The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1895
Page 8
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*7it -,' '"Ki '"f-w^-p^.- :- \ '' *-' *" L ' - 11, . _ / A New Line of Just Received at LANGDON Removal Sale At Patterson & Son s, We will sell goods for the NEXT THIRTY DAYS at prices never before heard of. All our large line of Crockery, Glassware, Lamps and Chamber Sets will be sold at almost cost. Now is your time to get a nice lot of dishes. Our canned goods must go. GALL AND GET 0 T7R PRICES. .PATTERSON & SON, BAMS, ABSTRACTS, LANDS/LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutcliins, Wm. K. Ferguson, C. D. Smith, President. Vlce-Pres. Cashier. Ass't.Oas Cash, THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. Money on I.and to loan at reasonable rates to parties who furnish flrsf.-class security Dlrectors-D. H. Hutching, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, F. H. Vesper, Ambrose A. Call, R. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL—S5O.OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. D. Clarke, Pres., O. O. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thos. H. Lantry. Cashier, Geo. i, GaJbraith, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schenck, • Thos. F.Cooke. Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults, Interest Paid for Time Deposits. W. H. Iiigliain, Theo. ChriscMHes, Lewis H. Smith, President. Vice President. Cashier ALGONA, IOWA. " CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporated under general laws ol Iowa, Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange Sought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banning business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors—W. H. ingham, John G. Smith. J. B. Jones, T. Ohrischllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. DON'T TAKE AN.Y CHANGES ON<^f- Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever written a word in them. Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be sure you get what you pay for and take no chances, CEREAL ESTATE FOANS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY & RICE Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa. Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, and Insurance. P, L, SLAGKLE, Manufacturer of and dealer In Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA, IOWA, Wesenberg Bros,, ALGONA, IOWA, E, G, Bowyei;, —D-ealer in— Jewelry, Silverware, Iatclies and Clocks,* 1890.- G, 0, SHELLEY, -1896, O.D.PETTIBONE fflflRHLE WHRKS. undersigned are now prepared to fll orders lor Wnrk t of all kinds In Marble, Stone or Granite: also Shelves. Mantels. Table Tops and Plumb er's Work of all kinds. When In need o anything' in our Jlno, give \is a call and be convinced that we give you good rnateria and good work, and at as reasonable prices as can be found In the country.- glELLIT & PETTIBONE Factory on State St., east of J. B. WJnkol 1 oOiee. , Akofirwwi* r ;<;r^ r "'?r^y^ 7 ' ' * - j' j , . ''*r . n . "< WATER OR 10 FAY, Artesian well contractor. I have the onlj cable steam drilling machine owned in th< county; sink wells for water supply fo; towns, cities a»d railroads. Special at tojxtiou to farm well work. Estli " } employ only expert drillers. NEW5 OF THE COlTY, The official rato books have been sent to ,he Bancroft Insurance agents by State inspector Beveridge which promulgates ft new set of rates for tho business part of ,own. This is the first time the town has ever been rated and of course the rates seem high and are high. But the frame rows are also very long and some of the juildings are in very poor condition.- There are four long frame rows and there are no less than seven buildings in each row with practically no clear spaces or jrick or stone fire walls. If fife walls were built in the center- of each block about two feet thick the rates would not je much more than one half of what they are at present. The rato on quite a num- Der of risks not in those rows is materially reduced. The I, O. G. T. lodge had their election of officers at their last meeting and it resulted as follows: C. T., James V, Coleman; V. T., Mrs. E. B. Gray; Chap., Mrs. J. V. Coleman; Secy., J. A. Freeh; F. Secy., Grace Littlefield; Treas., Rev. E. G. Vine; Marshal, II. W. Phelps; Guard, Minnie Soretisen; Sentinel, Mrs. J. A. Freeh. The lodge meets for tho first time n their now hall over Westouhavor Bros, store next Saturday evening when the installation of officers will take place. Hon. J. P. Dolliver was in tho city yesterday after the big rally at Hurt. Mr. Dolliver took occasion to compliment the city very highly on its city library presented by George Bancroft, the historian. By tho way the city library ought to have about throe times as many members as it now has. Hand in your name to Wilbur Laidley with a dollar and patronize a first class library. The Good Templars have rented the J. E. Hudson hall and have sublet the same 'or Thursday evenings to tho Modern Woodman and will probably sublet the iall for other evenings to the G. A, B. and of V. and W. R. C. It makes a very good hall to meet in. Next Friday is All Saints' Day. Services will be held on that day in the Catholic church the same as on Sundays. Next Saturday is All Souls Day. There will be mass at 10 o'clock a. m. for the repose of the s juls of the dead. Among those sick with malarial or typhoid fever are Tom Sherman, C. C. Thompson, J. M. Cunningham and John Stahl. Wo understand that they are all getting better which we are glad to hear. Married—October 17, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. W. II. Pettibono, of Fcnton, by Rev. D. Williams, A. Garis, of State Center, and Miss Mamie N. Wilson, of Bancroft. Mrs. E. Sherman and daughter, Margaret, of Livermore, have been here dur- ng the week attending their son and brother, Tom Sherman, in his wrestle with the fever. Hon. Byron A. Beeson, secretary of the Iowa Deposit & Loan Association, was in the city o.u business pertaining" to^'that Association, last week. ! Thos. P. Kelly and family were made aappy by the arrival of a bran new haby boy yesterday morning at 4 o'clock. Ci- ars were plenty. E. B. Campbell, that jolly old settler of Armstrong, shook hands with his many Bancroft friends here yesterday. Quite a number of Bancroft Knights of Pythias attended the funeral of Dr. Pride of Algona, yesterday. Chas. R. Morehouse acted as clerk for the big Hanna-Bourne sale at Bourne's place yesterday. M. D. O'Connell, of Ft. Dodge, was in the city last Monday evening. For any and all kinds of flrstclasi insur auce see J. A. Freeh. Politics were never so quiet in this burg as this fall. Any person having books borrowed of mo will confer a great favor by returning same at once. J. A. FBECII. ALL STAPLE GOODS, groceries Yon are Bttfitig Eterf Bay at DottWe Our firaad Offer Price, WE ENDEAVOR to describe everything e*actlfr as It is, and to exaggerate nothing. ifi inakjjitf up this list We liate quoted the ate*- ge total! price ; we have endeavored to be Very fair ftlth tbe retail dealer and tnako the retail price fully as lo* as they ate sold in the ireragfe store, and by careful Coinparlsoti, -we believe you .Will agree With tis In inafcy iteins we have figured the retailers' price less than hey are selling, and as we figure it the goods sell fot $3O.OO and We make the Special PHce of $ 1 6.6O* ilinUTPtl RIIPtiR 1 Special Pflce for 40 pounds Is $1, : retail price *2.60. 85 bars Latlfad^y Soap, btlf Special Price flULaiuV OUUflft, 51, retail price 91.78. Thesegoodsare just such goods as are sold by all the first-class stores, and ot put up for any cut price* Y6u know the brands and get them every time you buy In this Western country. fttfi InEi t up ttt? MS If ft ftA II D IHttlVCi flu iTBy buying $3O.OO worth of high grade Staple Groceries for $16.5O you save $13.5O, You should lose notimem taking advantage of our Special Offer. when this one is gone and not be overstocked on any one article. Don't'delay, these prices will not last always. •HTSencl .your order plainly addressed to, . JQjJjy QRQ VE, AlgOHa, Iowa, )ON'T FORGET we box, pack and pay tho freight to your nearest B. B. station. . 82^~0ut off hero and send in with draft for $10.50 and I will send you the entire outfit to your nearest B. B. station. Freight paid. No ther expense; remember that. [Keep the top of this sheet to check up by .1 , Wesley. WESLEY, Oct. 19.—Mr. Thos. Wink has sold his fine farm in Buffalo township, so we are informed, at §28 per acre. Mr. Govern has a pumpkin in his vegetable garden that measures fifty-two inches in circumference one way and fifty-six inches another. Mr. T. Tobin has been sick the past few days. The farmers of this vicinity have theii threshing nearly completed. Miss Fannie Kennedy attended the party which lies sister gave last Saturday evening, Mr. Olaf Oppendahi has been on the sick list the past week. Mr. Larkin's fine new residence is nearly completed, It seems even the bachelors are no proof against the matrimonial disease, as it secured Mr. J, Bonniker as one of Its victims, and still there are more to follow, There is a new barn under construction on the farm which Mr. John Lobeck has rented for the coming season. Mr. A. Iv, Kennedy has taken the con tract to build a new house for Mr, P Govern, of Portland township. HARBISON, Oct. 31.—Corn husking } with us again- Help is scarce and wage very high, taking the price of grain intc consideration. I think we are drawing near tho time o which the Irishman spoke in a letter t his grandmother wfeo Jiyed in the olc country, saying, "Dear Grandmother, would sind ye the price of a new dross this letter, but these are hard, panic?; tinies for the price of $11 we have to soli i nothln' so DO content with the one I sou ye flye.years ago." A very-pleasant party was giyen th young folks at the Uome of HI: Ore an< from a,]} accounts VYQ^W say they enjoyec tUe ocoaslajj very much, M, V- Ore, * t to Examination at Depot Before yon Pay for Tim HOT tor 88 Bars Santa Clans, Lenox or any Standard Soap, §1,00, Sugrat is advancing evety day, but my price ffoes mei-rlly on at f... woitllfi 0 . FAMILY GROOEBlES FOB for boxing or packing, but pack and box all goods and deliver free at your nearest R. B. station, free of any charge whatsoever. tffi fifSlf We will Immediately refund all your inohey and pay freight both ways If goods ai-e not exactly astfecofn- iiu iuufti mend them to be. OUR SPECIAL BARGAIN LIST OP GROCERIES CONSISTS OF tfME J?O£LOWtKGl STAPLE GOODS.* Betall Our Price. Price. 0 Ibs best Granulated Sugar ... .$2 60 $ 1 00 5 bars extra Laundry Soap 1 75 1 00 pounds extra Coffee, your choice McLaughlin's XXXX. Arbuck- les or any good bulk coffee, at ISePKH POUND.... .150 75 pounds extra Japan Tea 3 Co 1 90 0 pounds Japan Klce (not the cheap, but good) .100 75 gallons Honey Drip Syrup. 2 GO 100 2 large bars Toilet Soap-equals any lOc soap 1 20 00 pounds English Currants, cleaned ready for use 00 fiO 0 pounds California Prunes 125 75 pallNo. IWhltoflsh 1 50- 85 Betall Our Price. Price. 5 pounds Jumbo Peaches,0allfor- nla evaporated 00 co B Ibs BreaMast Food ( none bettor 86 25 5 noundS High Grade Baking Powder, absolutely pure ...... 2 60 1 25 5 pounds Muscatele Raisins 00 24 1 pound Kingsford Silver Gloss march 10 04 1 pound Corn Starch 10 03 6 packages Bluing 00 HO t pouna Cream of Tartar.......... 50 So 1 largo package Oocoanut 40 23 2 pounds Ginger Snaps 25 18 1 pound Mustard BO 30 1 pound whole Pepper 40 30 1 pound Ginger CO 27 Betftil Our Price. Price. Ji pound Nutmegs 30. 17 1 pound Cinnamon............ 40 27 1 pound Cloves. * .., 40 27 1 pound Alsplco t... 40 28 1 pound ground Pepper .., 40 30 1 pound ground Cloves 40 28 C bottles Lemon Extract ,, 90 57 0 bottles Vanilla Extract 00 57 1 pkg Yeast Foam 04 • 02 1 pkg Church's Arm & H'mr, Soda 10 04 2f boxes Parlor Matches , 40 ' 17 2 pounds Cream Candy, very fine. 40 10 Total. ..; §30 00 $16 60 Our Special Offer is the Whole Lot for JNDERSTAND FULLY you cannot buy any portion of this lot without buying all, except at our regular price. Wo will not break ;he lot at price named. It is a bargain lot at a price never before heard of. and you must take the lot to got tho price. Don't ask to hange it in any way, or sell you any article at price named, wo will have to refuse you. REMEMBER THAT THESE AR wice tho price. The goods are so even E ALL STANDARD GOODS. , You know the brands, you buy thorn every day at almost ly divided that you will find they will run out at nearly the same time, so you can Duy a lot again '' TO JOHN GROVE, ALGONA, IOWA: < . • * Please send me the above order No. %, to ................................................................. '. ..................... (Sign order here.) . Town _________ .................................................... County ......... „ ................ ..................... __: _________ State^ _____ ....... For the same find draft for $16.50, which pays for $30.00 of goods. P. S.— Or you can enclose $3 witluthe order, and pay balance upon receipt of goods at your Station. v .a :^i - "iM TO' ME FOB WHOLESALE PRICES OX EVERT KIND OF GOODS, WE WIIA GIVE YOU PRICES ON ANYTHING. If ivo don't have it, we will give you the address of the best place to buy it. EEFEEENOE: Kossuth County State Bank, Algona State Bank, Pirst National Bank, - > \ • Building Is on the boom In the northeast part of Harrison. Mr. J, Jacobs is building a new granary and Mr. Crown- better is building a new crib for his corn. Mr. W. Wats is building a new bank barn, the new school house is being painted and Frank Sly tor is building a new double ,orn crib. The appearance of F. Hartzel's house is ihanged by a coat of white paint. Miss Lizzio Hastings closed a very successful term of school last Friday. Her school gave a very good entertainment in tho afternoon, many of tho parents being present who pronounced it first class. We understand that Peter Jensen's farm is for sale at $30 per acre. It is situated three miles west of Ledyard. This is a bargain that ought to be taken advantage of by some one. HABBISON, Oct. 37.—0, the snow, the snow, the beautiful snow, but we hope it will be scarce for at least two months, or until tho corn is all husked and in the cribs. There is a new house being erected on tho farm that Mr. A. BJglow now occupies. We understand that Mr. W.-Welfare has ten hogs left out of a herd of seventy. The cholera is a dreadful disease and has made a great loss for Mr, W, A new house is to be erected on the farm that is to be worked by Mr, One. The foundation is already laid. It is to be 16x34, with a wing of the same size. , Union, UNION, Oct. 38.—P, N. Sarehett is no better, He is very low. Robt, Leason lost one of his fine, gray horses with lung fever. He had' been offered $300 for the team. M, Goddenis building a .granary and corn crib on his father's place, Mr. and Mrs, Hofins have returned from a week's visit with their children at Buffalo Center, r < Mr. Tjaden's daughter is still very sick with the fever, 'Pr, Beane is Jn attendance, John Anderson, Mr. Schenck's right hand man for the last two years, starts for Denmark this week for a three months visit. -.'•-. Tho sewing bee at Mr, Bftrr's was a success, Feutcw, FENTON, Iowa, Oct. 39,—H. J< has started to build his new house, hart Bros, -have the lob, Mr. E, Tamblyn, of Bancroft, was seen on our streets, Mr. Jacob Weisbrod, jr., had quite an accident by the team running away. He was badly hurt. He was not able to walk •at first, but now he is so he caw get avoun4 a Mtle again. Miss Maggie Uayenga. is pn tb,e sick list, H.og cholera Is quite a great thing now a,rdays. Quite a fw farmers report losing bogrs- Mmramra Cfi§t .™™ W -T •--. - j yep plqfe- £9? T MOW is the time to buy your hard and soft li Coal. lam taking orders for immediate or future delivery, and the prices will be as low as any. Order your Coal Now.. Leave orders down town at the office of F. O. Willson. Prompt delivery. » . In Iowa coal I have: Mystic, Boone, What Cheer, and Saylor, Also Illinois and Hocking Valley soft. Order by Telephone after October 1, -A, H. Naudain. Storm Sash. Storm Sas Cold weather is a part of this country and is just as sure as: death and taxes, and when it comes with a hump and a jump you'll rave and tear because you didn't buy some STORM WINDOWS and put them on while the weather was pleas*; ant. MOBA.L; Buy Right Now, and buy from ,. .^ 'F. s. NORTON* »* r j QOMPUETf STQQK. QDD SIZES FURNISHED QUIQK, Den- Foundry and Machine MULLIQA& OHNSTEPT, Props, Wo do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass, castings and boiler short notice. MOWERS AND BINDERS OF here to stay, Shop east of Rutherford Souse, orders promptly attended, Not Necessary! clime at f go, sell you a mce new

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