The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 6, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1895
Page 8
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.,, ,^ ?0 ,,.^ ^, r , : ^ ^ A New Line of Removal Sale Patterson & Son s. We will sell goods for the NEXT THIRTY DAYS at prices never before heard of, All our large line of § Crockery, Glassware, Lamps and Chamber Sets will be sold at almost cost. Now is your time to get a nice lot of dishes. Our canned goods must go. CALL AND GET OUR PRICES. ^^PATTERSON & SON, BANKS, ABSTRACTS, LAUDS, LOAMS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. Ambrose A. Call D. H. Hutching, Wra. K. Ferguson, C. D. Smith, President. Vice-Pros. Csshler. Ass't.Cash. THE FIRST NATIONAL 8ANK, , IOWA. CAPITAL.; $5O,OOO. ! art i es . who fupnlsh flrst-olass security ins, S. A. Ferguson, PhlUp Dorweller. JP. H. Vesper, . Call, K. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL—$50,000.00. '- OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A.D.Clarke, Pres., 0. C. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thos. H. Lantry. Cashier, Geo. L Galbraith, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schenck, Thos.F.Cooke. ; Algona, Iowa. '";;•. • '-,• *" '' GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest Pald'for Time" Deposits.' ""'"' ". W,. H. Theo. Chrischilles, President. Vice Presideiit. ^ H. Smith, Cashier AfcGONA, IOWA. " CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and 'domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors—W. U. inghatn, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T, Ohrlschi.lles, Lewis U. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth. Baniet-Devine.. . ; •.•:•.{••-. : • • DON'T TAKE ANY -CHANGES ON< Abstracts of Title. sure you got what you pay for and take no chances. , ESTATE FOANS, FAEMS AND WILD LANDS. you may HAY & RICE Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa., Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. v low is the Time to Insure! ^ 90990 BEFORE THE LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS . .•.'A*' All kinds of Insurance sold by : The Bancroft Insurance Agency-4 A, |recli, Prop, I QFFPW5 THE FOfc&QWJNG COMPANIES FOB Cash Capital, Assets Aetna Hartford ,-- 84,000,000.00 810,847,816.36 Phoenix Hartford . •-- 8,000,000.00 5,588,058.00 £MQp.n,l x i nad^wom »•• 075490800 5,19i,055'.00 3,845,353.00 1,36?,097.00 1,081,587.00 403,314.00 be made by any agency in the land Just Received at LANGDON & HUDSON'S. ^« Nov. 5.—Mrs. S. E. is Quite sick with quinsy. Chris. Peters, for sometime foreman of the Reporter office, has severed his connection with that paper and will attend college. We have coffie to the eohsinsion that the old proverb, "A half truth is as bad as a lie," is true. •The case of Eckaft vs. Corey occupied the attention of Judge ftobinson's court a little while a week ago last Monday, and was continued until 1'uesday. At the time set for the hearihg to be resumed the attorneys were on hand ready td go to work but the plaintiff failed to put in an appearance and sp his attorney dismissed the case. H. A. Fellows was for defend* ant and Welt Miller for plaintiff* The Reporter people have moved into their hew quarters tin the Wesley State Bank building. Qeo. R. Cloud, of Algona, was in town Saturday. A'. S. White has rented the building for* nierly occupied by the State Bank and will open a lunch counter. , Will Bronson delivered.the official bal< lots at this place last Monday. The J. P, Dolliver meeting was Well attended, but there were some things hap* pened that were not on the program. A. S. White returned from a visit to his parents in Jasper county last Friday. Sunday was the last Sabbath Rev. Father Eckart will hold services here, having been called to another place. 188 the g-feat dahpbf tJiu'ou. UNION, Nov. 4.— Tho family Dr of C. E. Garfleld Walker are on the sick list. is the attending physician. P. N. SarchottundGrettie Tjaden are much Improved. Mr. and Mrs. Billsborough are putting on Metropoliton airs, all on account of that grandson up at Burt— their first. C. Bysou has his barn done and painted. It is a fine one. Also he has made extensive improvements on his house and painted that also. Mr. Boevers is, we hear, settled In his new home, having engaged a man and his wife to keep house for him. He has his barns, windmill and house neatly replaced much as they were before the cyclone. There was preaching at the Schenck school house by the Rev. Clapp Sunday at 10 a. m. Fenton. FENTON, Nov. 5.—H. J. Newel has his new house and barn nearly complete and already to move in. Mr. Jacob Weisbrod, Jr., is so he can be around again.. Buskamp boys wore seen on our streets last Sunday; ' , I. C. Pettlt is still drilling at' his; well. He has got no water yet. H. Brassi' ; has also failed to strike water so far. vc •? Friday morning . it looked as though there had been -another cyclone in'-fthese parts. -Buggies were scattered, wagons upset and other tricks were played, but all are ever so much obliged to the. boys for not doing more. . . Swea City. SWEA CITY, Nov. 4, • 1895 —Halloween was celebrated here this year in the good old way. Everything moveablo was piled in the middle of the streets and it is astonishing -how many moveable things there are on that occasion. Fortunately it comes but once a.year. The social at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. Kain's last Friday evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated. Mr. and Mrs. Stebblns, of Ames, arrived Friday for a visit with .their daughter, Mrs. C. E. Ellis. A camp of Modern Woodmen of America has been organized here. They starfewith seventeen members. Andrew Crane took his departure last Thursday for New Richland, Minn., to look after farming interests at that point. Three cases of scarlet fever are reported in the home of a farmer living five miles east of town. The marriage of Mr. Ed. Sanborn and Miss Clara Dale was celebrated at the home of the bride on Oct. 20, Rev. Fllkins of the M. E. church officiating. The wedding was very quiet, none but members of the family being present. Mr. and Mrs. Sanborn are among Swea City's most popular young people and all unite in wishing them a long and happy life. County and Neighborhood News, Swea City Herald: O. D. Ranks and wife drove to Emmetsburg last week for a few days' visit with relatives while Mr, Ranks locked after business matters. The-Wesley Reporter says that Charley Robinson in digging a well in Prairie township struck a large piece of soft coal some fifty feet down. John F. Duncombe, of Fort Dodge, was badly injured on Monday by being thrown from a carriage by a runaway team. He was thrown against a tree, and it is feared was injured internally, Dr. Hefliu, of Swea City notoriety, was convicted at Eldora on a charge of obtain' ing money under false pretences and his sentence was forty days in jail and a fine of 1500. He is now serving time. A Saturday last's special from Alden says that upwards of 100 acres ef land }s burning in Wright county. Sparks from an engine started a. fire on the Ellswprth farm three miles northwest of town. The The soil being dry and of a peaty nature, th,e fire spread rapidly, Some slacks 0 | hay and grain have been consigned, by the names and jnpre tb&«. 10Q acres now burning undergro,u,n,d'tQ the <Jept& of four feet or wore, JfcwUl barn tUji comes to extinguish. It, West Bep'd Jpuraelj 'Majsljftll Hayes and family capered yi first an4 19 secoo4 prises on porn, vep ' the &qssuth.£QU,jjty ,!*!*' ' 6s ft eed&tivfe. re, f was e€Hain!y f*- pulled tap Svith ft ..<i* addetii Sholto, fit ihA MO** &M m tx)fes6. •'clbclt wheti w6 oi 6uf bight's ttheidainfJfog tis, afid tnfi . e _, ^ waFin winu , a«d heavy the sky, occasionally Icar enough ' t Thaddeus side-lamps betted its own with a with .means iockod L lice IOW a &.c i »•»* Are fast becoming the popular farm. We are putting up some, v^ for running Feed Grinders, Corn S Saws, Churns, etc., and at the same^ the: work ©f a pumping mill. By WIGKWAM you can see an exact mod! Monitor G-eared Wind Mills and get pri an outfit as you need. We are prepared to Jurnish anything HE HEM) Ul* 1'Hte LANT&A& gfeat rubbish heaps which cumbered the grounds. Miss Morstati and 1 stodd together, and her" hand was in mine. A wondrous subtle thing Is love, to* here were we two who h&d neVe? seeh each other before that day, betweea whom ho Word or even look of auction had ever passed, and yfit htnv In ah hour pf trouble* our hands instinctively sought for each other. 1 have marveled at it . since, but at the time it seemed the most natural thing that 1 should go out to her so, and,'as she has often told me, there was in her also the instinct' to turn to me for ootnfort and protec' tiori. So we stood hand in hand, like two children, and there was peace m our hearts for all the dark things that surrounded us. « "What, a strange place!" siie saidY Jcing around. "It looks as though all the moles in gland had been let loose in it. I e seen something of the sort on the of a hill near Ballorat, where the , ipectors had been at work." nd from the same cause," said ,es. "These are the traces ol in th kure-seekers. You must remember FTockH'IWI 111 0 ~ r»«».« cl&ey were six years looking for it. .Feed Mills, Corn S\ n | er that ^ ground looks like . . . . il ^ r Our work as well L lp it.« gOOdS IS Strictly TirstClaSS and everything full^at'moinent-thedoor,,bur8topen f ranted. Be sure and see us and get our prices btodeuS shbm> came placing your order. ALGONA, JOWA, WILFRID county like Mr. Hayes would insure a successful fair every year In that county. Esthervllle Republican: Two new teachers.were selected at a special meet- Ing of the board Friday. They are Miss Abbie Goodwin, of Kossuth county and Miss Marie SIders of Dos Molnes. The latter has not arrived in town yet, and Mrs. Dr. Bradley has Charge of her roonl in the meantime. - ' ' Fred A. Patterson has been comm'js- sioned postmaster at 'German Valley, la. Burt Monitor.: . E, B. Eddy .-and., Mr. Turner have returned from -Missouri. Mr. Turner Is a brother-in-law of Prof. Connor and Is on a rented farm east of Burt, and he went down to take a look at the country. He was not favorably - im- v pressed and is not going to move down. Mr. Eddy bought more land. The Seneca creamery company .has' fin.-, ally been able to get a settlement of. Its claim 'against tho insurance cornpapy- After arbitration failed bepauso of> disagreement on a third man /the • company begun suit in the courts, and the company seeing it had no. caso, settled by paying 83,200, which Is within • about'$100 of. 'the' creamery's original claim. •' "•'>' Monitor: Lucy Calkins and'Charlie' Mann were married last Sunday 'at th!e home of Mr. and Mrs. M, J. Mann. Rev. Middlekaufl officiated. There wero abouj; 80 guests present. The young couplcr're'- ceived a number of handsome and usefuj presents. Mrs. Mann,will teach In the Mann district the coming winter., Fred Gilbert of spirit Lake won the'Du- pont cup and tho wins of the world at Baltimore last Friday. He gets $777 cash and the cup is valued a,t $650. Signal: Rov. Simpson has resigned the pastorate of the Garner Congregational church which has been accepted to take effect December J, His work here has been very satisfactory and his resignation was accepted to permit him to continue his theological studies, the Town, Armstrong Journal: If there Js a town in this section of the cqu,ntry that can raise money^ in larger amounts and do it in a hurry J-t is Algona, It tpok onjy a few hours to get a subscription list' of fSO,OQO for the shpe factory that'is looking for a location in this section of the cpuptry, Algona is a town that has considerable wealth and a lot of entqrp'r^sjng' business men, and we hope tbe'y wJll^get $be fac* tory. " Three jnstaiicQS Q{ heroism inthegentlesexbavecpm,q r to pur notice of Iftte, ORO is Mrs. Jas, j>, Stow, bitched Hp a sonjewhat sluttish bQrs started for Bwt. * Commencing ihe descent of ^ Jong, steep hill; broke and the, horse began to Fwn» wa.s enq»gb fp* 1 tbe" screamed npp Jumped fl«is hut witb tbe bprso witb the pne tree, b^aijijjs MSB ta' ting on tip toe In a chair- and screaming and gathering her skirts about her, deliberately put her foot on him as cooly as a load of Ice In February. Mistaken Identity, Costs $45.;. Wesley Repor.ter;> Tuesday,' afternoon J.tA. Yarger,- who has been conducting the^hoteljat Corwllh, led a cow over preparatory jto, shipping ,tha,t ^evening; to Nashua ( wjiere locating, Mr. Yarger tied the^animaVjn one 6f the pens at the stock yard, which isVsually occupied by'J. H. Ward's cattle previous to, being slaughtered, and came 'up town.' About 5:30 he went down to the yards for 1 the purpose'6f putting his cow in the car, but failed tcfJind her.- He -then reported the- matter to Agent Hopkins, but even that dignitary failed to reveal its whereabouts. The gentleman was t th'en told by some boys that suc'li'a 'cow was taken to Ward's slaughter house by two me.u,;and ' immed-j lately he set forth' for/'tlje hquse ,pf,' slaughter, and to .his hoijror 'discovered the cow that had been giving sixteen gallons of inilk per day, cold in the arms of death with.the.cbutcb.ers just f severing its head fijom the body. For a moment there was smoke like a low flrein a pile of sage brush w'jth fqyke<| gleams of electricity, forthewrath'qf Mr., Yarger waxed' hot and refused to Tie 7 cooled. It is said that the butchers were dumb for fully fifteen minutes after ; that gentleman's departure. It was a most ynfortunate mistake, but in fact nobody was to blame. Mr, Ward had a cow in one of the pens and he told his men to.talcQ it f to the slaughter bouse and kJU It, no^t thinking to designate Which pen it was in, ' They did as they were told, but unfortunately took the wrong animal. The caw was an extra good one and was a groat favorite of Mr, Yarger and his family and which he would not sell for love or money. However under the circumstances the matter was amicabjy settled by Mr, Ward paying 145. his hands thrown forward in his eyes. is something amiss with Barr he cried. "I am fright- nerves.cannot etond it." He i, half-blubbering with fear, Etching, feeble face, peeping \3,e great Astrakhan collar,' Aless, appealing expression _Wl<l. =the house," said Holmes, having the-title to > those that aro'useleV" 1611 Thaddeus Sholto. the county, to be draiy feel *V«* to ff»v!ng di- for farming larids. I\ , , , 4 . . ' there are about 7000 ac| him lnto the house " that county. Clay cou slderable amount of sui eastern borders;, and' q the same,wiH-bo i -ra49ed the district coiii't.'^ hich s,tood upon the ,he passage. The old, y up and down* with.' pd .restless,|i picking ' * A. • *Hi'j nn l *&iTx^Mii4n v« to be in the county,-a ha" •ht of Miss'Morstan soothing effect upon public 'purposes will" beVweet calm face!"' .people will await the resul degree of interest. GREAT ,terioal sob. "It you. Oh, but I ' is day!" . " her thin, worked some few anly comfort back into the -IN- Back From Missouri. Burt Monitor; Our friend R. B. Radway has purchased a farm near Swea City, 3Mr. Radway Js welcomed back to tiie best states Jn the-tlnlpa, He way not be able to raise so many -"big red apples" here, but, Jnsteail,' he can raise more cprn and hogs, and flieso^e pap aejl, whereas the- "blg red aoples" we have heard so' muph» about, rot'upo-n,the ground, yhetjjer o$ not he still tias a warm spot i for Missouri, and an acUlnar stomach-fw coming baQ)| f te;Ko8aB any pf pur readers sti}) MissQuri feyer we suggest ^ Ubei'fti" pf Radway's' Reaay Relief, CpHr}ej>« -M^y Jp,hjispn, fite who has w<?|$e&QRe Qf P.jGwR'i ?r^ b}s beanji l jn h\$ b!—bfr js If .self in and ,e explained.. hear from alone; -but' •'•»-*. ***. _#thingwas IjJS 11<1 ^ough J-^'O i \ ..up, Mr.' nd look Barthol- Southern linnesotaF^ In the Fertile Mln\jesot£u.Valle'y. J>p and These riah prairie lands are dark^loftm soil and are very productive., Thjs partoi Minnesota Is well settled and has-sobool houses and; churche§. T ( hpso'lands are lo-l cated uear THE IOWA COLONY, near.Taun--' ton, Minn., a bright new town and first- class locations for all klnda of business. Blue Joint hay grows in abundance on;. the uplandtpralrle, making-it a flne stoclr cpuntry. T^e are selling these choice-oral., no lands on very easy terms at prices," ranging-from $7.50 tp $13,50 per acre-. One^'V' f fifth9as6 and 6.per cent Interest, titles?*'',; perfe95 and no payroen-t toe-second. 1 yea-K. a " Two years to make seppnd' payment and; ?Vj the crops will pay for;t}ie'}aiid:. -We rer--% bate round trip fare to purchasers orw>','$$ acres over the Northwestern Line, ' •" 50,000 Acres of Fiae^ Selected: 'A 4- ffi t f\ +f* <&1 r~ — r > f\\ a> i v vO *ff J < So mv ded his ,5 . '. **J*V* "/•^ loa CHOICE IMPROVE. for s»le on easy tersaB at ? vrltWn BH Jo% miles O f R! severol section farms and' wlW land, We ate®, b^ve'spme' fin 4 BANCROFT, IQW<A M^^7?' f* 5 , ffN,4fH», IlNSLOW

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