Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1965 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1965
Page 6
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.. Bulldog R«$ults of the California Mental Tests came in last week. Juniors and freshman who took the tests may have thpir scores explained bv stooping to see either Miss Sorensen or Mr. An- All-day bread making day at Irvington Irvington — On Wednesday, Jan. 20 lliore Head making was an all tneetlnc of day the Mond»v nt for sopljomorps. iun'ors. and seniors.. t>p mnHancp d^nart- ment ex" ls '"' Jf1 thp tmrnosp of Co)'pge Nieht. On this evening. sonhomores. iuniors. .seniors. pnd tbpir naronts innv cow« to the school nnd ini°rvin . V . T ...._ an extensive ]\<t\, of rn1- lettes and iinVvnrsitlns innior col- lepes and sopcial schools from which thpv ni^de thrpfi. nro'nr- ences as to the renresentatives they would lik" «o see. ' AHS Yo",'d »hink »h»t bv th» »'•«•> hot InnrVi p.at.prs or.".; •"sp.n.'w. thev could r"m°mhor to t.'Jk' 1 tho?r fi»,ss w't.b thp'r nlato. return'net thpir But for spnipr 'Rod ' Ricklefs there's no hor* 1 , —AHS—: • •:!• Vy*rn!nn! AM «t»''»n»<,ofiMr. KnoWoch's math, .classes v . . . puarH voiir Vlepnov °nd handkerchiefs with vo'ir life!-* _ AH<— Senior R«*elrv D»'l»w her^ir»»» the new Syrnnhon.PltP last week filling the altn ^'ncancy. _AHS— Anv stud*"* o* inu» i n»li« t *« wish'iR to aonlv for inninr P^<- iorshin of the annual should nj^k up an application form from Mr. Chiquet. —AHS— "Medley," «n «v«nina o* on* act nlavs wa<5 nr aco ntpd dav evening. Jan. 2fi-in ! t.he AH<> auditorium, directed by Elmer H. Jkmksen. ""''' "A Marriage Pronosal" shows comedv in the life of Russian peasants. Stpnan, Tsrhubnkov played by Skio "PerK'nS. : Tvpn Lbrnov portrav»>d hv Glen ; Tsichotter. and Barb '-Wicks -:»s ; Aotalia Steoanovna* were the •5 Russian "Overtones" and was written by Alice Qerstcnberg. In is shown how tvnnl fac'«s to hidf 1 their true 1-Towpvor 'Pn'-kv Tlnilov nnrl Mnvtlvn TTarri" plio«'« f ' fioir r 01 '! llironph Hettv '^v K»t.h^' and M^ofio as Emy I^ou fnstioc.li v"1v. The 1.1'irH and final nbv wa<; "O"npsis" bv Or^tchon Hofan. This was n rplipinns choric rlrn- ma emnlovifif? throe choruses and solos ^n p.d in a drama. The nlav noon sound and licthf'nff of- fccts, F,ve. Cain, and Abol on- acted flip first sin in the Cor. den of Edon. nlavod bv Janot, Da^d E A^onn and Rod c'"H at the home of Mrs. Bernard Capesius with Mrs. Lyle Ranoy as co-hostess. Fourteen members were nresent for this informntive mpet'nt?. this olny | Everyone nnjoved a not luck nut on i lunclicon. Mrs. ttcnrv Eiscnbarth was a p"ist. Mrs. Bernard Ca- nest us. Mrs. Lyle Kanev. Mrs W. H. Rnnev, Mr*. Wlhort . . , . Ruhnke and Mrs. John Schnak- . n«r r ortn. Ricklefs. Tho Snlrits of Good were nlaycd bv Rallv Bay Kittv .Rarh' Modin. and Katnifl Mor?.. Pnirits of a H'(?hpr Order Chris Conn, Morv Co"'°n. Kees. Gaylo Phillins. Phil lor.' and Barrv Wntk'ns. The Devils „ were Grep. Buchanan Mark Conn. John Pratt, John Snvder and John Will. Soecial credit also poes to stage manaop.r Chprvl Carr and script eirl Vicki McConnell. The members of'the rpstnmp, crew, Sharon SundP.t, Linda Coooer. Sandi Haag, Linda Meehlhause, Vicki McConnell. Sue Moulton, Leslie Norton, Lynne Norton, Mario • Pomplun. Jane Raney. Shirley Ringsdorf. and Cheryl Rusk spent many hours designing and making costumes. Lights were controlled by Doug Moehle, Bob Bradford, and Virgil Groen. Sound was made possible by Emy Lou Garms, Linda Meehlhause, and Maureen O'Brien The set was built by Jim Col well, Bob Bradford, John Gil more, Greg Hatch, Lynn Keith Scott Miller, and Ken Richter. "Genesis" was entered in com petition at the Spencer play contest Saturday. Jan. 30. ... „ , ,—AHS— The January meeting of th Future Homemakers of America school in the study hall. The nroffram was glvon bv Maureen O'Rricn in the absence of Barb Medin. Plans were annrovcd to sond a monetary clft to an or phangc in Wisconsin. —AHS— Students wUhino to enroll in driver education wore to have signed up in tho principal's office this wok. Class oarticioants must first •nberg prepared and ted the new methods 0! bfitd making. New officers assumed their duties and a brief business meeting was conducted; AJ1 IldJl'lllK VT MM *nw • • UM w **•**•. , areads were sampled with fee at 3:30. The next meeting is a Valentine oarty on Feb, 17 at the home of Mrs. John Weber. New members and guests afe always welcome. Visitors at the Wm. MnyeH Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, were Mr. and Mrs. Urban Hommerdintr. Clarrissa. Minn., and Louie Wolf of Eagle Bend. Minn. The Hommerdtnes and Mrs. Wolf came to attend the funeral services of Mr. Lawrence Wingort. Weslev. who dted during church services on Sunday, thfeatetted with "stat* aM" j . f he editorial ift the- ftegistef dangled d¥ef cttif heads; 1 wdff* stated that if. is possible to keep eiehiehtatjf ^llR 0 ^ in ouif small tow.ns.' We did this, in out AT INAUGU ftAt — Array the sta^idJtds, attd always ' we r. eating our children Sgt. First Class Robert F. Boy^ er, s&n ot Me 4M MtS F. S, Boyer'of Lake Patk. participat- cc! in the Presidential Inaugural Pafade inV Washington* 0, C. as a member of the famed U. S. Army Meld Sand, wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiwyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Letters.... To the Editor def if We • lose track of WJitf pays this, state aid? We ate entitled to it, we shpilldtt't. foteMef be thfeatiEned with. it. The department acts as though,' ih-ey Lone Rock — the Des Mottles Jan. 24, Register 1965 stat* ccl that the state department of public instruction had a pro- IIJJ4 LMMUJII 3* I VlUVQ uil i,T,MUUnV( j ' 7 Jan. 17, which WPS held i,n, the j posal to solve Iowa's school re"* ' organization problem. I wonder St. Jo«ooh's Catholic church th"re. Thev also visit 0 '' other ro.latives and friends while her*. Mrs. Hommerdina and Mt. Wolf. nre has fifteen vflars oH by the of SentermVr. SaturHav morning classes will begin Feb. 3. —AHS— At tb«» Camera Club meeting Wednesday after school mem- iors wore assigned lists of students who havo not returned or naycd for their individual "ic- .nres. Heading the list is Club President Miko SHllman. —AHS— Th* Art Club qave the n»o skit at Friday's neo meeting. The skit was a nantomim« to music with Dave Martin. Glon Tsohet- ter. Tom Fitzpatrick, Sherri Saker, Linda Tovestad, and Mario Pomplun. The club met nesday evening to plan the skit. —AHS— The Exhibit Committee of the . sister and brother of Mrs. Mavnr. Mrs. Belle Black, who been hosnilalizeH in Pnrk nital at Mason City, sin.ce. pec. 31, was transferred bv ambulance to St. Ann hospital Mon- dav. Jan. 25. Mrs. Black's condition remains the same. Marilyn Black, daughter of the Robert Blacks., who, attends Cedarville College in Ohio, spent the weekend here with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Frank!. left here Sunday. Jan 24 for Orlando, Fla.. where they will visit Mrs. Frankl's brothpr. Thev expect to visit several places in Florida, where they have friends. Mr. and Mrs. H. Stebritz are staying with the Frankl children while thpir parents are away. The Frankls expect to be gone about three weeks. . Pat Frankl, son of the Gerald Frankls, who is attending, college in Ames, came Friday and spent the weekend at the home of his parents. He returned to Ames Sunday- The Gerald Frankls returned Monday of this week after were spending thei* ey. ' •- • 1 realize that our state 'do- partmen.t is realjy interested, in improving otjf educatt.on,al ays*. tern and strangely enough that is the same thing that we in the small district are. stcivttig for.*. We are offering foreign langu-. age, science, we have, a^ librarian, school nurse and.many of the courses and. teachers that are called for. We haye approximately l»5 in high school and feel that we- have a progressive system. Our faculty and board are interested in yearly improvements and so are th* taxpayers of our district. . . The point I'm trying to make is that they should let us progress without breathing down who has caused this problem — it could be the department o£ public instruction. Time and time again the department has made rules and regulations. They threaten our local school leaders and boards. We must conform to. these regu- __. _-.. -,. . lations or lose state aid. We 1 and give us-a chance to meet our necks. Set up requirements . make an effort to comply with 1 them. We are interested irt eou district — kept the . thfee ote- p§ntafy, schools , in. .oUf thtee towns and built a new higji M6NBAV, (Iowa) AlBVAr Last, year we dosed and tore down.ofift of. the three lementary schools. One- doss ot, need a crystal ball. to see What is, in .the luture. We don,'t want to lose our school. We are proud of pur school and feel We can meet the modern days edu.catiprial needs. /Last week in our local county paper they hinted and quoted 'the county superintendent that we may some day be merged wit hAigpna school district. We/do hot want 'this to happen. Governing bodies of school systems Used 'to be local people who understood their own particular problems. When our School is run from offices so far from the "spot" 1 feel that we are having one of our freedoms taken from us. The freedom of educating our children as we see necessary. The larger our school systems, the contact we I6se with, dfeii. 1 WSiit a, stoat, ._.—._„ iiig mv children and t caHfiOt da this when they afe "away"to ligh school'* * - U Last night 1 Went to our school to a band festival in which eleven schools participate ed. They had a select band Of: 70 membsrs and a mass battd* of 300. Mr Green of Buena Vis* t ta college directed the band. It was a fine concert and Mr Green, congi'atulated the directors and let's help, students and said "if this is venile delinquency then l have more of it." I can't but feel that the conduct, of our children 'in moderate size' schools compared to huge school systems, though it can't; be measured, certainly is a factor to bs considered. I am not for going back to the little red school house but I am not endorsing huge school' systems and hope that many parents join me in this cause. • J. M. Blanchard Jan. 27, 1965 The second play was entitled i was > Held Wednesday, afte Future Business Leaders of,spending a week at Denver, America met Thursday after school in the tvoing room. —AHS— Seniors picked uo their order blanks for graduation announcements last week in Miss Sorensen's guidance room. —AHS— Several buses carried Bulldog fans to the Estherville basketball game last Saturday night. —AHS— Report cards were issued Wednesday. Students maintaining a "B" average are Honor Roll Students — the roll .will ,be posted, sometime this week. Colo. The Carl SWansons and the Alvin Webers of the Galbraith area attended the Grain Dealers convention at Des Moines, the fore part of this week. Mr Swanson is affiliated vwith the Livermore Elevator and Mr. Weber with the LuVerne Elevator. The Clvde Dudleys were with Mrs. Stella DeSart, Lake City, over the weekend. The August Robisons of Swea City, were visitors at Mr. Robi , son's sister. Mrs. Hazel last week Thursday. Sabin, • . ' 'i.' >"•'! re •••••»•••••< There is no s u b s 1 1 1 u te m**n-n*r»m HIUN.^S. «<«"u.. f* . . _".: • .. , - ---- a*.- i*f «•< for PAID Circulation People carefully read and heed periodicals for which they pay out their money make no mtlake about it — THE ... Algono Kottuth County \ J Has the LARGEST PAID CIRCULATION of any Newspaper within a radius of 40 miles The K9**Uth Coynty Advance h«» net only the LARGEST TOTAU CIRCULATION of any new*pap«r within 40 milef pf Aigona, bvt it ha* th« Itrgtit PAID CIRCULATION — by many hundred* of paper*. More and mort Aigon? merchtnts are finding the early Monday Advance and the weekend Thursday Advance an unbeatabj« combination to get ssro** thsjr «ajff mfSj|«aei. Th«y know the Advance it * progressive newspaper — a paper th«t i| constantly fijning more and more sgbicriber* because it servei m.ore «nd mqrt ptoplf. Th* «fmi-weekly Advance h«f the largest circulation gt any weekly in thf Statt ef Iowa. Subscriber* get more APViRTI^INQ — more NiW| — tngrg PIC.TU8IS w- in the Advance every wefk. "DON'T SETTLf FQ? 5|C§NP if ST - CiiT THf BEST RESULTS §Y UHNQ THf APYANCE" Since my farm is told and I «n moving «u| of th* •tat. f/ JI will Mil th, following de.cribed property .t. «i« farm at the south edge of St. Joe, or 11 miles southof Algona on highway 169; or 13 mile, north of Humboldt on highway 169; or toven miles w»»t of LuVerne on ... ' • SflLE BEGINS ATI 1961 FORD 6000 DIESEL ffV 500 hrs., wide front, power steering, pow,er brakes, power wheels, select-o-speed trans. Dual range P. T.Q., grouri4sRted f. T.,O. f rear wheel weights, front end weights. Here is a tractor like new. 1—1963 Ford Mounted Plow, 416" 1—Ford side Rake, 8 ft., 3-pbint hitch 1— AHis-CMmors WD 45, with power steering, power pak, wide- front, hot houser, A-l 1—Allis-Chalmers 4 row Cultivator ; 1—1962 MM, wheel typo Tandom Disc, .18"; blades, greaseless bearings 1—1958 Kelly-Ryan Elevator, $4 ft., PTO • 1—1954 Massey Harris Tractor Spreader 1—3 section Rotary hoe, 3-point hitch 1—IHC End Gate Seeder 1963 GRAIN-0-VATOR 25 DS SERIES Tandem wheel*, 155 bu., 14 ft, boom auger, will reach 12 ft. bin, Like New. 1—1957 Grain-aVater model 30 1—S & H unloading wagon PTO on Gas* running gear |—New Idea 628 running gear with hoist, and w«*d flare box >4 ;. 1—8 ft, x 14 ft. flat rack / ','., rTIJUCK- 1—1959 GJ^.C. 300, with new 8 x 14 ft. Grain Box. Engine just overhauled with lest than 1SQO miles. NEAR NEW - HOG EQUIPMENT 2 BUTLER BUlK-MUTtO TANKS WITH ELECTRIC MOTOR, 0 IM f!w, Mti MM 7—Utility Hog Ftfdtrs, 60 by, 1^B«9 HMsky Hog Feeder, «0. by, 4—Utility Pig Starter Feeder 1—Peter. Water Ttnli 1—Loading Chute on rubber 1—Auger mil motor, 4", 10 ft. 9 No Property Removed Until Settled For -HAY- Some Oat Hay SONM Alfalfa and Orchard grass - MISCELLANEOUS - 2—14 ft, Ft*) 300 g*J. fttfftif tfnk for liquid fertiliser 14-way Hydr«Mli« Cylinder 1— 3-point hitch f*r A|lis-Ch«lmer* 45 or CM 7 g> Net Responsible For Accident* ALVIN H. ERPELDING KLEVE ft YUNGEBIRG, AUCTIQMifRS 'REP" MAPSEN, CliRK

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