The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 18, 1966 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1966
Page 5
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THE FIRST GRANDCHILD IS ALWAYS something special. It is every grandmother's privilege to brag outrageously. But after meeting our little William Mark for the first time when he was one month ,old, we found that we don't have to exaggerate one bit when we talk about him. The most extreme superlatives are the absolute truth I - o - rVE ALWAYS LOVED BABIES and this particular baby is so sweet I would have fallen in love with him if he hadn't even been related to me. And if he had turned out to look like a mud pie (which he assuredly doesn't) I would have thought he was beautiful simply because he is my grandchild. - o - GRANDMOTHERS ARE SUPPOSED TO know exactly what to do for the baby in every emergency. At least that's the way the grandmothers we had when our kids were little seemed to me. But I found upon meeting little Billy that I'd forgotten most of what I ever knew about tiny babies. "You don't have to be so careful of him, Mom," our son, who is an erstwhile baby of my own, said. "He won't break, you know." He proceeded to finish feeding the baby and then he beat that poor little thing on the back .until he gave out with a gigantic burp. - o - BOTH MAMA KATHY AND DADDY Bill act as if they'd been tending babies all of their lives even though they actually have had only a few short weeks of experience. I'm not so surprised at Kathy because I expected she'd be a good mother. But to see Bill changing the baby's pants gave me oolite a Jolt. However, upon checking around I found that most of this generation of fathers are participating in Infant care more than they did when I was raising babies. This is all to the good, I think and of great benefit to the fathers, as well as the mothers and babies. - o - I SHALL PROBABLY NOT BE able to see my first grandchild again while he is an infant so I had to concentrate a lot of grand- mothering into a short period of time. That's why a couple of hours recently will always be among my most precious memories. I awoke early, Kathy was getting some well-deserved rest, and Bill went off to work. I held the baby for two solid hours and didn't have to share him with anybody. First he ate as if there would never be another mealtime. Then he fussed a bit, brought up a bubble, and then off to sleep. But I did the dreaming. What will this little bit of humanity be when he grows up ? Do those beautifully shaped hands with their long fingers mean he will be a musician ? Does the frown on his brow mean that he will be a profound thinker? Do the powerful kicks with those small legs indicate athletic prowess ? - o - ONE THING I AM SURE OF, he will always be a charmer. For when he awakened, I talked to him and after some trouble focusing his eyes, he stared at me and cooed back I I don't know exactly what he was saying, but I'm sure it was something very witty. And he smiled at me 1 Not once, but several times. Anybody who says this was because of gas on his tummy has holes in his Kead. -.•' • • - o WHAT A MIRACLE ANY BABY IS! He is not only tangible evidence of his parent's love; he also represents ties of love for several generations. He is absolutely dependent on others for everything from getting a wrinkle out of his kimona to place his food in his mouth. Yet, he can keep a whole household of adults jumping at his every command. For some time now, I have known the facts-of-life about where babies come from, and I suppose they are all true so far as they go. But how anything so wonderful as a baby can come from tiny little specks of genes and stuff is a mystery known only to our Creator. And in those little bundles are invested a couple of decades of labor, a big share of the parent's income and their hopes for the future. - o - THIS IS BEING WRITTEN IN a motel in Dothan, Alabama, on the last leg of the trip home after the most enjoyable vacation of my life. Not only did we meet the grandchild as described above we also renewed acquaintances with a great many of our relatives, friends and readers. We didn't get to see everybody we wanted to but we hope to do better when we come back the next time in four or five years. - o - DURING THE WEEK OF August 14 through 20, people having birthdays include William Allen, Willis Erdman, Joel Sindelar, Florence Bjustrom, Brian Linnan, Mary Straub, Gladys Stalzer, Evelyn Cady, Lois Harmes, Ronald Tschetter, Elda Groen, Bill Lampright, Ann Bohannon, H. W. Miller, Jim Parsons, Gloria Bronson Berge, Pat Cowan Hall, Verletta Christian, Susan Owens, Kevin Owens, Jean Jorgenson, Mark Seeley, Mike Gilbert, Neal O'Brien, Gary Barr, Ben Herbst, Steven Claude, Marianne Chalstrom, Sherry Merryman, Virginia Deal, Mary Morck, Cora Fleming, Ann Seger, Clayton Bronson, Marc Logan and Jo Waldera. Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Bierstedt, Mr. and Mrs. William Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kolp and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wicks. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS for Mom's Rhubarb Cake, which my mother, Mrs. Harold Hobson, made while we were in Algona. 1/2 cup shortening 1 1/2 cups brown sugar legg 1/4 tsp. salt 1 cup buttermilk 2 cups flour 1 tsp. soda 1 1/2 cups cut-up rhubarb Mix batter and before baking put on the following: 1/2 cup white sugar 1 tsp. cinnamon 1/2 cup nut meats Bake in a 375 degree oven for about 40 minutes. Hobo Day In Britt August 23 The 66th annual National Hobo Convention will be held at Britt Aug. 23, with another big program on deck for conventioneers. Highlighting the celebration will be the election of a Hobo King and Queen and John CThe Hardrock Kid) Meslim will be on hand hoping to retain the crown he earned last year. Boxcar Myrtle French, authoress, will attend as a candidate for Hobo Queen. GRACE A parade at 9:30 a.m. will feature more than 50 entries, and plenty of beauty queens will be in attendance, including Miss Iowa and Iowa's Favorite Farmer's Daughter. Royal United Shows will set up a midway, and free acts will also be offered at 2 and 8 p.m. Topping it all off will be a free mulligan stew feed at noon. An art exhibit, sponsored by the Britt Woman's club, wtUalso be held, and many entries are expected in Us eight classes. Cash prizes will be awarded. Will Elect A.S.C. Township Committeemen Next Monday thuridoy, August 18, 1966 AI 0 ona (la.) Upper D«j Moln«l-S The election of the ASC community committeemen for Kossuth County will be held on Monday, Aug. 22, 1966, by the polling place method, from 12:00 noon until 9:00 p. m., in the usual township election place. Ballots will be tabulated publicly by the Incumbent community committees at the polling places, immediately after the polls close. Richard I. Anderson, chairman, Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation County Committee, has released the following slates of nominees for the Kossuth ASC community committees : BUFFALO - George F. Alke, Edward Brandt, Donald G. Budlong, William J. Miyland, Henry D. Radmaker, Arthur Rode, Roy N. Walrod. BURT - Robert E. Angus, Dean Culbertson, Milo C. Johnson, Dennis Lynch, Merlin J. Madsen, Ed Tigges. CRESCO - Robert Buscher, Dean Jergenson, Howard M. Long, Raymond Metzen, Gerald Rochleau, Virgil Roethler, Harold M. Sabin. EAGLE — Kenneth Brones, Arnold Duer, Leonard Larson, Jack P. Reece, W. James Rock, Virgil Tokheim. FENTON - Frank Dreyer, Raymond H Dreyer, Elmer Krause, John W. Munch, Harold Wehr- span, Arthur Zumach. GARFBELD - B. J. Anliker, Ray A. Frieden, Carroll R. Olson, Clair L. Reding, Clinton Stetzel, Francis Wolfe. GERMAN - Kenneth Brandt, LeRoy Bruns, Dick Harringa, LeRoy C. Phelps, Albert E. Sleper, Evert J. Sleper. GRANT - Ralph Angle, James L. Hacker, Inrin Huskamp, Eldon Link, Morris Quam, John Richardson. GREENWOOD - Joseph F. Fangman, Ed Goche, ErwinHeld- orfer, Frank M. Kramer, James H. Laubenthal, Walter A. Renger, Marvin J. Vaske. HARRISON - Elmer H. Kollasch, Earl Kvamsdale, Marcus J. Langerman, Walter L. Peterson, Marvin Simonsmeier, Amos K. Uhr. HEBRON - Buryl G. Berg, Lgsjer ,1<. iRo.y^pa.rm, Dayids,, Swen Larson,, Alfred Mayland, Harlan Melz, Edwin Nauman, Kenneth E. Reed, Andre Torkel•son. mVINGTON - Edward Arend, Joe A. Divis, Henry J. Eisenbarth, Francis H. Froehlich, Eugene K. Lemkee, Robert Mayer, David Seller, Donald Warmbier. LEDYARD -William Baumann, Joseph R. Berschman, Arlowe Blome, Roland Heetland, Burdette L. Hoeppner, Albert Kahler, Ted Thilges. LINCOLN - August R. Baumann, Carl W. Boehm, Alfred E. Julius, Jr., Harold Kettwick, Donald M. Kollasch, Orion Lee, Menno Limberg, Arnold Swalve, Louis Wingert, Dave Yegge. LOTTS CREEK - Harold P. Becker, David L. Erickson', Wm. A, Hannover, Dick Kuecker, Orville Muller, Melvin Pompe, Franklin Rusch, Alan Walker. LUVERNE - Owen P. Curry, Donald Fett, W. Raymond Legler, Edwin H. Marty, Paul Northrop, John Voss, Jr., Frederick Will. PLUM CREEK - Harold E. Bode, Evert H. Broesder, Ronald Gardner, Cecil Long, Donald J. Madsen, Chris J. Miller, William R. Paetz. PORTLAND - Frank H. Becker, Ralph W. Carlson, William Christensen, William Hellman, Levant Moore, Rollo Moore, Merle Phelps. PRAIRIE - Thomas J. Becker, Dennis Cink, James J. Fett, Dan E. Froehlich, Vernon Plathe, Josoph L. Rahm, George Ricke, James A. Rosenmeyer, Donovan J. Studer, Mark J. Studer. RAMSEY - Leon B. Dumstorff, Walter L. Eichenberger, Richard Elsbecker, William E. Goche, Kenneth Heldorfer, James Johnson, John R. McGuire, Rudolph Rahe, Allen Vaske. RIVERDALE - Clarence Canaday, John Capesius, William M. McGuire, Hubert O'Brien, Bernard H. Thilges, Paul J. Thilges, Jerome Weydert. SENECA - Lyle England, J. Paul Hassel, Herbert H. Krause, Clarence Osborn, Victor Struecker, Ervin Votteler. SWEA - Robert D. Anderson, Elmer Bailey, Floyd Brekke, Eugene F. Fitzgerald, Laurel Peterson, Bernard Verbrugge. UNION-Melvin J. Alt, Robert Heifner, Joe T. King, James Lindhorst, Donald F. Riebhoff, Donald Strayer. SHERMAN - John E. BJ.umer, Robert Bormann, Thomas J. Bormann, Clarence Casey, William Goetsch, Joe Kenne, Raymond Kohlhaas, Harry Naffziger, Carl E. Swanson. SPRINGFIELD -Elmer Anderson, Irvln Brandt, Duane Darnell, Carlyle A. Engelby, Maurice E. Keil, John Kramersmeier, Melvin Logemann, Jeremiah F. Sullivan, Lowell Underbakke. WESLEY - Robert Boleneus, Ray V. Cunningham, George Detmering, Harold J. Eischen, Howard Funnemark, Bill Goetz, George H. Lickteig, Charles Nygaard, Luther Nygaard, Charles E. Seebeck. WHTTTEMORE - Gerald P. Erpelding, Victor Faulstick, Albert Kramer, Merle C. Laubenthal, Charles Origer, Dennis Weber. For each township, three regular committee members and two alternates will be elected. The chairman, vice chairman and third regular member of the elected ASC community committee will also ser/e as delegates to the county convention where farmers will be elected to fill vacancies on the ASC county committee,, and where the committee's chairman and vice* chairman will be chosen for the coming year. The alternate committeemen will also serve as alternate delegates to the convention. The county convention will be held Saturday, Aug. 27, at 10 a. m. in the Kossuth county ASCS office in Algona. Driver Policy Is Changed By Safety Dept. Commissioner of Public Safety Gene L. Needles announced Saturday that the Department of Public Safety has revised its Driver Improvement Policy. Needles said that these revisions were made because the old policy has not been accomplishing its goal which is driver improvement. "We want to educate the driver", Neddies said, " and mass suspension is not the answer". In the past, licenses were suspended by looking at a man's driving record. Under the new policy, suspension will take place only after a first hand invest!- Those who know Know MINNEAPOLIS MOTOR HOTEL <§y For Convenience... For Luxury Accommodations... I For Friendliness... For Budget Rates... For Resort- like Atmosphere... Easily Accessible to All Highways, • 105 IH'liKhlful Air- ('uiulitioru'il Kooms mid Suili'M • National I'nild Mcdnl Award liraii-d KinK-Si/i; Suiuiiniii),' l'»ol • (.'ompletu Hotel •Services » Free TV • 1'ltty Ari'H Inr Cliildmi • Baby Situ EXCELLENT FOOD — H«d«,ood Dm inj Roi>m Ittlu'ing Hei'lh Ojrco»l Broiled Slciks — CoHec Shop open liom 600 am 'lilt Mid"i|hl— CoUUil Lounge Ampli ffM Pjfliinj in Frtnl01 T«ut R»»m SINGH ROOMS I 9.50 lo J 9. SO DOUBLE ROOMS JU 50 ID 114.00 gatlon by a Highway Patrol officer has been completed. A driver will be suspended for a minimum of 30 days for any conviction accompanied by a written report from the officer showing the offense to have been unusually serious. Under certain circumstances any speeding violation could be a serious violation. A license will be suspended without a "serious violation" report for conviction of speeding in excess of 20 MPH over the legal limit. Needles said that he feels now is a good time to put the policy into effect. It coincides with Governor Hughes "Reverence for Life Month" and will be effective In helping to reduce accidents. Blakjer Church Observes 90fh Anniversary SENECA - The Blakjer Congregation observed its 90th anniversary with special services Sunday morning, Aug. 7. A history of the organization of the congregation, the erection of the church building proper and changes which have taken place during the years were reviewed by the congregation's secretary, Ted Jensen. Following the service, a social hour was held in the church parlors. In observance of the anniversary, a floral tribute was presented tothelocal congregation by St. Paul's congregation of Ringsted. Rev. Harold Andersen is pastor of the parish. - o - HELD REUNION Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Osborn and David were supper guests Saturday at the Earl Osborns, as were Mr. and Mrs. (Pauline Osborn) Hudson Potter of Rockford, 111., who were visiting relatives here from Saturday until Monday. Sunday, an Osborn family reunion was held at Fairmont, honoring the Potters. Those in attendance included, in addition to the Potters, the Clarence Osborns, the Earl Osborns, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Osborn and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Carol Olsen and family of Ottosen. Mr. and Mrs. William Brown, Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kelly, Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Brown and the Wilfred Browns of Armstrong. - o - The Kenneth Andre children are vacationing with relatives this week. The eldest, Barbara, is visiting an aunt and family, the Glen Johnsons at Newell, Joy is spending the week with her maternal grandparents, the Lewis Lammers of rural Graettinger and Karl is with the paternal grandparents, the John Andres, rural Emmetsburg. Dennis Tipple, who is in the service and has been stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, recently spent a furlough with his family and his grandparents, the Roy Kleins. Mrs. Roy Klein was hostess to the Jolly Jokers Club at her home Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Klein attended the funeral of a long-time friend, Charles Lundgren, 72, Estherville, Monday. SWEA-EAGLE By Mrs. Kenneth Brones The Darrel Bishops were Saturday visitors at St. Mary's hospital, Rochester, to see Mrs. Richard Looft, who is a surgery patient there. Mrs. Collln Myers and sons of Virginia Beach, Va. has been visiting Die past two weeks at the home of her sister and family, the Mervin Johnsons. The Myers, the Cecil Godfredsons of Humboldt, parents of Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Johnson, and the Harold Krantz family enjoyed a picnic at Fairmont Sunday, honored on her birthday last Friday at the home of Mrs. Milton Wilson, Elmore, when members of her painting class surprised her with refreshments in honor of the event. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Earl Kvamsdale, Mrs. Harner, Mrs. Wallace Reynolds, Mrs. Floyd Montgomery and the Wilsons' daughter, Atheen, who is home from College. Pvti Dwight Guerdet of Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. and Mrs. Kenneth Ness and children of Le Mars, spent several days at home to attend the funeral of their brother, Douglas Guerdet. They are children of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Guerdet. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Broderson, DeSmet, S. D., were guests of their daughter, Mrs. Douglas Guerdet. They came to attend the funeral of their son-in-law. Michael, Duane and Loren Letcher, sons of the Kenneth Letchers of Alexandria, S. D. spent three days at the Floyd Montgomery home. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gengler and Patsy Kennedy, will be moving from Whittemore to Fort Dodge. At present, he is taking training for meat cutting at Harlan for two weeks. He will be employed by a new store at Fort Dodge. Safety Session James R. Jackson of Lone Rock is attending a post-session class "Directing the Safety Program" being held at the State College of Iowa, August 8-19. The course gives special emphasis to the organization and administration of safety programs through the entire school system. It is designed, as one of three courses, to help teachers, administrators and supervisors in becoming certified to teach driver education. Participants are given an opportunity to do independent study in various areas of safety. 'The Friendly Store TRUCKLOAD LIVING ROOM AND BEDDING SALE! FRIDAY & SATURDAY -AUG. 19-20 THE ALLEY BACK OF OUR STORE IN COME INSIDE FOR OTHER FINE BUYS FOAM FjLLED CUSHIONS SALE STARTS 8 A.M. SHARP SOFA BED SLEEPS 2 5-PC. SOFA BED SUITE STYLEFOAM 2-PC. MODERN LIVING ROOM NO MONEY DOWN $218 NO MONEY DOWN 5-PC. WESTERN SETS $148.00 2-PC. SOFA BED SETS $128.00 COLONIAL SWIVEL ROCKERS $59.95 SOFA ALONE AT $134.95 EXTRA LONG SOFAS $185-$239 DISCOVER THE COMFORT & QUALITY OF AN Englander a subsidiary of UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION MATTRESS, BOX SPRING 2-Pc. SLEEP SET SLEEPS TWO COLONIAL SLEEPER $178 Child'0'i 'ji"Jfr ).' IHll '" 5»»t nwm ' AduMv HOLIDAY MO I O H HO I I I Hi _. M .mcvolj Muriel tt^in OuHlll j MAPLE WOOD TRIM NO MONEY DOWN MODERN SLEEPERS $178 - $224 RUGS LINOLEUM CARPET 9X12 9X12 NO MONEY DOWN - 1,50 PER WK., PAYABLE MONTHLY $5,75 - $9,95 $16.95 ~ $44 TWIN OR FULL SIZE AT THIS ONE LOW PRICE I

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