The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1966 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 9, 1966
Page 22
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TEACH YOUR DOG A THING OR TWO by J. C. Stokesbury ^here is a doggone rumor floating around these days that the dogs of the country are going to revolt against being man's best friend. As one dog put it, "We're getting fed up with the abuse and neglect that we get from man. We have decided that instead of wagging our tails and overlooking it, we should set up some kind of a howl." With this threat in mind, man had better look at the situation himself before it goes completely to the dogs. To start off with, let's agree that a mongrel — a dog of mixed breeding — deserves the same attention and care as one of the 155 different kinds of purebreds. Mongrels do, after all, comprise the greatest segment of dogdom, and most of them make excellent companions and helpers. A dog that will heel, sit, stay, lie down, and come on command will be a much better friend and a much more useful one than a dog that only knows how to chew bones. And the dog will appreciate your teaching because it will give him a chance to please you which is his greatest pleasure in life. In teaching your dog, remember at all times that he learns by repetition, and he will learn if you make your commands clear and give them in a manner that the dog can understand. Remember also that the dog's learning thrives on praise from you. The lesson plan, then, should include twice daily sessions of ten or fifteen minutes during which you teach your dog to: Heel — Using a short leash, keep the dog at your left side as you walk about, repeating, "Shep, heel." Sit — Give command, pull up on leash and push dog's hind-quarters down. Make him sit whenever you stop. Stay — With dog sitting, give command and move your left hand back and forth in front of his face, repeating the command if he moves. Lie Down — Kneel in front of dog and pull down on his leash as you give the command. Come — Most dogs learn this on their own, but it can be taught by telling the dog to "stay," then moving away from him and calling him while tugging on his leash. In all of this training work, your dog should wear a slip chain for a collar that will tighten around his neck when you pull on the leash. Like their masters, dogs sometimes pick up some bad habits. These habits can be broken. The dog's, that is. Jumping up on people — Bring knee up against the dog's chest or step on his hind paws, saying "NO" sharply. Chasing cars — Ride in a car that he chases and squirt him with soapy water or a diluted ammonia solution. Another method is to jerk the dog off his feet with a light rope when he takes after a car. Excessive barking — Slap the dog sharply across the muzzle, or tie a piece of cloth over his muzzle temporarily with the ends tied behind his ears. Chewing — Usually a puppy trait that is outgrown, this is best countered by tieing the dog away from the chewed object. Digging — A mouse trap or two buried lightly in the flower bed will discourage fido from digging up the petunias. A farm dog's major function is herding, cattle, pigs, sheep or even poultry. A thorough knowledge of the five basic obedience commands is invaluable in starting the dog's herding lessons. Introduce him to his charges when he is six to eight months old, and be patient and firm in showing him what is expected of him, Your method of teaching will be reflected in the dog's herding behavior, and he will be as patient and firm with the cows or sheep as you teach him to be. A dog that will obey hand signals — moving out or left or right as you motion him —will be a greater help in herding. You can teach him this by using a long rope run through a ring anchored in the ground, and applying the same methods used in obedience training. In exchange for your dog's undying loyalty and his great ambition to work to your satisfaction, you owe him a couple of items. You owe him, first, a balanced diet that will allow him to stay hale and healthy. Table scraps, of course, are fine for a dog, but they should be supplemented with a commercial dog food that provides adequate nutrition. Secondly, you owe your dog good health. You owe him enough attention to realize when he is sick and to see that he. is properly treated. Don't delay taking him to a veterinarian. Dogs suffer from many external and internal parasites, most of which can be effectively treated with control programs that have been developed by drug companies. In treating for fleas, lice or ticks, remember to apply control chemicals to the dog's living quarters. If you don't, the pests will climb back into the dog's fur almost immediately after you have treated him. Internal parasites — Five different kinds of worms, some of which are fatal to the dog if not controlled — are countered with specific worm medicines that your pet products supplier or veterinarian can advise you on. They can also prescribe treatment for such things as mange and ear mites, conditions that demand prompt attention. If we are to keep the dog as our best friend, we had better do what we can to let them know we appreciate their friendship. Have your dog bite out this coupon. o 00 Take tkii coupon to your itore and Save on Emerald-Glo® Dog Shampoo Mr. Dealeri The bearer of tbii coupon is entitled to 1>( off the regular price of Emerild-Glo Dog Shampoo. We will redeem thii coupon for Iff 1 plui 2* 1 for handling when che term* of this offer hire been complied with. Any other application conititutei fraud. Invoice! proving purchau within laic »0 days of mficient stock to cover coupons prcaented for redemption rnuit be available on request. Consumer to pay sales tax where applicable. Coupon void when presented by outside agency or broker. Good only in U.S.A. Cash vslue 1/lof. Offer expires Dec. 31, I96t. Dealer — mail this coupon to: Emerald-do. P.O. Box 1313, Clinton, Iowa Only one coupon per customer Now you can give your dog an Emerald-Glo® and save 15* in the process. For a limited time, we're offering 154 off the regular price of Pfizer's Globe Emerald-Glo Dog Shampoo at your regular supplier of Pfizer Animal Health Products. Emerald- Glo Shampoo is a combination detergent-insecticide- deodorant and coat conditioner which cleans your dog and helps rid him of all fleas, lice and sarcoptic mange. Emerald-Glo Shampoo doesn't contain soap. It's a low-sudsing product that cleans thoroughly, then rinses easily without matting the dog's coat, Keeps him smelling sweet and dean and retards growth of fungi and bacteria that cause itching and "doggy odor." Next time, don't just wash your dog, give him an Emerald-Glo. And now save 15^ in the bargain. Ask for Emerald-Glo Shampoo at your regular supplier of Pfizer Animal Health Products now. Agricultural Division Chu.PnzcrKCo..lw New York, N.Y.100P

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