The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1895
Page 5
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For Kindling, at* HAMLTOFS. ! 25c. children's underwear mi88 for 20c. Don't "Where are, you going my pretty maid," "I'm going shopping, sir," she said. "And who gets all your valuable trade?" "The advertisers, sir," she said. M.D. Courll and family have returned to Dwight, Ills. The Social Union gives its regular program Friday night. The art needlework exhibition closes in two days at Mrs. Koran's. E. G. Bowyer is making a special sale of Watches for a few days. Miss Mina Morford will speak in the Baptist church Friday evening at 7:30. One of Liveryman Norton's horses died at Wbittemore one day, last week. The Poland China hog sale comes off Saturday, afternoon at the Thonngton House yards. . Judge iQuarton came over from his courtat'Emmetsburgto hear Hamlet, last night* ^ Snow falls are frequent and we are likely to, enjoy good .sleighing. Ihe roads are becoming smooth". dance will be given tomorrow eve- •%,-r rtr)Lt. »4- /"ll.i^lrrk'a Viall l-I-nnn ( Wiftefi K!fl§<t ffiiftieif st 5$c6 fey Through the Health thfe Undoubted Cause. . Wliscm w« for Mahy Va&taa Leading Politician and Business Man ofthis County, About balf.past eight this morning Moo. J. J. Wilson Committed suicide >y shootittg himself through the head • '' wuiuab WB. leWHi «• v j, of Cleat Kakt? Mlsa Lulu Clarke Is expected -~~ froffi the Minnesota Stats tlnhtetfliity, today, to spend Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 0. Call atod Mr. and Mrs. s. C. Speat left M the jfeflst Monday night. They fete ^stifffid fot.Washington as thelt 'first feint. Frdttt there all but Mr, Call were to proceed to Maine, where they were to pefid Thanksgiving. Mr. Call is extracted home in a week ot ten day$, but At. and Mrs. Spear and Mrs. Call will spend a couple of months ih the east. Mrs. O. H. Goodrich and daughter Edna, from Creston* Iowa, were here i _ ' . . * *..•*» l_ _i At_ — 1^.** **•* rt n V\ H in the meantime the doctor was sen for In haste, and soon the child was a right. Geo. C. Call has just received the counters, railing, desk* etc., which are to be placed in his office, and they will be put up on his return from the east. The wood is sycamore, and the office will be one of the handsomest'furnish- ed in town. Rev. G. L. Hanscom, of New Hampton, preached in the Congregational church Sunday last, morning and evening, to large congregations. This gentlemen is a very, able preacher, and His wife, who was with him, is a fine singer. She sang at the Christian Endeavor meeting and again at the evening church service. What does this mean? The Garner Signal says: "The voters of Kossuth countv voted 'No' to the proposition for a "jail tax .by a majority of 385 against the tax. Ed Bailey can continue his visits to Algona and sell pot metal knives to the prisoners for their use in cutting their way: out of the present jail cages." Phil Armour, of Chicago,^ is putting __ n i • >_ IY-. rt *• 4-I-\ rt > nil 1 1 CTTQ It. ning, Nov. 28th, at Clarke's hall. Good music arid'everybody invited. The REPUBLICAN office acknowledges the gift of an elegant paper weight. It came from Studley's Pharmacy. The;regular meeting of the Relief Corps .will be held Friday night of this week,'Thursday being Thanksgiving. Weisenberg Bros, have removed to Klemine, Hancock county, and are already established in the mercantile business. . - ,< A Mr. Andrews delivered'a temper ance lecture at the Baptist church bun• ' day afternoon. The attendance was ' quite'small. ' ' • • '• • -A few i hightiS' lf ag'o'tne ^Algona; Man" dolin-club contributed'» musical- treat fortheentertaiomentof the .boys on the telephone line.. ' The ladies should remember that there are but two days-more for them to see the fancy work and artistic nee' dlework at Mrs. Koran's. Besides selling the earth, J. 'T-Ryap furnishes the money to buy it with. He says in his '.ad that he does not ask much for his trouble, either. < - Tlie'.annual tax sale will be held at the treasurer's office next Monday. It behooves owners of laud to sea to it * (hat none of it is sold for taxes. The Grover-Owen wedding comesi off . to-night, at the residence of the bride's -parents. There is a natural lively 'neighborhood interest in the event. The orchestra last night at the Call was composed of Mrs. Maud Smith ' Jones, Miss Kate Smith, G. A. -Brunson, Andy Powell and C, H. Walker. Most of the newspapers of this region were represented in the audience :• Set night. T2dBailey, theBritthum- ? '>orist looked upon the tragedy, but it '/ was a trifle serious for him. i - There will be a Thanksgiving service '. at' the Baptist church tomorrow morn' SiTat;n P o'clock,. It is wderstopd JTilU ixiuiuui., uj. >_/»«.~«n«Y. — -»Vji up an 80-foot corn crib at the^Milwaukee depot. He is not doing the work himself, but some men are doing it for him. Phil is a very fine fellow in many respects, and is quite wel off. We have not learned that he will locate in Algona, but if he should conclude to come here and buy gram he will be warmly welcomed to our midst. According to' a Waterloo paper a young man was arrested'in Fort Dodge charged with kissing a young woman against her will on the public highway. The prisoner declared that slie was in bloomers and he mistook her for a long lost brother. - The magistrate discharged him, aiid it is now said that the feminine demand for bicycles and bloom- w'ith a revolver. He was alone in the office at the time, and the discovery was made by his daughter, Mrs. Nettie Butler, who came tip as usual to help him in the office, Mr. Wilson had been up town only a short time. He had just sent his man, Mr. Muckey, out to the stores to get some barrels for some use about the office. He had just opened his safe, but had not built his fire. The instrument of death was a Der ringer. It Was pressed close against his temple. He was still alive when he was found by his daughter, but he probably was not conscious for a mom ent after committing the deed, A great pool of blood was to be seen on the floor. At nine o'clock the inanimate form Was placed in a sleigh and removed to the residence. M^f'Wilson had been in declining health for some years. He spent last winter in California, but of course without getting any permanent benefit. The waning of his physical powers was apparent to all. He kept steadily at work, however, and,worked without intermission to the sad end, giving the closest attention to the de- tsils of his milling business. John J. Wilson was born in Onon- dago county, N. Y., in 1828, and so was 67 years old. He went to Wai- worth county, Wisconsin, in 1843, where he was a farmer at first, but latterly a grain buyer. He came to Algona in 1870. He has been in the lumber, grain and milling business ever since. He was a very active and capable business man. He was the lead- ng democratic politician for many years in this county, and was twice elected to the legislature, serving in the sessions of 1878-9 and 1882-3. His marraige to Miss Clara M. Boyee was in 1856. He leaves, besides his wife, two children, Mrs. Nettie Butler and Harry Wilson, of Emmetsburg. . ast week, u 14 _ ,. . - « . ) J*-v • » *«j V •« the husband CiBU TTOCIX^ VlOlVLUg vu\* *_.«w«*- — — 'atber, who runs one .of the most use- jul and busiest institutions in Algona, ihe repair shop opposite the REPUBLICAN office. They are Visiting relatives in Burt this week, Mrs. Goodrich is the daughter of Mrs. Mary McDonald and Hugh and Perry McDonald are her brothers. "T^ ;• BLOOD JERSEY Bull for sale. A very fine animal two years and three months old. in quire of 0. J. Sox 240, Algona, la.—tl WAS NO ALGONA PRINTER. Wesley Reporter: One evening last week a young man of not prepossessing appearance wandered up into our sanctum shivering with cold, owing to the thinness of his Wearing apparel. He had just counted the ties from Algona, was tired and hungry, and without a cent to pay for pupper or bed. The bloated face and blear eyes re* vealed the fact that the young man must have had a great time sowing the wild oats that produced such a crop. His education was good, but in his start in life he got on the wrong road, with wrong associates, and the result has'been a wrecked life. But underneath the grim and dirt the poor fellow had a heart that could be touched bvakind word. He didn't ask for alms but work, and after a good supper he took hold with a will, and by the way he set type-for he is a printer, a poor "tramp printer,"—he showed himself a very efficient workmen, capable of making good wages but for one thing—a fondness for that which intoxicates. wait till tile last moment and expect ydtlf order to be sefct out by return ex- Dress. .Everyone will be t ushed and they may })& out of just what you want, If you have any special designs you want made up, qt any fancy engraving, see to it at once. We will snow you the finest and most complete line of Holiday Goods= ever shown in Algona. Remember these goods are ALL NEW and of =Tlie Latest Designs. , We quote you a few prices from our immense line of Sterling Silver Novelties-. * * Embroidery Scissois, Pen Wipers, Glove Buttoner, a-i-i*-*Bonbon Spoon, Olive Spoon, Olive Forks, DEEBS GUTTING SYSTEM. Vfo lUlIlv VIDill<*>-***• iw*. ik/Avj W*V/M »„»—— ~ ers .oawaoli. bft,Bnpipli^by ^ .\oca tradesmen of that'c;ty. , rj Prof. Webster gives his, last two historical lectures at ,the Congregational church,^ next Monday and Tuesday evenings." "Jeffersonian Democracy" will be the,subject of 'his, first lecture, and ^Federalism vs. Democracy" that of his second. The high character of these lectures ought to be recognized in a town like, Algona by a large attendance. We have had no lecturer in many years who was able to give so much for the money and time. The admission fee is 25 cents. We have promised not to say.any- thing about the two deer that Landlord Tennant shot and brought home from the north woods, as it is fun and not glory that our modest citizen goes for, but here is what another paper Sa Elmore Eye: Joe Tennant, the popular landlord -of Algona, passed through here Thursday on his way lomefrom northern Wisconsin. He had with him two buck deer—fine specimens—which he had shot in the jine woods. Hebdon, of the "Good WHITESIDE IN ALGONA. An Immense Audience Greets the Fam ous Young Tragedian at the Call v Last Night. Probably the finest audience that ever assembled in Call's Opera House was that of last night. It very handsomely represented three or four coun ties of .northwest iowa.;, The au'difence itself was a tribute to the rising genius of Walker' Whiteside, such as any man might take as a flattering unction to his soul. On the other hand it is fitting to say that the enterprise of the Algona' Opera House company was never so honored as when Whiteside appeared under their auspices in the great tragedy of Hamlet. The company came out ahead in the matter of expenses, the receipts more than meeting the extraordinary outlay. It "was the greatest dramatic event Algona has seen. ' Ontario. ' Ontario at the Opera ery, A Dress-Cutting System for Every man Is tne Scientific. The patterns are draughted by the rules in the Instruction Book (illustrated) with the use of the common square, tape line and pencil. This system is particularly desirable tor the reasons ,hat it is self taught, easily understood and adjustable to the style and figure. The fit is guaranteed when measures are-rightly taken. We will gladly assist any purchaser of the Scientific in draughting free of charge. These books are for sale at the store of Geo. L. Gal braith. Instruction book, $1; Measure book, 50c. For further information address, X. Hamilton. Algona, Iowa, For Sale! Three show .cases; One fruit case; One button case; ( One coffee mill; One truck; " _ . ' And other store fixtures. Enquire a .,,/ THE GRANGE STORE. Stamp Box, Bag Tag, Emery Ball, Knives, Letter Opener, Hat Mark, Match Box, Umbrella Tags, Key Bing Tags, Key Rings, Book Marks, Paper Cutter, Bicvcle Markers, Cold Meat Fork, Tea Strainers, Celery Dips, Xapkin Bings, Sugar Tongs, Game Counters, Curling Irons, Manicure Sets, Berry Forks, Berry Spoons, Crochet Hooks, Pocket Combs, Fan Holders, Key Chains, Veil Clasps, Muff Straps, Salt Spoons, Picture Frames, Trilby Hearts, Trilby Stick Pins, Hat Pins, Trilby Feet, Trilby Lockets, Belt Buckles, Bang Combs, Side Combs, Bracelets, Fob Chains, Pen Holders, ,Hair Ornaments, Souvenir Spoons, Santa Glaus Spoons, ' Book Markers, ' • • vs / • : • 'i \t And a great many other Fancy Goods. The, above goods range from 25c to $8,.and are all Sterling Silver. Keep tins list and look outfor our list next week, and we will help you find some nice presents fora little money. JMBGLEY & PUGH. Up-to-Date jewelers.- . . Southwell, of the Methodist church, will deliver,the sermon, ' L R9v.T/F. Bpwen, .of EstbervUle, preached to his'old pawshioners in Al- SoS» Bupclay, Yery imperfect notice WHS "given, 'Rev. Bowen will preach m JWWto -°» S« n <J av > Pec. 23, ' No. 1 at the tele- It te positively — «* * T» ?a reatHnor P«rely accidental, Office 18 NO, 9,1, House Groc- wev. juuu «.OMU"UI "*- v "^ ^v— Templar Band," came over, Thursday, from Cylinder, where he^ was holding meetings.; The Band givej a stereop- tjcon show, a concert and a temperance lecture, all in one, andI they always have crowded-houses, They are to be in Kosauth this week and will make Algona, Burt, Bancroft, Ledyard, Swea City and perhaps other, places, They take the towns as they Sow, Uttle 'and big, Itrto expected that tW will hold four or five meetings in AJgona sometime next month, Deputy Sheriff,Scott Wjckbam ar- Sea four suspicious looking charac WE make a specialty of collections, Cloud & Haggard. ' Eleven Jewel -Watches $3.50. No Waterbury. Talk with Bowyer. .^ • in, -the audience at the Call last night wft TOobably^Q b^area people ftom outsiae of AJgoria, - THE SOCIAL UNION. The Social Union will meet Friday evening of this week, at eight o'clock, with the following program:' Music, Mandolin Club; Paper, Eugene Field, Mrs. Horton; Recitation, Miss Lizzie Wallace; Paper, Gladstone, Mr. Ryan*, Piano Solo, Miss Edith Bowyer. All are invited to be present. PERSONAL; MENTION, \ It is expected that Ambrose A, 'Call ill be hpme from the south this week, Hon". W, W, Cornwall, yepresenta THE HISTORIC ROUTE. The Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railway, the model railroad of the south in equippement, roadway and service;, is also the greatest in historical interest, more than fifty famous battlefields and five national cemeteries being'located on the various lines of this system. This,,is the preferred route to 1 ' Atlanta for the Cotton States and International Exposition, open from Sept. 18, to Dec. 81, 1895, for which very low excursion rates have been made. Through sleeping car service from St. Louis to Atlanta via Evansville, Nashville, and Chattanooga. This is the route of the famous "Dixie Flyer" through sleeping car line which runs the year around between Nashville, and Jacksonville, Fla. For further information, address Bnard. I. Hill, 328 Marquette Building, Chicago, 111 'or R, 0. Cowardin, Western Passenger . Agent, Railway Exchange Building. St. Louis, Missouri, or W. L. Danley,G. P. & T. A., Nashville, Tenn, • ^ 4tf All kinds of fancy baking for parties at City'Bakery. We Can You Cheap! Apples,. apples by James Patterson's. the barrel at lamps from • , »*$ ibe • coantJ-T well represented. < * ,jt will Buipriw .the AJgona th w eye rySliBU 4.UI4". PMH^*V*"»W '™7 *5 ,.—TH~-- Hon. YV i IT » VVJ-H»»W**i »vi**y*v»«i'»T tew at Germama Thursday and tiy ^ gft V a mesentativ#elect &°m the brought them to Algona for trial, w JV 0 V«ni.nt.v district, was in-towo Mon" was believed that they - might> pe tne parties , was Be i«y VHVJ • mtftf" ,"~ "T" I'nay and JLU6SQf»Jt •*+v *"*» *•"*• •^vw ve'been committing pep* sfmnBa vesterday afternoon. . & .neighbor jowR^of If SL ? ? 0 Tman-ofthe West) Bend was in Algpna Saturday A new line of nice low priced at the'Opera House Grocery, Neapolitan Pistacho and crushed mond ioe cream bricks at City Baker? TJ.-.V Old Manse maple pyrup at; Langdon &JgudBon'g. Special prices on hats, caps, 'gloves' and wjttsiw at John Goeflers*. HEAVY ALL WOOL FLANNELS, COTTONADES, JEANS AND CASSIMEKESi FINE BLACK DRESS GOODS, ', , /,( CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR, CHILDREN'S HOSIERY, ;: YARNS, , ',_ './•• RIBBONS, ' i : i NOTIONS OF AI^L .....The Grange Stoftl l,S?$f , <# about, batt co-,- iwftBow < , -, SSoffiw thing against them was their . tti men were' JHW»«b Vt'iVHVV, ll»w r*» "»* W R'""" , • » %, , G,;w, Lambert,,o« the flrm of BPWP- becfe & Lambert, is still at W» borne m 7 * "Scljpoi boy" cookies House..&ropery. tbe Opera I , . s, \ivm will talkjor tbe next thirty ,dayg at Patterson & fron.

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