Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1965 · Page 17
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1965
Page 17
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Around Algona byONiifXBIDRjKSIN Ph*n* if MAGS Kay Moulton and Judy Murt- get. -student nurses at Rochester Methodist hospital, were home for the weekend and returned to school by bus Sunday. Mrs Joe Tschetter and son Glenn , drove to Eagle Grove early,Friday morning, were join- ecLthere by Mr and Mrs Calvin Tschetter, and the four continued together to Kalamazoo, Mich., where on Saturday afternoon they attended Commencement at Western Michigan University, at which Ron Tschetter received a B. S. degree ^having majored in Food Merchandising. Speaker at the graduation ex ercises was Governor Romney. The Tschetters drove home on Sunday, the 600 miles, but Ron remained for a time at Kalamazoo. Bob Williams of the Hub Clothing Store, drove to Mi'n ncapolis Sunday to attend Mar ket and was accompanied by his wife. They returned to Al gona Tuesday. Mrs Roger Phillips, forme Algonian who now lives at Glen wood -, had surgery done on Jan 15 at the Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs and is expected to .be going home before the end of this week. Mr and Mrs Rex Voyles (her daughter Pat) visited her on Jan. 16-17, and the other daughter Shirley, Mrs Garry McDonald, planned to drive down last Saturday but did not go because of icy roads. McDonalds now will spend next weekend at Glenwood after Mrs Phillips is home from the hospital. and his,wjfe and daughter were him in Rochester. He expected to be, discharged by Monday and the family would then return to .Muskegpn. Kenneth.Fox, who visited his parents during the holidays, is low teaching Art,on three af- ;emoons a week at the St. Paul Art School from which he was graduated , some time ago and spends the rest of his ; time doing , oil .portraits, at which he began working while still in high school. ,Mrs Helen Passmore and her sister, Mrs Tom Lundell, of An keny, are driving to Iowa City tomorrow to be,present for the mid-yea? Commencement Satur day morning when David Pass more will .receive his degree He has majored in language and will begin work Monday a an assistant to .Dr. Aspel, head of the Romance Language department at the State University and ..will, meantime, do some graduate work. His mother,and aunt will return to Ankeny Saturday afternoon .and Mrs Passmore will come home Sunday. David will accompany them to Des Moines to attend a wedding. and Mrs .teri McKean with dill- , . •**"* KMttoMM M thifryFlfS* Day 0*e*(«f>*f 1, dfett Teity afid Jill, all of Tuc- REGULAR MOVIM*** sissidN SOftY WhO had flOWn to lOWa'for The Board of Supervisor, met pursuant v ' to adiournament. Those present were A. he funeral Sunday afternoon at M. Koitasch, chairman, and carry _MC, 41 ,i ... r 4 u «. « « Donald, Lawrence Newbrough, John Rodo he v Whlttemore Lutheran an d Charles Plathe. Absent: none. chlifch, of their father, Harold Kuecker, 62, who died at a Sioux «.„. hospital Friday Where he ^Motion"b'y n Rode"and seconded by New, ", , ... „. , .. „• 4 lt __i,6 brough that Arnold Alderson be appointed lad been a patient for SIX WeekS as Drainage Clerk effective Nov. 1, 1964 , i tf , . . • *_ and to help spare time in the Auditors a Stroke. HIS late Wlie ( office. Ayes: all Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Rode that charges to Eugene Faulstich for Special Election be set ot $200. Ayes: all Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that Bradley Imp. Co. be award. was Mrs Bjustrom's sister. Two other children are a son Jay, who drove from Kansas City. and the son Jim at Sioux City. The deceased's brothers Don. of T5oii1 Plnronpp HflrllPV none. Motion carried. Paul, t..iarence. nduiey,, Motion by Rodo Qnd scconded by New- Minn., and three Sisters: MtS brough that Taylor Motor Co. be awarded ' - — _ »U« /~ n , \-t'.ft !n *U« nni.-Mirit rtf S.14R7 UU Lewis Freden, West Bend, Mrs Olpn npRalb Rodman and Mrs Uieil ueodiu. IAUUIUUII, anu i McDonald that bid tor Unit No. J iruc* Carl Sucre, St. Paul, Were alSO be awarded to Ley Motor Mo. with heavy wen * ^jv«wi^, i ... , , ,__ .,— _^j heavy duty Audrey Prvft 39.25, Art Mueller 10.00 Whit*> ft.97, . Kersten Clinic, Medical: Carl Selp 120,00 M. G. Bourne 90.00, Sam ;. M. D., Medical: John Eggcr 75.00 Thill Honsbruch Drug. Medical: Earl Stelnmon 27.36, Charles Gunder ,5.10 W, C. Robb, M. D., Medical: Christina Hanson 95.00 St. Ann Hosp., Medical: Sam Egger 144.10, John Thill 244.35 University Hosp., Medical: Dorothy Haog 65.25, John Hardgrove 58.25, Kathryn Kissner 101.25, Shirley Klssner 68.20, Jackie Mogler 3.00, Melanle Mogler 82.50, Timothy Mogler 7.15, Mike Thill 16.00, Frank Schumacher 62.95, Matll. da Gade 27.00, Bob Harms 27.25 Warwick, Co. Fnrm .. Alma Warwick, Co. Farm ____ Ksniie-th. Richardson, 'Probation -. Rose Olsen. Treos. Office ____ Dt. rSchnelaer, xMedjedl'' Examiner . i ALGONA (low,i) ADVANCB—5 U|;S5 I THURSDAY, JAN. 28, ,1M* (27.73 Joan ,Mue|fer, Sheriff's Office "II L. A. Newbrough, Meetings & 38.71 Rode thot Domestic animal claifhs be bl- Idvtfed as per clolm and the Auditor isiue Mileage ". 483.31 128.09 wbr/ants for same. Ayes: r all 'Nays: nofie. John H. Rode, Meetings & Mile-. Food Mort., Food: Bertha Busch Joe Rapp 20.00 es , here for the service to which d X, en °{S?' |^ 8 .oo. e one brother, Fred, who lives in California, was unable to come. Cowing 15.00, ..-,-,East End Grocery, Food: Albert Davis 8.00, Harold Gatton 60.00, Audrey Fryc 20.00, Glen Parcel 30.00, Wm. Gustin 20.00 Hood's Cash Store, Food: Ella Govern 25.00 Miller's Store, Clothing: Glen Parcel 20.30 DX Oil, Fuel: Wm. Gustin 12.32 Standard Oil, Fuel: Svvllla Juchem 6.75 Merril Stephenson, Keep: Dolan Children 137.90 Gottlieb Rieffor, Keep: Phyllis Solom 85.86 Hillcrest Home, Keep: Wcstling 280.00 La Vera & Rose . Dr. J. B. Thulen, Medical: Paul & Lawrence Mulligan 72.00 Johnson Nursing Home, Keep: George Jen- oil • Nay: nones. Motion carried. • | Motion by McDonald and seconded by Newbrough that Units No. 3^1 for Loader be awa nings 33.50 Algona Good Sam. Home, Keep: Grace The Mothodist Wesleyan Serve Guild entertained members jf the WSCS at their regular Vfohday evening meeting at vhich time Mr and Mrs C. R. Schoby showed slides taken on heir trip to Europe late last ummer. The Past Matrons' club met for luncheon Tuesday at the Masonic Temple and the new junior matron, Mrs Everett Steven, was welcomed into the club. .Mrs C. D. Schaap, accompan- . ie'd by Mrs Virgie Allen, .left Saturday morning for California in Mrs Schaap's car. She is on vacation from the ASC office and will visit at the homes o her.son M Don Schaap, and daughter' D'iaine while in the West Mrs Allen, who now makes her home at Anaheim, spent onl> a few days in Algona. She had flown to Omaha where she wa met by Mrs Hazel Scott of Storn -Lake and had visited her siste atVPocahontas, a brother at Fon •da, and her daughter at Mason City while in Iowa. Mr and Mrs Wayne Keith arrived home Tuesday from a trip to the West Coast where they flew from Omaha where they left their car. Wayne, vice president of Iowa Farm Bureau, attended a meeting at Seattle for Bureau officers and at its conclusion they visited in San Francisco and Los Angeles before lying back to Omaha. Mr and Mrs Perry Collins re- urned home Tuesday evening if last week from a three weeks acatipn trip on which they rare .accompanied by Mrs Colin's sister and her husband, Mr and Mrs,Everett Varley, of Stuart, la. They went first to Sul- 3hur, La., where they visited Ul IU VJUWVJ JUI1I. I IVJIMW, INCtM- X amus 195.00, Adelo White 67.03 Morgan Home, Keep: Paul Mulligan 68.30, Lawrence Mulligan 150.00 Payroll Fund, Poor _. ..... ... 1010.84 , Ira Dutton, Shelling jgh that Units No. J-l tor Loaaer „_ rded to Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co. :in amounts of $16,170 & $8,170. Ayes:. all Nays: none. Motion carried. *!„„.,„ i n ,u« r o«T,t It was motioned that payment of claims A '9°"° . Lo ^, er ' F ^, nt allowed at this meeting of the persons | °ndard Oil, Fuel oo.^ and firms listed immediately following Standard^,!, ^uel^. 84.54 be ratified, allowed and confirmed. SECONDARY ROAD FUND Dukehart-Hughes Tractor Co., ^^ Grt , co . Lb0| ^ pp|jes ~ - 103*05 United Chemical Co 22^50 N. Lloyd Pratt, Supolies Spencer Grocery Co., Supplies _Lindsay, Supplies Supplies -_ Mrs Casty Loss was advised early last week that she had been named to the Board of Directors of the Ladies' Iowa Leg- slative League, an honorary appointment. She accompanied her lusband, Representative Loss to Des Moines on Sunday and was one of the hostesses at the League's annual Tea held Mon day at the Governor's Mansion which honored wives of the new rnembers.of the. 61st general as sembly. Mrs Geo. O'Malley wife of a Des Moines senator is the .League's new president Mrs Loss had accompanied her husband^tft, Des Moines. .early last week, for the Inaugural ceremonies. AlTv/Keel Drive Co., ' Parts' .... 52.96 : Uni c,~; n u/iiii-irv.* Dnrte 1987i *- G ' " "" Al Pub ' Co Elec" Building Center, Supplies _ . _ Sales Inc.. Bucket c'nn i Alqona Machine Shoo, Repairs -- J.yY I .l;"ll t . < ^_ e. .__!!__ United Building Center, Supplies _ Northern Lumber Co., Supplies ._ Richardson's Welding Shop, Re- 29.34 6.67 scription 10.00 12.00 66.42 7.92 18.90 23.80 56.70 49.0C 27iO( 243.48 5.00 25.00 10.00 83,72 27.0C l.OC 9.7 4.01 . Tall Paul's, Supplies 20.3 Webster Orton, Spraying 20.0C Motion carried. Absent: McDonald, Motion by Rode and seconded by Plathe that refund be allowed to Sweo age 500.51 City Hotchery, Sweo City, (Martin Dohl, . M. Kollasch, Meetings & Mile- Co-owner) for erroneous assessment for afje — 459.88 years I960 to 1963 in the amount of arry McDonald, Meetings & $645.80. Ayes: all Nays: none. Motion Mileage 425.38 carried. Absent: McDonald. horles Plathe, Meetings 8. Mile- On motion adpjournment was taken un- oge 409.80 til January 4, 1965. M. Smith. Engineer 719.84 Attest: ohn Frascr, Asst. Engineer 518.02 Marc Moore, Kossuth County Auditor A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, Board of Supervisors ioclf Miller, Labor len Metzger, Labor 344.54 ^alph Markla, Labor 297.17 Jrban Neuroth, Labor ... 299.99 .eo Ramus, Labor 331.92 ^em Stockwell, Labor 328.03 George Studer, Labor 314.47 Charles Thompson, Labor 316.24 Orvillc Welland, Labor 324.69 Gerald Wibben, Labor 310.13 Henry Zweifcl. Labor 297.69 Clifford Blanchord, Labor 311.27 Noble L. Crouch, Labor 337.49 Alvln Ewing, Labor 280.91 Richard Hoberer, Labor 246.52 Clifford Holmes, Labor 351.49 A. J. Kollasch, Labor 324.70 Jelmar Plothe, Labor 326.90 Robert J. Schueler, Labor 313.77 Helen Lukes, Clerk Modern Sound Pictures, Postage Nelson Notional, Instructional Supplies Donald R. Potter, Mileage Donald R. Potter, Payroll Pruett Press, Instructional Supplies • , , --. , --- --.. . A. M. Ouintard, Mileage 340.97 'or the calendar and fiscal year 1964 in > A M 'Ouintard Payroll 331.92 compliance with Chapter 273.13, Section Ronald Press Company, Pro" " 13, 1960 Code of Iowa. ..... azel Anliker, Deputy 239.21 ames Hoffman, Rodman 149.81 ommy Aaron. Inspector 318.18 oymond Baade, Labor 310.92; —— r—r d Blonchard, Labor 281.97 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION 'ale Helmers, Labor 341.10' The following is a list of disbursements ton Halnzinger, t orl Johns, Labor George Kockler, Labor I Iowa Association of School Board*, Membership Duos ... 30.00 IdWa Association of Mental Heofth, Professionol Books . 2.00 lower '.Employment Security Com- .mission 1,423.10 Iowa Public Employees Retirement System 1,366.10 C. R. Krantz. Board Meetings . 77.72 Klipto Printing Company, Office Supplies 46.71 Fidelia Klilsolm, Mileage 495.27 Fidelia Kiilsholm, Payroll ... 4,802.31 Roger Lemmon, Mileage 247.64 Roger Lemmon, Payroll 2,030.54 297.26 Acfvance Publishing Co., Publications $ W. H. Bartlctt, Board Meetings fessional Books Ribbon And Carbon Supply Company, Office Supplies . Wayne E. Smith, Board Meet- Bancroft Register, Printing _. Blue Cross, Insurance Bureau of Dental Hygiene, Dental Cards Bureau of Educational Research & Service, Tests R. R. Bowker Co., Professional Books Lucille Schwab Carlson, Clerk . California Test Bureau, Tests .. Department of Rural Education, Curriculum Laboratory Directory Service, Office Supplies ings 153.83 21.04 96.09 Science Research Associates, 263.85 Tests Scott Forsmon & Co., Tests . . 4.89 Slate College of Iowa, Consultation Services lohn Schueler, Jr., Labor 294.52 Feden .... . George Weringa, Labor 304.801 Fidler & Chambers Company, r.i.l. \Aiilli.«»i t .u... trio ic I r^ttf 32.30 3.50 1,833.17 8.35 5.00 89.25 Federal Withholding Tax 2,745.91 Erich Willrett, Labor 308.35 Cyril Wagner, Labor 350.69 James Walker, Labor 356.03 C. E. Zaugq, Labor ».. 359.30 DRAINAGE FUND John Thompson, Dr. 2 23.00 John Thompson, Dr. 4 159.00 Axel Brattlund. Dr. 7 65.26 E. J. Seeney, Dr. 7 . 81.16 D. L. Leffert, Dr. 7 Lot 7 175.64 D. L. Leffert, Dr. 7 Lot 19 87.82 Blanchard Lumber & Hdwe. Co- Supplies 356.09 Clement Crahan, Repairs .. 164.90 22.50 18.80 8.93 ' 1.29 Arnold"'Motor, "Parts""'-".-'-- 303.00 Root Hdwe.,' Supplies 48.05 Irvington Coop. Co., Supplies .__ 13.50 Winnebago Co., Taxes ,• • ._ ... i T^ i j i • Hoien Gravel Pit, Supplies he Collins S SOn Dale and HIS •. Brayton Radiator Serv., Repairs . 'amilv Thpn fhpv rlrnvp ilnne 'Algona Machine Shop, Repairs __ amuy. men iney urovc aiung Town of West B?nd E , ec Serv _ he gulf coast through south Texas. They attended service at a fine new Methodist church of 3400 members in Corpus ChriEti, drove on south to Brownsville where they remained for two days during which they took the bus tour into Mexico and found the markets at Matamoras most unappealing on a rainy day. They also stopped at McAllen before turning north and returned home through central Texas Hedrick Brothers, Office Supplies Hutzell's, Office Supplies ond Equipment order & Row Publishers, Professional Books Harcourt, Brace & World, Tests Supply, Lone Rock Coop. Exch., Feed .. RETIREMENT FUND 235.63 12.32 Lunn's Chaplin, Tires .:— 74.14 West Iowa Tel. Co., Tel. 6.12 Midwest Culvert Co., Parts 925.41 Sankey Sand & Gravel Co., Supplies -- 37.50 la. Elec. Light & Pwr. Co., Elec. Serv. 8.19 Jerry's Cities Serv., Repairs __ 10.00 Cummins Wid-West Co., Inc., Repairs 221.97 Cowan's, Spikes ---- '11.47 Standard Oil Products, Parts .. 7.50 Frank Moeding, Labor 38.25 Standard Oil, Fuel 116.73 Titonka Tel. -Co., Tel. N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 7.40 26.71 C. & NW Ry. Co., Freight 1086.18 Elmer Dole Cd' Proj. No. 569 -- 2843.86 Elmer Dole Co., Pro). No. 5 20,072.11 Social Security. Fourth Ouarter .. 10.00 COUNTY FUND Post Office, Postage 340.00 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 24.29 Algona Mun. Util., Utilities .. 194.35 Payroll Fund, Co. Payroll 6509.18 Povroll Fund, Co. Payroll 2519.65 Ralph Lindhorst, Board & Lodge of Prisoners 222.30 Webster Co. Detention Home, Board & Lodge of Prisoners .- 60.00 Gordon L. Winkel, Office Expenses 286.31 Kossuth Co. Treas., Bounty 220.36 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals 8. Mileage 78.63 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals & Mileage 36.36 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals'. 8. Mileage 143.74 Donald M. Wood, Meals & Mileage 62.34 Eastman Kodak Inc.. Supplies -- 2.70 Leonard Harmon, Dr. 7 569.12 John Thompson, Dr. 34 61.00 John Thompson, Dr. 63 45.50 John Thompson, Dr. 69 71.00 John Thompson, Dr. 72 4.00 John Thompson, Dr. 84 12.00 Adam Helderscheldt, Dr. 103 20.00 Michael Wagner, Dr. 103 8.00 Clement Cranan, Dr. 103 8.00 Luther Fairbanks Jr.. Dr. 165 -. 2500.00 Lee & McGuIre, Dr. 166 45.00 Carl Garret & Son, Dr. 166 Lot 21 900.00 Advance Pub. Co., Dr. H. K. 1 -- 7.88 Adam Helderscheidt, Dr. H. K. I _.' 4.47 Clement Crahan, Dr. H. K. 1 .. 1.99 Michael Wagner, Dr. H. K. 1 .. 1.99 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, Dr. H. K. 2 J— 5.65 Advance Pub. Co., Dr. H. K. 2 ._ 3.7C Sec. Rd., Dr. H. K. 3-46 4.9i D. L. Leffert, Dr. H. K. 3-46 .. 5.71 John Thompson, Dr. PAK 1 65.01 Maynord Moretz, Dr. W. K. 3-11 - .6 COURT FUND Rayroll Fund, Court Payroll 1217.8' Clerk of Court, Court Costs Hamilton Printing, Supplies Leo J. Cassel, Fees Office Supplies Go.Mo Products, Special Education Hammond & Stevens Company, Office Supplies Houghton Mifflin Company, 53.11 7.99 22.05 235.30 7.23 90.00 4.44 W. W. Sullivan, Postmaster Postage -.- . Warilyn Skow, School Exhibit Oryille Thoreson, Board Meetings Jniversity of Chicago Press, Subscription . _.. Jpper Des Moines Publishing Company, Printing . .. Theo. Walientine, Board Meetings Elmo Walter, Secretary 46.31 1.80 2.36 431.84 3,900.71 2.00 436.96 6,132.31 3.30 5.04 33.56 278.75 35.75 120.00 303.40 20.00 77.24 4.50 95.73 49.79 440.13 196 TOTAL EXPENDITURES -.$28,628.87 Approved tor Publication January 20, C. R. Krantz President Pro-tem Kossuth County Board of Education A. M. Quintard Executive Secretary Kossuth County Board of Education Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, Jan. 28, 1965. Nutrena horse feeding James McMahon, Fees •9.70 12.50 25.00 25.00 16.00 6.00 2.88 Heck Ross Uniform Co.. Uniforms 200.90 Everson-Ross Co., Inc., Supplies .. 5.45 Milt'on G. Norton, 'J. P. Fees _ Delia Welter, J. P. Fees Ralph Lindhorst, Mileage STATE INSTITUTION FUND oseph 'M. Roon'ey, M. D.', Exam. Phys. 22.50 Leo J. Cassel, Attorney 22.50 Donald M. Wood, Mileage. 8. Meals 23.18 10.00 20.00 Joyce Hayden, Mileage 1 51.52 Culligon. Soft Water Meeting Chris Johnson, formerly of Algona, was buried at Humboldt Saturday afternoon following funeral services at Atlantic where the Johnson's daughter Margaret lives. Mr and Mrs Leo McEnroe vis' ited at Spencer last week at the home of their daughter, Mrs John Rubes, and family, returning home .Saturday morning. The previous week, another daughter and son-in-law,-Mr and Mrs Leon Hugeback and faniily, of New Hampton, were guests of the parents here, and with them attended a family gathering at the home of Mrs McEnroe's sister and her husband, the Clarence Christensens, at Titonka. Mr and Mrs Don Nelson drovo to Manchester last Thursday afternoon and Mrs Nelson is remaining till the latter part of this week, with her daughter, Mrs Chas. Simmons, who is recuperating from recent surg ery. Mrs Louis Kelley was in Sioux City from Monday to Friday of last week working with delegates from 24 states on prospective new Sunday School materials for high school and adult groups. Four National Board members from Methodist headquarters at Nashville, Tenn., were on hand to assist. Mrs Roy Berrie, Dubuque, spent several days here last week with her father, W. A. Barry, who is a patient at St. \nn, and she and her husband ame again Monday. They are ioping to have Mr Barry flown o a Dubuque hospital to be learer them, when he is able to e moved and flight conditions lave improved. .Meantime, Mrs Barry is at University hospital owa City, receiving treatment or varicose vein difficulties and it is hoped that she too will be able to join the family at Dubuque later on. The Roy Jerries own a marina on the river at McGregor but are living rv' Dubuque through the wintei where bpth are employed. Roy, a former Advance printer, is now working on the Dubuque Daily. Dr and Mrs C. L. Plott are flying today from Mason City to Charlottesville,, Va., to visit their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs W. R. Walman, and to see the first grandchild, a son, born to the Walmans on Jan. 22. He weighed 8Vz pounds and aas .been named Jon Sinclair iValman. Dr Plott will return ome Monday but his wife plans o remain for a longer time with her daughter Caroline and the ew baby. Word was received last week >y Irene Corle of the death on •"riday, Jan. 22, of her sister, Sthel Corle-Campney, at the Good Samaritan home in Esthtr- ville. Mrs Campney, who is remembered by older Al- Mr and Mrs Ray Colberg drove to Rochester, Minn. 9,n Jan. 16 to see,their son Glen who had major surgery done on the 15th at the Methodist hospi tal 'there. The parents then drove on to Greenwood, Wis. where they visited .Mrs Colberg 1 brother, and returned to Roches ter where they remained over night- coming home last Friday Glen lives at .Muskegon, Mich Elmer Dole Co., Proj. 553 & 923 1318.17 Elmer Dole Co., Proj. No. 569 -- 315.98 Premier Autowore Co., Parts __ 175.98 Barclay Co., Parts 164.55 N. W. Bell, Tel. 50.45 Lone Rock Coop. Tel. Co., Tel .. 19.77 Standard Oil, Fuel 159.10 DX Oil Co., Fuel 142.50 Taylor Motor Co., Parts 52.11 St.-Regis, Lumber 2986.62 Lone Rock Coop. Exch., Supplies . 30.78 John Dixon Elec., Repairs 394.25; United Building Center, Parts .. 24.21, Jasper Smidt, Gravel ...L:.._- 2778.00 Carson's For Color., Supplies 22.41 McVay Bros., Hauling 2864.80 G. J. Van De Riet & Sons, Road Work --- --- 350.00 Standard Oil Co., Fuel 569.65 Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., Parts 256.13 Greenberg Auto Supply, Parts .- 357.55 Sieg-Ft. Dodge Co., Parts 244.13 Cook's Welders Supply Inc., Supplies 547.95 Glenn Larsen, Meeting W. J. Stewart, Meeting Donald Ringsdorf, Meeting Lloyd H. Bartlett, Meeting Lloyd H. Bartlett. Meeting Glenn Larsen, Meeting IBM, Koch Maintenance Bros, Supplies 6.50 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 2.00 2.00 83.00 .40 Bancroft Register, Ballots 44.00 Lloyd H. Bartlett, Repairs Titonka Topic, Notice _ 4.75 90.00 Hillvard Sales Co., Supplies 53.6! Frederick Hdwe.. Supplies 1.8 •N. W. Belli-.Tel. •--'•- — 3.6 N. W. Bell, Tel. 278.65 M. & M. Sales, Supplies Gordon L. Winkel, Attorney ildon J. Winkel, Attorney Jlchard Groen, Mileage ------Ralph Lindhorst, Meals & Mileage MrsT'John Tielebein, Keep ---- Leegaord Home, Keep -------- 100.00 .89 25.80 57.14 Reiner's Nursi Tommy Dale ng H . Home, Keep -- 120.00 osp., Keep ----- 353.65 ., ----Mental Health Institute, Keep -- 112.56 On motion adjournment was taken until December 8, 1964. Attest: -------------- ..... ---------Marc Moore, Kossuth County Auditor A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, Board of Supervisors BOARD PROCEEDINGS Thirty-Second Day December 8, 1964 Sargent Engineering Inc., Parts . Cummins :ngms Mid- 1 West Co. Inc., Parts Humboldt Concrete Products Div. Pipe 3.80 15.05 13.80 Iowa State Bar Assoc., Supplies _ Jenkins-Fergemann Co., Supplies . n =-= i . Fidlar & Chambers Co., Supplies . 103.92 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Supplies 11.50 Jenkins-Ferqemann Co.. Supplies - x '* Advance Pub. Co.. Supplies .Koch Bros., Supolies 30 i'§Z Acres Blackmar Co., Suoplies -- 5.03 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies —.-- — ------------ «l-|0 REGULAR NOVEMBER SESSION The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournament. Those present were A. 23.94 i M. Kollasch, Chairman, and Charles 8.001 Plathe, Garry McDonald, Lawrence New- gonians, had been in poor health j 'or some time. She is survived jy her sister Irene, here, a brother Charlie, at Willman, Minn., and four children: Hubert, who Farms near Emmetsburg; Irene, Mrs Ray Enerson, Estherville; Mark Campney, Davis, Calif.; and Mary Campney of Phoenix, Ariz. Her husband died some years ago. They had formerly lived, at Ruthven and funeral services were held at the Methodist church there yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. Form Serv. Co., Gas ......... - 1127.54 Albert Schneider, Clay ________ 312,00 Sign Serv. & Mun. Supply Inc., Guard Rail -- ..... __________ 165.00 i Swaney Equip. Co., Parts ' " bor< MQn " 7.98 agement, Equipment 340.00 T. B. FUND 3r. J. L. Crouch, Inspection 125.60 3r. H. H. Raney, Inspection Dr. W. B. Redman, Jr., Inspection Wayne Jones, lndemnity_ Marvel POOR FUND Immerfall, Mileage: 31.15 7.00 8.80 24.27 43.89 brough and John Rode. Absent: none. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Rode that all four trucks be purchased , „„ from Joe Bradley Equipment Co., Algona. 6.46 | Ayes: all Nays: none. Motion carried. 11 50 On motion adjournment was taken until December 28, 1964. Attest: Marc Moore, Kossuth County Auditor Addressoqraph Co., Maintenance . -" - '•• Parts Tests Algona Plbg. & Hti Dr. Schutter & KooL. Dr. Schultz 8. Schultz, Tests .Roy M. Turner, M. D., Tests .Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Proceedings Bancroft Register, Proceedings . 347.52 1.98 30.00 10.00 10.00 A. M. Kollosch, Chairman, Board of Supervisors Advance Pub. Co.,' Proceedings -- 407.37 BOARD PROCEEDINGS Thirty-Third Day December 21, 1964 SPECIAL NOVEMBER SESSION The Board of Supervisors met pursuant 407.37 to adjournment. Those present were A. Bancroft Register, Dockets Swea Citv Herald, Ad 28.00 1.28 -loyd Dixon, Rent: Albert Cutler 25.00 Town of Bancroft, Elec.: Joe Rapp 4.90 Town of Whittemore, Elec,: Myrtle Frost 62.95 , Fuel: Dale Douglas 16.90 lolm, M. D., Medical: Sam Christophel 6.00, Frieda Denton 15.00 Sierp Supply, C. V. Lindh Mrs L, J. Malueg, who has been at her daughter's home in Homewppd, 111. since release from a nearby hospital, was taken to a rest home on Sunday where she is remaining on a temporary basis until she improves in health. Letters to her should be sept in her daughter's care: Mrs E. K. Huber, 1655 W. 183rd St., Homewood. Visitors Monday at the R, O. BiustfQm home were Mrs Bjustrom's nieces, Joyce Kuecker The Alfred Fetts, formerly of LuVerne, moved a week ago Monday on to the Harold Mosher farm north of town which they purchased some months ago. Mr and Mrs Mosher have nade no definite plans for the uture as yet, but are staying or a time at the farm of their on Darrell, near Whittemore. •londay they drove to Eagle Grove to see their respective athers, George Dial and Ervin Mosher, each of whom lives alone in his own home. C. L. Plott, M. D., Medical: R. A. Alvey 137.00 Dick Drug, Medical: George Jennings 49.40 Medical Clinic, Medical: R. A. Alvey 25.00 D. Egbert, M. D., Medical: George Jennings 5.00 Holy Family Hosp., Medical: Sam Christophel 64.05 Blue Earth Medical Cent., Medical: Kathryn Doocy 6,00 John N. Kenefick, M. D., Medical: John SOLDIERS RELIEF FUND Mrs. E. Behnkendorf, Rent 30.00 Vincent Esser, Rent 50.00 Iowa Pub. Serv. Co., Elec. 9.70 K. 8. H Oil Co., Fuel - - 17.37 United Building Center, Fuel -- 24.75 N. Cent. Pub. Serv. Co., Fuel -- 8.65 AI ... <n:i iu:i:*: n ^ 3238 24'.93 11.68 11.90 58.93 4.10 03.54 15.00 . Kollasch, Chairman, and John Rode, Charles Plathe and Lawrence Newbrough. bsent: McDonald. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Algona Mun. Util., Utilities .Algona Mun. Util., Utilities Algona Mun. Util., Utilities Miller Pharmacy, Honsbruch Drug, Medical Medical Van Norman Drug, Medical Park Clinic, Medical Ron 8. Jack's, Food Jerry & Marty's, Food 45.00 Vogel's, Food - 45.36 University Hosp., Medical Mi-99 Christian Home, Keep 60.00 Lutheran Home Finding Soc., Keep a 65. OO Howard Andrews, Mileage Meeting Thill 9.00 Palo Alto Mem. Zumach 509.50 M. Urology, Medical: Louis Meuller 215.00 Hosp., Medical: Lena Dr. R. Richardson, Medical: Audrey FOR EXPERUNO EFFICIENT Plumbing & Heating .§ Fast -Service § Competitive gatff § Q?pen<kbli FUNK Plumbing & Heating Frye 7.50, Mae McLean 12.75 Dr. F. V. Maytum, Medical: Dolan Children 8.00 Spirit Lake' Med. Cent., Medical: Dolan Children 7.80 oseph M. Rooney, M. D., Medcial: Percy Atkinson 6.00 Van Norman Drug Co., Medical: Sandra Ewing 2.32 Spirit Lake Clinic Pharm., Medical: Dolan Children 15.55 Rusk Drug, Medical: Eliz. Ramus 20.01, Mr and Mrs E. B. Carlson left Sunday morning in their car for a trip into old Mexico and plan :o be away for at least a month. Lee Davidson, Mileage & Meeting David A. Smith, Meetings BANGS FUND Dr. J. J. Cecil, Inspection Dr. D. J. Shey, Inspection Dr. R. E. Weber, Inspection Or. T. J. Lensing, Inspection Dr. Jerald T. Waite, Inspection .. Dr. H. P. Shoeman, Inspection -Dr. Hans J. Seyffert, Inspection Andrew C. Hanson, Indemnity .. Middleton 8, Ellsworth, Indem. 7.80 8.50 10.00 102.50 96.50 58.00 16.00 71.00 44.00 31.00 12.50 nity Oswald " Yhifges"" Indemnity - 12.50 PAYROLL FUND J. W. Burnett, Co. Form Nora Burnett,' Co. Farm 165.59 Seutfc 'J Mr and Mrs Edwin L. Wolcott left -Monday morning on the first leg of an extended vacation. They first drove to the West Coast and are visiting for a brief time with Ed's brother Devere and his sister, Mrs Ben Zinn, both of whom live at Burbank. They will leaye their car there and on Feb. 8, will fly to Hawaii. Reservations have been made at the Driftwood Hotel on Waikiki Beach for five weeks .(Jjjiriog which they hope to take bus tours over the islands. They will leave Honolulu on March 12 ?nd return by boat, The Laur- Ijne, which will stop 24 hours at Saji Francispo enroute back to LQS Angeles where they will dock on March 17. They will probably drive from there to Bj-ownsville, Tex., and altho their plans are not too definite may stay in the Texas Valley for a time and return home by assures a feed that meets the individual needs of each horse Your Nutrena Dealer can help you be sure you're feeding your animals right and economically. New, Nutrena HQRSE KWIK is available in three convenient forms: supplement, concentrate or complete feed. Your Nutrena dealer can help you figure a feeding prescription that's right for your animals. Nutrena HORSE KWIK has guaranteed amounts of Vitamin A — and other essential vitamins and minerals to keep your horses strong, healthy and alert. 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