The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1895
Page 2
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TT YOUNG IP OP MOTHER AND CHILIS. "Mothers' Friend" CONFINEMENT OF lt§ PAIN, HORROr? AND RISK. BEStlMS Station ttoafrd Created ef three Jiein- ber» *r6nt fcach Stat*-»mteht fef- fttfM to fee Mftdo to Secure BetttSM for the tfo^wfoltepj Son, w! Clinton, flirt* Sti* 8. I. B, My, thoffi&a Gil* " My wife used otily two bottles. She WftS easily and quickly relieved} is liotf doing' splendidly.— J. S. MORTON, Haflovv, N. C. Sent bv express or mail, on receipt of pried, §1700 $* totttt. Book "I'D MOl'fiERS" toalled tree. BBADFlELtl HEGULATOlt CO., ATLANTA, 01. SOfcfc B* Atiti DfttJQaiSf 8. ••..^•-T^T- '**- tf"-— TTiTi "F^a: > H i •• r III 11 11 • •! I TTiM rff-3"-" !• *»-«a" A $100 HIGH GRADE ABSOLUTELY FREE. We have contracted for two thousand 5100 Bicycles whicli we propose tpglye FREE to some one person in every township in the State of Iowa. Do 1 7 OJ7 want one? This Offer Open for Thirty Days Only, FulI particulars upon application. Enclose two cent stamp for reply. Address THE WERN ER COMPANY, 160 Adams St., Chicago. Reference, Any Commercial Agency. MONEY. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. IlAGGAllD. QUICKLY, THOROUGHLY, FOREVER CURED. t OUT OF GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY 30THDAY in thirty days by a new perfected .scientific method time cannot fall unless the case Is beyond human aid You feel improved the flist day; foel a benetlt every day; soon know yourself a king amoiiR men in body, mind and heart. Drains and losses ended, every obstacle to happy man-led life removed. Nerve force, will, energy, brain power, when fa ling HVP restored If neglected siu-h troubles result fatally. Medical Sivloc free. Mailed everywhere. sealed for Si. Six boxes for $5. JACKSON MEUIOAIj 00. OhiPftKO, 111.. 01 oui a- eeut. FllAUK W. DINGLEY. Algona. Iowa. REBU11TING TABLLTS are the most Powerful, Safe, Vrompt and Keliable of this kind in the market. The 01- iglnal and only Kenuine Woman's Salvation Ask vour dnicKist i£ he don't keep them. Write d reel to us add we will send It direct upon receipt of price, ai, paid. Medical advice tree. . 10AL CO., Ohicago. FHAN1C W. ST. PAtJii, Nov. 21.—The delegated to tee Northwestern immigration conteh* tion held three sessions duritig the day* While most of the time was devoted to speeches and reading of paper s a line of action was decided on by the report of the-committee on resolutions. This fe* pott was Submitted at the afternoon session and Was unanimously adopted* The resolutions hold that it is due to those Whom it is desired to induce to settle in the Notthwest and assist ( itt development of its resources that a brief statement of the advantages of the section be set forth. Then follows a state* ment of the natural resources, commer« cial advantages, and character of the people. The resolutions also urge con- gross to pass legislation regulating emigration, to the end that the anarchist, the criminal and the idler may bo kept out. Regarding state organization, there is the following: Want State Bureaus of Immigration. We urge upon the legislatures of the Northwestern states that they establish a bureau of immigration and inf orma- tion in each state, whose duty it shall be to collect information and classify the same, and to advertise to the world in plain and uuexaggerated terms the resources and advantages of the state; to the end that those seeking new homes mid new fields of enterprise may know the truth, and may not be diverted to regions where conditions are less favorable and success less sure. The report of the committee was accepted by a unanimous vote, and then Secretary McGiunis read the following resolutions, offered by H. O. McNair, giving form to the purpose of the convention: Give* the Purpose Form. Resolved, That there shall be created and established by this convention a permanent Northwestern immigration board to be composed of three members from each Northwestern state and from Manitoba, to be named by the states here represented. Such board shall organize immediately after the adjournment of the convention by the election of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. It shall be its duty to encourage the formation of state and local boards throughout the Northwest, by governmental action wherever practicable, and where not by the voluntary efforts of the people, to stimulate by proper publications the movement of a substantial class of settlers to the Northwest from the older and better settled regions of the American continent and from the northern nations of Europe, and to appoint the 1 ,, time and place for holding the second Northwestern immigration convention. After the adoption of the resolution the matter of selecting the members of this board from the various states was delegated to the states themselves, the the result to be announced at a later AK vmzm P (Ot'cttfiift. MeMyTE Ol Manitoba—T foy, A. S. Andrews. Idaho—ft. W. ftifdum, A. B. Glark, IP. Keatof. . . . Washington ^-S. L. Crawford, J, G. an Meter, Jr., H. Bolster. North Dakota^-N. G. Lafimore, 3* H. Wished, Martin fleeter, Mittttesdtft-^O. d. Gregg, D, E. M<S« Gitinis, A, L< Crocker. Wisconsin—G. W. Bishop, Ole Laf« eon, James H. Agen. Offloeti of the Association* Immediately after the ttoott adjotiftt'. meat an election was held to choose officers of the permanent organisation, the name chosen being "The North* western Immigration Assoolation." T he officers of the association are as f ol« lows: President, T. L. Schtirmeir, St. Paul; first Vice president, Ellis C. Hughes, Oregon; second vice president, Thomas Gilroy, Winnipeg; secretary, D. R. Me- Ginnis, St. Paul; treasurer, H. O. Me* Nair, St. Paul. WARMLY WELCOMED AT CHICAGO Admirer* Turn Out by the Thousands to Greet Eugnno V. Debs. CHICAGO, Nov. 28.—Eugene V. Debs spoke in Central Music hall during the evening to an audience that taxed the seating and standing capacity of the hall. Most of the leading labor organizations were represented and the reception accorded to the leader of the American Railway union was cordial in the extreme. Eight carloads of Debs' friends went down to Woodstock to greet him on his release from jail and several thousand men were at the station of the North- Af*t»6Al* 1*811 At& AM .BEWARE OF -II —Rl .UBED fOBIO CENTS It— m CUBED FOP 33 LENTS I r~~* J ' * ? FOR SALE E.V ALL. DRUGGISTS OR i JACKSON MEDICAL CO, CHICAGO ILL! \ {t 380 SO CLARK ST. IMPERIAL B'LD'S. . * luN.B. Don't take~any substitute jj < with the same name but different -j I spelling on which your druggist o <o makes Twice as much ..•••*• • £ BEWARE OF IMITATIONS Frank W. Dingley. will do if used as a wash according to directions: prevent transmission of blood diseases, skin diseases, acute and chronic ulcers, stricture, flssure of the hands and feet, Eczema. Fetter, Salt Rheumatism, Inflamatlon of the Bladder. Diseases of the bones, joints and muscles, Byphiletic Insanity, Scurvy, Sciofula in many forms, The above and a hundred other forms of disease are traceable directly or Indlrectlyto Syphilitic Biood i'oison for which the Dr. Jackson's English Safety Tablets is a sure pre. yentatlve, aufi is a safe Germ Killer, rendering contagion hardly possible, nonce Its value. If neglected such troubles result fatally. -M*jl. lec | anvwUere sealed, Si; six boxes for $5. Medical advice frle. JAblCSON MEDICAL op., Chicago, lll.,orouragent,F. W. PINGLEY. 9 9 session. Minnesota Delegates Get Organized. The Minnesota delegation met in the senate chamber and effected a permanent organization. After some debate O. C. Gregg, Mr. McGinnis and A. L. Crocker were elected members of the state immigration board. It was then moved to form an executive board, composed of one member from each congressional district. This met with general approval, and after a little talk among the various representatives of the districts the following men were named. First—John Frank, Le Roy, Minn.; Second, W. R. Edwards, Tracy; Third, Tarns Bixby, Redwing; Fourth, Theodore L. Schurmeier, St. Paul; Fifth, P. V. Collins, Minneapolis; Sixth, Dr. C. A. Kalsey, Brook Park; Seventh, Edward Balentine, Campbell. The nominations were confirmed by acclamation, and the board was empowered to act. In addition to this executive board there will be a state board comprised of a member from each county. The duties of the committee, as presented in a motion, are to devise ways and means for carrying out the work of the board whose organization they were authorized to effect. By motion the word society was substituted for the word board, Mr, Schurmeier was authorized to call the board to* gether. The North Dakota Organization. The North Dakota delegates met and organized a state immigration associa' tion. The temporary organization was perfected by the election of J, B. Power of Riohland county as president, and Frank Ji. Irons of Fargo as secretary. An executive committee was appointed, consisting of one member from each county in the state, A state convention is to be called to meet in some place in North Dakota, upon the call Of the president, to per< feet the organization- Among those who addressed the con* vention during the day were A. J. An* drews of Winnipeg,' P. B. Groat of North Dakota, Hon. J. P. Keaterof Jdaho, Archbishop Ireland, Ellis G. Hughes of Oregon, T. W. Bishop of •Wisconsin, HO«- T, M. Daly, minister of agriculture of Canada, 0. C. Gregg, Governor Clough, E. V. Smalley, e$. Mayor JJustis, Colpnel PJummer an4 others. EUGENE V. DEBS. western road when the train bearing Debs and his friends arrived at 7:80 o'clock. The reception given Debs as he stepped from the train bordered on the frantic. Hundreds Pushed and Struggled' to get a grasp of his hand, many of them hugged him and some went to the length of kissing him. Finally he was tossed up to the shoulders of four men and, followed by a dense throng that never for, one instant stopped its shouts and cheers, he was escorted to the hall, about one mile distant. The warmth of the reception given him at the depot was repeated when he entered the hall, with the exception that the men were unable to get close to him and contented themselves with cheering and waving their hats. The speech delivered by Debs, which was received with great applause by his audience, referred mainly to his recent imprisonment and protested against the flagrant violation of the constitution. Seveiiteeuth Body Beoovered. CLEVELAND, Nov. 19.— The body of the 17th and probably the last victim of the motor accident was recovered from the river during the afternoon. It was that of Matthew Callihan, and it was buried in the mud directly where the trucks of the motor had been. The search for bodies has now been abandoned. LATEST MAEKET EEPOETS, Minneapolis Grain, MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. as, 1895, WHEA.T— November closed at 52J^o; December, BSJ^o; May, 5(5%o. On Track— No. 1 hard, f>±% c; No, 1 Northern, No. 3 Northern, n Ul the rs|fof k of the mftsDHflB m Af* iiii Ohristtaiifl bf the *telta. Jto additiott to the desflhietidtt ef liff, whale tillages hate b®&ii totted, all the rt# belonging to the Afmeftiattshfts destroyed Of e6ilfl8dated» ftfld th8 fittrvivc*8, ittoStly ineh And Wdttt&ft*'- havetoeen left tp stane. The dlstfeSS Uso ^eUsjffead afid the fitttoDefitt actual need of evefl a crtist of bread so large, that relief agensifei have beeft established in tolldon and NeW Ybfk, and an abpeal is made to the Ohristiati ^orld fdf aid< tfhe' Hew Ifotk coai' aiittee is made ttp of men like Bishbj) Potter, Archbishop Cofligati, MotriS K, JeSup, ttet, W. tt. f. Fatmee, Jaeob H, SchifE and Rev. David T, Butt ell, Spender f i? ask, 2? Piiie Street, Hew fork, is the treasure*, and a dontributibii fotWatded to mm will be distrlblited among the Armenian suffer* through a mifced commis« siott of AmeHdati missionaries, English consuls and others. TO FIGHT THC TURKS' Chicago Armenians f romotliig ft Move* ment In That Direction. OHIOAQO, Nov. 25.—The Armenians of this city and vicinity, according to one of their number, are "hopeless and desperate" and are actively promoting a movement which is said to be spreading over the country, to enlist men to go to Turkey to prevent the extermination of their relatives and friends. This gentleman, who is believed to be reliable and well informed, said nearly 1,000 men have already been enlisted in Massachusetts and other New England states. Twenty have signed the roll in Chicago, and it is believed at least 200 will do so. A meeting is to be held in this city to make another appeal to England to stop the massacres, and, if it is ineffectual, enlistment will commence in earnest. The gentleman said that the Armenians would not submit to seeing their 'fathers, mothers and relatives exterminated. They were preparing to buy arms and and go to Turkey to fight. As to how they would get there, he asked how the Cubans got to Cuba. POWERS MUST GET TOGETHER. Conference Needed to Bring the Turkish Question to a Crisis. LONDON, Nov. 25.—A dispatch to The Times from Constantinople says that the opinion prevails in diplomatic circles that a European conference is indispensable for the settlement of the Turkish question, for although the powers have agreed,'this agreement cannot be changed into action for fear of drawing Europe into a dangerous Eastern situation. The winter snows will keep the, Asiatic provinces quiet, but something must be done before spring revives the excitement and Macedonia is brought into the movement. " MASSACRED BY THE KURDS. More Than a Score of Tillages Reported Destroyed. PARIS, Nov. 23.—A dispatch to.The Matin from Constantinople says that 20 villages have been burned in the northwestern portion of the district of Aleppo, and that the inhabitants have been massacred. ' The dispatch adds that the Kurds are gathering on the border's of the Euphrates, preparing to march into Syria for the purpose of massacreing Christians. LONDON, Nov. 28.—The Daily News publishes a telegram from Van which states that the Kurds have destroyed five villages in the neighborhood of that town, and out of the 18,000 villagers driven away at the time of the attacks only 3,000 can now be found. *»~..<*KJU,*>Hk M. , Haggard & Peek* STEAM and GASOLINE ENGINES If you think of buying Kin engine of any Size or kind send for our CA*Atodufi Nd< 30, con* talnlng Illustrations and prldesof every kind of sinall engines un to 20 horse fcowei'i at bottom prices, or List NO, 20 for yacht engines, boilers atttt boat machinery. Either sent free. ALfeOSA, . ^^ MBTATE, IttWA. Portable and MaMne. At f)< Clarke & Co M bear Aitfona State Bttftk, AL<*t**fA» 1A. OMAS, P, WlLtiABD & 00, 197 Oanftl Street Ohloagoi State street. Geo, 0» Call, MTATE AND LOANS, information In regard to lands lii •--"—--*-•"- Ibfira, Wflte to lllin. AfcGONA, JttWA» dfco. ». cliAftita. dttASi Clarke & Colienoiir, ATTd%NE¥!3 AT LAW, AtOONA, IOWA. Greo. B, Cloud* (Successor to W. B. Quarton) AT1VRNEY AND COUNSELOR ^\ FLOWER FREE. 1 o Choice Winter Blooming IJttibs 1 0 14 as follows: ILJ 1 Dutch Hyacinth, very fragrant, •3 Tulips, assorted, various colors, z Narcissus, white & yellow, jtragrant. 8 Crocus, assorted colors. 3 Scllla Slbcrlca, bllio, AT1D AUflflB For only 80 cents, stamps UUlV Urf pn, or silver, and the names of 0 of your friends who buy bulbs orseeds. wo will mall at once the 12 splendid Winter Blooming Bulbs to any address post paid and our new Illustrated catalogue for 1890 when ready. W. W. BAKNAED & CO., Successors to SeedM i, e1n v r , * «« Hiram Slbley & Oo. CHICAGO, ALOONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. Sullivan & McMalion, ATTOENEVS AT LAW, Postoffice Block. ALGONA, IOWA. SALESMEN Energetic, in every township, to represent us in the sale Of "John Sherman's Recollections of Forty Years tn the >. House, Senate and Cabinet"; the most remarkable history of the times ane the greatest work on finance ever published ; sale equals "Grant's Memoirs" ; Intelligent agents cannot fail to reap a harvest. Apply atonce. National Publishing Co., 1 SO East Adams St. Chicago, III. JAVA and MOCHA E. V. Swotting*. ATTORNE7 AT LAW, Money to loan. AI.GONA, IOWA. J. L. BON AH. H. II. FELLOWS. Bouar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will recelveprompt- attention. Rooms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Brag. Branch office at .,„„«,. ,^-,^» Wesley, Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA. COFFEE. Finest Can Coffee on the Market. Daiisoii & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles'new building. • AI.GONA, IOWA. Welt Miller, ATTORNEY AND COUNCILOR AT LAW. Collections made, AH business promptly attended to. WESLEY; IOWA. S. S. Sessions* ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohrischllles' Store. Blue Label, A combination of the finest Aden Mocha and Fancy Mark Java. Packed in t a« d P?^ 0 ,!"" 1 air-tight cans, thereby retaining all of the aroma and freshness lost In bulk coffee exposed to the elements. Returnable if-not satisfactory. Never sold in bulk or in paper, foil or pasteboard peckages. LANGDON & HUDSON, Sole Distributors, L. K. Garfielcl, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, State street. AI.GONA, IOWA. M. J. Keneflck, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. AtGONA, - - IOWA. Dulutli Grain, DULUTH, Nov. S3, 1893. WHEAT— Cash No. 1 hard, 54%c; No. 1 Northern, 54o; No. 3 Northern, 51}j@ No, S spring, 49^®**^; rejected, St. Paul Union Stock Yards, SOUTH ST. PAUL, Nov. 23, 1895. Market steady and active; qual* ity good, Range of prices f3.35@8,35. CATTLJS—Market quiet and steady; limited demand fpr fat cattle; common stuff slowand weak; market closed strong andastive, SUEEP^-JMr demand fop gopa sneep and Jarabs; common dull. Repeipte; Hogs, 8,000; cattle, 10Q; calves, JO; bbeep, 80'V ^ ^ Chicago Vnjon Stppfe ¥»*•*», QfHOAGO, NOV. 83,18 Q 5, than yesterday's closing, "galM ranged' at fJ.*»@8<W for light; **.i . "._ «~ • j. AO QR/TJi'4 ft** fnt* iiauw PPViJfV'vV JrVl Wvt^V J Christians »nd Turks Collide. ATHENS, Nov. 25.—Reports have been received here of a collision between the Turkish troops and the Christians in Crete. .It is estimated that 80 persons have been killed and wounded, • •• .•' " •" • THE EARNINGS OF RAILROADS, Interstate Commerce Commission JttaU»» Its Annual Heporfc, WASHINGTON, NOV. 86,—The inter" state commerce commission has just issued a preliminary report .on the income and expenditures of railways in the United States for the year ending June 80, 1895, The report includes the report of 650 roads whose reports were filed on or before NOV. 9, 1895, and covers the operations of 164,539 miles of line, or 98 per cent of the mileage in-the United States. The gross earnings were $1,008,032,858 of which $£83,465,793 were from passenger service, $688,. 038,988 from freight service and $36,* 3 Its, 595 were other earnings from opera* tion, The operating expenses were $677,667,,685, leaving net earwngs of $835.855,318 as compared with net earn' ings of $830,187,670 for the same roads m 1894, . It Js Ainnexfttion op Nothing. jjoNQ&yjva, Nov. 18.™.M.mister Cooper is authority for tUe statement $$$ Francis M, Hatch, &e »ew Hawaiian minister, 4pes »ot go to WaiW»$Q» t° ask fpr a protectorate, Tfeis 8t$teme»ti jg made tp refute f* W§U dfifloed, rumor, M? t Jjateb 'Witt use his bjpgf endeavors te brjng i»ke. &nn.'ex$tiea (juesriQn .fe§ f ore the #ext congress, ap4 Wgb of&Qiais state that »otWng else will eatisf7 the Dr. L. A. Sheetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER. Prescriptions filled. Deals in Pain Oils, Books, Perfumeries, Etc. Ocr, State and Tuorlngton. AI.G NA.IA, DENTIST. A, JL. JRlSt, ». D. S,, Local anaesthetic for deadeninpr pain In gums when extracting 1 teetn, ALGONA, IOWA. \ E. S. Glacier, D. D. S,, DENTAL ROOMS. Over the Algona State Bank, Special attenttQn otven to saving (?ie natural • be besi of modern 'anaestlietlps used to operations as painless as possible, AEGONA, IOWA, - fusely illustrated, it will tell you all about the ne^y Fall and -Winter in Men's and HpspitaJ vr KJ, Sayers, P» V. Mi m jpjjnw SURGEON, Styles ioy' Hats, 'Cloing, !>" V)'. and ail kinds of >yiVV.RCrf T; ffcWPi INTERSTATE yko»9 Who win $1. P^Wh NOV. era immigration " " Mb:' IQARP Northwest' has ce»« 0»to »•* «» m las* m Becsrober, M ff»lftQ» (i, ?f\A :gfe *w i' 1 -^". *y> m 5ml

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