The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 6, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1895
Page 1
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' •'' v •; *#. rV;,'> • '' V/.-> ;•:,.' V -;-• ^%-jp VT;- ' VOL the WHEN YOU BUY A DIFFERENCE IN DARKEYS. The Editors Ftmnd All kinds e Negro Meetings Down South Typical CJhuf ch Services* . • V^-^ ALGONA, KOSStntM COtTJlTf, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1895, Winter Goods at Qfe Prices. ....The Grange Store Barnum once remarked: "Most People Like to be Humbugged." ._.. Barnum never kept a Boot and Shoe Store-or r\ft Y1 AVf A«« WT^%Y1 1*1 V* n ***t f. M 1 -3 Al J_ k ' . • • he never would have said that, truer saying was once uttered: • A much "Honesty isjhe Best Policy*" lj • ' ? and that is what we are strong on, ' Honest Goods. Honest Values. Honest Prices. Honest Endeavor. .Are the Children Rough on Shoes ? We make a Specialty of Strong School Shoes, —BROMI4 The Slioenian. -fir v ^ can sell you a nice new- five-drawer Sewing' Ma chine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not , , essary to send your money east to get a .machine. -that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and- when you should need repairs you may 'not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— W1NKEL PA YS THE FREIGHT. A 2ioH Baptist Meeting Described -by Mta, Ella Hamilton Duriey-^The t.l6yd Stfeet Methodists ate Mote Staid ahd Sedate. On the southern trip a few weeks ago there Was a general desire on the part of the Iowa editors to attend the services of a colored church. Many availed themselves of the opportunity, and the dusky worshippers of Atlanta were probably surprised at the invasion of white people, especially at their evening services. We give below a very interesting report of a traditional negro meeting from the pen. of Mrs; Ella Hamilton Durley, published 1 in theDes Mbines Bailey News. 'But first we want to tell of another negro servioev held at the Lloyd street H. E. church, •which, by a coincidence, was six Algona tourists on tlie same Anight^ This church is rather pjain but has a large seating capacity, ^probably larger than any church in Algona, and ib was well filled. The people were all; colored with the sole .exception of our party, who were greeted very courteously and shown to seats in the rear endsbf the auditorium whete we let the usher know we would like to sit. The usher himself was a strikingly handsome 'colored boy, who performed his duties with quiet grace and dignity. The church filled up rather leisurely, and we had time to enjoy the novel scene. The darkies were .as a rule hardly as well dressed as the congregation of Dr. Hawthorne, of the First Baptist church^ to > whose elo^: fluent sermon on the Solitariness of (Christ we listened in the morning,,but ^here was nothing in, their garb, out ot N eeging"w.lth t the , place^ ^raU^e^e'dand 'anaw'lieirthe-time camfTtoiop- en the meeting it was apparent that there was to be nothing sensational in the service itself. It was a quarterly meeting "occasion," and the preacher that Cold weather is a part of this country and is just assure as death and taxes, and when it comes with a hump and ajump you'll rave and tear because you didn't buy some STORM WINDOWS and put them on while the weather wappleas ant. MORAL: Buy Right Now, and buy from '' COMPLETE STOCK. , ODP SIZES FURNISHED QUICK. F, Foundry and Maclp MULUCA& OHNSptDT, We do repairing of all kinds. Iron and " /—<.<- — shpvt notice, MOWERS AND BINDERS h'erejcstay. Shop east of Rutherford TT "" '1 orders promptly attended . work done OH 'AIRED, We are was an Elder Baines, of Macon, who was there to represent the presiding elder. He was a man of large frame and fine proportions", .with an. intellectual face which was nearly white. His sermon was an argument for the sufficiency of the atonement,, and was a very intelligent- treatment of the theme. The speaker quoted good old John Wesley frequently, and his points were plainly put, in good English, and the sermon as a whole was a Specimen of effective preaching. There was a great deal of music, and it was all good, and The collectian was a great feature of the occasion, and one to be remembered for the laborious perseverance with which it was followed up. The gathering of t.h e pastor and stewards around the pulpit was a sign that business was meant, and the appeal for liberal offerings waa.emphasized by nuin- eVo^s exhortations. The baskets then wentHfhjjr rounds, but on a fair count a consia^yable shortage was declared. The sum'retired for the presiding Elder was $r$,^a,nd if any set' of men ever worked % money, the official brethern did on tBa^night'. Probably twenty minutes werexspenti and four, or five opportunities were offered for the Hbpral winded to march up to the pulpit and. deposit tkek offerings. Meanwhile the free concert proceeded and it was easily worth the $8 raiged. The meeting QB a whole was a surprise t« every member of the party r for all were prepared to^'see and bear something QijtJandisii.vpey found these despised, black men^nci women ob* serving the same <&Qo:pi|m, that rujes. worshipping quietly'»p,d. almost un« . —^ v ' You don't Want to see nothing o kind o' course*" But that Was whete he Was mistak* em To 2ioh Baptist church we hied. The minister was a young man with a voice compared with which a " foghorn on an ocean steamer Would sink into insignificance and a modern calliope hide its.head in humiliation. He was gifted With ofle of those tongues that he could set a-going, if necessary, and go off and leave it and return after an hour or two and find it running just the same. In the opening prayer, the preacher offered his petitions in short sentences, and at the end of each broken utter* auce, every man and woman present would utter a prolonged groan. Warm- ine up and raising his voice to its' utmost capacity, with head thrown back, he would shout, "O, Lord, (long drawn out) you have been this way, come by Zion tonight. 8-t-i-r up your children. Come right by dis here pulpit. Ho, ^ Daniel, in the Lion's den. Ho, Gabriel, come by Zion church. Somebody's dying. Somebody's going to de lower regions. Bring balm from Gilead. O, God, come by Zion tonight, right along-side dis here pulpit. Somebody's cornin' to Zion for de last night. P, Lord, we want to stand upon the golden floor. We want to dance upon ,the golden streets. Ho, from on high." >'•' A. 8 the minister warmed uphe danced allVover the platform^' rubbing his hands together, while 'the audience swayed to and fro, nodding their heads, each uttering weird lamenta- Jiions, and beating time with one foot. The prayer over, it was announced that a collection would be taken. "We will now take up the usual collection and we want to take it in two pieces. We want everybody to be prompt. We've got nd time to lose." The "two pieces" referred to were the songs that Were to be sung, during which everybody was expected to carry up his piece of silver and; lay it on a table .over which three duskv deacons presided. The latter gentlemen, assisted the pastor in the exhortation, all talking at once, and urgiug the brothers and sisters to come right forward and lay down the money. Every piece thrown down was eagerly scrutinized by the three, who counted it and added it to the pile to which its denomination entitled it; , The pastor ^exhorted in stentorian tones: "Come tight up, you sister, sittin' over yonder "and put down yo money. God expects it and we expect it. You want me to sing some_mo,Lbut it'll cost you mon- e. I. havn't got no cheap, pieces. u God's moriey'. YduTmay have him;;.. " , — - JSfPtwtFntrw you set your feet in God's 'church'^lov--- ing money better than GodJ', One piece after another had to 'be sung— 'Glory to His Name," "Q; I'll meet You in the City of the New Jerusalem," "Am I a Soldier-bf ; the Cross," etc. One piece, had a refrain "A wheel in the middle of, a wheel,' and every singer outlined the wheel with his hand: ' "O Ezekiel saw the wheel : 6f time, A wheel In the middle of the wheel; And every spoke was a human kind, A wheel in the middle of the wheel; Old Satan don't like me, (sing sisters) .A wheel,in the middle of a wheel; Sometimes death is a rollin' down, A wheel in the middle of the wheel." Just one htiur was spent in taking the collection: The desired sum was reached by much singing and exhorting' and then 'the- preacher declared they were "about de best folks in de world after all, and I knew it all de time." The text as announced was "Separate yo'self from sin and be borned' again." The pastor was a plain spoken man: "Separate yo'self from sin; separate yo'self from that old whisky bottle; separate yo'self from that old • beer pail'. Say amen, say amen. Yo' say yo' stomach needs bitters, the doctors say so, but they want not a bark nor si •pr»nfc in if. Qat: rlnwn nn irrmv Ir-tia-aa ' Better than 1"*% Ever Our Claims to the BEST BUTTER! Our customers took the first premiums at the Kossuth County Fair,,, •i's *, • 4 «X .*! * Opera House Grocery, Barrels "•sp .£ "Jf '-.i 1 ' * "% We have for sale at a low price barrels of all kinds and V'^l sizes—pork barrels, tierces and sorghum barrels • holding '•*'•' *•%( 15,30and 50gallons. • ••- '-'•"• Tread Power ''•'* n $$ ,. It'iS: We have the agency for the best Tread Power made. " I hey are the best and cheapest power you can use. Call,' and, examine them and get prices. =^- nvr: 1 "" "-^i: ' r '-^-j^^^^^w^^^^^w^mM M£ T*^*^**^^ ^^-^^ppfl ^--•fe^^^Pft^^-'-O^its- l^in^.that is.manufaciureS^ They Always -give' satisfaction.' "Our Imerdf creamer^ supplies of all kinds is complete. We make-tanks of all kinds and put in cisterns. C. & N. W. ' Depot. "•S3 -1 '< "ha "N . > 4 ^ . ^'4\& >m , Get down on your kne-es. Get acquainted with the knee route. Brothey, we know yo' too well, 70' poo' little consumptive. Christian. You pick 1 out an old dwarfed hypocrite and say, 'I'm as good as he is.' Of cou'se yo ? Daren't.been borned again, nor he either—say amen, say amen. We haven't got no use for these old crack- side4i bandy-shanked hypocrites. He* ligion is gettin' cold and sin is gettin' "JJaVe you been bprned again?" "™— yes," was shouted back to yo' .been' borned again, '', yepj suah»" «Have yp' gQS'yo' ticket to Heaven? , ^ gep it a.t the gate o' 25ion?" 'es, we've got, ou' tickets." ™ud 89 tbe singing and the shouting and^fbe staying pf the bodies went on. l£)£f ffQ!& , til)0 , , CTW v««^r.>. w r~,** caroe up, y^ere ;, stationed simply to add to tjbe - in'themiclst o$ the exhorfa. j keeled over and lay there ,.«tb§ rest o f the service„. party, wa% an oWg; wbQ,',wJbie-n reieveneee ~ goodnesj would gay "yea, who N OW is the time to buy your hard and soft -^ Coal. I am, taking orders for immediate '. or future delivery f and the prices will .J)e;r^ ;, 'as low as any. Order your Coal Now. %4 • i*'-tb Leave orders down town at the ofabe F, O, Willson, Prompt delivery. In Iowa coal I have: Mystic, Boone, What Cneer, and Sayjor, Also IlJinols arid Hocking Valley soft, Order by Telephone' after October 1, ,^M '% 1 '-W •v^a ;;;f ;'T-T l--"^ 9 '"". ^.i^MM • .^-/,;;ct-;ii V->'^ -v^V.S^w?^ Our Fall Goods 'W**e we ^re §hpwingf • " T! :V;.i^l 'M'^'L^S' ^V^i.^. - nrz^j^m f*-,-.v%;V .};.$»>

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