The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 13, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1895
Page 2
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>w\s»«air -mrimiviar- (PECTANT We O«fcfr Voa « RRrtEDV WltlcTI INSURES Safety o» Lite 16 Mcth* tr fttttl Child. .RIENO" i.fiabsfi6nfinifii6hi6f its Paid, Hdfrftfandllsk. c ' - i The Sig .„,_„ feODIES tAKEN FROM tHE JOUftMAL BUILDING. lOwo o* Others lnjnf«!<t and ftt Mftnfr Store ftcportfcd 5tlS4lnB—Explosion of Holler* i* Said to tltt*o Cattsed the Accident. ttito used "Mofiiteus' FiiiKHi)" w»-1 " ^VSt««*-?KL*i»S?.2 !^ lot 6 lilt til OT licr II rs l oin iu. DI«= «" ' suiter f roffi WUSirs ot PAINS-was cm ... ,„ J relieved nt the erlfclftul hour suffering DU« & C Httte-ftlic Imd no paths nfterwutd and her I Sent W Wall of .Express, on receipt of fetl<*4 *UW» iitf tmUle. Boole "To Moth> ef 9" mailed Free. ' iJtiAt)Flfet,t» UEtiMAtOtt CO.* AUiintiM 04* BOlS St Atl DfctJGGiBtB, I"- fy Bicycle Free _.^^^.^ i ^w g ^^ ^^ •• • w* m-m ^** •• ~— ABSOLUTELY FREE. , «««*^nrt*ori for two thousand Cl J w ** *•»*"* lowaTb'o" YOV want one? This Offer Open for Thirty Days Only, Full particulars upon appHcatton. Enclose Reference, MONEY.' I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. BWiiAooAuDi I J! D A Y QUICKLY. THOROUGHLY, FOREVER CURED. x">» I5ICDAY J fc ^j,MAN OUT OF MCJK / GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY day; fpel n utinetu ev v,.f j n '{JJ c { v mind and SSS^D^Ki'S'lSsseB Hided, every obsta-. A _- mm *-* IV t f-t t T /~*f~\ «*i«vn, Nov. 8.-A gaping tent neatly 40 feet Wide from top to bottom of a 5-story business block, 17 dead fcodies recovered, a score of persons injured, and more than that number missing, with a certainty that many more dead bodies ate beneath the tttihs- suchate the resttlts of the explosion which startled the city and totally Wrecked about a third of the bttilding at the corner of Latned and Shelby streets occupied by the Detroit Evening Journal and several othet tenants. At 9 a. in. the Whole neighborhood was terrifiSd by a fearful shock, caused by the exploding of the boilers in the basement of The Journal building. At the same instant the five floors a»d roof of that section of the building collapsed and f ell to the basement, carrying with it at least 50 persons who had not tne St' S hte»t Warning of Their DanRcr. The cloud of dust which blinded the eyes of ' the amazed spectators of the horror was quickly succeeded by smoke from the fires which started in the ruins. The work of rescue has been rushed to the utmost ever since, but progress has necessarily been very slow. The debris and brick are dumped into an almost solid mass upon which quantities of water have been poured and into which comparatively little headway has been made. In addition to the bodies recovered nearly a score of persons have been taken from the ruins, seriously injured. Thirty Persons Still Missing. Some 30 tenants and employes in the building are still missing and there can be no doubt that most of these are lying dead under the debris. The wrecked portion of the building was separated from the rest of the steucturebyafirewall. The first floor of that section was occupied by tne John Davis company, dealers m druggists' specialties, and by The Journal mailing department. The second third and fourth floors were occupied by the Davis company, W. W. Dunlap & Co., machinists, and the Hillier bookbmdery. The editorial rooms of The Journal are on the fourth floor, but situated beyond the fire wall, and the staff escaped Sergeant Matthew M. Wolff, tj..8. A., died suddenly at Dallas, Ie*., from the bite of a cat. Eastbotind freight through the Soo canal fof October amounted to l.aeo, <»s tons; westbound, 424,766 tons. A dispatch from Shanghai says that the five leadets of the Kucheng massacre were executed at Foo Chow on Mott- day. lames Haifa of Philadelphia comffiit- ted suicide by jumping from *£«<*?* Island bridge at Niagara Stalls into the rapids- .^ .«, The rebellion of the DuiigaliS itt the northwest portion of China is e* tett £; iag seriously and . now embraces th6 whole of the province of Kansu. Dispatches received at Paris from Constantinople report that thev AJ menians have pillaged the Turks houses at 2eitottn and have killed Turkish women and childten there, the 0. where, setiipii ' ol ^ l - »';v f "' - —... „„ Sa«sskv«»tfu .8 " TUB Journal stereotyping room on the fifth floor was directly in the path of the explosion and went down m the wreck. A few had miraculous escapes and came staggering from the rums after the awful shock, scarcely knowing wha^hadbefallenthemj y ( .. ; ,,,.^^.^ ' \ CareleBsness CWosed It. •. .<. . Carelessness is undoubtedly the" cause of the disaster, but where the responsibility rests is as yet problematical. The property loss will be entire for the owners of the building and tenants. It is not believed that the ordinary insurance policies cover the loss by ex- Tilosiou Tho loss on the ruined part ot the building is about WOOD. The BvenSg Journal loses about $10,000 by the destruction of its machinery, etc. The total loss on the other tenants is placed at something over $30,000. SEVERAL ARE STILL MISSING. The payment of Sibley's Sioux scotits hasjust been completed at CroW Creek and Lower Brule. Deer are very plentiful this fall around Baraboo, Wis. As high as 13 have been seen in one herd. . The sixth annual convention of the National Non-Partisan W. O. T. U. is in session at Oberlin, O. Criminal action against Banker Prob- ertof Washburn, Wis., has been dismissed, he having for town funds deposited. Advance sheets issued by The Orange Judd Farmer show that the potato crop in the United States for this year will be the largest ever known. In the great race at Reedsville, N. O., between John B. Gentry and Joe Patchen Gentry won in three straight heats. Time, 2:10, 2:09 and 2:09. Xhurddaj-, Nov. 7. It is reported that £2,600,000 of specie 1 has left London for Constantinople. The British war office has arranged for an expedition to Ashanti. Andrew Carnegie has presented to Pittsburg a library, music hall and art gallery. Charles Dana Gibson, the artist, was married to Miss Irene Langhome at Richmond, Va. John S. Johnson lowered the mile record, standing start, to 1:501-5 at Louisville Thursday. The Fair will case has been settled out of court, and what promised to be a bitter contest over an estate valued at $40,000,000 has been abandoned. The Vienna correspondent of The Daily News hears that Emperor Francis Joseph has refused to sanction the election of Mr. Lueger, by the anti- Semites, as burgomaster of Vienna, , Nov. U.—First Assist* ant ¥ostmaster Gefcefal Frank it Jones has made his antiual report fo* the year ending June So, 1896. Mr. Jones shows that the divisions under his supervision have' saved dut* ing the year fl.&SS.B? 1 ?, the principal itome being in the sating in the Carrier service by stopping overtime atid reduction of the foftee, amounting to $1,800,000. The salaries to all plesi* ftetttial postmaster! amounted to $6»- 8S?,200j and the gross feciipti of post* presidential po*tinastefs are 8,491, oi Which 169 are first class, I'OO second class and 2,682 third class. Ah estimate of 117,000,000 for all postmasters is made for the year 1897, att increase over the present year of $1,000,000< , . . The total number of positions bf ought Within the classified service during the year were 2,896. Mr, Johns recommends the abolition of experimental free delivery unless $10,000,000 is appropriated for the pur* pose, also free rural delivery unless $20,« 000,000 is appropriated. > as a sedative. ftoW- , c , ! Wai eeltainly f»- cab pulled up With a ehman sprang 1 dowfi BY OR, A, CONANl^^'^*^ v. o'clock when" ... S d< 6U* night's left the damp Idf id ffs, and th§ A Warm wind <d, attd tiemfy >ss the sky, occasionally Sicaf enough iut Thaddeiis ross is a better After Coast Pirates. St. JOHNS, N. F., Nov. 11,—Preparations are being made for the arrest of all persons implicated in the frauds connected with the scuttling of ships along the coasts of Newfoundland. The police have in their posession a list of all persons who are supposed to be at the bottom of this matter, Upon the list appears the names of business men, middlemen, captains and seamen. PFORSAUE e>v ALU DRUO«..O , ~ ~- = i JACKSON MEDICAL CO. CH1CA60 III: l b- 260 bO. CLARK 5T IMPERIAL B'LD'fi. _ SN.B. Don't take any substitute a 5 with the same name but different j S spelling on which your dru^ist o £ makes Twice as much •••••• ' <* BC.WARE OF IMITATIONS Frank W. Dingley. Work In the Kulns of Detroit's Collapsed Building Continues. DETBOIT, Mich., Nov. 9.-The walls adjoining the wrecked portion of The Journal building have been braced, and the work of digging in the rums pro^ SSofsafety: Twtmolebo^sTave beln taken out. They were those of Lizzie Weidbusch, employed m Killer's book bindery, and Charles Lind, aged 20, also an employe of the bindery Several persons are still missing but it is expected that all will be recovered before night. A mass meet- ine has been called to take steps for the relief of the families of the dead. Several popular subscriptions have also been started and a generous response is being made. . , The engineer of the building has arrested, .•-'j , * ' Friday, Nov. 8.?<i •••"•• ," ^';i' Another conspiracy to overthrow^ the Brazilian republic is alleged to have been discovered at Rio. ; San Francisco merchants complain that existing freight rates prevent them from competing with St. Louis and Chicago. Seventh Day Adventists were acquitted in Ehea county, Tennessee, of the charge of creating a nuisance, by working on Sunday. The remains of the late Mrs. James B Eustis, wife of the American ambassador to France, have arrived at Louisville from Europe. J. W. Codman died at Chicago Friday The verdict of tho coroner's jury was that Mr. Codman killed himself while temporarily insane. Deceased was a relative of President Cleveland's wife. The Kaffir securities have steadied again and financial seers have again commenced conjecturing upon the length of time which will elapse before the speculation therein will wind up with a big crash. Think Cuba Should Be Free. BOSTON, Nov. 12.—The following resolution was passed Sunday at a patriotic mass meeting in Peoples Temple: "Resolved, That we, as citizens of Boston and New England, unite in asking President Grover Cleveland to do for Cuba all things in his power by granting belligerent rights. It is our faith that Cuba should be free." Striking Miners Leave Kansas. LEAVENWOBTH, Kan., .Nov. 12.— Twenty-five striking coal miners, all Germans, have left this city for Toluca, lUs., where they have been guaranteed steady work for one year at 80 cents a ton The mines in which they were employed here had cut the price to 70 cents a ton. _• _ Police Uouted the Puga. FARGO, N. D., Nov. 12.-Two young pugilistic aspirants, who have lived in the city for some time, advertised for a glove contest to be held in the city Sunday There would have been one had not the police interfered. The young men were given 10 minutes to: get out of the city. Canada Grant* a Large Subsidy. -.. OTTAWA, Ont., Nov. 12.^-The dominion government, in? order-to 'facilitate Canadian freight inward and outward from Portland and Boston, has granted the Beaver Steamship company a subsidy of $25,000 for a fortnightly service from the port of St. John for Liverpool for six months. No doubt you .have hed of Dr. Cotiaa Doyle and h\ wonderful Sherlock Holtnes Stot»i< Dr. Doyle's recent visit,to 1 America, and the great fame of all his : stories render this one doubly interesting. REftD IT WITHOUT FftlL FLORIDA AND SOUTHEAST. If you have any should advise you intention of goin D mis fall or winter, yo. 'outsell: of the best rout' SSSeTNas^^^^ is running double daily trains /from St. Louis, Evansville,. Louisville and Cm- cinnati through to Nashville, Chattanooga Birmingham, Atlanta, Montgomery, Thomasyille, ?^Ba^la, Mo: bile. Jacksonville and all Jloruu points. Pullman Sleeping Car Service through. Specially low rates made to Atlanta during the continuance of the ^nBto^WlWo 11 '.^.*? 11 ?^ rates to all points in Florida and fault g)as^sort P s during the season. For particulars as to rates and_tlrough car BPTVloe, write Geo. B, Hornei, Drv. • St. LOUISA Mo., J- IV - 8 fubbish heaps which cumbered the grdUlitts. Miss Morstaa antt t stood together^ and her hand was in mine. A wondrous subtle thing is love, for heft* tvefe We ttvo who had nevef seen each other before that day, between whom no word or even look of affection had ever passed, and yet now In an hour of trouble our h'abds instinctively sought foi* each other. 1 have marveled at it since,'Wit at the time it seemed the most naturai thing that 1 should go but to her so, 'arid, as s'he has often told me, there was in her also ,the instinct' to turn to me for comfort and protection. So we stood hand in hand, like two children, and there was peace ra our hearts for all the dark things that surrounded us. . »' "What a strange plnce!" she said, looking around. 'It looks as though all the moles in igland had been let loose in it. I ,ve seen something of the Bort on the Of a hill near Ballarat, where the jpectors had been at work." (And from the same cause," said pes. "These are tiie traces of _, j n 4.u Aeure-soekers. You must remember r»^\.« Sthey were six years looking for it. •f.VOrn OVonder that the ground looks like f *•••» -v -W 1 ^etpric .. (D P, J laddeul Shbl^i)' came running his hands thrown forward •or in his eytfs. , is something amiss with Bar- TV ho cried. "I am -fright-. f nerves.cannot etond it." He, •fed, half-blubbeping with fear, -\itehing, feeble face, peeping \\. _ _,__ A. A - * IB^« rt v« ^k^\1lo«« ' , , \he grrent AstraJfhan collar,' | 'ploss, appealing expression \ child. house, said MICE:TOxOCGUBYfflG- STATE OF IOWA, Kosstfth jcounty^ Ipwa,; Holmes, I having the-title toW wa y- I those that aro*usele!J eaded Thaddeus \the county, to be drai^ feel ^^^ to jfor farming lands. I\," . , • , . [there are about 7000 ac\ d h . im into Jtbe hou ^' L. _, . . _. WViloVi Rt/vri nnon the Sholto. di- Saturday, Nov. 9. Mrs. Maybrich has been transferred from Woking prison to Aylesbury jail. Rear Admiral Robert W. Schufeldt, retired, died at his home •• in Washington. •mi .Tn.nksnn'3 EllgliSt ..a Desk! Nez Peroe I-ands Opened, WASHINGTON, Nov. ll.-The president has signed the proclamation open- ine the Nez Perce ceded lands to settlement on Nov. 18. The proclamation directs that under the regulations issued by the secretary of the interior the lands shall be opened to settlement according to the terms of the treaty. The price of agricultural lands is fixed at $3,75 per acre and of timbered lauds at $5 per acre, Honored Joseph Jefferson, NEW YORK, Nov. lO.-Nearly all of the prominent actors and theatrical managers in New York were included in the company of 800 which assembled at the Garden Theater during the after- now to present to Joseph Jefferson a massive silver cup, the gift of more than £000 members of the dramatic prof es< sion, _ Frptoert Again Arrested, WASHBTJBN, Wis., Nov. lO.-Banker A 0 Probertwas arrested during the moniing—a second time within two weeks—this time on a charge of embezzlement. Mr. Probert owes depositors nearly $150,000, and the state bank examiner a few days ago made a report showing that the cask resources of ms three institutions aggregated only $550, fft Reopen the ?ftWWM* Spaniels, PAWS, NOY, 10,—^'Intransigent serts that the government is about reopen t» e question of the Pajn?,,^ * *:, *„,<, &U( j that it WUI PJ-OS 6 a, nrominent member of ~-»'' H '>™ 0 " Dr Donaldson Smith, the African explorer, has cabled to his friends that he is safe. Teenier, the St. Louis oarsman won the half-mile dash at the Austin regatta. Ambassadors of the powers warned the sultan that unless disturbances are immediately stopped the powers will take Turkish affairs into their own hands. A special dividend of 5 per cent in addition to the regularly quarterly dividend has been declared by the liquidating trustees of the Standard Oil company- John B, Gentry wfts ignonimously beaten-byJoe Patchen at Richmond, Va Patchen won <*e first two heats easily in 8:15K and 1:15. Gentry was distanced in the second heat and wjtn* drawn. Thousands Out of Work. BIEMINGHAM, Ala., Nov. lO.-The management of the Birmingham Bolling Mills company and the Alabama Boiling Mill company, have announced that they will close their mills in conformity with an agreement entered into with the Bar Iron association in order to regulate the supply and demand. The two mills employ 2,000 men. His Father Killed the Same Way. PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 10. — Burly Kitchen, aged 17 years, of Newhope, Pa , who was shot while gunning near Flemingtou, N. J., is dead. The lad and another named Parson attempted to climb over a fence, when the latter's gun was discharged, killing Kitchen. The father was killed in the same wai a year ago.__ As Minister to Switzerland. KANSAS CITY, Nov. 12.—The Star announces that President Cleveland has tendered to John L. Peak, a Kansas City lawyer, the appointment as United States minister to Switzerland to succeed James Broadhead of St. Louis, Who recently tendered his resignation. '>l-96-28 and running thence south on tion line to southwest corner of sectional- ione AJV V D. UAiJlVll>O> 1895 ' 47 County Auditor. Real Estate, 1 Loans gi Over On vhich stood upon the the passage. The old" ig up and downl with, jind .restless,|| picking, ^Wx • • f ^"~ vfirh't of Miss Morstan Afi court. ShoJL soothing effect upon n ornA i»nii*iT.v -o V\t\\ that coufity. Claycou Iderable amount of sue Jborders,; and'q «* fof interest. ie county,-a' haF mrposes will-beX sweet calm face!"' Ill await the resullysterioal sob. "It you. Oh, but I this day!" r^oc A-T o A^ herjthin ' w ° rk - bint AT 'SAw OTed some few —Op^v: ./ ,i,panly comfort ' L back .into the' Stri lesentegBros, ALGONA, IOWA. IN— in and ie explained.. (to hear from ; alone; -but'' (thing was' sd through ! ro up, Mr.' and look Barthol- IITOW for him Pan Bitohle Convicted of Muraer, MILWAUKEE, Nov. 13,—A special to The Wisconsin from Ashland, Wis., says: The jury in the case of^Pau Ritohie, for the murder of William Amrine, brought in a verdict of murder in the first degree, which calls for life imprisonment. W»8 Prqinlnept J» Cftlifprnlft. PASADENA, Gal., Nov. JO.-SimoB &. Beed, the well known horseman, died at his residence in this city, Mr, Beed was prominent in the development of tfce Willamette valley and leaves a large fortune, ._ To Southern Minnesota, In the Fertile MinVesota< ; yalle'y. ' tip and These rifih prairie"lands are dark 10aB« nolto ' s soil and are very productive*' Thjs,partoj|d. So Minnesota is well settled and hasischoof houses pnd churches. These Jands'^are located ue'ar THK IOWA COLONY, near.TB,im- ton., Minn., a bright new towo nl n C<C 1 rtrt*».4-.l f\n a -Pr\i\ nil Ir4>^^ln _fl , -town and first- ton, Minn,, a bright new town and firs class locations for all kinds of business. ,„„,.„ Blue Joint hay grows in abundance on. If his the uplandiprairjo, making-it a fln« stoplr Crks country. Yfo are sellipg these choice oral-, , r rie lands on very easy terms at prices,'^V, 6 /? but Pard told /house iignato its they jok the In oxtni H"t *v>^j( w»,w *iw fw^ujDuu uuo «t)(jyiKr yeaiji-v" fte of Mr, X wo y 6 '* 1 " 8 *,?, ma ^ e ,, 8 «P°«d payment an^i'A • -hlch ha ^e crops will pay for.the'Ja^, We re- ^ men jje bate round trip faro,to purchasers orimra .,. How acres over the Northwestofn Line. \ ,rd Tying 50 '^ ^'^ »» WW* 1 ^ra paying , - At $ } o to $13 Per Acre, joo. o^oioB for sale on easy „_,„„ v ""•*•»- -" to*5 mjle7of So my the [bling :nded . * Butte streToaTcowpwy is doubling its tracks. The new P-abst theater at Milwaukee was fomally opened Satwday wght. Xt is perfect in every particular. The president has appointed Arthur TT Delaney of Ala,s.l?a.i United States district judge foy Alaska- lepeys have wired, in , Nov. •Smith has pent to the president ft of the pvoclamation opewug we JNess Perc«9 Qeded lands to settlement, we suggests that the opewng ofthe lands ^IxedlOd^s latey than the time at whufc he appends hja pignatwe. »8fcot»'s Plfttm OJ?, NOV. 10.— Colonel John M, King, the state agent for South Wft, ftled witto fee ooniwwwoiw of aHaud ofllce two olwfltf W of the state i o* wuwwtB due the ffle sales of pftbUo tends. W fuseJJ Itw/ B. R. Rad- jearSwo&Olty, 'back to the best y not be able apples" here, jiore CQW an,d >}1, whereas'the hear<J gp' mvscb> ' Whether i spot i YOBS, NQY, 40,-Tbe «™'** »^ vr E J"^ r ^sr ~f Ftfifi dayf j^ 9 ' y mm'- ^fSm •^'^f^^w^wppAw^r >?^tj neianas on very easy terms at prices,'7,V, er ? ranging 1 from $7.50 to $12,50 per acre v One-' v Hthe fifth cash and G.per eent fhterest, titlesi r ''*iB a perfeqfc and no payment the second 1 yeai!,v^ v tx m fe^r^L*,?, ?«*% W?J»?.,PI??wnt. a^V/SS3 me 9 several section farms Wo G, F, HQWLO'WAY, BANCROFT,

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