The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 20, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1895
Page 8
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In the great rush to see the nioiikeys now oil exhibition at the CASE S&oE HOUSE, High, be^ loved son of Mr. and Mrs. High Price, lost his life. There was great confusion people tunv bled over each other to get some of the bargains in shoes offered by BHOWKELL & Air LRED. They are not ancient Goods fit for the Museum, but Goods of to4ay. Just arriving, Just opened, and plenty of them, SeeBROWNBLL, -for FOOTWEAR. IMIittenjs! Just the time you will want tliem and we will give yon some good bargains in them, as we are Closing Them Out. We will sell goods for the NEXT THIRTY DAYS at prices never before heard of. All our large line of Crockery, Glassware, Lamps and Chamber Sets will be sold at almost cost. Now is your time to get a nice lot of dislies. Our. canned, good s must go. GALL AND GET.O UR PRICES. PA1TEB80N & SON, BAMS, ABSTRACTS, LAUDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. NEWS OF THE COUNT!, Mr. ftfdtafd Wtghtman 19 again Visiting ih our mtdat. Sdine e'tfohg ftttffte* Won? Ambrose A. Call, President, D. H. Hutching, Vice-Pros, Wm. K. Ferguson, Cishier. 0. D. Smith, Ass't, Cash, NATIONAL BANK. ALGCXNA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. Money on hand to loan al. reasonable rules to parties who furnish Hrwt.-class security Directors—D. H. Hunching, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweiler, F. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, K. H. Spencer, "Wm. K. Ferguson, CASH CAPITAL—S5O.OOO.OO. The Michigan Good Tefaplar Sfthd, composed of Rev. John Hebdoh and M. A..-Lee, will give a stefeopticon entertainment ftt the Baptist church on the eveti- ngs of Saturday, Monday, Sutoday and Tuesdaay, Nov. 30. Dec. 1, 2, 3. Their 'en - .ertainment Is under the auspices of the Bancroft Lodge of Good Templars afad ,he writer, who has witnessed the entertainment at Iowa Falls, can say that they lave the finest blan and steroptlcon that can be gotten tip. After the first night leople will have to go early to secure a seat. ... The Bancroft creamery paid an avei-ago of 90 cents a hundred for milk last month, Jhder the able management of August Johnson Bancroft is going to have and low has her first successful creaine?y. C, E. Mallony, of Buffalo Centei-j was over here on business last Monday, harles always has lots of business around hero and ho deserves it for he is a worker. Talk about insurancefates. See J. A. Freeh and you can get insured as cheap and in as good companies as anyone has. Dr. Walters, of Buffalo Center, was ov- r on business yesterday and reports trade a little dull at present. Just watch Doc's smoke and see if ho does not make business hum over there in regular Bancroft fashion. Rev. E. J. Vine preaches at Swca City ach Sunday. The many friends of Tom Sherman are glad to see him out again after his. recent illness. C. C. Thompson is still confined to his room with rheumatism. There is an enterprising literary society going at full blast in our city. It is composed principally of the public school teachers and their friends. C. C. Thompson has rented the rooms formerly occupied by Drs. Walters and Bern is over Leonard & Sarchett's store. Dr. C. B. Paul, of Algona, has moved into the rooms over the Farmers' and Traders' Bank and he has his office there also. Wo welcome the Doctor to our midst. Ho is a good man and a good doc^ lor. Butter maker Leo Tibbots, of the Son- cca Co-operative Creamery, kindly hands us the following report for October. • We hope it will be a permanent feature of this column each month. Total pounds milk received 380,340,, average price paid per hundred Ibs. 94c, butter sold to patrons 1753 Ibs., average test 4.3. The creamery'.company has. • a new. dwelling, 34x34, nearly completed,'to bo occupied by the butterrnakers and they, in connection with the creamery company, are going to drill a,good well. Seneca is a hard township to beat in this county: David Nichols and family were made happy by the arrival of a good sized bfatby boy at their homo last week. Miss Anetta Smith, who haS:been visiting at E. E. Gray's during the past two months, returned to her home in Curlew, la.-, last-Monday. The Michigan Good Templar Band will give entertainments at Burt on November 37, 38 and39; Bancroft Nov. 30, Dec. 1, 3 and 3; Portland Dec. 4, 5 and 0; Ledyard Dec. 7, 8, 9 and 10;' Algona, commencing on Dec. 18 and remaining a few days. These appointments will be filled if a suitable church or other _p3ace can be secured in each place and it now look's very hopeful. The meetings are to : culminate in a County District Lodge of I. 0. G. T. composed of the lodges now in the county and the ones to be organized by those meetings. Three good farms to rent. See J. A. Freeh. More weddings coming, eh? Well, If business does not let up by January first we are going to apply to George Boyle for a charter for an annex to his matrimonial bureau, so help us Hallock, , Who said there was a democrat on the earth? ClTf, Nov. 18.—Jndd Hatch left on Friday fbr California, where ho Will look up a location, and latef on the fain* ily will follow and take up their residence there. There seems t6 be considerable illhess in the surrounding country. Dr. SaUnders is out most of the time, both night and day. A firm ffoM Hock Rapids were here the first of the week looking up a site for the location of a tow mill. We hava Hot learhed their final decision. The new blacksmithshopj which is rap* idly hearing completion, will be run by a Mr. Jenseti from Armstrong. A new tnljllhei'y store is among Swea City's latest improvements^ Mr, and Mrs, & F. Thomas drove across country to Bradgate on Saturday) where they will visit until after Thanksgiving, Mr. and Mrs, C. J. Anderson are rejoic* ing over a new baby which arrived on Saturday. • • ' ' Miss Buker, of Des MoineSj arrived on Thursday for a visit with & F. Buker 1 and family. Mrs. R. G; Greolls'has been quite ill the past week. • Frank Butterfield, who lives east of town, has sold his farm and will move to Minnesota. ' • Buffalo Fork. BUFFALO FORK, Nov. 19,—Nellie Govern and Lu Smith began their winter terms of school in the Stanley and Buffalo Fork districts yesterday. • B. Stott has returned from his trip to Missouri. He has purchased 340 acres of land and will move his family there soon. Cards are out'for the wedding of Nettie Owen and Will Grover. " The L. M. S. will give a Thanksgiving dinner at G. D. Stone's. Everyone is cordially invited. Mr. Callahan is very much improved. His wife resumes her position in the Burt school this week. There will be prayer and class meeting at the Grover school house every Sunday at 11 o'clock. ' has feeen teScterd itt the fewtotal «f ' andtheaftp'Oiritffietit'&iJS. F". Gtilblte as postmaster. Thel-8 Was ft viefy stfong op* tJo'Sitiofl td OaH-'s apffoihtffifent in the first plac*e. Hoseetfts'to have' been JHifced i& his accounts. Chartey Slagie has been given a position with the Burlihgtoh failfdad, says tlie Blirt Monitor. The Weslejr Reporter credits &eo. Bender With having bofed 4,853 feet of wells in the past yeah that is almost a mile. Mr. IJennef put down ifySis feet of curing and he received for his Wofk over $9,100, Burt has an ordinance placing Sunday open!hg of business houses, except hotels, boarding houses, ahd butcher shops, u/itll 10 a. m,, under jpenalty »f i2s for each of» fense, and the Mbttftbi' calls for its ett* forCemehti Ledyard Leader: August Torino has put the fittishing touch to as commodious a farm dwelling as can bo found In these parts, and is about ready to moveihei-ein, His farm is five miles Sbuth^east of Led' yard, '• ' •' The State JBank of JBurt has just taken possession of its handsome quarters in the hew brick building.: . . W. A. Ch'ipmah, of Portland township, will soon be .a resident of the town of Burt. ' ' Secretary Angus, of the Burt creamery, gives the following iigtires of that institution for.October: The Burt creamery for the month of October received 304,535 pounds of milk, and.made 14,241 pounds of butter. The average test, was 4 per cent.-. Number of pounds of mi-Ik for a pound of butter, 21%. Number pounds of butter per hundred of milk, 4.67. The price paid will run all the way from 70 cents per hundred to 81. Only one man gets the $1 and but one man is down to 70 cents. The average price is 87 cents. The patrons have used or bought at the creamery 1,845 Ibs. The balance has been shipped, netting us 31c at the factory. Cost of making was 3 cents per pound, leaving 19 cents clear to the patrons. . i&gtiown hill, and ftwaft further Serei.of- Meats. Mh Bendf trg tea"? M able to pt bt6 his innoeency and until theft criticisms should not be too He Stmiled Whittemore Chambion: 'Sevetal of the festive juveniles started out last thui-s- day night to have 6 gehuine fi&flowe'eft celebfrationj by turnibg evei-ythlftg bof torn side Up that they could move, but Marshal Kortie caught them in theft devilish Work and after firing & Revolver over their'heads to let them know he fneftht business, cotobeliedthem to go and fight up everything he could see which they had turned over atid'theh depart quietljr fofhotte. The fiext morning a few traces of the work could be seen, which were not seen .by the Marshal, Creighlon'S fine Veranda Was, adoi-ned by a, neighbor's 'smoke house and 1 string of about twenty dead rats hung In front of his door. Better quit the old barbarous custom boyss ft isn't much fun anyhow and there is a great deal of hard Work about it. . Health and.sweet breath secured by Shi- Joh's ' Catarrh Remedy, Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. Fentoii. FENTON, Nov. -18.—J. R. Davis, of Racine, Wis., was in Feuton again looking, after his farms. : •:. .:. Walter Henderson, of.-Burt township,: was seen on our streets last week. ; I. Pettit is still drilling at his well.; They are going through rock now. The Feutou people i are thinking of Cliristma's'alreacty' an'd^ tliey'say they Mat'-. poet a good time. But they 6ught"to think of some of the 'holidays that come before Christmas. Thanksgiving : is one they ought no't to'forget. " ', " ', .Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod and 'her 'sister', Miss Edith Wagne'r, wetb''visiting'old friends in West Bend .last Saturday ._and Sunday. ".•-.' •'. ••• .'..,' .1.... .. . •.: ' Philip AYanc]er left for hiSvliome in Cler- moht last week. /,. :; ,••-„•/ OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. D. OlavUe, Pros., 0.0, Chubb, Vice Pros., Thos. H. Ivautry. Oaslnor, Geo. L Galbraith, Fred M. Miller, Myron Bchenck, Thos. K. Oooke, Alg'ona, Iowa, GENERAL BANKING. Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest Paid for Time Deposits. W. U, Inghara, President. Them CUrischilles, Vice Preside &t. H. Smitli, Cashier IOWA. " CAPITA!, «5O,OOO, Incorponvtea under geuora) la.vs of lowu. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Oollectious made promptly and a general banKing business transacted, Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors-W. H. fnghajn, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Ohrisohllles, Lewis If. Smith, J, W. SVadswovtli, Bavnet Deviue. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Qp§ra House plock Our books are thoroughly complete. Jifone but experienced abstractors written a word in them. Our work is done by competent persons, an4 is guaranteed, flood work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us an4 you may be s,ure you get what yo. i pay for and take no chances, FOANS, FARMS AND HAY RIOE Algona,, of Title, BURT NEWS. BURT, Nov. 19.—Mr, Wheeler will have one of,the neatest build.ings'in Burt. He will occupy it in a few days, and will bo ready for steady boarders as well as tourists. Mr. Cottrell is doing the painting' and has nearly finished. The removal of the postofflce is a very desirable change, Mr, McCbesuey will appreciate tho roomy quarters, and we are not afraid to make the statement that it is the finest postofflce of it* size in the northwest.. . Mr, Stockwel), the furniture dealer, has some very pretty celluloid, frames, suit' able for Christmas gifts in his window, He is a new hand in the business, but -hjs patrons find he Js not backward In 'courtesy and fair dealing. The new building west of the drugstore is inclosed, It is to be use by Mr. Sherman Trim We. Mr. Cork and Mr- Bacon, land agents, have some fine specimens of, Minnesota, corn in their window, in the old postofflco building, Mr. Charles Cook, who has been running a creamery at Osgood, is to take chai'geof the, Russell Cook farm next season. Miss Rose CaJlahau has returned to her school. Cpuld yeu have seen the scholars greet her you would know why she is a successful teacher. Mr, hn4 Mrs,, Fred $icbo]£Q»- are happy parents e? wetter Mr, Percy Ms»P«ftX4 is ad.diWo«iatbefQ.n»$i his house, Real estate. The County at ILarge. A camp of Modern Wobdinen was instituted at Ledyard last week. .The Buffalo Center lodge assisted in tho ceremonies.. An election is to bo held at Lu Verne on the 30th of this month to decide the question of annexing to the incorporated town- two fractional half-sections and ono fractional quarter section of laud just across- the line in Humboldt county. • , J. B. Stott returned' from a Missouri' trip last week. He purchased: a farm 'in Webster county of that state arid will move to it in a short time. Sheriff Samson made another seizure, of beer at Germania -Friday night, Chas. Haines, the dealer in the'stuff; was arrested. The LuVerne people are wide awake and they have a wide ,awake literary society every winter. They have organized already, and last Friday evening they discussed this: "Resolved, that democracy, like truth, when crushed to earth will rise.again," Geo. W. Hanna took the negative. The Wesley Reporter tells the story that a few days since James Corey, on opening a barrel of apples, found a little brown bird of the creeper family, The apples were shipped from Kansas City and must have been packed fully two weeks, The little stranger seemed happy to got out of the barrel but refused' to venture outside, possibly not liking our atmosphere. The query is how did the bird get in the barrel, Bancroft Register; The Bancroft creamery foi' the month ending yesterday, the l§tb, paid an average of 90 cents a hundred for milk, 93 being the highest. John GoGhe headed tho list for amount of inlik furnished, Louis Richardson, of S,eueea, shot off one of the toes of his right foot lastThurs-r day while out hunting, and the doctor had to amputate another,' ** j, Q Hanna, of Texas, wtvs visiting his brothers at LuYerne recently, The Wesley Reporter records the de&th. of Mrs. Jane Presnell, wjfe of Thos, Pres> nel}, which took place on Wednesday last, She wa,s boyn in 1343, wwied ift 18W, awd came to Wesley with her husband in' J8?8. The Bancroft Reporter claims for J, A, t]ie credit for sending out the big: shipped fj'9m It says that Ju " Ue jQU.udJbat a. furnjtwre 0,94- ipaO.e.d, iyjjh, oats carried }94§ bushels and JS e?Q,w$l$ Neighborhood Notes. T. J. Ryan, the builder of tho Emmetsburg packing house, has ' made a proposition to the committee ^representing the local contributors to thQ enterprise to give them title to the plant for $14,000, which he claims is half of the. cost. The .offer will not be accepted. . -. , ... . : P. H. Doulan, formerly school superintendent of Palo Alto comity, who has been engaged in the farm machinery busness, has made an assignment for the benefit, of his creditors. The total.assets are placed at $2,200 and tho liabilities $2,000. J. J, McDonald is tho assignee, A'farmer near Armstrong was using dynamite in blasting rock, and thoughtlessly shoved a stick of it in th'e-,sido~ of a ferain.stack'. When the band cutter t came .to the bundle he" noticed the stick and- pulled it out. .The machine was stopped and an investigation'disclosed the facts. The farmer will not store his dynamite in ^i grain stack again. ' ' '^' A Presbyterian church of" fourteen members was organized'No v, 0, near Depew, Palo Alto county. The school house is eight miles due west from Fenton creamery. The committee' appointed by the presbytery were Revs. W. W. Evans, Estherville, A. .W. .McDonnell, West Bend, D. Williams, Bancroft, and Elders. Fuller and Blngham of , Swan .Lake an^d Esther- yille. • •". "' : , •' •, : The mother of J. Q. and C. E. Adams, of Spencer, died last week, at the home of the former, with 'whom she had lived for many years. . ' ' ' Mrs, Alice Liggett, wife of Clinton, Liggett, a well-to-do farmer living north of Laurens, eloped recently \vith Jake Mundell, a hired man. The twain bought tickets to Marshall town but could not be traced further. The woman left four small children. The Grinnell Christian Endeavor young people have adopted popcorn and milk as the sole refreshment at'their socials. Michael Erpelding, a Livermore business man, and Anna Redding, of St. Joseph, were married ' on Tuesday of last week. The Wright County Democrat says that the jurors who were defending the State last week, drauk a trifle too much alcohol one evening, and the consequences were they all got drunk; got a few blows on the head; got locked up over night in the county jail, and on the following day a fine of ?10 and costs was imposed upon each. This js a case where the State was not very well defended, Big Hay Business— The Future, Leader; Theflrraof Duulan Brothers cut lioo acres of hay land last year and 7000 acres this year, of which latter amount 4000 acres, will be broken up next spring and seeded, from which it will be seen that our hay land Js rapidly un,der* going subjugation by the plow, and that Ledyard's fame as a.' banner hay town will decline, Jt will hold its own, tfowever, as a flftx. producing section for some time to come, while diversified fuming will •frinue lii^e a perennial'' rich gifts to agriculturalists until all Jab 'op shaJJ,' Stra'n'gers, seeking homes realise this fact an& will come to stay, !}»'. RBWlap, who $ i» a, p'psJtiOB t9 know whwof he asserts^ wyatrpm tswnty County Map Of The South, Free, , If you are interested in the South and would like to have a county map showing the principal counties in detail in the states of Kentucky. Tennessee, Alabama and a portion of Mississippi and Florida, send your address to P. Sid Jones, Pass. Agent, Birmingham, Ala., or C. P. Atmore, Gen'l Pass. Agent, Louisville, Ky. This niap is made'to fold up in convenient form, and contain letters written by several northern people who have , settled at d flerent points on the Louisville & , Nashville R. B. A Generous Offer—$200,00 In Gold Given, .R. H. Woodward Company, Baltimore, Md., are making a very generous oiler of $200.00 to anyone who will sell within three months 200 copies of "Talks to Children about Jesus." This is one of the most popular books of recent yearo. Agents often sell from 10 to 15 copies a day. It • contains a great many beautiful illustrations, and is-sold at a remarkably low price. They give credit, and pay freight, and send complete canvassing outfit for 35 cents. Just the book to be sold for the holidays. They also'offer an Estey Organ, retail price $370, to anyone who will sell 110 books in three mouths. It is an excellent opportunity for a church or Society to secure one of those organs. A $100.00 bicycle to bn given for selling' 80 copies in two months, or a gold watch for selling 60 copies in one month. This premium is in addition to the regular commission. They have also published a now book, "Gems of Religious Thought," by Talmage, which is having a large sale. Same terms and premiums as^on ''Talki to Children about Jesus." Agents who do not get any of the premiums are given a liberal commission. They also make a speciality of other books and Bibles for Xmas holidays. Writo them immediately. $300 GIVEN FOR" SEULING A NEW BOOK BY TALMAGE. ; In another part of our paper you will notice an advertisement of the R. H. Woodward Co., Baltimore; Md. T"hey are making a m ist generous offer of $200, and also other liberal inducements to anyone who will sell their new book,"Gems of Religious Thought" by Talmage. This book has just recently been issued, but is having a great sale, Agents often sell from 10 to 15 copies a day. They also advertise their book "Talks to Children about Jesus." . This book has been out several years,, and over 150,000 copies have been sold, and is one of the most popular ; books of its kind ever published. They, give liberal inducements on' this also, and their, agents are making -handsome profits in selling both of these books. Write them at once. Iowa State Horticultural Society The thirtieth annual meeting of this society will be held in the society rooms-in the Capitol, at Des Motnes, on Tuesday, Doc. 10,11,13 and 13,1895. : The headquarters will be at the Kirkwood hotel, where reduced rate have been secured. An unusually fullattendance is hoped for, not only for members, but of all interested in the advancement of horticulture. Programs will bo sent to all appli 1 cants by the secretary. See page 19' of Horticyltural Report of 1895 for list of liberal premiums offered for , winter exhibit of fruits and flowers. M. E. HINICLEY, Pres't, Marcus, la. J. L, BUDD, Sec'y, Ames, la. Live Poultry Monday, Nov. lot, -C, Hi : BLQSSDM, 1990. newly pHl'sljased fjrn^s next spring ' wra, will jplo ft? : rutib Le,ayard. fesM|M®P' &,ftt ^m^^iwmjwm&t^ . £T!ViA A.Y*A nfvf.Via ^rnnHIa hafw.AAn A ' '!Ri.

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