The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 6, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1895
Page 7
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FRANK W ™ur.i.i*v. r__J BEWARE "OF: T^trURCD FOR tO CtNTS II 11 12 ^es CUPED roasts ctNTsIr*-^ jl* <•-' ' g?0 £0 CtARK 5T.WPeRj.AU B'UP'iJ. ,.;* nann? u di p.n \ynicn yourdru^^t o wi<?« p& much • • •" ? • ••• % fV-. Frank'W, «>.'"!> fi • \tV M AT •MKSDNSENIillSIISAmYlLllS ALtlOMA IOWA, WfeI»rt»DA¥, SOVKMBteft 6, bat Claim Me L«fdl6ft66— Cha*gi> El of Atoftet A*e 16 Ameticafa Hail- be which had teen st few days seeking ident Hill, of the r) has left with' f. MlL Before leav- i predated & statement It ffflfporti to explain aittee came to St. Paul i give copies of the letters /passed between the com- officers of the road. The 'ire&tens or rather promises Ite oh the Great Northern as lie result of the visit to St. fc known to the several Agreement Violated* r -ir statement to the public the 'tee begins with the signing of iement between President Hill Great Northern and Eugene Debs A..R. U. at the end of the strike 194. Every article of the agree- t, the men say, has been grossly .tedby the company through its .cers, from president down. Em- foyes have been discharged without iuse, Wages reduced, hours length- fed and all kinds of abuse heaped Puponthem. To offset this a delegate 'convention Was held at Devils Lake, N. D., Oct. 8 to 14 last. This convention investigated the condition : of the employes and drew up a schedule covering wages and ; condition of employment as called for in the contract With the company. A committee was also appointed to call on President Hill and present the schedule. They Hint at a Strike. The committee then goes on to say that they came to St. Paul as instructed by the convention, but President Hill absolutely refused to see them. The correspondence between the committee and the Great Northern company is given in full, the company's port Of it being confined mainly to a refusal' 1 to < see the committee on the ground that some of them are not em- ployes, but officers of the A. R. U. The statement then concludes as follows: >"The people of this country need not be surprised to see the Great Northern System tied up tighter than a drum from St. Paul to the- coast and remain 'so until 'President' Hill signs the documents which the men have prepared, and, and which are nothing more than the fulfillment of the agreement made in May, 1894, by President J. J. Hill for the Great Northern system and Presi- ident Eugene V. Debs, for the American Railway union. Our men" are pp-, < posed' to strikes,' but it is the only 'means' they have for protection against wrong and imposition, and Mr. Hill has left them nothing else to do, unless they want to accept slavery;" MR. DEBS MAKES A STATEMENT Policy of tl»e Great Northern Dishonest and Disreputable. WOODSTOCK, Ills., Nov. 4.— Eugene V. Debs has made the following statement with reference to the threatened strike on the Great Northern railway system: "The policy of the Great Northern company in relation to its employes is totally dishonest and disreputable. For se'veral months a scheme has been in operation to disrupt the American Bail- way union, notwithstanding the solemn pledge of President Hill that no em- ploye should be interfered with on account of his connection with the organization. The strike of April, 1894, resulted in an agreement between* the company and the union, which was effected May, 1, under the auspices of a board of .arbitration, composed wholly of merchants and manufacturers, Tremendous reductions, ranging from 10 to 40 per cent, had been made by the company.. and these were restored by the board, Prom that day to this the company ha$ not lived up to its agreement one hour. Competent and trustworthy employes have been dispharged again an4' again for no other reason than that they' belonged to the union," THE;POSITION OF PRESIDENT HILL, AHege4 Cowrolttee H seale.ailSl; six'boxfls f«r SS^Medioa) Iralbli^QK^Ep/oUWfWf ^jB»p^if»t,P»W*^|J!JftjK¥; s , - t Nov.' 4,— President Jamej J, UU%as seen by a reporter and asked if he lip anything - to say relative to ' grievance Committee that sought an vte ith him. ' • , ( repUed: "You may say, if TOU. l&e/|bjy aje men who are not in h>! f>mpioj- { pf the pompany, They yep. »%4y. -They are men, who 1896 , 1806 §u, Mo, 11 TU. 12 19 6 13 Tli, 14 FrL 1 15 Sat. 2 9 16 23 30 HOLMES is DECLARED GUILTY. Jnfy f«k<j* tint One fiallot, Bating t»e- elded Itotote They netlred. PHtLADfcLpfiiA, Nov. 4.—Henry tt. Holmes was convicted of murder in the first degree at 8:61 Saturday night for killing Benjamin F, Pitzel, He coughed slightly when he heard the Words. That was the only sign. The jury retired to deliberate at 6 i40. According to one of their number, they reached their verdict before the doors of their room closed upon them. For hunger's sake they ate their supper first. Then they took a ballot and without hesitation every man of the 12 answered "guilty of murder in the first degree." Immediately after the announcement of the verdict the usual application for leave to file a motion for a new trial Was mode. District Attorney Graham did not oppose the motion, and Judge Arnold fixed the 18th of this month for a hearing. The principal reasons urged will be lack of time for the preparation of the defense. ' BIG BUILDINGS ROCKED. Earthquake Shook of Considerable Severity Fames Over the Country. CHICAGO, Nov. 2.—A distinct earthquake shock was felt in this city at 6:11 a. m. It lasted about 46 seconds. The employes of the Western Union Telegraph company and of the telephone company who were on duty all report feeling the shock. Up on the llth floor of the Western Union building the shocks were quite noticeable, so much so that some of the men were thrown against their desks with a good deal of force. People living on the west side of the city say they felt the buildings rock, but as far as learned no damage was done. Janesville, Wis., also reports having felt the earthquake. The shock was felt distinctly throughout Ohio and Michigan, in some places causing much - alarm. '• It was also felt as far-south pa New Orleans, being particularly severe. throughout Tennessee. - DURRANT MUST HANG. San Francisco Jury Finds Him Guilty of the Murder of Blanche lament. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 2.— Theodore Dnrrant, assistant superintendent of Emanuel. Baptist church Sunday school, hits been conviftted • <K the murder of- Blanche Lament, for which-he has been on trial since July 32 last. The jury was out 20 minutes and arrived at the verdict on the first ballot. As there was* no recommendation of mercy the punishment was fixed at death. Deficit for the Month. WASHINGTON, Nov. 8.— The comparative statement of the government receipts and expenditures issued, shows the receipts during October to have been as follows: Customs $18,778,055, internal revenue $18,216,588, miscellaneous $912,109; total receipts $27,901,748. .The expenditures aggregated $84,608,345, which leaves the deficit for the month $6,601,677. LATEST MAEKET EEPOETS, Milwaukee Grain. MILWAUKEE, .Nov. 3, 1895. FLQUR-Steady. WHEAT— &o. 3 •spring. &TKCJ NO. i Northern,' 59oj December, 69%c. CORN— Np. 8, !J9}io, OATS— No. 3 white, SSOJicj No. 3 white. 18'oU8'/ic, * BARLEY— No. 3, arc; sample on track, Minneapolis Grain. MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 8, 1893. WHEAT— November, closed at 58#c; December, 53J£c; May, 58@58^c. On Track— No, 1 hard, 5$}$c; No, 1 Northern, ; No. 3 Northern,. Duluth Grain. DtfLUTH. Npv, 8, 1895. WHEAT-C'ash No. 1 hard, 56^c; No. 1 Northers, $$#0; No, H Northern, 51%o; No, 3 spring, 48^c; reacted, 38#<j; No, I Northern, 55>$cfj November, 57pj December No, 1 hard, E5?$e; No, 1 Northern,' PftHl Upton Stoofc SQUTH ST, PAUL, NQV, 3, 1895, gtrpng; 5p IpgbwtbftB yester* 4ay, (3oo4 receipts toy Saturday, ity was gpofl, ' Yards cleared well. CATTM3M3»tet aM steady, . 'SHEEP^Steaay, Jtightreeeipte, gheep, 98@% Bat Jmwh (8.9391% • Becejpfrsj ^ogs, 1,009; satWe 70; calves, 05 Sheep, SUMMASf Of Mfi WfifflM SEWS Tuesday, Oct. ft§. Omaha haa jpnt in a bid for the Be- jmblican national contention. The body of William Soeck of Amboy, Minn., missing Since Oct. 8, has been found in the Woods nea* Good fhnnder, Oshkoflh, Wis.j is to have a Jmblic library. Fifty thottsaad dollafs has been donated and anothef |50,000 voted by the city council. At Chicago James Bell, a |>*inte:r» shot and ptobably fatally wounded his wife and then fifed a bullet into his own brain, dying almost instantly. A disastrous fire is raging on Welch mountain in the vicinity of Scruffleton and Blueball, fa., and thousands of acres of timber land have been burned. Eastbound shipment* from Chicago last week amounted to 82,220 tons against 86,028 for the preceding week and 47,626 for the same week last year. The eannon wWph was Ljjke, WJs,', in 18$), by ' a* 3?P5 pjn'i election, was «aearti«4 ty Jsipsh - * i- offenses against; a(r-f8,4Q,@§, 7$' |qp t$e<J'5 tpflf 8,8Q fg pWppiBglQts; (8.9098,4) l ' " and s, j»Uaa, to, ,jfo" V"/-,",;, .niVlj. A^i'.T'kaijTiQ nnnanli n.r.'.Vran; Wednesday, Oek 30. Commander William A, Morgan, tT, S. N. retired, died at San Francisco of Bright's disease. The fourth annual Minnesota conference of charities and corrections is in session at Faribault. Many prominent reformers are present. In trying to save her father from what she thought certain death, Annie Simonson of St. Paul lost her own life. Five cars passed over her. The Western Building and Loan association of St. Louis has assigned all of its holdings to the St. Louis Trust company as trustee for creditors. The assets are estimated at $100,000. J. H. Baldwin shipped-a barrel of fine onions to Justice Fuller of the supreme court. Lost week he shipped a barrel of cabbage to Governor Sheldon. All were raised on his irrigated farm at Miller, S. D. _ Thursday, Oct. 31. Judge Hanford has fixed the salary of Receiver Burleigh of the Northern Pacific at $15,000 a year. Peter Swenson, a prisoner at the central police station, Minneapolis, waa found dead in his cell. Major Frank Hean of the Pennsylvania state central Republican committee is missing with $10,000. Charles Dana Gibson, the famous artist, will wed Miss Irene Langborne of Richmond, Va., on Nov. 7. Mr. J. B. Patterson, formerly prime minister of Victoria, is dead. His ministry resigned Sept. 25, 1894. The. treasury department is having trouble with the Elgin and Hgen Watch Companies' trade marks. An effort is being made to have the United States adopt a policy of armed intervention in the case of Cuba. Four hundred miners struck in Cabel & Co.'s mines at Washington, Ind., because the screen used did not allow pay for nut coal. , * _ . - Friday, Nov. I. Senator Vest of Missouri thinks the Democrats should not organize the senate. The first volume of -thp Civil War records is soon to be issued by the government. Fond du Lac, Wis. , is in darkness as a result of a legal fight for possession of the light and power plant. The 86th anniversary of Mrs. Stevenson, mother of . the vice president, was celebrated at Bloomington, His. The statement of the condition of the treasury shows available cash balance, $183,981,461; gold reserve, $98,079,204. Miss May Hamilton, an 18-year-old school girl, committed suicide at Fostoria, O,, by shooting herself through the head with a revolver. Frank A. Blackmer of Albert Lea, Minn., has been debarred from practice before the interior department for demanding and receiving illegal fees in a pension case, _ Saturday, Nov. S. North Carolina has something over 5,000 pensioners on her rolls, It has been found that anti-toxine will cure lockjaw if treatment is given in time. Populism', once a formidable factor in Indiana politics, is said to be on the decline in that state, G. W, Cole, presdent of the Bankers' and Merchants' association of Chicago, was killed by a cable car, ' Mrs, Mary Mahara/ has sued George Kingall of Guthlie fop $10,600 damages foy throwing 'her into tfte street. , " pr, Orl»»d Bradford, the counter. 't eitw, has been sentenced to Pis years' imprisonment in Kings wunty (& Y,) penitentiary, The two islands pi Hrabino and P&r. ftfcorft, belonging to the Tahjt&n group in the South, Pacific, haye been <tf • the ftfeAP OiJ^ NEW 5ER1AL, The Sign of The Four BY m A, CONAN DOYLE. No doubt you have heard of Dr. Conan Doyle and his wonderful . * Sherlock Holtnes Stopies Dr. Doyle's recent visit to America, and the great fame of all his stories render this one doubly interesting. READ IT WITHOUT FAIL! SHERIFFS SALB. Notice is hereby,givei), that by virtue of a special execution to me directed by the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth Co., Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, etc., of George A. Hodgman and Jay Hodgman defendants, in favor of M. R. Chambers plaintiff, I will offer at public sale, to the highest and best bidder, lor cash, at the door of the court house, in the town of AIgona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the 10th day of November, 1895. between the hours of 9 o'clock, a. m,, and 4 o'clock p. m., on said day, all of said Geo. A. Hodgman, Caroline Hodgman, J. R. Hodgman; Anna Hodgraan, Naomia Henry and'J. D. Fell's right, title and interest in and to th'e following described real estate, situated in . Kossuth county, to-wit: Lots six (6), seven (7) and eight (8) in block twelve of the city of Algona. Sale to commence at the hour of 2 o'clock, p. m., of said day. WITNESS my hand this 16th day of October; 1895. C. C. SAMSON, Sheriff Kossuth Co., Iowa. By VV. J. BBUNSON, Deputy. 4-5 NOTICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT. STATE OF IOWA, Kossuth county, Iowa, " .To AH Whom it may Concern: The Coinmissioner'appoiuted-to view a highway, commencing at the northwest corner of the southwest quarter of section 31-96-28 and running thence south on section line to southwest corner of section 2196-28 has reported in favor of the estab 1 lishment thereof, and all objections thereto or claims for damages must be filed in the county Auditor's office on or before noon of the 20th day of December, A. 'D., 1895, or such highway will be established without reference thereto. Witness my hand and seal, this 18th day of October, 1895. 4-7 F. D. CALKINS, County Auditor. Real Estate, Wesenberg Bros. ALGONA, IOWA. J SEND FOR OUR Fall —the finest we have yet published-*": • 100 pages,,. pro*; J fusely illustrated. . It will tell you all about the new fail and Winter, ^:/',QoQfc ^ift^^M Wk>* : : I'aHiAc? rsiftaiifi^™ ISI'^^v; L v > ',1 ^ f-i.'^K, ».f;.yv -S, f/,^. v r T^- , > ^^Sspf^-ffi 3 w^Ji^|^,£&4-aia: Successors to JoSiiS & SsMifl. ABSTRACTS* MflAL COLLECTIONS. AtGdSTA, » . « A. 15, CJiai'ke & FARM LOANS. Rear Algona State Baftk, Atttt)SfA» IA. Geo. C, Call, ESTATE AND LOANS, for Information in regard to lands In Northwestern Iowa, write tbhiin. State street. , 10WA^ GKO. K. CLARKE. OHAS. A.COSEKObtt Clarke & Cohettou* 1 , ATTORNEYS AT LAW, AtGONA, IOWA. Gleo. B. Cloud, (Successor to W. B. Quatton) ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. ALGOKA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. Sullivan & McMalioii, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Postofflco Block. AI.GOKA, IOWA. E. V. Swettiiig, ATTQRNE7 AT LA W, Money to loan. AtGONA, IOWA.. J. L. BONAR. H. H. FELLOWS., Boiiar & Fellows, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will recelve_prompt attention Rooms 8 and 0, Algona State Bank Bl'dg; Branch office at Wesley, Iowa. AtGONA, IOWA. Dansoii & Butler, .LAW, LOANS AND LANDS. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner.- Oowles' new building. J AI.GONA, IOWA. Welt Miller, ATTORNEY AND COUNCILORS AT LAW. Collections made, All business promptly \. attended to. • v, WESI.EY, - IOWA. ° ,"*, VJ * *•& . V 1 , i \ S. S. Sessions,, ATTORNEY AT LA wJ Loans and Insurance. Special attention' given to collections of all kinds. Over Ohrischllles' Store. AXGONA, IA. !L. K. Garfield, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, State street. AtGONA, IOWA.J 31. J. Keiiefick, M. D,,. Over Taylor's Store, AT.GONA, - - IOWA. J. M. Pride, M. D., y,.-^ Over Postofflcej ALGONA, IOWA. ' Dr. IA A, Slieetz, ' >r|Jl , \ $?i&m DRUGGIST AND STATIONER, ' * , V ,%?Jrf Prescriptions filled. Deals in Paints, Oils, vl.'l's v Books, Perfumeries, Etc. . . \Vi'S>^s Ctr. State and Thorington. AtGONA, JA, > DENTIST. A, L, Bist, D.P, Local anaestUetlo for deadeil,. gums when extracting ie , ^

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