The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 18, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1966
Page 2
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f f« . D*« ****** TW»4vr, ***** It, CD.A. Living Rosary Held Here City vlth Ircia iiv Las bees att iett ?>;/>•:: '/^ I/r. f j. L b< :*.: ag oirector of duties V. V.'.V- .•»<•/,',(; 'X;^*-.'. »'/',' i.'. ] J .v'x' i ".. ,''..< i. T, i,'l' y < fAr.'i Hl '/ t l ,«: tf;.';?i* »tyt V? MRS. HERBERT HAAS is e>- tertaiaing her bri'ige dut V.'i''.. *'Vilf. ii'jH' '.I'.-.v.sf.?., (MX. Ivr i. visit v.l?Jj tht ;.'<:t;;ti, W:. w»-j Mrs. Jf:;>:i J'i'i'y'J': <.vj '/J 1 ^; rtli- Uvtf; i.'j'j i:'i<;:rt\~. Mi'. /.!<!; UM-, ./. JJ (.-;<: '/;. ••,!'.(;'; tJiiA'itl;f:lf.1l'j 'j uJj '['.Mivte'/ i// t>j*!/ M.. f-.l^J MJ-.ri. V.'jjJii,.;, .'i;. Jim ha/> a.s ^'i<:;AK, Mr. arj-j «s Jfc <4 ^/i'/J/^, Ark. W;. Iwrns, Sr. M Craft, 1/ic., a wtioksale outlet '// 0tt wid ij'//lg liiit of Texas, *d A/- MICS. CHAKLKS MJTTA/J and wit&i*, Mo., >tav<- Uitn l Ot<: h'/mf; '/J fjitri/ b/'/t)i(;J-l/J- aw w/j bli&ir, Ut. wrt Mrs. Mr. horn* of th<; pareute, Uu; Jlrn JfJ MTK. Kva. oth<;r r<;Jxdlyf;B, Klxt. 'J!it> havt tx;tn at Ult f Jfc/;t/>jJ B Wrf flO.'fj '»';!<.- WWit to r >*/i'j w<^ .'>'^v,- '/or/; aji'J 'lo not pla/j to U- to Florid a r itlJ La.b: fall. <"A(t':r gut sis iwvt btwj Mr, a;id Mrr>. }i. H. f/j'itlston of Truma/i&b;i'l;;e, .'»'. '/. , v/ho 1/0 t/> th<: K»;>'S, Fla, ';i/^J wj;/f;r. They also visited Mr. ar/J Mrs. Jloward Ji'/;;i>: a^<j Mr. sari Mrs. Hm/o M';y<n at V/hJ.tternore, a]J ol v/twm Hieet in Flo/1 da each MilS. KITTY WIILLIPS s?/; t«t. AJfD MRS. Jotin being visited by their sao- ;•>-!?>• ajj'J 'laughter, Mr. aoij Wra. Ja/.i Reed of Maaxi, Ga. The gzaiilsva of the Grottes, TMM ViicJ-jnan, has beea here &V3 working, b>jt ulll enter tt»e Uuiversit}' 'A Southwest Georgia this fall. MJ<. AJO) MRS. Ed Harms vl Titonka visited the former's mother, Mrs. Rose Harms, who rni>.es her home here with Mr. arid Mrs. John Grotte. MR. AJfD MRS. Roy Hutzell <trrf Mr. a/rf Mrs. Lawrence Hutzell alte/i<ied a family reunion Sundiiy al Rockwell City. The Lawrence Hutzells stopi^ed in IJes Moiries enroute home to && Ute broUier, George Hutzell, at Mercy hospital. MRS. MILTON DAHL entertained a few friends Friday after- awn, Aug. 12, honoring the birth- ME. A.M) MRS. Fr*d Geigel had as giiests Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Dietz, Maquoketa, aad Mrs. George 2ieiilecke, Cedar Rapils. They are the former Wilcia aad Zoe Burge, nieces of the late M-E. Harr;,- McMurray. MR. AM) MRS. Lawrence Cink who live at 306 South Sample St., have purchased the late Mrs. Harry McMurray home and will be moving into it soon. DR. AM) MRS. Dean Itoob had as weekend guests the former's mother, Mrs. Kenneth Itoob, Sigourney, and his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Koob, Iowa City. The Koobs have purchased Mrs. Beulah Richardson house and" will be moving in a short time. MR. AM) MRS. Ed Hagg left Saturday for a weekend visit at Decatur, m. where a family reunion was held Sunday at the home of Mrs. Hagg's cousin and k v^<i<;k agx; they ; UK.- oUjj^iUrr /»aJi<; tiiiA'a-j \ii'<jiiyJi{Uiiriyiiyh<jin<s. MX.. A.'.'/J Mlta. HaJjyt) . V/jJJia f M/(. AJVU MlUi. Wick visiU^ over Ow,- wec*ktt»d by Uw: letter's brottwsr and 6lsU;r-Ui- law, Mr. a/v) Mre. Majjry f)c-s Mol/ieB, Majjry IB a v/ilU;r for UK* Dec; Moliws ,, to; H<j;')x,-;l ay al Kl>. Hlvur, )s survival by tile MH, AND MJtS. Howard ha/1 as Ku<:sts Mon and /^mlly, Mr. aj Gt'ilerjfald aivi children a/id Linda of Jtijdfi. Mr. Is a bja/;h«;r In tlio Kudd MK. AH/> MJftf. Jiav<r )j:j/i *;> i/i|i*Hts M/', awl M/H. I'ccHbfUV/lty., Dlajw,' a;t/J /J'/Uj/las, J};f;V/«;CVlll«, MllUl. M/(, AHIJ MH«, Hollar! a;-« lxil/i(/ vl«lU;<l a. whU«j d:t«j/|jUi»' ( Mrw. Arnold alui, M«l/r. Mr, Mulw lias four Is Mlim., v/lidrt] IIK v/lll attoiul Uio MH. A/IU MK.'i. ./;iiii<ii>M'xlroll va';atjoii<i'l a couj/li) of '//(jukw at tlio Ulii/:k Hlllw, H. »., ami w«r«i jolnml t/y (lies |-(<(i|y()(;Uvo jniMiiilw, MJ'. ii/wl Mrs. J'iillrtiulo, Nov., lu AJvl/i MK. AND MHH. Haljjli liavn (/(Ill llioli |IOU»D on ti'i. 'I'liorln^toii (it. to Mr. and Mrw. l)wi|>lil Idickui y/|io luivo Ixjon g on u farm. Thoy will lako )it»i>lon /Mtpl. I), and lliu i'ur- an) moving Into 0110 (jf tliu Taylor ajiartinuiilh on f>j. lluilun HI. Tim lioiifii) was ouuu ownuil hy Will (Ji'iiininond and lutocuold lo dm lain llii|{li 1'out. MUH. HIM, (JAHMAN from iMlluu, TUXUH uttur s|w 'I UK u montli UHMlwtlnr '•' no lioinu of I HIT won, IX ,.u<j unit family, Donald's wlfu, lluvui'ly, liu/1 inujor Muruory July 13. Wliilu UIDMI ulm Npunt «oinu tlinu with Inn' NOIIH, Jurry und 1)111, Jr., und fainlllow. Thu luttor «on, or I'jucruinonto, Calif,, to Dulluu July 1 and lio- MJ(. AND MRS. Vunwn azo living fMimlay for a two w«(;k vacation along Uw iwrlli shoro lit Duluth, Mlmi., Uionct t/j l4jiKliig, Mich., v/horo Ui<jy will vlfilt v/lUi Uiolr mn and daji#titer-ln-lav/, Dr. and Mr«. l(/<lxirt JoiiHC'ri a/ul UUlo daui;hl(ir, IJh'l Klalnu. Dr. Jtiiwm toa/:hes In Uw Unlvorslty, He received tils decree at Stanford University, California. MR. AND MH«. James Aiidnsa- son have Ux.-n visited tills week hy Uie fonner'fi slstor, Mr«. Klchaid ftmltli and four clilldren of Frankfort, nearClilcai/o. They spent Tuesday al kln^sied vdlh relatives. The AiidroaseiiK also ha/1 as i/uesl thu hrolher David of lliinilxjldt. MK, AND MK«. John Ktorha are moving to Knoxvlllu this week, lie lias IMIUII le:u:liiiiK al tin; (jurrli/an school und v/lll touch ul Knoxvllle. MH. AND MKB. Curtis Ilaalir und clilldren, Calvin, Vorlyn und Carol have returned from u ten day vacation al YoUowtiUme Nutlonul Park. MH. AND MHS. W. A. Hall are wjMindlm; the summer at tholr vucutlon lioinu at the Okohujls. Mr. Hall upends a» timcli tlinu tliuru ufjpoMHlhlo whllu continuing Ills work here. MH, AND MKS, Doan Iloiiry ontui'tulnud at illnnor July 31 In honor of tholr son, Glim, who IMS boon lioinu from Gurmany on u thtrty-flvu day louvu. llo lott Thursday, Aug. 10, and will The Chrischilles Store Invitation To Quality In this completely modern setting on the second floor of the Chrischilles Store, you may buy the latest styles of feminine apparel in quiet, secluded relaxation. Every garment sold in the Chrischilles Store ready to wear department bears the distinctive label of QUALITY. That is the reason that for 96 years, the Chrischilles Store has maintained its position of leadership as Kossuth County's leading retail establishment. DIAMOND'S FOR ALL YOUR I BACK-TO-SCHOOL I CLOTHING NEEDS! \ tc it Gtrff sir! a^ait until 5* te£ beet &ert two veart sfter TEiGndar to fee States, sen* femr it or* years. al flit Sinner wer* Mr. arri Mrs. Boicoffift, Kancr a»5 of Befejnrr, Me., Arht Wester, a»£ «••» Vprtr, LtiVernt. Jae vas at sftenwot Monte;-, Ale. ,., ths Ses e Better, Mo. tc attend UK Jnaertl Berries for Levit Hal- coniL, almost IE, EJE of the Jnitt Bjucombs, who bad bees the Berfrr's roestB My 21. Tbt y:nfib VEE Eniotbered ic graiz rMefc ivas beiiffi poured into fire storaf* place. For raricras rea- soas the youSi bad not aeccsn- paaie3 Ms family her* for flK liaaer so be and GLeE did not see eacfc ^Jihsr at Sea's iestre. MRS. FRANCIS BUTTING aa-3 Mrs. Bea Baldwin hare been at Courtiaai, Mian., riBJiin? vitb Mrs. Kenneth MR. AKD MRS. Irwin Semon 2j* ber* frorn Sazi Diego, Calif. TisStiaf; vitfc various relatives aai frienis. They are former Algorans ana Mr. Semon iras employed at the creamery with Macls Christens?:!. Kis vife is tie fanner Lulu Bys'ja. DAVID PASSMORE, Km of Mrs. Helen Sterling Passraore, Las receive-3 his B. A. degree at Iowa City University aad vill eventually begin on his master's aegree. husbarrf, Mr. and Mrs. Ralpb The;.' stopped at Fort and irere joined by Mrs. Edoa Eaterline. HUGH BLACK and children Louise, Jimmie and Caroline returned Friday from a vacation camper trip to Tobermory, Can. oa Little Dunk's Bay where tbey d Mr. H**'« ***»•» Mr«. RctoWl Cri«*. MRS. WALTER H*J»rwl of C«ilterrffi* ttopp*J h*r« » rfc/rt time la* w*«fc at Mr*. Pate Haltrwf « «nromt* t» (krftn\l, *ten rite wi« Uktae h«r ^augti- ter Ca»Kc<e for t ya/Atlon ai Waltber L*a£»e e* 11 ^Seaman RaaaM B. Muli«r, arm of Mr. awJ Mr*. Ray MuJler, bas just completed a ft- month cruise os the Medlterra/iMfl aboard the U. S. 8. Cu» Grande, L.S.P. 12 and i* hfAM tor a 5-day leare. He wllJ report to a Kary ba«e at LltUe Cre«k, Norfolk, va., Aug. 17, to receive his ordtere for bl« diaty. Auxiliary At Sweo City Sews For Hospital Mr. *M Mrt. Waiter Uft My M tor Wfflmr, \n q#M • few days wtfc Mi brother, Albert an) tusOj, t*A - EAGLE - Members of the VFW Auxiliary held a hospital meeting Wednesday evening, A-igust 3, at the Post home. Mrs. Bruce Graham, Mrs. Ed Blair and Mrs. Armery Charlson furnished sewing machines. The group worked on bed pads, hospital gowns, scrap books and rags for rugs. Attending were the hospital chairman, Mrs. Amery Charlson, Mrs. Earl Berg, Mrs. Karl Kvamsdale, Mrs. Ed Blair, Mrs. Bruce Graham, Mrs. George Eden, Mrs. Wallace Johnson, Mrs. Ed Berggren and Mrs. Kenneth Brones. Auxiliary Treas. Mrs. Kenneth Brones will accept 1967 dues as of now. - o - Mrs. George Harner was of Witter. From 9»n they v1«lt*1 t friend, (he HonMi W»lU»r«, nortt of AK Bfvtr, and while there (bey ««* b Uke VtrmlUioa, flxa to tit* old friend* it Priaoetoa, M«L, the Henry OUea*, «ron>berfi. They end in MiwteapotU wftt kttMM, Mr». FlortEberturtaadeowrtM, Mr. and Mr*. Ed fttSke**. They returned home Aaf, & The Walter (XGrteiittdMit •pent U day* rltftfaji tfceir daughter aod family, tbt Mchtti fteylar « and Tlmmy, ratteje, Cat At Alame-la, Cat tbey riattttf th« Kenneth SeyUrtx Earoote home they came tbrovcfe Ttl- lowatone and rlstted maay potato of Interest. Mrs. Glen Morrow, Fox Lite, Minn., la spending a lev days visiting her daughter aod family, the Walter (/Green*. Mrs. Marie Pabl, A»boy, Minn. Is visiting her niece, Mrs, Carl Lef strom. Mr. and Mrs. Marylyn Pad and family and Mrs. ElnoraPial, Iowa Falls, attended a faafly reunion at Eden Vally, Mian. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson and family of Esthenrilie were Sunday visitors at the Ton Preston home. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Link aad Wendell were Tuesday aopper guests at the Tom Preston home. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smith and children were Sunday evening callers at the Francis Torlot home. Thursday dinner guests at toe Darrel Bishop home were Mrs. Glen Kirschner and children of Mason City. STRONG CHURCHES.. Make Strong Commuaitiei "And the prayer of faith will save the sick man and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven." — James 5:15 We have no right to beg, demand, or ask miracles. We cannot turn to God in a moment of sorrow or deprivation and believe that suddenly things will be "right" again. We should have faith, faith in the goodness of God and in the belief that each individual has an eternal purpose and an ultimate destiny. There is for no man the guarantee of an easy life or an age without sorrow. But there is the promise of comfort and strength; it is found in prayer and faith. Read your BIBLE daily and GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY These Special Weekly Church Messages brought to you by the following PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: HUTZELL SERVICE Service Station Roy R. Hutzell, Bulk Plant - 295-2362 ESSER DRY CLEANERS FREE Pick-wp and Delivery Phone 29S--2827 - Algona, Iowa ZENDER'S Clothing for Men and Boys POST MOVING and STORAGE Local & Long Distance Phone 295-2275 - Algona, Iowa PIONEER HI-BRED CORN CO, Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experimental Mgr. METRONICS, INC. O. B. Harmes "Super Speed" Tooli FARMERS SERVICE CENTER, Inc. Merton Ross, Mgr. COLONIAL MOTEL ' Junction 18 & 169 ERNIE WILLIAMS John Deere Farm Equipment Highway 18 East - T«l. 295-3561 ALGONA VAULT SERVICE Algona, Iowa JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Oliver - Massty-Ferguson GMC Trucks - Firestone Tires ~ Algona KOSSUTH MUTUAL INS. ASSN. Your Friend - Before and After the Fir* ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. Your Friendly IH Dealer - 295-3501 IH Tractors - Truck* - Farm Equipment KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY ' iw e 216 West State Street, 295-5206 S' W|B *iN, Bldg, Contractor 5. Htckort $t, „ S K Shoe Alflona VAN'S CAFE Junction 18 & 169 That Takes Cart of Y*ur foil" Ttl. 295-5371 |owi

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