The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 20, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1895
Page 2
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M5£5^5««W«>SJ'W'<A/ss^ misands 01 SUPPER UNI OLD MISERIES. I^fc»« \f »•«•••» REGULATOR, ACT s AS A speciFie Bj Arousing to Healthjioiion ail her OfptJ Ifc causes heaith to bloom, and! joy to reig-u thfoMglioilt the frame. i^at Never Failsto^Reoulate > nuADFIGI'D ISEBtlLAtOft CO.* AtUttt»« fl». ( * sola by drttgtuu at ii.oo j»* wttt«. JUDQt KELLY'S 5&CISI6N, NOT EEADY_TO ACT MASSACRES IN ARMENIA CONTINUE WHILE POWERS WAVER. *" Killing Syria Confirmed. «* dtftttlftirt la Bicycle Free ••^^^M A. My ^ ^pp ^gp • » M w« ™ ™ ™-» — --ABSOLUTELY FREE. \Ve have contracted for two flioussind S100 Rlcvc U^wUl." i we propose toulveKKtttosouie niWwui Inovory town-sl/p iu the State ol low:!.. Jjo 10J7 want one <• This Offer Open for bitty Days Only, Fu.l purlieu laV-s upon appll^uloii. Enclose i-,voei'Ht BiuiuiJ lor reply. AiUU-e.v» THE WERNER 00 WP MV< , 160 Adams of.. Chicaeo. e. Any Commercial Agency. J J\JjXM\SiX j JN OV• AO« British ambassador to xu.^, "---;r fceen itt England during the p,ast montn in consultation with Lord Salisbury Ifl reference to the troubles between the Turks and Armenians, has started for Constantinople, via Vieiina His jour, iiey back to Turkey will be made m as short a time a* possible, and he wiU*e sumo his post at Constantinople without loss of time, .. j trfi. wo Lord Salisbury, accompanied br his Wife, went to visit the queen at Wiud* sor castle Saturday. It is <E*iden;that important decisions have beeu Jf 1 ^ at regarding Eastern affairs, since The Post publishes an article evidently in- by the foreign office. The article • • to indicate that the prime minister^* decided that the utmost Sort must be made to maintain the in- tem-itv of the Turkish empire, and httre efforts must, in the first place, be directed to restoring order in the disturbed district. Give the Sultatt More Time. Continuing, the article says: "For the moment all thought of ercing the sultan should be laid He has already given evidence of sire to introduce reforms It cannotbe dotted that he will de^er^the^shes of the powers as soon as co- MONEY. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. QUICKLY. THOROUGHLY FOREVER CURED. and e Christians. Sir Philip , instructions are such as to Justify hm in delaying the execution of reforms nntn the authority by which they are to be carried out has recovered from temporary weakness. At the present moment any naval demonstration m the Turkish waters, or undue pressure on the Turkish government .^n only help precipitate a crisis from which Turkey's friends can hope to gain nothing and her enemies everything. Missionaries Want an Escort. A Constantinople dispatch to The Daily News says that the Armenian missionaries at Bitlis have wired the English and American representatives asking that the government provide an escort to Van for them and their f ami- Great Noitlietn fttt't frftftltertt Pntl&t Cflttttofc t6ft$H>liuiilfc« ST PATJL, Nov. 18.—Judge Kelly has filed his decision in the important Case of the State of Minnesota against the Great Northern Railway Company, »»<* the state wins. *fhe Great Northern ahd Northern Pacific may hot elite* into their traffic arrangement} and Judge Kelly grants the writ of itfjun^ tion as prated. , . While the case swings ott what ftp- Bears to be a preliminary motion, that fof an injunction, the decision virtually determines the whole subject, Since it ffoes thoroughly into the matter, difl' cussing the whole body of the argument for and against the legality and pro* priety of the proposed arrangement. the l*«tilt» of Hie Decision, The points of his decision ares The proposed traffic arrangement is a consolidation. • Under the laws of the State of Minnesota the Great Northern and the Northern Pacific roads are parallel and competing lines. The traffic arrangement is, therefore, contrary to the public po}toy °f th t5 state and the general laws of 1874 and 1881. The defendant's charter does not contain either in express terms or by necessary implication the right to make such agreement or consolidation. That if any such power was ever given the charter was subject to amend ment by the legislature and the laws re ferred to. The Case Will Be Appealed. President James J. Hill is in New York. He will, of course, insist on its being carried with all possible speed to the court of last resort to set at rccjfc the auestion as to whether his company has the right to make a traffic arrangemen with a parallel road and competing line. The matter of consolidation, however, is in any event dead. If it is not, the tremendous earnings of the Northern Pacific during 'the past three months have themselves settled the question. It is the general belief that the Northern Pacific will be out of the hands of a receiver and back in the hands of its officers by the beginning of the new year. The road is now paying all fixed charges and accumulating a surplus. *nt«diiy, Not. . A severe earthquake shctekhas been experienced at Katttna, Greece. Chicago electric railways ate pfepat* ing to f tin f uneral trains totheeeine* Defies. fire dam|) caused an etplpsidfl at the Winning colliefy at Blftckwell, Ehg; Sfeten persons were killed. & S. Williams was convicted at Cat * foiit&ns Mo. ( of ^ryifig to bribe a tales* Bian ill the first f aylof murder trial. f he state department has about .ready to isstte a volume on highways of com. ittefee compiled from consul's reports. Will Streigle, ft yating lawyer of Springfield, Mo., and his wife Were at* rested 6n charges of tobbery . and ftfsdii. Superintendent Frank Levis of the Illinois Glass Works at*- rested fof alleged violation of the child labor law. Eastbound shipments from Chicago last Week were SO.SOSHonS, against 88,* 081 for the preceding week, and 44,965 for the corresponding Week of last year, & Peek, Soecessof s to oBs . At ^ ABSTRACTS, REAL ESTATE* STEAM and GASOLINE ' ENGINES Portable If you think of engineof atiysize or k hd send fof out CATAtoGOH No. 30, eoto* taUiifig Illustrations ahd pHeesof everjr kind.of small W to 20 horse power, ftt /bottotn prices, or List wo i 29 fof yacht engines, ooiiers and boat machinery, Either sent free* OHA&i Pi WILL AM) & 00, > 197 Canal Street ' * • • .' Chicago, D. Cltu*k6'<&'COi> /ARMLOANSi a State JBftftk* AtaafrA, 1A. \ '4 .if? Geo, C. Call, REAL ESTATE AND LOANS, f ihfof matlott in l-egard to larids In Northwestefrt lotta, Wflte to him. State street. , IOWA, THE NORTHERN PACIFIC LOSES. the RESTORER® r<< e ~G>MAr«i OUT OF mi_ci- ' GREAT ENGUSHREMEEN This correspondentmakes the astounding announcement that fully 20,000 Ar- Sans have been killed during the recent massacres. The Vienna correspondent of ine Daily News also announces that tne Sn has been so upset by the recent turn which affairs have taken that a nervous fever has set in and that he is now so sick that he only devotes two hours daily to public affairs. THE \ n th.rrv rtavs bv a new pKrfected scientiflct of Christians at Alexandrette Confirmed CONSTANTINOPLE, Nov. 18.-Later ad vices received here from Alexandrette Northern Syria, confirm the accounts of a SSsacre of Christians in that town in the presence of 300 Turkish soldiers, who did not render any assistance in the suppression of the disorder. Armenians and Mussulmans accuse each other of burning the villages and of other outrages, which have occurred in North- S^S""Hft^®^ 1 e " *^» ^ prohibited , the entry lC AL CO., Chicago. _ | intonTurkey Qf all papers containing accounts of Lord Salisbury's speech at the lord mayor's dinner at London a ago DRJACKSDN'S ENGLISH FEMALE REGULATING TABLETS f FOR SALE BVAUL DRUGGISTS OR O i JACKSON MEDICAL CO. «OILl. n = £ ZOO id CLARK ST. IMPERIAL B'LO'S. 2 S N.B. Don't take anv substitute 3 «t./ith +h/» ««m/» n/imp hut diftereni H :3 IWI^V^ *-!••» !I!"V.I« BEWARE Or IMITATIONS Frank W. Dingley- will do if used as a wash according to diicc- tionai • woven?transmission of blood diseases. Kkin diseases acute and chronic ulcers, htrict- uU flssure of'tlie hands and feet, Eczema. Tetter Salt Rheumatism, inflamatiou ot the JHad- riai' Dlse^asesol the bones, joints and muscles, KvniiiieUclnsanityTscuivy, Scrofula in many forms Tlw"above au<U hundred other forms of Please al-e traceable directly or indirectly to Rvnhiiitio Biood I'oison for which the Dr, lackson's English Safety Tablets is a sure pro- ventat"ve,aic, IB » safe iaerm Killer, rendering oontaelon hardly possible, hence its value. If pegleoted sue! troubles result fatally. Ma He* anywhere »e8led.« : stx S^ffinlf^'O 1 Chf advlcefree, JAOIiSON^MEDICAL iQ. t CM cage, 111., or our agent,F. W, You Need ..a Desk! Olney Receive* Confirmation. WASHINGTON, Nov. 18. - Secretary Olney has received a cablegram from United States Minister Terrell, confirm- ine the Associated Press reports from Constantinople concerning the massacre of 800 persons by the Mussulmans at Harpoot and the destruction of a large amount of American mission property. San Francisco Sailed for Turkey. MARSEILLES, France, Nov. 18.—The United-States cruiser San Francisco sailed Saturday evening, according to programme, for Turkish waters. CUBA HAS BEEN MORTGAGED. William Farr Was Convicted, WINNIPEG, Nov, 18,-The p trial of William Farr, the Canadian Pacific en- Bineer, for attempted murder^ and arson, has ended, the jury returning a verdict of guilty. Farr was charged with attempting to destroy his wtfe and children by setting fire to bis residence, his motive being a desire to marry another woman with whom he had been intimate, _^ r AN HEIR TO RUSSIA'S THRONE. Pawghter Bor» to C?ar Jfjcl»ela» «u4 Wife. ST. PETPBSBTJJKV Nov. ie.-The ao, couobement of the oaarina occurred Friday evening, At 9 o'clock a daughter was born? Both mother and child aye doing well. Decision by Secretary Smith Costs Ttoad 800,000 Acre* of Land. WASHINGTON, Nov. 10. — Secretary Smith has decided a very important case, holding that the Eastern terminus of the Northern Pacific is at either Thompson, Minn., or Superior, Wis., instead of Ashland, Wis., as has always been claimed by the company. About 800 000 acres of land is involved, which is lost by the company. The secretary does not undertake to say whether the grant begins at Thompson or ^Superio City, but directs all selections for in demnity between these points held up for further consideration. He does declare that the grant of the Northern Pacific does not extend east of Superior He also says that he is aware that the lands east of Superior were the basis for the selection of a large quantity of lands from the indemnity belt of the company's grant in North Dakota. These selections having been made some time ago, many if not all have perhaps been sold by the company. The secretary has directed that the company be allowed 60 days from the notice of this decision, within which to specify a new basis for any of its indemnity selections avoided by this decision, and that during that period no contracts against such selections, where the charge is that the basis was made of lands east of Superior City, or against applications to enter under the settlement laws win be received. Wednesday, N6V» 13. Chairman Hinckley says that mug' Wumps caused the defeat of the Demo crate in New York, The Kansas Corn crop is estimated to have been 201,467,000 bushels, or an average crop of 24 bushels per acre. Peter Maher, who defeated Steve O'Donnell Monday night, challenges any man in the world to fight for the championship. Mrs. Hannah Gozinski and Joseph Koboski, were married at La Crosse, Wis. Each has 17 children, making a united family of 86 persons. The 18th annual Baptist congress opened at Providence, B. I., Tuesday, with a large attendance of delegates from all parts of the country. Based on the sales for the past two months, the wages of the 20,000 sheet mill workers of the United States have seen advanced 3 per cent for November and December. _ Thursday, Nov. 14. The battlefield of Bull Run is to be cut up into town lots and truck gardens. Dr Frakeris confined to his bed in jail at Richmond, Mo., with Bright's disease. The Cambria and Lillie mines at Negaunee, Mich., idle since July 16, have started up. William Lamoreaux of Grand Rapids, Mich., known as the "Bean King," committed suicide. Smallpox is reported spreading in Mississippi county, Ark., where six deaths have occurred. Cattlemen along the Little Missour in South Dakota are greatly annoyed by rustlers. Organizations of regula tors are being formed and a few lynch ings are likely to occur. Thomas Treadwell Stone, D. D., the oldest graduate of Bowdoin college and one of the oldest ministers in the country, is dead at the age of 95. OHO. B, CfcA&Kfc, CttAB. A. COHBHOtJtt Clarke & Cohenou*, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. AIXJONA, IOWA. FLOWER BULBS FREE. 1 o Choice Winter Blooiatrig Bulbs 1 0 14 as follows: 1 Dutch Hyacinth, very fragrant, 3 Tulips, assorted, various colors, . 8 Narcissus, white & yellow, tragrant. 3 Crocun, assorted colors. 3 SclllH Slberlca, blue, ftTID ATJT7PD For only 20 cents, stamps Dim UrfMl, O r stiver, and the names of 6 of your friends who buy bulbs or seeds, we wlfl mall at once the 12 splendid Winter Blooming Bulbs to any address post paid and our new Illustrated catalocue for 1896 when ready. • W. W. BAENAED & CO., Successors to SeedM )?,3Tr!Ar<o Hiram Slbley & oo. CHICAGO, Geo. B« Cloud, (Successor to W. B. Quarton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALOONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. iSa. ft- Sullivan & McMahon, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postofflce Block. ALGONA, IOWA. Stt JOHNSHERMAS's ?orty Years in the House, Senate and foMfint"' an autobiography, being the person- jaDinet al reminiscences of the author, n- cludlng the financial history of the U.S. during »is puGllc career. The greatest book of ihe *ge Agents wanted. For exclusive terrl- tory, adJ^ NAt pUBMSHING CO 130 E. Adams St., - - Chicago. JAVA and MOCHA COFFEE. Finest Can Coffee on the Market. E. V. Swettiiig, ATTORNS7 AT LAW, Money to loan. AI.GONA, IOWA. J. L.BONAB. H. H. FELLOWS. Bonar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will '?™lve prompt iattention. Rooms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Bl Off. Branch office at . TOWA Wesley, Iowa. ALGOMA, J.UWA. " - Daiison & Butler, LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Gardner P £ ( •r SLAUGHTERED THE CITIZENS. Troops Fire Into a Crowd of People at Bogota. SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Nov. 16.—A special from Bogota dated Nov. 18 says: Heavy firing in the barracks drew an immense crowd which was ordered to disperse. The crowd was so large that it was impossible to move quickly and the impatient officers ordered the troops to charge bayonets, which they did, but, meeting with resistance, and five shots being fired from the crowd, the troops began firing upon the people, A regular battle ensued and the crowd, being unarmed, were obliged to flee, leaving 38 killed and wounded. The cause of the firing iu the barracks was that part of the guard had attempted to desert and resisted when arrested. Fourteen were shot. FORTY-EIGHT WERE DROWNED, Friday, NOT. 15. New York cabmen are on strike. The Green Bay, Winona and St. Paul railway property is to be foreclosed again. An attempt will be made to secure the removal of Banker Probert as mayor of Washburn, Wis. Arch Eaton, nephew of ex-President Harrison, died at St. Luke's, Denver, Colo., of consumption. Articles of incorporation of the Erie railroad, under the new reorganization plan, have been filed at Albany. Herr Leihknecht, the Breslau socialist leader and editor, was sentenced to four months imprisonment for lese majeste. Dan Stuart is said to have secured a concession from Mexico where he will have prize fights and other sporting diversions. Twenty-seven political prisoners were shot in Brazil for sympathizing with the monarchial movement;, which contemplates the placing of a German prince upon the throne. Welt Miller, ATTORNEY AND COUNCILOR,, AT L.AW. ;••: Collections made. AH business promptly attended to. \VESI.EY, - IOWA. v ' S. S. Sessions, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections or all kinds. Over Ohrlschilles' Store. AI-GONA, IA. Blue Label. , A combination of the finest Aden Mocha and Fancy Mark Java. Packed in 1 and 2-pound I air-tight cans, thereby retaining all of the aroma and freshness lost In bulk coffee exposed to the elements, Returnable if notBatisfaetory,; Never sold in bulk or in paper, foil or pasteboard peckages, _ LANGDON & HUDSON, Sole Distributors, L. K. Garfield, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, | State street. • AI-GONA, IOWA. — — '.'..-•• " ' M. J...Keneflck, M. D., Over Taylor's Store. AtGONA, . - IOWA. Dr. L, A. Sheetz, DRUGGIST AND STATIONER. " Oils, Ocr. State and Thorlngton. AI^G tfA,IA * British Marines Verigh fey the SJnfetPg of a Launebi J^QNPON, Nov. 17,—The admiralty has received confirmation of the dispatch frow Shanghai saying that the launch of the British cruiser Edgar had been sunk with » loss of 48 Hves. The ft* astey occurred off Nagasaki, boat contained 48 maripea. we W AW6u«, Wis., Nov. je.—The fv posed ^apportionment of Wisconsin into senate and assembly districts the census Q« '9§ hae been completed b 7 Secretary Tuj»w of the legislative cgm, and will b,e pubnntted. to we wutee at its meeting Nov. 85, The of Milwaukee is sot included as,an najjqe changing the ward bounds of that 4ty in now pending, befcye its coB«nQ» cflWPtt, yrWob jnj&es it to delay apportionment there PNVSB, Npv. 17.—It is believed ftt polioe headquarters jn this city that the amount; ,of money stolen from the , F&ygo Express eompany, a* Ort« iB^ww *M,W toHtw4 of w givw put at the time of the robbery. The pfAoials Of the wmpany 'So *W ftS JfftQW» Saturday, Nov. J.6, Senator Mills of Texas favors Mom son for.president. General Fitzhugh Lee says that Virginia is for sound mon«y. A Kansas City gripman who killed „ negro who would not remove his feet from a car seat was acquitted. Vice President Stevenson denies hav ing said that Cleveland .could, secure a, Denomination if he depired it. Frederick Romero and Judge Mon« tagn fought a duel at Bisbee, 'A, T,, in which each received injuries that will probably prove fatal, The battleship Indiana has been cow pleted so far as the builders are con cerned, She lies at the dock at Qramp* all ready to be transferred to the navy department. The Duke ajjd Rwnega ol ^ T , borough were among the guests at me New Yoyk horse engw Wednesday Bight. They arriyed when tUe Jam was at> itg height and were tfee pbse^ved FOR OUR DENTIST. A, In Bist, P. I>. S., Local anaesthetic" for deadening pain Jn I tiunn wgums wben extracting teeth, ALCrONA, IO\VA, fu) ** E. 8. Gl&sier, P. D. S,, , DENH'AL ROOMS. • Over the AJffona State Bank, s ^^ *>wfee« neeraiamBfs 8»^' &W f anjilig| wfW SSEteAHddriYgflart*l»w beea ®w TfetSJ- 1 „, „. ,.„.,„,,- tie Quutim p?tte»' »g» 4ie4 9f bright'! diieftse at ?&/*> $k wo-entory to* mqnrt at, |Jw« TTTI— £« f\v*A HOTT All Catalogue -the finest we have yet published-™ 100 pages, pro* fusely illustratedt It will tell you all about the new H\\ and Winter Styles in Men's and Boy'§ t Clothing r Furnishing and (Special attention oiuen to aavfn? tfte naliwr'oj ^ ^jl teetft, V 14 ' i! C Tne best of moflern anaesthetics used tp> ;j»| make operations fts p.niHless as pofBJble,* -^| AfcGONA, IOWA, B, shyers, »t V* warwc&wr $Htf8 "JMUj *'***"•*»»"! ,8jr4$m F«9P " t li } 'm™?% tp have m j°e and^will bt if ill ~ i f» .^I 1 ™ r iji'*^ 1 ?" 1 . and all Hindi of Office

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