The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1895
Page 3
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«," *Uf»H6LfcS fMI a t>«*t o! this cmititt-y *ind is jtist as stite as FUftNiSHfeS QUtdK. . _ ^.^^.^^^^^^^a^aai^- F, 8. NORTON. Thti-tcefi i»ft the Ita Wae Miftat t'onctnSIoa— of ifao 1 5Rffi Now is the Time to Insure! BfiFOftE THE LIGHTNING AND ,TOKNAt)0 SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-J. A. Freeh, Prop. HE 0*FER9 THE FOlAOWlNG OOXIfANiES FOtt CONSIDERATION'. Company. Cash Capital. Assets Aetna, Hartford .................... , Phoenix, Hartford ........ . Continental, Nt Y. .....: ............... • ................... If ire Association, Phila ......... ... i ..... i ................. Hanover, N. Y. ................... ...... • .......... • ....... Northwestern National, Milwaukee .......... < ............ Eockford, Rockford State, Des Moihes ...................... * LIFE. $4,000,000.00 810,847,816.36 3,000,000.00 6,888,058.00 1,000,000.00 "" "" 500,000.00 1,000,000.00 500,000.00 6,754,908.00 5,191,055.00 -2,245,353.00 1,863,697.00 1,021,527.00 463,214.00 St. t*Atfo, ifoY. )J2.— The contt has sealed the fate of Harry %ratd by affirming the decision of the trial court ift Hetiiiepin county, and it tiow ottlSf fetnaifas f 01 the governor to fix the date of execution. The cdftrt ^•an tinanit&otts ih sustaining the coti« Viction of fiaywatd, but Chief Justice Staft dissents on one preposition. He, holds that the testimony of Mrs. Hazel* tott that Miss Ging had told her she had a business engagement with Haywafd that evening Was not admissible on tne gtoundthatit tended to characterise her subsequent acts and her departure on the fatal fide soon after she made the statement. He holds that it is as* signing a iVroiig fieasoii Fof a night ConpttiSloH, and that the admission of Mrs. Hazelton's testimony should have been sustained on the ground that it was original evidence tending to corroborate that of Blixt that she did meet Hay- Ward. The opinion is written by Jus* •lice Canty. _ _ HAYWARD WAS NOT SURPRISED. e clas, 810,150,000, paid in death losses. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co ............................. • • Assets, $43,977,586.08 Wo believe this is as good a statement as can be made by any agency in the land and we solicit your patronage. "ALL THE MAGAZINES IN ONE." Edited by ALBERT SHAW. T HE REVIEW' DF REVIEWS, as its name implies, gives in readable form the best that appears in the other great magazines all over the world, generally on the same date that they .are published. With the recent extraordinary increase of worthy periodicals, these careful reviews, summaries, and quotations, giving the gist of periodical litera- ^ ture, are alone worth ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION the subscription price. Aside from these departments, the editorial and contributed features of the REVIEW OF REVIEWS are themselves equal in extent to a magazine. The Editor's "Progress of the World" is an invaluable chronicle of the happenings of the thirty days just past, with pictures on every page of the men and" women who have made the history of the month. The Literary World says: "We are Deeply impressed from month to month with the value" of the ' REVIEW, OF REVIEWS,' which isr a sort of Eiffel Tower for the survey of the whole Va ^ 1 field of periodical literature. And yet it has a mind and voice of its own, and speaks out with decision and sense on all public topics' of the hour. It is a singular combination of the monthly magazine and the daily newspaper. It 13 daily in its freshness; it is monthly in its method. It is -the world under a field glass." Sold on all News Stands, jingle Copy, 35 cents. THREE RECENT .. _ / SAMPLES cents. . •«,-*'. Agents find it the Host Profitable flagazine. "Ocins of Religiousjhought." By Rey» T, De Witt Says He Anticipated the Supreme Court JJeclslon. MINNEAPOIJS, Nov. 28.—Jailer West was the first person to break the news to Harry Hayward of the adverse decision of the supreme court on the motion for a new trial. Harry turned several shades paler as he heard the news but said he had been expecting it. Later, in answer to a reporter's "How do you feel about it?" Hayward said: "Oh, I've been expecting it, and am not surprised. I'm satisfied. You never have hanged and I never have hanged. "We don't know anthing about it. May be it's the pleasantest death there is." "So you are satisfied?" "Yes, I don't care. I used to think it was terrible to hang, but I don't care now. I'm ready to hang any time." Uucartliod a Plant of S8CO. Shortly after the news of the decision reached Minneapolis Hayward was given a new cell and a different suit of clothes. A thorough search of his old quarters was made and one of the slats in the iron frame work of the bed on which he had been sleeping was found to have been bored out, and in the aperture a soft roll, apparently of paper, was found. When unrolled it turned out to be three $100 bills. Later a close examination of Hay ward's shoes showed that under the insole of one a small cayity had been scooped out, which contained a neatly folded $500 bill. Where the money came from the officials are unable to say, as Hayward was searched and given a new cell after his recent attempt to escape. WILL GO TO THE SUPREME COURT Great Nortuern Takes an Appeal From Judge Kelly's Decision. ST. PAUL, Nov. 25.—The Great Northern railway company will not be estopped from its plan of agreement with the Northern Pacific by Judge Kelly's decision if it can induce the supreme court of Minnesota to reverse Judge Kelly. In order, to bring the case to the highest court in the state the attorneys representing the Great Northern perfected its appeal to the supreme court Saturday by'serving on Attorney General Childs a formal notice of appeal to the supreme court from, the order of Judge Kelly, recently made public, granting Attorney General Child's' application for an order restraining that road from consolidation with the Northern Pacific, The notice of appeal is a mere formal affair, setting up no allegations and offering no reasons for the move for an appeal. These will come later when the attorneys for the road file with Clerk Reese of the supreme court their briefs and paper books in the appeal. , , 16, It is estimated thai $300,000 hfts been dropped into Northern Montana this season for stock shipped ottfc. A son has been born to PMnce Ferdinand, ruler of fetilgaria, and hi9 wife, Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria. Charles O. Hottman, assistant cashier of the New Orleans Brewing association, is reported to be about $80,000 short. John Swan, alias John Mitchell, of Columbus, Wis., aged 60 years, was attested at Worcester, Mass., fot polygamy. The Heni-y O. Sheppafd company, one of the largest printing firms in Chicago, has made an assignment. The assets are placed at $65,000, and liabilities, $100,000. 0. E. Meeker, assistant resident engineer of the Southetn Pacific company, committed suicide at Oakland, Cal., by morphine poisoning. He formerly resided at La Crosse, Wis. Wednesday, Nov. 20. Burglars at Wells, Minn., carried oft $?00 Worth of silks, but missed $900 ill the cash dtawet. Work is soon to be begun on the excavation for the neW Minnesota capitol and will continue all winter" . Congressman Bryan of Nebraska addressed a large audience at Minneapolis Tuesday night on the silver question. The Duluth Roller Mills company of Milwaukee has withdrawn from the combine of spring wheat millers. This move may result in the early dissolution of the combine. Work at the gold mine near Redwood Falls, Minn., has stopped and the mill is closed. There is no doubt but what gold bearing quartz can be found, but as yet nothing in paying quantities has been discovered. frot iricllr,'*.,! tft SfilftM to ft tftfettt. ,, decision feeeiVed frbra Washington 120 settlers on the Wisconsin Central lands south of Ashland, who have secured entries ftom the govetnment, ate called npon to show cause within 60 days why their entries should not be cancelled. Scores of these men have lived npon these lands for years and ate thete in good fAith, having good farms. This decision is eatrying out the tulingof the fittpteme court in the Knight-Os- botne case. Undet this ruling certain lands thtongh this region which were supposed to belong to the govethment and which have been opened fot settlement and entry by the govetnme&t tthd taken up by scotes of settlers, ate held by the supreme court to tightftdly belong to the 'Wisconsin Central. Now the govetnment is obliged to cancel all the entries oti these lands ih otder to give the Central title. Settlets are organizing a club and say they will give up their lands only when put oft by fotce. __ _ THEY WILL NAME A TICKET. ^r?$f ' . JBT *~ilrO H w ——;—_ Mm f b6 sefoMute ifr'lhftsi' MdW !s ft1 able rontf in Atlanta fi'btt the nati. Louisville, St. Loftte, and fivansvflle. Palace day coaches and Pullttfaft itig cars are attached to all trains snotfff in this schedule. Extremely low rates have been twadX t6 Atlanta and return, via the Nashville^ Chritlanooga & St. Louis raWV&y. AW trains run solid between Nashville find Atlanta, except train in last column. Tbe train in third column, whidh leaves Gift 4 cinnatl at 4:30 f). m., runs solid to Atlanta, This is the route of the famous "Dixie flyer'' through "all the year round" sleefn ing car line between jNashvllld, Tei1i). s and Jacksonville, Fla, The starch factory at Hankinson, N. D., has closed for the season after a very successful fall's business. The factory has been run night and day for the past GO days and has consumed about 60,000 bushels of potatoes, yielding 180 tons of starch. Thursday, Nov. 81. Alcaus Hooper, the first Republican mayor of Baltimore for 80 years, was inaugurated Wednesday. Sir Hemy Irving delivered an address to the students of Columbia college Wednesday on "The Character of Macbeth." The sponging schooner Shamrock of Key West, Fla., foundered off St. Martins and six of the crew, all colored, were lost. Captain Nat B. Eldred of Company G, Wisconsin national guard, and manager of Armour & Co.'s warehouse at Wausau, Wis., suicided by shooting. The regular quarterly dividend of 1 per cent was declared by the directors of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad, payable on stock of record Nov. 28. Silver Democrats Propose to Go Into the Presidential Campaign. CLKVMLANU, Nov. 25.—The silvet Democrats of Ohio propose going into the presidential campaign next year. Judge E. J. Blandin of this city, who stands close to Allen W. Thurman of Columbus says that plans are being formed for the nomination of a silver candidate for the presidency. A conference of the silver men will be held in January either at Chicago or in Washington to arrange for a convention to be held in April next. It is proposed to nominate Sibley of Pennsylvania for president and some Western man for vice president. "With these candidates," said Judge Blaudin, "we will go to the Democratic national convention and ask for their endorsement. If the Dernocrat3 refuse to endorse the ticket we name we shall make an independent campaign." TWO BIG NEW BATTLESHIPS. Bids For Their Construction to Ho Opened Nov. 30. WASHINGTON, Nov. 23.—On the last day of this month bids will be opened at the navy department for the construction of two great battleships, Nos. 6 and 6, one of. which will be christened the "Kearsarge," to perpetuate the name of that famous old craft. Their cost is not to exceed $4,000,000 each, exclusive of armament, and if a reasonable bid is obtained, one must be built on the Pacifie coast. With 11,500 tons displacement, 10,000 horsepower, 16 knots speed, 368 feet in length and 72 feet beam, these will'be largest ships in our navy; nevertheless they will draw but 25 feet of water with all stores and coal aboard, or two feet less than the battleships already built, and so may be more readily docked and can enter shallower harbors. SSS SSS BE SSS SSS sss SSS ESE • SB SSS aaa £2g P.S2 ass as s SSS •i. as. i?r£ c c = c ts z. fj 'J tj 6-CLQ. o 6j£! 2 ts b t-1» t. see S-'£3 ass ?. aa SSS a =3« SB aa SSS Q a* SSS JJJ . X; :"o i o£: !> t> ! Utncit Louis Nusli a*! IS? •c£u OHH t» s- f! Nashvi uhatta tlant For further information address Briai'd If. Hill, northern passenger agent, ,328 Marquctto Building, Chicago, 111., 11. C. Cowardin, western passenger .agent, ,405 Ry. Exchange Building, St. Louis, Mo., or D. J. Mnllancy, eastern passenger agent, 59 W. Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. W. L. DANLEY; G. P. &. T. A., Nashville, Tenu. y "?,' , & 1&? *, SELLING BOOK PUBLISHED. Talmago peeds np introduction to readers in any land. He is 1 ioved by the /millions whose hearts he hap tpaohed by bis sympathetic wpyds and stirring Ber' mows and writings, which have been published and scattered brpadcast pver the i .entire world: In this volume there are the best things from his best efforts, and these mtvlva it book of intense interest and greatest value. Many write : "It is wprtn 1 Us weight in gold." There .is »Pt » dry page in it. It is a wflrfc wbicb is welcome in every hon>e, and it is worth many times its price, _ / _ __ WHAT PVP, AGIWTOS WA.VK TO »A.V; ' Wo give bolow » few samples of reports showing the great swoqeps of our Agents ='»"" tttis giVit book, Tlyay show that there Js a, gyefrt demand fw tyw POOK, *%,? w$5fc$& 11 p^iiVg T iw vSs&^y&&&^^w»®^ !| »\s ; w!st\ tp deliver thege to keep up Uie rose, You knov I l>«vp poW \yitlito fUe )SB{ •u TS^oetefl, ,,T{jjfi fa j>retty pea fp? a VUSHVU nyi qmvo wivpo VWR ^»« »w«*v» «^;s, "i!. T-??enly trouble?Js scarcity of moiwyf. ^v^' bgdy pays this Ja the bpt Wmag? boofc on the FIREMEN ARE IN THE RUINS, * ' Burled BeneatU Falling Floors In a Chicago Blaze and Four Ferjshecl. CHICAGO, Nov. 28.—The interior of the Exchange building, ft 7«stpry structure at the corner of Vw Buren and JVanklin streets, waa destroyed by fire Curing the day, entailing a loss of $875,000 upon the owners and tenants of the building and causing' the loss of flye lives, the fatal injury of two others and the'injury'of six either people, all of whom are expected to recover. The dead are: Patrick J,, O'Donnell, lieutenant of Engine Company No, 8; Martin Sherrjok, pipeman; 'dQbn Down, pjpeman; John Pre»dergast, pipeman, Jind" Miss' E, kandgraf, who jumped from a iowth story wwdow and died Jatey at the powty Capital, Harry ~ who jumped VaUy' ^'jwed and will ^•JWR f-^feWt*^**"^ J*"*! "Tl T» »^ « J*l- ( »<-r-* ' <M yp|e,otthe _ tal eJ ? Qtiw sh,pws ^,^',9691' Bacoa ..., W^'B w»3ortty l i?r%|' WM -.Pwiwit lep«feii^»' fiRftdida^ fw-' lieu^enan^ •TiB^wse mM i« mWW wrfc. .* n«YSfiM ^^fe^a^JfeKise^^' tffisWl mr ^ * f* f-r*_C -i.. si n •. •*t«ti-nn * tt^T/Miw Krinli- onsi wh9 sew jt»:«»; ,keftttJfi>Y^jto^ ,H xt'»..-*.. J >, t?J . WL»__,i;__'_ „.' Miss Begina Barbour, daughter of a well known Washingtoniau, and Senor Rengifo, charge d'affaires of the Colombian ' legation, were married at Washington. Friday, Nov. S9. The Knights of Labor general assembly has declared several boycotts. The sultan has issued instructions to all officials to restore order and protect foreigners. The schedule committee of the West ern Base Ball league will meet in St. Paul Feb. 24. St. Croix county, Wis., has voted to take the preliminary steps toward the erection of an asylum for the chronic insane. ' Two former Dakota preachers, one a lady, were married in Vermont, being the lady's fifth and the groom's fourth matrimonial venture. J The directors of the Calumet and Heola Mining company declared a dividend of $5'per share, payable Dec. 18, to stockholders of record Nov. 35. Saturday, Nov. 83, ' John Redfern, the well known London tailor, is dead, ,„ double watch has been placed over Harry Hayward since his sentence was confirmed. J3," Ashley Mears, the former hea4 of numerous North Dakota banks, was arrested at Fargo. Total gold shipments for the week o;ver $7,000,000 of which $4,600,000 was engaged for Saturday, Father O'Connell of Boston has been ^4'9§pn by the propaganda to be the new reojor pf American college at Rome, • ,,,,__ary was bound Qvep to the gyaiid jury at Yankton , for burglary, Twenty-two suits of, clothes and ft set of '- •"-••--- tools were in evidence, ,,.„ Quay is credited tp secure' j, 1 of the Pennsylvania delegation „ TW , national convention in the inter- sfp{ hjis ow4 presidential bpo»- • ;ijjr's, C- A/Cosgrove, wife of supyintendwt of the lowland D« diipjoh of the Chicago, MUwirakw, T$|»ajjl railroad, died at Masg» <Qity s |a. AND DRILLING. We liuvcmiKihlnery of till sixes for boring or, drilling' wells. Water guaranteed or no pay. Oiill on or address, GALLION BROS,, Bancroft, la. ^ PART OF ITS OBLIGATION. Union' Vaclflo Compelled-' to. 'Keep Up a Separate Telegraph Line. WASHINGTON, Nov. 19.— The United States supreme court in a decision' by Justice Harlan'held, in effect, that the Union Pacific Railway company had no right to make a lease practically giving the Western Union Telegraph company an exclusive right to maintain telegraph lines along the route of the railroad company. The decision, holds that the United States has a right to maintain a bill in equity to compel the Union Pacific to maintain its own lines of telegraph along its railroad routes, and that the obligation imposed on the railway company to do this was as strong as its obligations to maintain the railroad tracks. Oklahoma Statehood Convention. OKLAHOMA. CITY, O.' T., Nov. 19,— Hon. Sidney Clarke, chairman of Oklahoma's statehhod, executive committee, has called a statehood convention to meet at Shawnee Deo. 4. The convention promises to be the largest and most important statehood meeting ever held in the territory, A strong delegation will be sent to Washington from Oklahoma and the Chickasaw Nation to push the claims for statehood. Result of tho Immigration Convention, GRANTSBURG, Wis., Nov. 3 ,— The Burnett county board will call a mass county immigration convention for the second week in December, This is the first practical result of the recent Northwestern convention, with similar moth- ords of work, Express Robbers Sentenced. INPIANAPOIJS, Nov. 19,— James R. Barnett and Dpn Farden, the two men whp robbed the Adams. Express, company of $16,000 at Terre Haute several weeks ago, pleaded guilty in the federal' court and were each sentenced to year's imprisonment and $gQQ fine, Plants staying Up, " SALESMEN WAITED., Pushing, trustworthy men to represent ua^' hi tho sale of our Choice Nursery Stock. Specialties controlled by us. Highest Salary or commission paid weekly. Steady em-', ployment the year round. Outfit, free; ex- 1 elusive territory! experience not necessary;; big" pay arsurea "Corkers;' special .inducerSS ments to befc'InnoM. Write at once for pap-> tlculars to ' Allen Nursery Co., ROCHESTER, N. Y. * <M '^ Wanted Salesmen We want one or t w o' GOOD MEN in each county to take orders for a Choice line of NURSERY STOCK or SEED POTATOES, Stock, and seed guaranteed. We can give you Steady Employment with Good Pay. It will cost you nothing to give it a trial. State when writing which you prefer to sell. Address < , ' The Hawks Nursery Co., Milwaukee, Wis. AGENTS Salary or Commission to good'Men, , Fast nelllug Imported Specialties. > . _„ Itock Failing to liyeBeplaBift.^;^ . We sell only HJgH Grade Stock ap4 •, j 1 t \i" true to Name,"' > ' ;$, <-^s Also Pure Seed Potato Stock ovf^'yj-ji Specialty Leader, '^'V^i Address p/^ ' " " > '"'"" Letters promptly answered, , , ROCHESTER, Jft^y wered ", '. 'V$J&8 OBIOAQO, MILWAKEE AND ,. No. .gpasspnger,,,, ..... ,,',,,.., ,.,,,< 40 ;2? j No. 4 passenger,, „,„,/,,...„,!„ -. GiO^ No, 76 "freight carries passengers.,,, , 8 j?0 No, 94 H'eieHt carries passengers.., , l ;15, 1 ______ j ____ No, i passenger..,,,,..,,., No, 9 fiasaAneffi? NO, 7t '•'••«"»,JO§'&,1| '.V.'.UtA l It *» V»0*4V Vf*»**Wl fWW^VMpV*.?? ? , , ' * (*" |*1 , 93 fyejgut carries pvssengers,,,,. ii ^ a ^^_j ' * ( , ' *> "! | ' . r- TJie extensive brick plant at Halcyon, ejgh> mjlfa nopth Qf tlWS city, WWP& haj} been, jOle most pf the' time during 'past two years, w,ill resume ppera ly'jn' the spring &n<J tlie Qutput 8. " >t '/;r'l'VsNf?P > «t».<,*/»t,»^*M||NB JUpn^ay, NQV,, 85, tba,t -MbrariaA Incendary Fires »t ( oo.n,», OR espe»^eg qf op UHI M»gL WJKffW •WHT' W •JP'TilV fir™idm>t&»

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