The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 30, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1895
Page 5
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ALttOSA, IOWA* WEDKESDAt OCTOBfcfe 80, 1895. m Are fast becoming the popular power on the, farm. We are putting up some very fine outfits for running Feed Grinders, Corn Shellers, Wood Saws, Churns, etc., and at the same time doing the work of a pumping mill. By calling at the WIG-WAM you can see an exact model of their Monitor (reared Wind Mills 'and get prices on such an outfit as you need. We are prepared to furnish the line of Windmills, Pumps, Tanks, Feed Mills, Corn Shellers etc.'at the lowest prices. Our work as well as our goods is strictly firstclass and everything fully warranted. Be sure and see usand getour prices before placing your order. TOffAM, ALGONA, IOWA, WILFRID P, JONES * VERYBODY WANTS Where will we Get it? , . 1,11 tv -*" > _ .' - ->.! .»"» «w<m j s,,^ -.• ij 1—.-—<»• ">ijWJj«.C''>:;f--——-" over our Fall Invoice, just arrived, including: Cut Glass and China! Never before have we attempted to show such a line. Lamps! Banquet Lamps. Dresden Lamps. Vase Lamps. Hall Lamps. Hand Lamps, Etc. FROM 25C UPWARDS. New patterns more in number and prices lower than ever Staple Crockery More patterns than ever to select from. You will find everything you need there. ' ,For further particulars call 01 STATE BANK BLOCK, Walker Bros. consider no proposition from a that had only one railroad. Al- goiia is now Corking for it. Tiros. V. Starr and Wife, of Maxwell, Iowa, visited with the editor's family While enrouie to Emmetsbtirg to be present at a family reunion. The prospective stockholders of the prospective shoe factory will meet at the Court House at 8 o'clock sharp, tomorrow night, to elect a committee. Stockholders only are invited. W. F. Kirkhart, whose circus has been heard of in this region, committed suicide in St. Louis recently. He failed in the show business and there are bints of domestic troubles. S* tV. Gray, ophthalmologist, is now at E. tt. Bowyer's jewelery store and will remain this week only. If you desire to consult him in regard to your eyes do not delay. Consultation free. There will be surcease of politics Friday night, and the crowd will go to see the "Pretty Persian" at' tbe Call. The Andrews Opera Company never played to a slim house in Algona. The front end of a cold and very rapid wave struck this section Sunday morning. It lias been followed by milder weather. October has been continuously fair and never very cold, and its record is a good one. There will be services at the Free Methodist church next Sunday, Nov. 3. Morning services at 11 o'clock^ evening at 7:30. Also every alternate Sabbath, conducted by Mrs. Augusta McArthur, pastor in charge. Mrs. Samuel Mayne spent Monday night in town, the guest of Mrs. N. Setcbell. She was on her way home after ;i visit in tbe family of ber brother-in-law, L. II. Mayne, of the Emmetsburg lleporter. Mrs. Dr. Iline, of Philadelphia, and ber niece, Miss Sharpe, were visitors of Dwiglit Iline and Mr. and Mrs. James Patterson over Sunday. They bad been ut Dulutli and Minneapolis and were on their return home. Geo. W.Plattand Miss Emma M. Halverson were united in marriage Saturday evening. The ceremony was at the residence of the bride's parents and was performed by Eev. G. W. Southwell, pastor of tbe M. E. church. A meeting of the Congregational church was held Wednesday afternoon, at which the resignation of the pastor, to take effect January first, was adopted. A committee was appointed to take in hand the matter of securing a successor. Bancroft Register: Dr. and Mrs. M. II. Hudson and daughter, of Algona, came up yesterday for a short visit With their son and brother, J. E. Hudson, the popular manager of tbe West- enbaver score, and to look over the town. Vindicator: C. L. Lund, of Algona, is preparing to crib at least one hundred thousand bushels of corn. We be- live tliat grain will remain at the present prices throughout the year. There must surely be a very considerable advance, especially in corn. Bancroft Register: Superintendent Reed was up to attend the bean supper Wednesday night and to call on the boys Thursday. Mr. Reed is as san- •UiSne asjthe rest of us that there will • lt -*—-" iwmr-jittr You Make « the Profits WHEN YOU BUY Winter Goods at Our Prices. ....The Grange Store. ading citizen of this plftoe said tbe *'l h^ve doublM. the value of sipee I: tegajj kwyi opst no jnpye _..„„„„.,,.„.., ,,T, fit betters frp shape ai»4 look well untU wow out, wear them is to wear the test,' . ING^ANC Q^PIfllWG in tl$ gupMntendent's e Olgoq, Mr, Knut; Sear, JB, J, Skinner, L. A, Story, Mrs, Alice SwJz Mrs, S. S. Walker, Mr, £u Warner, Thomas Swale Sisters gave a very flue musical program at the Methodist church last night- * These ladies are accowpJisbecl musicians, A Pretty Persian is the WU Friday night at the Call, to be presented by toe popular Andrews Opera Company. There will be a full bouse, Miss. Gertrude Clarke goes tp Cedar apids to-day to be present at tbe roar' riage of her cousin, tt»e a&ugtiter of . A. Clarke, to Mr. Sever. the fifth of next month. W. Li Hay and wife, of Iowa Falls, are visiting their son, J. W. Hay and family, and it merely is a coincidence that Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rice, of Elgin, 111., are visiting L. J. Rice and family. The visiting couples were not aware of each others' intentions. LuVerne News: County Supt. B. F. Reed wsis in the city visiting our schools on Tuesday. He was also looking up his chance for re-election this fall. Ho has always made a number one superintendent and we believe it would be a good thing for our county schools to keep him there. Spencer News: Mr. F. A. Matthews of Algona, arrived in Spencer M9nday, and is busily engaged in arranging to open : his drug store in the J. E. Francis building. He expects to have everything in readiness for opening by November. Mr. Matthews is a pharmacist of extended experience, and our people will find him an agreeable gentleman. The marriage of Frank E, Smith, formerly of Algona, and Miss Lillie Jacoby, took place at the home of the bridean Indianola on Tuesday of last week, The Register's Special says that Miss Jacoby is a young lady of fine Accomplishments as a musician and rare graces socially. They will take up their residence at once in Des Moioes, where Mr. Smith is in business, The Webster City Freeman says that the Northwestern cpntemplates adding another train, running from Algona to Des Moines, going south in the morning and returning at night. The additional train service has not been decided upon as yet but it is deemed likely that the experiment will be made, and if it <is found profitable or nearly self-sustaining, this train will be a permanent thing. Col, and Mrs, Spencer were down to Lu Verne Friday night to attend the meeting addressed by Mr, Salinger, Tbe speaker bad to ride 555 wiles across the cpuntry and did not reach the meeting ujjtiJ 10 o'clock. The audience had jwtiently awaited his doming, how ever,"and he gave them a speech that paid them well for staying, The re* pubpans are not hearing. very many speeches this year, but it is not because they are disinclined to turn out to bCar the good old republican gospel, Tbire were about thirty Algona peo* pje si Bwt last njght to listen to Con» n poUlYan) speech, Mr, J)o}° eafc anywhere m Ko^ alking to a good many a peope, Other towns tW'B out egations ajso, and so it hap? audience is a eoun . in the. JWtyjgg hQW frequently. h ----- Monday mgb.t the - "- sense, no. tavern run by a Pettibone. Mr. Pettibone has long bad the silver spoon, and now that he has the porringer to go with it he can sit down after his chores are done and eat bread and milk out of the porringer and with tbe spoon used by the father of bis country and let bis mind run back to tbe time when they were used by a man who could not tell a lie. Halloween comes to-morrow night, and no doubt it will be observed. It is to be hoped that there will be no malicious destruction of property such as has marked the recurrence of this date. If boys cannot find fun in anything short of doing injury to their neighbors the fact should be a pointer to them that there is something wrong, as it shows the disposition of a tough. There is no reason why tbe city authorities should look on and see property destroyed on that night any more than on any other night of the year. An innovation in the observance of Halloween has been made in some localities, where bands of young people made visits in ghostly habiliments and performed deeds of charity and good will. They found more fun iu this line of celebration than iu the barbarous custom which is more common. A Starr family reunion took place at tbe home of David Starr, of Bmmets- burg, Monday, which was attended by thirty-seven children, grand children and great grand-children of Jesse Starr, with family connections. There were present from a distance Wm. M. Starr, of Maxwell, Iowa, Mrs. Betsy Paxtou, of Port Perry, Ontario, Mr. and Mrs. Alson Danks, o_f Monti- vya, -Mx- SUNBEAMS. The Sanborn Sun -democratic—heads its local column "Sunbeams," and the first item under that heading iu its last issue, read: "Oats are down DO lOc. Wheat Is back up to45c." Sunbeam, eh? Wonder if it strikes the farmer that way? Compare the lOc. oats "Sunbeam," the 40c. wheat • "Sunbeam," the 9c. potato '-Suibeam," the $25 horse "Sunbeam," the 3c. pork "Sunbeam," and innumerable other democratic "bunbeams" with the magnificent sunbeams promised by Dollar a Bushel Wheat Boies, while stumping the state for'Si-over, when he promised that the election of Grover would result in a permanent advance of not less than THIRTY CENTS ON EVERY BUSHEL OF WHEAT, FIFTEEN CENTS ON EVERY BUSHEL OF CORN, ETC., ETC. Sunbeams indeed.—Spencer Eeporter. CLOTHING. 810,000 worth of men's, boy's and children's suits and over coats, cheap at John Goeders'. 100 children's cloaks at a bargain at ihn finoHoro' • John Goeders Apples, apples by James Patterson's. the' barrel at Try Caramel Coffee, 15c Ib. DON & HUDSON. LANG- Special prices on hats, caps, gloves and mittens at John Goeders 1 . "School boy" cookies House Grocery. ; at the Opera Starr, of Maxwell, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Lon Henry,\of West Bend and the EE- PUBLICAN editor and wife. Jesse Starr was born in Pennsylvania, of Quaker parents. The family, of which he wns the youngest of. twelve children, removed to Upper Canada and made a clearing near Whitby, Ontario, when he was but a year old. He raised a family of twelve children, nine of whom are now living. He moved to Wisconsin in 1852 and to Iowa ten years later. He first settled in Jones county but died in Palo Alto sine years ago at the age of eighty- three. Wilfrid Jones and Melzar Haggard are on record as being among the first in Algona to realize the benefits of the telephone system. Wilfrid was called to his telephone a few days ago to talk with a Bancroft business man (as he supposed) who wanted a mould-board for a plow sent up on the freight for a customer of his. The mould-board had to be detached from a plow, which was hurriedly done and it was sent to the depot barely in time for the train. A short time afterward Wilfrid had business at Haggard & Peek's land office, and during the conversation his mould- board was brought from their back office and carefully deposited in front of his chair. Wilfrid managed to join in the general laugh at his expense, and will be careful in the future to know who be is talking to before filling an order for machinery. The switchboard in the central office had not yet been putMn and the boys had made connections with the Wigwam wire by using broom wire in the alley behind the telephone office. The order for the mould-board was given within two blocks of Wilfrid's office, while he sup- S jsedhe was talking to someone in ancroft. Melzar Haggard had been victimized in the same manner the day Before. He thought he had made a big land sale to a customer J, B, Cork bad at Burt, when in reality he was talking to. a few practical jokers over at the court house. Children's caps in all the novel styles at Setobell # SetobeU's. kook over the sample ballot on the se venth page of this paper. ' • (First mortgages MONEY TO &QAU ON ] pnd mortgages, ( Collateral, GSO, 0, Prices is what will talk -for'the next thirty, days at Patterson & Son. Flannels for less than free wool prices at the Grange Store. Try our Teas and Coffees atLangdon & Hudson's. * *; «5S Chase & Sanborn's famous Boston- Coffees and Seal Brand Tea for sale only by Walker Bros.—18tf A new line of nice low priced at the Opera House Grocery. For crockery at .wholesale Call at Patterson & Son; lamps prices. i fi "Yankee Grocery. Pancake" at Opera House Better bread, better health, life results from using Wheat phate. ^^__ A guarantee with every box Wheat Phosphate at Walker Bros. better Phos-. of New figs and House Grocery. dates at the Opera SALESMAN, WANTED, ' To sell Minnesota grown Nursery Stock, Seed Corn and Potatoes for spring delivery, An early start is half the battle. Three plans of work. Pay'- every week. Write for particulars, THE JEWEIX NUBSEK1T CO,, ", Lake City, Minn, , GREAT SALE '.$ h i<T\&*4 ,.JS-1 pf» —OF- LANDS! Southern Minnesota^ ; * }.(• IQe table of canned goods is the attraction at Wlr Bros .-*-18tf a specialty of collections, fu,}Uine,Q colored cotton In the Fertile Minnesota YftUey, These rich pr&Ule lands are -darV soil and are very prgduawYfi, Tftjs p Minnesota, fe well settled and ftaa houses and churches, 1 These Ja»4s oated ue&i'TBj! IOWA QQfcQiqr, ne,a? ton, Mi«8 v a bright new .taff»'»a4 Qjass iQCatfons |QV a}l kj Blue , JpJnt bay grows the UElapd m-ftlrie, JwakJngU a r/9 JS

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