The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 13, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1895
Page 8
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"f- N> :"' "//•'• '" '• KILLED! , ' ' ' V ' "• ,» ifv 1 **' n VArttft 'j^ C „ ' ' ."A* ,' s'»" '-1%' "X "' '*,:•»;"• J"5 .?' ! ;J* *,*.*»* .4 *»*.*****»*-»*** *"***4*4.**'A "''-*ife*** i <H *§**<f*%i**i«*& 4 4f **#«»• 1*1115 KKPUBLilGANj la the great rush to see the monkeys flow on exhibition at the CAS|£ SfidS Hogs|v High, bp loved son of Mr* and Mrs, High Price, lost his life, There was great confusion peptole turn* bled over each other to ftet someof the m?> gains in shoes offered by BROWNELL & AL- LKm They are not ancient Goods fit for the Museum, but Goods of to-day, Just arriving, just opened, and plenty of them, See BROWNBLL* -for FOOTWEAR. NEWS OF THE COUNTY, A New Line of Canned Goods Just Received at LANGDON & HUDSON'S. Removal Sale ^ At Patterson & Son's. We will sell goods for the NEXT THIRTY DAYS at prices never before .heard pf .. All our large line of Crockery, Glassware, Lamps and Chamber Set| will Tbe sold at almost cost. Now is your,, time to get a nice lot of dishes. Our canned good&must go. . CA.LL AND GET OUR PRICES. .PATTERSON & SON. BAMS, ABSTRACTS, LAPS, LOANS AMD INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutchins, Wm. K. Ferguson, Q. D. Smith, President. Vice-Pres. Cashier. ' Ass't. Cash. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK. ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL., $5O,OOO. Money on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who furnish first-class security Directors—D. H. Hutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweiler, Jf, H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, K. H. Spencer, Win. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL—$50,000.00. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. D. Clarke, Pres., 0.0. Chubb, Vice Pros., Thos. H. Lantry. Cashier, Geo. L Galbralth, Fred M. Miller, Myron Scheiick, Thos.F.Oooke. Algona, Iowa, The case of the State of Iowa vs. Michael Beimler was tried before Squire Barge last Saturday and about 40 witnessess were examined. J. C. tlftymoftd appeared for the state and C. C< Tho«psbfi and Attorney McMfthon of Algona for the defense. The justice decided in favor e! the defence, discharging the prisoner, and the verdict seemed to give general satisfaction. Wm. J. Campbell has sold his eighty acre tract southwest of the Greenwood bridge to George Schleder for 128.25 pel- acre, Nick Ai-end &. Co. have a hew show horse that is about as natural as they can be made and there is nothing Very small about the price of it either as it Cost $75.00. It is made'of paper and is used to exhibit harnesses on. tt is a good advertising scheme as well. J, E. Russell and other Bancroft Citizens were called as witnesses in a lawsuit in the United States court at Ft. Dodge, la., this week. "Col." Sessions was in Bancroft yesterday and seems not to have taken the roasting he got for supporting Wilkinson to heart either. James Christensen, formerly of this place but who has been prospecting for iron in Michigan for the past year, has been a Bancroft visitor during the past week. While in Burt the other day. we noticed that the popular banker, E. J. Murtagh, was just getting moved into one of the finest buildings in this country which is well adapted to the banking business. The Burt bank and its cashier are very popular institutions. The Seneca creamery claims to be one of the best in the state and it is not very far off. R. H. Bruer is putting up some fine buildings on his farm in the northwest part of Greenwood township. Dr. Walters was over from Buffalo Center yesterday. See about that insurance policy of yours. Maybe it is not all right. Has it been transfered since you last moved. If not, see J. A. Freeh and get it fixed up in good shape before you build up big fires for the winter. James Taylor had a great cloak sale at JoeHackl & Son's store last Saturday. Wesley. WESLEY, Nov. 13.—There was quite a wreck on the C. M. & St. P. at Sexton Sunday in which the conductor was injured about the head. Two car loads of coal were scattered over the ground., The mishap was caused by a broken rail.. Geo. Schneider is buying grain. ... . A. C. Ripley, of Garner, was a little wiijlo Saturday. . . T -.j..- ; •'.,. Col. S: S. Sessions called on us Monday. Mrs. McCuchen and Mrs. Gallagher departed for Arena, Wis., last Wednesday, in response to a telegram that their mother was dangerously ill at that place. Frank Kozak will have a public sale at his farm, five miles northwest of Wesley, Nov. 23. Geo. B. Hall of this place will be clerk and D. A. Haggard, of Algona, auctioneer. Rev. Plummer returned from his' visit in Pennsylvania the latter part of last week and Sunday conducted services as usual. He expects to hold specialservices^ in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. S. X, Way are enjoying a visit from Mr. and Mrs, L. V. Hamley,' of Crossville, Tenn. Way & Barrett have a beautiful college addition by planting therein some 625 thrifty young trees. Mrs. Thos, Presnell still lingers between life and death, There is not much hope for her recovery. J. E. McMullen has purchased Z. S. Barrett's interest in the Reporter. In his initatory address Mac. promises to remain loyal to the republican party and work for the development of our grand town and surrounding country. We wish him every success, S. S. Kesley, of Bennett, la., was in town last week. Wind Mills Are fast becoming the popular power on the farm. We are putting up some very fine outfits for running Feed Grinders, Corn Shellers, Wood Saws, Churns, etc., and at the same time doing the work of a pumping mill. By calling at the WIG-WAM you can see an exact model of their Monitor Geared Wind Mills and get prices on such an outfit as you need. We are prepared to furnish anything in the line of Windmills, Pumps, Tanks, Feed Mills, Corn Shellers etc. at the lowest prices. Our work as well as our goods is strictly firstclass and everything fully warranted. Be sure and see usand getour prices before placing your order. ALGONA, IOWA, WILFRID P, JONES. Ml ' 1 understand that there will be a meeting next Sabbath, at 10:30 a. m. Mrs. Hall begins school in the Herman district Monday and Lutie Hart in the Schenck while Claude Salisbury.begins in the P. F. Sarchett school a week later, Nov. 18. Florence Sarchett left for her school near Germania, Sunday. Mrs. Bosbeshei'is visiting her., parents andpacking up preparatory to going to housekeeping. ;Her husband is in the railroad business. Chas. Godden has the misfortune to lose three good horses this summer, and fall. ; Mrs. Denuison began her winter .term in the M. L. Godden district, Monday. Mrs. E. Tellier and Mrs. Bossingham, of Algona, were rusticating at C. Bysons Wednesday. Wo understand the Blllsbprpugb, Bros, have rented a farm and given up going to Missouri this year. The. reason few their change in plans is that they have .a, large amount of small grain and corn that they do not care to sell at present .prices but will hold for better. It seems a-wise thing to do and we hope they will conclude to remain permanently, as they are too good citizens to lose. ' Swea Olity. Eggs, butter and poultry still command a good price, though grain prices continue low. ••'•.-•• Ada Slyter, daughter©f Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Slyter, is quite low with inflamatory rheumatism, but is a sBuade better at this writing. Hog choltera is beginning to abate, to the great Joy of the farmers. ( •, ,Mrs. Dr. Lewder, of Eedyard, is meeting Avith great success in his profession. Fenton~ FENTON,Ndv. 12.—Miss Stella Hayne commenc'etD her school ki the Newell district last week. Miss Edith Wagner was visiting her sister, Mrs. Wm. Weisbcod, last Sunday. •; David Bronsereturned,tp. his; bome. .in. Clormout, Iowa, last week, and Philip Wander goes there soon~ They have-been doing carpenter work bt. this neighborhood the past season. ...-.,. J. Light is building ai,corn crib; and granary. Philip Wander has the .job. ', Harry Newell and Annie , Lohse >wer.e married at the home of the bride's parents lg,st Thursday. Quite a. number of rela- tivos attended. County and Neigliborlipod News. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults, Interest Paid for Time Deposits. W. H. luffbam, Theo, Curischilles, Lewis H. Smith, VT ' fa pres .' dent y ice President. Cashier State Bank. CAPITAL $50,OOO, ». W. Wadsworth. Barnet JJevine. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES ONW-^ Abstracts of-Title. Our books aro thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has over bitten a word in them? Our work is done by competent persons, .and is guaranteed. S§6dI work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may bo sure you got what yo'^ pay for and take no chances. T, ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WiLD LANDS. HAY & RIOE Algorm, low«, Wesley Township. WESLEY, Nov. 4: The three Reinholts brothers, from Britt, spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs. C, Corey. Smith Brothers have rented the C, L. Lund farm again, which we are pleased to know for they are good, go ahead boys, Nels M. Johnson just finished a largo threshing, his wheat yielding 30 bushels per acre. Hog cholera is raging in the neighbor- ho jd now, C. M, Corey's hogs were very sick tlie past week but spmo one has undertaken to be a hog cholera doctor and to be sure proved successful, It is reported that A, 1C Kennedy has resigned the directorship of the school so district No. 5 is without a director. Emma Lehman just closed a very successful term in the Skow school. Miss Schrader, of Britt, carao over tP spend Saturday and Sunday with Miss Reinbolt who Is sowing at C. Coreys. Wo are pleased to learn that Mrs. A. F, Johnson, who is under the care of Dr, Konney, Is fast improving, A largo number of the neighbors attend* od services at the Swedish cburch yestejv day. Abstracts of Title, Loans, UNION, Npy, W,-Tbe 313 acres east 'of Mr. Wbeeler's. is 10)4 at m per aoro to a MV. SJftde, Tbos- Sarchett spld awl delivered 79 fine hogs in AJgona last week. Tbey werp gpo4 owes anj a pretty good showing for one farmer, ' ' SWEA. CITY, Nov. 11,1895.—Our .tows is having a small sized boom. Real estate is changing hands quite rapidly, thirty lots having been sold in Cook's addition alone within the last two • months, Mr, Richmond has built one now house and begun the erection of another in his north addition and. a second blacksmith shop is among the possibilities in tlie near future. Let the good work go on, Dr, Frye, of Germania, was in town on Friday. Everyone was surprised on Thursday morning to find the ground covered with snow, It melted quickly, however,'much to the regret of the small boy, Olof Pierson has purchased six lots in Cook's addition and will build therepn the coming year. Andrew Crane has disposed of his Swea City property and will na»ke New Rich- laud, Minn., his homo in the future, His departure }s much regretted. Col, T, F. Cooke was up frpm Algona the first of the week looking after, business interests here, ' School began Monday after a two week's vacation, with Miss Randall and Miss Nlckerson as teachers, The family of Mr. Eckbolm, living south of town, were aroused one niglw last weeK from slubber by an unusual nolsjj at the born. Two of the wen going ouf to learn the cause of the .disturbance s ,fpund a swangor wjtb one of their teams and wag' on and everything tbat'ho couKJ cpnvpn* I on tly lay bold of loaded into-tjie wagon ready for departure. The .vppber-^jftft be,» |n,g accosted, drew a '.revolver,j|fa^]?.r$.: soiled it In tbe face of one pf.iJi'e,<;mjn, tbp other>' stoaijng awayi w to tbe iwjsea,n.d returning with a pistol ttegftu firing upon tbe stranger wbo tool? to bis. be&s, Jeav* inehls stolen- property be,bln4*. $° far, The Catholics dedicated a $10,000,school building at Wesley last Thursday, A number ol visiting priests were in attendance. The result of the Eiawietsburg revival meetings conducted'by Evangelist Williams was tbe conversion of 350 persons. The Congregational church took in 75 now members, the Methodfet about the same number, and other afeurches had la»ge accessions. The Buffalo Center Tribune issued a special edition last week in which it gsave a fine write up of that thriving town, Tbe Emmetsburgjsehool boys are practicing football every evening preparatory to a game .with the- Spencer school team. 1 judgjs Wade, pf'Iowa City, delivered his lectu¥e'On f 'T'beSitrugg!efQr LJbwty" at Emmet'sburg last Friday evening, J, I*.. Blunt and family, ftnwwly of Fenton.but >now of Ruthvo*i f are just " " visit to friends In Wisconsin, „. J, MurtagJj so)4 the Brahw Watkin's quarter, southwest of Pur-t, last week, to C,W.,Mead, & Boston commissjpn man, fin 1 $36, an awe, says ^he Monitor, Jioht. l<fa,tt.0'has sold bis Buffalo town" sblp f aj ! »Vft»''?35 an acre, He proposes to sell blVci-^ftimery also.' The Spj&jjjper Reporter announces J, W. stebbiiigp, Qt'tbat place as a QandW&te for fisb pom^isslpne}'. In fact, ho bas been an aeilY.e md}4ate for spyeral months past. , . . J^» is The report that Julius Pleth was to go tP Carroll, or somewhere, has not been verened. He is still"in the county. 1 E'mmetsburg i&epprter: Peter Haberger, a farmer wbo resides one-half mile 1 south of West Bend, had a team of black-' horses'Stolen froih" bis barn, last ;Friday v J evening. Hepu^ili'in as usualf in the'J evening, out Sa'tnfdiiy the teamv harness. and'buggy w^re 1 gtone. Sheriff' Hanson • •was notified Satdrdlay and a reward of 850 was offei-'ed by Mr. Haberger fo* the- re- eowry of theoutfiiand the arrest of the thief. As yet no clhie to the thief has,, been obtained. •, A-ten-year-old literary light has been discovered at LiiVenne. Principal. Christopher of the LuVeitne public scliools says, .fo his; the* News: "The school ' Is justly proud to know that one of its •pupils—a girl-of" ton—,is the feest story writer in Kossuth county." "" The LuVerne Ne>y s says that "the ne\y bridge overythe riyer at St. Joe was completed last weekend*travel over it began on Friday. It is imported to> bo a fine structure." R. M. Carpenter has sold the< Ledyard Header to Frank 1] Sheppard, who is already in' possession. The Leader under under Mr. Moore's'conduet was one of the , best edited papers in the county. Mr. Sheppard take i hold! of the work in a manner worthy o£ the record of the paper. Wm, B. Leslie l)as moved from the ranch, to Ledyard* says the Leader. Ho h&s leased a half soctio'n of land tbrep miles southeast of town for a period of five years, Mr. Leslie is one of lihe most successful of land-tillers, t The Livermore Gazette is',authority for the statement that Postmaster 'Darr o'f LxiVerne and'" tbe postm/a'ster inspector got pjixed up a little last week in lopkins over tbe offtse, accounts, »nd the result Is* that Mr, Dw has either resigned, op l& going to, a.nd bis bondsmen are slightly interested; in the case, One.of these is V.' A, Hunt, and tbe possibilities are tbafc fee' will superintend the atamR v l|ck|ng tjbftre in the n»ar future. A:M ''}'*$! ' 1\f ; '*f '' -tii Mrs, Prof, ^Uchrist 'went tp iome at5 r V,. KJ{ "fv^l .»»;'?>* ^M^ ^d^ ffl* v W* *W^P rffffl * Flowt'Cui (Mum . robber, aflawip,! aiOYei >! §/, HIGH LIFE er. fout has |"Be\V^SJ4^,?U]i||i^ "U'aWpavV' ^ , V; .;- !M /t £^\\ c.' fi /H ,-j™\ T t , * <1 JH •^.. /*v;l *m \j -.

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