfos. will give a dance" at their hall Friday evening of this week, "the boys always give satifaetton. $o*ed music will be ift attendance. We hope they may have a good crowd. Henry Turner intends to iriftke ft trip north in a few day. Bettef stay here, Hafik, as we have ftihtei enough for afiy* body, s k tiffe?vis-6f fi. ft Sftitfc tftd fftftfff ft^ tome to fc«fir«ila last *eek aFtet ft visit o* t* 6 weeks ift County Supe'rviSor H. C. Holienbeck is buying stock at Britt, Quite a tttiittber of sleighs were seen oti our streets this Week* Mrs, Bh Kehtiey is enjoying a visit of her sister from Canada, E. Sanford is the only poultry buyer in town. J, M. Bates has moved to a farm in Hancock county. Marshall CosgroVo has been repairing the damage dofte to the city Bastlle by one who was entertained therein one day last week* Miss Mollie .Johnson, our charming dressmaker, was at Algona one day last week. Kunz Bros, arc buying corn for P. Ar* mour of Chicago. They want85,000 bushels and will pay the highest market price. Bert Gallaghar had tho misfortune to break one of his new sleighs, last Monday. Fred Corey has opened a shooting gallery over tho postoffice. Feiiton. FENTON, Nov. 26.—Some os our Fe'nton farmers arc not satisfied with tho snow they got last Tuesday; they say they wanted to have their corn picked first. Don't forgot tho shooting match in our town next Thursday. Miss Stella Hayno and Carrie Newel were visiting friends at Hobart. R. P. Ilagenga was visiting friends near Bancroft. TCIA v __ „, deattfrof Mrs. f°fcthft?,'^lil'ch Ocfettfffed ai P&ck- watikee, No*, ii. S. M. Farley wfts.ealled to his old home in Wlscwsin recently to attehd the fuhe.r* a! of his aged father. The Reporter says that $L 18. * h o Ma s MeCtitehHi's store at Wesley, Dr. Wi T* Bourne aftd wife -frill sfoefid the winter visiting in the east and locate '' (ttofroitrfe^ ftfci W^ t44ft.) ft a Ba fid F 8 Nortofl, I/ Barton, 16 I/ fiftftofi, Bdfft wOtR........ io Hatfttii wof-k on images Union. UNION, Nov. 25.—The snow has put a damper on husking. Some have as high as 00 acres yot to pick. \ Chas. Godden has bought of Chas. Nichols the 40 acres west of Mr. Nichols house and rented-the rest of the farm. The families of M. L. Godden'and G. L. Carroll have been affected with tho sickness that has been prevalent in East Union all this fall—a light form of Scar- letina. TMGeffttftnia Standard tells of a stfl* •ous aeeideftt caused by the careless hand/ ling b-f a gun shell i Ahh'edman of Mr. Splits, liVittg seven miles northeast of town, had his hand injured by the exptos i ion of a Noi 10 gauge shot gunshell,whlch he was holdtug in his hand. The shell was exploded by the careless attempt to drive a cap from an etttpty shell, useing a loaded one as a hammer. The charge en* tered the palm of the hand between the first atid second fltigers, cutting art open* ing just the size of the shell clean through the hand and yet not injuring to uny'great extent the bones. Dr. Fry was summon* ed and dressed the hand; he reports the wound doing nicely. Father Eckart, of the Wesley .Catholic church for several ye&rs, has been transferred to> a new parish near Cherokee. A. L. Isenberger, says tho Monitor, some time ago bought his brother Jake's farm and intended to move onto it, but ho has changed his mind and has sold it. He now contemplates having, a sale and disposing of his stock and moving to Burt. The Swea City Herald thinks that if laithfulness in the support of the party ticket were always rewarded, Swea township would now bo the homo of a county supervisor. The Whittomore Champion says that Sam Hutchison has bought a lot and will soon build a fine meat market. H. F. Shipley, of Ledyard, is home from P 8 - J t±7^.V^*V'j£"Vlrt~TA*HY»Ai.,' JjL ulUcnl O» \JO| IUII1UC& !«»»»»• ...-•---- Mdhtjt ft Gfittifi6j hafdtware <.,...» \v W Halght ana K B Baiieji work oft brldses ; ...;..... ...< •."••• W W-HaighiafidiPB Bailey, work on W w a Saigii't kfidf>' B' 'iiaitejY work' oft 185 .495 " tt o Mnllenbeoki com Work , J 61 B McWhorteiyWrft »fi bridges -. 125 BWeefiiSoMeln&COi.UtinbW 12 00 John Paul Llihlbei- Qt>, luhibef lg 48 W J fitii-tdli. doirt WoJ'k ft | 00 0 A Ohttvajr, wdHt oil bridge*. 2o CO • uoA-D FtiRiK W W ttaiglit and P M 6aliey ( grading. do do do . do do do do do Ho JO Hatch, grading..» >•-. * do do do ao "do do do do .do do do do uu uu . • * • * • i t *• • •!• ••**•» W W Ualght and F K Bailey, grading... do do do .. 0 A Teller, mea-suting grades, etc COUNT* THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Mrs. M. Sehenck and her brother, John. Hanna, spent Sunday at F. A. Bronson's in Bancroft. , . Presley Sarchett is gaining right along and is able to be up some.. It is with much sorrow that the community learned of Greet Tjaden's death. She was a very promising young lady, .so retiring and modeet and pleasant in her manners. Mr. and Mrs. Tjaden have a great number of friends who extend their sympathy. : Mrs. Flora Reibhoff, who was sick 'With typhoid fever, is better, not having a full run. Mr. Naudain, who has been spending tho week with his son Oscar, has been sick but is bettor now. A good number of farmers are going' to have their corn fodder threshed, thinking t will'be more convenient to feefe. The Rev. Clapp preached to a good audience Sunday at the Sehenck school house. He will speak again next Sunday at 11 o'clock sharp. All ought to toe on time and give him a full h'ouse. ' , . hunting trip into Minnesota. He brought home a couple of deer. WEIGHBOKHOOD GOSSIP,, Judge Thomas now takes his'wife with him on his tours of his district. An Estherville bus was struck by an engine one morning last week and turned bottom side up. Tho bus driver saved himself by jumping, and there being nobody in the bus, 110 lives were lost. , . Fish commissioner Delavan has transferred to Spirit lake n lot of fish from Hoppes lake, a small body of water connected with the former at high water, bul which now has only about a foot of water. The lake was seined and eleven boat loads of buffalo fish, besides hundreds of fine pickerel,' pike, bass and other specimens of flnny tribe wove deposited in, deep wateii whore there will be no danger of tfcei» freezing. Sioux City, was just on the point of taking in "the second largest glucose factory in the world," when the enterprise panned out .as the "baseless fabric of a dream," so to speak.' The promoter proved to be a fraud. Tko' South Dakota papers now 14763 84 22 , 122 CO 85 9$ 1U79 6844 132 82 02 65 103 12 02 G4 39 58 0825 44 G8 7215 155 50 Jas A Orr. painting nud. papering cleric's oiltee • •• 2805 Jaa A Orr, painting nnd papering Auditor's olllce 3, 30 John Itoriihardt trustee.... .... •••••••• 0 go 11 A Klclmrdson, twp clerk^-cltn $15.... 11 00. C Klckard, trustee 10 CO H A Klchnrdson, posting election notices.............. ... ...... .......... 200 E A Richardson, returning clcc books. 500 GeoO Austin, j pfees 10 IB Chase & Sanborn's famous Boston Coffees and Seal Brand Tea, for stile only by Walker Bros.—l&tf DON'T CHAIN. THE DOG. BriitTribune:. The;good crops are attracting all kinds of swindlers to Northern Iowa. Look out for them, don't deal with them,, they will show you goods and prove a thousand times over that they are out to help you, but they lie. The cheat is there, if you deal with them they will beat you. Two men near Klemme have to pay $150 apiece for their foolishness in dealing with confidence men. If a man approaches to sell you anything or buy yonr farm, if you sign a receipt or anything else you are bound to pay a note Vin<-V>ra vnii nrot: rlmift wit.h ifr.. T)On'ti ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. Monev 011 '.and to loan at reasonable rates to parties who furnish first-class security Directors-D. H. Hutchins, S. A. Ferfiruson, Philip Dorweiler, F..11. Vespon Ambrose A. Call, 11. H. Spencer, Win. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL-$50,000.00. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. U. OUirke, Pres., 0.0. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thus. H. Lantry. Oashier, Geo. L GalbvaHh, Fred M. Miller, Myron Sehenck, Tuos, F.Cooke. Algona, Iowa. * GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Yaults, Interest Paid for Time Beposlts. say that the promoter,a man named Pot- tdr, is the man who promoted several enterprises in that'state with disastrous results to, the communities; W, 11. lugliam, President. Theu. CliriscliilleSj Vice President, tewis H. Smith, « Cashier ouniy State Bank, •'• CAPITAL $50,000. VV. Wadswortli, liarnet Uevirie. ALGONA, IOWA, BURT NEWS. BURT, Nov. 20.—Mr. and Mr. Fred Wilcox, of Armstrong, are staying at Mr. Clark Coffin's. Mr. Wilcox, it is feared, has typhoid fever. Dr. Peters is attending him. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Isenborger mourn the loss of their infant child. Mr. Elvin Davidson is quite sick. Ho had just commencod his school ou section eight. . Tho Methodist church is preparing a fine Christmas programme. There will bo Union Thanksgiving service in the Methodist church Thanksgiving. Mr. Green&hielder will preach. Mi'. Wheeler is moving, Rumor says the Mr. Osmar Callanan will open a lunch room in the vacated rooms. Mr. Richards is building a coal house. The Methodist Aid Society will have a turkey supper next Wednesday, from 5 until 9. ' • Mr. and Mrs, M. Stoddard are expecting friends from Gormania and Bancroft to eat tho turkey, with thorn, Mr. Ernest Paine and Joe Elvidge went to Chicago Saturday night, Harrison. HAKIUSON, Nov. 34— Tho weather has DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES ON Abstracts of Title. ^S'So?^ sattSKW^^ Opera Houso Block, HAY & RICE . Algona, Wesley, , ISTov, SO.—Wm, Dautzer, who has been threshing for the last two months, departed foj- his home at Noble, Iowa, last Saturday evening. Our worthy mayor, Zl. S, Barrett, Uv structed marshall Cosgrove to rid the town of ft certain '.'Swamp Angel," whio} that efficont offieor has done much, to th satisfaction of our best citizens. Judge Robinson's court was busy most, oflastweek, and therefore Obed made several sacks of flour, ROY. C. $. Pluromer preached a yery Jw foresting sermon last Sunday evening, at the M. E, chui'ch on "Heaven and H<?]1," The minister is a God'feqtring and Qod» loving man, who believes in preaching the bible as'h° flnds it' A gj-eat many Qf P,w>'fanners have not been quite cold the past w&ek. Farmers are looking blue. On account of the snow tho corn huskihg is delayed and much of the corn is on the ground, Mr, and Mrs. Fred Dolliver were visiting in Ledyard on Sunday. Miss Ada Sly ter, who has-been so badly afflicted with inflamatory rheumatism, is now much better. Solomon Hastings and daughter, Lizzie, were in Bancroft last week, shopping. \ The last of the twenty land seekers from Indiana returned last* week, each one praising the hawkeye state. They have purchased several hundred acres in the lorthern part of Iowa. They predict bet- er times here when prices raise and Grover learns to abandon 'fishing on decoration day, Mrs, FredHartzol'is visiting in Clarion, She expects to be gone two weeks, The flourishing town of Swea City has secured a tow mill, which will enable the farmer to make a little profit extra on the flax crop. Ledyavd ought to take a hint and start up in the creamery business, This is much needed. Frank Slyter & Son ave out buying all kinds of poultry, Look out for the wag- Miss Lizzie Hasting will open her school on Tuesday for a winter term, Mr. Will Rine, of Omaha, and Miss Mae McCanley, of Livermore, were married last Wednesday. The bride is th& daughter of Geo, McCauley, well known to many Kossuth county people, and the groom is "a Humboldt county young man who has won a ; fine position in Omaha as a telegraph oiperator. The Livermore Gazette says that Barney Devine, Jr., was thrown from his horse a week ago Sunday morning and somewhat • bruised up in a barb wire fence.' ' MikeCrahan, of Rolfo, this season built an opera house in that town which is said to be one of the .finest buildings in Pocahontas county, It will seat 1,000 people, and would be a credit to any town of 4,000 or 5,000 population. J, C. Davis and A, B, Funk, says the Spirit Lake Beacon, are preparing for the removal of elm trees more than twenty years old. The holes are dug and a ditch has been cut around the roots of the trees which will be transferred when tho earth to be removed is solidly frozen, The Humboldt Republican has enlarged to an eight-column quarto, before you" get done with it. Don't deal with strangers. Set the dog on them iifi they don't go without. County Map Of The South, Prge, If you aro interested in the South and would like to have a county map showing the principal comities in detail in tho , tatesof Kentucky,. Tennessee, Alabama and a portion of Mississippi and Florida, end your address-1.®. P. Sid Jones, Pass. Agent, Birmingham, Ala., or C. P. Atmore, Gen'l Pass." Agent, Louisville, Ky. This map is made 1 to fold up In conven- ent form,' and contain letters written by several northern people who have .settled at different points on the Louisville & f i Nashville R. R.: A: Generous, Offer—$200.00 In Gold Given. R. H. Woodward Company, Baltimore, Md., are making a very generous pffer of 8200.00 to anyone who will "sell within three months 200 copies of "Talks^to Children about Jesus." This is one of tho most popular books of-recentyoare. Agents often sell, from 10 to 15 copies a day. It contains a great many beautiful illustrations,, and is sold at a remarkably low price. They give credit, and pay freight, Ui 1 VV/t JtJJCj gl>U* V*"***U) l*i4V* l-rtMj *«*rf«Q*-.«n and send complete canvassing outfit for 35 cents. It is just, the book to be sold fpr the holidays, 'They also offer an Estey Organ, retail price $270, to anyone who will sell 110. books in three months. It is t an excellent opportunity for a church or society to secure one of these organs, A $100.00 bicycle to bo given for selling 80 copies in two months, or a gold watch foa/ < selling 00 copies in one month. Thi§ premium is in addition to tho regular commission. They have also published a > »ew book, "Gems of Religious Thought," by Talmago, which is having a large sale. Same terms and premiums as on "Talkrto^ Children about Jesus," Agents who do«, lot get any of the premiums are given £^ iberat commission.? They also makei a,.' lecialJtyof other books, and Bibles for mas holidays, Write them immedfately, ' $800 GIVEN FOB in: SEI.MNG . A In another part of our paper you will per notice an advertisement- 'of the 3$, Woodward Co., Baltimore, Mel, They H. Peter Jenson is on the sick list, We hope he may have a speedy recovery, Mr MoGlauglilln made a visit to Germania, last week, Mrs. A. J, Zeckroy sold a very lino lot of turkeys on Saturday. Poultry business is quite a profitable business. She sold to Frank Sly tor fov cash, and realized a good The Estherville Vindicator says tl»a the tow mill Is being torn down, and wil be moved to Swoa City. This will be con siderod quite a loss to flax raisers there who realized a snug little sum of spending money from their straw, and wlU also be a loss to Estherville merchants. A Tow MUl fov Swea City, While Algouft has been figuring ou a shoe faQtory B, M, $ici)raond ha,spptbeen idle and has now secured the contract for a tP\v mill that W}11 begin wqrk, at tUis place about Pec, IS.TJ, The cQmpai*y will be known as the Racjpe Twin.e, & Cordage Co,, a»d Mi 1 . Richmond has given s a lease of the ground f °»' a t?rro of ten years to be used by the firm. To " "'"' J , , _ ™^ .. -,, Hi^V.J 4-*«*» V.M4M* ^, Af«.V,t -»• M-<y ™*J making a ra^at generous offer of $200, .and • also'other liberal inducements to anyone,, who will sell their new book,"Gems of Be-' ligibus Thought" by Talmage. This book has just recently been issued.'but is ha,v- • ing. a great sale, Agents often sell irom.^ 10 to 15 copies a day. , ,' . They also advertise their book .••«»,«».;-<., to Children about Jesus." This book has /, been out several years, and over 150,000^ copies have been sold, and is one or tus 1 ,v most popular books of its kind ever 'pub> \i lished^ They give liberal inducement? on • -I this also, and their agents are'making rjs handsome profits in selling hpth ot thesft.^ books, Write them at o^oe, State The thirtieth annual Abstracts of Title, ,\i £?&&$£• tl , , , - The headquarters willbe at the ,', ood hotel, where reduced mte Uayr , An'unnsually full ,.»t'o of mn tQ ftU n ft Spe page npt onlvfor W ein;bei;p , lntei;estea ill ,?roa;raaJ8 win bp b the secretary . the largest pf PW' The represeataUvfe ' sf Sabbath school in the HaytzeJ school house last Sabbath was well attended, Oran Wostfall has threshed a. pavt 0{ his flax, It is turning out weJL' M,iv W, will peeupy the elevator fjam.tfoo first of the year- , due tho sole credit of the enterprise and farmers will to 0 ab.le to "realize jfrpra the strqAv tUftt, iljas ue^p a»d SQ really a l^W anjpvjn.t , frflffi i»nd i it; f «n*(B The i3p,t}e,£fle $ is pn e, as a great grp-und. Cm,

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