The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 20, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1895
Page 5
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mm -••__ It-was planted of proprietor of the towft, E. J. of Ohio. The Iftttet had maps Flannel night shirts very cheap the New England Clothing House. at made showing steamboats comitig up the r i V er, on the Strength of Which he sold many town lots in Ohio. The town site of Irvington waa a short distance northeast of its present location. The lecture course as now arranged for comprises six lectures r t wo of which are to be by l^rof, Webster, on the second and third of December. The first Bounty Business tootle bV the Supervisors Last Week. XHiH&gai&IMmLMWMUIMIt ..... .UN*! I the Election Returns are Canvassed and ' a Large Numbet of Bills Allowed, Mostly Election Expenses. MENTIONS, Walker Whiteside Tuesday night. Johnson's Sweet Apple Cider at City Bakery. ,.v Walker Whiteside coines to Algona from Omaha. , are having a touch of winter. " -"•••; and a g a in last still confined Mr, BatUett is a brotber. of will be "Nationality vs. lectures to be . J. Hahna, of the Leland Stan- Will begirt , as Ibng as rt rolls, ..T -all siDoat ic. . in Machinery, Capital;" Man in industry;.' Science .of Society.'' Gilded .Parasites of nf I Society;" "Co-operation, in. 1'hilanth- ' ropy;'' 2 ,'Mpnopoles, Natural and Oth- , NoV; 11, 1895.— Board met at 9 a. ffli in regular session and adjourned until 1 o'clock p. m. Board met at 1 p. m. with following members present: Chubb, Barton, Hoi- 'Thofington lastl^;^/ yr^icketsTor'thesesix lectur- of them gave him p g m be sold fa one dollar, ttisun- • estimates'bttt on*;.' He is waiting, jor del , gto0( j that the town Will be canvas- that estimate. He h'as not decided d d eVer yt, 0 dy given a chance to- whether to put in a steam or a hot wa* b ty ter plant, but he is going to have one * or the Othen ' DEATH OF* MISS GREET TJfADEN We are admonished not to forget to Tladen, of Union township, note the birth of a son to Mr,and Mrs. | ^^^^^^^ of typhoid Mart runs the office. A dance will be given at'Clarke'si hall Thanksgiving eve, October 2/, Good music. All are invited. The fire boys' dance conies Thanksgiving eve Nov. 2?, at the Court House Everybody should attend. Mrs. Ilorton has been indisposed for some days, btit she has kept her place in school most of the time. T.ilirarifin McElrov has been kept I O f the little princess ._ . ^..^ - . busv lately giving out books and peri- Stacy boy is liable to have the mosttun o , clockj {rom tho hoUSC) odicals telling about Hamlet. and to be a nicer baby. vlll be in the township c ' L. Brodsky, of Plover, Iowa, abreed-' of Shorthorn cattle and Poland will sell about fifty head of the and the cemetery. btii'la so Mr. Brownell will keep his monkeys until next Monday. They have been the greatest attraction on his list far. Bev. G. L. llanscom, of New Hamp•ton,is to orcupv the Congregational pulpit n"xt Hun-lay, norning and evening- , ,. John Hay, of this county, who lives at the Marshalltown Soldiers' Home, has been allowed a pejsion of $8 per month. The ladies of the Congregational Society will meet with Mrs. Rutherford Thursday at 3 p. m. for the study of missions. The dancing party Monday night was well attened and very pleasant. All speak highly of the new Sterzbach-Cady orchestra. We are going to be connected now, right away. The switchyard is installed and the electrician is expected here to day. F. S. Verbeck, the popular representative of the popular house of Barnhart Bros. & Spindler, was in town yesterday talking new type. Elmer .Wilbur's lease of the Williams barber shop has expired and Mr. Williams is again in charge. Elmer will, remain in tl$e shop, however. It is understood that the committee on shoe factory has definitely dropped the-enterprise, as not promising the permanent'success hoped for. Thanksgiving services are to be held at the Baptist church Thursday morning of next week. Mr. Southwell, of the M, E.'church, is to preach. TheY. P. S. .C. E. will hold a Thanksgiving service Sunday evening; A special program has been prepared. An invitation is extended to all to at- Minutes of previous meeting were ead and approved a's'read. 'Burton appears and takes his seat. The Board proceeded to canvass the Votes east at the last election. Moved and secblided that the Board adjourn until 9 o'clock tomorrow morn- ng. Carried. . AUDITOK'S Oinr.tcE, Nov. 12, 1895.— Board met at 9 a. m. pursuant to adjournment: ; The board resumed the canvass ot votes. The following canvass being made: For the Representative District there were cast, three thousand atic eighty-eight votes, of which Samue Mayne received eighteen hundred eighty-seven, Frank Wiemer, W. F. Hofius, 136. Samuel Mayne hav- e r and 1065 rftfolftft -29 ot arcfdtraht of effof. ftesolved, fti&t the taxes on S hf ntt qr 24-97-27 be abated for the year 1894. Adopted. Resolved, That the treasurer be instructed io transfer $1000 from the road fund to the temporary school fund. Adopted. The balance of the time was spent in auditing bills. The board adjourned until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. AUDITORS OFFICE, Nov. 14, 1895.— Board met at 9 a. m. •purstian't to ad- ournment. The board'took up the question of leating the Court House with steam. After duly considering all the bids presented the contract is awarded to J. H. Macbeth for the sum of $1115 and the chairman and county attorney are appointed a committee to draw up a contract. Resolved, That the personal tax of II. Tinker sold with S hf 10-100-28 be refunded to owner of said land and that said personal tax be again opened for collection from II. Tinker. Adopted. Resolved, That the auditor be instructed to draw ( warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting and that the several members of the board are entitled to milage and per diem as fol- ______ tJ H Mtt rttitfst"" .»r»'v*.'s . 6MK .. i'. ...»..„. , tfo ao ,TM Brown, do, .T V Nicotflin, judge EESaycrs, do *••• 'g FMTaylor, do..... • 4 EVSwCttinff. clerk » F, S Salisbury, do » HLKimball, jiul£P .f w AHNafns, doi. f*H Geo N Patterson, do.-.. •' •••• f JK E H Cooler clerk } Ss LC Smith, do *a| Milt Gray, judge * m WmPoefre, do... *W <C Reibsnman, do * JK ELTnttle, clerk: j W M SOnnnlnglmftt, 'Io... •.•,•:•:•••;•••• \ «{ M Weisbrod, returning poll book, etc... 5 UU H T K rn trtnri do. O ru W Wm Win Shanor« do. « '••• •> G Stewart, do'... .» F M Taylor, j p foes Mart I'arrott & Sons.istationery. - g Georjro Stewart, trustee • • » Mil*Miller,do •• • f js* HBHalloek, publishing notice...... i.. 800 John Speiuher, returning poll book ana trustee work ii Win Doegc, trustee .............. .1 B Burjytsoii) returning poll book ana trustee work •• • • • W A Scott, trustee Z C Andruss, trusteo work, etc JT Lloyd, do • M TJ Godden. trustee WCPettlt,do G M Parsons, trusteo work, etc • B F Heed, salary, etc................ • • • • • Nick Mousel, rent of hall tor election... i,'allowed. 48 23 560 400 10 SO 400 800 800 4 00 400 800 3 00 farrow in Algona on the 30th. They will all be crated free of charge to the purchasers, and every animal will be furnished with a pedigree. The sale will beheld at the, Thorington House yards- Mr. O. Norton, 1355 "VVabash Ave., Chicago, 111., in writing to Dr. 1. W. Wood, of McGregor. Iowa, says the bottle of his Worm Destroyer given to his child has done it a wonderful good. He wishes to know Where he can get a new supply in Chicago. The Fuller & Fuller Co. and all the wholesale druggists of Chicago will supply all retail druggists. 8 Miss Emma Sundstrom, whose parents live south of the fair grounds, died last week and was buried from the Adventist church on Sunday. She was a very bright girl, had acquired a good English education, and had been awarded a certificate to teach. SAMSON CAPTURES A THIEF. Sheriff Samson-captured s horsethief last Saturday. 'The man had hired a livery at Wells, Minn., about a week ago, saying he wanted to go to a neighboring town, instead of which he went in the opposite direction. The Minnesota sheriff found the team at Ledyard and sent word down here to look out for the thief. Our sheriff found the man on the street and arrested him the same day, and he was taken to We Is yesterday. Becoming frightened he had tried to dispose of the team at Ledyard, failing in which he abandoned them. • Ontario at the Opera House Grocery. treasurer E. Dor- TIGERS IN THE STATE. , >: The Des koines Register of Sunday says that Walker Whiteside has been • - good satisfaction at Kansas He plays in all the great cities- .?iviry? CityT of the west. Mrs. E. A. Patterson, Her elder sister is a teacher in bvvea. .typhoid pneumonia was the cause ol death. Chas. Hines was down from Germania to see Justice Clarke about some beer he had sold up in that town. Incidentally a lot of beer was brought down bynSheriff Samson. Yesterday Mr. Clarke discussed the situation with Charley, who paid the costs, some $/0, and said he would do so no more. Ger-_ mania seems to offer peculiar temptations, though. The card of Dr. H. C. McCoy appears this week outside of the protes- sional column, it having come in too late for clasification. Dr. McCoy is one of the oldest and, most highly respected medical .practitioners: inthe county, and his well known skill and experience have given him a wide practice. He has decided to accept Dr. Garfield's invitation to office with him. There is to be no partnership, outside Black Hawk County People Appalled by a Pair of Them. A special from Waterloo of Saturday last says that the people in the .southern part of Blackhawk county are considerably excited over the report that two full grown tigers were seen the day before near the Gruudy county line. A milk hauler saw them in a corn held and aroused the people, who fired several shots at the animals but without effect and they finally got into the brush along the Black Hawk creek. That night a big posse of armed men scoured that region but could not get any clue to them. The men who saw them described them minutely and are positive that they are tigers have escaped from some show. which whose illness JJAXD. ^-*» AA." •*- v««w"-w — j t was noted last week, is recovering from diphtheria, but the family is still quarantined. This ease is one calling for great sympathy, Eev. J. O. Thrush, of Spencer, preached in the Congregationa church last Sunday. Mr. Thrush is a very effective preacher, and his sermons were very much liked. Mr. Ingleslby, who has just shipped in about seven hundred sheep, says he does not propose to keep them morp than a few months. He bought them to feed his ten-cent oats to. Oapt. Ingham has had his big tarpon placed in a handsome glass case by Mr. McGregor and placed on the east wall of the reading room. Its appearance has been greatly improved. Alf . Naudain says he has sold more coal this year than ever before at cue same time of the year since he has been in the business. He has plenty on band and lots wore ou the road. E. Ol Tut'tlewas over at Whittemore last week putting paper on the walls of the 'Baptist church,. The .interior was so changed in looks that its best friends could hardly recognize the place, . ... • The.Bancroft Be«istw says, that a few more raises and reratingsin insurance rates and .property 'owners will ; have W, tm?n i& a warranty dee a- to -, theii' buildings to get them insured for of the common use of the office. The Fort Dodge Post pays this graceful and well deserved tribute to Bro.,Ryan's good judgement: "Hon. J. J. Ryan was down from Algona this week condoling with brotber democrats. Mr. Ryan, barely escaped the avalanche,by declining to stand tor reoresentative in Kossuth county. The, fellow who took his place got it though in his proudly arched and glossy neck. It is a beautiful thing to know when All kinds of fancy baking for parties at City Bakery. ' ' ing received a majority of all votes cast is declared elected. .For the office of county there were cast 3003 votes of which II. Spencer received 1040, Philip I weiler 1063. R. II. Spen ; u r having received a majority of all the votes cast is declared elected. For the office of county sheriff; there were cast 3036 votes, of which C. C. Samson received 1717, S., P. Christensen 1319. C. C. Samson having received a majority of all votes cast is de clared elected. > For the office of county superintendent there were cast 3005 votes, of which B. F. Reed received 1598, J. J. Wilkinson 1375, W. H. Strickler 132. B. F Reed having received a majority of al votes cast is declared elected. For the office of county supervisor there were cast 3064 votes, of which W. J. Burton received 1770, F. W. Mittag 1182, A. B. Sheldon 112. W. J. Burton having received a majority of all votes cast is declared elected. For the office of county surveyor there were cast 3971 votes, of which C. . Tellier received 1849, J. H. Gortner 1122. C. A. Tellier having received a majority of all votes east is declared elected. • , For the office of county coronor there were cast 2978'votes of which W. E. H. Morse received 1816, M. J. Kenefick lows: Chubb, 2 miles, 4 days . ......... $16.24 Barton, 14 " 4 , " Burton, 29 " 4 " Hollenbeck, 1'^ miles, r. days Moved and seeoii'locl that adjourn. Carried. 17.68 10.48 13.44 ihe board Wm Smith, cleaning vault. OB Sample, trustee.... ..... . . ... • • Iowa. Asylum, for leeblo minded, caie of patients ........ .... ................ J JS II C Hollinbeck, twp clerk.... ........... J 7" E J Murtugl). collecting del. taxes ...... 33 10 I'Ohristeuson. livery ..... . ...... :•••;••„' 0 0 Samson, taking Fomeroy to - mosa ..................... • G U Samsou, boarding prisoners Nils Monson, trustee EMcWhorter, do ° uu uo no B F Oro^stn'te boardoVi-eaifi/report; 137 W F .Tonkinson, making road list * 20 CLAIMS ALLOWED. The following schedule of claims was allowed. COUNTY FUND. W F Iloffns. judge 5 400 Wm Dodds, judge f 00 n W Barrett, judge.. 400 WFJenkinson, clerk * »o Chas Hollus, clerk * oo C Ward,judge, • * «| TESkow, judge * «> j OHuber, judge..... * '& II0 Hollenbeck, clerk * 75 0 Brlsbols, clerk f <° J A Simpson, judRO -125 W F Jcnklnson, trustee M Starr, stationery. Tho Courier, publishing- proceedings and stationery *'EH Clarke, j p fees •• EH Clarke, do 0 lioibsiiinon, trustee • P A Salisbury, stump, for rocnvdcr 11 J Harrison, returning poll books Martin Halini, do. W .1 Cruinniond, bailiff • • 9 S Sessions, ntty fee defending roine- °0 0 00 « 00 3 00 4 10 340 a ao 2100 Doego, returning poll books and notices 5 Fred Miller, returning poll book........ W A Scott, do H AKimbull, do ,v;"T"i« Frank Uovlne, returning poll book, etc L II Milieu, do CHalberg, trustee 1000 00 3 80 3 80 300 7 00 i 00 p H Jennett, jud H A Llllibrldge, judge ' !U 425 4 25 H P Hatch, clerk"...7............'. 4 25 A Yale, olerk * *«* C H Lichty. posting notices, etc. 5 oo H C Hollenbeck, returning poll book 3 20 Id) Calkins, clerk hire 00 oo | U F Grose, costs in Kahm vs LuVerne..... 22 50 L Barton, fare of pauper to Davenport... p oo A M & G M Johnson, repairs etc.......... 0 Oo 0 A Telller, office rent, claimed S-18-not u iiaiuBi-tf, uru3i.uu rm CAMolinder. do • .•••••.. B ou A.lbion Burgesou, trusteo and making tax list.. 700 fi 00 6 00 8 00 2 00 •i 00 allowed. . W F Laidley. printing notices .••.•••• • • • W F Laidley. stationery, claimed §7.50- not allowed. W J Burton, trustee etc Geo Sewart, judge ••••••• Casper Waldblllig. judge : • Y. O Parsons, judge... JFinnegau, clerk. John Spelcer, clerk ....:....... Norman Collar, judge °° K M Carpenter, publishing notices B Warburton, returning poll boous A J .Lilly, rent oC hull for election...... J M Gray, trustee, otc-clm $3, allowed. Win Shunor, trustee • • • ., Olo G Frandli, Biu^ln^elm^O..,.^..n tuld 00 ai , . ary Sebichtl, cleaulug auditor's office. red Miller, .trustee .............. . • • • • • • • . ' * i,r,. u snMnhM. itlnnnluir treasurer's omce 1 W A Peters, judge .....:_.: Judge ., J P Mousel, clerk—.... Will Bchlitz, judge HOGS! HOGS! A lot of pure bred Poland China pigs of March and' April farrows will be sold at auction Nov. 30, at, the Thorington House barns. Sale to begin 1 p. m. See sale bills for further formation. at in- Ontario. Ontario at the. Opera ery. House Grbc- for next , , . , w , , v Tlwe waa a rush foy seats for Ham* 1 }et 4 Thursaay>morning, and it was soon apparent that standing fpom • Tuesday night woujd be ? at a ' There were > very fpw Beats' b-st ntght, ' - . ' apples received hy not to be in politics." Cards are out for the wedding of a couple in whom everybody in the county is interested, Mr, W- E. firoyer and Miss Nettie V. Owen, The families represented are fimong the prominent families in the county and have an extensive acquaintance. The bride is the daughter qf M. A. Owen, of Plum Creek, and the groom is the son of Jay Grover of Portland. The ceremony is to be at the residence of the bride's parents one week from tomorrow night. • ' The new time schedule.,which .went into effect on the Northwestern on Sunday leaves the north bound morning passenger unchanged, Jt reaches here at 8:13. The north and'south after- ternoon passenger trains meet at Algona at 3;04; find the north and south freights meet here at 9:30 a, m. The evening south hound passenger is due at 5:58, nine minutes earlier, and the north oound evening freight Meaves at 7:33. There is a south bound freight p'. A. Haggard hasheretoforebeUev ed that railroads should levy their qwn freight.tJ^jJR»»o«J ig^SgjnJ aroadl PIFTY-TWO DIVIDENDS. As a general thing investors are pleased to receive only two .dividends a year, und if they are paid with regularity are fully satisfied. When one, however, can receive fifty-two dividends in a year upon an investment ot only three dollars, the matter deserves very serious attention. The Independent, of New York, for forty-seven years has held the first position among the great religious, literary and family weeklies of the land. It presents features for the coming year far in advance of any heretofore offered. ' It has the leading contributors of the world; it prints the best poetry; it has twenty-one departments, edited by specialists, devoted to fine arts, science, insurance, finance, biblical research, Sunday school, missions*, health, etc. The Independent is particularly fitted for intelligent people, whether professional men, business men or farmers, and for their families. It costs but six cents a week, and gives a great deal for the-money; A subscriber receives fifty-two dividepds a yeay. . The subscription price of The pendent is only $3 a year, or. al rate-for. any part of a year, and a pie copy will be sent to any person free by addressing The Independent, New 1162 W. E. H. Morse having received a majority of all votes cast is . declared elected. > On the proposition to levy a one and one half mill tax to build a new jail there were cast 1839 votes, of which for jail tax received 727, against jail tax 1112. Said proposition having failed to receive a majority of votes is declared a lost. The board adjourned until nine o'clock Wednesday morning for the purpose of inspecting the new iron bridge over the Des Moines river near St Joe. AUDITOR'S OFFICE, Nov. 13, 1895.— Board met at 9 a. m. pursuant to ad- jpurnment. Eesolved, That the tax of Mrs. Ann Wilson for 1894 on n hf se qr e hf sw qr se qr of se qr sec 24-97-29 making 137 acres., be abated on a valuation of $686. leaving the assessed valuation $959. Carried. Resolved, That all but the tax of $2.42 be abated on lot 3 block 8, German- Phllip B.Winter, clerk.. A Jacobson, judge... ... T W Jensen, judge .... no Fish, judge .. .... E W Vanl)orsten, clerk. J WShaw, clerk ... . Max: Miller, judge OB Sample, judge Frank Devine, judge.... G M 'Parsons,-clerk.... CO Dunn, clerk A S Anderson, judge ... Geo 11 Tinker, judge. . Fred H Smith, judge ... W J Burton, clerk O U Stolte, clerk 0 A. Molindey, -judge . Chas Halburg, Judge... * Jas Carroll, judge.....-- * Albion Uurgeson, clei-u * }" Harry Larson, clerk * u " A JDunlap, judge election $ * "0 Albert Ogre n, do J 2X W A.Wright, do.. jgX A B Graves, cleric * "X B.T Skinner, do i i$ T P Harrison, judge £ i£ « '° John Burke, do * (£ O H Lichty, clerk 10 no 4 50 4 DO •i 60 4 CO 4 50 4 00 .4 00 • 4 00 400 ,'. 4 00 4 25 4 25 . 425 4 25. 425 3 75 3 75 , 3^75 3 75 , 3 75 . 3 50 . 3 50 . 3 50 . 3 50 . 3 50 . 4 00 4 00 00 cleaning treasurer's Fred'S tamer, trustee., • .J 5 . A H Nuudain, coal • • • *•' HLKimbali. trustee • , ° All „! Jas A Orr, work on court house......— ~i Water H lUder, destroying Kussian thistles J Flnnegan, trustee, etc G B Lndwlgr, do G II Lamson, bailill Wm Dau, trusteo Lotts Creek........... • Geo N Patterson, trusteo, etc—elm S>r... A L Bowen, trusteo Crosco L,T Clement, j p fees. T M Ely. court reporter W E H Morse, opronor E 11 Clarke, ip fees. : P H Ford, collecting- del tax W E H Morse, coroner • "J'F Smith,/bailiff C M Doxsee, hardware Jas OamJl'l, trustee,'and'posting'notices 0 00 12 00 400. 30 00, 200 400 12 00 1810 8400 1055 6 25 4 28 3085. 3300 325 200 400 H P Hatch, posting notices,,010.. 'J M Co wan, work on vault > • • HP Hatch, t\y 400 OKippentrop. judge ..................... -| "" WmGarrott, do... ....................... | QO EzraOverton, clerk.. Samuel Warburton, do WmShanor. judge MSAllen, do. J * * " 800 1200 88 25 000 1675 200' 35400 300 200 3300 8 70 22 25 5 00 313 50, ia. Aoopted. •Moved and abqut tbe of o Monday heTecTeiyed 18 bfustjeipf Sy Uts flrow- WjwQori *rte»0s nuts are' wort U §37, »od the. n WfcW Caving Bfltft. Tbe Company apology, -and .Mr. to hi* The sam- W»make a specialty of collections, QJoud * Haggard, A 1HM» JUTOB. jM»l?wti' will furnish wujwvi seconded that Mrs. Trunke'be allowed $5 per month until April 30,189a. Carried. 'Moved and seconded that the petition' of the 0, & Nw, B'y. for rebate of taxes be not allowed, Carried. B'esolved, That the personal property tax of J, B,«PaJmer, deceased, b.e abat- years of 1893. and '94. That the minutes of the Ju^Smeetinghe corrected to include the'abatement of all the taxes of V, GurW' for 1894ion the w hf • of ne fff E$,ne qr of se, qr-4-96-27, Adopted, Moved and seconded that A, Fraser a allowed $40 in full compensation for ed, for the Adopted. Hugh McDonald, do. * W. A. Olilpman, olerk * Fred Rlngsdorf, do * IT Ferguson, judge * Ml Godden, do 3 Fred Miller, do.. '••••. * $ WmBohn, olerk. *»2 Jacob Altweffff. d? * uu Martin Eahm, j udge Frank Arndorrer, do John Longbottom, do G B LudwJc-, olerk,,., J B Barracks, do John Speioher, judge Nil Beard, do , AMMoAnloh, do..... B B Stockman, clerk CI Southerland, do W S Wiokham, j udgo ..,,,., WTHull, do.. Ed Bosdnan, do EOFitz, olerk A F Steinberg:, do, HL Baldwin, judge Herman Doege, do H W Boevers, do f .., • B A Blohordson, clerk.,,,. MHBinltH, do OAOlson.judgo,.,,..,, 350 3 50 3 50 850 3 50 3 75 A K Clapsaddle, trustee........ ••••.:,••' P E llieano, destroying- Russian thistle. MT. Smith', do' NelsMonson, do C H Hume, do : • • • • F E Foster, cuttlns prisoners hair B F Crose, fees in state cases... 1 SGallaffher, room rent election.... . Peter G Kestcr. Oct. meeting trustees. B N Weaver, desk 1'or audltoivoto Whittemoro Champion, puu notices.... 5 UO It W Burger, justice iees , 4J oo- John Goeders, merchandise. F H Ford, constable.. • • — J CRaymond, expenses.... ••••••:•• O A Molinder, returning poll books Upper Des Molucs, stationery, etc .... 313 50, A Meirs, putting up tooths 5 00 J Altwegg, trustee, etc-clm $11 10 00 Des Moiues Valley Nows, printing- .... 5 M- Des Moines Valley News, do W j W Koblnsou, hardware g w. O A Potter, trusteo, etc ±m John Mertz, trusteo *"" City of Algona, water rent : 3 75 M 2 Grove & Son, morehandlBO.... .... u.«5 A. Adophson, trusteo and room rent lor election—clni $15.17, alld.... ....• • • • S H Pettlbone, room rent and returning poll book •••• '• Boouo Blank Book Co:, stationery B W Barrett, trustees.., •••• •••• D W Holm, putting up and returning s booths in Algona..,, .... • John Paul Lumper Co., lumber... ..... Silas Boupe, trustee, making roa<a list, Thos'llendei-sou,' returning poH b^oo^.. , Theo > '• Theo Anderson, trustee....,;., .••••'••« ' A Jacobson, trustee'and returning p?U- book W"" 10 03 v 400* 7050 j A OarlBOPi ao. ,....,. < .. PCrKoster, do.,... ...... t- J B Kingston, olerk.,, Nels Benson, do 500 500 a 50 8 50 a GO 850 350 885 a 85 3S5 25 O >V tJUlV*JU»W*| **-»fcM*.****J& ** Wl V I"*" "T"" 1 * " ' j JCobou TjUQon, returning poll book ana trustee ......... . ............. ••>• ..... Peter W Jensen, trustee, ...... B H Jennett, returning poll book,, 0 B Din-dull $ Co.. merchandise,... A J Dunlap, returning poll book,.-, 01lI<eAyis, do... ., ..,,•••- •"'"•, G It Lewis, u-ugtee ........... ," fi yViiV Lawronoo Horan, putting up 1 and takr lug down booths ,.- - f > Jasper WaldbiUlg 1 , tyusteo, W AOhipwan, ti'u§1;ee, etc W A Ohipmflii. Posting notices, etc johii'Burke, • IP Harrison \Vm Stpokwell, oafftn for L Bavjon, comwi Wee work Bai'ton &Son,l-J»og fpp' Mrs, Sto4dftwi, taklneoa Kobt Buo|anfl,n. OBI-ewls, do, Z 0 Anovuss, do, , , , B R Smith, constable , JnpM-Qi'kS»'ft1f, Judge taking care of Bbsburgh and seconded that S. Frasw for attending . SUas Boupei eievk dp,,, ^condeathatMvfi PW/roontli ftm -, yigsy. v v.'1'X.V

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