The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1953
Page 3
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fAGE TWELVE OSCEOLA NEW fiU'THEVtl.LE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS Sla WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 2,1953 STARHGAZING Ever so often I have to ta 10 UnuH: tliosc who write l>(.cliilly lioi.-i Jilj'lhevillu—uboi articles Ihiil ;i])))Kir on tills of your Cutirin 1 News. Sure li a fellow leel coocl. Country] ; ; oc's fiirihL-r when served will telephoni; oft'ia U. C , opened on gram. Ills type of ham-hock and black- eyed-peas singing wore out years ago. lie's too old to be cute, not that I don't love old folks, but the cute kind are repulsive. He hasn't sung a new SOUK in years. Hearing him sing "Row, How, now" was like reading last ' year's newspaper. I thought Sirt Caesar was the only one who thrives on repiiition. ly rarmnK my it rirvj.sion critic b rhaUt'iiKc to ii • nee to put On the Sociai Side.. If you want to know whether your coffee has chicory in it, try putting ,;,,",• it's -i r'L-uit'n-f 10 si; a spoonful of the mixture into a ,;,;;r>.s Ymf/li^nce to'put oj l^s <>'<*«»•. cold water; the coffee ;;how as corny »'i the one Phil ^j ^ ris and r.ompvuv; pvit, on Satuvi t on the "Show of Shows" p eleven. lil id bunking parti chicory will separate and discolor the water as it precipitates. Don't tell anybody I told you. Are you up on the why and wherefore of the Monroe Doctrine? Exactly 130 years ago today, the doctrine was proposed. Jt happened ball than dolls. Sandra Poiiard, swimmnu Iliivala Henderson, nine, plays the ul b ^bill team. T l l.v . i n c H'ctui «f -story boc R ^ Couldn't you know) waS drlsdcnn < M cups nd spoons ar^ Uempting to exclude alt buL her siib htcs .vwimmin^ wn vesse j s from the Northwest i te is i chip off tii oast of America. European nations ^ , 'Wre moving to take over Central nd 3:/.;;h American lands thai had [•b'/jjc:d against Spain. President James Monroe in his icssflye to Congress declared that ,ny attempt to interfere with daddy, Faber hunting and fish in,' of his ll-year-o he c 11 gamrs ar s \ n nnng, basely n lm£, kindebntrol American nations would be .,, Junior Gardners, with (left to right) Mrs. V. G. Mann, plnnist, Mrs, Jessce Cramer, sponsor, and Mrs. 0. B. Moore, sons dirccto rf u n < i Sh t in u n 1 r i did hoist bir | Ro < M 11 I If nsto\ idtlPthn s her dad ifjgardecl as an unfriendly action. 111 ti i m ft i i county agenty 18 g 0 j^iis had become a guiding j m MKUV, she. too. Is interested "Vinciple in our foreign relations, cs i ! fl is mcl iM R rowing \I u\ T u C u lUp, 11. is an-', Mr. and Mrs, Guy Driver had as their Thanksgiving guests their daughter, Mrs. Edwin Page, and Dr. Page, Mr. and Mrs. Talmage Page, Mrs. Gertrude Durwagc, Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Buchanan, Mrs. Paul Cameron, all of Memphis, and Spencer Driver of Osceola. Bronze chrysanthemums were used in profusion throughout the Driver's country home. Mr. and Mrs. Winifred Watson and son, Larry, returned home Sat- urday after spending Thanksgiving with their families, Dr. and Mrs. L/D. Massey and Miss Ann Mas* sey and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Watson. The Watsons are making their home, in Ardmore. Okla., where Mr. Watson is district manager of Mayflower Movers. Barbara Shaneyfelt, Billy Jo Carlisle, llai'lan Starr and Harvey Lee j Hill, all students at Arkansas ! Slate, were home for the Thanksgiving holidays. Don't go about wrecking the necking by using taboo areas" — The Turks in Turkey call turkeys American birds. Figure that tongue twister out. Nineteen shoppings days till you know when. Abraham Lincoln said this: "If you call a tail a leg, how many legs has a dog?" Five? "No, calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg." Heaven gives soup to those who hnve no teeth. A weed is no more than a flower In disguise- Everything can't be taeautiiul; it would be monotonous. It's no the wealthy say—but it might as well be. There is no good in. arguing with the inevitable. The only argument Mrs. Braxton Brayg and Mrs; Fay Henderson of Little Rock spent the holidays with Mr. and Mrs." Wilbur Wildy. Mr. imd Mrs. J. B. Strickling celebrated their 22nd wedding aimi-f* versary Thursday niyhi at the Pcat'J body Skyway. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Florida joined them at the hotel. The two couples returned home Friday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schreick, Jr., and son, Joe Tul hud as their guests for Thanksgiving, Mrs. Hilda Livingston and son, John Kirk, of Louisville, Miss. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Lanmim's home was the central gathering place for their children and grandchildren on Thanksgiving- Day. For dinner, Pvt. Coleman Lannum of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Rex Crane and children of Poplar Bluff, Mo., Mr. uucl Mrs. Bay Gill and children of Dell, joined the Osceola members of the disgrace to be poor-so | Lammm family. Miss Emily Mason of West Memphis spout the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Mason. Lt. Lester Bjorkluncl In I) I plivn but is inter- 'Say not that you know another Osceo/a's Junior Gardeners Take Their Work Seriously It's just natural for little net like grown-up-ladies for them to cat tuid sloop. espwrmU; when they have pnsst'd the "plik- ing" ace. They say that's the hardest a£i of all to hit tipun .suiiu'!hin» thi'i will be inteytisti:il in. But, for the information of Ihosc who believe that old-Lime idea they probabh hadn't thought of organizing real "sure "nuf" club for (.hem, just like the one their mothers belong to except, of course, they don't wear those befGathered and beflowered hats and while glovrs so clnsrly associated with the ''club ladies-" The Osccola Garden Club's president, Mrs. Bruce Ivy, luis one of those little girls who asked a million questions every time her mother came home from met 1 ting so an idea struck her. Wliy uot, organize a. Junior Garden Club and let them learn while they're ynuiiR just how to conduct a club meeting? And lei- them find out lor (hem- selves what f^oes on when the president, of the .'unior Garden Club raps the p five* I for (he meeting '.o, begin—and for every body to stop iris to done in such a short time. ; it Jsj j wouldn't have believed it if t hadn't been invited to one of theit meetings. Sully Walters, U. is the president. She very solemnly gave a couple ot raps and with no other instructions the twenty little members stood up an in their scuffed up saddle-oxfords (the club meets right after school) and repeated their pledge: "As a Junior Gardener, I promise to protect our birds, flowers and trees and to help make and keep our city clean and beautiful. I will do my best, to make my home, my city, my school, and my country n better and prettier place in which l,o live." squirming find to park their bub- Wcnilcln't this be a big wide jpiiutifnl world if we all repeated :licir pledge every day? The secretary, Bettye Lynn Speck, 2. rend the minutes from their last nee ting which, incidentally, was eld the week before. They are meeting every Tuesday mtil Christmas as they have lots to do before their big debut party on Dec- 17, when the big club is spoiiKoring n Christmas tour on (\\nl nifihl, and tlie Juniors will sing Christmas carols while the guests sire gathered around the wassail bowl. The treasurer, Ina Lee Mat lock 11, had very little to say, but slur gave her report, nevertheless. Thuii clues are 50 cents a year and sincf they are a brand new club thoy haven't made any money for the treasurer to bray about, ' The churches, holding their tradi- ' tional money- baz/.ars and suppers,! put a crimp in their plans but don't, llif twuiH nifuhf 1 s int. to sr-e their nanit s m u mi uid I promised n hi UK ii pit t id ill Janet; to tl t Hi iml nnuom tou> 1 u<> back on i her wont after that gesture— <o here they au M1H \\ tl eis pit ulrm; Eliza- bt'h \r n I\ \jft pn iduit; Bfjity L n ^ ( K sit ut u\ Jn i LCC Mat- lot n. ti i uti Ihr non-officiating mcmij(. i r.s are U-hey infonnrd me ed in f!<r.v-?r gardening, too. (tirely, till you have divided Joan Rl-imlf^. 11, likes parties, heritance with him. bin. like- lifi- dud, Joe Rhodes, likes ^ever though I'd live to see food above everything and she has jfjueU-e for necking included in a th be surprised on Dec. 17 ii you see [ ln irn a booth set up with cute little giltcd match boxes with acorns pprclietl on top and a few other little novelties. They, with Mrs. Cramer, are always on the alert looking for sumo novel idea they can keep their small hands busy with. One unusual thine I saw were empty GKK cartons filled with cf;;; shells, all colored like En;>l(.;r eggs. Showing my ignorance, I asked one of the little members. "why the egg shells". She acfnl as though I should hnve known pansy seeds were planted in them—and they'll hnve pansy plants to sell early in the spring, she informed me. I'll have you to know this club, organized on Sept. 22. br i i federated the next month. The nri; Junior Garrirnfrs of tin \ tlonn Council of Slate On ! i The youngest mcmln'vs nine nnd (.here are only two wh t!if waist lint: to prove Jt. Becky Mann. 10 says --he hos to like foot- hall wht'tlier she wants to or not bociHise ii/s served at thru- table tor breakfast, dinner, and supper, by her dad. Ray Mvmn. Jiminie Lynn Bans, 12. is a little more se- tintc in her hobbies. She wants to bo a concert pianist but riidit now she doesn't like to practice her muMc a.s much as is required of a EV: mous pianist. Mary Virginia Steed, 11, is nn- otbc'r our of the Boston Bloomer Girls. Doris N 7 ell Gentry likes yaine.s and bunking parties. She is , the ll-ycar-ohi duuKhter ol Mr. Apple- and Mrs. D. A. Gentry, with the iithor play base- j Sec GAKDKNEKS on Pivge 13 jlcge curriculum—or curricula. they say about Texas, every- is better, bigger and braver, iecially braver. It took a lot of jrage to be the first college in j land to come up with rules for king on the campus but the Iversity of Houston's dormitory ihcil has issued the regulations, ere they are: "1. Area outside O' and 'B' dorm reception rooms •roved for goodnight kisses only. . Cullen Boulevard, side of 'D' th recommended. ; Cars in dorm parking lot 01 if we can see your heads show- the car seat. All other areas are taboo- available with an east wind put on your overcoat. to In an orchard there should be j enough to eat, enough to lay up, enough to be stolen, and rot upon the ground. . Woman is the last thing which will be civilized by man. spent Thanksgiving with his wife and children, Conine and Bill. Lt. Bjorklund is stationed in Laredo, Tex., with the Army Air Force. Miss Betty Ann Whiiworth ; of/ enough to Memphis was a week end visitor with her parents, Mr. and Mrs J. W. Whitworth. Miss Ann Massey is spending se\v eral days in Mmphis with Airs. J. A. Monui and Miss Joanne Laney. Jf t That man who lives for self alone lives for the meanest mortal The wrong way always the more reasonable. Gratitude is a fruit of great cultivation; you do not find it among gross people. Food Hangover?. (Cos, Heartburn, Acid Stomach?) Turns give top-speed relief. No waccr, no mixing— ' lake anywhere. Always carry Turns. As he brews. BO shall he drinkl TUM5 FOR THE TUMHf IF YOU LIKE A REAL BARGAIN, READ TH The BIGGEST sclIinR job in town Here in the classified section of your newspaper . . . you meet personally those people who are really in the market for what you have lo offer. They read your message because they want to hire or he hired, to buy, self, (o renl, or to do you a service. Within minutes after your paper appear? YOU GET RESULTS THROUGH THE WANT ADS! I Ads placed before 5 p.m. will appear next day, I except for Monday's paper when ads must be placed by noon Saturday. All classified advertising I payable in advance. YTHEVILLE CoU RIER NEWS Whatever you haul or deliver . . . whatever the truck model 01 New Heavy-Duty 3-s pee d Tronsmis- sion.' Brings you me added conven- size you need .., here's news that's too important for you to miss icnce of a steering column gearshift ... , . . .... . . . . . i lever on 1-ton models. 1 lores nr-A^ a!' t,' 'lie moM power:ul, fciiiirc-,. In«ie ciranmeo to do, liiiLMperionn-- i-lo-.liinf-A.iv.-.nrc- yonr li.-.nlm;- n,- delivery job faster,! Ngw chass!s Rugge d n css. Heavier axle I)CM :'" tr ' K ,'' '- • Kil'~".mplv^y rn,,^ c.r,,ly, m,,rL- cllicicmly . I ^nTo1TTtSn~nlodeTI~More durable ne»; Cieva.!..: ;.- . , I, r \vt. Come m ;,ml -,,c the trucks w,th , h n h an(j h d ^ctill |:M..| i: • t);. ; se t'reat new Hi-: rno-.t new Ic.-.lurcs . . . new 19i41 modcl ,}« have stronger frames Iruuks ;uo ! with biand-ni;'" Uivivrolcl trucks. I Afotf TTu& On Any Job Thn big nev/s is in these big new features— Erioino T-, Now Comfortrr.':-*' r Cab. Ni'-"' 1 / f!': 1 '- puvir" a!:"."' T" ":T.!iJ prrr.'.i':-. ?!!('.t!;T \ 1 ' , v ,':7/ If;'.:;M:;:'..;tt P-uiel li c::, ; : , , c . ;i! | and to jt.,'.h. M^w Automatic Trontmitlton.* New iruo): II>(l;.-i-M.-ili(; Iransnmsinn is (-•Uc; :d nol only on *A • .'intl '->-[on truck 1 ,, hut (jn 1-ion models^ too! M'-v/ Pitln Control Sfjol.* Scat cushion ;,i:-i [,,:'.'> rjiN'.'' ;i*. a Unit In "llnal" y.'l ii;i-l lull,;;;. It's the last Word in d/iVcr C',. - ;ji'/u! New, Bigger Load Space. New pickup bodies have deeper sides . . . new stake bodies are wider and longer. Now Advonce-Design Styling. New oshft N CHI runt-end is more massive in appear- ncc. New parking lights show the ull width of the. truck. at extra cost. Ride Control Scat is sianitarti on C.O-K, models, available on all cab models as extra equipment. ADVANCE-DitSIGN TRUCKS SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY \\i-;s'i WAI,NI;T BLYTHEVILLE

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