Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1965 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1965
Page 14
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3—ALOONA (Iowa) A6VANCI i THURSDAY, JAN. it, IMS Father-son banquet at Titonka church Titonka — The annual Father and Son Banquet was held Wednesday evening at Titonka Methodist, church. A ham dinner was served by the women of the church. The theme used was "Bees." M. 0. Givens was toastmaster, ftev. Arthur Rasmussen gave the invocation, vocal selections were given by Claude Bilsborough and Greg Miller, a film, "City of the Bees", was shown and benediction was given by Rev. Eugene Rasmussen. SILVER WEDDING A dinner was held at the cafe Sunday, Jan. 17 in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Richter's 25th wedding anniversary. Guests were Mrs. Edna Richter, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Attig, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Schutjer of Titonka, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Attig and Eddie of .Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Attig of Woden, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Shecley and Mrs. Laura Hunt of Spencer, Mrs.. Orville Beresford of .Kanawha, Mr. and Mrs. Lester, ,Goranson and Kathy,' of Forest City and Mr. and Mrs. James Brauhn of Ames. Following the dinner, Open House was held at the Methodist churchi 165 guests registered. After a short program, ' lunch was served. Mrs. Baynard Lam- aureoux and Mrs. Laura Hunt poured, Mrs. Clarence and Eldon Attig cut the cake and-Mrs. Fred Hoffmann and Mrs. Lester Goranson presided at the guest book. s Guests were in attendance from Y Algona, Burt, Mason City, Spencer, Kanawha, Renwick, Forest City, Britt, Clear Lake, Wesley. Buffalo Center, Titonka, and Glenville and Albert Lea, Minn. A birthday observance was held at the Arthur Rode home Jan. 15 for their son •••Keith. Guests were the Ed Sleeker family, the Kenneth Brandt family, the Dick Harringas, the Win. Rodes and the Claus DeBoer family of Buffalo Center: Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Callies are spending several weeks in Arizona and California. Titonka, Federated Club met Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Don Budlong, , with ,Mrs. Duane Boyken, co-hostess. Twenty members were present at the pot luck meal. Officers were elected by ballot for the coming club year. They are namely pres., Mrs. Kenneth-Krantz; vice pres., Mrs. Don Budlong; sec., Mrs. Marc Iverson; treas., Mrs. Betty Ferguson; historian, Mrs. Mark Benda and executive board member, Mrs. Art Rode. The P.T.A. meeting Monday evening featured Red Norris ,as entertainer for the program, A dinner Saturday evening honpring Karen and Erwin Eden's birthdays, was held at the Allan Eden home. Quests were the i Erwin Edens, the Lester Edehs, Mrs. Louise Eden and Mrs. Etta Reibsamen. Titonka Wpman's Club met Thursday evening at the home of Harry Beed. Mrs. R. L. Krantz gave a travelogue on Australia. Mrs, Clarence Brandt, legislative chairman, gave Federation News. The regular work meeting of American Legion Auxiliary was held Friday at the home of Recca Hipp with Louise Mechler, co-hostess. The Junior Auxiliary met Thursday after school at the Dwigbt Garrett home with hostesses being Michael and Kathy Higgins. ••!§••••••*§•••••••••••• "BRICK is our business" • RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL "General Construction and Plastering" — For Fre* {Estimates Call — 5-3721 Prothman and Sons ALCQNA, IOWA ttMttttttfttlttftltttfl Kesson & IONICS McKesson m TWINS I2.il VAlfiE COUGH & COLD SPECIALS M,K,«,m t axqn COLD TAILETS {K: AOULT >^^-" Decongeslant and cough Suppressor •' M*Kr<n4in axon ^COtfwl MEMCME ADULT Non narcotic «•» •10. MKt »l3f' •••'' MrKpMnn 3XOD l THROAT LOZENGES ; for quick relief i McKesson RIG. PRICE $1.19 axor ^ wwv FOM CHILDREN Non narcotic, pleasantly flavored. INNMJUIT ElECTIK) .MPORIZEIS ILbUnil «Oi II** 1 ™ "**"•; , RIO. ft. IACH COLDTABLETS FOR CHILDREN __,3 "chewable.l «o. PP.ICC 69. * Pleasantly flavored,,! 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