The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1953
Page 3
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f AGE BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY DECEMBER, 5,1955 Scientists Say Exposure of Piltdown' Hoax Removes Evolutionary Confusion By CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK (AP) — Now that "Piltdown 11 has been exposed as a hoax, where docs man stand in his knowledge about evolution. The answer: just about where he did before that famous fossil skull was found to be a fraud. In fact, the exposure clears the »lr. Physical anthropologists hs'"™ been viewing Piltdown with skoptl- cism for years. When the pieces of skull and Jawbone were found in an English gravel pit near the Sussex village were parts of the same creature some scientists concluded they of Piltdown between 1912 and 1915 who lived anywhere from 50,000 to 500,000 years ago. On the basis of evidence then at hand, Piltdown seemed to them to be either a superior type of sub-human or a sub-normal type of true human. Yet his head was curiously different from those of other pre-historic men found in various parts of the world. He was a puzzle in the Whole evolutionary picture. Inconsistent Dr. Harry Shapiro, head of the History, says Piltdown "never was. anthropoids, the old world monkeys consistent with other data. He was and the new world monkeys. All department of anthropology of the American Museum of Natural authorities today agree there are five families in that part of the living animal kingdom to which man belongs—the human family, the great anthropoids, the small would be widespread skepticism about other important discoveries of mankind's vestigial past. Five Families People usually bandy the phrase "man came from monkeys." Most out of line chronologically. His removal, instead of weakening, in effect strengthens our knowledge of the evolutionary process." Prof. Ernst A. Hooton of Harvard, one of the world's most famous anthropologists, says the hoax ''docsn't disturb our ideas of human evolution at all. If it is right that the head, is a fake, It loses all its significance and removes a very puz/.ling link." In England, Piltdown's time- stained skull and ape-like jawbone have become the butt of cartoonist's jibes and comedians' jokes. In this country sonic fundamentalist churchmen, who maintain that man was created in his pre.sont image about 6,000 years ago, have used the Piltdown hoax as a lever to pry at the whole theory of evolution. Actually, scientists sny tho only disservice that possibly could come from exposure; of the Piltdown fake .. ._ --- monkeys. All developed from the same stem hundreds of thousands of years ago, which is quite a different thing from saying "mnn came from monkeys." In the study of mankind's evolution through fossils the most i portant discovery was made in Java in 1892 by a young Dutch physician, Eugene DuBols. He found the famous Java Man skull —an ape man twice the size o) a gorilla who prowled the vol- canoed slopes of ancient Java possibly 750,000 years ago, a real missing link between ape and man. About the same period another giant peered out of a cave near modern Peking. Imagine a 1,000- pound brute with over-size jaw and under-size brain, even bigger and tougher than Java Man. His fossil remains were discovered in 1929 by Franz Weidenreich, who—incidentally—was convinced that Pilt- down was a phony. Third Giant A third giant was added to this company in 1948 when Robert Bloom, a renowned anthropologist, found its petrified remains in South Africa. It is interesting to recall the Book of Genesis: "There were gl- anis in UK; earth in those days." In 1921 the remains of Rhodc-sian tlew& of your City The Report Card by MELBA MARION (School Correspondent) SIXTY FIVE students comprise) Dnvls Cohb, Carolyn Crnfton. the high school honor roll for the James Drackin, Jeaiictle Huey. Sue second six weeks of the fall semester. Thirty-seven received honorable mention. Patsy Caldwell heads the list with aecond and third places going to Patsy Yarbro and Rondal Johnson respectively. Completing the lists are the following: Honor KoII Linda Taylor, Billy Caldwell, Roger Sudbury, Joyce Arensmefer, Bernice Flowers, Don Brown, Luther Taylor, Hugh Hopper, Mary Alice McWaters, Edward Wimberly. Cecil Aycock, Noble Gill, Mnry Beth Daniels, Nicky .Weedman, Johnny Stovall, Emily Damon, Leroy Hall, Earl Hyde, Marjorle Owens, Billy Gilbow, Dean Dougherty. Honorable Mention Lue Owens, June Cunningham Cannon Gary, Gull Whitsitt, Helen Norman, Condon Bush, S y b 1 e Quails, Mary Kay Crafton, Norman Shields. Jerry Edwards, VTgarct Kennedy, Delores Adams. Botty Crocker Susan Moore, Linda Byrtl, Mao Jane White, Jeanctle Gurlcy, Nan cy Harris, Arden Cuadra, Eugene Belknr.p, Max Hnynes Joe Young, Millie Bnidley, Bobby Lee Hill, Patty Scott, Barbara Wat tins, Jennelte Elmore, durance Hall, Glen Ray Thomas. Deanna Crews, Amy Claire Bag- James Hubbard, James Ro Thsmayya Is TruSy Neutral PANMUNJOM I/PI—Lt. Gen. K. S. Thimayya, Indian chairman of the Neutral Nations Repatriation Committee, believes in real neutrality — especially where his transportation is concerned. When he visit;; POW camps holding anti-Communist prisoners he rules in iin American-built black .sedan. But when he visits the camp where Allied prisoners reportedly refusing repatriation nre held, he rides in a Russtan-buil'. sedan. Man were found In northern Rhodesia. Far down the evolutionary chain from the giants, ho lived from 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. He stands as an ancestral type to modern man, about five feet 10 and stoutly built. But his brain space was small, his face reminds you of a gorilla's. Since World War n. paleontologists have been aided in Borne phases of their work by fluorine testing. With advances In methods of fluorine testing Piltdown recently underwent his final examination. Then the world learned that fragments of the cranium are genuine remains of a primitive man but the jaw is from a modern ape and deliberately faked. AHC Will Pay Right-of-Way Judgments LITTLE ROCK f/P) —The Arkansas Highway Commission will help Saline County pay Judgments agalns it in three suits involving costs of rieht-of-way in the relocation of Highway 67-70. s Highway Director Herbert Eldridge said yesterday the commission "will keep faith with all its agreements with Saline County and every other county In right-of-way matters." The commission—according to the Supreme Court—isn't obligated to help pay off the judgments. The ; court ruled the county—not thej commission—is liable. i Eldridge said the commission felt it should not employ technicalities to escape a moral obligation. A previous commission had contracted to bear the cost* of right- Second Try -Still No U. S. Citizen ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. M— Immigration service officer John Wilson noticed Andres Torres, 31, Albuquerque, loitering in his office. After "shaking him down," Wilson, said, he found a voting registration slip. Then he found Torres wasn't a U. S. citizen. When Torres pleaded guilty to falsely representing himself as a citizen, he said he had registered once before — In 1944 — but his name had been purged from voting rolls. Randolph County Dry POCOHONTAS, Ark. (fl — Dry Randolph County has rejected a second attempt in three years to legalize the sale of whisky within Its borders. Oldest Worker, 92, Files Injury Claim CHICAGO I*—A 92-year-old man who still works dally has filed a claim under the Illinois workmen's compensation law. David R. Steffey wants compensation for a broken leg; he suffered when he slipped on a water meter plate Nov. 6 In the building occupied by his employer, the General produce Co. Kenneth Hecht, Steffey's attor- 2,000 Germans Held BERLIN I* — Information Bu. reau West, a West Berlin news service, says East German security police still hold 2,000 Germans for taking part In the June 17 revolt against the Communist regime and that arrests are continuing. riey, saw officials believed Steffey probably was the oldest worker ever to file a claim under ths Illinois State Compensation Act. of-way involved in relocating Highway 67-70. The contracts did not say whether the state would be liable for curcuit court judgments arising from the construction. Dougherty, Danny Cobb, Sam Lum, gers, Nancy House, Eltaboth Cole Ruth Johnston, Sue Jobe. " Betty Oarrott, Dick Poster, Jlm- Jny Brajcher, Janice Johnson, Herbert Loveless, Kay Jobe, Monya Blankenshlp, Peggy Taylor, Freddy .Alters, Peggy Rowe. Sherry Sparks, Nancy Bammy House, Roy McKay, Evelyn Bowen, Bob Chlldress, Gallya Stll- well, Eugene Still, Thad Conally, Jeanette Cobb, Charles Langston, Ronny Bagley. D. B. Wylle, Eva Lee Graves, Floyd Hastings, Jack Jackson, Delores Prultt, Billy Peek, Jerry Hodge, Bonnie Smith, Frances Slayton. Hunters Cause 239 Forest Fires LITTLE ROCK Ub — Ranger Jim Martin of the State Forestry Department snys hunters caused 239 of Arkansas' 884 forest fires in October. But. he told directors of the Keep Arknnsns Green Association here: "About 40,000 hunters were in the woods during the month. On the whole, we were very well pleased with the activities of the deer hunters." ico, Acnpulco and Tasco. MISS P ATT YE Bosson, librarian, announces that 140 books have recently been added to the high school library. 's going to save money Tliis store, and the manufacturers of hundreds of items sold there, use advertising as their cheapest way to spread news and information about their products. By using t his low-cost selling method they are able to sell the big volume needed for mass production and lower distribution costs. This is another example of the way advertising helps keep your living costs down. prepared by th* A&tertising Federation of America a fitting Gift for him] Dress Boots You'll Wear Everywhere Sizes 6-12 Widths A-B-C-D $16 95 you'll wear everywhere. Made of smooth, easy-to-shln« calfskin leather .... fully lined with fine calf skin . . . looks and fits like an expensive shoe. Jarman's sensational LEATHERNECKS are boots Ask satisfied customers who wear this boot every fall and winter. Jarman LEATHERNECKS give you a choice of America's smartest dress boots. Come in and try a pair on ... you'll be convinced. Marthfi Asnforcrs Spanish classes Recounting her July trip through Mexico, Mrs. Bush recalled seeing striking contrasts between extreme described Mexico's thatched roof hovels and luxurious hotels, oxen plowing and modern tractor farming. She told about and showed snapshots of scenes mid events in Mexico City, the University of Mex- Complete course in home Trmxltst of all Hfiitucky 'Bourbons Yours., -at "o e:drn • Sturdy ottractivB console fable • Gleaming walnut finish (Matching stool at sligfif additional tost) Spotlight A-C or D-C Bocktd by 100 years o.' SINGER dependability and you'll be proud to gi TOP KENTUCKY 7 BOURBO LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE EASY TERMS ALWAYS AVAILABLE SERVICE FOI TOUII PROTECTION. Will nils ml strvices its Sewing Machines, Vacuum fleon. ln, and olbor products only through SIKH SWING KffllS, identified by the Red "S" Trode Mork ond the "mm SWING cimir emblem on the window, and never through other stores or outlets. •* iMh net rf 111 1IKII lilvtmytlK (0«M«I No mailer «n«t you movt, reiiobleSIKGHporlsandserv- ke an always as near as your telephone. (Set SIMfl SEWING MACHIH! COHMW in classified diiKtotv.l Come In or Call Your SINGER SEWING CENTER 414 W. Main —Blythevillc— Give him a Pair For Christmas! Use Our Lay-Away Plan! YOU* FR/ENDIY SHOE STORI Please all the Family this Christmas with World Book Encyclopedia All subjects bound in order like a dictionary. First choice of America's Schools, Libraries and homes. Christmas delivery guaranteed until December 18. Call BILL PATTpN, PHONE 8890, BLYTHEVILLE. Low down payment .... no carrying charges .... easy terms. DON'T DELAY! Order this practical gift. for the COURIER NEWS in AMERICA'S LARGEST-SELLING STRAIGHT KENTUCKY BOURBON 86 PROOF. THE STAGG DIST. CO.,f|</WKIOKI, KV. OsceoSa, call BILLY BEALL, 567-M

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