The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1895
Page 7
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fttfc BIHWflLieAJf, AL&OMA, 10WA f so, -„-..,- „ m.t heaviest c» trnt t bbfeffetf that Holmes tools Ifct6l?6f ifim his drawer and _ , i|inio his fro-ckei. tt was clear- that he thoui hi that out ntehfs " " bt s ®§*idus one. i M^lafi was fnufiied ttt a 664 bet sensitive fa6e was com, bat pale. She must hate been IhaB Woman if She did not feel i uneasiness at the strange enter^ lOfl Which We Were embarking, eelf-contfdl was perfect, and fehg readily answered the few addition* ai questions which Sherlock fitalmes jfrtlltt t A>i f-kA£* PUT* iiO nor* "Maj. Sholto was a very particular friend of papa's/' she said, "fiislet* tars were full of allusions to the major. He afad papa Wefe in dommatld of the tf oops at the Andaman islands, so they were thf own a great deal together. By the way, a curious paper was found in papa's desk which ho one could linden stand. I don't suppose that it is of the slightest importance, but t thought you might care to see it, so I brought it with me. It is here." Holmes unfolded the paper carefully and smoothed it out upon his knee. He then ?ei»y methodically examined it all over with his double lens. "It is paper of native Indian manufacture," he remarked. "It has at some time been pinned to a board. Hie dia* gram upon it appears to be a plan of part of a large building with numerous halls, corridors, and passages. At one point is a small cross done in red ink, and above it is '3.37 from left,'in faded pencil-writing. In the left-hand corner is a curious hieroglyphic like four crosses in a line with their arms touching. Beside it is written, In very rough and coarse characters, "The sign of the four,-^Jonathen Small, Mahomet Singh, Abdullah Khan, Dost Akbar.' No, I confess that 1 do not see how •this bears upon the matter. Yet It is evidently a document of importance. It has been kepi carefully in a pocketbook; for the one side is as clean as the other." "It was in his pocketbook that we found it." . "Preserve it carefully, then, Miss t Morstan, for It may prove to be of use to us. I .begin to suspect that this matter may turn out to be much deeper and more subtle than I at first supposed. I must reconsider my ideas." He leaned back in the cab, and I could See by his drawn brow > and his vacant eye that he was thinking intently. iMiss Morstan and I chatted in an un, dertone about our present expedition and its possible outcome, but our companion maintained his impenetrable reserve until the end of our journey. It was a September evening, and not yet seven o'clock, but the day had been a dreary one, and a dense drizzling fog lay low upon the great city. - Mud- colored clouds drooped sadly over the. muddy streets. Down the Strand the lamps were but misty splotches of diffused light which threw a feeble circular glimmer upon the slimy pavement. The yellow glare from the shop- windows streamed out into the steamy, vaporous aJf, and threjw, a murky, L 'ting radiance acisbssthecrowded wJoughf are. There was to my mind something eerie and ghost-like in the endless procession of faces which flitted across these narrow bars of light—sad faces -and glad, haggard and merry. Like all human kind, they flitted from the gloom into the light, and so back into the gloom once more. I am not subject to impressions, but the dull, heavy evening, with the strange business, upon which we were engaged, combined to make me nervous and depressed. I could Bee from Miss Mor~ stan's manner that she was suffering from the same feeling. Holmes alone could rise superior tp.petty influences. He held his open notebook upon, his knee, and from time, to time he jotted down* figures and memoranda in the light of his pocket lantern. At the Lyceum theater the crowds were already thick at the side entrances. In front a continuous stream of hansoms and four-wheelers were rattling up, discharging their cargoes of shirt-fronted men and beshawled, bediamonded women. We had hardly reached the third pillar, which was our rendezvous, before a small, dark, brisk man in the dress of a coachman ac- .costed us, "Are you the parties who come with Miss Morstan?" he asked. "I am Miss Morstan, and these two gentlemen are iny friends," said she. „ He bent a pair of wonderfully penetrating and questioning eyes upon us., '•You will -ejcouse me, miss," he said, with a certain dogged manner, "but I w»s to ask you to give 'me your word that neither of your companions is a - police officer," "I give you my word on that," -she answered. - He gave ft shrill whistle, on which a str/eet Arab led across a fowwbeeler and opened the door, The roanyhp addressed us jnonn&d to the "b<?s, we tools our places inside, We bad;* hardly done so-before the driver whipped up bis horse, aw4 vre plunged away at a furious pace through *be situation wa§ a curious QR$. \y§ were driving t<? an unknown place, oa - aj| HBjmqwn errand, Yet our inrita* tien was either a complete boas*** wbieh was m UwQaee, iyabie hypptbfs|s •WQF eke we bo4 #QQ4 *•$&&<?» to, t^nk- that important issues might b»nff upp» WjouTBey, M|s 5 MsrsWi djjnean.oj- was as rs§pJwt£ and qgJlf 9^4 88 $YSF. -\l sedeayorsfl to, sheer; m$ aaw ber ejjceg gf njy ftd.Yen$«res, Jp, i bwt, to ttU the truth, j 9JtSfii^ QVOf as ta llot* To be voted Tuesday, Nov. 5, 1 895. Polls open at 8 o'clock a. m. gf Af E , F« M* BRAKE Of Af PA»608B COtTNTt. n f Oft MATT PARROTT Of BtACK HAWK % 0& rftthGfi Ofi 1 SUPftBMS COtJftl?, JOSIAH GIVEN O* tOt,K COUNTY. StiPT. Of HENRt SABIN FOtl RAtLROAO COMMISSIONER, GEORGE W, PERKINS Of FREMONT COtmTY. D D For Senator Forty-Seventh District, A. B. FUNK Of Dickinson County. For Representative Eighty-Third District SAMUEL MAYNE Of Bancroft. D COUNTY TICKET. For Treasurer, R. H. SPENCER Of Algona. For Sheriff, C. C. SAMSON Of Algona. For Superintendent, B. F. REED Of Algona. For Supervisor, W. J. BURTON Of Springfield Township. For Surveyor, , * C. A. TELLIER Of Algona. For Coroner, W. E. H. MORSE Of Algona.. O D HSfSSUitm GOVERNOR, , I. BABB Of HBfrfct COtNTY. f OR LlfittTMAUf -GOVERNQft, SAMUEL L, BESTOW Of LUCAS COtNTY. FOR JtJOGE OF SUtREMB COURT, THOMAS G. HARPER Of DBS MOINE8 COUNTY. fOR 8UPT. OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTlOJf, LYMAN B, PARSHALL of JACKSOS COUNTT. FOR RAILROAD COMMISSIONER, GEORGE JENKINS OF DUBUQUK COUNTY. STATE FOR GOVERNOR, S. B. CRANE OF SCOTT COUNTY. FOR LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR, A. R. STARRETT OF HUMBOLfiT COUNTY. FOR JUDGE OF SUPREME COURT, T, W. IVORY OF MILLS COUNTY. FOR SUPT. OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, L. S. TABOR Of QUTHBlB COUNTY. n FOR RAILROAD COMMISSIONER, E. J. STASON LJ OF WOODBtTBY COUNTY. For Senator Forty-Seventh District, For Representative Eighty-Third District FRANK WIEMER Of Ledyard. TOWNSHIP TICKET. For Justice of tho Peace, For Trustees, For Constable, COUNTY TICKET. For Treasurer, PHILIP DORWEILER Of Garfleld Township, For Sheriff, S. P. CHRISTENSEN Of Algona. For Superintendent, J. J. WILKINSON Of Algona. For Supervisor, "* F. W. MITTAG Of Lotts Creek Township. For Surveyor, J. H. GORTNER Of Burt Township, For Coroner, M. J. KENEFICK Of Algona. TOWNSHIP TICKET. For Justice of the Peace, For Trustees,' • For Constable, For Senator Forty-Seventh District, T. J. HUGHES Of Palo Alto County. For Representative Eighty-Third District W. F. HOFIUS Of Union Township. COUNTY TICKET. For Treasurer, For Sheriff, For Superintendent, W. H. STRICKLER Of Burt Township. For Supervisor, A. B. SHELDON Of Burt Township. For Surveyor, For Coroner, 6f ATI T10KS3T , FOR GOVERNOR, FRANCIS BACON OP MCSCAT1NB COUNTY. FOR LiEUTEN A NT-GOVERNOR^ M. W. ATWOOD OF KMMET COUNTY. FOR JUDGE OF SUPREME COURT; . JACOB W. ROGERS OF FAYKTXK COUNTY. FOR SUPT, OF PUBLIC MRS, L. D. CARHART OF tlNN COUNTY, FOR RAILROAD COMMiSStoNEB, H. F. JOHNS OF HABBIBON COUNTf . TOWNSHIP TICKET. For Justice of the Peace, For Trustees, For Constable, Shall the following public measure be adopted: Shall a tax of one and one-half mills on the dollar be levied on the taxable property of the county for 1896 for the purpose of building a county jail? FOE JAIL TAX AGAINST JAIL TAX tf STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.—I, F. D. Calkins, auditor 1 of said county, hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct list "of the nominations by the several political parties for the various offices to be filled at the general election to be held Nov. 5.1895. County Auditor; as the cab rattled through squares and in and out by tortuous by-streets, "Rochester row," said be, "Now Vincent square. Now we come out on the Vauxhall Bridge road, We are making for the Surrey side apparently. Yes, I thought so, Now we aye on the bridge, You can catch glimpses of .the river," » We did indeed get a fleeting view of a stretch of tho Thames with the lamps shining upon the broad, silent water; but our cab dashed on, and was soon involved In a labyrinth of streets upon the other side, "Wordsworth road," said my com» pahioo, "Priory road., Lark Ball Jane, Sto<?kweU place, Robert street, £0$ Harbor jane. Our quest does not appear to talse us to very fashionable region?-" We bad, indeed, reached a question-* ftble and forbidding neighborhood, JQonffJtRfS of dullbricU houses were -pnjy relieved by the co&rso glare and tawdry brttli&wy of public houses a.t the, cpraer, Then came two rows of twQ.*gtoHpa Yilhjs, each with a fronting 9f wjniatwe garden, and then again in* lin§§ gf new staring brick the f iant $Jty was throwing pwt into, th,« ^euatey, , At lapt the c&\> drew up at th> tWrfl bQu$e j» s, new terraee, , §ay@ for a sin. tehe , Uowever, mm TO YOTBRS, egular Sept. 1895 sessi SBperYisors Jt was d submit tbeo|oUQw}ng question to a vote f he PP Je * H x * Soml rtwtlou At the regular Sept. 1895 session of the Bofti'd of SBperYisors Jt was decjdefi to BY THE GOVERNOR. A PROCLAMATION For a General Election to be Held Tuesday, Nov. 5, 1895. on the Tuesday next after the flrst Monday JR November, It being tho fifth day of that month; of the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety-nve, the offices hereinafter named are to be filled, to-wlt; By vote of all the electors of the state; The'fifflce of Governor of the state. The office of Lieutenant Governor, The office of Judge of the Supreme Court, The, office of Superintendent of Pubjio }»» struptlon. Theipffioe of Railroad Commissioner, fly vpte of the electors of the several Sena- atortftl Districts designated below: The of- ftee of Senator in the General Asgembjy from eacb of said districts, to*wit: ' The, gepond Plstript, composed of the counties of Jefferson and Van furen, The Third PJstriot, composed of the QQUUT ties of Appanoose and Da, vis, Tbe; Fourth plstFiot. composed of the ppunties of Waype an4 JJUous, The PiftU District, composed of the coun» ties efBiBggplfl, Dec»tur »»d TJjjjon, /f be gtxtnptstrlet, composed p,f the ooun» ties p.f Taylor and AdamSi JJlslrlot, composed of tbe lls a»4 Montgomery. h Pistriot,,composed ot the n and.Pifti'ke. District, pom,pQ§efl pf the Jars (18,000 be raiaed ft tax af P^e.aB4 roe be leyl f-fKVt -^"f^iT-* ,-w. r> mf^ij v •* T'.TP^^W i^-.^'^w^ ;»^x p* i* IIM(™'_~TH 4-V.~ ^""ff jw|A|B4t|torew,.tp9 iiaJ^fjiB^ 1 warsiP, i$M& :?£lll . • . . ' . ' ' "$'> ,. -.' t)A^S The Thirty-sixth District,""composed of the county of u lay ton, The Thfrty-nlnth District, composed of the counties of Butler and Br emer. The Fortieth District, composed of the counties of Allamalceo and Fayette, The Forty-first District, composed of the counties of Mitchell, Worth and Winnebago The Forty-third District, composed of the counties of Oerro Gordo, Franklin and Hancook, The Forty-sixth District, composed of the counties of Ida. Cherokee and Plymouth, The Forty-seventh District, composed of the counties of Kossuth, Emmet, Dickinson, Clay and Palo Alto. The Forty-ninth District, composed of the counties of O'Brien, Osceola, ijyon and gloux, , Py vote of the electors of the several Eep- resentatlve Districts; The office of Representative Jn the General Assembly, the apportionment being as follows! For the First (JJee). Twenty»flrst (Des Molnes), Thirty-first (Pottawattamie), Thlr- . ^ ,„/.._. „>., , third(8cott j Por , -»-'•-"*<•"• \ yj each, Fqr the Second (Van Buren), Third (Dav^... J .,?our(>)j, (Apeano»s|),_Fiith. XWayne), i, Eighth , H ,V» VftBOfHUfJlW, s;t«,r'"T.u^vs"" T ,"*»' yb ^^H?}.^? 1 ?^^ Thirteenth^Udftms), Fourteenth (Union), Fifteenth (Olarlce), Sixteenth (Lucas). Bey enteenw. (Monroe), Eighteenth - (Jeftei-8on r " — *j(HVV^VMVM w<?jtv»«yM^> *,YWMP Tw§j}tyT8esoBd {Louisa), Twentyv jn«on(,Twenty»fouvth (Keokmo, (WiasUa). Twejuy'Slartn, (mm •/™- ven&y'Siartn (Marion), (Warren)* Twenty -'-'- ' eighth-Wlnneshlek", Ninetieth-Mitchell. , . Winnebago, Districts, one each. By vote of the electors o{ the first Judicial District, composed of the counties of Lee aj»a < DesMolnes; The office of District Judge In said district to fill the vacancy occasioned by the deatb «C ' if' M '<?? seyi now tem P° rar «y ttl ' ed by A- • 'By vote of the electors of the Thlrty-nm » f atorlal District, .composed of tSe county The otflce of Senator from said District, f- ' the vacancy occasioned by the death of \, .BytbeVoteof the electors of the- Th lgutli Senatorial District, composed of counties of Black Hawk and Grunayr The office pf Senator from said Wisfrjct, fill the vacancy occasion by tbe deatb of J, ea. r , t * WHEREOF, All electors (Iiroughoqt; the 1 --" 1 "--'^- tto- I*L,"V**"** S*VW* "«i*O' Ji t JO^TIJIQWJ WBSBIQF, J have -, . M , ;="?* «*~HrlB V*r***»H»tfgfT ' * ' «' ->; Et ^T ^«ER£ WH ' ' ''*

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